Mirzapur (2018) s02e08 Episode Script


What the hell were you thinking?
Why did you bring her home?
I wasn't--
I wasn't thinking!
What was I supposed to do?
Leave her out there?
Who's gonna look after her?
I will
I will take care of her.
I will
I will take care of her.
How is Papa doing, uncle?
We have lost him, my child.
Go my child.
My brother died on the spot.
There would've been political instability
had I announced it immediately.
Now I am the senior most
member of the party after all.
I had to ensure there was no panic.
We'll announce it now.
I've to take oath as the CM as well.
I have everyone's support.
Don't be sad about losing your
son's father-in-law, Tripathi.
I'm not sad because he
was my son's father-in-law.
I'm sad because he was
the bloody chief minister.
And you know it.
You can't imagine what I've lost.
You should go.
I'm sure you need to work.
I understand the pain
of losing a loved one.
Madhuri, I might not be
the best husband
but I'll try.
Just like you do.
You forgive me for my mistakes.
You try to understand me.
That's something my
family's never done for me.
You should cry all you want.
Get it out.
I'm here
for you.
What the hell!
Yeah, of course.
No, I'll have a word
with the IG, but
Losing the chief minister
in an accident is really sad.
Of course.
Jai Hind.
you wouldn't be here if you
hadn't been driving like a rabid dog.
I know you're the one who
has killed the chief minister.
Give me a name and go home.
Earlier, you used to
just bring illegal cash home.
Now you've started
interrogating people!
You're going to clean up this mess!
Listen to me
please get him some water.
What am I?
His maid?
The rascal's a criminal.
Let him die.
You don't understand.
It could be a human rights violation.
He's a human being after all.
And how will he give me
the information if he dies?
Hey! Listen to me!
Just tell him what he wants to know.
He's a cruel man.
Hey! Hey!
Since you are
getting some water,
please get some cold
water for me as well.
Regular water will do.
Who gave you the order?
We've found this paper
and a gun in his truck.
Sharad Shukla.
You wanted to see me, sir?
Is everything under control, Anand?
The ministers?
Any chance of a fuck up
before the swearing-in ceremony?
Everything is under control.
The only thing is, Mr. Tripathi could--
That won't change.
Tripathi will be a part of the cabinet.
Brother's family is my family.
There was just one seat, brother.
I'm taking it in your absence.
You can now meet
Mom up there and tell her
that you kept your promise.
The seductress from Mirzapur.
Z for Zarina.
Don't be so cruel
That's more like it, half cut!
Now you're looking really handsome!
Bhojpuri songs are the real deal.
Hindi music is just remixed crap.
Right, Shekhu Bhai?
Should I dye my hair?
They do seem a little faded.
This is your own bloody shop.
Do as you please.
I could give my life for you, Shekhu Bhai!
Go ahead and dye it.
Your hair already looks pretty shiny.
Why are you wasting your money?
Shut the fuck up and
do your job, asshole!
I want them to look red.
You should dye your
pubic hair as well, dumbass!
The one you're meeting tonight
will be more interested
in seeing what's down there.
Fuck off, asshole!
Switch off the TV, asshole.
Babar, wait here.
I've come for a shave.
Okay, son, you're done.
I found something that belongs to you.
I'm here to return it.
Close the damn door, motherfucker!
Yes, bhaiyaji!
This is Guddu Bhaiya's personal matter!
Everyone will stay out of this!
Is that clear?
Take this!
Take this, you asshole!
Die, motherfucker die!
Die already, you fucking asshole!
You're ruining my white shirt!
open the bloody door!
Come out!
Give us our money!
Open the damn door!
Open it!
Come out
we won't wait any longer.
Open up!
shall I open the door?
Open the door right now!
Aren't you done yet?
So, Mr. Tausif
are you gonna talk to these men
or should I?
I will handle them, bhaiyaji.
What about the truck driver?
What's bothering me is that,
if Sharad Shukla is on the
same side as the Tripathis,
why would he do this?
What if he's like us?
What if he's keeping the Tripathis close
so that he can weaken them.
This could help us in
burying Akhandanand.
And if Imran Alam
testifies against Munna
it will only make the case stronger.
It would be really easy
to trap the Tripathis.
Stop thinking about it.
Go visit
Mr. Maurya.
He'll be taken by surprise,
just like you were.
This is what I have.
He's your guy.
Please don't tell me you don't know him.
What do you want, Mr. Maurya?
Help me in hunting the Tripathis down.
You can have Mirzapur,
once they are out of your way.
This is what you want, right?
Just like your father.
And as far as this video is concerned,
I give you my word it won't get leaked.
But I'm sure
he hasn't said anything, right?
Mr. Maurya, he's mute and deaf.
And he's illiterate.
He can't tell you anything
nor can he write it down.
You have nothing on me.
I don't like people
blackmailing me, Mr. Maurya.
And most importantly, where I come from,
helping cops is considered ratting out.
What if I tell Kaleen Bhaiya about this?
He would probably want to know
why you were trying to cut a deal with me,
instead of letting him know.
Mr. Maurya having a common enemy
doesn't make us friends.
Our destinations might be the same,
but our paths are different.
I won't cross your path
and I hope you stay away from mine.
I hope you had a pleasant journey.
Get to the point.
Why can't we just have a chat, Tripathi?
It doesn't have to be just business.
You're going to be the chief minister.
I'm sure you don't
have the time for "chats".
The poppy fields have been allotted.
It was my brother's last wish.
I had to honor it.
Munna has had them
allotted in his own name.
Weren't you aware, Tripathi?
Doesn't matter.
It's all in the family, right?
I want a share in your profits.
Twenty percent.
Twenty percent?
Are you out of your mind?
Mind your language.
This isn't one of your Holi party orgies.
This is the CM's office.
Go wait outside!
-If it was a Holi party, I would've fuck--
I want thirty percent.
Munna, don't stress me out.
It's not good for my health.
Listen to your Papa, boy.
Let the grown-ups talk.
You have a deal.
But I get to keep my seat in the cabinet.
You're a true businessman, Tripathi.
What's wrong?
You're here to talk, right?
Tell me.
Well, I was wondering…
what if I was an ordinary clerk
in some company in Mirzapur.
It wouldn't have been that bad.
I would have middle-class dreams.
Used middle-class methods
to fulfill those dreams.
I'd be happy.
No one would humiliate me.
The middle-class gets
humiliated all the time.
And we would never be together
if you were a clerk.
I would be way out of your league.
If your father is trying to
expand his political clout
what's wrong with it?
Focus on winning the war.
You might lose a few
battles in the process.
Stop using your heart
and start using you mind.
Because you have a great mind.
And I am here for you.
You're right.
What does a man want in life?
A companion
and respect.
A woman wants the same.
A companion and respect.
And some great sex.
I was making Mathri for you.
That's the reason I'm late.
I missed the bus.
I tried to get on, but--
And the next one arrived late.
That's the reason I'm--
Where's Dimpy?
Who is she?
Calm down.
Take a deep breath.
Yeah, I'm alright.
I asked Dimpy to leave.
I wanted to talk about her.
I want you to look after her, Mom.
She is family.
Please don't ask any questions.
I won't.
I will raise her.
I've raised three kids.
She'll be the fourth.
But I have a condition.
You must surrender, Guddu.
We're having conditions now, are we?
I just want to see you safe, that's all.
Listen to me, Guddu
you are getting a second
chance because of her.
Please just surrender.
What good will that do?
I am barely alive, Mom.
And even if I surrender
you're never getting your old Guddu back.
Neither Mom nor Guddu Bhaiya
waited to meet me.
Sometimes I feel I am not
a part of this family.
Butter toast.
You could always make a new one.
What do you mean?
Just thinking out loud.
How long have I been living in Lucknow?
Around a year.
And we are good friends, right?
Why do you always have
to beat around the bush?
Get to the bloody point!
I hate this bread and butter crap.
Are you ever planning to
take me out or this is all I get?
Of course.
Someday, I'll take you to my mother's.
She's a great cook.
I've never told you about my mom, right?
I'll introduce you to her someday.
One piece of naan costs 15 rupees.
And a butter naan costs 25 rupees.
That's really unfair.
But it's all good if you liked the food.
Are you still sulking?
Okay then
Hush, little baby, don't say a word
Hush, little baby
-Hush, little baby
-I don't want to sleep.
Your singing will give her nightmares.
Let me do it.
Come here, baby.
And not just for tonight
I'll look after her forever.
Why would you?
She's not your daughter.
She's not yours either.
My little doll
Let's go for a stroll
So that into slumber you may fall
Why did you stop here?
Did I fall asleep?
How long has it been?
Half an hour.
You are an idiot.
Let's go.
You're awake now, right?
I love you.
I said I love you.
Really? You just wake
me up and abruptly say it?
You wanted me to be straight forward.
So, I got straight to the point.
So, is that a yes?
Come meet my father.
It's a yes if he says yes.
Otherwise, find someone else for yourself.
Is Guddu Bhaiya more
like your father or mother?
You haven't touched your tea.
I'm not making another one.
You went to visit Dimpy, right?
How is she doing?
She's alright.
She has her exams coming up soon.
That's the reason
I didn't stay there for a long time.
are things moving forward?
Hello, Mr. Pandit!
Has he spoken yet?
Did he tell you something?
This bastard is mute!
It'll take time
Come. Come.
Get in there!
Do you remember now, asshole?
All you have to do is move your
head when I show you a picture.
Will you do it?
Will you do it?
May I come in, sir?
Yes, Anand, come in.
I'll come back later.
Come on!
Have a seat.
What's wrong?
Don't be embarrassed.
Did my brother not let you have any fun?
He was old-school, Anand, can't help it.
Tell me.
Why are you sulking?
You used to have a
smirk plastered on your face
when my brother
used to fuck me over.
Don't worry.
I'm not holding a grudge.
I'm just trying to remind you
that times change.
Power eventually abandons
the unworthy.
Speak up.
Am I right?
You're in power now.
Can you please take care of my position?
I have taken care of you in
every position, sweetheart.
Sir, I think it's done.
Sir we've done our homework.
We were just waiting for your appointment.
Your orders to proceed, sir?
What orders?
Take action.
What are you waiting for?
My brother had started the
Crime-free Uttar Pradesh movement, right?
How will we honor his legacy
if you don't arrest the criminals?
Have you noted the minutes?
-Yes, sir.
Make a photocopy of this file.
Go on.
You have my complete support.
Thank you.
-Jai Hind, sir.
-And listen
make a watertight case.
Munna Tripathi shouldn't get away.
Yes, sir.
The fields you've
allotted to Kaleen Bhaiya
should've been ours.
We are on the same side.
Soon, I'll be in power.
Our relationship will be a fruitful one.
And as for allotting
the fields to Tripathi
the balance of power
has to be maintained.
What if we have a fallout tomorrow?
Why would we a fallout
with the chief minister?
That's our gesture of goodwill.
We're offering you ten percent
over and above
whatever Kaleen Bhaiya is offering you.
Be patient, I will get back to you.
And just so you know,
I'll be nailing Munna soon.
You'll get the news soon.
When you do,
I want 15 minutes alone with him.
Want to kill him?
I'll get you 30.
Will that be enough?
keep the cash flowing.
We have JP Yadav's permission.
We won't have any problems later, right?
Your name won't be
mentioned in the report.
I have the support
from the ones above me.
And you have my support.
Go ahead.
Thank you, sir.
But, Mr. Pandit
your son is as bad as Munna himself.
We can't be selective in
our clean-up operations.
I hope you understand.
Of course, sir.
You have changed your stand.
Mine has always been the same.
I won't budge.
-Jai Hind.
-Jai Hind, sir.
How long will Anand be on leave, Zarina?
He'll be gone for a week.
I am looking after the arrangements
for you swearing-in ceremony.
That calls for a celebration, right?
Well, I'm here.
Am I the old toy now?
the more the merrier.
Make the arrangements.
It's just a matter of few days, Mr. Imran.
We have our orders.
I've placed some men
outside for your security.
They are not from the department.
And this will be for
your personal security.
I got these.
These are about his size.
Right! You didn't have his measurements.
The fucker isn't a fashion icon anyway.
He's just here as insurance.
We'll use him if we need him.
What is this?
This is your arrangement?
Patience, Mr. Yadav.
Outsiders should think that you're
helping these widows for a better future.
say hello.
Let's begin.
My body is a palace of lust
Come tear it down with me
-Come with me.
-With pleasure!
And we'll dance in the debris
Let's dance in the debris
Come let's dance in the debris
Let's dance in the debris
Let's get it on
Let's get it on
Can you handle us all Mr. Yadav?
What do you think?
I am going to squeeze
the life out of you.
Don't forget I am high
on being the next CM.
Well, people usually don't
perform very well when they're high.
Let all your inhibitions come down
And break all barriers
American pill.
You'll be galloping
like a horse all night.
Come come closer
Let's just dance in the debris
Let's dance in the debris
Come let's dance in the debris
Let's dance in the debris
Let's just dance in the debris
Let's dance in the debris
Come let's dance in the debris
Let's dance in the debris
No, no, no.
You'll make the video.
Does anyone have a problem?
The guns I gave you
how are those?
-Yes, bhaiyaji.
Yes, bhaiyaji.
The men I have around
will be raking in the pound.
That's a perfect rhyme, sir!
I have always had a great tuning
with the Hindi language.
And I expect to share the
same tuning with you guys.
The men I have around
will be raking in the pound.
The others will be buried in the ground.
You fucking nailed it, bhaiyaji!
we're all with you.
If you ever need us
to rip some asshole's
ass apart just let us know.
I'll lock my shop
and come over immediately!
Of course you will.
I've given you this shop after all.
Of course, bhaiyaji.
This is great.
What can be better
than getting paid for free?
This isn't free money.
Everything comes for a price.
Consider it an advance.
When I need you
I'll get in touch.
Saying "no" won't be an option.
What do you say?
-Guddu Pandit! Guddu Pandit!
-Bablu Pandit.
Bablu Pandit!
-Bloody hell.
-I am used to pain.
I prefer to have a natural birth.
I will take your leave.
Some aunt was calling you.
But she didn't say anything
when I answered it.
What did the doctor say?
All good.
Wait a minute.
I am getting a call from the factory.
Yes, son
Yes, it's me.
-Did you call?
We're ready.
Guns and men.
We've support from
Lucknow as well to nab Munna.
We are now waiting for your
signal to enter Mirzapur.
Henceforth, I'll call you, okay?
Don't call me.
I can't take the risk.
I'll hang up.
Where's Lippi?
Who did you leave her with?
Shabnam is looking after her.
Wow, Lippi!
Such a beautiful drawing.
Will you teach me?
Look you missed this section.
Do it quickly or else I will color it.
Give me this color.
Do you want this color?
Here, take it.
Go on, color it.
What are you doing?
I'm playing with the child.
She's just an excuse.
You're using her to get to him.
What is your problem, Golu?
Do you like Guddu?
I don't know.
So, you love Guddu?
I don't know.
Is he some object that you
fear will be snatched away from you?
I don't know.
I see
since he was with your sister,
he can't be with anyone else.
I don't know.
What do you know, Golu?
I don't know what I know!
Shut up or I'll smack you!
Lippi, please don't cry.
Don't cry.
I want to go back to my mother.
Sorry, Lippi.
You'll understand when you grow up.
Adults sometimes lose their shit.
Adults are assholes.
Your father was different.
He was a dignified man.
He was calm and composed.
JP Bhaiya is
He isn't upset about his brother's demise.
He's celebrating.
Ma'am, that day
JP Bhaiya was sitting in my car with me.
He's never done this.
He would always travel
with your father in his car.
I wanted to talk to you about this
but I couldn't because
he's your uncle.
I couldn't keep it in.
We've all lost a great deal by his death.
But there's just one man
who has gained from it.
All hail King JP.
He's sent gifts for his subjects.
Fucking mushroom.
it's the law of the jungle.
The powerful like to
show off their strength.
Let Beena know that dinner is ready.
She isn't feeling well.
Come, dear.
Are you okay?
Should I cut it up?
I'll do it.
I miss your father.
He had tonnes of affection for me.
We really respected each other.
I know you had a great
deal of respect for my father.
And affection as well.
Have you met Uncle?
I did.
He is your uncle, but like a father also.
So what can I say.
Like a father, but he's not.
My father is no more.
Now you're the only father I have.
Please don't hesitate.
Tell me.
You are
a part of that family,
so I'm sure you know.
JP Yadav is a chameleon.
And now you've to work under him.
Power changes hands
pretty easily in politics.
Uncle took over when
my father passed away.
Someone else will take over
once my uncle leaves.
Anand is here.
Papa's PA.
He keeps track of every single
movement in the political corridors
of Lucknow.
Perhaps you should meet him.
Sir, the doctors never
show up in our district hospital.
Patients have to
face a lot of difficulties.
-Please do something --
-Don't worry. I'll look into it.
-Thank you.
-Thank you so much, sir.
It's okay
Number 56!
It's a case of sexual harassment.
From Lucknow.
Go ahead
I want justice, sir.
What happened?
I've been abused
Who has done it?
Do you know his name?
Where did it happen?
Give us the details and
the police will take action.
The police won't help me, sir.
I've been abused
by you.
Last night
at your residence.
This is a very serious allegation!
Do you realize what you're saying?
What's the meaning of
these frivolous allegations?
Escort her out.
We will have justice!
We're not scared of you anymore!
How many of us will you throw out, sir?
We're from the shelter
home for widows.
We've been coming to the
CM's residence for many years.
Widows have always
been respected there
until last night.
Would you like to comment on this?
It's beneath me to comment on such
a baseless and derogatory accusation!
And last night I was at the Yoga Ashram.
As for my character,
I've been in power for many years.
Have you ever heard anything about me?
She has been working
with me for so many years.
She is like my family!
You can ask her.
Please tell them, Ms. Zarina.
Please tell them, Ms. Zarina.
Why are you quiet?
Tell them!
You were not at the
Yoga Ashram yesterday, sir.
I'll never be able to forgive myself,
if I don't speak up now.
I have been exploited
for a long time as well.
These poor souls have
decided to speak up.
They've given me the
courage to speak up.
And as for proof
I've many videos and photos of him
which are so vulgar and perverse
that you will all be
This is a conspiracy!
You have joined hands with my rivals!
This is a conspiracy.
Someone has misled them.
Stop this.
Stop it.
What are you looking at?
Stop it.
Dismiss the people's court.
I will not answer any questions.
The party hasn't given
any statement regarding
the serious allegations leveled against
their leader Mr. JP Yadav.
It is not clear yet, whether JP Yadav
will be allowed to take oath as the CM.
The party has taken serious
cognizance of these allegations.
Mr. JP Yadav has himself
resigned his position as the chief
of the party with immediate effect.
The party doesn't belong
to one single person.
Our party's ethics and roots are the
same that were laid out by my father.
And that is a fact
that neither the opposition
nor the public can deny.
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