Miss Devil: HR's Devil Mako Tsubaki (2018) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

"All characters and other entities in this drama are fictitious.
" No! Who are you? I am Oh, no.
"Saito" Darn.
It's already this late? "Kyoa Home Insurance new employee, Hiroshi Saito" The other way.
Who is it? "Home" Hello? He answered It's your first day of work, right? Do your best.
Can I go to Tokyo next time? To Disneyland.
What are you talking about? It isn't in Tokyo.
You're joking.
Really? I'm busy now.
Do your best, the star of Nagano! Don't burn out and become a shooting star.
- It's so funny! - What is? Hey, give him a break.
"Hiroshi's father, Osamu Saito" Have you had breakfast? Good grief.
I'm hanging up.
I said I was late.
I am Hiroshi Saito, 22 years old.
I graduated from my university in Nagano in spring and moved to Tokyo.
I just started working.
I'm delighted about my new life, and I'm excited.
It naturally makes me walk faster.
To begin with, the university I graduated from was one in the country that nobody knows.
"Venue of Initiation Ceremony" Being employed by such a famous company is, to say the least a miracle.
This is the most long-standing insurance company in Japan, Kyoa Home.
No matter what happens, I'll definitely I'm sorry.
"Kyoa Home Insurance new employee, Tsuyoshi Kusakabe" Are you a new employee? Yeah.
Don't daydream here.
Sorry, did I keep you waiting? Good morning.
Good morning, Ms.
HR Department Head.
Just call me by my name.
"HR Department Head, Chihiro lto" - Ms.
Your new life finally starts today.
Are you nervous? No.
Oh Yes.
Are you or are you not? Sorry, I've always been an anxious person.
Okay, relax your shoulders and take a deep breath.
See? Good luck.
I'm counting on you.
Yes, Ms.
Thank you.
About the ceremony's programme.
It starts at around 9:30 a.
, after that, at 10 a.
, you're scheduled to say a few words.
All right.
"Managing Director, Tomoharu Osawa" And the chairman? "Secretary, Mizuki Motohashi" He'll be absent this year too.
I see.
"Kyoa Home Insurance Main Office Building" It reminds me of various things.
Is it cherry blossom? Matsuo Basho? "Kyoa Home Insurance Chairman, Kanji Kitamura" Well done, Shiba.
Spring is nice.
The air is fresh, and flowers blossom.
It makes my heart feel younger.
- Hey, Shiba.
- Sir? Do you know what youth is? "Secretary, Ryo Shibasaki" - Youth? - Yeah.
Youth? It means there is a future.
Many young people joined our company this year as well.
That means our company's future is expanding.
The ceremony will begin soon.
You should attend it if you care about it.
I have already retired.
I won't be useful in any way even if I attend.
Hey, Saito.
- Guys, long time no see.
- Long time no see.
You really don't look like you're working.
Me too? Say something.
You're so mediocre.
Why not? It's Saito's character.
Girls don't like that though.
Are you praising or dissing him? What? I am praising him.
And you, Sekiuchi What? Me? My fringe doesn't look right.
You are narcissistic, Sekiuchi.
You actually said something back! I tried my very best.
I have to say that the prospect of the insurance industry is extremely harsh.
Decrease in birth rate and population and the ageing society cause the market to shrink now.
We, Kyoa, are Japan's most long-standing We shall effect a bold reform that nobody had ever carried out.
Only people who can overcome it will survive.
It's no exaggeration to say so.
Well then, lastly, I would like to introduce someone.
Our training for new employees will start tomorrow, and this year, we have invited an expert from outside to come.
She had worked at Ethan and Logan, a consultant company in the U.
, and she now works as a freelance human resources consultant.
Please welcome Ms.
Mako Tsubaki.
She is gorgeous.
Her figure is awesome.
What? The lady is gorgeous and has an amazing figure.
She captured everyone's heart in a mere instant.
I am Mako Tsubaki.
I look forward to working with you.
But she is actually like a devil.
"Miss Devil" "Kyoa Home insurance" Episode 1 Wow, she is really beautiful.
This is our HR Consultant, Mako Tsubaki.
Sorry for making you come a long way here.
I was being unreasonable and said I had to see you once no matter what.
But still, you're like How should I put it? A dev No, I mean you're like an angel.
We've left the training of the new employees entirely to her.
- Entirely? - Yes.
That means, as the HR Department Head, your department has been responsible for the training every year, right? A new wind blowing isn't bad for the company.
Oh, wind.
Oh, I see.
Is that so? Well then, I'm counting on you.
Starting tomorrow, I will do my best to meet your expectation.
"Kyoa Home Insurance Group Tama Training Centre" Our two-week training started on the day after the ceremony.
Hi, everyone.
The main office's HR Department sent me here to join you as an observer.
I'm Okitsu.
"HR Department, Shuhei Okitsu" - Everyone.
I'll tell you what an observer does.
Well, just consider me as a helper.
By the way, when you start working, there will be words like "observer," "evidence," and "authorise".
Nobody knows what they mean, but they work like they do.
But this is what a company is.
A bunch of party poopers.
It looked like my joke wasn't funny.
Your turn.
You are going to work for your company, so I would like you to do something meaningful.
Meaningful? What? It is to write a resignation letter.
Resignation letter? Is it a joke? It's the opposite.
We're going to start our job.
Now, all of you are nobody, but you have only one greatest right.
What is it? It is to resign from your company of your own free will.
When you ensure that right, you can finally be on equal terms with your company.
To the company, a resignation letter is your farewell note, so to speak.
Please learn how to die first.
She said something shocking.
In this training camp, among the 50 new employees here, only 10 will stay.
What the heck? You are firing 40 of us? Is it the company's plan? This is my own decision.
It's the conclusion I reached after looking at Kyoa Home's current business condition and your ability.
Ten is the suitable number.
Excuse me, Ms.
Tsubaki, you're an outsider.
I think you don't have as much authority to do so.
The Managing Director gave me his consent.
Are you saying that Mr.
Osawa's decision is wrong? No, it's not like that.
Osawa, I cannot accept this.
You mean, Ms.
Tsubaki? I agree to let her be responsible for training the new employees, but she didn't submit any proposal, and she hasn't reported anything to us yet.
It seems that it's the way she works.
It says on our contract that we won't interfere until the training is over.
Why do you trust her so much? You know, Ms.
Tsubaki, she can give what Kyoa Home needs most now.
And what is that? A strong antidote.
Is it too obvious if I say so? We were divided into 10 teams of five and started to play a game to win the 10 places in the company.
Do your best.
We're almost there.
Sorry, go without me.
I'll catch up later.
- Okay, be careful.
- See you later.
It's already this harsh on the very first day? He's so slow.
What a let-down.
You must be exhausted, Nagumo.
You aren't steady on your feet.
Are you okay? What is it? Nothing.
Let's go.
Kusakabe's father is the head of the Department of Treasury.
He got carried away.
"Kyoa Home Insurance Group Tama Training Centre" Well done, everyone.
This is the end of the first day of your training.
After you give me your report, you can spend your time freely.
But do not relax too much.
Because you'll be exhausted right away if you relieve your tension suddenly.
"Training Report" Nagumo, I'll wash my clothes.
Should I wash yours too? Thanks for your help.
"Tsuyoshi Kusakabe" "Kusakabe"? You're doing his report for him? It's no big deal.
Saito, is it? What's the matter? I think you shouldn't do this.
You made Nagumo write your report for you.
No, I didn't.
Nagumo said he wanted to do it.
Right? What? Oh, yeah.
See? He isn't used to writing reports, so he wants more experience.
You haven't written your report too, right? You'd better go back now.
You have a strong sense of justice.
So cool.
Hello? Ms.
Ito? It's Okitsu.
Good evening.
How was the training? Did it go well? Well, I think I should report this to you.
What happened? It hasn't really happened, but the consultant, Ms.
Tsubaki, is pretty fierce.
So, if possible, would you come here and say something Hello? Did you say "fierce"? What do you mean? Nothing.
It's nothing at all.
Everything Everything is going smoothly.
Please don't worry.
Well then, see you.
Okitsu? Hello? What? My body is exhausted, but I am so nervous that I can't sleep at all.
What's the matter? Well, I want to go to the loo.
During your training, unless permission is granted, the use of smartphones and tablets is not allowed.
Sorry, ma'am.
"Kyoa Home Insurance Group" "Tama Training Centre" Well then, let's begin today's training.
But before that Mr.
Masaki Takei.
You spent a long time talking to your girlfriend last night.
Am I right? Hang on, who told you that? Marks will be deducted.
Please be informed that it will affect your assessment.
Did someone tell her? - I didn't.
- Me too.
Liars! Only you two were in the room! It's none of my business.
You're the one who broke the rules.
Don't blame other people! During your training, unless permission is granted, the use of smartphones and tablets is not allowed.
It has to be her.
Did she plant surveillance cameras to make us scared and doubtful? Let's start the training.
Now, you will first tell your teammates their weaknesses.
Weaknesses? Knowing how other people see you will be very useful when you work.
She makes them do harsh stuff.
"Hidetomi Sekiuchi, Mafuyu Todo, Hajime Muramatsu, Seiya Abe" There you go.
They're yours.
And Yours.
"Hiroshi Saito's weaknesses: Country bumpkin" "indecisive, timid" It's suffocating.
It makes me think that other people think that I am worthless.
"Hidetomi Sekiuchi's weakness: Too nervous, narcissistic" "Yoichi Nagumo's weakness: Too incapable!" "Get lost!" - Ms.
- Yes? I remember your comment about letting Ms.
Mako Tsubaki train the new employees.
"A new wind blowing isn't bad for the company.
" Yes, Mr.
Kitamura, I did say that.
But you know, some wind brings fresh air from the mountain and it feels comfortable, but cold wind from the sea sometimes makes rice stalks wilt.
- Mr.
- Yes? What do you think about this year's training camp? Well, I leave the management of the company entirely to Osawa.
But if something is bothering you and you want to talk, come here anytime you want.
Listening is the only thing I can do.
My ears can still hear.
- Thank you.
- Okay.
What? It's so harsh.
It's marathon again.
What's the matter, Saito? I can't find my trainers.
Go without me.
What the heck? It looks painful.
Running a marathon in leather shoes must've been tough.
Oh, what an awful prank.
He didn't have to cut the shoes.
Hey, wait.
How do you know that? Saito, which university did you graduate from? Why do you ask? Are you ashamed to tell others? That means even if you can finish the training without any mishaps, you are going to work under me for the rest of your life.
- That's not - Yes, you will! Be smarter if you understand.
Why do I have to do this? Todo, are you okay? You better get some rest.
Thank you.
Then I'll You'd better keep digging.
He might tell on you that you took a break.
Of course I won't.
Who knows? Do it now.
This is a survival game, right? So, you can do anything, and that is the rule.
If you don't, you will end up being kicked out yourself.
Who did that? It's raining.
Let's get it done quickly.
This is awful! I've had enough! Gosh Do it quickly! Hurry up! Well done, everyone.
Next please fill the holes.
You have 30 minutes.
Marks will be deducted if you can't make it in time.
Wait, don't do this! If you're gone, what about our team? I don't care! - What happened? - Please accept this.
Are you serious? "Resignation letter" I think you should think again.
Is it because you'll be responsible if anything happens? What are you talking about? Of course it isn't The amulet is useful, isn't it? You resign from the company voluntarily.
Are you all right with that? Yes, I am.
You two better run away from this crazy company soon too.
This week's training is over.
I will see you again on Monday.
I'm sorry to tell you that just now, one employee dropped out, but please don't let that upset you.
Hello? How was the training? Did it go well? Hiroshi? Well, it was easy.
Is that so? It was easy? You've been doing things your own way since you were young.
Don't push yourself too hard.
Call us at once if anything happens.
You're in the hospital.
Hang in there a bit longer.
Where does it hurt now? Can you hear me? I'll do my best.
Yeah? No matter what happens I'll work at the company.
So, don't worry about me.
I see.
Hey, Hiroshi, when can you get me tickets to Disneyland? Is that all you can say Promise you'll get one.
All right, fine.
You made the effort to call him.
What a doting father you are.
You didn't agree to let him join Kyoa Home at first.
It's because I have to.
"One new message" "Can we meet face to face to talk about him?" "Re: The matter No problem.
We can meet.
" Yes? "Kyoa Home Insurance Group Tama Training Centre" - A week ago, my heart was full of hope, but now Saito! "Resignation letter" This This is why I hate young people! It isn't my fault.
It isn't! Everyone can't come here again after they had a break.
You will be exhausted right away if you relieve your tension suddenly.
What a shame.
However, everybody has the right to resign from a company.
Nagumo? Are you okay? I am okay.
I'll go to the loo.
Osawa, I've just been informed that over 30 new employees submitted their resignation letters I've been informed too.
I trust you, Mr.
Osawa, so I've held back from interfering too much, but frankly, I feel betrayed.
I think we should cancel the training at once.
It's impossible.
As I've told you, I won't interfere until the training is over.
But as the HR Department Head, I have to do something about this.
Resignation letters? Oh, dear.
This is no joke.
Indeed, this has never happened before.
Beautiful roses have thorns, but aren't hers too sharp? Who on earth is the consultant, Mako Tsubaki? "Kyoa Home Insurance Group Tama Training Centre" Ms.
Tsubaki, will you tell me what's going on? Tell you? Tell you what? Everything that you're doing here.
You declared you'll cut our 50 new employees down to 10, and you forced inhumane training to achieve that.
This is not normal.
What are you doing this for? The condition is to leave the training entirely to me.
Answer me.
What are you doing this for? You're the human resources director, so you should know.
Kyoa Home's total labour cost this year is 28.
95 billion.
Base on the data, the reasonable labour cost next year will be 27.
05 billion.
In other words, we need to reduce the cost by 2 billion.
Wait, how did you get the figures? This year's expected current profit is 5.
51 billion yen, about the same as last year.
However, it is only the number for the record.
For the past five years, Kyoa Home's profits went down by 3 per cent each year.
Despite that, the fact is hidden cleverly.
We are not doing anything illegal.
Our employees work together Of course, you are free to claim that you handled it properly.
However it is obviously window dressing.
Who told you that? Mr.
Osawa? I don't know about 10 years ago, but now, Kyoa Home is a giant tree that's almost rotten.
If the company's result is reflected correctly, the reasonable number of new employees is 10.
This is my conclusion.
You should actually thank me.
None of your employees has to get their hands dirty, and you'll end up having the right number of new employees.
But that's because you only look at the figures.
Just mechanically cutting down the number isn't good enough.
Employees are what drives the company.
Also, the purpose of training is to educate them.
It shouldn't be to throw them away.
And yet, you made them do such unusual things.
What if someone gets injured? If something that can't be undone had happened, how are you going to take responsibility? Hey! Someone jumped off the building! Are you okay? - Are you okay? - Is he okay? - Call an ambulance.
- Okay.
- Are you okay? - Are you okay? I had no idea that Nagumo felt so pressured.
We were pretty close, but We're so useless.
If I had shown more concern for him, this might not have happened.
Guys, listen to me.
How is Nagumo? The bushes absorbed the shock, so he only got bruised.
Ito has gone to the hospital with him.
What a relief.
Also the training is cancelled.
It's Ms.
Ito's instruction.
- Well then, lastly - What? Including Nagumo, who is in hospital, there are 11 of you now.
I told you at the beginning, that during the training, I would select 10 employees to stay.
I would like you to vote to decide whom the company doesn't need.
It can be someone here or Nagumo, who is at the hospital.
Please vote for the person you think is the most useless to the company.
If someone gets half of the total, that is, five votes, that person will be the unnecessary one.
What if the votes are scattered and nobody gets five? Then Ms.
Tsubaki will decide.
We can vote for Nagumo too, right? Yes.
He did not give me his resignation letter.
I see.
I can make my decision right away then.
He has partly dropped out anyway.
Come here and get your voting slip then.
You had a narrow escape.
Be grateful to me.
You'll be fired at once if you use violence.
I'm sure the four of them will vote for Nagumo.
If anyone else votes for Nagumo too, he will Now, write the name of someone here or Nagumo, who is at the hospital.
If you won't vote for anyone, you can write a cross.
I can't write Nagumo's name.
Kicking him out one-sidedly is too mean.
But will this really do him any good? There is something wrong with this company.
The atmosphere of the training wasn't normal, everyone felt cornered, and the bullying was absurd.
"Resignation letter" Perhaps both Nagumo and I better resign from this company and choose another life.
- Can I really have this? - Of course.
The company you wanted to join the most offered you a job.
Do your best.
A man is fully grown after he starts working.
- Is it too cliche? - It is.
Thank you.
I'll do my best.
It isn't just about me.
I'm not here only because I want to, but I don't think we need time to think.
There is no need to worry about it.
What's the matter, Mr.
Saito? Saito? Why? Why do we have to do this? Why? When I was in high school my father had an accident.
Saito, where does it hurt most? Can you hear me? I'll touch your leg softly.
But my father bought an insurance, so our family managed to have a decent life.
That's why I wanted to join an insurance company.
If I join and save families that could be ruined, like mine, it would make me very happy.
Among the many insurance companies that interviewed me only one person listened to me seriously.
If I join your company, I will So I just wanted to join this company desperately.
I wanted to join this company and make someone's life better.
I am not here to play a game like this to change someone else's life.
I understand what you want to say very well.
Kusakabe "Nagumo" voted for Nagumo.
In the blink of an eye "Abstained" "Nagumo" What? I thought we'd get the result quicker.
All right, the last vote.
Hiroshi Saito.
Are you sure? "Mako Tsubaki" It's what you said.
You told us to write a cross, Nagumo's name or someone here.
So I wrote your name.
I think the one who should be gone is the person who made this crooked situation.
Somehow You're cool.
You're too reckless.
The result of the vote is nobody got five votes.
Therefore, I will choose the person to kick out.
Are you fine with that? Yes, of course.
The employee that I think is really unnecessary is Tsuyoshi Kusakabe.
It's you.
Why? Why is it me? Everyone, please check your mobile phone or smartphone.
I got a new message.
It has an attachment.
"To: me" Will you go and throw away Saito's shoes? No, I won't do it.
You have no right to refuse.
Don't tell anyone.
Nobody will believe you.
You know who my father is, right? Say something, slowcoach! It's your fault that our team now ranks lower! Do you know that? What is this? Say something! You're still so clumsy.
How did you get the video? Our team will rank higher without you.
You'll do 100 squats next time.
Don't take any breaks.
What is this about? Well, it's Yes, indeed, your performance is excellent, but you did insidious things to corner your colleague.
Saying it's a little child's game is more appropriate.
"You'll be fired at once if you use violence.
" You said that, didn't you? Are you going to use Daddy's power to make the video disappear too? Mr.
Tsuyoshi Kusakabe, you have the right to resign from the company.
What will you do? I'll resign from Kyoa Home.
In that case, please give me your resignation letter.
A company needs dogs that love wagging their tails too.
Do find yourselves a good boss.
Well then, the number of employees is 10 now, so I would like to announce that Kyoa Home Insurance's training for new employees this year is over.
The training that was like a nightmare is over.
I don't feel cheerful at all, but still It's over.
"Kyoa Home insurance" It's still not too late.
Would you take back your decision? I will not do that.
But the promising young people had their future suddenly taken away.
I think our company has a responsibility.
We did not fire them one-sidedly.
They resigned from the company voluntarily, and the company doesn't need them.
Both parties agreed on that, so Ms.
Tsubaki accepted their resignation letters.
That's what happened.
I love the warm atmosphere of the company that Mr.
Kitamura created.
The employees are like a family, and the family works together And that is wrong.
That's why Kyoa Home became like this! Isn't that right? Face the reality, HR Department Head, Ms.
Sorry for making you come here.
I heard that the training camp is over, so I asked you to come here to talk to you for a bit.
I wonder what kind of wind you are.
Wind? Yes.
During this year's training, you cut our company's 50 new employees down to 10 in one go, right? Well, I am 72 years old now.
When you're so old, you don't get surprised easily.
But this time even I am astonished, amazed, startled, have never heard of it, paled, and astounded.
Who on earth are you? If you'll excuse me.
Miss Devil.
Did they really call you that in America? You cut down staff mercilessly, Miss Devil.
I learned a lot from the way you work.
You're welcome.
I learned a lot from you too.
Come in.
She is here.
"Kyoa Home insurance" And this is my first day of work at the office.
"Kyoa Home insurance" "Employee Utilisation Lab.
" "Employee Utilisation Lab.
" "Mr.
Hiroshi Saito" What? Here? "Employee Utilisation Lab" It's here? Excuse me.
I'll start working here today.
I'm new to the company I have seen you somewhere.
- Mr.
- Oh, you remember my name! Excellent.
- Hello.
- Looking forward.
But I just got here too.
After all, this department has just been set up.
Has it? Yeah.
I'll introduce them anyway.
This is Mr.
He was in Facilities Division.
"Yoji Kunimoto" Hello.
Hanamura, former accountant.
Nice to meet you.
"Yuriko Hanamura" Same here.
And this lady was in IT Promotion Department.
This is Ms.
"Former IT Promotion Department," "Kanna Tabe" And Oh, the head of our lab.
She's inside.
I'll go in and say hello.
Excuse me.
I'll start working here today.
My name is Hi Why are you I was appointed to work at the newly set up Employee Utilisation Lab as the head of lab.
Didn't you say that you didn't join the company to change someone's life? How touching.
From now on, your job is to fire people.
You will lay off employees.
In other words, you are going to twist and distort many people's lives and put an end to them.
As my subordinate.
I really look forward to it, Hiroshi Saito.
I trembled in front of the beautiful devil.
But it was only the beginning.
I'm going to experience fear much more hideous than this.
"What happened so far was just the beginning " You'll put an end to someone's life as an office worker.
Let's tell the company.
Be quiet! Devil.
"What does the devil want?" To fire employees.
I want to help you.
Who on earth are you?