Mirzapur (2018) s01e03 Episode Script


Ladies and gentlemen,
the wait is over!
Presenting the next
act of the Ram Leela!
All hail Lord Ram!
Can I have some?
No, it's mine.
Get your own!
Now we'll see how
Shurpanakha lost her nose!
Even Shurpanakha has arrived.
Where is Bauji, Akhanda?
He must be on his way, Rati Shankar.
What an abundant garden!
Yes, Mistress.
We'll definitely find fruit here.
Munna! For you, have fun!
Here, sir. Have a seat.
Sit, sit.
Shurpanakha's just come.
Go on then.
Bring the fruit
As you command, Mistress.
These are Thakur's goons!
Take Munna and go!
You're being cocky, Tripathi.
But you've forgotten that
Mirzapur has only one don:
Ajit Thakur.
I will rule Mirzapur.
Bauji, he's broken the code,
attacked us in our family's presence.
Mirzapur will soon belong
to the Tripathis, not the Thakurs!
How much longer?
Another two hours, Thakur sir.
Akhanda! Rati Shankar!
Let's go!
You brought this upon yourself,
Ajit Thakur.
You sent your men when
I was with family.
I'm just returning the favour.
Ajit Thakur is no more.
Here is the proof!
Mirzapur is now mine!
I am
Satyanand Tripathi!
Mirzapur's new don.
I will have two successors.
Akhandanand Tripathi
Munna Tripathi.
And this is
Rati Shankar Shukla.
He's like family
Long live Satyanand Tripathi!
It would've been easier
to just shoot him.
Is your decision final, Sharad?
Won't you come handle the
family business in Jaunpur?
Your question doesn't change
and neither does my answer.
I don't want any part of this
Once I'm done with my
Bachelor's, I'll apply for Master's.
I want Mirzapur, Sharad.
At any cost.
You have Jaunpur.
Isn't that enough?
Leave Mirzapur alone.
And Papa, forget about the scar.
How can I?!
It keeps my memory sharp.
I sent a guy to take care of Munna.
He failed, the cuntlicker.
Even though Munna is the
weakest link in the Tripathi family.
You're going after the pawn.
But chess is won by killing the king.
And not on his ground.
Wait for when Akhandanand
is on neutral ground.
Come on man, drive the car.
Sharad's flight is in two hours.
Good morning, sir.
Come in, darling.
Please, sir.
You could just call me Raja.
Why do you always pull my leg?
Well, it's not like you have
anything else to pull.
- Is the car ready?
- Yes, sir.
Ma'am, what shall I make for lunch?
Greetings bhaiya.
- Greetings kaaleen.
Greetings sir.
Greetings sir, the iron is ready.
Sir, where does all
this iron come from?
Homespun guns are made from the
steering wheels of trucks.
Cheap and best.
Earlier, we used to use parts from
cars and motorcycles.
You're in charge of
quality control, Upadhay.
They shouldn't be exploding.
Yes, sir.
All these are ready.
Show them.
Sir. The ones you gave us
These are sexier.
We don't make these.
We import them for special clients.
And, of course, for family.
And where do the bullets come from?
Numerous roads.
The higher the toll,
the better the road.
How many guns were fired, Dikshit?
Sixty-five, sir.
And how many boxes were confiscated?
Sir, thirty-five.
The rest?
Bullets are just
like printer cartridges.
You can buy originals, or get
refills for the old ones.
The printer will work
with either cartridge.
We take these used shells,
fill them with gunpowder
and cork them.
It's spanking-new.
Last month, we'd hired two new boys.
After lunch, they lit a cigarette.
And blew up.
Thank the Lord,
the factory was untouched.
Maqbool, get the car.
Long live JP Yadav!
How is the Honorable Chief
Minister, Mr JP Yadav?
Brother's fine.
Election season's here, so he's busy.
The opposition is investing a lot of
money in Mirzapur this time around.
They'll give us a fight.
No, nothing to worry about.
All of Uttar Pradesh stands with you.
The fuck will Uttar Pradesh
do for us, Tripathi?
The people of Uttar Pradesh
must be on our side.
People say,
politicians are greedy whores.
It's the public who are whores.
They go sleep with whoever
offers them money.
Do you understand?
I do.
Well, then, where is my money?
You rule over Mirzapur, the
throne of eastern Uttar Pradesh.
And you do that because the
Chief Minister and I support you.
The day we snatch away that support,
you'll be begging in the streets.
Mr JP Yadav, the business
is not doing well.
I'm working on it.
Are you?
I'll get you the funds, don't worry.
Why would I worry?
There are many businessmen
in Uttar Pradesh
but only one Chief Minister.
Oh, Rati Shankar got in touch with me.
He called me.
Just a courtesy call.
It doesn't really involve you
but I figured I'd let you know.
Come, come, Satya!
Take a look at this poster, Mr Yadav.
Got them printed for publicity.
How tall do you stand?
How tall do you stand in the party?
Why is your picture the same
size as the Chief Minister's?
I'll get it changed.
How many did you print?
Mr Prakash, once you get them re-sized
and printed, send the bill to me.
Okay. Greetings.
Long live JP Yadav!
East or west! JP Yadav is the best!
Maqbool. Fix a meeting with Lala.
Long live JP Yadav!
Put my photograph on the poster too.
Right next to the
Chief Minister.
The same size.
Black nail polish? Yuck!
Sis, this nail polish is for me,
not everything is about boys.
Look at how it's sparkling!
And that's how you service a gun.
I don't care.
Anyway, what will I do with it?
What if you'll need to fire
it to save me someday?
Go on, give it a shot.
Alright fine, don't.
Can I ask you something, Golu?
Should I take things
forward with Guddu?
You're asking for my advice on love?
I've never even had a boyfriend.
You should try it.
Where will all this reading get you?
You gotta have some
fun before marriage.
Sis, you can have all
the fun for the both of us!
See ya.
Come quickly, papa.
It's your turn.
Yes, yes. I'm coming.
I'm here.
You've serviced the gun well.
My turn
And, how's college going?
Oh, it's fine.
If there's any trouble,
tell Munna bhaiya.
You girls probably see him every day.
Munna is the one causing the trouble.
He swoops down on sis all
the time, wherever she goes.
Munna bhaiya will be king
of Mirzapur one day.
And his bride will rule over the town.
Well, then let some other
girl's fate shine.
What do I care?
And why do you keep referring
to him so respectfully?
He's a roadside goon, that's all!
Munna looks tired.
Go, help him relax.
He's very rough.
Like an animal,
he doesn't stop for hours.
Please, not tonight. I can't
Go on.
Neither your home nor mine.
Neutral ground is always best.
Lala, I want greater
quantities of "silk".
Munna isn't here?
He usually comes in your place.
He's under the weather.
The elections are almost here.
I need more money.
Mr Tripathi, you already know
silk is like diamonds.
Only by controlling the supply
can you control the price.
But, we're old friends.
I'll give it a try.
Here, give me the bill.
No, no.
This is for my daughter.
I'll take your leave now.
Precaution is wise, Lala.
Weren't you guys already dating?
Yes, but our marriage is arranged.
Don't change the subject.
I'm telling you right now.
If you don't attend
my wedding, then
Then what? You won't get married?
Yes, exactly!
Salaam, Abbu.
Yes, salaam.
Oh my, you've bought the whole market.
Abbu, this is my friend, Dimpy.
She lives in Mirzapur.
I asked her to help
me with the shopping.
And lo behold, here she is.
Your mutton.
Thank you.
Hi, I'm RJ Surbhi on 95 Big FM.
And in the Breezy Bihari series, we've
gathered the breeziest babes of Bihar.
Greetings bhaiya.
Kaaleen bhaiya,
All of Purvanchal respects you.
Maqbool, they don't
respect me, they fear me.
But, that's the problem with fear.
It doesn't last.
Let's go.
Greetings, sir!
- How are you?
- Fine, sir.
Been a while, hasn't it?
You know me, I always drop in
when I'm passing through.
Get me some buttermilk.
We need the motherfuckers alive.
Get them motherfuckers!
Forgive us!
Who was it?
If we give you his name,
he'll kill us.
Rati Shankar sent us.
He supplied the guns and money.
He usually gives us a photo.
But everyone knows Kaaleen bhaiya.
I'm leaving.
Yes, sir.
Forgive us!
I have children!
Your children will thank me
if I kill you right here.
Anyway, what will
you be leaving them with?
The worst thing in
the world is a father.
Don't kill me.
I'm nobody's father!
Let me
You gave me Rati Shankar's
name, didn't you?
I won't shoot you.
It looks like Rati Shankar's
brain has short-circuited.
So far
he'd been conducting guerrila
attacks like a yellow-bellied cunt.
He went after Munna
and then me.
Let's kill Rati Shankar Shukla.
He thinks we're idiots.
Munna, calm down.
Why the fuck should I?
Shut up.
Son, Rati Shankar will be ready
and waiting for us to retaliate.
We'll deal with him at the right time.
Let's bring up the matter
in the next meeting, Bauji.
All the district
dons will be there too.
Fuckall will happen
with all your chattering.
This again?
Breathe in!
Breathe out.
Oh, and
you need to explain the gun
distribution system to Guddu and Bablu.
I'll handle the rest.
Alright, Bauji.
I'll be going.
I'd just come for your advice.
You sit on Mirzapur's throne,
Akhanda, not I.
Whatever decision you take,
it will be the right one.
I'm leaving too.
I shouldn't have
left things unfinished.
The wound is deep.
Lie down.
Greetings, Bauji.
Some water, please?
What happened, Rati Shankar?
You're looking nervous.
Do you think I'm your dog?
Don't kill him.
Don't kill him.
He was shot in the spine.
He might be paralysed.
Yes, Bauji?
How's your mother?
She'll be fine, she's in the hospital.
Maqbool Khan will always
be loyal to you, Bauji.
No matter what.
Bring Rati Shankar
is not a dirty word,
it's a virtue.
I give you Jaunpur.
Do not even glance
towards Mirzapur.
Leave him at the border
We were brothers, Rati Shankar.
No, we weren't, Akhanda!
We weren't.
You know this as well as I do.
And if anyone knows
this better than us
it's Bauji.
- Don't you mention Bauji!
You shot Bauji!
Do you think we'll let
you get away with that?
This will remind you that you were kicked
out of Mirzapur like a bloody dog.
A dog that
couldn't even be loyal.
There he is.
Has Munna arrived?
Yes, he's inside.
This is the Tripathi family.
We make guns, and control them too.
These are the distributors.
They procure guns from us,
and sell them.
And most important of all,
the customer.
They buy guns from the distributors.
And who heads this entire network?
Munna Tripathi.
Sir, if you
if you kill someone with a homespun
gun, doesn't the gun get traced?
And what if you get caught?
Homespun guns don't have
registration numbers.
Also, the guns are merely
1500-2000 rupees.
Whack someone and
dump the gun in a ditch.
And anyway, homespun guns
aren't used only to kill.
They can be used to scare people too.
Also in election rallies,
for celebrating
Like you did at that
wedding the other day?
I want you to expand the gun business.
Do so, whether with brains, or brawn.
You have a free hand.
Will you be able to do it?
Yes, why not? Of course.
I tried really
hard this time.
Did you
Yes, of course.
Didn't you hear me?
Are you sure?
Why would I lie?
You were great.
Come in, Munna bhaiya.
What brings you to
my room this morning?
Papa thinks I'm a dickhead.
That I can't handle the business.
You're not a dickhead!
I'm confident you
can handle the business.
And handle it well, at that.
Your father is growing old.
Trust me, I'd know.
Sooner or later,
you'll control the business.
Just be prepared, Munna bhaiya
for when the time comes.
Why do you call me Munna bhaiya?
Call me Munna.
After all, our relationship is also
Alright, I'll call you Munna.
But, don't you dare call me Mum.
How does it smell?
Ittar of rose.
There's some here too.
We've rolled out
eight trucks of carpet.
Alright, very good.
Sir, there was one more thing.
We've just had a daughter, sir.
We came for your blessings.
Keep it.
What have you named her?
Sir, we've named her after your wife.
Kaaleen bhaiya never lasts this long.
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