Miss Devil: HR's Devil Mako Tsubaki (2018) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

No! Who are you? Let me tell you why I came to this company.
I came to defeat the ugly monster.
Do you know who Agata is? Agata? The guy used to run an investigation company.
I don't know either the company or the man.
"An approaching shadow" My only job is to rebuild the company.
Many companies lose their brilliance after losing their employees.
Thank you, Saito.
Yoichi Nagumo? He comes to give me a proposal for a new product every day.
He is working very hard and he's talking to Mr.
Osawa Right now? Mum fought, dad got angry - Meishin - Nagumo! Nagumo! Nagumo Why? Mr.
Yoichi Nagumo, you understand what you've just done, right? Mr.
Osawa! "Miss Devil" "Episode 5" - Ito.
- How is your injury? I'm okay.
It's no big deal.
The wound on his left hand is the deepest It'll take 10 days to heal.
I see.
Anyway, be careful to control any information about this in the office.
Let only the executives know.
This is our affiliate hospital.
I reminded them not to call the police.
So What about Nagumo? I told him not to go outside at all for the time being.
"New employee, Yoichi Nagumo" But still, Tsubaki got there and saved my life just before he was about to stab me.
Miss Tsubaki? What? What did Nagumo do? Over here Why did Nagumo do that? No idea.
I still don't know anything.
Actually Did he join the company "Hidetomi Sekiuchi" to try to kill Mr.
Osawa? What? Isn't it reasonable? We've only been here for a month.
What could've possibly made Nagumo hate Mr.
Osawa enough to kill him.
Nagumo I heard that you saved Mr.
Osawa's life.
Yes, and? Am I overthinking it if I say your timing is too perfect? You expected Nagumo to do something before this happened, didn't you? Yes, I did.
Are you surprised if I say so? I felt how dangerous Mr.
Nagumo was.
Of course.
I knew about his past to a certain extent too.
What? Why? Because I have something more than the data that the company's HR Department has.
Meishin Rubber Chemical Industries.
Meishin Rubber Chemical Industries? I don't hate it when someone owes me one.
"Meishin Rubber Chemical industries" "Kyoa Home Database" "Meishin Rubber Chemical industries" "Explosion, fire accident" "Kyoumei Hospital" Why did you come? Why? Because I'm worried about you.
Hey Meishin Rubber Chemical Industries - Has it got anything - Leave! Just go! - Leave here now! - Nagumo! Hey! "Kyoa Home insurance" Somehow you're gloomy today.
No, I'm not.
You didn't have breakfast, right? That's not I'm fine.
No, it's okay! Excuse me.
Osawa! Is Miss Tsubaki here? I think she'll be back soon.
Yeah? What happened to your hand? Oh, it's no big deal.
You tried to build a shelf in your living room? Yes? And you cut your hand with a saw.
The wound is 10 centimetres wide and 1 centimetre deep.
What is that? Kyoumei Hospital's medical record.
- How do you know that? - Oh, please don't mind her.
She lives in a fantasy and lies habitually.
Osawa, take care of yourself! Sorry for making you worry.
You used reinforcement to make it? If you calculate the weight wrong, it breaks right away.
I'll bring the design here, will you have a look? I'll be happy to.
Your living room must be spacious.
After all, your annual income last year was, of course, the top Seriously, this is enough! It really doesn't matter! You are all very unique.
No wonder Miss Tsubaki chose you.
Oh, you flatter us.
I hope you'll do your best.
Yes, sir! Everyone, please work hard to meet Mr Osawa's expectation.
What are you here for suddenly? I've been wanting to see this lab for a while.
More importantly I would like to thank you.
I didn't do much.
You saved my life.
I had been aware that Mr Nagumo was here for a certain purpose.
I should have told you sooner to be cautious, and I feel guilty in not doing so.
You always impress me.
You seem to see through everything that goes on in the company.
I'm afraid that it isn't everything.
Why? For example, Mr.
Osawa, I don't know much about you.
Perhaps it's your position you seem to always be on your guard.
If you want to know more about me, I'll tell you anything if there's a chance.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Please let me ask a rude question.
Nagumo Why did he do that? You must know why, right? - Meishin Rubber - That's enough.
You have no right to know.
- But he is my - Do you hear me? I'm sorry.
Excuse me.
What do you think? What do you think is the best future path for him? I don't know.
I know too little about what happened now.
But I just want Nagumo to smile again.
A smile is the only thing that suits him.
I see.
It's so like you to say that, perhaps.
Good afternoon, sir! I'm expecting the design.
This time, you'll go to the Underwriting Department.
Are you listening? Sorry.
This time, you'll have your training in the Underwriting Department.
Underwriting? I'll lay off the man on the document, the Director, Seto.
Go and find a reason.
A reason to lay him off? "Director, Hiroyuki Seto" Saito, please check the application forms.
It's the right job for you to know how our department works.
- Use the desk here.
- Thank you.
The Underwriting Department evaluates whether the company should accept a contract from the Sales Division.
If we accept contracts without checking thoroughly, they could bring a loss to the company.
The department doesn't stand out, but it's the unsung hero.
But I just can't really concentrate.
Sorry, I made you worried.
This is a sad incident.
It made my heart hurt.
I've been saying this since I was the Managing Director.
All our employees are my family.
So this time, it's like my grandson hurt my son, I guess.
Even if he has gone astray the young employee, Yoichi Nagumo is still a member of the family that I love.
I'm worried about Nagumo's future.
I always take my hat off to you for how considerate and warm-hearted - you are to our employees.
- Well However, our company's future is the most important thing.
I took a risk, controlled the flow of information this time, because if anyone finds out this happened at Kyoa Home, customers will leave at once and we'll be in a crisis.
We do not have a moment to waste.
Yes, indeed.
Mr Kitamura, please be thorough with this too.
Of course.
- Thank you.
- Okay.
But, Mr.
Osawa if you came to warn me about this face to face, does it mean you don't really trust me? That's impossible! I trust you wholeheartedly.
Thank you.
Tea is ready.
How is your training going? Well? Well, kind of.
You can't tell lies.
Your mind is still occupied by Yoichi Nagumo? No! I Concentrate on your task! What is your job? Your job.
Your job.
It is to find a reason to lay off Mr.
You do know.
Get some results in the period of your training.
Good lord! How dare you say that! It's all your fault, because you won't tell me about Nagumo.
What's the matter? You haven't been concentrating on your work.
Our department's job is to decline the contracts that the Sales Division worked very hard to get, right? Yes.
To say it bluntly, we waste the efforts they made.
That's what we do, so we should face them sincerely and work hard to make them convinced.
- Sorry, I'll do my best.
- Good.
The director, Mr.
Seto, is good-natured, trusted by his subordinates, and he's capable.
He could actually be promoted to a higher position, but he is a director here because he likes to work as an underwriter.
I just can't think of any reason to lay him off.
Hello, doctor.
What's the matter? I told you to do a re-examination.
I am so sorry! I was going to have it, but This is your own health.
Do take care of yourself.
I know, but our department won't function if I take a day off.
You can't take the responsibility, can you? Good evening.
Nobody is here.
Of course.
It's late now.
Because I have something more than the data that the company's HR Department has.
I might find out something about Nagumo in Miss Tsubaki's office.
What? What? Excuse me "Starting" Hurry up! If Miss Tsubaki comes "Starting" "Starting" "Please answer the secret question" Secret question? "Who are you?" "Who are you?" Saito I guess not.
I took a great photo.
It's the stupid face of an employee who's trying to molest his boss.
No! It's that "That"? What? I'm not trying to molest you.
You are just too obvious.
What? I can tell you what you want to know.
Really? If my cute little boy can't focus on his work, it'll cause me trouble.
Okay, say cheese.
Yoichi Nagumo's father ran a factory called Meishin Rubber Chemical Industries, which had signed an insurance contract with Kyoa Home.
Eighteen years ago, a fire broke out there on a large scale, but their insurance claim was rejected.
Why? Because the factory had a defect.
What? The factory couldn't get the insurance money and went bankrupt.
Soon after that, Nagumo's parents got divorced because his father abused his family.
Nagumo lived with his mother.
Nagumo is his mother's surname.
The person in charge was Mr.
Osawa, who was the head of the Claims Department at that time.
You should understand now after I've said so much.
Nagumo has been bearing a grudge towards him because it changed his whole family's life? Probably.
But isn't it unfair? What is? If the company hadn't rejected their claim It isn't the company's fault that it rejected their claim.
The factory knew that it might lead to an accident, but they still opened the septic tank's valve.
In other words They tried to get insurance money? That's right.
But this could be Something the company made up? I think it is a possibility.
"Fire Accident Investigation Report" Regarding Meishin Rubber Chemical Industries' fire accident, I've told someone to reinvestigate it.
I think we'll get a report soon.
Reinvestigate? What for? Speaking frankly, I'm doing it to see if it was Kyoa Home's fault.
In other words, you suspect that I did something dishonest.
That's not the reason.
But there is no other reason to investigate it again.
As the head of HR Department, I'd like to know the details of it.
That's all.
I have no other intention.
"Former investigation company CEO, Yuji Agata" Mr.
Agata? In the past, as Agata General investigation's CEO, you undertook Kyoa Home's external investigations.
Why are you looking for me? I would like to say hello first.
You remember the fire of Meishin Rubber Chemical Industries.
According to the record, you were in charge of the investigation.
"Agata General Investigation, Yuji Agata" Also, at that time, you were involved in many other of Kyoa Home's cases.
In other words, you had a pretty close relationship with Mr.
Osawa, who was the head of the Claims Department back them.
Was it you? For a while now, I've been getting threatening letters.
They started coming just around the time you returned to Japan.
You seem to be good at carrying out investigations.
Don't be absurd! I am going now and I will see you again soon.
"Kyoumei Hospital" Ms.
Ito? Ms.
Ito! Oh, Saito.
You'll visit Nagumo? Yes.
And you too? I just went to see him.
I see.
What's the matter? Maybe it isn't something that I should say but Saito I hope you would help Nagumo if it's possible.
I'm glad that you look better than I thought.
What a relief.
Actually I did some digging.
About why you did what you did.
Sorry, I didn't ask you and Ms.
Ito just came.
She said they reinvestigated our factory's case.
And? They found nothing new.
It was totally our factory's fault.
They had every reason to reject our claim.
I see How can I believe that? The company must have hidden what is unfavourable to them! So I did nothing wrong! Because nobody will punish the company if I don't! What are you going to do? Who knows? She said I could still work at the company.
She only offers that to stop me from talking after I resign.
They'll just keep me on the payroll.
I lost my future.
If I had noticed that there was something wrong with Nagumo, maybe it wouldn't have happened.
Don't wolf the food down.
You don't have proper meals in Tokyo, right? You got a bit thinner.
You have no girlfriend to cook for you.
Shut up, Kaneko! You got a bit fatter, right? I didn't! And I'm not Kaneko, I am Akane! Indeed, Akane, you're trying to lose weight, but you eat a lot.
It's mum's fault, because she always makes so much food.
I'll give you a large portion every day if you say that.
No! Hiroshi, did something happen? Why? You seem to be brooding over something.
You've been easy to read since you were little.
Well, I won't make you tell me.
My best friend stabbed our Managing Director.
Managing Director? His father ran a factory there was an accident but Kyoa rejected their claim.
A reinvestigation was carried out but it concluded that it wasn't Kyoa's fault.
Is that so? I couldn't do anything for him.
We're best friends, but somehow I Just stay by his side.
What? Stay by his side and share how he feels.
Then he will feel just half of the pain, right? And only a close friend can do that.
Thank you.
Dad, have you got a close friend who will do that? I wonder What? What are you two talking about? Just something between guys.
Oh, yeah? Hiroshi, I've got Dorayaki, do you want any? - No, I'm stuffed.
- Oh, just have some.
"Underwriting" I've forgotten how it feels to have a good night's sleep.
I can't believe it! I don't usually sleep at night.
Oh, really? - Yes, really - What? What's the matter, Saito? You come to work on a holiday too? I'd like to check the document that will be submitted tomorrow.
He is really hard working.
I'm fortunate to have an excellent subordinate like him.
Well Miss Tsubaki, why are you here? I have to do something here.
We just had a happy chat.
Seto, you're very passionate about your work.
I'm impressed.
You stayed to work overnight yesterday too.
Well, you see, I want to let my subordinates go home as soon as possible, so doing the work for them is the quickest way.
How wonderful! They are really fortunate to work under a boss like you.
Right, Saito? Yes.
Let's say What is it? If I asked you whether your life or your job is more important It's my job, of course! I've got nothing if you take my job away from me.
I had no idea you are so passionate about it.
I'm impressed.
You're exaggerating.
Well then, have a good day.
I enjoyed chatting with you.
Same here.
See you.
See you.
Excuse me.
- Miss Tsubaki! - What's the matter? I think you know already, Mr.
Seto is capable, considerate of his subordinates, and really loves his job.
So? So So there is no reason to lay him off? Yes.
You actually say it openly that you'll give up doing your job.
Anyway, your training will be over soon.
You'll get some results before it's over.
Hey, Tabe, have one.
What? What did you say? I said, will you submit your resignation letter? Wait a second, Miss Tsubaki! Didn't I say that there is no reason at all to lay off Mr.
Seto Be quiet! Please don't joke about it.
I won't resign.
She is nasty.
This is what you want to talk about? I have to go.
I'm busy.
I am not joking.
And I am not being nasty.
I am serious about recommending that you resign from the company.
Are you sure about this? Mr.
Seto, you Cut it out! I've got work to do! What is this if not a joke? Things are getting exciting.
First of all, have you got a reason to fire me? Well You don't, right? Of course you don't! I have been working honestly since I joined the company! Exactly! If in the unlikely case, that you have a reason to lay me off, I'll be glad to talk to you.
Okay, then.
Have a look at this.
Director Seto to cancel the contract that the Sales Division couldn't refuse, and signed with the organised crime group, you got in touch with them.
The photos are the evidence.
Not only did you meet them, but you also gave them money many times under the pretext of work expenses.
It was a long time ago! And at that time, if nobody had done the dirty work, we'd have been in trouble Yes, you're right.
You did all this for the company.
Oh, how touching.
However, this is obviously against the law.
But Mr.
Hiroyuki Seto you have the right to resign from the company.
Please don't.
Isn't it too cruel? If you take Mr.
Seto's work away from him, he really will die! Ridiculous Don't be ridiculous! What? What happened? Why? This is really bad.
Please! Please don't take my job away from me.
If I lose my job I've got nothing left.
I'll be empty inside.
Please! I will do anything! I beg you too! No, of course.
Devil! Mr.
Seto! Ambulance No need.
I stimulated one of the 361 acupuncture points on the body, it's called Taiyang.
He won't feel any pain and will wake up in exactly 30 minutes.
Really? I was joking.
Should I say something back? He should wake up very shortly.
I will ask him to write a resignation letter when he does.
Two weeks have passed since that day.
Excuse me.
Seto submitted his resignation letter And my training in the Underwriting Department is over.
But I've got nothing if you take my job away from me.
Please don't take my job away from me.
Take half a day off? Yes.
It's an employee's right to take annual leave.
Excuse me! This coffee is pretty nice.
I didn't even know there was a coffee shop here before I resigned.
You look better than I expected.
Not really.
I just went to the hospital today.
Hospital? My systolic blood pressure is 180 and I have angina.
It would've gotten very serious if I had continued to work.
Is that so? The doctor at the clinic warned me about this too but I couldn't take any break from work.
So This actually turned out okay for you, Mr.
Seto? Yeah.
Will you thank her for me? I didn't realise this until I stepped away from work.
Yes? The whole time I've been focusing on only a narrow area.
Narrow area Yes.
My job was my everything, the best thing to do is to sacrifice myself and make desperate effort.
Then I can help other people out.
I think I had been making myself think very hard.
The company has to have hidden what is unfavourable to them! Nobody will punish the company if I don't! The best thing to do is to sacrifice myself and make desperate effort.
I think I had been making myself think very hard.
What's the matter? Well, I just For some reason.
Well I don't know if I can express well what I want to say What? Well Nagumo you Have you been under the wrong impression that you had to do that and you had to sacrifice yourself? But I think it really isn't worth it.
It's your own time and it is your own life.
I just said what I thought.
- But - No need to apologise.
I somehow knew too.
But I can't admit it myself, can I? There is no turning back, right? So When someone admits to a fault, like you, I actually appreciate it.
Will you return to the company? I haven't made up my mind.
What's the point of staying at Kyoa Home now? But I don't know what I can start either.
What should I do? You know Nagumo You have the right to resign from the company.
This is the right that you've got.
Thank you, Hiroshi.
For being my colleague.
Nagumo, who started with you, submitted his resignation letter, didn't he? Yes.
Young people nowadays resign very easily.
But I I'm glad that he did.
You are? That's fine, then.
Did Miss Tsubaki have an idea of what Nagumo would do so she sent me to Underwriting Department? Is it safe to say that Nagumo has started to walk a new path? Oh, my God! Oh, no It seems that Kyoa Home wasn't at fault in the Meishin Rubber Chemicals' case.
But perhaps Kyoa Home has made some people miserable because of some dishonest dealings.
No, that's impossible.
I was Kyoa Home's Managing Director for 20 years, and three years ago, I handed the position over to Osawa and became the Chairman.
During that period of time, I worked really honestly.
So I don't think what you said has happened.
- I am sorry.
- It's okay.
That reminds me, I found something interesting when I was reading the documents.
Oh, interesting? I found a case pretty similar to Meishin Rubber Chemicals'.
It was the accidental fire at the Hotel Axe in Onogasaki.
Hotel Axe? At that time, Kyoa Home also rejected the hotel's claim, because there was some flaw found at the hotel.
And Agata General Investigation was in charge of both cases.
I see.
They are similar.
Kitamura, you said you hadn't seen Mr.
Agata for a long time.
What's the matter? Well, the other day I saw someone who looked like the Mr.
Agata I saw on the documents enter your office.
I must have mistaken him for Mr.
Yeah, I think so.
- Well, then, have a good day.
- Okay.
See you tomorrow.
You'll leave now? Miss Tsubaki, you almost I enjoy quitting while I'm ahead.
It's bad taste.
Excuse me.
I heard that a new employee stabbed you.
The resentment was unjustified and it wasn't the company's fault in this case.
Are you okay? I didn't tell Hiroshi about that.
I told nobody.
He isn't the one who should leave.
Miss Tsubaki is hard to deal with.
Someone wants to know about the case.
It's similar to the one back then.
I cannot accept this.
"Maternity harassment"? She's cornered and is suffering.
You have the right to resign from the company.
The future of a company that highlights women.
Raising children while you're working is amazing.
I realised everything.
I am a little too curious.
- You want to lay people off? - Of course not! All right, then.
Cheers, mate.