Miseducation (2023) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

[Mbali] What the hell are you doing here?
[Mrs. Hadebe]
Is that how you greet your mother?
Shh. Not out here.
I'm trying to erase that we're related.
[upbeat music playing in background]
[Mbali sighs]
So what have you done now?
Pack your bags. [in Zulu] We're leaving.
[in English] What? Why? Where?
Moscow. One of my old party contacts is
faking an illness for me
[in Zulu] that can only be treated there.
[in English] Wait, Russia?
Yeah. It should buy me enough time
to convince the president [in Zulu]
to stop this commission of enquiry.
- [in English] Or, at least delay it.
- [Mbali chuckles]
And how do you expect
to pay for all of that?
The less you know, the better.
[in Zulu] Where's my bag that you stole?
[in English] I am not going
anywhere with you, Mom!
People like me here.
I have friends. Real friends. And
there's even a boy.
I just have worked way too hard
to dump all this and start over.
I'm not going anywhere
with your dirty money.
[scoffs] [in Zulu] My money
is dirty all of a sudden?
I don't recall
you complaining back in Jo'burg.
What changed?
[in English] Things change.
Oh, my!
You know, sometimes in life you have
to play dirty to get what you want.
Is that what helps you sleep at night?
[in Zulu] I'm heading off to Gqeberha.
I'll be staying at the Radisson.
My flight leaves in the morning.
Aha! [in Zulu] You thief! This is my bag.
[in English] I bought it
with my dirty money.
Dirty politician yeah ♪
- Dirty politician ♪
- Yeah ♪
- I'd be getting paper ♪
- Ah ♪
Dirty politician yeah ♪
- Dirty politician I be getting paper ♪
- Yeah ah ♪
Dirty politician yeah ♪
[theme music playing]
- [loud club music playing]
- [indistinct chattering]
Friday night. One night only.
Uncle Drip, live. See you there.
Dude, you're like HPV.
You just won't go away.
Look at those numbers.
So before the Junior TRC thing
I was down to like 18,000.
Now we're back like we never left.
- All thanks to you.
- Hmm.
Maybe I should start charging you
for my services then.
Maybe I should just make you
social media manager when I get elected.
I could use you on my team.
I could think of many
ways you could use me.
And you can use me
as much as you want when
you run for president in your third year.
Well, that's if I'm still around
after my mom's commission of enquiry.
- What? Are you leaving?
- Maybe.
This commission could be months.
The lawyers need to be paid.
We haven't achieved
free education yet. So
Don't worry about it.
I'm sure the commission
won't take that long.
You're cute, but you don't know my mother.
Brenda Hadebe's motto is,
deny, deny, deny.
Then get creative.
You're Mbali Hadebe, after all.
["Spin my world" by DJ Kent playing]
Um I er I need to go.
I thought we were going to grab
- a quick bite or something.
- Yeah but Pearl is waiting for me.
How about we all get together
for a drink some time? Yeah.
- Mbali.
- Hmm?
I'm glad we bumped
into each other on the first day.
I guess it was meant to be.
[Upbeat music continues to play]
[whispering] It was meant to be.
[Mbali sighs]
Too late.
[in Zulu] I'm already on way to Gqeberha.
[in English] You'll have to find
your own transport to the airport.
Enjoy Russia.
You know you won't survive
without me. Right?
It's been two months, Mom.
And I'm about
to join the presidential team.
The SRC subsidizes fees and accommodation.
So that's me set for the year. I'm good.
[in Zulu] When you
find yourself in a bind
[in English] don't call me.
And when you get arrested, don't call me.
[Mbali exhales]
[hip hop music playing]
[Natalie] Let's just go.
You know your card doesn't work here.
[Jay huffs] Oh, my word!
Sir, the way you set up these servers
oh, it's masterful.
Well, those are the perks of being
- one of my top tech students.
- Yeah.
Only a limited few of you have access.
And please, please don't abuse
the access I've given you. Alright?
We don't want to compromise the system.
Yeah. No, I wont. I swear.
- Good man.
- Okay.
- Alright.
- Thank you.
- Ladies.
- Sir! Goodbye, sir.
[Natalie] Can we please go
because we're supposed
to be about three rounds
into drinks right now?
Oh guys, I wish
you could see it but you can't.
But if you could, it's fucking beautiful!
Okay, lets not talk about your lame
server room anymore
because we need drinks.
Uh, ma'am, that room
is where the magic happens. Okay?
All the data, access to the Wi-Fi. I mean,
the entire varsity network
is on those servers.
And I'm the only tech student
who has access to it. So
Careful Jay, you might just cum.
- You know what? I just might. Okay?
- [Mbali laughing]
Being a teacher's pet has its perks.
- Shots. Now. Please! [phone beeps]
- [Jay] Okay, before she dies or something.
- [Natalie] Mbali?
- [Jay] What's up?
My mother just got arrested
at the airport trying to flee the country.
- What?!
- [Mbali] You know
if I went there with her,
I was going to be a meme, again.
[Jay] Are you going to try and call her?
- No.
- [phone clicks shut]
She told me not to.
So now I'm officially an orphan.
Listen girl, you don't need a drink.
You need dick! Stat!
Oh, come on Nat 2.0!
She's right! She's right. Look,
you just need something
to take the edge off.
Like a distraction. I mean,
I have Thato, even though
we're taking things slow.
- And Nat has Junior
- I'm actually going to seduce Van Heerden!
excuse me? The Van Hard On?
Yeah. I've got this 20-step plan
of how I'm going
to initiate the seduction.
- Twenty?!
- Twenty?!
Bitch, just show him your cooch!
- Yeah, men are like dogs. Simple.
- [Natalie] Okay,
so who've you been showing your cooch to?
Well, there's only
one dick that I wanna ride.
- [Mbali] Yeah.
- [Natalie] Whose?
- [Jay] Who?
- [comic high tempo music playing]
- Uh, my ex! [laughs wryly]
- [Jay] Mm-hmm.
Yeah, I [exaggerated] really miss him.
And he might just come
to Makhanda fingers crossed!
- [Natalie] Okay.
- [Jay] Ooh.
Well, we can always
do something from my list.
[Jay] Okay. Let me look.
[high tempo music continues]
[Jay chuckling] MDMA!
Oh, yeah. We're in for a night.
I think am going to get a pink wig.
- [Mbali] Yeah, pink wig.
- [Jay] No.
You can't take more than one.
- I'm allowed to take as much as
- [Junior] Jay!
I think it's necessary
for me to take myself.
The USB you gave me,
it deleted everything.
My whole laptop. Dead.
[chuckling] That's the whole point.
It's kind of why it's called a virus.
Does it mean I can't get any of it back?
Of course you can. Look
[scoffs] bring your laptop,
and an additional 200 rand tomorrow.
- Okay.
- You'll get your shit back.
- Hey, Natalie.
- Hey, Junior.
You're looking very Yuno Gasai today.
Less anime murderess kind of way.
That was just a little something
something that I'm trying for a bit.
Okay, this is gross.
You guys need to get a room.
- [Natalie] No.
- [Junior] I love that Um
[Natalie] Um, listen
We got to go. But I'll catch you later.
- [Junior] Sure.
- [Natalie] Friend.
- [Jay] "I'll catch you later friend."
- [Mbali] "Friend!"
[Natalie] Shut up
and let's just go get high.
You know, I can't believe
you made us walk all across town
back to campus just for smoothies.
- [Natalie] What in the X-Men!
- [Jay chuckles]
Ladies, meet Njabulo,
a talented gifted arts major
and the number one MDMA hook up on campus.
- What up, sluts? [chuckles]
- [Jay chuckling]
- So much about this is confusing.
- [Natalie slurping]
[Jay] Mm-hmm.
- [Mbali] Mm-hmm-mm-hmm.
- [birds chirping]
- [Jay] There you go.
- [Natalie] Thank you.
- So we're just going to do this here?
- [Jay] Mm-hmm.
- On campus?
- [Njabulo] It's not about where,
- it's about who you're with.
- [Mbali] Oh!
- Cheers, sluts.
- Cheers, baby.
- [high tempo music continues]
- [Jay] There you go.
- [Jay] Drink something.
- [Natalie slurping, chuckling]
[all laughing]
["Hamba Wena"
by Deep London & Boohle playing]
[all laughing]
["Hamba Wena" continues]
- [music fades out]
- [dog barking outside]
- [Mbali sighs]
- [dog continues barking]
You know, I still can't believe
that I have been partying with Mbali.
The queen from St. Angela's!
Yeah well, I can't believe
that I'm lying in bed
with whole math Olympiad champion.
You remembered that I did the Olympiad?
Oh girl, I was just guessing.
But I guess since now we're best friends,
- I need to remember everything. [sighs]
- [soft music playing]
- We're best friends? [chuckles]
- [Mbali] Don't be weird.
You can trust me
to be weird about everything.
You know what, Mbali?
- You can actually trust me with anything.
- [dog barking outside]
Look Nat about your brother
- I
- [Jay] Thato
oh, lay your lamb in my shawarma.
- [Jay groans]
- [Mbali, Natalie laughing]
- "Lay your lamb in my shawarma."
- [Mbali] "My shawarma." [laughing]
[upbeat music playing]
- [boy1 groans]
- [Aphiwe panting]
[in Zulu] Can't you see?
[Aphiwe] [in English] Sorry.
[boy2] What is wrong with you?
[Aphiwe panting]
[students laughing]
Hey, don't fall!
[in Xhosa] What the hell
are you laughing at? Piss off, man.
Are you hurt?
No, I'm not hurt.
[phone vibrating]
[phone pings]
- [phones buzzing]
- [students chattering indistinctly]
- [phones buzzing]
- [melancholic music playing]
[man] [in English]
We will get to the bottom of this.
yeah definitely.
No, we will resolve it. Expeditiously.
[in Xhosa] Caesar, is it true
that the fees are being increased?
[in English] I'm going to meet
with the Dean later on
and we will discuss it further.
And then what, Caesar?
[in Xhosa] I'm the first person
in my family to attend university.
[in English] And if the fees really
increase, I'll be forced to drop out.
[in Xhosa] You know I'm not
the only one affected by this.
[all in agreement] Yeah!
Caesar, do you know that
unemployment rate is at
30% in this country?
Caesar, what will we do without
the degrees we have come here to get?
How are we going
to help our families, Caesar?
[in English] Is this the
better future our parents
and grandparents died and sacrificed for?
- No!
- We're being set up for failure
and we need to fight for our future.
- Yes!
- [all applaud]
[male voice1 in English]
Something must be done.
- Comrade Aphiwe is clear!
- [male voice2] Correct.
This injustice cannot
be allowed to continue any further!
- [male voice3] Never!
- Matter of fact,
- fees must fall!
- Yes! Fees must fall!
- Fees must fall!
- Fees must fall!
Fees must fall!
Fees must fall!
Fees must fall!
Fees must fall!
Fees must fall!
Fees must fall!
You know GU's policy, Caesar.
This increases is a next year issue,
and unless you'll get re-elected,
- it's out of your current term.
- [Caesar] Uh-uh.
We all know this policy
is blatant manipulation of power.
No, maybe you should've
spent more time fighting the policy
- and not imaginary colonization.
- [students murmur]
Fine. If you need the new
SRC president to fight the increase,
then let's move the election up.
- Let the people govern themselves!
- [others in agreement] Yes!
Look guys, this thing is very simple.
Just put forward an official complaint,
and let the elections happen as planned.
What's so hard about that?
[in Sotho] We all know why you don't want
[in English] this thing resolved
as quickly as possible.
It's because
of your white privilege again.
And this thing has no
consequence on your life.
First and foremost,
you know nothing about my life, Caesar.
So you can shut the fuck up
when it comes to that!
[in Sotho] Oh, don't get so heated up.
You know you'll be defeated.
[in English] I have no idea
what you just said
but if you want to play it, let's go, boy.
- [Caesar] Bullshit!
- That's all, boys!
- This is not how this works.
- [Caesar] Fine!
Elections, tomorrow.
No, that's bringing it up nine weeks!
- What else is there to do?
- [students murmuring indistinctly]
Well, we've run stress tests
on the proxy servers
as well as an IP debugging
on the app, so we're ready.
Yeah, we still have to to run it
by the overseers for the faculty
and students to get their availability.
- Fine! Get it done.
- [mmh] Excuse me?!
The vice chancellor
will not be happy about this.
Vice chancellor will be less
happy when we burn down the school.
[students murmuring in agreement] Burn it!
- It'll burn.
- [man clears throat]
[in English] Well, that
settles it then, I suppose.
The elections will be on Friday.
- [Caesar] Good.
- [Sivu] Great.
- [Caesar] Perfect.
- [Sivu] Amazing.
- This week everything changes.
- [students] Yeah!
Vote for me as SRC president again
and show them your power.
These fees must fall.
- [in Zulu] Power!
- To the people!
- [in English] We should join the protest.
- What? No.
This guy is exploiting
people's struggles for his own gain.
It's all just performative, babe.
[Sivu] Besides,
he barely has any followers.
- And stealing Graham's bust?
- [Caesar continues indistinctly]
- What about dropping out of the SA team?
- [Caesar] These fees must fall!
Check your privilege, Siv.
- Babe, not you too. Really?
- [Caesar in Zulu] Power!
- Your parents are on the faculty, dude.
- [protesters] To the people!
You don't have to worry about school fees.
Maybe if you joined the students,
you could help them in some way,
instead of just being the white candidate.
I'm sorry, babe. I didn't mean it
- like that.
- Yes, you did.
I'm sorry that my
real parents abandoned me.
What am I supposed to do about that?
Okay, so
We need to undercut Caesar
and this fees stunt.
This is exactly what I am talking about.
The election is not a game
or a popularity contest.
Just think about whose side
you're really on.
Listen, you are on the winning side.
Okay? You still want to win, right?
- Yeah.
- Good
I'm gonna find Raeesah,
and get you on The Spill.
I have an idea and it involves my ex.
We need a political stunt of our own.
[students whistling]
Okay. Cool!
[students in Zulu] We have no money ♪
Money, money. We have no money ♪
[in English] Hey, hey, hey, Raenbows!
Uncle Drip is in town
and he's at The Spill studios.
You don't wanna miss this.
Mbali you're the sweetest thing
I ever came across ♪
I know I made you mad
I know I made you cross ♪
But I need you right beside me ♪
[chuckles] Let me see that.
[sighs] Here we go!
I can't wait to be in the
front row at your concert.
And of course,
scream your name all night long.[chuckles]
- Hi, Bethuel.
- Oh.
So the rumors were true.
You really came to dusty-ass Makhanda?
You two know each other?
I mean, his latest hit is all about me.
"Mbali" is about you?
Anyway, Bethuel, listen.
I've got a proposal for you.
- What is the biggest problem that
- [tense music playing]
students are facing across the country?
[Bethuel hesitates]
Having to get, er,
Proof of Residence, I guess.
What? No. Fees Must Fall.
What's that gotta do with me?
Host a celebrity fundraiser with me
and one of
the SRC presidential candidates,
who happens to be
an Olympic medalist, by the way.
Look, help these students pay their fees.
I like it.
When LaSizwe did it, he trended for days.
They even wrote about him
on the Global Citizen's page.
And you know who else
works with the Global Citizen?
Jay-Z. I mean,
you could be
the next Nasty C, dynasty continues.
And tell me, what do you get outta this?
- I get to help the students.
- [tense music continues]
I mean, friends like my roommate,
Aphiwe who'll have to drop out
if we don't do something.
- [Bethuel sighs]
- Bethuel look,
I'm not the Mbali that you remember.
Let's do some good.
[Bethuel sighs]
[Bethuel exhales, tuts]
Okay. So we
need to chart a road map.
And we need to action it ASAP.
But, with the advanced
voting deadline set for this Friday,
I think we might
still have a shot. So obviously,
the main thing we have
to make sure is that the app works.
and that the proper
[choking] procedure.
So, er, in terms of registration
[inhales] ID Excuse me, I
[clears throat]
appear to have lost my place.
[Inhales] In terms of
registration voting,
we only would require
a issued voting number.
[indistinct chattering]
I can't believe I'm a soccer WAG.
Few days in and you're
already trying to get "wife-ed up".
- [Thato chuckles]
- [Jay] Okay.
- [whistling in field]
- [phone beeps, vibrates]
[phone keypad clicks]
[Rae] Raenbows,
Caesar is bringing back 2015.
but will fees fall this time?
Maybe we should join the protest.
And support Caesar?
I'd rather top, thank you.
Someone's not a fan?
He just goes around pretending
that he cares about the students.
But if people actually
knew the truth about him
What, that he keeps finding new
degrees to stay in the SRC?
- No. Um [exhales]
- [wistful music playing]
that he's a closet case
who tried to force himself on me.
[wistful music continues]
I'm sorry.
[indistinct chattering]
You know, I've heard things
about him from the other guys
- I just didn't think
- No.
It's okay.
I'm just glad that I found someone who,
isn't lying about themselves
and taking it out on anyone, you know.
- [Jay sighs]
- [Thato] Um
Look, there's something I've been trying
to figure out how to tell you.
Oh God! Please don't tell me
he's done the same thing.
I'm, um
I'm trans.
[wistful music continues]
[stutters] Sorry?
I started transitioning
after I turned 18 but
but I've always known I'm a man.
And now you tell me?
Well, I didn't have to.
But I like you. So I wanted you
to know everything about me.
I knew this was too good to be true.
- Okay, what else are you hiding?
- Nothing.
- Fuck!
- [Thato] Jay,
Thato, with me,
what you see is what you get.
With you, I'm not so sure anymore.
[wistful music continues]
[romantic music playing]
Well, that was unexpected.
Seems I was wrong about you.
You have no idea.
[romantic music continues]
[heavy breathing]
[heavy breathing]
- I want you to take my photo.
- [Van Heerden] What?
I want you to take my photos
like one of these girls.
Really? That's very titanic of you!
[sighs] No I'm serious.
- I want you to do it. Let's do it.
- What?
- What?!
- Let's do it!
What are you doing?
[romantic music continues]
[in Zulu] The struggle agrees with us ♪
The struggle agrees with us ♪
- [in English] Pearl!
- [Sivu] What
are you doing?
This is not about Caesar, man!
A quarter of my class won't graduate
because of this increase.
And just because you're not
getting involved doesn't mean that
I'm cool with chilling on the sidelines.
I'm not saying
chill on the sidelines, Pearl.
All I'm saying is that
be in my camp for a change.
There you are!
You really don't answer
your texts, do you?
Oh, fucking hell, dude.
Don't you have a test
to study for, a class to attend,
instead of popping up everywhere?
Remember Lasizwe and how he ran
some fundraiser on his social media,
to help students pay their fees?
I want you to do the same thing.
Seriously? Sivu doesn't have
- the same reach as Lasizwe
- Which is why
I got in touch with an old friend.
- Uncle Drip. Mm-hmm.
- The rapper?
He'll be joining you
on The Spill's livestream to
raise funds
and encourage people to vote for you
as SRC president.
Then hold the livestream on voting day.
No one will remember Caesar once
- Uncle Drip gets you trending.
- I'm in!
- Sivu, you can't
- I'll just sort out all the deets. Bye!
There's no way you'll raise enough money
for all these students, dude.
No. Let's say that you
don't believe that I can raise enough
money for all the students.
You're sabotaging Caesar
because you want to get back on top.
You don't care about the students,
you only care about winning.
I have nothing left.
- So I'm nothing?
- [emotive music playing]
- You know that is not what I mean.
- Then prove it.
Let's fight for a bigger cause.
Because if you go
with Mbali's plan, then we're done.
- [emotive music continues]
- [Caesar continues indistinctly]
[voice breaking]
I hope you're right about her.
- [Pearl whimpering]
- [protesters chattering indistinctly]
[students singing]
[Pearl in Zulu]
The struggle agrees with us ♪
The struggle agrees with us ♪
Brand new day life will ♪
Brand new day ♪
[in English] Hey, hey,
hey, it's your girl, Rea.
Raenbows, don't forget to catch
The Spill's Voting Day Special
this afternoon with special guest hosts
Olympian, Sivu Levin
and the hottest new rapper, Uncle Drip,
who have a special joint announcement.
The tea is piping hot,
and you don't wanna miss it.
- [upbeat music continues]
- [indistinct background chattering]
[Jay] Yeah, that's fine. Just go.
Did you hear about the livestream
with Uncle Drip and Sivu?
What do you think
this big announcement is?
I don't know and I don't care.
- There we go. Not bad, huh?
- Okay.
[chuckles] Natalie,
what are you doing here?
I missed you and I just thought I'd come
[Van Hardeen] No, you're not allowed
to be in here. You need to go.
Okay, what is this? We're on campus.
- This is inappropriate.
- Okay, so let's go back to your place.
- Natalie, no.
- Yeah?
So, I see what's happening here.
- We had fun, right?
- Right.
Okay, but
I don't do repeat performances.
So this has got to stop.
But I thought we had a connection.
- Yeah. I know, we did.
- Yeah!
But in that moment.
And the thing about moments
is that they are momentary. So,
- when that moments goes
- No, stop saying moments!
I need to
[whispering] I need to get back at work.
So what? So that's it? [sighs]
[Natalie] What? [splutters]
Hey, Natalie! So
I've done the calculations and
there's a 12.9% chance
that we're gonna get married, so,
- [Junior] I think we should
- It was just a moment, Junior!
Dude, people are still buzzing
over you and Uncle Drip live.
- What's wrong? Sivu?
- [dog barking outside]
Pearl broke up with me.
Oh, no! I was really rooting for you two.
I was! I want you to be happy.
Yeah, but, we weren't.
And with this whole
livestream thing and the election,
- It was just bad timing.
- Yeah. Well,
Pearl was always terrible
at being campaign manager, so
Yeah, but she was right, though.
I am the white candidate.
And I'm not even one of them.
- On campus, the rowing team, my family
- [dog barking outside]
I just don't fit.
Sivu, fuck fitting in.
People like you and I,
we were born to shine.
Spoken like a true politician's daughter.
Oh, don't remind me.
Why couldn't my mom
have been like a firewoman or something?
- Maybe then I'd be catching way less heat.
- [Sivu laughs]
Is that a smile?
Look, I can't just let you be unhappy.
- Especially now that your cast is removed.
- [soft music playing]
What are you going to do about it?
["Spin my world" by DJ Kent playing]
[phone vibrates]
- Aren't you going to get that?
- No.
- It's my sister.
- [phone continues to vibrate]
[Mbali sighs]
Natalie Levin.
Kinda in the middle of something.
[sobbing] What a fuck-boy!
Or fuck fuck-old-man. Or old
fucking man. He was just a, fuck sake!
Who? What's going on?
Van Heerden! He just used me.
And he's got these photos of me.
Do not tell me they're nudes!
Which is a terrible color scheme
for your Engineering party thing.
Mbali, you have
to help me get these photos.
Nat, it's voting day!
Yeah, but that's the exact time to do it
because he's not
going to be in his studio.
So, we can get in and get out
without him even realizing.
[sobbing continues] Mbali, I need you.
Send me location.
[Mbali sighs]
- Is everything okay?
- Perfect! Um,
- Umm Nat just needs a tampon.
- [bangles jingle]
I'll see you at the studio.
I thought my mom bought her moon cups!
Why do I know that?
[upbeat music playing]
[glass shattering]
[Natalie sighs]
That was easy!
- [alarm blaring]
- [Rae screams]
Okay, Sivu, there's almost
4,000 people online waiting to watch.
[Rae] Ladies, places!
Hey, don't you want to check
on Mbali and Uncle Drip?
Shouldn't they be here by now?
We have 15 minutes before we go live,
so we're doing it with or without her.
You've got this!
[upbeat music continues]
- [alarm continues blaring]
- [dog barking]
[guard in Sotho] Come here.
[Mbali sighs]
I'm just like
any other varsity girl cliché.
Just desperate for attention.
[dog continues barking]
[phone buzzing]
Okay, look. Look at me.
Do you think I'd risk
getting arrested just for anyone?
You are not a cliché.
You're a fucking work of art.
[emotive music playing]
Why isn't she answering?
Okay, we're live in two minutes.
- [stutters] I I can't do this.
- Hey, Sivu, look at me.
There are 5,000 people
waiting online to watch.
So unless you want The Spill
up your ass for the next year,
I suggest you do something.
Take your shirt off.
[Mbali panting] Okay. I'm here.
Where is Uncle Drip?
Yes, Mbali. Where is Uncle Drip?
[Mbali splutters] Ur
One moment.
[phone ringing]
- Bethuel, where the fu Where are you?
- [Bethuel] Uh!
Well, karma's a whole mood, isn't she?
Yes sir! We're up now, baby!
After you telling everyone
that you could do better than me,
you really think
I was going to do anything for you?
Look. Our brands
don't align anymore. Okay?
New year, new boyfriend.
[indistinct chattering in crowd]
[Bethuel's friend] Forget this girl.
[voice2 in crowd] [in Zulu] Get out of here!
[in English] One public
humiliation for another.
[Bethuel's friend] Haha. God did.
Now we're even.
Peace, baby.
He's not coming.
- He was he was never coming!
- [Rae] So
Shirt on or off?
Vote me in as your SRC president.
Vote for me, vote for change!
Fees must fall!
Fees must fall!
Fees must fall!
Fees must fall!
Fees must fall!
Caesar's protest is gaining attraction.
- I'm definitely losing the election now.
- Fees must fall!
- Fees must fall!
- I'm so sorry, Sivu.
I had no idea Uncle Drip
wasn't going to show.
What now? It's not like I can delete today
and start all over again.
- Now I have nothing.
- No. We still have time.
[in Zulu] This is our
war as true soldiers ♪
- This is our war as true soldiers ♪
- Who will strike first ♪
- This is our war as true soldiers ♪
- Who will strike first? ♪
This is our war as true soldiers ♪
[in English] We can start over again.
[dramatic music playing]
- What's up?
- Look,
I need to borrow
your student card.[inhales]
I lost mine and
I need to get into the library.
- [Jay] Yeah, sure.
- [exhales] Thanks. Look
[door creaks]
give Sivu some good vibes
in there for me. Okay?
Oh girl, he's gonna need more than vibes.
[phone dialing]
Where are you?
So why don't you just get
this from your friend?
He's busy. Now give it.
Could you please talk to Natalie for me?
We had such a dope time and
- now she's acting weird.
- Yeah, whatever.
[stutters] 'Cause I really do like her.
And she likes you too.
A lot. She's just shy.
I'll talk to her. Give it.
Maybe we could all hang out
[suspenseful music playing]
It is very funny, Ma.
[suspenseful music continues]
[Indistinct chatter on phone]
[Guard giggling]
[metal clang]
[suspenseful music continues]
[door lock beeps]
[door clicks shut]
[Mbali panting]
[suspenseful music
increases tempo then ends]
[dramatic sting]
[sighs] [sniffs]
Underground gang, pull through.
[inhales] Okay.
- [system operating sounds]
- [Mbali heavy breathing]
- [dramatic music playing]
- [system beeping]
[machine beeping sporadically]
[machine beeping continues]
[dramatic music crescendos]
[electric power clicks off]
- Shit!
- [dramatic music ends]
[electric power clicks on]
[heavy breathing]
[machine beeping continuously]
[upbeat music playing]
Subtitle translation by: Regina Njoku
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