Miseducation (2023) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

[Junior] That's the kind
of person that Sivu Levin is.
And he should never be the SRC president.
Sivu Levin should be cancelled.
[students chattering indistinctly]
[female voice in Zulu] Don't run away!
- Don't run away.
- [Mbali] Sivu.
- [in English] I knew it.
- [Ashley] We should go.
- [students singing] Open fire! ♪
- [Ashley ] Let's go!
- [Pearl] You've done enough.
- [students continue singing in background]
I mean, that Junior guy is
kind of cute for a snitch, no?
[in Zulu] Shoot at Sivu. ♪
Too soon. Look, let's go.
- Open fire! ♪
Open fire! Open fire! ♪
Shoot at Sivu ♪
- Open fire! Open fire! ♪
- Shoot at Sivu
[Ashley in English] Where did we go wrong?
I mean,
we hugged him all the time. [panting]
- We never said no.
- [Natalie] You know what, maybe that's
- the problem.
- [James] Natalie!
Do you think it's because
we got him circumcised in a hospital
instead of letting him
go to the mountains?
Ashley, calm down.
No, James. No!
- Our son is a bully.
- I'm not a bully, Mom!
It's school tradition.
The team has been doing it for years.
Apartheid happened, we fought against it.
We didn't perpetuate it
because everyone else was doing it.
Okay then. Thank you so much then,
Joe Slovo, for single-handedly
saving all Black people during apartheid.
Don't you bring Joe Slovo into this.
- Well, he's in it now.
- [Natalie] No, not Joe!
[Ashley] Sivu!
- [car keys jingling]
- [door bangs]
- [theme music starts to play]
- [Sivu grunting]
[car ignition starts]
[theme music playing]
- [car engine rumbling]
- [Pearl sighs]
Fine. Just say it.
You should have listened to me.
I mean, this whole stealing the bust
thing has opened you up for a shit show.
I told them not to do it.
But you didn't stop them.
What else was I supposed
to do, Pearl? They're my team!
And that makes it okay
to single out the only Black kid?
[sighs softly]
Look, just lay low for now.
The Spill will be
onto something new tomorrow.
So, what do I do about the election?
That's still far. We've got time.
[''Ekhoneni'' by DJ Sliqe playing]
- [glass clinking]
- [Caesar] Thank you.
- [indistinct chattering]
- [loud laughter in background]
[phone chimes]
[man] Hey,
this is that new Uncle Drip joint.
[lady] I fucking love Uncle Drip.
[playing over stereo] Mbali you're
The sweetest thing I ever came across ♪
- I know I made you mad ♪
- [shutters-like staccatos]
I know I made you cross
But I need you right beside me ♪
Come back to a boss, Mbali ♪
Bethuel, what the hell?
Hey, yo! It's Uncle Drip.
[mutters] You've got to be shitting me.
Come back to a boss, Mbali ♪
Who do I have to blow to get my bill?
[Aphiwe] Whoever got you into GU.
Should I tell
your manager you're studying,
when you should be working?
[Caesar in Sotho] Missy, she is not here
to work for you. You're not our saviour.
Learn to be one with the people. Huh?!
[in English] You know they don't advise
senior citizens to be out past nine?
- [in Sotho] She wants me. I'll be back.
- [ladies laughing]
[Caesar grunts]
Eh, Miss? [clears throat]
Allow me to tell you
something you didn't ask.
Your little boy, huh.
[in English]
Your boat boy just lost, just like that.
I didn't have to lift a finger. [giggles]
He'll be back. Strong. Hard.
[in Sotho] Hey,
your crippled guy? [laughs]
[in English] He's too weak for politics.
I keep telling him that,
- he must concentrate on rowing.
- [bottle clinking]
[in Sotho] He's even a mess in rowing.
He's just not cutting it.
[in English]
Aphiwe, bruh, can I please have my bill?
You should have listened to me
when I said we should join forces. Huh?
[in English]
We could have helped each other.
Now you're just going to go back
to being dirty old [shouts]
Brenda Hadebe's daughter.
[in Sotho] I give up.
Hey, man.
[Caesar laughing in the background]
[in English] I didn't order
any of this. Aphiwe?
[man1 laughs] [in Zulu] Check this out,
a 20 rand bill? I've hit the jackpot.
Hey, man.
- You see now everything is going well.
- [Mbali in English] That is mine.
[man2 in Zulu] What the hell
do you think you're doing?
[scoffs] I am being tested.
Hey girl, look,
you gave me a 20 rand bill.
That means I will pay you 20 rand.
But you know
you ordered way more than that.
[scoffs] Pay your bill, sir.
I have nothing more to say to you.
I want to see your manager.
[Aphiwe] How?
Call your manager.
I have nothing more to say to you.
Why are you so allergic
to paying your bills?
- [man1] What?
- Jesus!
- Who are talking to like that?
- [indistinct chattering in background]
Call your manager right now!
- [car engine rumbles]
- [upbeat music playing]
- Sivu Levin should be cancelled.
- [music playing over car radio]
Look, all I am saying is that
he can kiss the presidency goodbye.
Okay, no one stays cancelled forever.
Yeah, but who wants to vote
for the one Black dude
on a lily white team
who let one of his own down?
He can miss me.
He can still get it though.
- Penance.
- Yeah, but
doesn't the bible say
you must forgive like 70 million times?
Seventy times seven, my sister.
Did Sivu ask for forgiveness?
Your mother, though, is going to hell.
- [music playing over car radio]
- [both moaning]
[Mbali] So
what do you guys think about[chuckles]
the whole Sivu Levin thing?
Ah, that Sivu guy is gone shame.
[breathing heavily]
I don't feel good.
[Mbali shouting]
- [alarm ringing]
- [vacuum cleaner rumbling]
Mm. Mm. Mbali!
- Shit! Mbali.
- Finally!
Your alarm has been
driving me crazy for the past hour.
[in Xhosa] Why didn't you wake me up?
[in English] Do I look
like the helper who raised you?
I didn't have a helper.
Oh, so y'all were poor, poor.
[yells] Aphiwe!
[Aphiwe in Xhosa] That's right, girl.
[in English] Make your helper proud.
[paper rustling]
[upbeat music playing]
- [cleaner exclaims]
- [falls with a thud]
[in Zulu] Hey you!
- [Aphiwe clears throat]
- [in English] Did you not see the sign?
- It won't happen again, sir.
- I need a minimum C grade
- and attendance.
- [sighing]
You, my girl, are teetering
on getting kicked off this course.
- Listen sir, I was working late and
- If only
you worked as hard on your
assignments as you do on my nerves.
[sniffles then clears throat]
Dirty chai?
Oh! Seriously, which barbarian
taints a good chai with coffee?
- [Thato] This one.
- [soft music playing]
- Chai Latte?
- [Jay] Yeah.
Boujee much?
I'm just manifesting
for when I make my first billion.
So I should ask you out now, then?
So when we're sipping
on espressos in Rome together,
I can caption "How It
Started vs How It's Going."
[Jay Chuckles]
- Um, I'm serious.
- About?
A date.
I won't force feed you to do dirty chais.
Wait, so you want
to go out on a date with me
in real life?
- Just sip your clean chai.
- [Jay chuckles]
[paper crackling]
Mbali Dorothy Hadebe?
[Junior whimpering]
I can't believe you DM'd me.
Oh! [spluttering]
You're the only reason
I even listen to Uncle Drip.
He has that song that he wrote about you.
You know the
how does it go?
Mbali you're the sweetest thing
I've ever came across ♪
I know I made you mad
I know I made you cross ♪
It's number three in the charts.
He's doing a tour
- Listen, I did not come here to discuss
- [music paused]
- that asshole.
- Oh.
You put Sivu on blast.
- Well, he deserved it.
- Did he though?
I was covered in shit!
I can still taste it.
[Inhales deeply]
Okay, fine. He deserved it.
But what if he's willing to
publicly apologize on The Spill?
- He would do that?
- Definitely.
He feels really bad about what happened.
- I mean Sure, I guess.
- Great.
Then you can also
endorse him for president.
No! I'm not doing that.
- [sucks teeth] Oh, come on
- [comic music playing]
not even for me?
[Junior shakes]
- Date me!
- Hmm?
Wait, please. I just[sighs]
I just I thought that
dating would be
a lot easier in varsity but
girls are impenetrable.
- [sighs] They think I'm weird.
- Well, they're not wrong.
Look, I can help you
get any girl you want.
And I do love me a little makeover.
Look if you want me
to endorse Sivu for president then
you will have to consider my offer.
I'm free every day.
Except Wednesdays. Wednesday is
Cosplay Night at Anime Club so [chuckles]
As in whoop, it gets wild! [laughs]
Fine! One date. No posting. Tomorrow.
And I want a full forgiveness,
with tears and an endorsement.
Tears? Okay, then it has to be two dates.
One date, and an Insta-story of my elbow.
- Deal! [giggles nervously]
- [Mbali] Deal!
[Dean] This Gen Z,
is overly molly-coddled
with their "theys" and their "thems."
They should have been bottle-fed Prozac.
Well, thanks to your generation,
we're all on antidepressants anyway.
Oh Dean Jansen, she's got you there.
This Junior boy overreacted.
You've got nothing
to be guilty or ashamed of, Sivu.
I've been the Dean
at GU for over 15 years.
Initiation happened long before you
and it will happen long after.
But is this a legacy that
the team should still be carrying?
- No.
- [dog barking in distance]
Listening to Junior talking
- I felt like shit.
- [dog barking outside]
Part of me couldn't
even believe he was talking about me.
- [giggling] Hmm, I could.
- Natalie.
- I think it's time we stop initiation.
- [cutlery clinking]
- And I'm going to do it.
- [bangs on table] That's my boy.
Are you still even on the team?
Isn't Kyle captain now?
Yeah, he is but he's my boy
and I know he's going
to have my back at least.
You are going to need
a thick skin in politics.
Everyone has
little skeletons in their closets.
Yeah, some politicians
even have entire graveyards.
[cackles loudly] [clears throat]
Wow! Huh!
Thank you.
I see you've also decided
to escape the party.
[sighs] Yeah.
What's it like being home?
Well, no privacy at boarding school
and definitely no privacy here.
- So, pretty much the same.
- [Van Heerden laughs]
Is wine supposed to taste nice,
or is it just to make you drunk?
Because it's definitely an acquired taste.
Yeah, wine is overrated.
I'll tell you what's good though.
You ever heard of Dolo?
It's this amazing drink from Burkina Faso.
I was just up there
on sabbatical. Incredible.
Oh cool.
Do you have any pics from your trip?
Hmm! As a matter of fact, I do.
There we are.
Only swipe left not right.
- I just I don't want you seeing my nudes.
- [comic tune playing]
- [Van Heerden bursts in laughter]
- [Natalie giggles nervously]
I'm kidding. Here you go.
Oh, okay.
I've got to take some amazing shots
for my exhibition next month.
Oh, they are beautiful. [chuckles]
You know, you should think of maybe
taking photography as a career path.
- [laughs] You're funny, Natalie.
- [Natalie snorts]
- [laughs]That's adorable.
- [Natalie giggles nervously]
So let me get this straight. You're funny,
You're smart and you're cute.
You know, I don't think the boys
on this campus deserve you.
- [Van Heerden sighs]
- [chuckles]
Hey, do you want to come to my exhibition?
It's a photo exhibition.
[splutters] I'd love to.
I love photography.
If you're into photography though,
the second years are putting together
this amazing light installation.
You should come and check it out.
- Thanks for the wine.
- [Natalie] Cool, yeah, you bet.
[dogs barking at a distance]
[upbeat music playing]
- [car door creaks open]
- [Jay sighs]
- [Jay] Whoop!
- [doors bang shut]
[Jay sighs] Wow.
So much for a picnic in the garden.
Maybe we can just [grunts]
Okay, listen. This was still
the best date that I've ever had.
- [rain drops hitting the car roof]
- It's okay. Um
Oops. Um
- No, it's chill. There's no pressure.
- No.
This is about fucking anyway, right?
Look, some of us
still believe in real love.
- [thunders roaring]
- [Jay] Okay.
I want that Connie and Shona love.
May his soul rest in peace.
A love that transcends
even death, you know? [chuckles]
Love like that doesn't exist.
Okay, love is like
a Bollywood movie. It's fake.
- Damn. Who hurt you?
- [Jay chuckles]
Who hasn't been hurt?
- Fair. Fuck it.
- [soft romantic music playing]
We'll try again anyway.
[thunder cracking]
[romantic music plays]
[romantic music fades out]
[students chattering]
[Sivu grunts]
Woah! Mr. Levin, hey.
[laughs] Maybe a little less alone time
with your hand will help it heal faster.
Or does it feel like
you're cheating, huh? [cackles loudly]
- [Sivu] Such a dick!
- [chuckles]
Look bro, um, now that you're here,
there's actually
something I wanted to talk to you about.
Hey man, what's up?
As a team.
Don't tell me it's
about that fucking Judas Junior kid.
- Well actually it's
- Bro, fuck that guy.
You, everyone, listen up!
Show of hands, who here
has died from being initiated huh?
Sorry, I'm late.
The Dean called me.
Show of hands, who thinks initiation
is funny as fuck
and is tougher for it, huh?
[all] Yeah! [chanting] Ah, wu!
- [Kyle giggling]
- [Sivu] Okay guys, I get it.
Initiation is tradition,
and it's part of us.
But if it hurts
one of our own, it's bullshit, guys.
Initiation stops now.
- Whoa, big boy.
- [boy giggles]
I'm Captain now.
Kyle, it's the right thing to do.
Listen Sivu,
I know your campaign took a hit.
And I'm sorry.
But you're running
for SRC president, not us.
So don't use us to score points.
I'm not using anyone.
Guys, we're better than this.
We're a team. Can we act like it?
You know what, technically,
you're not even on the team this season.
But since you're the political type now,
let's vote. Shall we?
Yeah. Let's!
Guys, do you trust me?
Banning initiation
is going to make us better.
Yes, and next
he'll be promising you houses and jobs.
Let's get this over with.
Fine! All those in favor
of the decision to end initiation,
raise your hands.
[sighs] Oh no, Mr. Politician,
- looks like you've lost your first vote.
- [birds chirping]
[upbeat music playing]
- Bitch, wake up!
- [startled] Net present value! [pants]
What the hell do you want?
Not you drinking this poison.
I have a shift in an hour,
three assignments that are overdue,
and a test that
I'm not ready for right now.
I'm Dubai sugar daddy ready.
Even with the shitting-on-girls rumor?
[whispering] That's how desperate I am.
- Okay, well, I can hook you up, okay?
- [clear throat]
No, Jay. I'll not let a man
shit on me! [in Xhosa] Are you mad?
Not that.
This is my hook up.
Drugs? I'd rather get shat on.
- Excuse me, look at me. Look at me!
- [clears throat]
Okay, look at my eyes.
I'm running two businesses,
I'm killing my courses and I'm fucking
every man that moves on campus.
Except for Thato, just
Anyway. Anyway, okay.
The only side effects I have,
is my burning desire to want to do more.
Do you think this will buy you forgiveness
for the dine-and-dash?
- Bitch, rest. Okay? I paid you.
- [paper rustling]
Just try one. If it doesn't work,
you won't be any
worse off than you are now.
Besides, the first one is free.
[upbeat music playing]
Remind me, why are we trying on
outfits like it's a movie montage?
Because I'm trying to see if
Natalie's outfits will scream,
"Don't fuck me!"
No offence.
I'm just not trying
to give Junior the wrong ideas.
- Junior?
- Yep.
- You're going on a date with Junior?
- [Mbali sighs loudly]
I mean, if you look past the nerdiness,
there is something there.
Yeah. there's also the fact that he
just outed my brother.
I'm actually doing this for Sivu.
I'm taking 30 minutes for the team.
One date with him,
and then he publicly forgives Sivu
and endorses him for president.
Unless you want Caesar as your president?
- I never said a word.
- Hmm!
Look, you can do what you want.
I'm so done with having my brother
being the center of my universe.
Now my only focus
- is to [yelling] lose my virginity.
- [Jay] Yes!
- [Jay] Natalie 2.0. Come on!
- [Natalie melodies]
- [knock on the door]
- What?
- It's Junior.
- [Mbali exhales]
You're early.
Oh! You're right.
Sorry, I can come back later, in like
- maybe in five minutes, 43 seconds.
- Ta, ta, ta!
- It's fine, let me just get my bag.
- Okay.
- Oh my gosh. I love that [moos] T-shirt.
- [Mbali] Hmm!
- Eww!
- [Junior] Yes.
[Natalie] He's talking
about Rick and Morty.
- You know how to get shwifty?
- Oh!
You know how to get shwifty!
[Junior] Got to get shwifty ♪
[Jay] What is happening?
It's so upsetting but I can't look away.
Have you read the full series?
And I killed it.
I'm all about Disc-world now. You know it?
Terry Pratchett the OG!
I bow down to your feet, aching.
- [Natalie] Amen
- Let's get this over and done with please.
That reminds me, actually
have a gaming session I need to get to.
You know what?
You guys enjoy your date.
Yeah. Just got ta get shwifty.
[Natalie] You gotta get swifty ♪
[sighs] You ready?
[exhales deeply]
I'm so sorry to do this[stutters] I mean,
I really do admire you but
- I want her.
- Who? Natalie?
She gets me. And you're scary.
- No offence.
- You would be lucky to go out with me!
Sure. I just
I just thank she'd give me
more than an elbow pic.
It's her or the deal is off.
- [Jay giggling]
- What are you laughing at?
Not you getting dumped for Natalie.
[Jay cackles loudly]
Nat, wait up! [sighs]
Junior wants to go out with you.
- Really?
- Mm-hmm!
But he snitched on my brother.
I mean, like, he was right but still
I thought you were tired of Sivu
being the center of your universe.
- Sure, [hesitating] but
- [Mbali] Look,
didn't you say you want to lose
your virginity on that list of yours?
Junior is perfect.
Yeah but I'm saving myself
for someone special.
Someone who smells
like red wine and cigarettes.
Please don't tell me
this is one of your cartoon characters.
- [whispering] It's professor Van Heerden.
- As in Van Hard on?
We've got a vibe.
We've got a vibe going on.
There's always room for potential,
- for the first time.
- Isn't he a little out of your league?
Mbali, look, just because I'm a virgin
and don't look like Rey Skywalker
doesn't mean
that he wouldn't want some of
- this
- I don't even know who that is.
Look, if you trying to get with
the most experienced cock on campus,
you can't ride that without a license.
You gonna have to get some practice first.
- Practice?
- Mm-hmm!
- With Junior?
- Oh yes. And then
Then you can blow Van Heerden's mind.
Bow-chick-bow-wow ♪
You do you realize
I'm gonna need this back?
[dog barking]
Should you really be doing that?
[sighs] I need to get out on the water,
sooner than
the doctors think I can. [panting]
So, I'm thinking of going on a date
with Junior.
Hey look, don't be mad.
But he's actually really cool
and we've got like loads in common.
- Fuck, is nobody loyal anymore?
- Loyal? [giggles]
You can't even stick up
for one of your own team mates.
He's obviously using you
to get back at me.
Well, so no man could possibly
want to be with me?
I didn't say that. Nat!
I'm literally just trying to protect you.
Oh, you don't give a shit about me.
You're embarrassed to be seen with me.
So what now, you want
to hook up with him to get back at me?
I'm gonna suck him, fuck him.
I might even give him anal.
Just for you.
[footsteps receding]
What? Why am I the bad guy?!
Ah! Just wanted to know
if you guys will be home for dinner.
[upbeat music playing]
[Aphiwe] Yes.
[in Xhosa] Come on friend, come on.
[in English] Someone
has taken well to the magic bean.
- [pen scratching]
- [Aphiwe clears throat]
I did my shift, caught up with my
assignments, I based my scalp,
[in Xhosa] I'm on the right track.
[in English] Jay,
[smacks] I could kiss you.
I know, sweetie,
but you're not my type. Sorry.
- [door opening]
- [footsteps approaching]
Guys, call Junior.
I'm going to fuck his brains out!
- Right! Condom check!
- Yep, got it!
Eighteenth birthday present
from mommy dearest.
The only thing I got for my birthday
from my mother, was national shame.
And I visited
my mother's grave for my birthday.
[sighs] You know Aphiwe,
as someone with a dead parent,
I can safely say
you're bumming out the group.
That, is why we you don't hang with us.
Alright so, flavored condoms
are strictly for blowjobs. So, here.
Your vagina will thank you
for not burning it on it's first rodeo.
And I'll bank these, since luck
has been shining on my love life.
Ah! Since when have you gone
from hoe's life to love life?
What love? Um, not love.
I'm not in love with Thato! It's okay.
Who is Thato?
[in Xhosa] Yeah! That's the boyfriend
[in English] that he's not sleeping with.
- Boyfriend?! You have a boy
- [Aphiwe giggles]
I'm never giving you anything free again!
Guys. Can we please focus?
- I need to prepare my vulva.
- [Jay] Mm!
I've never waxed.
Doesn't your aunt
own the only salon in this town?
Yeah, she does.
But if I go to her, she'll tell my mom.
And my mom thinks that waxing
is a Western patriarchal construct
that makes us look like more
prepubescent girls which is
further infantilizing us.
- [Jay whispers] Okay.
- [in Xhosa] Geez. White people.
- [Natalie sighs]
- [Jay ] Mm-mm.
[Natalie] Okay. The situation
we got going on over here.
This is why [giggles] we don't hang out.
[in Xhosa] What is that?
Don't do it?
- It's cute.
- [Jay retches] Ugh!
- [wax ripping]
- [Natalie screaming]
Jay magic beans. I need them.
Okay! Sixty rand a pop.
Minimum buy is five.
How many do you need?
Don't you have like
a friends-and-family discount?
Yeah! Except, you're none of the above.
Especially after you blabbed about Thato.
Uh-uh, Jay, you opened your own big mouth.
Listen, we can work something out.
Do you think
I get them from Father Christmas?
Okay look, but I do have this.
Okay, plug into your laptop and
it destroys everything.
Extension guaranteed, for two hundred.
Number one, Jay, I don't have a laptop.
Two. I don't have money!
Also why would anyone
willingly crash their laptop
just to get out of an assignment?
How much money do people have?
Enough to come back
to me to recover everything
that was lost on the laptop,
for another two hundred.
Uh-uh, Jay, you're shameless.
- [Aphiwe] Argh!
- You mispronounced "genius"!
[sighs nervously]
When Mbali said you wanted a date,
I kind of thought it would
be something less naked.
Do you not want to have sex with me?
- Oh I do. I really do.
- [Natalie] Oh.
[spluttering] I do too. [chuckles]
Feels kind of weird
signing a consent form for sex.
- How very Black Mirror of us.
- Yeah, but this is very important.
Can you actually also
please write over there that
I don't want you to stick it in my bum?
Just because I think we should deal with
- one virginity at a time. Yeah?
- Yeah. Same.
- Yeah! Same!
- [Natalie] Yeah!
And the safe word is "stop."
And please no mention of mothers,
grandmas or Tony Stark dying.
- Hard agree.
- [Junior] Okay.
Cool. Alright!
- Done!
- [Natalie] Okay!
Let's have some alien sex.
- Okay!
- Okay!
[panting] Um
- Condoms!
- Condoms!
- No, I'm okay. We're okay.
- [Junior] Okay?
[Junior moans]
Nice, look.
[panting continues]
- Alright!
- Alright yeah!
- Okay?
- Yeah [sighs]
[clears throat]
Okay. Um
- [spluttering] Do you want to stop?
- [Natalie hesitatingly] Um
- No. We're doing this! [panting]
- [junior panting]
[Natalie sighs]
- [Junior sighs]
- [Natalie chuckles]
[stutters]I'm really sorry.
I'm so embarrassed.
What do you mean? That was awesome.
You didn't even finish. Right?
[sighs] Do you want me
to go down on you again?
- Nah. I'm good.
- [Junior chuckles nervously]
- [Breathes heavily]
- [chuckles]
I'm great.
[upbeat music playing]
[camera shutter clicks]
[phone beeps]
[sighs then clears throat]
[inhales deeply]
So just imagine how many eyeballs
are going to want to see a face-off
between Sivu and his accuser, live.
That's our very own
Truth and Reconciliation Commission.
Babes we do hot gossip,
the latest grooves, not current affairs.
It's a trending story you started
when you interviewed Junior.
[exhales] I don't know.
When you say face off,
are we going to see blood?
- No.
- Tears?
- We can work that in.
- Skin?
- I'll get Sivu to wear his rowing uniform.
- [Bae scoffs lightly]
mmh [ breathes heavily]
[whispering] I think it's a good idea.
I think we should consider it.
Excuse me
- It's definitely big.
- We have to do this.
Fine. But I'm hosting.
I can't leave
a story this big to a first year.
- [sighs deeply]
- [lively music plays]
I'm Mbali Hadebe.
The child of a disgraced politician,
and of current trending meme.
I'll get you a bigger audience.
Fine. But Sivu better
pull through with that uniform.
You can go.
- Right.
- [cutlery clinking]
[scoffs softly]
- Hey Mbali.
- [Mbali chuckles]
- [scoffs] Junior.
- Hey.
I see you had a lovely afternoon.
That's classified intel.
But I would say that it was bussing
[chuckles] respectfully.
So are we doing this interview or what?
[soft romantic music playing]
- Mbali, I broke up with Pearl.
- Mh!
You're the only girl for me.
- Mbali!
- [chuckles nervously]
[gig;es] Sivu Levin! So, you are alive.
Just been keeping a low profile
with this whole Junior thing.
Well, I do have a solution
for that problem. So, lets go.
Well, Junior has agreed
to accept a public apology from you
on The Spill
and endorse you for president.
Why? Because he's banging my sister?
He told me that you tried
to stop initiation in the team.
He realises that
he judged you too harshly.
Okay. But
- does it have to be on The Spill?
- Well, duh!
I mean, if something happens
and no one posts it, did it really happen?
I don't know, Mbali.
What if this whole thing just backfires?
It won't. Look
You just have to mention
how you're
prepared to let go of your SA colors,
for putting the sport into disrepute.
But I wasn't.
Yeah, but no one can
prove that you weren't.
This is just about
you taking back the narrative.
I don't know.
Maybe I need to run this by Pearl first.
Bring her.
She might learn something.
Oh and wear your rowing uniform.
- Why?
- Just trust me.
[upbeat music plays]
- Babe. Finally.
- [Pearl] Okay. So
What happened to laying low?
Babe, you know this.
If I want to win this,
I have to control the narrative.
Sivu it's okay.
You can admit that you can't deal
with not being popular anymore.
[birds chirping]
[Sivu] Okay, just
Babe, can you just support me?
- Please!
- Alright. show time people.
Let's get moving.
[fingers snapping] [sighs]
[Mbali clears throat]
We're live in five, four, three, two, one.
This is Mbali Hadebe
takeover on The Spill.
Yes. Yes, that Mbali.
But today, it's not about me.
Today is about redemption.
Now, the horrendous story
of the Rowing Club's initiation
had us all shook.
And today, we'll address the allegations.
This is a true Truth
and Reconciliation Commission.
Over to you, Sivu Levin.
Thank you, Mbali, for this opportunity.
I'd also like to thank
Junior here for coming through especially.
You didn't have to do to this.
It's really a pleasure.
[pretends to cough] Junior!
Um [clears throat]
Sivu, outing you was hard for me too.
- You're my Kolisi.
- [soft music playing]
I was really proud to join the team.
You were the captain.
So why did you let it happen?
Honestly you know,
when you don't fit in,
you are under this constant
pressure just to, to do something
Just so that you don't feel alone.
That's my cross to carry.
You were right.
I was your captain. And I let you down.
I was chicken shit. And I'm sorry Um
In my quest to becoming a better man,
I've drafted a letter
and sent it to Team SA.
letting them know that
I'm withdrawing from the team
because I've put
the sport team in dispute.
[Mbali] So Sivu, this clearly
has been heavy on your soul.
Junior, do you have anything to say?
[hesitates] We're cool.
I forgive you. And he really
did try to cancel the initiation but
the team just shut him down.
Sivu, you have my vote for president.
Thank you, Junior.
- Thank you. Thanks.
- [Junior sighs with excitements]
And as your future president,
my first act will be to
abolish this toxic
initiation practice that we do.
Because there's no space for it on campus.
- Let's take out the trash together!
- [Pearl scoffs]
[Mbali, Junior clapping]
I know I'm trying every day
at being a better person.
This is where cancel culture just sucks.
You know, none of our past mistakes
should define who we are.
we should get a second chance. All of us.
So please don't forget
to like, comment and subscribe.
And vote for Sivu Levin for president.
Mbali out! Bye!
- Alright. Good job, guys.
- Thanks.
How's it looking?
- Oh, bring it in here, hey! [laughing]
- [Junior laughing]
Listen to me,
- if you hurt my sister, I will break you.
- [menacing music plays]
[Raeesah] Oh, my God!
- Mbals? Babes
- [Mbali] Mm?
Over two thousand views!
Look at you, Miss Red Table talk.
I think we might need
to do this more often.
Just say when. My schedule is wide open.
We'll chat.
We'll chat. Chat
Hey, Mbals?
- Hey you, superstar.
- [Mbali chuckles] Hey.
You know, I think I'm a little
afraid of you, if I'm being honest.
I mean, I don't bite that hard. [laughs]
Withdrawing from the SA Team?
Since when, Sivu?
We're just playing the game, Pearl.
I mean, this is a win for us!
Us? There is only me and Sivu.
Yes, but that is the problem.
I mean, if Sivu really wants this, then
you're going to need someone
taking over your comms and social media.
And that's supposed to be you?
Well, I am the content queen.
Mbali's right, babe.
Today is a perfect example of that.
And you always say
that you hate social media. So
Babe, If we are going to beat Caesar,
we need all the help that we can get.
Fine. But just social media.
- [Mbali] Just!
- [Sivu] Yeah.
Thank you [kisses]
We are going to win this. I can feel it.
I can feel it.
You too. I can feel it?
I can feel it too.
Team Sivu! Team Sivu on three. Two, three!
- [Sivu] Team Sivu!
- [Mbali] Team Sivu!
- Babe, team spirit.
- [birds chirping nearby]
Team spirit.
[''I'm a Star'' by Moozlie playing]
- Yes, Mbali!
- ["I'm a Star" continues]
Subtitle translation by: Regina Njoku.
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