Miss Devil: HR's Devil Mako Tsubaki (2018) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

"Kyoa Home Insurance, Hiroshi Saito" Why I was appointed to work in the Employee Utilisation Lab "Head of Employee Utilisation Lab, Mako Tsubaki" as the head of the lab.
From now on, your job will be to lay off employees.
You aren't expecting him to lay someone off, are you? What if I am? You expect someone other than you to fire employees? She is an excellent consultant and Kyoa Home needs her now.
I want to help you out! You did something dishonest to make your sales performance better.
You have the right to resign from the company.
You mercilessly cut down staff.
Miss Devil.
How is work? You've been assigned to a new department, right? How do you know that? I'm here to talk about your son today.
"Episode 3" Don't go in! Who are you? I am Is that Mako Tsubaki? - Employee Utilisation Lab's? - She's gorgeous! - She has a good figure.
- Her legs are long.
- Amazing! - Yeah.
Seems many people "HR Department Head, Chihiro lto" know you're here now.
They say you were called Miss Devil in America.
Yes, behind my back.
Because of how mercilessly you fire people.
I'm offended.
My job is to simply pull the company together.
But losing manpower makes many companies lose their brilliance.
I doubt it.
I'll do everything to avoid doing that here.
By the way, the word devil originates from Sanskrit, and it's said that its Sanskrit root means shine.
The devil makes the company shine.
How ironic.
Sanskrit Sorry, I was inattentive.
"Saito" Mum, have you seen my bike key? "Hiroshi's mother, Satoko Saito" No, I haven't.
Where'd you put it? "Hiroshi's sister, Akane Saito" I don't know, that's why I ask! Put it in a certain place then.
I can't, that's why I'm looking for it! You don't make sense.
You are the one that doesn't make sense.
By the way, I have to go to a meeting today, so I'll be home late.
You were home late yesterday too.
Did you go somewhere? "Hiroshi's father, Osamu Saito" I needed some data.
I went to a book shop in Matsumoto.
Your job is tough.
He is making fervent efforts as a new employee.
Is he? He is as earnest as you.
"Kyoa Home Insurance Managing Director, Tomoharu Osawa" Please look after my son.
Don't worry, I did not tell Hiroshi about that.
I told no one.
You came a long way here to confirm that with me, right? "Hiroshi Saito Employee Utilisation Lab" What's the matter? "Secretary, Mizuki Motohashi" You have been staring at the same data for a while.
No, I wasn't.
"Shuhei Okitsu" Well, if you are so direct, it might have the opposite result.
Good morning.
- Hey, rookie.
- Yes? What do you think? Think about what? My wife can't cook, "Yoji Kunimoto" so I gave her a cookbook, then she said I think she can't cook and she got angry.
"Kanna Tabe, former IT staff" Indeed, it's annoying.
What should I do, then? "Yuriko Hanamura, former accountant" Sorry for being rude, but your wife must be pretty mature, don't irritate her and her dignity.
No, my wife is 18 years old.
Eighteen Glad to see that you're having fun.
Good morning, Miss Tsubaki! Good morning Good morning.
Your wife is 18? What happened? You want to know? I'd be lying if I said that I don't but this is private.
"Subject: Claims Department Sender: Unknown" It's Claims Department? Yes, it's where you'll receive training this time.
"Claims Department" I'll go there and end someone's life as an office worker.
I knew you were excellent.
You know what you should do.
But in our lab, there are people who are much more experienced than I am.
Why don't you ask them to do the job? I chose the members of the lab myself.
Each of you can make full use of your abilities in your jobs.
I'm sure about that.
It applies to you too.
Therefore, nobody other than you will do this job.
I lied about everything I just said.
It was a joke.
It's because you're adorable.
That's why I want to tease you.
What What do you mean? I lied about everything I just said.
It was a joke.
Go to the Claims Department.
Excuse me! The gorgeous devil toyed with my heart today too.
"Miss Devil" Wow! Her career is brilliant! "Chairman, Kanji Kitamura" How dazzling! Mako Tsubaki went to the States at 19 years old "Secretary, Ryo Shibasaki" but details about her life before that are unknown.
Is that so? I asked a pretty reliable research firm to check her out, but I think I now understand why she is so beautiful.
Why do you say so? A secret makes a lady even more radiant.
Let's ask Miss Mako Tsubaki to come and have tea every now and again.
Hello, Kyoa Home Insurance Claims Department.
The Claims Department is the department that helps customers who've had an accident negotiate for various things.
If Sales is the entrance of insurance, this is the exit.
They get unreasonable requests and claims, so the job is stressful.
"Shinobu Yoshida" This colour is nice too.
Or it's supposed to be.
Let's see.
Excuse me, Mr.
Yoshida? Please stop playing with my phone.
Let's exchange contact details.
Do you use SNS Yoshida, stop your idle talk and go back to work.
Sorry, Mr.
I thought I should communicate with the new employee.
"Department head, Kenji Onoue" Indeed.
Saito, I'm counting on you for these two weeks.
- Okay.
- Just relax and do your job.
Looking forward to working with you.
Me too.
Rookie, please deliver this to General Affairs.
Sure, okay.
"Section Chief, Yuzuru Minoshima" The Claims Department isn't easy but it's the company's rear guard.
The job is worth doing.
I'll do my best.
Saito? You're training here now? No Yes.
I'm continuing my training.
Yeah? You can talk to me anytime if anything happens.
No matter what it is.
Thank you, Ms.
Excuse me.
I have to decide who in the department to lay off soon.
If I don't, she will Why are you scared? Oh, Todo! Did you think "New employee, Mafuyu Todo" I was scary Miss Tsubaki? No, I didn't.
I don't believe you.
You're a bit of a coward.
You're right where I want you.
Please take this to General Affairs.
You have your training in the Claims Department now? Yes, this is my first day there.
It must be tough.
Talk to me about it next time.
Let's have dinner again.
What? You mean, we'll go with our other colleagues, right? Yeah, I enjoyed it last time.
Well, I'm totally okay with going alone with you too.
"Proposal for Work Style Reform" I think your proposal is wonderful, but it'll be difficult to achieve it this term.
What will you do to get it done? - In fact, in these three months - Please don't worry.
The Claims Department will work together to realise the work style reform.
Right, Minoshima? Yes.
No overtime, no holidays and an annual leave actively.
Of course, I'll take the initiative and set an example.
Thank you, Mr.
Work style reform is a good thing.
I can tell the employee mind-set is changing.
But it's because you lead "Chairman's Office" Thank you for coming.
What would you like to drink? I have coffee, tea, hot chocolate No, thank you.
What's the matter? The matter, nothing, really.
Even if there is it's just I want to have a little chat with you.
It's nothing important.
Oh, that reminds me.
You left early the other day you said you went to Onogasaki after work, right? I had applied to take the afternoon off.
I admired the sea and relaxed a little.
Glad to hear that.
I see.
By the way, I remembered something.
In Onogasaki there used to be a hotel that Kyoa Home signed a contract with.
Do you know that? No, I've never heard of it.
Yeah? Never heard of it? I'll tell you about it, let's have some alcoholic drinks Mr.
Kitamura, no alcohol.
Sorry about that.
Yoshida, please do a summary of the documents sent by the agency.
Well, of course, I can do it.
I can, but Is it the best option? What? Frankly, the work is simple.
I won't learn anything from doing it.
Why don't you let him do it to gain some experience? But I have asked Saito to do something else.
No, I think you should reconsider your decision.
Yoshida, Mori from the Research Department is on line two.
Sorry, please ask him.
Hello? I am sorry, but would you do it? I will help you.
Okay, I will do it.
Thank you.
Ask if there is anything you don't know.
Okay, then.
How is the company's ideal work style practically applied? I'd like to ask the executives and managerial staff to set an example.
I see.
It means nothing if it is executed only superficially.
I think the work style reform is a good chance to re-examine it.
What's wrong? You are always so straightforward.
You haven't changed since that time at all.
Also, Mr.
Osawa, may I say one more thing? Sure.
It's about the Employee Utilisation Lab's Miss Tsubaki.
I'd like her to list all her personnel strategies and present them to me.
Of course.
I still have doubts about whether our company really needs her or not.
Excuse me.
It's 5:00, so I'll go now.
Okay, good! Everyone should go now.
No overtime work, okay? - See you tomorrow.
- See you.
Oh? What's the matter? I don't feel comfortable staying in the Claims Department.
See you tomorrow.
See you tomorrow She's the last person I can imagine enjoying herself after 5:00! Yeah.
Maybe she goes to karaoke alone, surprisingly? What does she sing? DREAMS COME TRUE? No, maybe Enka? It's surprisingly good! The sad love song It's possible! Or anime songs, maybe? - That's possible too I guess.
- I'll go home too.
I'm too busy to join your idle talk.
Me too.
I'll go too.
But you've been so energetic! My young wife is waiting for me.
You are all leaving? Of course.
This is "the work style reform".
You too, Mr.
Okitsu? "Yoshida posted something new" "Having a drink with high school mates.
Going to karaoke later.
" I don't have to hide, do I? As a general rule, overtime work is not allowed in the Claims Department.
Excuse me, you are The head of the Employee Utilisation Lab, Tsubaki.
I see.
I'm sorry, but I'll finish it soon.
Why is Miss Tsubaki here so late? When you were in America a business magazine interviewed you, right? And I found the article.
"The Beautiful Human Resources Consultant, Miss Devil fires employees without hesitation.
" Wow, "icy smile".
You are proficient in English.
In the past I was studying abroad.
- Can you speak English? - No.
Yeah, I shouldn't lie.
What surprised me is, I thought you would like super spicy ramen, but this You like sweet apple pie, don't you? Interesting.
It is absolutely delicious.
Yeah? Glad to hear that.
You know, Shiba there knows a chef of a three-star French restaurant - Mr.
- Yes? I shouldn't lie, right? - By the way, - Yes? The hotel in Onogasaki that you mentioned the other day was burnt down in a fire.
Did you know that? Yes, of course.
You seemed to be interested, so I did some research.
Is there a reason you showed interest in the hotel? No, nothing specific.
Also, one more thing.
What is it? Why am I called here so often? Why? I see If I say I would like you to be my playmate would it be too childish? I have retired, so I've got too much time to spare.
If you can come here when you have time we can play card games.
I think we will have fun.
Is it not okay? It's okay.
Really? What? You asked me to do it? Who else besides you? You're in charge of the Beneteau Chemicals' case.
But the way you said it at the time didn't make me think so.
Please make it clear next time.
Anyway, we can't make the client wait.
The deadline is tomorrow.
It's impossible if you think about it.
I've got many other things to do.
What do you want me to do, then? Well, sorry.
What's the matter? What happened? Sorry, there was some misunderstanding.
Well, I just Misunderstanding? Minoshima, pull yourself together! Sorry, Mr.
Good grief! Please do your job properly.
When I get used to a department I start to see what they're actually like.
"One new message" "Would you like to have lunch today?" Mr.
Minoshima? He worked in the Sales Division, and he was pretty capable at that time.
What? Was he? - He's in Claims now, right? - Yes.
It isn't suitable for him.
But how do you know so much? In the end, it's "Section Chief crisis".
- "Section Chief crisis"? - Yeah.
It's delicious.
The broth is made not only with bonito but with flying fish too.
When you couldn't sign a contract, you'd say that you'd quit and open a diner.
Please forget that! We often went for lunch when I was in the Sales Division.
We did.
You'd treat me to lunch when I'd sign a contract.
I was a good boss, wasn't I? Of course! Are you happy I said so? So, how is the Claims Department? Are you worried about me? No, that's not why.
But you like to bottle up your emotions.
I'm okay.
It's different from the Sales Division, but I'll manage.
Onoue is calling.
I'll take it.
Of course.
Hello? Yes.
I'm sorry.
In other words, this "Section Chief crisis" is a sandwich.
"Sales Division, Yoichi Nagumo" Sandwich? You mean, his boss doesn't understand and keeps nagging him.
"Accounting Dept, Hidetomi Sekiuchi" His subordinate disobeys him.
- Yes! Trapped between the two! - It hurts! It's exactly the misery of being a middle manager.
Of course he would have a crisis.
I see.
Wait, why are you here too, Mr.
Okitsu? What? Because it's more fun to drink with more people.
- Indeed.
- Right? What Mr.
Okitsu says is interesting too.
Well, also You know, the relationship of many superiors and their subordinates is reversed.
- Reversed? - I got it.
The boss wants to please the subordinate and can't scold them.
Yes! Even half-baked subordinates like you guys were never scolded when you were raised, so you take it for granted! What? Half-baked? You are half-baked, millennial! You call all young people millennials right away! Why can't I? Hey, it's dirty! It's true, our generation isn't interested in climbing the career ladder.
Indeed, when I see my section chief, I think I don't want to be like him.
I know! Like I'm going to be mentally ill now.
"Kyoa Home lnsurance" Good morning, Saito.
I had fun last night.
I drank too much and feel sick now, though.
But I think I want to have dinner with you alone next time.
You do? I've been wanting to ask you.
What is it? Saito, have you got a girlfriend? The sick feeling is gone! Well I haven't got one now.
I broke up with my ex-girlfriend one year ago.
Is that so? One year ago.
One year ago.
Come to work early? I can't I know the request is unreasonable but it's also true that you haven't finished your work.
So please do something In that case, will you negotiate with LSIO first? Labour Standards Inspection Office.
What? It is Don't tell me to come early, then! And it isn't that I can't finish my work.
The way you assign jobs is wrong, right? Good afternoon.
It makes me feel sorry for Mr.
His subordinate, Yoshida's behaviour is pretty No, it's very problematic.
Minoshima is forced into a corner gradually.
Therefore you choose Yoshida as the candidate to lay off.
Please fire him.
Shinobu Yoshida joined the company in 2013, worked in Merchandise and is now in the Claims Department.
Came from Shizuoka, his father, mother and elder sister are there.
He's now single, has no girlfriend.
Has less than 500,000 yen, as you'd expect a spendthrift to have How do you know that? I cannot allow you to lay him off.
- But why? - It's obvious.
You feel sorry for Mr.
Minoshima's circumstances, sympathised too much with him and made this decision based on that.
I cannot support a biased decision like that.
Think about it again.
All right? Yes.
And one more thing.
This morning, you were talking to General Affair's Mafuyu Todo.
During that conversation you said you broke up with your last girlfriend a year ago, right? I haven't got one now.
I broke up with my ex-girlfriend one year ago.
You did, didn't you? Yes But in fact, in your second year at Nagano Chuo University you broke up with your last girlfriend, Mari Takahashi.
In other words, you haven't had a girlfriend for three whole years.
It isn't good to put on airs about stupid things.
Excuse me! What's wrong with her? Mr.
The lab's Do you have a minute? This is Your actual working hours are written here.
Not just the overtime in the Claims Department, but at the cafe nearby, restaurants, business hotels, and of course, your home too.
You have been working a lot outside of work hours, right? How did you find out so much? Falling ill due to overworking is your own business, but if this affects the company's management as an HR staff, I cannot let it pass.
I can report the matter.
Please don't do this! It will be like I'm advertising how incapable I am.
I can't communicate with my superior and can't control my subordinate.
It's all because I'm not capable enough.
So you know this yourself.
Please tell me when you know the schedule.
"PR Section Chief, Tomoe Minato" Okay, I will call you.
Are you going to continue doing your job like this? No, I You just sacrifice yourself and work frantically.
I think there are other ways.
What other ways? Well, please think about it yourself.
Miss Tsubaki, what did you say to Minoshima? You aren't going to lay him off, are you? Why? You favour him? Mr.
Minoshima was your subordinate when you worked in Sales.
That isn't why! He's a talented employee that Kyoa needs.
I have the right to keep it secret too.
Please just let me say this.
Pursuing short-term profits and firing employees isn't going to help the company grow.
And have you thought about this? The reform that you pushed ahead is forcing employees like Mr.
Minoshima into a corner.
You want them to reduce overtime and have enough rest but you want better performance.
It's good if everything goes smoothly like magic but it's impossible.
We aren't talking about the reform.
If you're assessing someone, you should try to see through to the person's real nature.
It's an HR staff's job.
But you don't, you just fire people.
I have no intention of doing so at all.
Okay, 5:00! Let's call it a day! See you! You're leaving early today.
Well done.
- See you tomorrow.
- See you.
Following him won't help, but I can't leave him on his own.
Gosh At this rate, something awful is bound to happen.
Okay, I'll follow your instructions.
Really? But I might die.
I don't look it, but my health is bad.
If I die, please take the responsibility.
Well I was just joking.
But you never know what will happen.
"Yuzuru Minoshima" - Miss Tsubaki! - What? You're too noisy.
Please lay off Mr.
Yoshida! I told you that it is impossible.
Please! It'll be too late if something happens! What will happen? Well, it's Like he might jump off a footbridge.
I see.
Please! - No way.
- Do something! - Not possible.
- But Impossible! You devil! I'm a devil, got a problem? You idiot! This is what little boys say.
Minoshima! What? Two of the four.
Fantastic! It's the biggest number.
Can't go to that restaurant? I'll look for another one.
Just a moment.
What the heck? What is going on? I am from the Kyoa Home Insurance HR Department.
Specifically, Tsubaki, the head of the Employee Utilisation Lab.
The HR Department will take over from here, will you leave now? What? What are you talking about? You have to tell me what the heck happened, or I'm not going anywhere! Be quiet! I'll say this just once.
This is the Employee Utilisation Lab's job.
Please leave.
Minoshima you were going to jump off there and find relief from everything or not.
You were going to hurt Yoshida while he walked past by.
Am I right? You know it yourself too, right? Your life at this company is over.
Wait a second! You don't have to go that far.
I mean, you can send him back to Sales No.
He cannot return to the Sales Division.
Why? When you worked in Sales out of consideration for a client, you intentionally rewrote a contract didn't you? You have even dug that up? Ms.
Ito knew what happened.
She managed to negotiate with her boss to have you transferred to another department.
So, it's impossible for you to return to the Sales Division.
Therefore, Ms.
Ito seems to care about you more than anyone else.
Yuzuru Minoshima you have the right to resign from this company.
What will you do? I will resign from Kyoa Home Insurance.
Well then.
Please write a resignation letter.
"Notice of Resignation" "Kyoa Home lnsurance" "Resignation Report" "Yuzuru Minoshima" Ms.
Ito I'm so sorry, Minoshima suddenly resigned.
But I will do my best to fill his shoes.
Good grief, Minoshima should have talked to me.
- Someone must have - Who is it that caused him to resign? What? Well Think, if you don't know.
I'll think about it too.
Good afternoon.
Somehow it makes me sad.
I liked Mr.
Minoshima a lot Hey, Yoshida, you're in trouble! Why? What you posted on your secret SNS account is all over the internet! "I charged in on my expenses" All colleagues, die! I hate the company! Close it down!" What Wait, this "Yoshida's secret account: Kyoa's building is falling!" Hang on, this Judgement time! Too slow, Mr.
Move quickly.
Thank you.
You're working hard.
I'm just an apprentice.
Not much salary either.
But I'll definitely open my own restaurant someday.
Please be my first customer.
I'd be happy to.
I'll surely go.
This time of course it was sad but I guess we avoided the worst case scenario, right? I doubt it.
- Miss Tsubaki, why - I'll tell you the reason that I came to this company.
Reason? It is to defeat the ugly monster.
Monster? I heard something that brought back my memories the other day.
- Brought back memories? - Yes.
Hotel Axe, at Onogasaki.
The fire at that time was tragic.
Thinking about it now still makes my heart wrench.
The person in charge at that time was, I think I don't think you've forgotten, but it was me.
I was in charge of the fire case.
Oh, that's right The head of HR, Ito, was on my team too.
She had just joined the company.
I see Thank you for your invaluable information.
"Matsuba Building" It is to defeat the ugly monster.
I've brought him here.
Nobody saw you, right? No, sir.
It's been a long time, Mr.
I am Agata.
It really has been a long time.
"Onogasaki" At that time, I couldn't understand the meaning of what Miss Tsubaki said.
But the ugly monster snarls, showing its sharp fangs and has come right next to me.
"Preview" Are you a spy? "Look for the spy in the company!" We've totally lost them! It's a snake in one's bosom.
"A strange mission to fall in love" Even if she does it to me You look so happy! I'm sure that you'll have an enjoyable romance.
This is what I should do now.
Find it yourself if you're a man.
And this is what you should do now.
If you stare at me like that, I can't lie at all.
No Do you have a minute, lady-killer Hiroshi?