Miss Devil: HR's Devil Mako Tsubaki (2018) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

Meishin Nagumo! "The company's darkness is revealed" Yoichi Nagumo's father ran a factory called Meishin Rubber Chemicals Industries.
A large scale fire broke out at the factory 18 years ago, "What's the secret of the rejection" but their claim was rejected.
The person in charge of the case "Mako Tsubaki" was Mr Osawa, who was the head of the Claims Department at that time.
I heard that "Dad and Mr Osawa's a new employee stabbed you.
Suspicious relationship" In this case, it wasn't the company's fault.
Is this okay? You have the right to resign from "Hiroshi Sato" the company.
I found a case pretty similar to Meishin Rubber Chemicals'.
It was the fire at Hotel Axe.
At that time, Kyoa Home also "Hidden behind the hotel's tragedy" rejected the hotel's claim.
"What's the devil's real intention?" And both cases were investigated by Agata General Investigations.
"Episode 6" Kyoa Home is a big general insurance company with a long history.
Since I joined the company, I've been surprised by something every single day.
"Former accountant, Yuriko Hanamura" "Kanna Tabe" Crunching sounds are noisy! Hanamura, I had no idea you love beans so much.
No, it isn't me.
I think my baby loves beans.
What? Ms Hanamura "Shuhei Okitsu" Your baby? "Yoji Kunimoto" A baby is in your belly? Oh? I didn't tell you? I'm four months pregnant.
What? Is it the guy you're living with? The member of that unknown band? Member of that unknown band? Stop saying it's unknown.
- He is a bassist.
- Unknown Daddy is, right? What? - All right, then.
- Gosh! Cheers, mate.
Did Miss Tsubaki just say "Cheers, mate"? Hello, Employee Utilisation Lab.
You aren't curious.
What? Did you not hear me? You'll work in the PR Department starting today.
Yes, I heard what you said, but Why? "Kyoa Home's mascot character, Kyoa-kun" Why is Kyoa-kun here? Kyoa-kun is Kyoa Home's mascot character.
Yes, I know, but The PR Department represents the company.
Please go learn how people outside the company see us.
So, I won't lay anyone off? Lay off? You want to lay off employees? No! Of course not! I don't want to at all.
In that case, Kyoa-kun will show you the way to the PR Department.
Go and enjoy your training there.
"Learn"? "Enjoy my training"? Really? No, she would never give me such a simple job.
I am sure that she is plotting something.
"Miss Devil" "Kyoa Home Insurance Public Relations Department" The PR Department's atmosphere is pretty different "Section Chief, Tomoe Minato" from other departments, right? Yes, it is.
It's kind of splendid.
Hey, Saito, come here.
Your timing is perfect.
"Department head, Jiro Terada" It's a rare occurrence, so I'll introduce you.
This is TV Nippon's producer, Mr Abe, and director, Mr Matsubara.
I'm HR Department's Saito, nice to meet you.
You know TV Nippon's "News Something," right? Yes, the show hosted by Miss Sasamoto? You watch it? Glad to know that.
Actually, in the programme, we'll feature a five-minute special section, "The Future of A Company That Lets Ladies Shine.
" And it'll be our company? Our child-raising support system is actually the most complete in the industry.
This is our department's Mrs Yoshitake.
"Yuika Yoshitake" She is three months pregnant and has applied for maternity leave this autumn.
We'll have total coverage of Mrs Yoshitake's story and introduce Kyoa Home's child-raising support system.
Yes, she does her best both while raising her child and at work.
She is a brilliant lady.
Mr Terada In that case, Mr Terada, we'll send you a schedule.
Mr Saito, I look forward to tomorrow.
Cheers, mate.
Cheers, mate Guys, please pay attention.
The TV crew will start shooting the show tomorrow.
Kyoa Home is a company that lets the ladies shine.
We'll set an example for Japan.
For example, "maternity harassment.
" That is, pregnancy discrimination or, the bullying of pregnant women in a company.
If anyone does that, HR Department's Saito will lay them off mercilessly, please remember that.
Just joking.
I look forward to working with you.
The Public Relations Department is a cheerful and fun department.
The department head is sociable and friendly.
The ladies here make it splendid, and everyone here is a good representative for Kyoa Home.
They go on the internet to check the success of advertising Impressive! Oh.
Ms Minato? She's impressive, right? Like a capable woman.
I want to be like her.
But I think it's amazing that you can balance work and child-raising too.
I love my job and I want to continue to work, but I actually prefer - Yoshitake.
- Yes? I'm just thinking, isn't it uncomfortable to wear a suit? Like around your belly.
Oh, this is a suit for pregnant women.
The waistband is elastic and it can stretch a lot.
Wow, that's convenient.
I see.
But will you dress more like a pregnant woman when they film you? I shouldn't wear this? Oh, you look cool, but you are pregnant, right? Make yourself look softer, happier, dreamier Smile, smile! All right, then.
Also, please wear brighter makeup.
- I'm counting on you.
- Okay.
Mr Terada is a bit frivolous, but he actually makes a great effort.
"Toraemon" "News Something"? Yes, "Something.
That's amazing! Someone in General Affairs also had her second child and returned from her leave.
"Hidetomi Sekiuchi, Yoko Hori" Yeah, but I don't want that.
I want to be a housewife.
I want my future wife to stay home too.
"Mafuyu Todo" Sekiuchi, you're surprisingly old fashioned.
In that case, it'll be just right if you two get married.
But I like handsome guys.
What about you, Todo? Me? I dream of being a capable career woman, but I think I want to get married and have children.
Right? Get married Mafuyu.
Are you okay, Saito? - Gosh! - What are you drinking? - Sorry, I drank too much.
- You're drunk.
We'll ask you a few of these questions.
Please have a look.
Okay- That reminds me.
We've also got this one! A maternity badge? Yes, many pregnant women wear one in the street, so that people can tell they're pregnant and offer them their seat.
This is an original one designed by Kyoa Home.
Wow, Mr Terada, you came up with it? Yes.
We'll talk to HR later and make it our pregnant employees' duty to wear one.
Good idea! It'll look really good.
The company is so kind to pregnant women! Ladies shine at this workplace! What the heck? They'll be kind only to pregnant women? Mr Terada, I don't think we need to make employees wear the badge.
Some people might not want to wear it.
Ms Minato, you don't get it.
We want to emphasise that the company supports pregnant women.
The important thing in advertising is to exaggerate what is good.
Advertise! Advertise Mrs Yoshitake, you will soon be four months pregnant, is there anything you find difficult at work? It has been going well so far.
"TV Nippon announcer, Riko Sasamoto" I sometimes bring my colleagues trouble, but they help me a lot.
What? Miss Tsubaki, what are you here for? I'm a fan of Miss Sasamoto.
What? I'm joking.
Be quiet.
Is there anything that made you decide to continue working after you giving birth? Well, I was at a loss about what to do at first Actually, when Mrs Yoshitake found out she was pregnant, she thought about resigning.
Right? - Yes.
- Is that so? She was worried, when our department realised she was worrying alone, we worked together and promised to give her support.
So she took back her resignation letter and applied for maternity and childcare leave.
Right? Yes.
"Kyoa Home I am expecting a baby" Mrs Yoshitake.
Yes? I'm Employee Utilisation Lab's Tsubaki.
Thank you for taking care of Saito.
Oh, I should thank you for his help.
It's wonderful that the company and your supervisor are understanding.
What? Yes.
You took off the badge.
I appreciate it, but it makes me feel embarrassed.
And it makes other people act too carefully around me I'm sorry.
It's fine, say no if you don't like it.
You make your own decisions.
Do take good care of yourself.
See you.
It's delicious.
- Really? - Yes.
Glad to hear that.
You have a sweet tooth, don't you? Yes, I do.
It must've made you nervous when a TV crew came to film us suddenly.
Yes, the PR Department is amazing.
It's splendid and can best represent our company.
"Chihiro Ito" Yeah? Also, women like Mrs Yoshitake want to continue to work after giving birth and I think they're cool.
But this isn't easy.
It is very difficult to work and raise children at the same time.
My mum was a working mother too.
My mother raised me on her own.
She did? I watched my mum as I grew up, so maybe I want to create a better work environment for women.
More than anybody else.
I see.
That's why you put so much effort into it.
And I really want to make my father regret having abandoned my mum and me too.
Sorry, did I scare you? No, not at all.
I'm sorry.
Let's have dessert.
I wasn't scared, but I was surprised.
Ms Ito's father abandoned her.
I had no idea that this was part of her past.
We'll continue our game from the other day.
I've been thinking about my next move since you left, but still can't come up with a good one.
Will you admit defeat, then? No Of course I won't.
"Chairman, Kanji Kitamura" The development is pretty thrilling.
"Secretary, Ryo Shibasaki" Okay Let's continue our game.
Hotel Axe.
The scenery around the hotel was fantastic, they gave great service, and it was a pretty wonderful hotel.
Hotel Axe's manager was a great man and he was popular.
The guests and staff all liked him pretty much.
Is that so? A man like him must be a good husband and a good father to his family.
It seems that the manager has a daughter.
I heard that his daughter was very lovely.
Mr Kitamura, have you ever met his daughter? No, I've never met her.
No It seems that the manager went missing after the fire.
I wonder if the daughter knows where her father is.
Or does she not? - Mr Kitamura.
- Yes? I'm afraid you've run out of time.
Oh, indeed.
Let's continue next time.
Until then Please come up with your next move.
Miss Tsubaki, you're formidable.
I can't really make my next move.
Oh, it's yours.
You dropped it that night.
Thanks for your company.
- Mrs Yoshitake.
- Yes? Will you make the result of today's research into a graph? Yes, sure.
Ms Minato, what did you ask Mrs Yoshitake to do? Make today's research results into a graph.
Ask another girl to do it.
No, it's fine.
It's an easy task and I It's okay, don't do anything unnecessary.
Mr Terada, why is it unnecessary? I'm telling her not to overwork herself.
I know that pregnant women shouldn't overwork themselves, but I don't think we should burden other employees without solving the basic problem.
Ms Minato, why are you getting hysterical? Hysterical? The situation won't continue forever.
It's just for a short while, right? You're so narrow-minded.
Aren't you ashamed of yourself as a woman and a supervisor? It's okay, Ms Minato.
I am not pregnant and I have no children.
You heard what she said.
We help each other out when someone needs help.
Hello? It's nice to hear from you.
Yes He told me to do more work yesterday as well.
It's tough for pregnant women.
Our lives are easier, so we can do a lot more work.
The way you put it But it's true.
I'll resign from the company if I get pregnant.
I don't want to cause people trouble.
Hey, Saito.
How is the PR Department? I bet things are getting messy about now.
Why A pregnant lady is interviewed by a TV show, and the department head favours her.
So her colleagues needle her and say her life is easier.
Wait, how did you know? So they really do that? Indeed, what other ladies say and do is horrible.
I feel sorry for her.
Well, pregnancy discrimination comes not only from supervisors, but pressure from colleagues too.
Pregnancy discrimination? I see Pregnancy discrimination? At least I think so.
But not by the men, however it's by the female supervisor and colleagues.
Is this a correct assessment? Well Probably.
Probably? Well I don't know if the problem is that serious or not, but ever since she was interviewed, the department's atmosphere has been tense.
In other words? In other words, I'm at a loss about what to do And? I Well Actually Is this a report to your supervisor? Or do you think I'm a friend and you want my advice? No, Miss Tsubaki Get back to work.
Excuse me.
Our next section.
This week's special is, The Future of A Company That Lets Ladies Shine.
Yes, and I've interviewed a lady.
- Ladies who work hard to balance - Oh, Saito! - Child-raising and work.
- It's started.
Hurry up.
Oh, okay.
I take turns with my husband.
We took a total of two years child care leave.
Balancing work and child-raising is difficult, but other people have been helpful.
The Future of A Company That Lets Ladies Shine.
This is Kyoa Home Insurance PR Department's Mrs Yuika Yoshitake.
She is 30 years old.
You look pretty on telly.
What do you think? You look pretty.
A company has a future only when the ladies shine.
It's me! The telly does make you look fat! Guys, I look fatter there than in real life, right? But what I said was great.
How we make the workplace easy for them to continue working is the most important thing.
I want to create a future that lets ladies shine.
That's what I think.
Mrs Yoshitake, it was great! You looked like a radiant woman who is expecting a baby while still working.
No doubt, we'll get a great response.
I think you should come back to work a year later, then you should have another child two years after that.
Yes? "The powerful working mother.
" Isn't this awesome? You will be a good example for our company.
You have my support.
Talk to me if anything makes you worry.
Thank you.
As I thought, the more attention Mrs Yoshitake gets, the more ill feelings other people have towards her.
Somehow I can't stand it anymore.
Mr Kitamura seems to like you a lot.
I like spending time with Mr Kitamura too.
We chat about various things while we play games.
Chat? "Managing Director, Tomoharu Osawa" About what, for example? Only some silly things.
Really? Are you curious about what Mr Kitamura and I talk about? Of course I am curious.
If Mr Kitamura sees you so frequently, that means he enjoys talking to you a lot.
But aren't you actually curious about what I said to someone else? Who are you talking about? For example, your former investigator, Yuji Agata.
At that time, you had a close relationship with Mr Osawa, who was the head of the Claims Department back then.
Indeed, I am very curious.
You are an HR consultant from outside.
Why did you need to meet Agata? Sorry if it made you upset.
I am a little bit too curious.
Excuse me.
"Secretary to Managing Director, Mizuki Motohashi" Mr Osawa? "Kyoa Home lnsurance" Mrs Yoshitake, let me carry them for you.
Thank you, but it's okay.
It's pointless to come to work if I can't even do this.
Please don't say that.
Please don't overwork yourself.
Mrs Yoshitake! Miss Tsubaki? Call an ambulance.
It's anaemia caused by extreme stress.
I think she will wake up soon.
Stress? Is she okay? Are you her husband? No, I am her supervisor.
I see.
Anyway, please don't push her too hard.
Extreme stress might cause a miscarriage.
- Miscarriage? - Yes.
- Mrs Yoshitake? - Mrs Yoshitake! What a relief! You startled us.
- I'm sorry.
- It's okay.
Now, if you'll excuse me.
Miss Tsubaki saved Mrs Yoshitake when she passed out.
You did, Miss Tsubaki? Thank you! Glad to see that you have a nice supervisor.
See you.
See you.
Thank you so much! Ms Minato, I told you not to let Mrs Yoshitake overwork herself.
You can't take the responsibility if anything happens.
Mr Terada Mrs Yoshitake, I know it's tough, but you know you'll be interviewed tomorrow, right? Yes.
Make sure you come to work until the shooting is over.
Also, come back to work after you give birth too.
Excuse me.
Mrs Yoshitake's face is still pale and she hasn't recovered.
Well, Saito, you're an outsider, so maybe you don't know, but Mrs Yoshitake has decided to work after her maternity leave.
She'll also appear on the TV show.
Yes, maybe she did, but And I'm just fully supporting what she's decided to do.
Do you understand? Yeah Well "306 Yuika Yoshitake" Hotel Axe? Yes.
Do you remember? The one in Onogasaki.
Of course I do.
How could I forget? What about the case? Lately, someone's been asking about the case, so I thought they might have come to ask you about it.
No, nobody came to ask me anything.
Yeah? That's all right, then.
But who would want to know about that after all these years? I am a bit too curious.
Well, it's fine if nothing happened.
Sorry for calling you here when you're busy.
Mr Osawa.
Are you all right? Why? Well, I'm just a bit worried.
You're acting just the way you did at that time.
You mean when you broke up with me? I'm fine.
No need to worry about me.
That's what you said then too.
Excuse me.
Everybody, pay attention.
I'm very sorry to tell you, Mrs Yoshitake passed out from stress and was sent to the hospital.
Oh, no I feel ashamed as her supervisor.
All of you very well know what caused the stress.
The TV show crew will interview her and this is the most important time.
You should protect her very well.
Please make sure that you don't make her overwork herself.
Okay Ms Minato, is it really our fault that Mrs Yoshitake passed out? Well, it's what Mr Terada thinks anyway.
I'm so fed up with it.
He makes us do her work.
We have to use our lunch time to work too.
He is protecting Mrs Yoshitake, but nobody protects us.
Now it's like only pregnant women matter.
I don't know if it's just what modern people think, but some don't want to have children and some can't have children.
I know, but it's true that Mrs Yoshitake's condition isn't good, so will you be patient for a while longer? It's reasonable that the ladies here are angry, but Mrs Yoshitake has done nothing wrong.
Good afternoon.
What's wrong? Something is worrying you? Why do you ask? You wear your heart on your sleeve.
Well Yeah.
Women have to make many choices, right? Choices? Like when you get married and have children, you have to choose whether to continue to work or not.
It's difficult to balance work and child-raising.
If you continue to work and don't have a family, people will say things to you.
Your worries are different when you choose differently.
Yes, women have to make choices.
- But Saito - Yes? Don't you think it is wrong? People ask a woman "Will you or won't you have children?" "Will you continue to work or not?" But they never ask this when men get married or have children.
You are right.
I had thought about marriage, but Oh, gosh.
Nobody cares about what's happened in my past, right? Oh, that's not true I think men also have their own worries.
I wish we didn't have to worry about things because we're men or women.
"Kyoa Home lnsurance" Good morning.
- Mrs Yoshitake? - Mrs Yoshitake! Good morning.
What a relief! You had a hard time.
Sorry for making you worry.
I am all right now.
Just have a seat.
Your face is still pale.
Are you really okay? I'm okay, I shouldn't bring my colleagues any more trouble.
Mrs Yoshitake, if you aren't feeling well, don't push yourself too hard.
Pushing hard and making us worry will cause us more trouble.
How can you say that, Ms Minato? She made the effort to come to work.
But we don't have to make her come when she isn't feeling well.
Can't we talk to the TV show crew and ask them to film something else? You You are ridiculous! She herself said she didn't want to cause us trouble, so Mrs Yoshitake will take the responsibility and be interviewed until the last minute no matter what! Well, forget it.
Ms Minato, will you come with me? Mrs Yoshitake, go to the reception room and lie down if you aren't feeling well.
Come here.
Everyone, I am very sorry.
The arrangements made by the PR Department are really wonderful.
Yes, I have the whole company's support and I really appreciate it.
Creating a workplace where all ladies can work brilliantly is my biggest challenge right now.
To us, as a company, ladies who work actively like Mrs Yoshitake Even though the shooting is over without mishaps, the atmosphere in the office is still suffocating.
We say someone is expecting a baby when she is pregnant and it should be a happy thing.
The last thing you said was a wise remark! - Did I say something impressive? - You did! Being interviewed by a TV show should actually be an honour, but none of the ladies here smile anymore.
I love my job, but I actually prefer She will take responsibility and be interviewed no matter what! Mrs Yoshitake! You know you'll be interviewed tomorrow, right? Yes.
Ask another girl to do it.
It's like only pregnant women matter.
Some people can't have children.
I want to create a future for ladies to continue to work and be brilliant.
I'd like to report to you that the head of the PR Department, Mr Terada, should be laid off.
This time, I did not tell you to find someone to lay off.
No, you didn't.
But you want me to lay him off? At first, Mr Terada seemed to be doing everything he could to give Mrs Yoshitake support.
But I found that he was putting on an act.
Actually, Mr Terada is forcing Mrs Yoshitake and the other ladies into a corner and causing them distress.
As a member of the HR staff, I cannot overlook this matter.
I see.
This is a correct assessment.
However, I'm afraid that Yes? The one that should leave the department isn't him.
Everyone, this is finally the last one.
Let's watch the interview when it's on the air.
Miss Tsubaki? What's the matter? Mrs Yuika Yoshitake.
Yes? According to my subordinate's report, you aren't doing your job, you're forcing your colleagues to do it, and you're having leisure time here.
What? No, I didn't say that at all! If you aren't working, then why do you come to the office? Wait a second, Miss Tsubaki.
Mrs Yoshitake just passed out from stress.
Your husband works at Taisei Bank.
His annual income is 8.
34 million yen.
You live at the flat his parents left him, so there is no mortgage.
Even if you resign today, your husband's income alone is enough to give you a comfortable life.
Don't be ridiculous.
Mrs Yoshitake, you have your own life, right? You want to raise your kids, do your best at work and be a cool lady, right? Miss Tsubaki, even under tough circumstances, Mrs Yoshitake still made an effort to continue her work.
But you said something so awful! The rumours were true.
You are like the devil! Oh, calm down, Mr Terada.
The show will be on the air soon.
Indeed! It's almost time.
Let's move on to this week's special, The Future of A Company That Lets Ladies Shine.
This is the last interview.
We'll see the reality of the workplace faced by women that take their maternity leave.
The Future of A Company That Lets Ladies Don't make me repeat myself! What? A TV show will feature our company's maternity leave system.
"Resignation letter" You do know that women nowadays should balance work and child-raising, right? What? Yes, but I'm not that kind of mother.
Mrs Yoshitake! Trying to resign is reverse pregnancy discrimination! Many women in Japan work hard to balance work and child-raising.
Are you just running away from it? Are you going to destroy the hopes of all women in Japan? No, I In that case, do your best at work! You have my support.
This is awful.
I can't believe it.
He threatened her? What the heck? Is this broadcast in the whole country? Ms Minato! Will you not say something irresponsible to the team? Have you got an alternative? You don't, do you? I would've done it already if there was one! How could a woman get in the way of another woman? You are not aware of it at all.
You're talented and you should be the leader.
You don't have children and you don't have to bear any risk, so please do your job properly! Why do you look at me like that? I am making so much effort for you, but you were self-centred and rebelled against me.
Of course I'd get angry! It's natural that I get angry! Mr Terada, what is this all about? Ms Ito Will you explain to me? No, I Hey! Who gave the video to the TV crew? Why did you do that? I am still filming, Mr Terada.
What are you filming? Something for an advertisement.
What? Kyoa Home's head of PR Department is respectable and considerate of the ladies and I'm advertising it.
How dare you! Mrs Yuika Yoshitake.
Yes? You have the right to resign from the company.
What will you do? I will resign from Kyoa Home.
Thank you for everything.
Mrs Yoshitake, I didn't realise how you really felt and I am sorry.
It's okay.
I had no idea at all that you were treated so horribly.
I have to apologise to you as the head of the HR Department.
"Kyoa Home Insurance Public Relations Department" The right to resign from a company is the right that a person has that lets them choose how to live.
Since I joined the company, I have been surprised every day.
But perhaps, little by little, I am growing up.
No, actually, the devil is helping me grow.
Good afternoon.
Welcome back.
We watched the show's last episode.
Oh, it was awful.
Is it a hot topic on the internet? No, it's just like usual.
"I always learn from News Something" What? But the video was on the air! Oh, that? I see That video.
You weren't watching the real show.
What? Real show? The video you watched was a special programme broadcast in Kyoa Home only.
What? Was it? But there were captions and stuff! Many details were Be quiet! What? Shiba.
Yes, Mr Kitamura? I realised everything.
You changed the set of tea ware.
- Yeah? - Yes.
There were small cracks in the last set.
- Yeah? - Yes.
Well, well Thank you.
Dad? Hello, Saito speaking.
"Akane Saito" Oh, Akane? Oh, Hiroshi! I watched the show.
I saw you clearly, but can you do something about your fringe? My fringe? Anyway, where is Dad? Dad? He went to Hamamatsu.
Hamamatsu? Yeah, he said he was visiting a friend there and went out.
"Hiroshi's father, Osamu Saito" Dad I didn't mistake him for someone else, right? But why did Dad come to Kyoa Home? Why did he lie and say he was going to Hamamatsu? "The real identity Mankind is a creature that of the devil is revealed" forgets everything to survive.
Are you blaming me? I worry about you as a friend "Dad and Kyoa's hidden relationship" What you do know? I guess I have to tell him.
"Try to solve the secret of They must be hiding something.
The company's elite department" We'll risk our lives to finish it! This is bad! They are caught! I'll follow him no matter what happens.
Satonaka! Don't worry, it went as planned.
Go! When a person is consumed by work, only tragedy awaits him.
You think they're hiding something, right? Have I ever hidden anything from you?