Miseducation (2023) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

Raenbows, it's the beginning of a new era.
Berets are out and medals are in.
With Sivu Levin being the new president,
the SRC just got a whole lot sexier.
Word is, our president
needs a new first lady.
Could that be Mbali Hadebe?
That was the tea,
and this is The Spill.
What's popping, bruh?
How are you doing, mate?
- I am
- You're looking good.
Thank you.
- Sharp, Sivu.
- How's it?
Hi, Sivu.
- Hey.
- Congratulations on the presidency.
Can you please fix your face?
I'm just not used to having
people on my team all over again,
you know, just so used to losing.
Look, people voted for you
because they believe in you.
You just have to stop doubting yourself.
Relax with the existential crisis.
"Young Hadebe outshines corrupt Hadebe."
You're famous!
We look good together.
Sivu, I'm throwing you
a little inauguration party
at my house in Port Alfred.
The theme is "Angels and Demons."
- You should come.
- Thanks.
I did it. I fucking did it.
Tomorrow, we'll stress but tonight
Oh tonight, throats are open, my friend.
Miss Hadebe, I am a lady.
You have to take me to dinner first.
Well, I'll buy a three-course meal.
Are you gatecrashing again?
Dad, is everything okay?
We have to talk privately. Right now.
Please attend
to that table for me. I'll be back.
You can have table six's tips.
Have a look, my child.
Oh my goodness, Dad!
I found them burnt
in the rubbish bin yesterday.
Now I don't know what to do.
- But these are people's votes.
- Indeed.
Tell me. What are you going to do?
Ooh my Gosh!
Forget that you made me dance,
but how on earth did you
convince me to wear this top?
Hey um,
is this your old man here?
I think life would've been
way different if he was still around.
Yeah. Me too.
Like, if my real parents were around
My family.
I'm sure someone must be out there.
Cousins, siblings or
Who knows, maybe,
maybe you and I are related.
Nothing a goat can't fix.
Congratulations, Sivu.
Thank you.
I really like you.
But I just feel like, maybe,
let's just take it slow for a bit.
I just ended things with Pearl and
this whole SRC president thing
is just going to complicate things.
I can take it really slow.
our star Olympian, now SRC president,
is about to address our campus
on his "Fees Must Fall" stance.
Ma'am, you need to see this.
What is that?
He assures the campus that
he will not give up the fight.
Will the revolution stand
or will chaos still ensue?
Power to the People, Raenbows!
Iyoh Solomon ♪
Solomon ♪
Iyoh Solomon ♪
As your democratically
elected SRC president,
I will not stand
for any exclusion of any student
at Grahamstown University.
- Our forefather Nelson Mandela once said
- Okay, Mr. Rainbow Nation.
I think it was our forefather
Mandela who once said that
We demand that our Vice Chancellor
come down from her ivory tower
and address us.
And if they make the mistake
of choosing not to engage us,
then we will be forced
to call for a national shut down!
Anarchy will reign
in the streets of Makhanda,
and the corridors of
every university in this country!
We will not stop!
We will not rest,
and we will make sure that
we take out the trash!
We will do so much more.
- You just watch. We
- Just wait a minute!
Sivu's presidency
is unlawful and illegitimate.
Sivu Levin is not
the president of this Council.
He cooked the votes. He's a fraud!
Why are you lying to the people?
I've never cheated a day in my life.
Well, we have proof
that he stole and burnt the votes.
- What is this?!
- Wow!
This campus will be on shutdown
until the miscarriage of democracy
and justice is addressed!
Sivu Levin must fall!
Sivu Levin must fall!
Sivu Levin must fall!
Sivu Levin must fall!
Sivu Levin must fall!
- Hey, yes!
- Yes! Yes!
- Hey, yes!
- Yes! Yes!
- Hey, yes!
- Yes! Yes!
War of soldiers ♪
War of guerillas ♪
Who will strike first ♪
War of soldiers ♪
War of soldiers ♪
We need to talk, now!
What's up, Jay? Are you okay?
What do you two want?
Caesar knows about the burnt ballots.
Fuck! I told you! Oh!
No, they've got
no reason to suspect us.
- We're good.
- Yeah, but Sivu isn't.
Nat, he's innocent. The school loves him.
There's no way he's going down with this.
- Yeah, but we are.
- No, we're not.
My skin is even flaring up.
We just have to stay calm
and keep our mouths shut.
All of us!
Campus security. Open up!
Just come clean, Sivu.
We can help you.
Caesar is setting me up because he lost.
Dean Jansen,
you have known me my entire life.
Why would I cheat?
Everyone knows
you've had a difficult few months.
Hurting your hand, losing your captaincy,
stealing Graham's bust.
Sivu, was it Are you okay?
Mom, I'm fine.
They're just accusing me of lying.
You don't honestly think
that Sivu did this.
- Nomusa?
- James, I know this is hard
I don't need
your fake sympathy. Thank you.
The ballots from the elections
were found burnt and thrown away.
And we have reason to believe that
the app crash was not an accident.
It doesn't proof anything, ma'am.
- It wasn't me.
- You're the only one
with something to gain
from all of this. And your appointment
as SRC president is under question.
Is this is what this
university stands for?
Black boys are presumed guilty,
and crucified
with no due diligence carried out?
- If Sivu was white, would this
- Ashley!
Don't try that with me, of all people.
That's fine, ma'am.
Please go ahead with your investigation.
All it's gonna prove is that
I'm innocent like I've been telling you.
Until then, you are suspended,
pending the investigation.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I heard what happened with the VC.
I'm so sorry, Sivu.
Sorry? You are not allowed to be sorry.
Yeah. And Caesar, if he thinks
he's getting away with this,
that's not gonna happen.
Yeah. No, he won't.
The investigation will expose the truth.
- He won't.
- Hey!
- We got this. Right? We got this.
- Yeah.
Just like the election, babe.
Just like the election.
It's 2:00am and you're not my type.
Right. You're more into
assaulting gay students. Is that
Don't you dare
go around making accusations like that.
- You hear me?
- Sivu didn't rig the elections.
I know.
This has you written all over it.
You've been lying
since the beginning for that boy.
- Okay, look.
- Yes?
You wanted a meeting with my
mother, I can I can make that happen.
A clear path to the Youth League.
You just have to tell the Dean
that you faked those burnt ballots.
See, I've been asking around and I know,
that the party will not protect her.
She's useless to me now.
Caesar, please.
You know Sivu doesn't deserve this.
None of this would have happened
if he had stayed in his lane.
I worked hard for this.
I deserve to win.
When you troll gay apps
and assault young boys?
I'll expose you, Caesar.
Don't test me.
Fuck off!
Did you help Sivu Levin rig the election?
I mean, Sivu is cute and everything
but I would never risk my future for him.
Then how do you explain this? Hmm!
We know for a fact that you sell these
to students to crash their computers.
One student's laptop crashing is normal.
Twenty-three in the
medical department alone
is an alarming pattern.
Your customers gave you up
for deadline extensions.
Okay, fine. I did sell them, okay?
But what does it have
to do with the elections?
This USB crashed the university
server which crashed the voting app.
Wait. So, is this about
the voting app or the burnt ballots?
You crashed the app
and then you rigged the manual vote.
I didn't crash the app. I swear!
Then why was your student card used to
access the university server room
moments before the crash?
You're suspended
pending a full investigation
- What?!
- where you'll probably be expelled.
Come on, hey, oh yes! ♪
The ones we are with, ♪
- We are not in a relationship with ♪
- Rizz! Rizzla!
Hold on.
Man, I was in the middle
of something beautiful from my ancestors.
You interrupted my first smash hit, bro.
Did you use the USB I sold you
to crash the campus server?
Let's try that in English.
Jade, where is the USB I sold you?
Fuck guys, it's wait.
No, I totally know you,
I know you. Just hang on. I just
Jay the gay!
It's definitely not you.
Guys, are you sure
you didn't crash the server?
- Yes!
- Okay.
- Where's the USB I sold you?
- Mbali.
I gave it to Mbali.
She said she needed it for an assignment.
- Mbali?
- Yeah.
Mbali said she'd talk to Natalie for me.
Should I call her?
I'll call her.
Jay! I've been trying
to get a hold of you.
- How did the
- Did you crash the server?
- What?!
- Don't lie to me. I'm not a Levin.
Did you crash the server?
Jay, how could I have done that?
I don't know.
Maybe whoring out Natalie
in exchange for Junior. Hmm?
And I gave you my student card
just before the systems crashed. So
Okay, look, I am sorry. Okay?
I just felt really bad after
Sivu's live with Uncle Drip tanked.
I had to do something.
You know, I used to think
your crazy was cute.
That your drama made this place fun.
- It's not so fun anymore.
- I can fix this.
Stop saying that!
Fuck! Unless you're going to go down
to the Dean's office and come clean.
- Help me stay in school.
- Jay, I'd get suspended too.
I can't go back to Jo'burg.
There's nothing there for me.
And me being sent home to keep faking
straightness for my parents is fine?
That is not what I am saying.
- Oh please.
- I
Please stop the fake fucking tears, Mbali.
I have been there for you
through everything!
Before you were Miss Popularity.
I had your back.
And you stabbed me in mine.
- Jay, where you going?
- No, you stay the fuck away from me.
- Hey.
- Ur
Don't tell me you went to
the mountain before me.
- Mom says you need to eat.
- Thank you.
What's going on?
You've been avoiding me.
Look, its not like
we were best buds before this.
I guess that's my fault, isn't it?
Have a seat.
I am really sorry, Nat.
I've been shitty towards you lately and
it's not an excuse anything but,
after hurting my hand,
I started to wonder who I am,
and where I fit in or don't fit in.
Do you feel like
you don't fit in our family?
Not because of you guys.
I love you guys. You're my sister.
And I'll always be here.
- I'm fine.
- No, you're not.
Sis, I know you.
You've been
scratching yourself like crazy.
And I know that you get this rash
every time you're really stressed, so
talk to me.
I'm here for you.
It was me.
Look, we stuffed the ballots
with fake votes, for you.
And then we took
the original ones and we burnt them.
And we did a fucking shit job
because someone found them!
- And
- Stop!
Who the fuck is "we"?
Me, Jay and Mbali.
Sivu, we were just trying to help you.
Especially Mbali. We saw how upset
- you were about the election
- Don't.
- Professor won't shoot.
- No.
- We actually kind of know that.
- I agree.
Natalie, we have a guest.
What the fuck are you doing here?
Clint is here to pick up
the camera you borrowed
from him, for your assignments.
Yeah, sure totally!
Camera! Yes. I get, your
Oh, I'm going to go get it.
You're lucky I'm not pressing charges.
You didn't think about
the security camera in my office, did you?
You shouldn't be in here.
Yeah, you shouldn't have my camera.
Well, the only reason I have
your fucking stupid camera
is to delete my nudes after you dumped me.
I didn't dump you.
We just had sex.
It wasn't a relationship. Camera!
- Dad.
- What?!
- this is a just misunderstanding.
- You fucking pedo.
James, it's just a
- James!
- What the fuck
- He's defiled our daughter!
- What?!
James, first of all, you know better than
to perpetuate the idea
that sex makes women dirty.
- Okay. She came onto me.
- Oh.
- And secondly
- Ashley, just
Thato, we need to talk.
Th I'm going home. I'm go
You know what
- Jay.
- I'm going home.
- Wait. Please.
- Don't
I just want to apologize.
- It's too late.
- Thato.
Glad I don't know what that feels like.
I was such a dick. Okay?
You opened up to me and
I made your coming out
all about me and Caesar.
And it was wrong and I am really sorry.
It was shit because
I really liked you, dude.
I really liked you too. I still do.
And now you're leaving.
You know I honestly wish
I'd spent more time
with you than with varsity girls.
My mother was actually right.
Well, I mean, we do have one more night.
Goodbye drinks?
But first, more ice?
- Hmm. This is
- Got you.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
I'm the one who found
the burnt ballots and gave them to Caesar.
You think this is a joke,
This is real life, Sivu.
I know. I'm the one who got suspended.
That's it? That's all you have to say?
I know why you don't like me.
I get it.
I thought running
would be easy. I thought
I didn't have to take issues seriously.
I didn't deserve to win.
But I never cheated.
Hey stranger, where have you been?
I've been looking
all over for you.
Is this where you're hiding?
So I hear that Jay got suspended.
Well, they have no way of proving
that he was involved with the elections.
What's so funny?
Why would you go through so much trouble,
just to make sure that I become president?
Okay actually,
there's something I need to tell you.
Caesar assaulted Jay.
I guess this was his revenge.
And you had no idea?
I guess you think you know someone.
Yeah. You think you do.
We need drinks.
I'm going to get us drinks.
Could I please have a double
gin and tonic, and a tequila gold?
See, I'm getting used
to this knocking thing.
Van Hard-On?
You know that name?
Who doesn't?
Is this because you were exposed
to James' penis as a child?
We were just trying to remove the shame
- around the nude body for you kids.
- Mom, please.
I really don't feel like talking
about Dad's penis right now.
You've always been
all about sexual freedom and expression.
So what's the big deal?
Always heard rumors
about him, and students.
Can't do anything with rumors
- but if he abused his power with you
- No. Mom
Okay, listen to me.
I went after him.
I was just too stupid to know the rules.
You deserve so much better than that.
You're a gem, Natalie.
You're my world.
But Sivu is your favorite.
You came from my body.
- Sivu needs more.
- No.
We are both your children.
And we both need you.
I hear you.
That's all I've ever wanted.
I'm here for you, Natalie. Always.
I love you.
You can bring Dad in for his lecture now.
I think dad's going to
need some time.
Come on, Sivu.
Look, I know you're going through it
but you can't just ghost me.
Call me.
Nat, where's Sivu? Oh!
What happened?
My parents found out about Van Heerden.
I should never have slept with him.
My dad won't talk to me now,
Sivu is so upset with me because
of this whole rigging the election thing.
Is life after high school really
supposed to be this fucking shitty?
- You told him?
- I had to.
Mbali, he's my brother.
I can't keep these kind of things
from him because it's about him.
Now he's going to break up with me.
Break up with you?
You trying to tell me that
you and him have been together
without telling me?
Okay, look.
I didn't know
he was your brother at first.
- Okay? And he was with Pearl
- At first?
Mbali, are you telling me that
you liked him
before you and I even got close?
Would we even be friends
if it wasn't for Sivu?
Probably not.
But look at us now. Come on, Nat.
We are ride-or-die best friends.
- Nat?
- Being your friend
is the worst thing
to have ever happened to me.
Because all this shit in my life
only started when you came into it.
No. I had nothing to do with Van Heerden.
If you weren't such a
insecure, emotional wreck
and grew some fucking balls then
maybe you wouldn't be in this mess.
Yeah. You're one to talk.
Becoming friends
with someone manipulating them
into a friendship just so that
she can fuck their brother.
Well hey, at least
I didn't get dumped after the first time.
I can understand why your
mom doesn't care about you.
You've reached Sivu Olympic Levin.
I can't get the phone right now.
You know what to do.
Sivu, I'm really sorry about the election.
Please give me a chance to explain.
Call me back.
Hmm. Not you calling me now.
What's going on?
- Are you okay?
- I really messed up.
I need to leave Makhanda.
- All my friends are just
- Mbali, friends?
You're wasting my time
telling me about friends?
I have so many problems,
you don't want to help me with.
My goodness. What is it?
Can you just be my mother,
for once? Please.
So I must stop my things,
for someone like you?
The same person who said
she doesn't need me in her life,
and that you're better than me.
Listen here, my girl.
This is the real world.
There are no friends.
Only survivors.
Forget I called.
This is The Spill
and things are getting real.
With Sivu suspended and
Caesar declaring war against the VC,
our campus is now a battleground.
The road to equality is never easy.
Especially when we suffer the costs.
Fight on, Raenbows, but stay safe.
Mr. Mokoena,
the shutdown has to stop.
Did you call me here to reinstate me
as the rightful president,
or do you want to feel
the wrath of the students?
The most democratic thing here,
will be to run another election.
You think we will accept
another bogus election in this place?
The Council has agreed to a fee freeze.
But if this shutdown continues,
- that's off the table.
- No.
We will not cower.
We have to take this deal.
They'll just reinstate
the increase again next year.
This is my only chance
to become president again.
I did not
give you those ballots
so you could push
your own political agenda.
Stay out
of grown people's matters.
I will accept
a temporary reinstatement
as president pending the new election,
on the grounds
that Sivu Levin does not contest,
or participate. Capeesh?
Thank you.
I used a corrupt USB
to crash the university server
as well as the voting app.
And I switched out the ballots
for the manual election because
I wanted Sivu Levin to win
and for us to be this power couple.
And I know how problematic
as fuck that is but,
he knew nothing about this.
Jay and Sivu are innocent. Okay?
I am ready to take
full responsibility for what I did.
I acted completely alone.
Thank you for that speech, Mbali.
I appreciate it and
I'm sure you'll do better next semester.
Aren't you going to expel me?
What are you doing here?
I'm being the mother you've always wanted.
It's all there.
What is going on?
Where did you get this?
What have you done?
You are not going anywhere.
Because Makhanda
is our new home now.
What the f?!
Subtitle translation by: Regina Njoku
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