Mirzapur (2018) s02e09 Episode Script


Grandpa's little bundle of joy!
You look just like me!
Dad's just had another son.
I hope he's healthy.
Of course!
Aren't you worried about the
mother who gave birth to the child?
A child gives birth to a
mother as well, Beena.
Let me hold him, Bauji.
Come on! Let me play with him!
He's mine as well!
Be careful.
I rushed here as
soon as I got the news.
You're an elder brother now.
You've got competition for your throne.
Who does he look like?
He looks just like his mother.
Hold him.
Munna Bhaiya doesn't have the experience.
He won't be able to hold him.
Let me hold him.
Deal the cards.
Lunch is ready.
You guys go ahead.
I'll join you in a bit.
Let's see what we've got.
Hey, mister, playing all alone?
Can we play?
Hey, dumbfuck uncle!
It's me! Munna!
Lock the door.
The rest of your family
doesn't need to see this.
It's been a long time.
I mean--
Tell me one thing
at the wedding
I made you dance like Hrithik Roshan.
Everyone had fun.
And, motherfucker,
you're trying to fuck me over for that!
What's wrong with you?
Now I'm gonna fuck you up real bad!
Nawab Sahab!
Nawab Sahab, are you alright?
What's her name?
Please open the door.
Ruksana, please leave.
I'm alright.
Alright then.
Let's get on with it.
Do you have a final wish?
I would like to say something.
You're a dumbfuck!
Your walid is a dumbfuck!
What the fuck does that mean?
Your father!
Right! Right!
Okay, from the top!
You're a dumbfuck!
Your father's a dumbfuck!
Your grandpa's a dumbfuck!
Your mother's a dumbfuck!
Don't you dare talk shit about my mother!
She was from an
extremely decent family!
There's a lot more in there
than you asked for.
You're not doing me a favor.
Don't forget the rest
of our deal, Mr. Tripathi.
I want a formal entry into politics
and respect.
The door was open when we got there.
And we discovered Mr. Alam's body.
We've sent the body for an autopsy.
Jai Hind!
Come on!
Get up.
Come. Good.
Good. Perfect.
Come on.
So, asshole, the thing is
I've had enough!
Are you getting me?
I've gotten used to this!
And I won't stop!
You're thirsty, are you?
Want some water, asshole?
What? What?
What the fuck was that?
You can lip-read, right?
I'm talking to you!
I knew I would break you.
Now, I'm going to get my hands on Shukla!
He looks just like me.
May he be protected from the
evil eyes of the low-born!
May I come in?
We must protect him, Raja.
Kaleen Bhaiya has two sons.
And Mirzapur has one throne.
The last one to survive
will inherit the throne.
And Munna Bhaiya knows this very well.
Killing a stepbrother won't be a big
deal for a man who tried to murder
his own father for the throne.
I will protect him.
I'll give my life
or take one
if that's what it takes to protect him.
I welcome
all our respected leaders
and our colleagues.
This party was like a family
for our late leader Mr. Yadav.
I would like
Madhuri to address the meeting.
And then, everyone present here,
we will take a
collective decision.
All my life, I've seen my father
toil really hard for this party.
That's the reason the party
is in the position it is today.
My father's dream was to make
UP the best state in India.
But after his death
I felt like it was all over.
I would like to apologize to everyone
on behalf of my uncle.
As we go through these testing times
I would like to propose a name.
I'm your daughter-in-law.
Please respect my decision.
I need your blessings.
The name I would like to propose is
Madhuri Yadav-Tripathi.
The daughter of UP.
Before you make your decision
I would urge everyone here,
to think about the party.
Because you'll be in power
only if the party is.
I've just lost my father.
We'll have the public
sympathies on our side.
The party will prosper.
In the next election
we'll have the support of the
Yadavs as well as the Brahmins.
Because I am the common link.
And most importantly
in the wake of the allegations
against my uncle
having a woman at the helm
will help in cleaning up our image.
That's all I have to say.
Those in favor
Don't be so upset,
with the death of your
son's father-in-law.
I'm not upset because he
was my son's father-in-law.
I'm upset because he was
the bloody chief minister.
And you know it.
You can't imagine what I've lost.
you'll be giving me my massage
in my room
four days a week.
Madhuri was born into politics.
And you're a businessman.
I had told you
politics is a fucking bitch!
What's wrong, Bauji?
What happened?
Water, motherfuck--
Why fuck is it so spicy?
Get me some water!
It seems alright.
It seems alright, Bauji.
Have some sweets.
Get some water!
Who the fuck made this?
Get the water, you cunts!
Get the water, assholes!
-Water, assholes!
-Come on!
I am bringing it!
What the--
Where the hell is everybody?
Here you go!
Madhuri is the chief minister!
Plan your moves carefully.
And make sure you
don't lose your grip
on Mirzapur's throne.
I'll be joining you for the
swearing in ceremony.
Why wouldn't I?
My wife
will be taking the oath of office.
I've been invited
I'll watch it in person.
I'm feeling really proud, Bauji.
You're feeling proud?
That's nice.
Everyone here is really proud, son.
Go on.
I'll see you there.
Why don't you check go
on the little one?
Check if he needs a change.
I'll be there soon.
Munna Bhaiya is sounding
less like your son
and more like Madhuri's
husband these days.
Be careful.
Power is changing hands.
Madhuri Yadav-Tripathi
do solemnly swear
in the name of God that
will bear true faith and allegiance
to the Constitution of India
as by law established.
Akhandanand Tripathi
I, Swami Abhyanand
I, Mohammad Zakir Khan
do solemnly swear
in the name of God that
I will bear true faith
and allegiance
to the Constitution of India
as by law established.
I will uphold the sovereignty and
integrity of India.
Your dad didn't look too happy.
Be careful.
What do you mean?
For the first time, someone in the
Tripathi family has more power than him.
And you have the same power.
You are free to do as you wish.
You don't need their permission anymore.
Just need loyal people around you
like me!
You're the king now.
I'll be the king only when
I get the bloody throne.
Till that happens,
I'm a simple married man
enjoying his marriage.
Here you go!
King of Mirzapur!
I got you a scotch.
Really smooth.
It's a gift from Sharad.
You know
I feel
you'll be a great chief minister.
I mean, from what I've seen.
Today, when I saw you up there
I felt really proud.
You know
when something really valuable
just falls into one's lap
people take time to realize its value.
Just like I did.
I need to change my saree.
You're looking really
pretty in this saree.
Why do you need to change it?
You know
in the entire state of UP
I am
the only one
who can do this to the chief minister.
The tea is fantastic, auntie.
I love it!
you've done up the house beautifully.
The cutlery is really nice as well.
Your choice is really
Uncle's scooter looks great too!
Love the parrot-green color.
I'm sure it must be your choice.
Unfortunately, it was mine.
You see the fan up there?
You can praise that as well.
It spins!
Okay then.
There you go.
Try it.
Thank you.
what do you do for a living?
I handle investments, uncle.
I invest my clients' money.
Get them decent returns.
You can say I am a
"one-man army" bank.
Something like that.
I handle Guddu Bhaiya's funds as well.
why don't you show Dimpy
the new clothes you got?
Go on.
Dimpy, go, check it out.
Let's go, Dimpy.
Come with me.
-Let's finish our tea--
-Get the tea as well. Let's go.
Come on!
I'll show you.
How much do you love her?
Enough to give my life for her.
You don't have to do that.
Many people from this family have.
I need every little detail
you have on Guddu.
His dealings
his investments
his business, everything.
And, of course
Dimpy stays out of this.
What are you thinking about?
I'm not asking you to do something bad.
if you want to be a
part of this family
you'll have to deal with
the consequences.
-How far can she count?
She doesn't cry anymore.
You handle her really well.
I was right when I told
Golu you were nice.
You could've told me directly.
You're really nice.
Once more! Once more!
Come here.
Come here.
Ideally, I wouldn't approve of him
because of his business dealings.
-But, you like him a lot--
-I wouldn't go through with this
if I didn't have your approval.
God bless you!
That is exactly why I said yes.
He won't be our son-in-law.
He'll be our son.
Thank you.
What is it?
Where is everybody?
Hello, Golu!
To what do I owe this surprise?
Wanna have sex with me?
Are you deaf?
Do you want to have sex with me?
Lock the
We're here for sex.
Go on.
Hit me!
It'll hurt.
That is exactly what I want.
Hit me.
What are you waiting--
Go on!
Harder, wimp!
Why are you hurting yourself?
Some people enjoy pain.
You put me in control.
I was always the one in control.
You did it because
I asked you to do it.
When it comes to us,
I'll always be the one in control.
You're smarter than Guddu.
That's the reason I'm talking to you.
getting a little too close to my daughter.
What do you want me to do?
I'll do what needs to be done.
I'm just letting you know.
-Where were--
-Have you lost it?
What do you mean?
You're getting weak.
What was our goal?
To exact revenge!
That's it!
Every decision, every move we make
is to achieve that one specific goal.
Be it through business
or brute strength!
Romance and fatherhood
won't get us there.
You said it
"We won't lose if we
don't have a family to lose."
You're playing house in here.
Family makes you weak!
Family doesn't always
make you weak, Golu.
Bablu and Sweety were our family.
Did they make us weak?
And as far as our goal is concerned
I don't want to take Mirzapur for myself.
I want to do it for them.
And I won't miss my mark.
You read his diary.
It reminds you of Bablu.
I don't need a diary.
Because I haven't forgotten.
They are in here within me.
Not even an inch
I won't budge a bloody inch
when the time comes,
to take Mirzapur.
I had promised you guys
that if you'd support me
I will handle it.
Today, I'm fulfilling my promise.
Take these.
And sell them.
Go on, it's free!
I won't be taking a penny.
Neither in cash nor in credit.
It's free.
Kaleen Bhaiya indeed does
have a big heart, bhaiyaji!
Please give him our regards.
His daughter-in-law is
now the chief minister.
She's my wife first, asshole!
And what am I, your courier?
To give him your regards?
Kaleen Bhaiya isn't doing this for you.
Munna Tripathi is.
Who gave you the guns on credit?
Who had promised you guys?
I did that!
And I am doing this!
This is a reward for your loyalty.
Make sure you stay loyal.
Munna Bhaiya loyalty is a feudal concept.
No one was as loyal to your family
as Maqbool Khan.
But his nephew
betrayed you.
Babar would've been punished
if loyalty would've really mattered.
Babar has been punished.
Maqbool has handled it himself.
you may leave.
Hey, fucking feudal lord!
Come here.
How did you find me?
Well, if my
opium can find its way to you
so can I.
And why did you want to see me?
The opium that you're selling,
that's earning you a fortune,
it comes from my fields.
Guddu and Golu, they're just
Let's get rid of the middlemen.
Purchase it directly from me.
I'll give you a better deal.
two packs of jalebis, please.
Right away, bhaiyaji!
is that a yes?
I'm sorry
are you waiting for my answer?
I assumed you were
smart enough to take a hint.
My answer is, "No".
You won't be able to sell
your stuff in Bihar without me.
And I won't buy from you
without them being part of the deal.
We'll be in business only if
the present situation remains constant.
If not, goodbye.
Bhaiyaji, your jalebis.
He'll pay for the tea.
He called for the meeting.
Here you go, uncle.
Have a look.
These are mostly Lala's records.
But there are some
entries about Guddu as well.
They sell opium.
There's every little detail
about their cash flow.
Is that okay?
You're doing the right thing.
I'm not doing it for morality.
I'm doing it for love.
Who's doing what for love?
Nothing, we were just discussing
if we should print the
invitation cards or send an e-invite.
You didn't tell me you
were gonna be here?
Well, I didn't tell you because
I wanted it to be a surprise.
So, what did you guys decide?
you're right, uncle.
We'll send an e-invite.
After all, it is our civic duty
to protect our environment.
Fulfilling one's civic duty
is really important, son.
It restores the balance in the society.
Sir, I need your
permission to go after Lala.
It's a drug trafficking case,
we'll arrest Guddu Pandit as well.
We have everything in place, sir.
I don't think
I need any clearance from above for this.
Go ahead, Maurya.
Sir, there's also the pending matter of
the working condition of our constables.
Good job, Mr. Pandit.
So, I'll take your leave.
The constables and their working
conditions won't change, Maurya.
What's the problem?
Sir, the thing is
we can get all the evidence,
all the witnesses but the
end result won't change.
That's just how the
fucking cookie crumbles.
Imran Alam was murdered.
We opened a file.
The mute bastard killed
himself and we closed a file.
This is just a bloody circus.
What should we do?
Encounter! Guddu Pandit!
He's a murderer.
We'll arrest him.
Lawyers will do their bullshit.
And we'll let him off the hook.
After I take care of Guddu,
the Tripathis will be next in line.
Would you like to have some ice cream?
Once the job is done.
Please get me a napkin.
What's wrong?
You haven't really been
yourself for the past few days.
Munna Bhaiya has stopped
bothering you as well, right?
The grandfather's using me
now that his grandson is done.
Every man in this house
is a motherfucking asshole!
I'm here, Grandma!
I've got some seviyan for you.
And I have your medicines as well.
I'll leave as soon as
you are done with dinner.
We'll have a problem
if uncle sees me here.
Eid Mubarak, Grandma!
Eid Mubarak to you as well
The distributor was right when he said
you'd come see your Grandma for Eid.
So, I thought
Your uncle won't be coming.
He's running an errand.
Go on! Please continue.
What's this?
Go on, feed her.
You have time.
Is this Maqbool's "dear diary"?
I didn't know Maqbool
could read and write.
So, Babar
it's time to say your goodbyes.
Hey, let go!
Loyalty is the highest virtue
and it comes for a price.
Munna was following my orders.
You lied
and Babar was a traitor.
my mother?
sometimes miss their mark, Maqbool.
It's wrong.
I had
promised you my loyalty.
What happened was wrong.
Do you remember why
you had pledged your loyalty?
I had saved your mother's life.
Tripathis simply took back the life
they had granted in the first place.
I can feel your pain, Maqbool.
I understand the pain of losing a parent.
Munna made a mistake.
Yeah, Bauji.
Big mistake.
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