Miss Devil: HR's Devil Mako Tsubaki (2018) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

I must end someone's career.
I knew you were excellent.
"Mako Tsubaki" I'm relying on you.
Miss Devil fires employees without any second thoughts.
"The gorgeous HR consultant" You have the right "reveals the company's dark side" to resign from the company.
I'm here today to talk about your son.
I didn't tell Hiroshi.
"Father's secret" I told nobody.
The hotel in Onogasaki you mentioned the other day was burned down in a fire.
Do you know that? "The nightmarish hotel fire, Of course.
Evokes memories of love and hatred" I was in charge of the claim.
The head of the HR Department, Ito, was also on my team.
I still have doubts about whether our company really needs her or not.
It has been a long time.
"Who is the mysterious man?" I am Agata.
Let me tell you the reason why I came to this company.
Reason? "What does the Devil of HR actually want?" It is to defeat the ugly monster.
Apparently, there is an ugly monster at my company.
"All characters and other entities in this drama are fictitious.
" But I have absolutely no idea who it is.
Saito, what's the matter? You're daydreaming.
No, I'm not.
- Good.
- I'm drinking.
- Saito, you okay with that? - Drinking with new people makes me feel younger.
"Mafuyu Tode" Come on, Mr Takagi is still young, right? "Yoichi Nagumo" That guy is Sales Planning Division's Mr Takagi.
He's handsome and easy-going, as a man, he's unrivalled.
"Shigekatsu Takagi" Oh.
Don't give me that! Saito, you love Mafuyu, don't you? It's not like that! Not at all! It's the company's party, let's go over there too.
"Hidetomi Sekiuchi" Hey She's super pretty, isn't she? - You're so pretty! - Really? Oh! You're looking at me! Hey, you over there.
- Come sit next to me.
- What? - Come sit here.
- Okay.
Oh, wow! You're so adorable! What's your name? It's Hiroshi Saito - Hiroshi! - Yes.
"Karen Nakayama" I'm Karen, Karen Nakayama from General Affairs.
Nice to meet you! Nice to meet you too - You're adorable, Hiroshi! - Wait Again.
She keeps touching him.
She only touches guys.
- You're adorable! - Please stop - Which division do you work in? - HR Mr Nashiki, you're leaving? Yeah, I am.
This "General Affairs Department Section Chief, Hideo Nashiki" For party expenses.
- We can have it? - Yeah.
- Thank you for your treat! - Thank you See you, Mr Nashiki.
- See you, guys.
- Bye! Hiroshi, what's your blood type? - It's A.
- Oh, we'll get along! - You're adorable! - Yeah? "Kyoa Home lnsurance" Good morning.
"Yuriko Hanamura" Morning, Ladies' Man Hiroshi.
Yes? "Kanna Tabe" Good morning, Ladies' Man Hiroshi.
"Yoji Kunimoto" A beautiful older girl flirted with you at the party last night? No! Who told you that? So, what happened between "Shuhei Okitsu" you and Miss Nakayama after that? What? Hey! Why do you have the photo? Delete it, Mr Okitsu! He looks so happy! Of course he'd be happy! But look at his face! What a good picture! Mr Okitsu, I'm sure you're a spy! Hey, stop it! Do you have a minute, Ladies' Man Hiroshi? This time, you'll train in the General Affairs Department.
General Affairs Department? It's the department Todo works at.
But don't worry.
This time, you aren't going there to find someone to lay off.
You'll do a job that is suitable for you.
A job suitable for me? Yes.
You are going to fall in love with Karen Nakayama.
Yes? You seem to know her well anyway.
No, I don't know her well and I can't do it out of the blue on command! Wait, it's not an HR employee's job to fall in love, right? Motivate an incapable employee or shut a hostile boss up.
Skills to manipulate people's minds is necessary to an HR specialist.
This too is important training.
But still, they aren't the same! Falling in love is simple.
If I want to, I can make you fall in love with me.
No way Well then, let's try it.
Hiroshi Saito.
You are in love with Mako Tsubaki.
You are in love with Mako Tsubaki You are head over heels in love with Mako Tsubaki What What did I just do? Mr Hiroshi Saito, I order you to continue training in the General Affairs Department for two weeks.
Wait a second! Don't worry, I'm sure that you'll enjoy the romance.
A completely ridiculous order from the devil is the beginning "Hypnotisation" of my new trial.
"Miss Devil" "Episode 4" What's the matter? How unusual of you.
Sorry for not being romantic.
It's about work.
You've always talked about work here.
"Ito Chihiro, Tomoharu Osawa" Somethings I can't talk about at the office.
This is the proposal for our new product.
Nothing's been revealed to the public.
Now, this is the brochure of Basel Insurance Company's new product.
It's available to our major clients before ours is.
The contents are the same? To make things worse, they set the premium lower than ours on purpose.
In other words, someone gave Basel inside information? I don't want to think so, but Okay, the HR Department will investigate this informally too.
Thank you.
And Miss Tsubaki gave me a proposal for reducing labour costs in our company.
I'd like you to read it too.
Reduction of labour costs? "Proposed by: Head of Employee Utilisation Lab, Mako Tsubaki" "Kyoa Home lnsurance" Miss Tsubaki, do you have a minute? Ms Ito.
What's the matter? I thought I asked you to submit all HR related proposals to me.
What are you thinking? Cut 200 employees over five years? You want to ruin our company? "Basel Insurance Company" I have no intention of ruining the company, Ms Ito.
What's the matter? Nothing.
I'll talk to you later.
"Basel Insurance Company" "Mako Tsubaki QUALIFICATIONS Certified Public Accountant" "EMPLOYMENT" "2013-2014 Buccaneer Airlines 2014-2015 U.
Union lnsurance" Hello, Minato? Sorry to disturb you when you're busy.
Do you know what happened when Basel Insurance bought U.
Union? Please do this.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
"General Affairs" People in the General Affairs Department are serious and composed, but Miss Nakayama seems out of place here.
It's really cute! She often plays with her mobile and chats a lot, but her superior doesn't reprimand her.
You can ask me anything that you don't know.
Thank you very much.
Frankly, no man could hate someone so pretty liking him, but I don't think I should be happy about this now.
What is wrong with the rookie from the HR Department? He looks like a love-struck idiot.
Idiot? He joined the company with you, Mafuyu, right? Yes.
"New employee, Yoko Hori" During our training, Saito stared at me lewdly too.
I didn't Do you know? Kato from the System Department has divorced his wife for Nakayama.
- Oh my god! - He did? Rumour has it that Numata from Accounting is dating her too.
- This is horrible! - Gosh! Nakayama is corrupting our company's public morals! Does Mr Nashiki not know that? No he doesn't! He and our department head dote on her.
Mafuyu, you have to guard the guy you like yourself.
Don't worry, I'm not interested in an idiot who'd be love-struck by a girl like her.
Of course.
- Yeah, that's good.
- Be careful.
I will.
I wish I hadn't heard it.
Girl talk is so scary.
"Chairman's Office" Miss Tsubaki, I'd like "Chairman, Kanji Kitamura" to ask you something.
What is it? Miss Tsubaki, do you have rice or bread for breakfast? "Secretary to Chairman, Ryo Shibasaki" People say that breakfast is the source of health, so I just wonder what someone as gorgeous and healthy as you has for breakfast.
It's bread.
Oh, it's bread? I knew the source of your beauty would be bread, something Western.
I see.
Since you were little? Does your mother like Western food? No, my father.
Oh! Your father? That's what I'd expect your father to be like.
He must be a dapper person.
What does your father do? Checkmate.
Well then, have a good day.
Miss Tsubaki, may I ask one more thing? Do you know someone called Agata? Agata? No idea.
The name is unusual.
Why do you ask? He used to run an investigation company, and it was a pretty reliable one.
Twenty years ago, Kyoa Home outsourced some investigations to his company too.
That company went bankrupt before that.
I just wonder what Mr Agata is doing and where he is now.
I see.
However, I don't know of the company or of anyone called Agata.
Of course.
Of course you don't.
How could you possibly know? See you, then.
Please come and play with me again, Miss Tsubaki.
It's nearly impossible to checkmate her.
So it seems.
If I can't do it with an attack from the front, I guess I have to do it from the rear.
Right? "Former head of investigation company, Yuji Agata" "To: Mr Agata" "I know everything you guys did" "Kyoa Home lnsurance" I asked someone who was working at U.
Union Insurance at the time.
Information was probably leaked on a large scale by a spy and they lost their major clients to Basel all at once.
I see.
Is it Miss Tsubaki? Why do you think so? U.
Union was sold to Basel a year after she resigned.
My source said that Miss Devil must have done something.
" Tony Gwant? The one well-known for his hostile takeover? Yes, the investor, Tony Gwant, might be behind Basel's acquisitions.
That means someone in contact with him is likely to be an industrial spy.
Rumour has it that he is now in Tokyo.
What? "Tony Gwant President and Founder, Whale Management" "RESIDENCE Miami, Florida CITIZENSHIP United States" "AGE 48 MARITAL STATUS Divorced" Hiroshi.
This is your lunch? Yeah Hey, after we get paid, let's get lunch together.
But I You don't like older women? No, it isn't about age Really? That means I have a chance to get lucky as well? No, that's not what I mean, I Hiroshi? Well, yes, a lucky chance Yes.
Really? Lovely! I am sorry.
It's fine.
Hey, Hiroshi, I'll make you lunch next time.
What side dishes do you like? Deep-fried chicken? Or do you like meatballs? No, I Ouch! Yes? Meatball.
I like meatballs.
Oh my god! You are just so adorable! Why are you so adorable, Hiroshi? No, I was Sorry that I interrupted you.
Your romance with Ms.
Nakayama seems to be going well.
No, not at all.
What you saw today happened just by chance.
And she doesn't flirt with me alone.
Is that so? Yes, she is always texting someone when we're working.
She always posts photos taken on dates or pictures of expensive handbags someone gave her on her SNS.
In other words, there is a strong rival for her affections and you are no match for him.
Is that what you mean? No, it isn't a rival.
Find out who your rival is.
Identify her real boyfriend.
Why? What do I do it for? Because I want to know.
What are you talking about? I can't possibly fall in love with Miss Nakayama, and everyone around me is getting the wrong idea.
This is awful Be quiet! If you are a man, find your own rival yourself.
This is what you should do now.
What? You shouldn't put big potted plants like these here! Sorry, Kunimo.
It's completely blocked the vent here! - Sorry, again.
- Let's move it there.
Move it? - Sorry.
- Ready He's been working in the Facilities Division for 30 years.
Kunimo has the plan of the whole building in his head.
The set of teacups is lovely! I let Shiba buy all the dinnerware, including the teacups.
Oh, you have good taste.
I can't really afford them myself.
Don't be modest.
Your salary after tax is 400,000 and your annual bonus is 1.
72 million.
You can afford them.
Impressive Hey! What are you doing? Killing time.
Hey, the Chairman invited us here! This is rude! No, it's fine I'd like to have a nice friendly chat with you, the members of the Employee Utilisation Lab.
That's why I invited you here.
- May I ask a question? - Sure.
So, Miss Tabe, I heard that you've been questioned by the police for hacking into computers.
Is it true? I was framed.
You were framed.
Is that so, Okitsu? Yes, the data in question was all deleted before the police started their investigation.
It was so thorough, they suspected she hacked into their computers when they started the investigation.
But, she was falsely accused.
Glad to hear that.
March 24th, 3,600 yen at Netbook, March 31st, 2,270 yen at Todo Department Store's deli, and 21,600 yen at Wedgewood.
Is that for yourself? What? See? I knew you bought fine dinnerware.
You shouldn't use a simple PIN like this.
I said you were falsely accused of hacking! Oh? But your salary is so high.
Why? The members of the Employee Utilisation Lab are so funny and you all have wonderful skills.
Each one of you is working happily under Miss Tsubaki, right? Well, I feel more at ease than before.
You do? That's the most important thing in the workplace.
You should change the light bulb.
Yeah? Is that so? I thought there was a new employee in the Employee Utilisation Lab? The cute boy Hiroshi Saito.
Yes, Saito is now training in the General Affairs department.
Oh, General Affairs! I wonder what kind of character Miss Tsubaki expects from him.
The atmosphere in the company has been tense since you arrived.
Kyoa Home is going to be reborn, thanks to you.
I am glad that I've come to this company too.
Glad to hear that.
Have a seat.
By the way, there is a new employee in your lab, right? Hiroshi Saito, right? Is he performing well under a strict supervisor, like you? Why are you interested in him? Well, I'm not interested only in him.
Do sit down.
As I expected, all the new employees you've chosen this year are excellent.
Sales Division's Nagumo.
He comes here every day to give me "Kyoa-kun New Product Modification" proposals for new products.
Yoichi Nagumo? He has quite a lot of ideas.
I'm thinking about calling him here for another presentation.
Is that so? "Incoming call: Home" Hello? Oh, he answered.
Hello, Hiroshi! What are you doing now? Laundry.
You do the laundry on a Sunday? "Hiroshi's sister, Akane Saito" You? No girlfriend to do it for you? What? Kaneko, nobody asks you out on a date on Sunday? Not Kaneko! It's Akane.
Stop calling me that.
Both are the same, Kaneko! You only call me that because I hate it.
You are still a teenager mentally! "Hiroshi's father, Osamu Saito" "One new email" That's not true.
My teacher praised me for that.
"Don't get any more involved.
" Dad, got anything to say to Hiroshi? How are you? Is everything okay? Give the Managing Director a presentation? Well, I just gave him some proposals.
I'm amazed by how you really take action.
Well, actually, how bold you are.
Of course I'd be bold.
We survived training that was like hell.
I made so much effort, so I want to achieve my ambitions in this company.
Ambition It's no big deal.
I just want to do what I should do now.
What I should do now Find your own rival yourself.
This is what you should do now.
I have to do it, right? Yeah, that's the spirit.
I'm going that way.
See you "General Affairs" Okay.
I have to do it.
Good morning, Karen.
Good morning, Hiroshi.
Adorable again today.
Yeah? Actually You know the restaurant next to our office, Pulcina? I hear their pasta is really good.
Let's go together next time.
Really? Yes, of course.
When will we go? - I - Don't look! Because it's more exciting if a lady is mysterious.
Something in your schedule you don't want me to see? Like your dates with other guys? Why? Do you care so much? Yes, I do! I really want to know! Well then, paw.
Other one.
"I love Karen.
" What? I'll show you if you say that.
I love Karen.
"Karen is so pretty.
" Karen is so pretty.
I love you.
Okay, the reward I promised you.
"Park with K-chan" "Paella with K-chan!" This "K-chan" Is this a guy? Just a friend.
It's him! Was he at the party the other day? Oh Yes, he was there.
- Which table was he at? - Okay.
That's all.
Happy now? Good morning.
Oh, Mr Nashiki.
Good morning.
Nakayama, do you have a minute? Yes.
I found him! Karen Nakayama's real boyfriend is K-chan.
I also found out K-chan was at the party the other day.
So, if we identify a guy on the list with the initials "K" The guys on your list Yes? None of their names' contain a "K.
" "People who attended the party" There isn't one.
Oh, gosh Who is that? It's my sister.
Answer it.
It's past work hours, so it's fine.
I'll hang up at once.
Hello, Kaneko? I'll call you back.
Kaneko? I thought your sister's name was Akane.
Yes, it is.
It's Akane.
But she hates it when I call her Kaneko and it's funny, so I've been calling her that on purpose.
Akane becomes Kaneko I see.
Hiroshi Saito.
Well done.
Oh Okay.
Yes? Wait, on what? See you tomorrow.
See you "lnterview with Investor Tony Gwant" "Investor, Tony Gwant" Mr Okitsu.
- Oh my gosh! - Oh my What are you doing here? I just feel sorry for you because the lady you're in love with is like that.
- What? - In hot yoga, you really sweat a lot! - But guys can't go.
- Oh, you should go! What Mr Nashiki? Mr Nashiki See you, Mr Nashiki! For the party's expenses.
Mr Nashiki Oh, Mr Nashiki.
Good morning.
Nakayama, do you have a minute? Mr Nashiki The necklace suits you.
"Park with K-chan" "Kacho-chan"? What? "K" means section chief! K-chan is Mr Nashiki! What are you talking about? - That's right - What? What? Follow them? Are you going to follow them? Ms Ito.
Why are you here? Since when? What are you talking about? You're a spy sent by Basel Insurance, right? This is bad! We're totally going to lose them! What? In America, you saved many companies from crisis, but at one of them, a big insurance company, a serious leak of information happened after your contract ended.
They suffered a great loss, then Tony Gwant took action and Basel bought the company.
- Go! Go! - Okay - Where are they? - Over there - Ouch! - You startled me! - What? - I'm okay.
There he is He went inside - This one? - Yes.
I don't know what your point is.
You accepted this envelope from Tony Gwant.
There should be solid evidence in the envelope to prove that a spy has infiltrated our company.
What is so funny? Yes, that's right.
In the envelope, there's solid evidence that proves there's a spy.
We have no time.
Let's hurry.
What? Over here? But what will you do after catching them together? Well, this is what I should do now.
Hey! Hey, tell me what's going on! What's this about, where're we going? Impressive that you connected this to Gwant so quickly, but you got it seriously wrong by saying that I'm the spy.
I got it wrong? But you just met Tony Gwant Kacchan.
Kacchan? Ms Ito and You're Employee Utilisation Lab's Sorry to interrupt your date.
Karen Nakayama from General Affairs and Kacchan from the Sales Planning Division, right? "Kacchan"? How can we help you? - Ms Ito.
- Yes? He is the spy that you've been looking for.
What? - What? - Wow! Oh, welcome! Wow, pretty boys, welcome! Oh, it's Hiroshi! What? Mr Nashiki! - You're so cute! - Wait What are you doing here? - Your outfit - Cute, right? Anyway, where's Miss Nakayama? Oh, Karen? We said goodbye on the way.
Sorry, Saito, I have to take the last train home.
It's not even 9 o'clock! - See you tomorrow! - Wait a second, Mr Okitsu! Saito.
You can do it.
You're scary! You're scary! No! Don't get so close! Please! No! Help! No! Stop it! No! I'm the spy? What? What evidence do you have to prove it? This is a secret email exchange between the spy who's infiltrated our company and Basel Insurance.
The sender's screen name is Kacchan.
I've been wondering who it was.
My trainee provided the clue while he talked to his sister.
Shigekatsu Takagi.
Kacchan is taken from "katsu" of "Shigekatsu.
" The "K" stands for "Kacchan," doesn't it? Hey Hang on a second.
Just because the screen name is the same as what my girlfriend calls me, HR calls me a spy? Of course not.
Your annual income is 6.
81 million yen.
A year and a half ago, you bought a 7 million yen sports car on a five-year loan.
Recently, you paid the loan off in one lump sum.
On top of that, you go on expensive dates and buy expensive gifts for Miss Nakayama.
Did you win the lottery? No, I This is the deposit record of your bank account.
And here is the solid evidence.
The record of money transferred from Basel Insurance to Kacchan.
"Bank Statement" "Dear Kacchan" "Transferred: Reward.
800,000 yen" The dates and amounts of money on this transfer record match the deposit record of your bank account.
"Deposited: 800,000 yen.
Reward" How the heck did you get that? I can get data like this easily if I have something on someone.
They have no loyalty to a minor spy like you.
Darn! Why look at me like that? - Because you - It's all your fault! You flirted with me, got my hopes up, kept teasing me making me spend a lot on you! You're ridiculous! YOU jerk! Mr Shigekatsu Takagi.
You have the right to resign from the company.
You'll be subjected to disciplinary dismissal.
Was it my fault? Well There are various kinds of people.
We must learn how to judge a person's character.
You're free to have romantic relationships, but please make work your priority at the office.
I will.
"Kyoa Home lnsurance" Good morning.
Good morning, Hiroko, gorgeous.
What? Good morning, Hiroko, gorgeous.
I think you look great both ways.
Don't tell me No, I don't think it's possible.
Oh, you're so pretty! You don't look any worse than a common idol! Whoa! Why? Why? Hey, delete it! - Delete it! - You're so pretty! Please forward a copy of the photo to me.
Yes, Miss Tsubaki! Hey! Please don't do it, Mr Okitsu! No! - Please do this.
- Thank you, Ms Ito.
Thank you for finding the spy.
I am sorry that I suspected you.
It's fine.
Also, about your reduced labour costs proposal.
I have scrapped it.
Did you wish it was Miss Nakayama? Of course not! Miss Nakayama is taking work more seriously.
Please do this, Nakayama.
Do you know? She's started learning martial arts.
Martial arts? Miss Nakayama? Yeah.
I don't know what happened, but she decided to be a strong and cool lady like Miss Tsubaki and Ms Ito.
Wow But who knows how long it'll last? I see.
But I'm glad.
The period of time I was popular was like a nightmare, but it's over just like that.
"Chairman's Office" Wow, impressive.
You got the evidence from the female employee he'd been financing, which means, Miss Tsubaki, right from the start you'd made him as the spy.
It's easier to see through a man's lie than a woman's.
Yes, it is.
When you stare at me like that, I can tell no lie.
So I'll tell you honestly what I have.
Three of a kind eights.
The strongest.
Your turn.
Royal flush There is an echo! Well then, have a good day.
This is exactly what a snake in one's bosom means.
Miss Tsubaki, in the company, when you aren't careful, some venomous snake will creep into it.
Nagumo? What's the matter? I told you I was giving a presentation to Mr Osawa, right? He suddenly changed it to now.
Is that so? Well, don't worry, I know you'll do it well.
Thank you, Saito.
Yes? Well, sometimes I can do my best because of you.
What the heck? It's creepy when you say that.
Anyway, good luck.
Thank you for giving me the chance.
Your proposal is very interesting.
Don't be so nervous.
Relax and take your time.
Actually, I have another new proposal for you, Mr Osawa.
You have lots of ideas.
Show me that too.
But it's Actually, it contains confidential information of my friend's company.
"Secretary, Mizuki Motohashi" I'll deliver the documents to the Executive Director.
Thank you.
Thank you, Mr Osawa.
All right, please start your presentation.
Finally The time has come.
Nagumo? Yes, the one who started with you.
Is there anything wrong with him lately? Anything wrong? He is working very hard now.
He said Mr Osawa approved of the proposals he submitted.
Yeah? To Mr Osawa? Yes.
He's now talking to Mr Osawa Now? It's now? What's the matter? When I was When I was still a baby Nagumo, what's the matter? Mum fought, dad got angry Ester Dibutyl Bright red Dibutyl ester! - Nagumo? - Bright red - The moon is bright red! - Nagumo! - Meishin - Nagumo! Nagumo! What are you? I can't run away.
Go Hey, stop.
- You can do it, Nagumo! - Stop! Stop! Stop! No! Stop! Nagumo? Why? "Preview" He's always hated him? "He hurt his friend's heart-" The company hid it, of course! I want to help.
"The devil gets close to the secret" The company made it up? Does it mean you don't trust me? If no one had taken the blame, we'd have been in trouble! "The sadist's attacks get worse" I'll tell you what you want to know.
You see through everything that goes on in the company.
Did you do that? I'm his friend, but I couldn't help him.
If my cute little boy can't do his job, it'll cause me trouble.
Isn't this horrible? It's fine if you understand.