Mirzapur (2018) s02e06 Episode Script


I won't tolerate a single faulty piece.
Will it explode?
No, sir. I swear on my life,
it won't explode.
Load them up.
Come on, move it.
Oh, Lord
Why are you shooting unnecessarily?
Stop wasting bullets!
What happened?
Sir, they--
That motherfucker!
Fuck me!
Munna Bhaiya!
Guddu did this!
It's someone on the inside
who's trying to weaken us.
We weren't in the city
and the security was low.
How would they know?
It's the CM.
What are you gonna say, Papa?
We were supposed to send him
funds for the elections.
Hello, Mr. CM.
How did it happen?
Yeah, it was
It was a short-circuit.
How bad is it?
Well, it's pretty bad.
I see.
But our loss
can be your gain.
Call for a press conference
and announce that
this was one of your operations
under "Crime-free UP" program.
The Police took action and
destroyed one of the hideouts.
This will also send
a message to the people
that your government
is committed against violence.
We'll give them a random name.
Tell them he was running the place.
And your Special Officer, Mr. Maurya
we'll give him a medal.
This shouldn't affect
the election campaign.
Yes, of course.
Go, check 305.
What the fuck are you doing?
What the fuck is this?
This is how you do it.
Dumb fucking idiots!
Every single one of them!
Why are you roasting their ass, Uncle?
Every single one of them is a lazy cunt!
Fucking useless pricks!
15 vehicles are good to go.
Should I dispatch them?
You should first inform Senior.
I've informed you, right?
Isn't that enough?
There's a reason he has
put some protocols in place, right?
Just call him and get his approval.
Once he agrees, you can go ahead.
Alright, I'll do that.
Alright, I'm off to Lucknow.
I have a meeting.
I'll speak to my older brother
and my father and fix a meeting.
They are the ones
who take the final call.
They won't refuse if
I put in a good word.
-Let's have a meeting.
How's the tea?
I've asked them to make
a special one for you.
It's pathetic.
You're one of those
"No-nonsense" women, Ms. Golu.
Gajagamini Gupta.
We have a formal relationship.
The names should
be formal as well, right?
The relationship is formal because
we don't know each other yet.
I am the only bachelor in my family.
I'm very picky, you see.
My family keeps insisting--
You know Robin, right?
Why don't you tell him?
He seems to be a ladies' man.
He'll hook you up with someone.
Mr. Tyagi seemed to be really impressed.
Why didn't you show up
for the meeting?
I've other things to do.
I am a busy man.
Yeah, right!
Take care.
Yes, Robin?
Here you go.
-For what?
-This is for your father's operation.
Keep it.
You can return it whenever you wish.
The Goddess of Wealth is
being kind to me these days.
Keep it.
For my mom's sake.
Keep it, please.
Thank you!
No, you've made the
same mistake again.
This entry will be on debit side.
For the first time in my life,
I'm doing something for free.
And that is, tutoring you.
And you're being casual about it?
I won't if you accept the fees.
How much do you charge?
A lot.
You won't be able to afford it.
And anyway,
I don't think I would like to charge you.
Stop asking questions and
solve the ones in your textbook.
You want to pass, right?
Pass or fail depends
on the teacher, Mr. Robin.
My name is Radheshyam Agarwal.
People easily trust someone
with a "cool" English name.
And my business runs on trust.
So, I changed it to Robin.
Then, why did you tell me?
By the way
the name suits you
and your "colorful" personality.
Lord Krishna had
a "colorful" personality as well.
he loved only one woman.
I will definitely flunk the exam
if you continue your dramatic nonsense.
Let's get some work done
Mr. Professor.
Okay then!
So, tell me
where did I go wrong?
this is an asset,
like you are for your parents.
And this is a liability,
like I am for you.
Turn that thing off so we can talk.
Someone took all our real guns, Papa.
Let me have some fun
with the fake ones.
What is it?
First, we lost our opium business.
Our arms business has taken a hit.
I don't want people to
think that we're growing weak.
We need to make some radical moves.
Bauji's advice
about your relationship with Madhuri--
Bauji has lost his mind.
His brains have slipped down to
his knees and his knees don't work.
Bauji is your father's father.
I know.
He's busy watching that crap--
I am going to get rid of that bloody TV!
What's your problem?
Madhuri is a nice girl.
She is beautiful.
And you've already taken your
relationship to the next stage.
I am just making it legitimate.
You've slept with her, right?
If we use your logic
of me sleeping with her,
many random women would've
ended up being my wives.
Do you want to know my problem?
My problem is that
you're forcing me to do this.
Yadav hasn't given his approval yet.
-So, calm down.
I am going to Lucknow
and you're coming with me.
That's it.
When did you last see Babar?
Haven't heard from
him since three days.
So, Friday?
Alright, Golu.
I'll try to find out.
How did things go at your end?
-And all--
-Yes, auntie.
I am home.
-I will hang up.
-Yes, I've eaten.
Yes, everything is fine.
Okay, I'll hang up.
Who burned down our factory?
Have we incurred a huge loss?
Did you find out?
It's someone on the inside, Beena.
That's not possible.
They're all loyal to you.
You're just overthinking.
I really hope I am.
freshen up.
I'll get some breakfast for you.
How was your trip?
It went well.
I am really happy.
The happier you are
the better it will be for the child.
he's growing.
Pack my bags, please.
I'm leaving for Lucknow.
I'll go freshen up.
Never wash whites and
colors together, Dimpy.
The colors bleed
and spoil the whites.
And don't get too
engrossed in your studies.
Are you eating properly?
Don't get into dieting
like the other girls.
Have you made some new friends?
I've got some laddoos for you.
Don't give it all to your friends.
I won't.
I feel really lonely at home, Dimpy.
I just keep waiting for
Bablu to walk out of his room.
How's Papa doing?
He's alright.
He has finally started talking.
Did you see everything that
happened that night, Dimpy?
I'll never be able to forget it.
Can you tell me?
Why do you want to know?
Do you remember every little detail?
Did Papa send you here?
Don't you think I want
justice for my Bablu?
-Don't you?
-I don't.
Because I know he'll never get it.
After what I've seen
I might be the
youngest in the family
but I know that what Papa's trying
to do will not make a difference.
Tell him,
I want to be his daughter
not his witness.
But, Dimpy--
Bablu is never coming back.
Mr. Yadav
I have a humble proposal for you.
But you can refuse
if you find it irrational.
Go ahead, Tripathi.
I am asking you
for Madhuri's hand in
marriage on behalf of Munna.
They like each other.
They are young.
they have been
really close these days.
I am looking for a daughter
and not a daughter-in-law.
I will honor your decision, either way.
Call Madhuri downstairs,
in the next room.
Of course.
Her approval is definitely important.
Otherwise, life becomes hell.
I'll be right back, Tripathi.
Of course.
It's your decision to make.
I will accept it.
Has Munna agreed to it?
He's out there with his father.
If I get married now,
I'll lose my image as a widow.
Don't worry about it.
You should take care of your life.
Madhuri has said yes.
I am grateful.
You're accepting my widowed daughter.
I should be grateful.
If we have your permission,
let's keep this wedding simple.
Court marriage.
It will be good for your image.
Simple living, high thinking.
High thinking, Tripathi.
Take father's blessings.
Congratulations, sir
for Madhuri's marriage.
Anand, a widowed daughter is a liability.
Especially, if she's having an affair.
It's better to get her married off.
Yes, sir.
I want complete media
coverage for this wedding.
I'll manage it, sir.
Everyone's forming new alliances.
You should consider
doing the same, Mr. Yadav.
Once I become the CM
I'll make you my assistant.
And I'm definitely going to be the CM.
Would you like to watch me dance?
I'll put some music on.
Zarina, make a video!
For my enjoyment later.
Mr. Imran, I know you were
present that night at the reception.
I'll testify.
I'll testify in the court
that he was the
one who shot him.
I hope you won't back out, Mr. Imran.
No, I won't.
This is about my pride.
He called me a dumbfuck.
Do I look like a dumbfuck?
I'll make him pay for humiliating me!
You're absolutely right.
Mr. Imran
if you could give me the details
Of course.
Let's wait for your partner to show up.
-My partner?
The gentleman who showed up
yesterday to investigate.
He said he'll be back today.
I'll get that, Nawab Sahab.
Please come.
Ms. Beena has sent me.
Let's get out of here.
Goodbye, Grandma.
Mr. Maurya
I had come to you for help.
Why didn't you tell me at that time?
Mr. Pandit, I had to make
sure this was a silent operation.
That's the reason I didn't tell you.
I'm carrying the burden of the death
of several officers, Mr. Pandit.
So, just like you
I am collecting evidence and witnesses.
That's the reason
I'm keeping my enemies close.
He won't hurt me anymore.
But we will.
So, let's file an official complaint.
We hadn't done it simply
because we didn't have a witness.
Mr. Maurya
please make sure there's
an airtight investigation.
Mr. Pandit, Tripathi is a mammoth.
We'll need a much bigger net.
Great view, right?
I hope
I didn't bore you the
other day on our drive.
If I ask you out again
will you come?
What are you doing?
we're just getting to know each other.
Don't get too attached, Shabnam.
The whole "love" charade
I don't think I'll ever
be able to do it again.
Stay away from Guddu.
There's only pain waiting
for you at the end of that road.
Why do you have him in
our house if he's that bad?
Because I need him.
And he needs this house.
The relationship ends
when the needs end.
Get some rest.
Getting close to Shabnam
isn't good for business.
No one's "getting close".
And it's a personal matter, anyway.
You've turned my home
into an arms depot.
The police are showing
up at my doorstep.
You didn't even bother to ask me.
I don't remember you
talking about permission
when we got you
a huge profit in UP.
That business is over.
We'll start something new.
Something bigger.
Golu has fixed a meeting.
We have the cops on our side.
Don't worry about it.
But I won't be taking your
permission for all my actions.
For some actions,
you'll have to!
Don't get too close to Shabnam.
That's not a compromise
I'm willing to make.
Shabnam's not a child.
And I already have a father in Mirzapur
who has tried to
control me all my life.
I don't need you to be another.
That won't work.
Kaleen Bhaiya was dependent
on Lala for "Dark Chocolate".
His business took a hit
when Lala stopped his supply.
We're dependent on Lala as well.
Those are poppy fields.
Known as "posta" in the business.
That's the source of opium.
All we need is a single-room setup
and we can have our own supply.
But we have a small problem.
The government allots these fields.
Well if they do
they'll allot it to us as well.
Guddu Pandit here.
We've seen some
poppy fields in Ghazipur.
I want you to allot them to us, Mr. Yadav.
Have you lost it?
I can trace you and
hunt you down right now.
Our party has had a fruitful
relationship with Akhandanand.
Why would I help you?
I agree. He has had an extremely
fruitful relationship with your party.
That's the reason his face is plastered on
all the hoardings and banners with the CM.
And not yours.
Everyone isn't blessed
with a brother like mine.
Who sacrifices his life.
Some treat their brothers like a pet.
Like they have made you one.
And Mr. CM has
Kaleen Bhaiya on his side.
You'll need some brawn
in the future as well.
I'll be there.
I'll also share the
profit from the opium trade.
Let me think.
This communication channel stays open.
Ms. Zarina
we'll do it doggy-style tonight.
Thank you, sir.
-Thank you, sir.
Have a biscuit.
Sir, all we need is your support.
We have all the witnesses
we need against Munna.
We need you to fast-track the case.
And we can easily arrest
him under Section 302.
Akhandanand and the CM are very close.
We know, sir.
That's the reason we came to you first.
You are not getting it, Mr. Pandit.
They are so close
that they're turning their
friendship into a relationship.
It's a simple wedding but
they want Z-Plus security.
I was just talking to him
when you guys got here.
Mr. Maurya
you can fight all you want
but, for now, you won't
be coming out on top.
I can't allow you to
step outside the system.
And you shouldn't
make such demands either.
I won't, sir.
I won't put you on the spot.
We'll take your leave, sir.
You're getting a medal.
The Government's really pleased with you.
Thank you, sir.
Jai Hind, sir.
Jai Hind.
What are you doing?
Just looking at Mom's jewelry.
This is for you.
Wear all the colors you like.
Live your life.
It's really pretty.
I want you to be happy.
And try not to
forget about your old man.
Go on, dear.
-Take their blessings.
No, I'm not that old.
Give me a hug.
We only had men in the house.
I finally have another
woman in the family.
Together we'll share all
our joys and our sorrows.
God bless you.
Son, take your uncle's
blessing as well.
He's your father-in-law as well.
God bless you.
Congratulations, sir.
Come, let's move ahead
Sir, the media's out there.
Congratulations, bro.
Congratulations to you as well.
For the heir of Mirzapur.
A small gift.
Look, Bauji.
You call this a wedding, Papa?
No grandeur, no festivities.
Son, he's the chief minister.
Politicians never spare a penny.
We might be the groom's family,
but we'd end up paying for your grandeur.
And what would you get?
A bride.
You're getting her anyway.
How far along are you?
Come, sit.
-I'm six months pregnant.
-This way, Madhuri. This way.
I've brought some milk for Munna Bhaiya.
The bed is quite solid, ma'am.
It won't break easily.
Alright, the thing is
we might be married
but don't expect anything from me.
We are partners just for the world.
But you had given your approval, right?
I did it because Papa had insisted.
Do you blindly do everything
your father asks you to?
You're 27!
And you got married just
because your father insisted?
I am much better than you are!
I did it because I liked you.
I liked you as well.
But there was no
commitment of marriage.
There is no emotional angle between us,
and there never will be.
You're just Tripathi family's
Don't try to be my wife.
What are you doing?
The same thing that everyone
does on their wedding night.
Come on
I'm not interested.
I was doing it for your sake.
I'm in no mood to force you.
Don't even think about forcing me!
I'll chop off your hand
and your tool.
If there's nothing emotional,
there won't be anything physical either.
Finish your milk and go to sleep.
And maintain some distance.
A society can flourish
only when they respect women
and empower them.
I've personally
set an example by letting
my widow daughter remarry.
Suryaprakash Yadav has
gotten his daughter remarried
which is a masterstroke that
could practically seal the victory
for the Lok Swaraj Party
in these elections.
We now have to wait and see
if the people of UP turn up
in big numbers to vote for him.
Have you confirmed it?
It's a landslide victory.
-Congratulations! Congratulations!
-Thank you.
Get the color.
-Hurry up!
-Mr. Tripathi!
We have achieved a record-breaking
victory thanks to your support.
You're a true brother!
-Congratulations to you too, son.
Mr. Zakir!
Well, it's a new business.
So it's a little slow,
but we'll catch up.
Yeah, but what's the problem?
They don't have enough iron.
So, jack more trucks instead of cars.
Do it outside of Siwan,
if you want to.
We own the bloody state.
The party is here.
The party I told you about,
they're here.
I've met them.
It's a small deal.
Let me handle it.
have you met them?
Wait in the office.
I'll meet them there.
You guys are twins?
What do you think?
You look similar.
Come in!
What are you waiting for?
Dadda, my name is Guddu Pandit.
I believe in equal partnerships.
So, let's not get into these petty games.
But, Mr. Pandit that's the only way in.
What should we do?
You can come out.
The weather's pleasant out here.
We'll have a nice chat.
Bihar will be your territory.
We'll share the profits equally.
The product is opium.
Sorry, we don't want to
be a part of the opium trade.
Brother, let's give it a thought.
-It's a good deal.
No drugs.
So, just drugs are illegal?
you do it to achieve nirvana?
-That's exactly what I--
The thing is
my father
and my mother
were addicted to smack.
She didn't stop when
she was pregnant either.
Let me finish.
That is the exact reason
why a dwarf was born
in the tiny shanties of Meerut.
we're open to doing any business
as long as
it's not related to drugs.
You may leave.
The deal was pretty decent.
It's okay.
Mr. Zakhir, you'll take
charge of the Tourism Ministry.
Thank you.
Mr. Swami will handle
the Education Ministry.
Praise the lord!
Urban Development and Home Guard
will be handled by Mr. Vishal.
-Thank you.
Brother, I was thinking--
Let me do the thinking, JP.
You'll handle the Health Ministry.
Brother, can you give
me an important portfolio?
Home Ministry, Finance or
Commerce and Industry
You'll be under tremendous pressure
if you keep all the portfolios.
I am not keeping all of it.
Akhandanand Tripathi will handle
the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.
Brother, let's have a discussion
before you make the final decision.
I am, in my independent capacity
making Mr. Akhandanand Tripathi
a part of my cabinet.
Does anyone have an objection?
Your portfolios shall be announced
after the swearing-in ceremony.
Thank you.
Thank you for a position in the cabinet.
Mr. Tripathi
keep supporting me with all your might
and we'll continue
in the next term as well.
-Praise the Lord.
-Praise the Lord.
You're feeding a snake!
He'll bite you someday!
I've fed you all my life.
Have you ever dared to bite me?
He won't either.
Just do as I say.
You handle allotment
of the poppy fields, right?
Allot it to Tripathi.
His business is on a downslide.
He's has supported us
right through these elections!
We owe him.
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