Miss Devil: HR's Devil Mako Tsubaki (2018) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

No! Who are you? "The nightmare of the hotel fire Hotel Axe's manager caused Miss Devil's trauma" has a daughter.
Have you met his daughter? No, I haven't.
No Hotel Axe? It seems that someone wants to know about the case.
"Lies and darkness behind the case" Who would want to know that now? At that time, you had a pretty close relationship with Mr Osawa, who was the head of Claims Department at the time.
You are an HR consultant from outside.
"Who is the devil's next target?" Why did you need to meet Agata? I heard that a new employee stabbed you, and it wasn't the company's fault in this case.
Is this okay? Dad? "Hiroshi's dad's secret is revealed!" I didn't mistake him for someone else, right? "All characters and other entities in this drama are fictitious.
" Someone else besides us knows about that.
"Hiroshi's father, Osamu Saito" Really? It's How did it leak out? I wonder why.
"Managing director, Tomoharu Osawa" I know.
I'm not suspecting you.
By the way, has Hiroshi told you anything about his supervisor? - Supervisor? - Yeah.
No, not really.
I see.
Anyway, you should be very careful too.
"Head of Employee Utilisation Lab, Mako Tsubaki" Mr Hiroshi Saito's father, I presume? Yes, I am.
Why? I am Tsubaki, head of the Employee Utilisation Lab.
You are Hiroshi's supervisor? Will you come to our lab and see him? I'll show you there.
No, it's okay.
Thank you.
I see.
I think we'll meet again soon.
See you.
"New employee, Hiroshi Saito" "lncoming call: Hiroshi" Who are you calling? Well Nobody.
Come to my office.
This time, you will go to CFD.
CFD Client First Division.
To put it simply, it is a division that puts clients first.
And I'll receive training there? Yes, but this time, the purpose is to improve your skills.
CFD is one of Kyoa Home's most elite teams.
Go and learn much from them.
Oh Because I want you to gradually become the centre of the lab.
I feel that there must be a catch.
Have I ever hidden anything from you? What? I'll go now.
See you.
Have a fruitful training.
"Miss Devil" "Episode 7" You're Saito? I look forward to working with you.
"Leader, Keiji Kanroji" I'm the leader, Kanroji.
I look forward to working with you.
Team, this is HR's Saito, who is here for his training.
Fresh, talented employees like him will lead the new Kyoa Home.
- I'm counting on you.
- Yes, Mr Kanroji I don't feel comfortable here.
Satonaka, teach him about our work.
I will.
"CPD, Jun Satonaka" Frankly, your training in our division won't just be meaningful.
The quality of the experience will be totally different.
Everything is intense.
CFD is a division that was set up a year ago.
It has combined the workflows of sales, signings and customer service into one and has improved convenience for customers.
We have signed a number of big contracts and have drawn the industry's attention.
By the way, I heard your supervisor is gorgeous.
I'm so jealous.
No, she is really frightening.
It's okay, my wife is frightening too, so I'm used to it.
Thank goodness, I think I'm fine with him.
"Chairman's Office" You know, lately I've been thinking about the case for some strange reason.
"Head of HR Dept, Chihiro lto" What case? "Chairman, Kanji Kitamura" Hotel Axe's.
Well, the case was a tragedy.
The hotel couldn't be rebuilt after the fire.
I think the manager's name was Kato? No, it was Mr Kito.
It was Manager Kito.
Yes, that's the name.
After the accident, Mr Kito went missing.
I heard his family was scattered too.
I remember it very well.
Ito and I worked overtime to deal with it.
Went days without sleep.
In the end, the hotel was held responsible, so their claim was rejected.
"Secretary, Ryo Shibasaki" - Mr Osawa, - Yes? Please be careful.
Hotel Axe's manager seemed to really resent Kyoa Home, then, he just went missing.
Should I stop walking alone at night? Oh, I was joking.
By the way, did you call us here to talk about the past? Of course not! You two are so busy, I wouldn't call you here for just that.
Actually, I have a passion for tea and I want to have tea with you, so I called you here.
Is this a bother? - No - Of course not.
It's okay? Please make some tea, Shiba.
Yes, Mr Kitamura.
Is this a coincidence? I've heard Hotel Axe's name many times lately, from both you and Mr Kitamura.
Both of us just happened to mention it.
Anyway, an economic magazine wants to write a special article about CFD.
- Motohashi.
- Okay.
"Secretary, Mizuki Motohashi" This is the document.
I've read it.
What do you think? I think we can accept the request.
But I think it's still too early.
I see.
Just as I thought, you don't approve of CFD.
That's not the reason.
There are so few of them, so how do they achieve such good results? I still have my doubts, indeed.
In that case, will you file this document? Okay.
Is your training fruitful? Kind of.
I have to make a desperate effort just to catch up.
I do everything for your sake, so do your best.
As you said, she is gorgeous, but frightening.
Mr Kanroji, I presume? Thank you for looking after Saito.
I am his supervisor, Tsubaki.
How nice of you to come here.
I've always wanted to say hello.
After all, you've achieved amazingly good results in just one year, I would really like you to tell me your secret.
I have been wanting to talk to you too.
Including your brilliant experience in America, - I'm very interested in your work.
- I am honoured.
See you, then.
- What is Mr Kanroji like? - What do you mean? Well, you know My supervisor is very frightening, right? So I'm wondering what Mr Kanroji is like as a supervisor.
God Yes? I exaggerated it.
But he is the greatest leader.
Thanks to him, my life is very fulfilling now.
Is that so? So I'll follow him no matter what Mr Satonaka! Are you okay? What's the matter? It's no big deal.
Mr Satonaka! Mr Satonaka! "Employee Utilisation Lab, Shuhei Okitsu" What's the matter? Mr Okitsu, come here! He suddenly passed out! Satonaka? Is it you, Satonaka? Satonaka Satonaka! "Kyoumei Hospital" You and Mr Satonaka joined Kyoa together? We were close.
We worked at the same department for a while after we joined.
He just listened to my stupid chatting with a smile.
He got so much thinner.
He used to be extremely healthy, but But why? I get it if he's just overworked, but he has kidney disease and liver disease, why didn't he go to the hospital? How would I know? Excuse me, are you my husband's colleagues? Rika? You're Rika, right? It's me, Okitsu! I gave a speech at your wedding! Everyone roared with laughter! Mr Okitsu, how many people do you know? Well, your husband suddenly passed out, of course you would be scared.
But Satonaka eats a balanced diet, right? You cook very well, don't you? I tried what you made.
He even went to his home.
But he hasn't been coming home lately.
He always goes to have drinks with his colleagues.
Is that so? The division he works at now CFD? He has changed a lot since he was assigned there.
Good lord, what is he doing? Why do you leave your pretty wife on her own? Jun! What is this? You suddenly passed out and were sent to the hospital.
I have to hurry to the office.
- What? Wait - Wait I have to go back to work.
What are you talking about? Not now! I cannot just lay here! No! Please have a rest now.
PJ150! I have to do it! Please Satonaka! - Let go! Let go of me! - Hey Gosh, Satonaka! There has to be something wrong.
Mr Satonaka needs a rest, but he still wants to go to work.
And he said some nonsense, like PJ150.
CFD is hiding a secret.
Of course.
Why state the obvious? CPD has an enormous amount of work, but the members come to work and go home at regular hours.
So there has to be a secret.
That's why I sent you there for training.
I knew you lied! You said it was to improve my skills and stuff And? You got a problem? Of course I do! I do, but No, I don't.
What do you think? It's only been a short while, but you must have felt something.
How can CPD do so much work? What's the point of asking me? Well, about that.
May I say something? I think CFD has a hideout somewhere for overtime workers.
Hideout for overtime work? Satonaka has been going for drinks with his colleagues and he doesn't go home often.
That's what his wife said.
But he isn't that kind of person.
So, maybe after the CFD members leave the office, they assemble somewhere else to work again? So, the hideout for overtime work! I see.
Now it makes sense.
Right? If we find the place We're counting on you! What? I have to find it? Me? Oh? Saito? Why? He is CFD's Miss Tsubaki, I have had a passion for tea lately, so I'll make some now.
What would you like? Black tea? Japanese tea? Oolong tea? Black tea, please.
I see.
Black tea's beautiful red suits Miss Devil.
I'm just joking.
Oh, I'm sorry Excuse me.
What? Gosh! Do you know, Miss Tsubaki? In 10 years, it will be Kyoa Home Insurance's 150th anniversary.
So it seems.
Well, 10 years from now I wonder what the world will be like.
I think I probably won't be in this world, though.
Why do you say so? You look healthy.
There is no special reason.
It's just when you get old, you stop being able to think about a future so far away.
But you often remember things that happened in the past.
When I was young, I was a workaholic employee.
I worked a lot.
The more I worked, the better my life's quality became and I climbed up the career ladder.
You could believe in that back then.
Well, it was much simpler than nowadays, and it was a nice era in a sense.
This is bad.
Old people tend to think it was better in the past.
But it's fine, isn't it? If something is painful and it hurts, or if it's unfavourable to them, people forget everything when they live.
Miss Tsubaki, did you just accuse me of that? No.
All right, then.
You looked scary just now.
Thanks for your tea.
You will come again, right? I'll make you Pu-erh tea.
The tea is black, so I think it suits you, Miss Devil.
She doesn't listen.
Excuse me.
It's from CFD's leader, Mr Kanroji.
"PJ150 -A future outlook-" "CFD, Keiji Kanroji" Miss Tsubaki, you sent Saito to CFD to have his training, didn't you? That means you also think they're hiding something, right? Please tell me if anything happens.
Maybe you're not convinced, but Of course I will.
I'm going to report to you properly.
It's my supervisor's order, after all.
What's the matter? Dad Did you come to our office building? I saw someone who looked like you.
I mean, I probably saw you.
Dad? I guess I have to tell you honestly.
"Hiroshi's mother, Satoko Saito" Sorry, I wanted to see my son's work environment, so I dropped by when I went there for work.
You should've told me.
Idiot, then you'll know I dote on you.
It's too embarrassing to tell you.
Going secretly was all I could do.
Somehow, I felt he was lying to me, but I couldn't ask any further.
"Hiroshi's sister, Akane Saito" Dad has been acting weird lately.
He always zones out.
Does he? He's tired from work.
That's okay, then.
"Yotsuba Bank" "Former CEO of investigation company, Yuji Agata" "Cancellation of Safe Deposit Box Contract" "Yotsuba Bank, Branch Manager, Masahiko Sakai" " notify you it has been cancelled" Who the heck did this? "Cancellation of Safe Deposit Box Contract" "It is over for you" Darn you! "Kyoumei Hospital" "Kyoa Home lnsurance" Mr Satonaka? Yeah, someone removed his IV yesterday.
How is he, then? Well, his life isn't in danger, but he has to rest in bed for a while.
I see.
Who on earth did that? How would I know? But maybe it's a good thing, now he can't say that he wants to go to work.
Anyway, have you found the overtime work hideout? No, not yet.
"Electronic Medical Record" "Jun Satonaka" Why did you sigh, Saito? It's a long story.
It's where I have my training.
But I can't tell them that my job as a spy isn't going well.
It's tough for you? "Mafuyu Todo" But do your best.
Nagumo has left, I'm not saying that we'll work hard for him, but "Hidetomi Sekiuchi" You're right.
I have to do it.
It's hot! It's hot Gosh - That was hilarious.
- What? Make the weird sound again, I'll record it.
It was awful! My coffee almost went down the wrong tube! What's the matter? Nothing.
See you.
"Recording" By the way, has the insurance money been returned? Oh, the appraiser just replied on this and this I see.
I'll go to the Sales Division.
If I'm not there, they might say something that gives me a clue.
"Paying" I can't make out what they said at all.
Give me that.
"Former IT specialist, Karma Tabe" "Scanning" "Extracting speech" Now all noises are removed.
Impressive! What interests me in the conversation is By the way, what about Kyoa-kun? I've asked the PR Department to make arrangements.
I heard that his family will come.
Kyoa-kun? A client's daughter is his fan.
"Yoji Kunimoto" An event? It is irrelevant.
Also I want to introduce a high speed communication internet server.
How about KDO? KDO? What model number? I think we can get KDO 8000.
KDO It's shipped and will arrive in the evening.
This is Detroit PC's ultra-high performance server, which costs 60 million yen.
Oh, that's why.
What? I was looking at this term's budget and the managing director's special budget is 60 million yen over.
I've been wondering why.
"Yuriko Hanamura" That means CFD bought KDO 8000.
Oh, we're getting it.
We might, indeed.
But the server won't be put here.
Where was it sent? Here.
8-4-15 Shibaura-Chuo.
Bingo! This is CFD's hideout for overtime work! Whoa! In the blink of an eye! Guys! Gosh You even did that? - Ms Ito - No, this is So, CFD staff works overtime after they leave the office? Yes, probably.
Well, charging in is It's okay.
I'll talk to the other executives first.
This is what the hideout looks like.
However, there are security cameras.
We can't go in easily.
No, we can't.
What? Don't push! Excuse me! This is Isn't it obvious? It's a box that's the size of a server.
Oh? I think it's large enough for a person too.
Don't tell me You won't, will you? Yes, I will do that.
- I can't do it! Step aside! - You can do it.
You'll get inside and go reconnoitre CFD's hideout.
Good luck.
All of you I can't! And what if they find out? You have nothing, so at least, gather your courage! But I House.
House! Woof! I'm not a dog.
- Woof, woof! - Gosh It's almost time.
By the way, where is Okitsu? "Turtle Courier" We're counting on you, young man.
KDO 8000 is here.
- Be careful.
- Okay One, two - Slowly.
- Okay.
Should we set it up? No, it isn't urgent.
Do it later.
- Be careful! - Rewrite it.
It's mixed 40 percent early.
Pull yourself together! "Risk everything!" "Energy drink" "Wake me up in 10 minutes!" Start doing it.
What the heck is this? Ms Ito? This is bad! Ms Ito is caught! The head of HR? Yes, she probably sneaked in here alone.
What is it like in there? It really is a hideout for overtime work.
Their eyes are bloodshot but they just keep working.
Anyway, it isn't normal.
I'll film it.
Good evening, Miss Tsubaki.
What's the matter? I would like to talk to you.
You're right where I want you.
I was going to invite you for a chat too.
I have seen what you've been doing.
Besides being a capable HR consultant, your ideas and actions are never bound by common sense.
This is very attractive.
Why don't you work with me, Miss Devil? Work with you? Mr Osawa recognises what you and I do.
Kyoa Home is content to stay in its current state and he wants to rebuild it.
Mr Osawa thinks highly of me, of course I should repay him.
No, thank you.
I don't have time to spare to play your stupid game.
Stupid? Though you're CFD's leader, you're no more than the king of the mountain.
Playing at a hideout suits you.
You have found out so much already? I'm impressed.
You won't work with me no matter what? Of course I won't.
What a shame.
Then we can't understand each other.
Bring her there.
You've come too? Ms Ito.
It didn't occur to me that you would be here too.
We won't make it in time.
13 companies left and we have only 3 days until they sign the contract.
Three days Oh, no! This is bad, even Miss Tsubaki is caught! What should I do now? Mr Kunimoto, please come and help! No, I only worked in the Facilities Department.
I can't do anything.
I'm not a bodyguard.
Wait Ms Ito, do you like cat's cradle? What? I like it.
When I was little, I often played it with my father.
What's your point? Use your left thumb to hold the string around my right middle finger.
Yes? Okay.
- Prioritise these six companies.
- Okay.
But before that What a pleasure.
Ms Ito and Miss Tsubaki, I heard that you two are at odds in the company.
But now you're tied together here.
Will you tell me something? Tell you what? The PJ150 there.
Sounds like a brainless employee came up with it.
What does it mean? - How dare you! - It's fine.
Don't be provoked so easily.
"Project 150.
" That's what it means.
It's literally that! It will be Kyoa Home's 150th anniversary 10 years from now.
We'll do anything to make the company the leader of the industry by then.
Why do you do that? Why? If we're doing it, we want to be the best.
It's as simple as that.
It's possible if you make effort, but if you don't, you're just lazy.
But still, hiding here to work will get you nowhere We have submitted the report to Mr Osawa.
What? How could he In the end, you're just the result of men who have nothing to do besides work.
I pity you.
- Hey! - It's fine.
Please let me tell you in detail the reason that we're doing this.
In the past, motivated businessmen would work 24 hours.
Well, I exaggerated it, but they'd spare no time for sleep and they'd work furiously.
People would praise them if they achieved some results, and their hearts were fulfilled.
However, nowadays, things are totally different.
People gave it a great name, calling it "work style reform.
" Our country keeps telling us not to work.
To be frank with you, our people are very confused.
Am I right, head of HR Department, Ms Ito? Please tell me.
Did Edison, Einstein, or Mahatma Gandhi want days off on the weekend.
Did they leave early for personal reasons? No, they didn't! They spared no time for sleep and worked furiously.
That's why nowadays, our lives are abundant and we've made progress.
It's sad that you seem to have forgotten this.
If one wants to achieve more results in a world like this, if one wants to work more, this is the only way.
All of us here are like this.
They are selected elites.
They really love their own work, they love Kyoa Home, so they make a desperate effort at work to achieve what they want to do! However, you say it like it's a bad thing.
I am worried.
When a reform that only looks good, but isn't practical covers Japan, our country will be ruined.
That's why we motivate ourselves like this.
Kyoa Home's motto! Insurance is for people Insurance should support people Insurance walks with people Please hurry to save my life! These people are sick! Don't worry, we expected it.
What? We act in accordance with the motto and keep making a persistent effort.
If CFD achieves good results and is highly praised, the company's atmosphere will change.
We will set an example, Kyoa Home will be reborn from its comfortable state now.
PJ150, and the status of being the industry's leader are working 10 years ahead of schedule.
We'll achieve this, even if we have to risk our lives.
On the commemorative 150th anniversary - We shall risk our lives - We shall risk our lives! Be quiet! There is no work that is worth sacrificing your life to do.
No matter how pompously you talk about it, you still don't understand the most important thing.
That is people should be on equal ground with their work.
When a man is consumed by his work, only tragedy awaits him.
Just like you.
It seems that it's impossible for us to understand each other.
I agree.
We only want to work properly.
That's all we want.
Why don't you understand? Ms Ito, you are good at playing cat's cradle.
Go! Aye.
aye, sir! WOW! Run! I have to go out.
YOU jerk! Ms Ito! What? What I heard you joined the naginata glaive club.
I didn't participate at all! Watch out! No! Don't come here! No! You're kidding me Why doesn't it open? Kyoa-kun! Why? You can't run away now.
For Kyoa Home, I cannot let it end here! Darn! Ouch! Darn! I can't let it end Mr Kanroji.
You are going to resign from the company.
You'll have no objection to it.
Miss Tsubaki.
Thank you.
I was impressed by what you did too.
Good morning.
You look exhausted.
I did nothing yesterday, but somehow I'm worn out.
I did a good job.
I cut the power perfectly.
I gave you the instructions! But I cut it.
But you did a good job.
You fell down with the box, so they defeated the final boss, right? Yeah, but Wait.
Mr Okitsu, how do you know? By the way, I'm leaving during working hours today.
Please take care of stuff.
I see.
CFD will be closed? Yeah.
How are you feeling? I'm a lot better.
After I step away from work, I finally started to realise that there was something wrong with me.
Even without CFD, I'm sure that you're going to find your life purpose.
Please tell me what you think, Mr Osawa.
In addition to the abnormal amount of work in CFD, you also turned a blind eye to the overambitious project, PJ150.
I think it clearly is a mistaken decision made by a manager.
Mr Osawa, I told you, didn't I? That the way you're acting now is similar to that time.
I sense something dangerous.
Sorry, but please leave.
Please tell me! Not just as the HR Department Head, I also worry about you as a friend I'm telling you to leave! What do you know about me? Sorry.
Regarding CPD, I'll give you a proper explanation.
I won't leave it unsettled.
So Please leave me alone now.
"Formerly Recorded MAIKO KITO Change to MAKO TSUBAKl" "MAIKO KITO" Kito Maiko "Formerly Recorded MAIKO KITO" Did you cancel my safe deposit box contract yourself? Where did you put the contents? Why don't you say something, Tsubaki I mean Miss Maiko Kito? Your family is in danger too.
"The shadow approaching his family" What do you mean? Hiroshi, will you believe me? "Who is the devil's real enemy?" Mr Osawa is hiding something.
I'll persist, no matter what.
"A sudden turn" I might resign.
You have no right to resign from the company.
I just worry about her.
How kind of you, Hiroshi Saito.
Mr Osawa seems dangerous now.
You did awful things in the past and covered it up.
The daughter takes revenge? Answer me, Maiko Kito! I'll find out who planted the false evidence.