Mirzapur (2018) s01e02 Episode Script


Did you know Munna was my son?
Yes, sir.
And we were shitting bricks.
Well then?
Sir, if you were in our position
perhaps you would've
done the same.
If somebody barges into your
house, insults your father
and misbehaves with your
sister, won't you thrash him?
And if he does it again,
we'll beat him up again.
Motherfucker. You'll beat me up?
- Bh-bhaiyaji!
All of Mirzapur's guns
are under our control.
A gun is only controlled
by whoever's holding it.
As you saw earlier today.
Leave him.
Will you always be there to save
your father?
What if you're not there the
next time Munna goes over?
It's risky, no?
And what if the next time Munna bhaiya
comes over, he doesn't return alive?
That's a risk too, Kaaleen bhaiya.
What do you do?
Sir, we're students.
Same college as Munna bhaiya.
And after?
I'm training for Mr Purvanchal.
And you?
He's the college topper, in accounts.
Guaranteed a government job.
N-, no, sir,
I haven't thought ahead yet
might give the bank PO exam.
Will you work for me?
Sir, we-
Look, in a bank, you'll
count other people's money.
With me, you'll make your own.
You have 5 minutes
to think about it.
What the
Where where're you going?
Are you listening?
What's your grand plan?
You're going there because
you're worried about them, right?
And what about me then? I'll be left
here worrying about all three of you!
Am I wrong? Tell me!
It's been 2 hours.
They haven't called once. I'm going.
They'll call, Papa. But on my
life, you won't go anywhere.
What are you thinking
so hard about, Bablu?
This decision isn't easy.
Either way, there's a risk.
Get us some boiled eggs, please.
A plateful.
What risk?
Look at Munna bhaiya,
living the good life.
Everything he has
we could have it too.
Flush with cash
people chanting our names,
"Guddu Bhaiya", "Bablu Bhaiya"!
Bablu. Why are you so quiet?
I'm telling you, there's no risk.
We thrashed the shit out of Kaaleen
bhaiya's son, and he's offering us a job.
He's not an idiot!
He must've seen some potential
in us, that's why he's offering.
And when that potential is used up?
And once we step into
this life
there's no getting out.
And what exactly is waiting
for us on the outside? Huh?
Just living off other people's scraps.
Let's do it.
If we do this,
one thing is for sure
everybody will be safe.
Papa, Dimpy the whole family.
And Munna won't be
able to fuck with us again.
We've laid out a strong
foundation for you.
But if one is not vigilant, even
the strongest house will fall.
And why did you harass his sister?
Son, this is what petty thugs do.
Have you ever seen me step
out of line with a woman?
Remember, a woman's happiness
is always above a man's.
Bitter gourd?
We accept, sir.
Both of you?
Either we're both in, or not at all.
Come, eat.
With you?
A family dines together, right?
Uncover your plates.
These are for you.
The town will work for you,
and you, will work for me.
Raja! Serve them dinner.
That's enough.
Have some more, please.
You're our guest.
When you get home,
do speak with your father.
Sir, just a request
Sitting on that cycle every day,
our ass-
our asses have been flayed.
If we could get a Vespa
It's yours.
When you ride it, people will say,
"There go Kaaleen bhaiya's men."
Put it back in.
Yes, yes.
Rich people are a different species.
We asked for a Luna, and the
motherfuckers gave us a Bullet.
And they fed us too!
And these! Fucking guns!
How many bullets do they have?
Should I shoot and see? Huh?
Hey, motherfucker, what're you
doing? Have you gone daft?
That nearly blew my ears out.
Dude, folks are shitting themselves
here and you're worried about your ears?
Wh what are you doing?
You'll wake the whole
neighbourhood, Guddu bhaiya.
What're you doing?
Dude, it's mindblowing! It makes
you feel like a different person.
Here, hold yours!
You put yours back in, and sit behind!
Hey! Gud-Guddu bhaiya,
they're guns, not toys!
But, I'm having fun playing with them!
Damn it son, switch
this off so we can talk.
One day, Mirzapur will
belong to you, Munna.
You want that,
don't you?
Your nameplate on the jeep
Munna Bhaiya, King of Mirzapur.
Son, when you run this town, you won't
be the one squeezing the trigger.
You'll need men for that.
Men who'll do as they're told.
And these two will do that.
Look, they knew you were my son.
But, did they let that stop them?
They have spunk in their spine.
You can see their spunk.
And what about my self-respect?
I want my revenge!
Munna, what greater
revenge is there than this?
The very people who insulted you
in the years to come,
they will work for you, under you.
Today, if we make them faithful
then tomorrow,
they'll stay faithful to you.
Like Maqbool.
As faithful as he was to Bauji,
he's many times more faithful to me.
Maqbool is family, Papa.
How is he family, son?
Have you ever seen him eat with us?
But you always ask him.
Because I know he'll never
accept. We're not equals.
I show him respect by asking,
and he shows me respect by refusing.
Then, why did you let these two sit?
I've just given them
a morsel of respect.
When a man has no hope of
recognition, and he gets it,
then his loyalty
multiplies tenfold.
Remember, Munna,
these people are not our family
they're dogs. Loyal.
Maqbool is not my family, you are.
That's why I'm willing to wait for my
inheritance. Because you're family.
See the difference? This
is what I'm talking about.
Papa, we called last night,
didn't we? Everything was fine.
Usha, Shahid.
Will you excuse us for a minute?
Oh, you called? And that
makes everything okay?
What happened at Akhandanand's?
Papa, we've fixed everything.
Fixed everything?
We mean there won't be
any more trouble from Kaaleen bhaiya.
We've joined him, Papa.
And Kaaleen bhaiya himself gave us
Have you lost it?!
Ramakant Pandit's sons,
working for a goon?
Kaaleen bhaiya isn't
a goon, he's a don.
Shut up! I don't care what he is.
But, we care, Papa!
Weren't you worried as hell when
we didn't come home last night?
The same way we'll always be
worried about you, Mum and Dimpy.
Every morning, every night, until
you return home, safe and sound.
Everything that has happened,
we can't do anything about it.
Just let it go.
And anyway, Kaaleen
bhaiya is on our side now.
There'll be no more trouble.
And is this what you
came here to tell me?
We came here to say
let that case go, Papa.
The very message that Munna came
to our house to deliver last night,
that's what the two of you have
come here, to the court, to say!
Aren't you ashamed of talking
to your own father like this?
The two of you can't
possibly be my sons.
Get out of here.
And if anybody has the balls
let them stop me from
taking this case forward!
So much for that.
Now what? Huh?
Don't worry,
I've got a plan.
Hop on, I'll tell you.
He leisurely circles her navel
with the end of the riding whip.
He grins wickedly at her,
tantalizing her.
Suddenly, he flicks the whip
and a shock runs through her.
The pain surges, he hits
her harder. She cries out.
He keeps whipping her. Her buttocks,
breasts everywhere. She moans loudly.
He kisses her, she's
mesmerized. Suddenly
he pulls away, bending her over.
He starts lashing her. Faster, harder.
She's mewling, whimpering
as she tries to squirm away.
"Scream for me".
Listen! Have you seen Golu?
She does, loudly.
Over and over.
He fingers her. Quick and hard.
Easing out of her slowly, and then
slamming back in, jolting her forward.
Until finally,
she can't take any more.
She comes, screaming, "Ahh.."
transport to the
Why do you always study
in these dingy corners, Golu?
Look at all that sweat.
Traveled the whole
world, have you?
Yes, sis. Toured the heavens as well.
Did you hear?
Yesterday, Munna barged into
Dimpy's house and created a ruckus.
That's all he ever does anyway.
Oh, hand me that book, please!
The Ethics of Advertising.
If you keep reading these huge books,
you'll go blind.
Bhaiyaji, so what happened
with those boys yesterday?
Did you fuck them up?
Listen, motherfucker.
Don't spoil my mood early
in the morning, alright?
If anyone so much as utters a word
I'll have their skin flayed
and made into a drum.
And I'll play it loudly.
Oh, Munna! Come in.
Tell me.
Deepu Singh was just here.
Yeah, I saw him.
He's withdrawn his nomination.
That's good. Less
competition for me now.
Why are you getting so worried?
It's just that my
reputation is on the line.
I want to be the election
overseer next year too.
Whether the election is fair or not,
it should look fair.
Democracy at work, son.
Well, figure something out then.
I'll do that, but I
have some advice for you.
If you want to be a politician,
employ goons. Don't be a goon.
And, from tomorrow, no
more brawling on campus.
Why is it needed?
Alright, sir.
You promise?
I swear on my mother, sir!
I'll take your leave now.
Your mother died years ago.
Those sunglasses
really suit you, honestly.
You look like a film star.
It's looking good.
Thanks. Worn them since childhood.
What did he say?
No whacking people
on campus from tomorrow.
Oh. I see.
So today is still
open season, right?
Hey! Sweety!
What is it, Munna?
I'd sent some mutton
with your father yesterday.
Did you like it?
I'm vegetarian.
Oh? Since when?
Since you sent that mutton.
Well then, there's a new movie on.
On the Wings of Dreams.
You wanna go?
Have you slapped on all
this makeup for the movie?
Sweety! Listen!
Sweety, there's a new popcorn
machine at Shilpi Talkies!
Chocolate popcorn!
It'll be great fun. Come.
Should she just have sex
with you right here?
That's your endgame, isn't it?
Miss Golu,
you're young, behave like it.
Don't interrupt, understood?
Otherwise, when you become my
sister-in-law, I'll set you straight.
Sweety is my love.
And, anyway
your father comes to my house
everyday, like a pilgrim to the temple.
Well then, why not
take him for the movie?
Just grab a corner
seat and plop into his lap!
You're flying high because
Munna bhaiya is being nice.
We'll have you picked
up in broad daylight.
I'll whack you so hard with my shoe,
your face will turn
as red as a baboon's ass.
I was just
Hey, didn't I tell you
to keep your mouth shut?
Or I'll wallop you.
She's your sister-in-law.
Don't you understand, Munna?
No, Sweety, I'm sorry
I'm not interested in you.
Guys, when a girl says no,
she actually means yes. Get it?
I could kill for some "medicine",
Compounder. Is your dispensary open?
It's always open
for you, Munna bhaiya.
That's my man.
And you, fucker, how
many times have I told
This snake is 3 feet long
and just a couple of months old.
Despite that, it's considered
the most lethal predator around.
One bite and death is inevitable. The
dense jungle and the nearby river
Greetings, Bauji.
Bless you, son.
This reminds me of
Rati Shankar Shukla.
Feed a snake all you want
but you can never trust it.
However dangerous a snake might be
the snake charmer should
always be in control.
Just stay alert.
waiting for the
right moment to pounce.
Well, then Is it done?
Yes, sir. Here.
Oh no, sir, please don't.
Usmaan miyan, you know me!
I only take what is mine
by right, not by might.
Take it!
Keep it!
Has the new stock arrived?
Let me know if there's any trouble.
Kaaleen bhaiya has given me
full control of this operation.
Here you go.
Bravo, my man.
This is what I call by right.
He's saying he's collecting
cash from the distributors.
Son. Which distributor are you with?
This uhmm the one
from Mukeri Bazaar, Papa.
Have you collected the cash?
Yes, just, it's almost done.
How much is it?
I haven't counted it yet, Papa.
Count it.
Who's the Mukeri Bazaar distributor?
Rajan Mishra.
Yes yes, sir.
Yes, you
Do you think I'm an idiot?
All the distributors are queued
up here in the square.
What payment are you collecting, son?
At least, learn to lie properly.
Now hang up!
I'm done. Let's go.
How much is it, Brijesh?
Sir, it's 15% lesser than last week.
And we have more
fraud guns this time.
What should we do about
Munna's idiocy, Maqbool?
How will he handle everything?
How about a second son, then?
Yours and mine.
I'm ovulating.
Yes, yes. Is- is the tea
served? You go on then.
Hey, Maqbool.
Take care of Munna.
Remember what the cop
said about Rati Shankar.
Brijeshji, dispose of the fraud guns.
Guddu bhaiya!
Put that away.
You've started here too?
Bodybuilding is all about dedication.
Missed last night's workout,
thanks to Kaaleen bhaiya.
He's coming.
The groom who passed away,
his family here?
Come in.
Yes, I filed the case, the
groom was my nephew.
Alright, Uncle, you filed it
now you'll be the one withdrawing it.
Why will I withdraw it?
This boy fired the gun.
In front of my very eyes!
I'll identify him.
Let us identify him for you.
His name is Munna Tripathi.
And he's Akhandanand
Tripathi's only son.
Now, you don't know who he is
because you're not from these parts.
He's a don.
Whoever he may be, I'm
not worried about him.
Uncle, you're not scared,
but I'm very worried for you.
You don't seem to understand
what we're saying.
Listen carefully, Uncle.
We've just joined them.
And I'm eager to start.
I'll inaugurate my career
with you. Understood?
Hold on.
We're giving you compensation.
Forget what happened.
End the matter here.
Why are you offering them cash?
Didn't I say that we'll
sort it out with the gun?
Why give them an option?
They're confused now.
So, Uncle, everything is
laid out before you.
The matter can be solved both ways.
The choice is yours.
Take your money and get out.
He's slipping.
My life is in your hands, brother.
Save me!
I'm like your son.
Why are you taking all this
unnecessary risk? End the matter!
Please, brother.
I have a heart condition,
this isn't good for me!
The pain is mine alone.
He was my son.
We'll withdraw, let him go.
Please, for heaven's sake, pull me up.
Yes, Mummy.
I'd sent some money through
Raja. Did you get it?
Did you count it?
How's Papa?
Yes I'm fine.
It's a marriage of convenience
so I'm as well as can be expected.
Mummy, if I'm pregnant,
you'll be the first to know.
I'm trying. Why must
you ask me every
Hey. Where's Munna?
Why, what happened?
It's been some time
since Munna bhaiya left.
I don't know where he is.
Should I come with you?
No. I'll handle it.
237, 238, 39, 40, 41
42, 43, 44, 45, 46
47, 48, 49, 50
51, 52, 53, 54
55, 56, 57
58, 59, 60
61, 62, 63, 64
65, 66, 67
68, 69, 70
71, 72, 73, 74
Greetings, Rati Shankar bhaiya.
I'll be back.
Park the car up ahead.
Or Sharad will get irritated.
Come, sir.
Look at you.
Can't even unfold a fucking chair.
Well? Huh?
Rati bhaiya, my accounts were correct.
These guys are the
ones who are mistaken.
Here, I'm making plans
to take over Mirzapur
and you're trying to destroy
Jaunpur behind my back.
I haven't made any mistakes, bhaiya.
Well, if you haven't done anything
wrong, then you won't be punished.
Alright, recite the alphabet.
Well, why aren't you reciting it?
It's true.
Recite it properly,
no mistakes and you walk free.
83, 84, 85, 86, 87, 88
89, 90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95
96, 97, 98
Get up. Let's go.
We'll get to 300 against the wall.
Raise your legs, wrap them around me.
98, 99, 300.
A, B, C, D, E, F, G
Hey, Prince Charles.
The Hindi alphabet.
Come on.
Say it.
Oi, start!
A, B, C, D, E
F, G, H, I
Ah, slipped up, hmm?
F, G, H, I J.
You could've been saved today if
you'd bothered attending school.
Bha bhaiya!
You're gonna ruin my fucking clothes.
Rati bhaiya! Rati bhaiya!
How are you, Akhanda?
How come you called?
Huh, what are you talking about?
Why would I send someone to Mirzapur?
Munna is like a son to me.
He's fine, isn't he?
Can't even fuck in peace.
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