Mirai Nikki (Future Diary) (2011) s01e21 Episode Script

Security Code

1 Yuno! Stick to the plan.
Once everyone panics, we'll meet on the 25th floor.
Yukki, I love you.
I love you, too.
[Quad Towers] Second is on a rampage, armed with a sword? Yes, sir! But we've lost track of her We are currently watching Quad Towers, as the scene unfolds.
The terrorists have carried out their threat to take hostages, infiltrating the mayor's office.
We will now read the demands addressed to the mayor, which were delivered to our station: "Release Kousake Ouji, Hino Hinata, and Nonosake Mao, and Mayor John Bacchus must take his own life!" He's using the media to limit Eleventh's options Yuno, go free Kousaka and the others.
Okay, Yukki.
I'll go and defeat Eleventh.
Have his eyes always been so determined? I'm going to become a god and bring back Mom and Dad.
Sorry, Nishijima.
I can't quit being a terrorist yet.
The girl with the sharp thorn in her flesh I meet you at your story Behind the hatred there lies a murderous love Behind the hatred there lies a murderous love Do you kill your friends, if you can fulfill your wish? if you can fulfill your wish? Do you kill your friends, if you can fulfill your wish? Can you die for someone? They are synonymous words They are synonymous words Life is a game.
It's a survival.
That's right! How do you start? Time and Space.
It's a crossroad through a gate! Where do you go? You seek eternal breath Why do you need to live? We don't know when this world came into being We don't know when this world came into being We are the timeleaper Nothing's gonna change with you in the world Everything will be decided by the rules Oh, we are traveling the past and the future through love Oh, we are traveling the past and the future through love Break out! Let's dial back all the pains and we will be born again Break out! Let's dial back all the pains and we will be born again I wanna see the stars with you Over the miracle It's not a DEAD END Personal Identification Number [North Tower, 31st Floor] Hurry! The police will rush the tower in an hour! Hey, First Have you forgotten what you did to my left eye? Also That you let Nishijima die?! I'll let you live until you kill Eleventh, but if your plan fails, I will kill you! Simultaneously [South Tower, 24th Floor Auditorium] This really sucks.
I give up.
Hey, what are you trying to pull? That's right.
You said we should let you handle this! Are you trying to get yourself buried, so you can literally rock? Best joke ever.
Hey, what are we going to do with them? The boss said to dispose of them.
Wait! Hold on We're just kids! We won't tell anyone about HOLON.
This guy couldn't keep a secret to save his life.
Guess we'll kill them.
Idiot! Who's that? She took out two men! It's the enemy! 7/18 14:35 [North Tower, 32F] Found Eleventh.
He entered a bank vault.
Gasai Bank Gasai Bank Gasai Bank Gasai Bank Eleventh Gasai Bank Gasai Bank Gasai Bank Gasai Bank Gasai Bank Gasai Bank Gasai Bank Gasai Bank Gasai Bank Gasai Bank Gasai Bank Gasai Bank Gasai Bank Gasai Bank Gasai Bank Gasai Bank Gasai Bank Gasai Bank Gasai Bank? It's a bank that failed last year.
This year, the city bailed it out.
I believe it was once owned by Second's parents.
Wait, Eleventh! How ironic Now it will serve as my shield.
A shield of steel, protecting me from me enemies.
This is bad He's going to hide in there.
Bastard! What's the PIN?! Quick! If you don't want to die, tell us! Unfortunately, there are two doors.
[South Tower, Top Floor - 32nd Floor] Hey, Gasai! HOLON isn't over there! Where are you going? 7/18 14:40 Yukki chased Eleventh into Gasai Bank.
That's my Yukki! 7/18 14:50 Eleventh managed to escape into the vault.
Yukki can't get the door open.
Gasai Bank? The keycard and PIN won't work? It won't be that easy to open What's the meaning of this? I told you I'd kill you if your plan failed.
Th-there must be some way to open the door There isn't! We're talking about Eleventh.
He knew this would happen.
Nishijima was the only man that ever promised to make me happy.
I'll avenge him by killing you! I have to kill Eighth fast and get back to Yukki! Damn it Where is that crazy woman going?! Akise Aru Incoming Call A call from Akise? Don't run, First.
Yuno's on her way back.
I've gotta survive until then.
7/18 15:10 [North Tower, 32F - Gasai Bank, lobby] Ninth shoots and kills me.
I'm going to die! Show yourself.
I've lost too much blood.
Killing you will take the last of my strength.
And hell You want to bring your parents back to life? I'm going to become a god and bring back Mom and Dad.
That's just selfishness! If that was all you needed, everyone in the world would try to become God.
Have you heard about my childhood? I grew up in the Middle East.
When I lost my parents, I couldn't even speak the language.
I spent every day fighting to stay alive.
Risking my life to steal a loaf of bread.
Plenty of people died trying Honestly, I have to admit that I kind of like you.
When I saw you running through the minefield like a fool, letting sleeping gas knock you out, and getting desperate after losing your parents, you reminded me of how pathetic I am.
So I can tell you now.
Your dream will never come true! Never! I can't hear a thing.
Well, you probably don't want to betray your position.
I need to change the future fast.
If you don't change the future, I'll find you and kill you.
But if you do change the future, the noise will give away your position.
What should I do? Future Diary This is too easy.
I can just sit here and watch.
The second door has a retinal scanner that only recognizes myself, Gasai Ushio, Gasai Saika, and their daughter, Gasai Yuno.
Though that imposter won't be able to open the door Eighth! If I kill her Akise Aru? D-Don't interfere! 7/18 15:00 Yukki is writing a last message in a notebook, "Sorry, Yuno.
If I die, I want you to bring Mom and Dad back to life for me.
" No, Yukki! Don't die!! "Sorry, Yuno.
"If I die, I want you to bring Mom and Dad back" Last words?! Couldn't handle the pressure, huh? Well, that's what I'd expect from you, First.
I rather liked your pathetic nature.
Only his cell phone's here? I deliberately sent Yuno my "last words.
" I knew it would make Yuno panic, causing the future to change.
And resulting in noise.
First I know reviving Mom and Dad is selfish.
Why aren't you shooting me? I don't want to kill you.
Huh? I never wanted to kill anyone.
But I had no choice! There wasn't another way! You bastard! Then you tell me! What should I have done? Don't be such a spoiled brat! Each of us must live with our own misfortunes! The gun! I-I don't want that! I win! I was a second faster I see.
We're the same After we lost our parents, there wasn't anyone there for us.
Why Heh, how considerate of them to kill each other.
Ready to give up yet, First? You've provided me with many human samples.
I'm interested in your opinion, First.
You lost your parents and you attempted to avenge them.
You were ineffective at using your future knowledge, and you failed.
Boring, don't you think? You've failed to impress anyone.
You should've run away and begged for help instead.
You and your family were wholly uninspiring samples.
Eleventh! Although, you killing Ninth was a surprise.
Still, she was nothing more than a foolish terrorist.
Nothing more than a foolish terrorist? You're still alive? Shut up Don't kill me off.
Here's a present straight from Hell, a heart-trigger bomb.
Once my heart stops beating, it'll explode.
Your vault won't shield you from this.
Impossible! You plan to blow yourself up?! First You're just being selfish.
But I understand that sentiment more than anyone.
So I'll open the door for you.
You bear the responsibility for whatever happens next, Yukiteru.
If I destroy my diary, my heart will cease to beat, setting off the bomb.
Hey I did what you wanted me to do.
Are you happy now? Then stop following me around.
7/18 15:28 [North Tower, 32F - Gasai Bank, vault] Ninth, Uryuu Minene, dies from blood loss.
DEAD END Thank you.
Oh, I get it now I really wanted someone to save me.
I can die as a human being.
Die as a woman Nishijima Not even a scratch? Nothing happened! Ninth died for nothing! Damn you! Yukki! Yuno Ninth blew herself up for me, and yet Yukki, let's destroy the HOLON in the South Tower first, to make sure Ninth's death wasn't in vain.
Okay? You're right.
I'll keep an eye on Eleventh.
Got it The loss of this HOLON will have no effect on my plans.
7/18 15:10 Yukki's shocked because he couldn't kill Eleventh!! Okay, I'll do my best to kill Eleventh for him! 7/18 15:20 Yukki destroyed the HOLON in the South Tower.
Yay!! I'm gonna do my best! What's this? Am I seeing things? Why is she inside? 7/18 15:11 [North Tower, 32F - Gasai Bank, vault] Yuno killed Eleventh.
Eleventh must've opened the second door.
7/18 15:32 [North Tower, 29F - hallway] Hinata and the others were rescued by the police.
7/18 16:56 [Akise Aru's Residence, living room] Hinata and the others are with Akise.
Yuno killed Eleventh?! How? [Amano Residence] Whoa! Good morning, Yukki.
Weren't you sleeping on the first floor? J-Just put some clothes on! Okay! That just leaves Eighth, who managed to escape.
7/21 05:30 [Home] Yuno says she's sleepy, and heads for the living room, on the first floor.
7/21 15:38 [Home] Yuno is sleeping in my bed.
7/21 15:43 [Home] Akise says that he has Eighth in custody.
He wants to talk 7/21 15:51 [Home, kitchen] Yuno is making dinner.
7/21 15:55 [Home, kitchen] The police call with some questions about what happened at Quad Towers.
7/21 16:05 [Home, kitchen] Yuno finishes washing the dishes before But it appears that Akise will take care of her for us.
I'm in good shape.
Simultaneously [Akise Aru Residence] Eighth, I'm considering turning you over to Yukiteru.
I believe that he is the best choice to become God.
Do as you please.
However Identified.
Unlocking door.
I cannot trust Gasai Yuno.
Yukiteru wishes to become a god so he can revive his parents and undo everything that's happened.
Meanwhile, Gasai keeps many secrets, including her true identity.
Perhaps Kamato, I have a favor to ask.
Yukki, what are you writing? I'm keeping track of everyone I've killed.
Rei Tsubaki Nishijima Kurusu The two Sevenths Quad Tower guards I have to bring them all back to life.
You're going to become God.
After killing Ninth, killing Eleventh, killing Eighth, and killing me.
Yuno It's necessary, in order to bring your parents back to life.
Undo everything that's happened.
Isn't that your goal? Yukki! What is this? The world is starting to collapse! It's like when a diary user vanishes What's happening? I'd imagine that Deus and this world are running out of time.
Someone must replace Deus as a god, or the world is destroyed.
I promise.
I'll undo everything that's happened.
And I'll make you happy.
That's peculiar.
Deus wasn't supposed to die so soon.
Did he do something? The world is meant to end on the 28th.
He has to survive until then.
Here we are.
Eighth! We're busy right now! Akise Aru? Since I am here, have I been granted an audience with God? An ordinary human shouldn't be allowed in this sacred realm! Leave! God, I thank you for your mercy.
I have merely one question If he becomes God, can he really undo everything that's happened? How much more will I have to lose before I can atone for being alive? Ah I cannot understand your tears from afar Everything is a piece of the puzzle that makes up the future In my withering body I can feel our bond and once more I move to protect you Disconnect Disconnect Disconnect