Mirzapur (2018) s02e10 Episode Script

King of Mirzapur

I need your blessings, Dadda.
I'm starting a driving school.
I want you to inaugurate it.
Here's the invite.
I've got some sweets as well!
Here you go!
Yeah, alright!
Stop smiling so hard.
You'll rip your jaw off.
But starting a new business
is definitely a big deal!
I know it!
And as far as sweets are concerned
I'll definitely have them!
I love them!
Go on, son.
Have some.
-Thank you.
-Why should I die of diabetes alone?
Here, Junior!
Have some sweets!
Uncle has started a new business!
He has really surprised us.
Dadda, the inquiries are pouring in!
I have eight cars!
Well, it looks like he
has finally hit the jackpot!
Yes, Dadda.
How did you get the money?
Well, Dadda, the banks,
obviously, won't fund me, right?
I got it from the open market.
I'll take your leave.
What a surprise!
Anyway, I should get back to work.
find out who is funding him.
That's a lot of money
in such a short time.
I'm already on it, Dadda.
Have you lost it?
-What happened--
-What were you doing out there?
Come on, man!
I'm starting a new business.
I just couldn't control myself!
Dadda would eventually find out, right?
We could have eased him in.
I would've done it!
Keep your fucking pants on!
Don't worry about it.
Dadda enjoyed the sweets, right?
Don't do this again!
Come on!
If you ever think of an aggressive animal,
you'll probably never think of an ant.
Small as a grain of rice,
they are extremely hardworking
and have a very calm temperament.
And this is a tiger green beetle.
Also known as the Cicindela campestris.
It is an extremely dangerous insect.
It has an extremely strong jaw.
Once it latches on to its prey,
it won't let go!
But it is no match for the ants, once
they consider the tiger beetle a threat!
Then no one can save the
beetle from the fury of the ants.
Ants attack the tiger beetle as a pack!
Not every tiger can claim
to be king of the jungle.
The ants are ruthless, and won't give
the beetle a chance to escape.
There is only one thing written
in the tiger beetle's fate
a terrifying
The pain of losing a parent
Kaleen Bhaiya will truly
understand it when he loses one.
Don't do it, Maqbool!
Stay out of this.
Let the men handle it.
You won't kill him, Maqbool!
I will.
if I die today
you must be the one to do it.
I won't let a woman kill me!
Go away, Radhiya!
Use this.
It'll take longer.
But you
you enjoyed it.
Nobody enjoys being forced, Bauji.
Hey! Bhaiyaji!
What a surprise!
How do you always
manage to sneak up on me?
Please, have a seat.
Would you like some tea?
No, I would love some lemonade.
Chotu, get us two lemonades please.
Why didn't you tell me you were coming?
I would've kept the cash ready.
So how's business these days?
It's going well.
What about you?
Is it still "just business" or
are things moving forward
with Ms. Gajgamini?
You're blushing?
Don't be embarrassed.
I know it.
You have a soft spot for her, right?
Stay out of it.
It's personal.
Wait for some time.
The lemonade must be on its way.
You can have it.
I need to get back to Siwan.
I'll be late.
Pick a card.
Go on!
Can I guess it?
Go on.
Queen of hearts.
Queen of heart!
Get it?
I have to go.
I will call you once I reach home.
Just be wary of Lala.
That's the reason I had called you.
Babar had gone back to his
house without informing me.
Munna killed him.
Where are you?
I had a meeting with Shatrugan.
Lala tried to bypass us
and deal directly with him.
I had warned you.
But you don't really think about
the consequences, right?
What's wrong, Lala?
Why did you go to Siwan?
I would've blown your fucking brains out,
if it weren't for Shabnam.
The feeling is mutual, son.
What's your problem?
You daughter can't have a relationship?
She can.
Of course, she can.
The relationship is not the problem.
You are.
What's wrong with me?
Your rage.
Your violence.
Your unquenchable thirst for revenge.
Can you stop this violence?
Can you give up your lust for revenge?
Tell me you can
and I'll walk Shabnam
down the aisle myself.
She's my daughter.
I will not let her go down this
blood-soaked path with you.
With this fire, free the soul
from the shackles of the body.
I'll find him.
I'll shoot Maqbool in the head
right at the fucking town square.
He killed Bauji!
He didn't.
You killed Bauji.
I just taught Maqbool a lesson in loyalty!
I stepped up when you were falling short.
Bauji was the king of Mirzapur.
Every single person in the
city would've been here.
But the nature of his death--
We can't even give him a proper farewell.
You won't get it.
Get out of here.
Shut up.
This is a family matter.
I'm a part of your family.
When two men are talking
women should stay out of it,
even if they are part of the family.
This is why you don't let women out.
They forget their true place.
The woman you're talking
to is the chief minister.
She's your boss!
You always tell me to use my brain, right?
You should try it sometime.
One phone call from her
can snatch Mirzapur out of your hands.
She's my wife.
Choose your words carefully.
And she has every right to
be a part of our discussion!
She's family!
The meaning of family has
changed in our household.
Stop this nonsense!
Why don't you tell us
what's really bothering you?
I'll tell you why you're mad at us!
You wanted to be
in the position she is in!
Your blood must be boiling, right?
That is exactly how I feel!
When I see you sitting on
the throne that I deserve!
You won't let me have it
despite the fact that I am worthy.
I am your father
I know exactly how fucking worthy you are!
You're busy ranting about
the throne at Bauji's funeral!
Because it's important!
You wouldn't be praising Bauji today
if he had leeched on to
the throne just like you have!
Get out of here.
Or there will be two pyres burning here.
Please, let it go.
Come with me to Lucknow.
-You can have all the power you want.
-Please come with me!
-I'm not leaving!
Why should I go to Lucknow?
Mirzapur is my home!
And that's your power!
I can't be the chief minister's
husband all my life!
I've had one dream all my life.
I can't abandon it because
you're a part of my life.
I understand.
I don't know if
you couldn't earn my trust
or if I never really gave
you the opportunity to do so.
I don't know if it was your fault
or mine.
But God has given me another son.
He might be able to do it.
I don't care if you trust me, Papa.
I'll be the one sitting on that throne.
Because you're growing old
and weak.
I punished him,
something you failed to do.
One family member has gone
and you're broken?
You're no longer a don, Papa.
Now I will become one!
And no one's gonna stop me.
Because I won't let anyone stop me.
stay with me.
You may leave once
Bauji's pyre dies down.
Let me check on the baby.
He's without his mother.
-He could be crying.
Give me my phone!
Yes, ma'am?
Is Chote Bhaiya alright?
Yeah, he is.
Munna Bhaiya's coming home.
He's really angry.
You understand?
Protect Chote Bhaiya.
Do whatever you have to.
I understand, ma'am.
Raja's prince charming
is sleeping peacefully.
Don't worry.
Your father will make sure
that no one harms you.
Are you sure?
Junior has been peddling opium.
Junior shouldn't have done this.
let me know what we should do about it.
Listen, whatever he has done
talk to him politely.
Did I ask you?
Did I ask for your opinion?
Your son
and your brother
both have betrayed me!
Is he just my son?
The younger one's definitely not my son!
-Senior is the only son I have!
One of the twin boys isn't your son?
Are you even using your brain?
I'm sorry, it must be tiny
just like your body, right?
It hurts, right?
Being rude
is really easy.
And please don't tell me to stay
out of a "Father-son discussion".
A mother's opinion is most
important in a father-son discussion.
Listen to me.
talk this through politely.
He must be feeling inferior.
That's the reason he did it.
What did the IG say?
We have his permission.
I'll get Guddu back with me.
He isn't wrong, you know.
If one has a choice between
life and death of a family member
one will always choose life, right?
You think just like your father.
It doesn't matter what I think.
What matters is what you're thinking.
You should do what you feel is right.
I tried to save him.
But Maqbool--
He seemed possessed.
When a repressed soul lashes out
it leaves a deep scar.
I think.
I'm really tired, Beena.
I've had enough of this throne.
I've made my decision.
I'm handing it over to Munna.
I've lost many people.
I can't lose him.
You're right.
It's time.
The family is weak.
Do it before they can regroup.
You remember our deal, right?
I do.
I'll sit on the throne.
And we'll hand it over to your son
when he comes of age.
I remember.
I've made my decision, Shabnam.
Golu, get your men ready.
I'll get the guns.
It's time.
We're going to Mirzapur.
-Step on it.
-Yes, ma'am.
Hey stop!
Stop right there!
Hey! Get him!
-Arrest these motherfuckers!
-What is all this?
Read this!
It's an official warrant!
Every single one of you is
going to surrender peacefully!
Don't shoot!
I don't want any fuck ups!
I don't want any funny
business today, Guddu!
-Are you getting me?
-Excuse me!
I've brought a fucking army.
Go on.
Arrest him!
Check him! Check him!
Excuse me.
What do you want?
Sir, I've read your official document.
Can we work something out?
You'll have a lot of
time to work out in jail!
Sir! Sir!
-Guddu! Don't do this!
-No! No!
No! No!
Drop the gun or I'll spill your
brains all over your official documents!
-Drop it!
I'm doing it.
Give me the gun!
I need to go, Papa.
It's really important.
God himself won't be
able to stop me today.
Guddu, this is wrong.
I've gone way past your
morals, ethics and values, Papa.
Papa, get back.
Papa, get out of my way!
Guddu, I'm telling you--
Keep your dick in your fucking pants.
Kaleen Bhaiya spared you.
I won't!
Just keep walking!
Come on!
Guddu! Son!
you'll ruin all the efforts
I've put in to make sure you live.
Please surrender!
I'll try my best to get
you a fair sentence.
That's not gonna happen.
Drop your gun.
I'll bludgeon his fucking army
to death if I have to!
But I'm definitely going!
Please let me go, Papa!
Grab the shepherd by his balls
and the sheep will follow.
Leave her!
Let her go!
You need to bludgeon an army,
I just need to shoot two people.
I'm definitely not letting you go.
Are you getting me?
Drop your gun.
Drop your gun, Guddu.
If Guddu Bhaiya doesn't lower his
gun in the next two seconds
shoot her.
What is my daughter's fault?
Her fault is that you and
Guddu are a part of her life.
Drop the gun, Guddu.
Drop the gun, boy.
Hand it over.
Come on!
I can't have a family.
Men like me shouldn't
have a family anyway.
It's over
whatever it was.
Please take care of her.
Time's up.
-Mr. Pandit
we need to talk.
The thing is
you'll have to travel in this car.
Having you and Guddu in
the same car won't be right.
People might think you're
securing a deal for your son.
You'll drive Mr. Pandit.
Take him home.
Have you lost it, motherfucker?
Spill it, asshole!
Why the fuck were you trying to kill me?
Who sent you?
Who sent you?
Why the fuck were you
trying to kill me, motherfucker?
Kaleen Bhaiya
sent me.
He knows you sent Compounder to kill him.
Where are they going?
Mr. Maurya needs to meet
the local police in-charge.
We have a long way to go, right?
Let's get some tea.
Come on.
You'll ask me to run
and shoot me in the back.
That's the plan right?
Face me and shoot me.
Look me in the eye when you do it.
And if you don't go through with it
I will make sure I do.
Mr. Maurya!
Mr. Maurya!
Mr. Maurya our job
is not to punish them!
Our job is to ensure that
they are punished!
They're never punished, Mr. Pandit.
Just stay there!
Don't do this, Mr. Maurya!
What's the difference between
you and Munna if you do this?
I don't give a fuck!
You won't run?
I can shoot you in the back anyway.
He'll be punished, Mr. Maurya!
I guarantee it!
You remember we had
talked about choice, Papa?
You too had a choice to make today
and you made a choice.
Now you and I, we're the same.
No, we're not.
I'll be punished for what I did.
I'll demand it.
I need to go.
I owe Bablu and Sweety.
The debt must be paid.
Why didn't you tell me, Junior?
You're peddling drugs?
I couldn't refuse, Dadda.
Because of the profits.
Did you do it for the profits
or did you do it for that girl?
She's the one you're talking
to all day on your phone, right?
it happens.
At your age
one tends to lose
control over his hormones.
But, you could've just told us, right?
We would've invited them again.
We could've talked this through.
Everything would've been alright.
There would be no need for you to hide it.
Let's do this
call her.
Ask her to come here
and apologize to me.
We'll end this discussion.
That's the least she
can do for you, right?
Your relationship is emotional
as well as professional, right?
Call her.
Put her on speakerphone.
Hello, Golu?
Dada and Senior know about the opium.
I'm listening.
Yeah, so
they want to meet you.
They say if you come here
and apologize to them
they'll forgive us and that would be it.
Are you getting me?
I can't be there.
Right now, there is
something more important.
Golu, come on, listen to me.
Do it for me.
I love you.
Are you crazy?
It wasn't love.
It was need.
We needed each other.
I need something else right now.
I can't come, Shatrugan.
I hope you'll understand.
She's using you.
And you're letting her!
No, we had discussed this.
We love each other.
She's using you, you dumbfuck!
This is all your fault.
You've always wanted me to
do something to prove myself.
I thought I could do this,
so I did it.
I did it for respect!
So, are you enjoying
this new found respect now?
What did you learn, Junior?
Whenever you do business
always use the organ
that's between your ears.
Never use the organ you have
between your legs.
Am I right, uncle?
Yes, Dadda.
This is your first mistake.
I am letting you off the hook.
Thank you, Dadda.
This won't happen again, Dadda.
I'm not talking about you!
You're not my son!
You'll definitely be punished.
And your punishment will be
to kill your uncle.
Are you kidding?
Go on!
Junior, son, don't do it!
Are you really going to shoot your uncle?
Please forgive me, Dadda!
I won't repeat this mistake!
Junior, please, I've raised you!
What will you say to your mother?
I told you, Senior!
He won't be able to do it.
The girl has made him weak.
Deal with your uncle yourself.
-Dadda, please forgive me.
-Finish him.
And then you can deal with Ms. Golu.
She has betrayed my son after all.
Mistakes can't go unpunished, uncle.
I won't let you hurt Golu, brother.
Hey! Drop your guns!
Drop your guns, motherfuckers!
Drop it!
I've served you for decades, Dadda!
And this is what I get?
Everyone wants respect.
I wanted it as well!
I might have lived like a slave
but I won't die like one, asshole!
Drop your fucking gun!
Drop it.
are you alright?
How's Junior?
Junior! No!
Papa tried to get me killed.
He failed.
Now, it's my turn.
Meet me at Bauji's funeral.
I'm coming.
Where are you going?
I'm going to Bauji's funeral.
One Tripathi is dead.
The other two are alive.
I won't put myself on the line this time.
Greetings, uncle.
Munna's aggravated.
He's coming to you.
I'm really worried about him.
I hope he doesn't do anything stupid.
You know him better than I do.
Stop beating around the bush, Sharad.
He's coming to kill you.
Make sure you're ready.
Come on! Kaleen Bhaiya
has asked everyone to leave!
Come on.
Move it.
Why didn't you do it?
I did come here to do it.
Let's collect Bauji's ashes.
Did you ever think
about having me killed?
A father can never think of
killing his own son, Munna.
Mirzapur is yours.
I'll take Bauji's place
and you'll take mine.
You'll take the final call
and I'll just guide you.
Will you be able to handle it?
Of course, why not?
Come here.
You've always wanted the throne.
And I've always wanted a son.
Today, we both get what we want.
Munna Tripathi!
King of Mirzapur!
Get back!
Munna! Munna!
Go on!
Cover me!
Get behind me.
Keep moving!
We were just waiting
for you to open your eyes
Listen, Senior
bring me those files, please.
On it, Dadda.
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