Misfits s03e04 Episode Script

Series 3, Episode 4

'My name is Friedrich Hirsch.
I was born in Berlin in 1935.
'When the Jews were sent to the ghettoes, 'I was given false papers and adopted by a German family.
'Shortly afterwards, my parents were sent to the labour camps.
'I was never to see them again.
'My adoptive parents 'were terrified that I would be found out.
'Everyday they said to me, "Say nothing.
" "Do nothing.
" 'I smiled and I saluted 'and I did 'nothing, 'as everyone I knew 'was murdered.
'But now, I have a chance to change that.
'I am going to travel through time and kill Adolf Hitler.
'If I fail, 'I wanted whoever finds this letter to know that 'I tried.
'I did something.
' Aah! Move! Move! Move! Get out now.
Move! Move! Move! Hey! Come with us.
Keep moving! Fuckin' Nazis! What's going on? I seen them arresting people on the estate.
They're rounding up people with powers.
What then? Fuck knows.
What's this? I said it had to be done alphabetically.
Since when did "J" come before "H"? If I'm so crap, why'd you give me the job? Because you have other talents.
Oh, yeah you are very, very talented.
You mean I've got nice tits? Yeah.
You said to let you know when the prisoner arrived.
He's here.
The old man we found with the stab wound on the estate, he had this in his pocket.
Well, put it with the other shit! Morning.
What d'you want with me? Oh, I think you know what we want from you.
Cos if you didn't, we wouldn't have found you being smuggled off the estate in the boot of a car.
You'd have taken the bus like a normal person.
Now you're going to test some people to see if they've got one of these powers.
If they have, you're going to take it off 'em and you're going to stick it in whoever I tell you to stick it in.
Got it? Right.
Let's get started! Hands.
Next! Hands.
Give him your hand.
Bingo! Right, take her for questioning.
You've got what you want from me! Just let me go! Next! What d'you know? There's this guy.
They've got him at the community centre.
They're using him to take people's powers.
What's wrong with him? He was stabbed.
I think his wound's infected.
Can't you take him to a hospital? Nazis aren't big on compassion.
Aren't you one of them? I was conscripted.
I'll do what I can for him.
They're going to find us! No! They're not going to find us, cos I have a plan.
We're going to Mum and Dad's.
What?! They're our parents legally obliged to hide us.
Oh, yes, cos I am sure they are dying to get involved! Last time Dad seen you, he called you a "Little cunt!" They fucking love me.
Do they? Yes.
They worship me.
In fact, sometimes, I think Mum loves me er too much! Now get back in here, we're going to go.
Stay where you are! Fuck! Stop or we'll shoot! I said stay where you are! This guy, who's taking people's powers you said you deliver food to the cells? Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
They've got me working my arse off! We need you to put this in his food.
What is it? You really need me to tell you? I ain't killing him.
He's a prisoner.
He's not one of 'em! It's not personal.
Killing someone?! To me, that's fuckin' personal! The Nazis are using him to take people's powers for themselves.
When they get them, they're going to use them against us.
We can't let that happen.
What are you doing? There's an old man in the cells.
His wound's infected.
He needs antibiotics.
Do you know what they'll do to you if they find you here? Shit! What's going on? He was helping with the computer.
You know how shit I am with these things.
Yeah, she is particularly shit.
I missed you.
Yeah? I only went for a piss.
I can still miss you, can't I? See the effect I have on women.
Sit down.
What about them Nazis, hey? What about them? Very bossy.
You're not taking the bait at all.
You're making me come out and say it.
Are you part of the resistance? Oh! I'll take that as a yes.
It's nice to meet you, mate.
Who are you? I've got one of them bullshit powers.
The Nazis are after me.
Show me.
Do it.
Captain Smith.
I was just, er It looked like you were smoking a cigarette? I was thinking about how best to organise our operations and to maximise efficiency and productivity.
I'll look forward to that.
I understand you've caught the man we've been looking for.
We most certainly have.
Please Move.
So, I hear you've been doing good work for us.
Is that what you call it? How does this work? Oh, he's got to touch you.
You know I can make life very unpleasant for you.
You're all done.
Like taking candy from a baby.
You've missed a patch.
We can't keep this man locked in a dirty cell.
Just there.
That's very good.
You got a cigarette? You don't smoke, do you? What gave it away? I don't smoke either.
Why should the smokers get all the breaks? I never got a chance to thank you, for covering for me.
Why are you with him? I got caught drink driving.
They were going to send me to prison.
He got them to drop the charges.
You probably think I'm a total slut.
We're all doing what we need to do to survive.
He's fucking hung himself! Open the fucking door! Come on! I can't hold him.
Untie it! I'm trying! Come on! You go in there to kill him and you end up saving his life? Just explain to me exactly how that happens.
I couldn't kill him.
He was trying to kill himself.
Then you leave him to it.
Job done.
He'd have hung himself rather than let those bastards have the powers.
He's on our side.
That's no good to us if the Nazis have got him.
We missed our shot.
We might not get another.
Hmm, now then.
That's just like the, er, story of the tortoise and the hare.
Eh? Or is it the owl and the pussy cat? Something about a lion and dog? Two in the hand is worth one in the bush, isn't it? Stop stealing the alcohol.
I thought you said to just help myself? I said stay the fuck away from the bar.
You go back to the community centre and you call me if anything happens.
It was a mistake to treat him like a prisoner.
Yeah, that's exactly what I was thinking.
We need to make him see the benefits of working for us.
Perhaps he won't be so hostile once he's sampled all the privileges we can give him.
I could get him a prostitute? I think it might take a little bit more than that.
Two prostitutes? That was a joke.
It was very funny.
I'm not hungry.
I made you jelly and ice cream.
I thought it'd be easy to swallow, you know, like they give you in hospital when you have your tonsils out.
It's raspberry.
You're dribbling.
That's attractive.
Here you go.
I suppose I should get used to this.
Apparently they're moving me to a more luxurious prison.
What the fuck is that? 'Convoy is halted, I repeat, convoy is halted in sector one.
' Come on.
Get them out of the road! Shit, get down! Down! Down! Drive, go! Fuck! Stay down.
Fuck this! You? Hiya.
Stay down.
They knew we were moving him.
And someone tipped them off! Well, don't look at me.
I was lucky to get out of there alive.
And exactly how is it that you managed to escape from this ambush? I'm very agile.
Like a cat.
And what about you? Sitting there, tip tapping away on your little computer.
Maybe you're not as stupid as you look.
I can freeze your blood just like that.
Actually, she is as stupid as she looks.
She hasn't got the brains to pull something off like this.
Tear up the estate until you find him.
I'm holding you personally responsible.
I'll see what I can do, yeah.
We will see, won't we? Fuck.
There's roadblocks all over the estate.
You'll have to stay here tonight.
Tomorrow, we'll see about moving you to a safe house.
Keep your voices down, and stay out of sight.
Where am I? You're in prison.
You need to get some rest.
This is all wrong.
None of this should have happened.
Take these.
Get some sleep.
So what's the story with your power? I started off just dealing a bit of gear to mates.
It took off from there.
After a while, I was dealing to the dealers.
It's addictive the buzz staying one step ahead of the police.
I wanted to be the ultimate dealer.
Then the storm hit.
I guess I got my wish.
I never thanked you for saving my life.
You shouldn't be thanking me for anything.
I was going to kill you.
We had to stop the Nazis from getting the powers.
I put poison in your food.
Well, why did you save me? When I saw you hanging there, I just couldn't do it.
Sorry I tried to kill you, yeah? I'm glad you didn't.
I guess I've got a soft spot for suicide cases.
A tart with a heart.
Who are you calling a fuckin' tart? No.
I didn't mean Well, you're not They're here! What? What's going on? What do you think? It's a raid.
Who are you? I work here.
And you? Er, I am his gay lover.
I'm the giver, he's the taker.
I'm the butch, he's the bitch.
I'm the sausage, he's the muffin! You're aware that homosexuality is illegal? Oh, I were joking.
Cos er he's me cousin, from me Shut the fuck up.
You, and you Clear, sir.
Well, go on, piss off! Right, I reckon you've got about three seconds before I empty my gun into this floor.
One Two Cosy down there, is it? Come on.
Go! It's you.
Do I know you? 'My name is Friedrich Hirsch.
I was born in Berlin in 1935.
' I wanted to change history.
You gave me the power.
'But now I have a chance to change that.
' We were fighting.
My phone fell out of my pocket.
Hitler he picked it up.
The Nazis they used the technology in the phone.
It changed everything.
'I am going to travel through time and kill Adolf Hitler.
' I think you'd better read this.
The Nazis weren't supposed to win the war.
This isn't supposed to happen.
Take the power.
I'm too weak to do anything with it.
You have to put it right.
Take it.
Open up! So you have the power? And now, you can put it back in him.
He's just taken it out of him.
We can't afford for anyone to have this power.
Too much could change.
It dies with the old man.
I won't do it.
Shoot him.
Shoot the old man.
Take out your side arm, and shoot him.
That is a direct order! Take your fucking gun out and shoot him! Get him out.
Take your fucking hands off me.
Leave him alone! Put the power in him.
I will shoot every person in these cells until you do as I say.
Don't do it.
I'm sorry.
And that's the end of that.
I heard what happened.
Are you OK? They shot them.
Right in front of me.
I just stood there.
I did nothing.
There's nothing you could have done.
What's wrong? Everything.
You all right, mate? You fucking shot me! What're you doing? Busting prisoners out of the cells.
I'll kill whoever gets in the way.
D'you need a hand? I'm with her.
You're shagging him? I thought you liked me? All you did was make me hate myself.
Ungrateful bitch.
After all I did.
Will you shoot him again? When we're done with him, you can do what you like.
Move! Get us out of here! Hi.
Where's Curtis? He's he's dead.
This old guy had the power to travel through time.
He tried to kill Hitler.
But he failed.
There's another version of history.
The Nazis lost.
You kidding? It's locked.
You're completely surrounded, so I suggest you drop your weapons.
Get behind me.
They won't shoot me.
Give it up.
We just want him.
The rest of you are free to go.
No, I'm pretty sure he's lying.
Of course he's fucking lying.
Grenade! Fuck! We're surrounded! He's hit! Hold on.
We'll get you out of here.
Tear gas! Stay with me.
I faked it.
I didn't put the power in Curtis.
I've still got it.
Get the phone.
What phone? Hitler.
Get the phone.
You're not allowed to die! Oi, Hitler.
Fraulein? Why have you got to be such a dick? Waffen! Waffen! So, me and you fought the Nazis? And I died? They shot you.
In this alternative version of history me and you, did we? Did we shag? No.
You kissed me when you gave me the power.
Did I? And how was that? It was all right.
So I want this bullshit rewind power out of me.
I am done fucking with history.
You have to promise me you won't let anyone else have it.
Promise, yeah? I don't want to die, so I'll put in my pet iguana for safekeeping.
I never had you down as someone who'd have a pet lizard.
Yeah, well, there's a lot you don't know about me.
I know you're not who you make out to be.
You act like you don't give a shit about anyone.
That's rubbish.
So what d'you want instead? I kind of liked being a fuckin' rocket scientist.
What the fuck are you looking at? Nothing.
Where have you been? Just been fighting the fuckin' Nazis and kicking the shit out of Hitler.
What's he doing here? Do you think he's here to take our powers? What's up with Kelly? She's seeing someone else? Just fuck off and stop following me! Check again, Kelly Bailey.
Five foot five, medium build.
She's in hospital? We were going for a drink.
It could have been nothing.
But what if she liked me? What if we were good together?