Miss Devil: HR's Devil Mako Tsubaki (2018) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

No! Regarding the training of our new employees, we have invited an expert from outside the company this year.
I am Mako Tsubaki.
During the training, over 30 new employees submitted resignation letters.
"Resignation letter" I've been informed too.
Why do you want her here? Because Miss Tsubaki brings what Kyoa Home needs most right now.
Miss Devil.
I am not here to play games like this to change someone else's life! You have the right to resign from the company.
Excuse me.
I start working today.
I'm Hi "Kyoa Home Insurance new employee, Hiroshi Saito" Why I was appointed to work at the new Employee Utilisation Lab here "Head of Employee Utilisation Lab, Mako Tsubaki" as department head.
Why Why what? The woman! Why is Miss Tsubaki here? "Shuhei Okitsu" That beauty in there What did she do during new employees' training? She cut 50 new employees down to 10? Bingo! The managing director hired her for how well she fires people.
But this is the "Employee Utilisation Lab"! "Research on how to utilise promising employees in the company.
" "Kanna Tabe" The division heads got this email.
It's what they tell people! Business now is tough.
They're going to make us figure out which employee to lay off.
Why can you read the email? For various reasons.
"Yuriko Hanamura" That's why we're gathered here.
"Yoji Kunimoto" Well, I don't mind what I do.
It's too perfect, right? The devilish woman is the head of the department that fires people.
She discards them without batting an eye.
I can't stand working under someone like her.
I heard that "Chairman, Kanji Kitamura" she's the head of the lab.
"HR Dept.
Head, Chihiro lto" I guess a lot is going on in your mind, but the Employee Utilisation Lab is still under the HR Department.
So, as the HR Department Head, you are still her superior.
I hope you'll do your job well.
- I will.
Thank you.
- Okay.
"Employee Utilisation Lab Personnel" "Mako Tsubaki, Yoji Kunimoto, Shuhei Okitsu, Yuriko Hanamura" "Kanna Tamura, Hiroshi Saito" May I ask something? "Secretary, Mizuki Motohashi" Why did you choose the members here? You will find out soon.
"Managing Director of Kyoa Home Insurance, Tomoharu Osawa" "New employee, Hidetomi Sekiuchi" Saito, you look tired.
What? Oh, I well "New employee, Yoichi Nagumo" You shouldn't be! A new employee should be more energetic! What the heck? I agree, "New employee, Mafuyu Todo" but Nagumo, you made us so worried in the training, now you're totally fine? I am very sorry about that, but I have fully recovered now, thank you! I'm so relieved that your injury wasn't serious.
Indeed! It was a miracle.
But the gaping wound in my knee was pretty nasty.
- Do you want to see it? - No, thanks It's nice to see that you're lively.
Ito! The Chairman is expecting you.
Let's go.
"To: Mako Tsubaki" "Sales Division 2 Sender: Unknown" "Chairman IS office" Yes? - Excuse me.
- Okay.
I've brought the new employees here.
- Hello and welcome.
- Excuse me.
- Excuse me - Hello.
Wow, this is the Chairman's Office? This is the old man's hobby.
Also, I love seeing the surprised faces when new employees like you come to the Chairman's Office for the first time.
Welcome, everyone.
There you go.
Is it too cramped? Sorry, the space is small.
No, sir, it's fine.
- Miss Todo? - Yes.
Which department were you assigned to? I'm honoured that you remember me.
- General Affairs.
- General Affairs? Well, it's the hub of the company.
Good luck.
- Thank you! - Okay.
- You're Sekiuchi? - Yes, sir.
Where do you work? In the Accounting Department.
Accounting? It's also the hub of the company.
Good luck! - Sir! - Yes? - I'm Yoichi Nagumo.
- Okay.
I'm in the Sales Division and I'll do my best with vigour! - Good! I see.
- Yes.
Sales Division is also the hub of the company.
Good luck! Mr.
Kitamura, I think there are too many hubs.
Are there? The three of them went to the hub.
I see - And you're Saito? - Yes.
Which department do you work in? In the Employee Utilisation Lab.
- Employee Utilisation Lab? I see.
- Yes.
Good luck.
It is a new department, not to exaggerate but, depending on how good your work is, as part of making some history at Kyoa Home Insurance, you can leave your mark in the Employee Utilisation Lab.
Do your best! I will.
"Sales Division 2" Sales Division 2? You'll have an in-house training there.
You are HR staff, so you need to know what goes on in the company.
Yes, ma'am.
- I'll do my best.
- I'm sure that you know that this isn't just training, right? You will choose one person from Sales Division 2 to lay off.
In other words, you'll put an end to someone's life as an office worker there.
Why am I, a new employee, doing that? What else? It's because you are excellent.
Your necktie isn't straight.
I'm counting on you, Hiroshi Saito.
The devil looks at me and smiles from time to time.
I can only struggle and avoid her eyes.
"Miss Devil" "Sales Division 2" "Episode 2" Excuse me, Mr.
- Oh, you are Saito? - Yes.
- I've heard.
- Please look after me.
"Director of Sales Division 2, Shoji Asaoka" Guys, please pay attention.
This is Saito from the HR Department and he'll be trained here starting today.
He's new to the company, so please teach him with a warm and strict attitude.
He'll be here for two short weeks To sum up, in two weeks, I have to decide who we will fire in this division.
Please help sort the documents for our meeting.
This is your desk.
I forgot to introduce myself.
- I'm Kobayakawa.
Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
"Natsuki Kobayakawa" Going to different departments will be a good experience for you as HR staff.
I'll do my best.
Kojima, how many times do I have to tell you? Do you think this quotation can win the client over? I am sorry.
You made many mistakes in the figures too.
Redo it now.
"Sales Division 2, Akitoshi Kojima" "Sales Division 2" "Chairman IS office" Mr.
Osawa, do you like bowling? Bowling? I haven't bowled for a long time.
Yeah? Do you know? If you trace the origins of bowling, they go as far back as ancient Egypt.
It was a religious ritual.
The pins here represent the devil.
If you can use the ball to knock down the devil like this, then disasters won't come.
An extremely gorgeous devil has come to our company too.
- You mean Miss Tsubaki? - Yeah.
Who is she? Why did she come to our company? The answer is simple.
She is an excellent consultant and Kyoa Home needs her now.
That's why I invited her here.
To fire employees? In other words, you think that we need someone to do this, right? I wonder.
My schedule today is extremely tight.
Sorry, I have to go.
Thank you for the tea.
You're welcome.
Thanks for coming.
Hey, Shiba.
Now I want to talk to her face to face.
"Secretary, Ryo Shibasaki" Yes, sir.
- Please do something.
- I will.
One, two, three She is nine heads tall, right? Don't do it in front of her.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
"Sales Division 2" It's hard to choose one among them.
"Natsuki Kobayakawa" Ms.
Kobayakawa is nice.
She is totally different from the devilish woman.
How are you? Okay? At Employee Utilisation Lab.
But frankly, it's tough to choose someone to lay off.
Lay off? Nothing.
Forget it.
How is the General Affairs Department? My work is just busy and it's tough.
I have to learn so many things too.
I see.
I'm jealous.
I want to worry about simple things like that.
I want to talk to you about many things.
Let's have dinner next time.
What? Have dinner? Just the two of us? What's the matter? Nothing.
- I'll call you.
- Okay.
Idiot, she only thinks of you as a colleague.
"Chairman IS office" Excuse me.
Wow, thank you so much for coming a long way here.
You're cool today too.
- One head, two head - Mr.
Kitamura! - It's sexual harassment.
- I see What's the matter? My secretary, Shiba, often says that I beat around the bush, so I'll be straightforward and ask you.
So, do you like bowling? I see.
I was going to use the bowling approach.
Okay, I'm sorry.
I'll ask properly.
Well, I have already retired, but in my management philosophy, I have my mind set on one thing "All employees are members of my family.
" I'm impressed.
To me, all my employees are members of my family.
They are my sons and daughters.
Well, some of them don't perform well, but you just love your children.
So, when you abandon my lovely children, it makes my mind troubled.
But naughty children have to be punished, don't they? Is that so? Well But even if they have to be punished, it should be done by me, their father.
At least, it shouldn't be by you.
Somehow I want to go bowling after I talk about it.
Let's go bowling together next time.
By the way, my score is two No, thank you.
Yeah? Hello? "Hiroshi's dad, Osamu Saito" How is work? All right? Yeah Kind of.
It's a waste of time.
Don't act strong.
It's a bit tiring.
All new employees feel tired.
You're assigned to a new department, right? Yeah.
Frankly, I'm jealous of the other new employees.
Wait, how do you know that? You told mum, right? - Sol - No.
I think I didn't tell anyone.
"Hiroshi's sister, Akane Saito" Are trains in Tokyo really packed? They're packed with people and your feet can't touch the ground, right? Gosh, yeah, people float! I float every day.
What? Wicked! I want to take one! - Oh, Saito, please shred this.
- Okay.
- Shred this after that.
- Okay.
It's been five days since I came to Sales Division 2.
Frankly, I've been too busy to choose anyone.
Somehow you're strange.
Why? You became one of us right away.
Usually, employees are hesitant to give a new colleague work, but they've given you a lot.
Well, it has always been like this for me.
I used to get pushed around by my younger sister too.
I can imagine it.
You'll go to different divisions, right? I think you'll be all right no matter where you go.
Oh, not really You seem to be taking your time working.
Miss Tsubaki.
I guess you've gotten to know the division well enough.
I'm Saito's supervisor, Tsubaki.
Asaoka, you've been looking after Saito, so I would like to say hello.
Oh Hello.
He is excellent and has been very helpful.
If you say so, Saito would be delighted too.
See you.
Your supervisor is pretty unique.
Well Yeah Hey, Kojima, where is the proposal I asked you to do? I'll finish it tomorrow.
Give me a break! I won't make it in time.
I'm sorry.
Akitoshi Kojima, is it? Yes, it's him.
I think he would be the most suitable person to lay off.
Why do you say so? Mr.
Kojima obviously can't do his job.
Asaoka and the other colleagues shout at him and he's totally out of place there.
Well then, we'll lay off Kojima.
Are you fine with that? I'll make the decision? Yes.
But I'm just giving you a suggestion.
I thought you would be the one to decide.
No, you will.
Kojima joined the company in 2005, worked in Accounting, Merchandise, then Sales Division 2.
Came from Yokohama, graduated from the Department of Economics of Kanto First University.
Last year's income was 7.
72 million.
Married his former colleague in 2011 and has a 4-year-old daughter now.
He lives in Oyama, ltabashi-ku, Tokyo.
In 2014, he bought a two-bedroom new flat for 42 million yen and needs 27 more years to pay it off.
How do you know so much? Mrs.
Kojima is a housewife, Akitoshi Kojima is the breadwinner.
If he loses his job, he can't pay the mortgage and their living expenses will run the savings out.
You will lay off Akitoshi Kojima based on your own judgement.
Are you fine with that? Sorry, will you wait a bit longer? Somehow it makes me feel like I'm really putting an end to Mr.
Kojima's life.
I see.
In other words, you were not responsible when you said who you'd lay off.
Am I right? No, I didn't mean to.
What did you mean, then? You are Kyoa Home Insurance's employee, you get a salary, so you must make a contribution.
It's unacceptable to get the salary and do nothing.
If you don't want to do that, give me your resignation letter and leave.
Please choose one.
I am sorry, my point is very straightforward even if uninteresting.
But shooting from the hip with someone like you is the best.
I have to think again carefully about who I choose.
Hello? Saito, would you like to have dinner today if you have time? I Yeah, sure.
Glad to hear that! Will you go to the restaurant yourself? There's a place I've been wanting to try.
Okay- It won't hurt to see her, right? If I can see her and comfort my heart - Hey, good evening, Saito.
- You look tired.
Why are you two here too? What? You thought it was only you and Todo? No, not like that.
What are you talking about? Nothing at all! How is work? What actually does the Employee Utilisation Lab do? Well Various things.
Like everything related to human resources.
You've been working hard.
I'm desperate.
My supervisor kept lecturing me today too.
What is your supervisor like? It's the consultant, Miss Tsubaki.
What? Really? - The devilish one? - No, she is the devil! Yes, she is! The devil is my supervisor for some reason.
Just now, she said, "It's unacceptable to get a salary and do nothing.
" She kept lecturing me.
But she is right.
- Miss Tsubaki is right.
- Yeah.
Guys, will you side with me? No, we can't.
Do you have a minute? I heard that Hiroshi Saito was sent to Sales Division 2.
You aren't using him to choose someone to lay off, are you? What if I am? I'm speechless! There are jobs that only a new employee can do.
Also, training employees is one of my important jobs.
Train them? You mean making someone other than you fire employees? - Cheers! - Cheers Our company will never improve if you work like that.
Instead of abandoning the weakness, you should make good use of our strengths.
It's also an important job of the HR Department.
I don't disagree.
We just think in different ways.
I don't care that you joined with Mr.
I'll protect the employees as the HR Department Head.
"Kyoa Home insurance" - Please check this.
- Okay, thanks.
- Please make 10 copies.
- Okay.
Frankly, I don't know who I should choose at all.
But I'll be in trouble if I don't.
Anyway, why do I have to worry about this so much? What is this? "Natsuki Kobayakawa is sexually harassed by Mr.
Asaoka"? - Oh, Kobayakawa.
- Yes? The proposal you did the other day was pretty good.
Thank you.
Keep up the good work.
It's nothing.
What do you want to talk about? Well I thought it might be inappropriate to ask you directly, but I couldn't come up with any other idea.
I'm sorry.
Well, Ms.
Kobayakawa What's the matter? I heard that you were sexually harassed by Mr.
If this is true, it is very serious.
Come on, what are you talking about? It's totally groundless.
What? Is that so? It is! Mr.
Asaoka is pushy, so he has many enemies.
Maybe someone tried to frame him? Of course I'm not sexually harassed.
Yeah, that's true! That's what I thought too.
Is that all? You'll leave our division soon, so do your best.
I will.
Oh? What are you doing? Mr.
- Yours.
- Thank you.
- What? - What? What? Oh, sorry.
How much is it? 150 yen.
150 yen - Sorry.
- Gosh! So, what happened? Well, there's a lady, Ms.
Kobayakawa at Sales Division 2 Oh, Ms.
She's nice, right? She's quite pretty and she seems kind.
Don't make a move on her! Her husband works here too.
I won't make a move on her! But how do you know so much? It's no big deal.
What happened to Ms.
Kobayakawa? I heard that Ms.
Kobayakawa's been sexually harassed by Mr.
Asaoka? Well, I doubt it.
He is capable, and he's handsome, so he's popular among female employees, but he joined the company midway, so he wouldn't do anything awful.
Your information gathering ability is a big deal.
Is it? Well, Ms.
Kobayakawa said herself she wasn't sexually harassed.
So, in other words, if Mr.
Asaoka sexually harassed her, you wouldn't hesitate to fire him? No! I can't do something so horrible.
Well, but if there isn't a candidate to lay off, then you can't do anything.
Indeed, Mr.
Okitsu is right.
Asaoka did not sexually harass anyone.
Frankly, I have no idea who I should choose.
In that case, I'll take advantage of it.
What is this? A document about Sales Division 2.
Sales Division 2 is excellent.
The division hasn't run a deficit so far.
Based on that, the conclusion I reached is there is no need to lay off anyone.
I see.
Your summary is good.
On the surface.
Even Kojima, who has no major achievements only seems so because his colleagues are so capable.
If you compare his performance with people in other divisions, he isn't any worse.
Also, I was informed that Mr.
Asaoka sexually harassed a colleague, but I found out it was a groundless rumour.
Yeah? The sexual harassment is a groundless rumour? Yes, so I think we don't have to lay anyone off in Sales Division 2.
How do you explain this video, then? You keep texting me and it is annoying.
I keep texting because you never reply to me.
How do I reply to texts like that? Why? If you say yes, we can go to a hotel right away.
You get it, right? Please don't do this.
This video You should know our department is the star of the Sales Divisions.
You'll be sad if you go to another department now.
The large amount of overtime pay you get now will be gone too.
Sorry that I have to show the video to you.
But you are sexually harassed by Mr.
Asaoka, right? Actually, my husband has cancer.
What? He is an accountant here and has taken a leave of absence.
His cancer is pretty advanced.
It needs to be treated by the latest chemotherapy.
It isn't insured, so it is expensive.
Is that so? You get it now, right? I can't afford to make a fuss and say he sexually harassed me, then let something unwanted happen.
But at this rate, you will Let's tell the company.
We have the evidence here.
I can't explain it well, but my boss should help us to make Mr.
Asaoka resign.
You only have to testify to it.
I want to help you out of it! Okay- I will tell the company what he did.
Asaoka? Ms.
Kobayakawa will testify to this.
The company doesn't need a boss that sexually harasses people.
In that case, we will lay off Sales Division 2's Director, Asaoka.
Are you fine with that? Yes.
"Midori Central General Hospital" My dear "Kyoa Home insurance" The documents you asked for.
- Sorry to have kept you waiting.
- Thank you.
May I join you? You're Saito's Please have a seat.
What a coincidence.
Do you come here often? Yes, I like the bar.
I came in to take shelter from the rain.
How lucky.
I've been wanting to talk to you.
Come on, you flatter me.
It's true.
Of course, I'd like to talk about work, but various other things as well.
"Kyoa Home insurance" Excuse me.
Well then, let's begin.
I'm going to record everything we say.
Natsuki Kobayakawa, Sales Division 2's director, Mr.
Asaoka, has been sexually harassing you.
Is that true? No.
This isn't true.
Kobayakawa? You told me you'd testify to this, didn't you? I see.
You were not sexually harassed.
He made a fuss himself.
Is that what you're saying? Hang on a second.
Kobayakawa, what is the matter? She was not sexually harassed.
But there's a video to prove Be quiet! She was not sexually harassed.
You want to hide something so much that you told us that, right? What is going on? The medical treatment her husband receives costs a huge sum of money.
What documents are they? Ms.
Natsuki Kobayakawa, you want to make your sales performance better, so you did something dishonest, right? You cancel the contract with a client temporarily, "Cancellation, application" and sign another contract later.
By doing so, it seems like you've signed double the amount of contracts.
These are the documents to prove this.
What? I have checked you out on my own too.
You were afraid that accusing Asaoka of sexual harassment would make people pay attention to you, and if they did, the risk of your being exposed would be greater.
You did everything for the money needed to treat your husband's cancer, right? I sympathise with you, however, what you have done has seriously violated office regulations.
As HR staff, I cannot overlook this.
Natsuki Kobayakawa, you have the right to resign from the company.
What will you do? "Notice of Resignation" "I will resign from the company on 18th April.
" Devil.
Kobayakawa! I I just wanted to help you no matter what, so I But I couldn't do anything.
So I It isn't okay.
This can't be fine.
Even though Ms.
Kobayakawa did something wrong, there should be another way to handle this.
Miss Tsubaki! I'm happy that you want to see me at the office as well.
Last night, I left right before something could happen.
I was so lonely.
To make it up to you, today Ouch! What are you doing? Ow Now I myself have proven that there was sexual harassment.
I have the evidence as well.
You I think you should know what will happen if you repeat such a foolish act.
Good luck with your work.
"Resignation Report" I have read your report.
Have you? Hey, you've known about it all along, right? You knew that Ms.
Kobayakawa did something dishonest, but if you were careless, she might realise it and erase the evidence.
So you sent the new employee, Saito there, so she'd be off guard, and gathered hard evidence while he stayed there.
You overestimated me.
"Kyoa Home insurance" A week has passed since Ms.
Kobayakawa resigned.
I could not simply put it behind me and Saito? Ms.
Kobayakawa? What are you here for today? To get my things.
Oh, I see.
I am very sorry about the other day.
I did something thoughtless.
There must be another way to help you.
But I am happy now.
What? I just realised that what my husband and I need now is to treasure the rest of the time we've got together.
I finally realised that after I resigned.
I think I have to thank the scary lady.
What? Well then, good luck.
When I was little, I loved the sweet red bean soup my mother made.
Well, you couldn't find any Western dessert at that time.
So if she made sweet red bean soup, it'd make me really happy.
I'd swallow a whole bowl at once, and make myself stuffed.
I would end up feeling so horrible that I fainted in agony.
Kitamura, you beat around the bush too much.
Sorry about that Well, actually, my point is, something seems happy at a glance, but is it actually something happy? This applies to the opposite too.
Now I think that you expected the result, that's why you did that.
I have applied to take this afternoon off, so if you'll excuse me.
Yeah? What a shame.
Please come any time you want.
Oh, by the way, where are you going? To Onogasaki.
Onogasaki? Who on earth are you? "Onogasaki" You seem to be doing well.
Yeah, thank you.
Why do you want to meet suddenly? Did something happen? I'm here to talk about your son today.
At that time, I had no idea of the real reason why she came to our company and that I would be caught up in something extremely serious myself.
"Preview" You devil! I'm a devil, got a problem? No overtime work, no holiday work, take annual leave actively.
"Devil's work style reform" This is work style reform.
"Tragedy of the section chief" What is the really ideal work style? Why do you ask me that? Be quiet! A secret makes a lady more radiant.
Our company has to avoid such situations at all costs.
Monster! It's been a while.
Wait! You don't have to assume that.
I repeat, please leave.