Mirzapur (2018) s02e07 Episode Script

Ood Bilaav

You were going to strike a big deal!
What happened?
You asked me to stay out of your way.
Just stick to counting profits.
When are you reeling in the profits?
Keep the supply ready.
That should not be a problem.
We'll be starting deliveries soon.
And this time we'll cover a bigger area.
Why did you commit?
Because we have a
chance of reviving the deal.
Dadda won't budge.
I am not talking about Dadda.
You had gone through
last months revenues.
These are the expenses
for the same period.
Let me know in case
I've skipped anything.
You're not the only
man in this world
who gets swayed
away by a woman.
Brother, I've made all
the arrangements for dinner.
Vegetarian, non-vegetarian,
you name it.
May I take your leave?
Where are you going, Junior?
Join us.
No, I've some business to take care of.
He won't do it in front
of his older brother.
It's a matter of respect.
You may leave.
So, have you two been
twins since childhood?
Good one.
But it's not the first time
I'm hearing it.
Let's have some fun!
Don't hesitate.
I've paid for the entire package.
No, I don't want a package.
I'm a married man.
I can do that atkheli for you.
What the fuck?
Atkheli what?
Lap dance!
Lap dance!
Siwan is full of dumbfucks.
Every time she says lap dance
the dumbfucks
come sit on her lap.
Anyway, you can
go try the atkheli on him.
Go on.
why is he sad?
What's wrong?
Is the burden of Mirzapur
on your shoulders?
His father is very controlling.
His father doesn't respect him
because he doesn't think he's worthy.
That's the reason he's a little sad.
Respect has to be earned, brother.
If he's truly worthy,
he'll get the respect he deserves.
-Of course.
Dadda respects me a lot.
Do you know why Dadda respects you?
Because he's half your size.
The fucker won't get respect,
if he doesn't give respect.
I'm kidding.
This isn't funny!
let's get down to business.
When Dadda tries to fuck,
does he need a ladder
or does he climb up himself?
He's pulling your leg.
I am silent because he's your friend.
You're Siwan.
This bullshit won't fly here!
If Dadda was here,
he would've screwed your mother!
He would still need a ladder.
You see, my present
mother is a horny devil.
She will suck the
life out of your Dadda.
-Sharad, your friend--
-At least you have a father.
I don't have one.
What should I do?
Just calm down!
His father was an asshole.
My father's an asshole too.
Mine isn't.
He isn't your father
or he isn't an asshole?
If your mother's really so horny
change her name to "Carpet Queen"!
She can get laid as
many times as she wants.
That was a good one.
-Where did you get this wiseass?
-Cheers! Cheers!
That's how he is.
Come here, give me a lap dance.
Why do you look so down?
at the beginning of any marriage,
one has to make some adjustments.
But soon, everything falls in place.
-If there's anything you need
Anything at all.
I am here for you.
So is Beena.
You can tell us.
In this house
you are not a daughter-in-law,
you're our daughter.
If I am your daughter
can I call you Papa?
Of course.
You don't need to ask.
I am your Papa.
And one more thing
you don't have to be
so formal with me.
Thank you, Papa
for making me feel at home.
Go get some rest, dear.
That's okay.
how are the mother and child?
Fit and fine.
I'll go take a walk.
There is always more than one
lioness in the pride.
When the lion gets bored
with the old lioness
then he shifts his attention
towards the younger lioness.
Now he needs to woo the younger lioness.
But it is upto the lion,
when he will make his move
on the young lioness.
You should just tell Raja.
Why were you massaging his feet?
I didn't see him around,
so I decided to do it myself.
He's our elder after all.
Talking to Papa today felt really good.
He respects me a lot.
It's the family tradition.
The fathers-in-law take good
care of their daughters-in-law.
Sorry, ma'am!
I was sleeping.
Let me
Dadda and your elder brother
come across as orthodox in their ways.
But you are not.
How do you know?
You don't even know me.
But I do.
Well, she told me
that there's something
really special about you.
She has convinced me to take a chance.
Do you
really believe that?
That's the reason I said it.
You can either prove me right
or you can embarrass me.
Don't do it if you have
the slightest doubt.
I am saying this because
you're not used to
taking your own decision.
I'll do it.
I've made the decision myself.
Half the profit will be mine.
And we keep my family out of this.
This is a sample.
Get it tested.
We're starting the deliveries.
You came in fully prepared.
I knew you wouldn't refuse.
Did you talk to JP Yadav?
Yeah, we had a discussion.
He'll ensure we get the allotment.
Thank you.
Let's talk now that
we're here, Mr. Yadav.
Seeing you at the wedding
reminded me of your father.
That's the reason I called you for a chat.
We were really close.
And some relationships should
continue through generations, right?
In our world, relationships are
not formed by generations.
They are formed by profits, Mr. Yadav.
You get some and you give some.
I had given your dad my word
that he would have Mirzapur.
Make me the same promise.
And whenever you need me
let me know.
I'll be there.
Ms. Zarina
why don't you show
Sharad some of your skills.
She's really talented.
She'll blow your mind.
No, thank you.
I'm not really into this.
Here is your cut.
And make arrangements
for the next shipment.
The least you can do is tell me
the name of your buyer.
Did I ask you
where do you get your
dark chocolate from?
Why are you asking me for
the name of my buyer?
And listen
the way you spoke to me last time
don't do it again.
And if I do?
Lala, the thing with men like me
is that we are unpredictable.
I don't know what I'll do
and how far I'll go.
Hey, uncle!
Where can I meet Shekhu the barber?
Go straight.
May I know the reason
for this family reunion?
So, you are the guy who thrashed
my man in broad daylight.
He had never mentioned you.
Now I know why!
It's a good thing you showed up.
I would've
ended up burning my fuel
to pay you a visit.
Gas is really expensive these days.
Your name is Guddu Pandit, right?
It's good to know that
you know my name.
Soon, the whole town will.
That's my goal.
look at their faces.
They look really worried, right?
It says,
"Apply twice a day for clear skin."
Is this true?
Your face will shine like a mirror.
Just for 50 bucks.
you say they should
stop committing crimes.
But if they stop committing crimes
what will they do?
Crime is their bread and butter.
I never said that.
They'll commit crime
but they'll do it for me.
I'll take care of their bread,
butter and beyond.
And I'll pay them a monthly salary.
Are you starting a bloody company?
You can say that.
One needs police connections to do this.
I have mine.
I've already taken care of that.
Don't waste your time
by going to them.
I've brought guns for everyone.
I guarantee you money
at the end of every month.
But you'll do
whatever I say
whenever I say it.
Where are the guns?
-You need to pay for those!
150 rupees.
The thing is
Shekhu will deduct
it from my salary.
And I hate letting go of
my money.
Come here.
Is this fine?
Thank you.
Come on.
I am done.
I've just shaved half your face.
I am going to keep this style.
This is in.
But I'll pay you the full amount.
Fuck off, asshole.
Take this.
You're making a mistake, Pandit.
You have a lot to lose in your foray.
I'm here
because I've got nothing to lose.
being a don only gets you power.
Politics is what gets you respect.
in politics, you get respect
because of your position.
You lose your seat,
you lose the respect.
I'll make sure that my
seat always remains.
And the chief minister's too.
Power doesn't belong to the king,
but the kingmaker.
Just ensure that you have
the decision-making power.
I love the Chinese!
I've got it for you!
I know it's your favorite, Beena.
Smells delicious.
Try it.
I want to talk to you
about the throne of Mirzapur.
Where's your wife?
Learn to take care of your family first.
And stop obsessing over
the throne of Mirzapur.
You won't get the throne
until you are mature enough!
When the time comes, not just Mirzapur,
I'll give you the bloody state!
And when will that time come, Papa?
You keep saying it,
but that time never comes.
This is exactly why I'm not
handing over the reins, Munna.
You've no control over your emotions.
I'll tell you when I decide.
Now finish your dinner quietly.
I don't want to eat.
Can I at least decide my meals, Papa?
Come here.
Don't ruin your mood.
I'll talk to your father, okay?
And how's that going
to make a difference?
What I'm doing to Madhuri is wrong.
And I'm doing it because of him.
I need to vent this frustration.
I can understand.
I will always be a dumb asshole!
I don't know about the others.
But I know that you're
not a dumb asshole.
Papa has used me.
I found it in your room.
I won't tell anyone.
Go out and vent your anger.
Because the atmosphere
in your bedroom is pretty cold.
It's my favorite.
That's the reason we've ordered it.
Yes, Raghu!
Why isn't the dinner ready, Saloni?
Dadda will be furious if he has to wait.
Please go sit at the table.
And handle Dadda if he gets furious.
I've no interest in getting yelled at.
This is your job.
Am I clear?
You didn't recognize me, right?
How will I recognize you,
if you dress like him?
I want to be like Dadda and Senior.
I've started dressing like them.
Please hurry up.
I'm really hungry.
if you ever call me by my name again
I'll thrash you!
Munna Bhaiya
Zarina isn't around anymore.
And the others are not your type.
They're all really cheap.
I just need to fuck,
doesn't matter who.
Munna Bhaiya, I know your choice.
Better send someone or
you'll be the lucky one.
What's wrong, Dadda?
Opium is being sold in Siwan.
I went out to buy betel leaf
and noticed a couple of boys
at the corner.
I found this on one of them.
When I tried to question them
they made a run for it.
Someone's dealing with Mr. Pandit.
Find out, Senior.
I'll look into it.
I just slept with someone.
A prostitute.
It's alright.
Aren't you upset?
If you go out and have sex
I'll forgive you.
But if you fall in love, I won't.
I won't tell your father.
We'll settle our differences between us.
I'll get some water for you.
Is Munna asleep?
You do know where he was, right?
I do.
He was running an errand.
It's late, Mother.
Get some sleep.
This is delicious.
Make me another one.
Hello, bhaiyaji.
Put it on my tab.
Why would I put it on your tab?
I can pay for my juice.
Yeah, I just saw you
making a few bucks.
Tell me something,
this stuff that you were selling
where did you get it from?
Why do you care?
Please mind your own business.
Hurry up, man!
No! Stop!
Bloody hell!
-What happened?
-Power cut.
Fuck this poor bastard.
When will it be back?
Sir, electricity is
like getting constipated.
It could take a minute,
or the entire day.
There used to be power cuts
like these when I was young.
When we used to watch
Ramayan on Sundays.
Everyone would get furious.
Just like I am right now!
You'll have to wait.
Are you married?
Your face is like a fucking owl.
I'm sure you don't
have a girlfriend either.
How will you jerk off,
when the power resumes?
With the left hand?
Stay there. Wait for a while.
Let's have a chat.
No nonsense!
I'll ask you the same question ten times.
"Where did you get the stuff?"
Where did you get the stuff?
That's one.
Do you get why I said ten times?
I am asking you for the second time.
Where did you get the stuff?
I'll tell you. I'll tell you.
I'll tell you, sir.
I'll tell you everthing.
Go ahead, Senior.
Dadda, I've information on the opium.
Some Bengali guy is selling it.
I'm on my way to find out.
Brother, let me handle it.
I'll go take a look.
Fine. They are selling it at Lal Chowraha.
Check it out and let us know.
Sure, brother.
Can you handle it?
What are you waiting for?
49. One more.
Easy 50!
Very good!
You're a solid guy.
So are you, doctor.
You survived me!
-I've bought this for you.
Please keep it.
You let us stay in your house.
And listen
I had bought a saree for you as well.
But I'll give it when you grow up.
You can make do with this.
Wow, Lipi!
A birthday present in advance!
Yes, your birthday
is around the corner.
You will invite me, right?
Alright, I'll be there.
That was Junior Tyagi.
He's coming over to Robin's place.
He wants to meet.
Of course.
The more you two meet,
the more you can sway him.
Your words, not mine.
You're applying face cream for him, right?
I've never seen you do this before.
Can we forget them by burying things?
What else can we do?
Kill ourselves?
I am just trying to forget my past.
You should too.
The thing is
everyone who gets
close to me, Shabnam
ends up dead.
I am ready to take that risk.
Do it before I change my mind.
And we're running late, anyway.
Lipi won't cut her
birthday cake without you.
Money is just like love.
You never know who ends
up finding it where and when.
Take this bundle
of notes for instance.
See, another fake note.
My mom taught me this.
She works at the bank.
Your mom
Didn't your mother become
a star when you were a child?
Says who?
Says you.
When did I say that?
My mom and dad got
divorced when I was 17.
-Mom lives in Delhi, in Katwaria Sarai.
We talk on the phone every Sunday.
I ask her if she went out for a walk.
She's the senior
manager at the bank--
Hello, Bhaiya.
You're looking different.
you're looking really nice as well.
Okay then
Well, why don't you
guys have a seat?
I need to run an errand.
I'll be back.
Please, sit.
I've handled it,
but it was pretty close.
-I hope you didn't get caught.
-Can we continue doing business?
-Of course.
I don't trust many people.
You won't break my trust, right?
What are you saying?
Of course not!
I am a man.
Don't worry.
You don't have to be so formal with me.
Just get rid of these formalities.
You mean I--
You I
Like, I--
Just get rid of the
formalities, that's all.
Okay, I got it.
You went there to
cancel the deal, right?
I didn't have the
courage to say no to Golu.
Will this be a problem?
No, I will handle it.
-But we'll have to tell the buyers.
They will get all
the opium they want.
But on a condition that
our name never comes up.
And we'll have to use
separate vehicles for this job.
Because if we load less
booze in Dadda's vehicles
he'll find out.
Then he'll kill you.
What? Why me?
He'll kill both of us.
Let's inform Senior.
Hello, brother.
I followed up on what you said.
It wasn't much.
Some guy from Kolkata
sold some stuff to the Bengali.
There wasn't much.
Just a couple of dozen.
Yeah, I've dealt with him.
The Bengali will only
be selling sweets now.
Okay, brother.
Junior Tyagi's finally
coming into his own.
What a big fat lie!
Have you thought
about pursuing PhD?
Yes, I have.
But only after I complete PG.
And there's a lot of time for that.
No, just saying.
In case you do,
you must do it from LU.
We really have a
wonderful faculty here.
And you'll be here in Lucknow longer.
What's so special about Lucknow?
Well, Lucknow has
I mean there are many
good things in Lucknow.
Like Immambara.
People usually get
lost in Immambara, Robin.
Okay then
What happened?
How have I managed
to silence you?
If I say something,
you'll say it's "dramatic nonsense".
I won't.
People don't get lost if
they have the right companion.
Wear your helmet.
Hurry up!
Guddu will be here soon.
It's almost done.
See he's already here.
Pardon me, doctor
for dropping by
without an appointment.
What is it?
Guddu Pandit told me
to contact you
if I need any help.
Mr. Pandit has sent you?
I usually charge
300 rupees for an hour.
But he's my family.
That's all I wanted to know.
Are the preparations for the
swearing-in ceremony done, JP?
Yes, brother,
I am personally handling it.
That's good.
the papers for allotting poppy fields
to Mr. Tripathi are ready.
That's great!
Yes, brother?
I might get mad at you sometimes
but never forget
that I am your brother.
Mother is watching us from up there.
And I had promised her
that I will always look after you.
I know, brother.
I just get sad sometimes
when you yell at me.
Find the heart to forgive me.
What are you saying?
You're my older brother.
It's alright!
Please, come
Come on.
Brother, I've to sign some documents.
I'll come with Anand.
Come, quickly.
Yes, brother?
We're here.
Where are you?
We are
roughly twenty minutes away.
And we're getting the cake.
Hurry up.
Anand, I hope everything is correct?
Yes, Bhaiya. I had checked
all the points beforehand.
Just this last page remains.
Here you go.
Thank you.
What the hell happened?
-Sir! Sir!
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