Mirai Nikki (Future Diary) (2011) s01e22 Episode Script


1 I have merely one question If he becomes God, can he really undo everything that's happened? Ah, so you made it here, Akise Aru.
If you must ask, then I must answer.
Then, we shall stick to the plan You asked if Yukiteru can undo everything.
If you're asking whether or not he can bring back the dead, the answer is The girl with the sharp thorn in her flesh I meet you at your story Behind the hatred there lies a murderous love Behind the hatred there lies a murderous love Do you kill your friends, if you can fulfill your wish? if you can fulfill your wish? Do you kill your friends, if you can fulfill your wish? Can you die for someone? They are synonymous words They are synonymous words Life is a game.
It's a survival.
That's right! How do you start? Time and Space.
It's a crossroad through a gate! Where do you go? You seek eternal breath Why do you need to live? We don't know when this world came into being We don't know when this world came into being We are the timeleaper Nothing's gonna change with you in the world Everything will be decided by the rules Oh, we are traveling the past and the future through love Oh, we are traveling the past and the future through love Break out! Let's dial back all the pains and we will be born again Break out! Let's dial back all the pains and we will be born again I wanna see the stars with you Over the miracle It's not a DEAD END Disconnect Well, Kousaka? Shut up! Don't talk! Akise So that's how it is Has he figured it out? This isn't good.
I have to tell Yukiteru! I won't let that happen! Deus? And where do you think you're going, Akise Aru? You are doomed to perish with me, Aru.
Or should I say, Observer.
Normally, I would have a record of all that transpires.
But not when the future is rewritten so frequently, as has been the case during the diary keepers' battle.
You were designated as the recorder of causality.
In other words, you were created by me.
I was created? I would classify you as a highly intelligent reconnaissance device.
I will disassemble you now, and return you to the heavens.
To the Akashic Records.
The Akashic Records? A collection of knowledge in the heavens, which tracks defining events.
This is I have one final thing to tell you.
You believe that you have followed the diary keepers of your own volition, but that has never been the case.
What did you say? You have been collecting information per my instruction.
You're wrong! I've been acting on my own! Very well.
As I disassemble you, I shall also explain how your actions have been at my behest.
Go ahead If you can think of any action undertaken by your own will, I shall allow your continued existence.
What about Tenth's case? Did I not investigate it on my own? I merely used you to confirm Tenth's actions while he was in hiding.
Then what of my probe into Gasai's background? She is a key person in this game.
Naturally, I needed her data.
And when I saved Eighth? To achieve my goal, I required someone to run interference for me.
6/1 18:51 (Sakurami Central Park, observation deck) Yukiteru uses premonition to change the future (Result) We escape the dogs.
It appears that Yukiteru's cell phone can tell him the future.
6/1 19:11 (Sakurami Central Park, observation deck) Yukiteru's cell phone reveals the future.
It says Hinata holds the coin in her right hand.
But Hinata switches the coin, and the diary says that Hinata holds the coin in her left 6/1 19:14 (Sakurami Central Park, observation deck) Yukiteru's cell phone reveals the future.
It says the coin is in my left hand.
Kousaka, hurry up! Damn! Your handwriting's too small, Akise! Now, I shall give you one last chance, Observer.
What was the strongest emotion that drove you? The strongest emotion My My love for Yukiteru was real.
An illusion.
Akise Aru.
It appears that you never did act of your own accord.
Save Save as New File Delete Wait! Was this Future Diary also part of your master plan? A Future Diary for observing diary keepers? I had Eighth turn my diary into a child diary.
All an Observer can ever do is observe.
But that changes now.
I will change the future myself! I may have been acting on your wishes, but that will no longer be the case! I will go and save Yukiteru.
The difference between one who is dying and one who has chosen to live I accept that to be your own will.
Go, Akise Aru.
Go and change the future [Sakurami City] There's only one way to save the world from destruction.
Go kill Eighth, who's in Akise's custody, and then become God.
7/21 14:30 [Akise Aru's House] Akise hands over Eighth to us.
7/21 14:32 [Akise Aru's House] Hinata and Mao are crying.
7/21 14:34 [Akise Aru's House] Kousaka suddenly tries to hit me.
Still, I'm so glad that Akise and the others are on our side.
We'll be able to finish off Eighth.
What is it Yuno? If we're too late I have a question for you.
Wh-What is it? If Akise and the others betrayed you, could you kill them? What are you saying? Answer the question, Yukki.
It's important.
They're my friends.
They'd never betray me.
I've been waiting for you, Yukiteru.
Akise, where is everyone? Where's Eighth, Akise? I knew you'd betray us.
I have business with Yukiteru.
Could you leave us, Gasai Yuno? Akise! Akise Yukki, up there! It's Eighth! Yukki! Akise is dead.
7/21 14:20 [Akise Aru's House] Yuno kills Akise.
Yuno confirms Akise's death.
7/21 14:24 [Ruined Street] Yuno and I head for the apartment building 7/21 14:47 [Abandoned Apartment] Hinata and the others won't give up Eighth.
Do you understand now, Yukki? They've all betrayed you— I think not.
How? That was close.
Body armor? Damn you, Akise Aru! A rubber glove? Why would you wear that? That's strange Why is this happening? 7/21 14:21 [Akise Aru's House] Akise is knocked out by the stun gun.
Yuno confirms that Akise is out cold.
7/21 14:24 [Ruined Street] Yuno and I head for the apartment building.
7/21 14:47 [Abandoned Apartment] My diary says that Akise gets hurt But he managed to evade every attack? Let's retreat for now, Yuno! What do you mean, Yukki? I knew you'd notice, Yukiteru.
Eighth turned my diary into a child diary that can predict the actions of diary keepers.
I know what your diaries will say, and even how you'll change the future.
14:18 [Home] Uses premonition to change the future.
This is my Detective Diary.
In other words, you've both been dancing to my tune.
Go after Eighth, Yukki! I'll delay Akise! Yuno Everything is going as Akise said it would.
Gasai was lying to Amano.
We have to free Yukiteru from Gasai, because we're his friends.
7/21 14:32 [Abandoned Apartment] Hinata and the others are escaping up a pile of rubble.
They're shielding Eighth from my gun.
7/21 14:35 [Abandoned Apartment] Hinata is trying to convince me to stop.
Meanwhile, Mao and Kousaka are helping Eighth escape.
7/21 14:47 [Abandoned Apartment] Hinata and the others won't give up Eighth.
Why are they all helping Eighth? Akise betrayed me, too.
I want to trust them.
But Because we're friends.
If you've really turned against me, I'll have to Yukiteru! Hinata Eighth! Stop, Yukiteru! If you kill Eighth, the situation will only worsen! Get out of the way, Hinata! Gasai's been lying to you! If you kill everyone, there won't be a future! Even if you become God, you still can't bring people back to life! Future Diary Too bad, Gasai.
You thought you were delaying me, but it was really the reverse.
I was delaying you.
To separate you from Yukiteru.
As we speak, Hinata is telling Yukiteru the truth.
Just as I predicted.
I cannot allow you to continue What are you doing, Gasai? I can't beat your diary.
So I let you defeat me, just as your diary predicted.
7/21 14:41 [Home] I defeat Gasai.
She cannot overcome my predictions.
(Result) I head for Yukiteru.
7/1 14:52 [Abandoned Apartment] Yukiteru uses his diary to change the future.
You have two options.
Go to Yukki and let me die.
Or But if you let me die, what will Yukki think? Can't bring people back to life I'll be a god! It should be easy for a god to bring back the dead! You can bring back their bodies, but not their souls.
Akise heard this from Deus himself.
Wh-What are you talking about, Hinata? Then what about everyone I've killed? You can't bring them back to life! What about Mom and Dad?! You can't bring them back to life, either You're lying! You can't fix what's been broken.
It's painful, but that's reality.
Don't you understand, Yukiteru? You're lying That's just I didn't expect that she'd go to such extremes! I have to get Yukiteru out of here! Busy? That's strange.
Why would Yukiteru be on the phone right now? Could it be? Help, Yukki! Akise's going to kill me! What's wrong, Yuno?! Akise is 7/21 15:03 [Akise Aru's House] Yuno is lying in a pool of her own blood.
7/21 15:04 [Abandoned Apartment] Hinata is still trying to convince me to stop.
Akise's going to kill her? Don't be fooled! Your Random Diary doesn't tell you anything about yourself But my diary does! They're all going to betray you! Hinata You betrayed me? Th-That's not true! Then why did the future change?! Why is Yuno dying? Listen to me, Yukiteru! You tricked me, Hinata! I wouldn't trick you! We're friends— Hinata! Yukiteru! 7/21 14:40 Yukki caught up to Eighth.
You're almost there, Yukki!! 7/21 14:50 Yukki shoots and kills Hinata! Yay! Anyone who tries to take Yukki from me deserves to die!! It was Hinata's fault.
She said I couldn't bring Mom and Dad back That's a lie.
She pretended to be my friend, while she lied to me.
That's it.
I can bring everyone back to life I avoided hitting any organs, but if Akise hadn't stopped the bleeding, I could've died.
I won't be able to use that tactic again.
If I'm going to kill Akise, I'll have to use this.
Mao Get out of the way! I have to kill Eighth— You're a coward, Amano! We're telling the truth, and Gasai Yuno is lying! You knew Hinata was right.
But you were too scared to admit it! Hinata wanted to thank you.
You helped her overcome her difficulties with her father So why would you— I still have plenty of bullets.
Move aside, Kousaka.
I'm not wasting my time on an idiot like you.
Do whatever you want.
Oh, yeah.
Yukiteru Wanna know why I couldn't ever stand you? When you cry, you remind me of my stupid dog! Now you look just like him Don't you cry, after all that you've done! You're an evil bastard who killed his own friends! Y-You don't Have any right to cry Wait, Yukiteru! Akise You killed everyone.
Akise, I I have to kill you.
I realize now that I underestimated Gasai.
I should have killed her.
Then she couldn't have told you those lies.
And they wouldn't have had to die.
I want to protect you.
Now that we're here, I will choose the path that guarantees your survival.
According to my diary, I will kill Gasai in a few minutes.
What? Yukiteru.
D-Don't move! I'll shoot! Listen to me, Yukiteru! She intends to kill you! The dead cannot return to life! I can understand why she's hidden this from you.
It's because she wanted you to advance through the game, so she could win in the end.
Looks like you're out of bullets.
Yukki! Get away from Akise! Hurry! Yuno I won't let you have Yukiteru.
Akise? Akise Aru You're dead! This time, I'll kill you, Gasai.
I won't change the future again! Don't, Yuno! 7/21 15:30 [Abandoned Apartment] Yukiteru and I kiss in front of Gasai.
(Result) Gasai becomes enraged.
7/21 15:33 [Abandoned Apartment] Gasai According to Akise's diary, Yuno will die.
If you fight Akise! Future Diary is destroyed How Two? What's going on? I destroyed her diary, but she didn't die? A fake? No, it can't be When I destroyed it, I saw the screen.
There was noise, so it had to be a Future Diary.
7/21 15:30 Akise Aru kissed Amano.
I'll make that man pay.
7/21 15:30 Akise Aru kissed Amano.
I'll make that man pay.
7/21 15:30 Akise Aru kissed Amano.
I'll make that man pay.
"Amano"? You're almost there, Yukki! 7/21 14:50 Yukki shoots and kills Hinata! Yay! Anyone who tries to take Yukki from me deserves to die!! Gasai calls him Yukki in her diary.
I'm certain that I destroyed a Future Diary.
But it wasn't Gasai's Then whose was it? What is that diary? Yuno.
Sorry to keep you waiting, Yukki.
How's Akise? You can worry about him later.
We have to deal with Eighth first, Yukki.
What about the diary that Akise destroyed? That was just a fake one.
Once you kill Eighth, you can bring back your mother and father.
Don't think about it For now, just deal with Eighth.
Gasai's been lying to you! You're a coward! First Matron Create a world where children can live in peace There's no turning back.
Only Yuno and I are left.
The real Gasai Yuno and the impostor Gasai Yuno Of the three corpses that were found, two belonged to her parents.
The DNA from the last one matched Gasai Yuno's.
So this Gasai is the impostor.
However, does that mean both the real one and the impostor each had a Future Diary? No, the real Gasai Yuno never participated in the game.
Then why were there two diaries? There must be an explanation.
The third corpse.
The real Gasai Yuno.
A survival game to become God.
Two Future Diaries Two Two of her? A-Akise? I can't speak because she crushed my windpipe.
But I can still give my message! Akise I don't need a voice to warn Yukiteru.
Yuno! Stop it! No more killing! I have to tell my beloved Yukiteru How much more will I have to lose before I can atone for being alive? Ah I cannot understand your tears from afar Everything is a piece of the puzzle that makes up the future In my withering body I can feel our bond and once more I move to protect you Breach of Contract