Miss Devil: HR's Devil Mako Tsubaki (2018) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

Let me tell you the reason why I came to this company.
"Mako Tsubaki" It is to defeat the ugly monster.
"The fateful secret" Someone besides us "that ties the men here!" knows about that.
Really? "PJ150 -A Future Outlook-" You turn a blind eye to CFD's abnormal amount of work.
"The devil exposed the abnormality in the name of reform" "The cornered monster" As the decision of a manager, "starts to fight back" this obviously is wrong.
What do you know? "Cancellation of safe deposit box contract" Darn you! Hotel Axe's manager "The devil's secret is revealed!" has a daughter.
I think his name is It's Kito.
Manager Kito.
Maiko Kito Did you cancel my safe deposit box's contract yourself Tsubaki I mean Miss Maiko Kito? I knew it.
"Yuji Agata" You are the daughter of Hotel Axe's manager and you sneaked into the company to seek revenge? Where is the photo you stole from my safe deposit box? Answer me, Maiko Kito! "Miss Devil" "Kyoa Home lnsurance" "Episode 8" Good morning.
Have you seen this? It's CFD's "Hiroshi Saito" Yes.
"Announced by Kyoa Home, Employees used violence.
Disciplinary dismissal.
" "Kanna Tabe" Seeing elites turn into a mess feels good.
"Yuriko Hanamura" She has a dark side.
"Shuhei Okitsu" But it's good for the company.
It's like a lizard simply cutting off its tail.
What scares me is Mr.
Osawa's ability to settle the matter.
"Yoji Kunimoto" It looks like he'd done lots of bad stuff in the past and covered them up.
It isn't right to badmouth the company's leader so early.
Exactly, Saito! I said nothing! Is it about CFD? "Employees used violence.
" Well, it isn't wrong.
If you mention that I think this lady is much more violent.
Osawa knew very well that the CFD members were out of control, but he supported them.
"Chihiro lto" Frankly, somehow Mr.
Osawa feels dangerous to me now.
"Secretary, Ryo Shibasaki" Well "Chairman, Kanji Kitamura" I can also feel that somehow as you said, he is dangerous.
Osawa is the company's eldest son, so to speak.
Whatever he does, it will draw attention.
But Ms.
Ito do not take the matter upon yourself alone.
I'll tough it out with you.
We'll think about it together.
- Okay.
- Then, maybe we'll come up with a good solution spontaneously.
Spontaneously Spontaneously A chick is here.
What? Oh my gosh.
What is this? You finally laughed.
How strange.
When I talk to you like this it makes me feel calm.
Is that so? I'm like a daughter to you, right? Yeah Well I can have an enjoyable time with my daughter but I wonder how I should treat my son as a father.
The Secretary Section? Yes, you'll go to the Secretary Section and receive training as the secretary to the managing director.
Managing director - What's wrong? - Nothing.
I'm just a bit nervous.
You aren't going to lay off Mr.
Osawa, are you? That might be interesting.
I'm joking.
Training at Mr.
Osawa's office might have special meaning for you.
Special? Your father came to the office building the other day, right? How did you know? Your father came to see Mr.
Hang on a minute.
What do you mean? Dad came to see Mr.
I wanted to know the workplace my son works at, so I dropped by when I went there for work.
But he hid it from me.
Why? "Secretary Section" In the coming two weeks, "Secretary, Mizuki Motohashi" I'll be training you.
Looking forward.
Though it's training, you'll still be doing the usual tasks.
Be thorough with the duty of confidentiality.
"Secret" is a part of "secretary" is what people say.
I'm Mr.
Kitamura's secretary, Shibasaki.
Good luck.
Thank you.
I'll do my best.
Let's go to Mr.
Osawa's office.
Saito, I hope it'll be a fruitful training.
Thank you, Mr.
"Managing Director, Tomoharu Osawa" Miss Tsubaki asked me herself.
It must be because she has a plan.
It isn't the right time, but I have to ask why dad came to see Mr.
Osawa, how come How come? How come How How did you become the managing director? No! That's not what I want to ask.
What am I, a little boy? Sorry, it was a weird question.
It's interesting.
How did I become the managing director? I never compromise my beliefs and stick to them no matter what happens.
This sums it up, I think.
Thank you.
Osawa, if you'll excuse me.
- Thanks.
- Excuse me.
I'm exhausted.
It makes me nervous to work near Mr.
And in the end, I couldn't ask him about dad.
Todo? "Mafuyu Todo" Saito Why are you here? What You What? What on earth is going on? Anyway, it's difficult to talk here I tidied my flat yesterday, so it's fine.
Let's go to my flat.
No! I'm not thinking about anything inappropriate, I am not! My flat is on the first floor.
Oh, Hiroshi, welcome home.
What? "Hiroshi's sister, Akane Saito" When? I'm sorry, I haven't been myself today No, it's totally okay.
There is nothing wrong.
I'll go home now.
See you.
Todo! Gosh! Was that your girlfriend? Well done, Hiroshi.
Todo isn't my girlfriend.
Anyway, why are you here? - I ran away from home.
- Ran away? I had a fight with dad, so let me stay here.
- See you.
- Excuse me.
See you.
Good evening.
This is the report on the CFD members' resignation.
Thank you.
You sent Saito for training at the managing director's office? Yes.
What's the problem? I know where you've sent him for training so far there have been things that harmed the company.
In other words, you're thinking the managing director's office or Mr.
Osawa is hiding something.
Tell me.
Is it something related to Hotel Axe? Why do you think so? Maybe it's just a hunch.
But now, Mr.
Osawa is behaving like the way he did when we handled the case of the accident.
You were involved, so I cannot tell you now.
But I think everything will become clear soon.
Please do brace yourself to face the truth by then.
"Kyoa Home lnsurance" Sorry, I startled you last night.
It's totally fine.
I was surprised, though.
Last night? Nothing I went to Saito's place unannounced.
"Hidetomi Sekiuchi" Could you two be No, we aren't.
- No.
Don't get the wrong idea.
- No.
But it's possible, right? She came a long way to my home.
A lot has been going on in my mind, so I wanted to talk to Saito.
So, as I thought, she is What is that? I Love Actually Saito.
I might resign from my job.
What? Kidney failure? Yes.
Todo's father fell ill last week.
His life isn't in danger but there will be restrictions on his daily life.
That's upsetting.
Her mum is weak too so she wants to resign to take care of him.
She'll quit to take care of her dad? Yes.
I'm at around the same age as her dad, everyone I see is like that.
"You too? Even you?" Like that.
As long as your parents are here, it can happen to anyone.
But it's too soon for Todo considering her age and I'm worried.
Make yourself dependable now, your worth as a man will rise a lot.
Show her how good you are.
You love her, right? No, I How nice of you, Hiroshi Saito.
You can worry about Todo, but lunch time was over 15 minutes and 20 seconds ago and you didn't realise it.
I am sorry! I'll go to the Secretary Section now.
We'll get to work now! It stopped.
It's been a while, Miss Mafuyu Todo.
Miss Tsubaki.
We haven't talked to each other since the new employees' training.
No, we haven't.
According to what I've heard you're worried about various things.
If there is anything, feel free to talk to the HR Department.
Thank you.
"Secretary Section" Sorry.
Who am I talking to? Sorry, I am late.
You are pretty energetic.
I am very sorry.
It's fine.
I'm looking for Motohashi.
Tell her to come to my office at once.
Yes, Mr.
Work hard on your training.
I'll go to the Chairman's office.
Excuse me.
Good afternoon.
You are happy today.
You see, when you know something new, it makes you happy.
Something new? What is it? This.
In the past, someone changed her name in America.
Well, after she did so, she changed her registration at her university, and this is the document of notification.
Can you see? Someone called Maiko Kito changed her name to Mako Tsubaki.
This is Miss Tsubaki's Yes, that's right.
It seems that Miss Tsubaki's real name is Maiko Kito.
Kitamura, how did you get this? Well, I paid an especially large sum of money for it.
Usually, I would ask you to do this for me, Shiba but somehow, lately you've been Right? Do not talk to anybody about Miss Maiko Kito.
Even if somebody wants to know, promise me Okay? After all, "secret" is a part of "secretary".
- Yes, Mr.
- Good.
"Secretary Section Regular Meeting" "Managing Director Office Visitors"? The day that dad came to the office building was "12th June, Tuesday" "Visitor: Osamu Saito" Have you done the summary of the regular meeting? Well - What's the matter? - Nothing.
It'll be done in a bit.
We'll go to Mr.
Osawa's office after you finish it.
"Visitor: Osamu Saito" After that, you'll have dinner with Misumi Holding's CEO, Mr.
Get things ready.
I'll go and make coffee.
It's now.
I'll ask now.
I'll ask if he knows my father and why they met on that day.
Do you talk to your father often? Well, I'm just asking.
I'm not married and none of my friends have children at your age.
I'm only curious, it's just small talk.
Well I only call him from time to time and tell him about work.
So When you got an offer from Kyoa Home, what did your dad say? At first, when I said I applied for a job here he was quite against it but since I got the offer, he has been very supportive.
I see.
Excuse me.
If he knows my dad, he wouldn't ask me stuff like that.
So Mr.
Osawa really is hiding something? Todo Saito.
Thinking about your father? I'm thinking about various things.
If you don't mind, you can talk to me.
My father is very stubborn and he hates being taken care of.
I see.
Even when I said I would quit my job to take care of him, he told me not to and was totally defiant.
Well, really, I don't know what he's thinking.
I wish he would be more manageable.
Well, it must be a shock to your dad so forgive him.
I think the best thing to do is to show him how hard you work.
You know nothing, so don't say that.
Frankly, your insensitivity and phoney kindness really annoys me.
Todo! "Mafuyu Todo" Darn! Why did I say that? Is it okay if I apologise now? But if she tells me not to call her again Oh, her name is Mafuyu? It's the girl last night, right? Shut up.
Leave me alone.
None of your business, little girl.
But you look like a middle school student.
Mid "lncoming call: Osamu Saito" It's for you.
Answer it.
No way.
Hello? "Hiroshi's father, Osamu Saito" Hiroshi? Sorry for making you take care of the noisy girl.
Indeed, she is very noisy.
I'm concerned about her future.
Your mum will pick her up tomorrow, please let her stay tonight.
All right.
Dad What is it? Dad, you Sorry.
It's no big deal.
What? I see.
I don't even understand my own dad at all how can I give Todo advice? "Mafuyu's father, Satoru Todo" Dad I'll put your new towel here.
Listen to what the nurses say, okay? I'll come again soon.
If you want anything No need to come.
What? I'm telling you not to come to the hospital.
So you haven't got a boyfriend? I just joined Kyoa, I haven't got time.
- You're joking - No, I'm not.
Why is Todo here? I saw her pulling a long face at the rest area, I had to cheer her up.
Just leave her alone! I've got a question! Todo, what do you think about Hiroshi? - What? - Please stop it! Todo is having a tough time.
But you want to know.
Don't laugh! You didn't deny it.
You do want to know! Of course Gosh! Let's go, Todo.
You're still loafing around again here Mafuyu Todo? Why did you say "again"? Exactly! It sounds like she always loafs on her job.
I've seen you daydreaming at the rest area many times.
I was Todo is worried about various things now.
Is she really? What? You've performed well at school since you were little, after graduating from Komiyama High School, one of Tokyo's best schools, you entered Sakurada University's School of Business Administration.
Until then, your results had been perfect.
However, since you started working, things haven't been going smoothly.
You've been making mistakes since your assignment to General Affairs, which is what all the seniors who had taught you said.
You are talented, so you don't admit you make mistakes.
It leads to your next mistake and it finally becomes irremediable.
Stop You want to run away from work, so you spend a lot of time at the resting area, right? Wait a second, you're talking one-sidedly Be quiet! Miss Mafuyu Todo.
You worry about whether you should resign or not.
But do you really worry for your father's sake? If not You have no right to resign from this company.
Wait, Todo! Todo! Todo Well.
Don't worry about it.
She always talks bluntly.
Saying that you loaf on the job is totally unreasonable, nobody will believe her.
I said yesterday, don't talk like you understand.
Maybe Miss Tsubaki was right.
What? Maybe she was right.
I don't know anything.
Todo is having a hard time.
What should I have said? You seem quite down, Hiroshi.
It's a long story.
Just leave me alone.
- Akane, why are you here? - I have nothing to do at your flat.
Go back to Nagano, then.
No! I won't make up with dad.
- Yes, you will! - It's lively here.
Sorry, Ms.
Who is the young lady? His sister! I ran away from home.
Oh? Ran away from home? It seems she had a fight with my father.
I see.
WOW! Try the mango juice.
Delicious! Hey, talk politely.
"Wow" and "delicious"? You aren't in kindergarten.
Why not? It's fine.
She doesn't get to come to the Chairman's office often, Akane's brother.
Sorry about her.
- You like mango juice? - Yes! What else do you like? I also like smartphone games, Disneyland, donuts, and Good.
If you like many things, you will enjoy your life.
On the other hand, is there anything you don't like? My dad.
You had a fight with your dad, didn't you? I can understand.
Do you like or hate to study, by the way? She hates it, obviously.
Don't say it for me! - Calm down - But you really do.
But as you've come to Tokyo, I'll teach you one thing before you go.
- Okay? - Yes.
Akane, did you know a kind of plant has the same name as yours? No, I didn't.
You didn't know? Well This is the plant that has the same name as yours.
It's called Akane.
Its roots are red, so it is called Akane, which means "red roots".
Wow People call the colour of the beautiful sunset "akane", right? This plant is the origin of that.
By the way, who named you Akane? It was My dad.
Was it? I see It was your father.
It's only what I imagine but I guess your father must love to admire the sunset so he named his beloved daughter Akane.
No, I don't think so.
Is that so? Your father wants to admire the beautiful sunset with his beloved daughter again and again, forever.
I think that was his wish when he named you Akane.
Yes, maybe.
Dad told me before.
What? You see, dad used to hike, right? He said the sunsets he'd see from the mountains are the sunsets he loves the most.
He loves the most that's why he named you Akane.
Akane, when you tried the mango juice and said it was delicious when you came to my office looked at the plants and said, "wow" or after you had a fight with your father and came to Tokyo Akane, whatever you do, your father loves you.
He loves you a lot.
No matter how much you hate your father, or how you badmouth him it doesn't matter to your father.
Even if you're a monster or an alien it still doesn't matter.
That's how it is, being a parent.
"Kyoa Home lnsurance" Do apologise to dad properly.
You only need to say it once.
"Hiroshi's mother, Satoko Saito" Hiroshi, you look well and I'm relieved.
Let's go.
See you.
Apologise to mum too.
I will! Akane, whatever you do, your father loves you.
That's how it is, being a parent.
Even when I said I would quit my job to take care of him, my dad was totally defiant.
I don't know what he's thinking.
- What is for supper today? - What do you want to have? - I want fried chicken.
- Good idea.
What's the matter? Well You might think I'm talking again like I know everything and get angry again.
But I think you'd better not resign.
Your father loves you.
He thinks about you more than anyone else.
So I think he understands your current situation.
That's why he doesn't want you to run away from it and say harsh things to you.
Sorry, I don't know your father, but I said what's on my mind.
But Well I didn't want to admit it.
My father said to me It hasn't been going well for you at work, right? Don't run away from it with with father as an excuse.
Your mum is here too.
We'll hire a helper and we'll manage.
There is something else that you should do.
I knew that I was using dad as an excuse too but I didn't want to admit it.
Because if I do there is nowhere I can run away to.
Don't worry, I know you can do it.
You are much more excellent than I am, so you surely will Don't talk like you know Sorry, I keep saying that.
I was only taking it out on you.
Thank you.
You gave me courage.
"Resignation Letter" What? I don't know how it will go, but I'll face my work properly.
Will you keep it until I make a decision? Of course.
I'm an HR staff.
Yes, I know.
I have no children, was it okay to lecture her like that? Did I bore you? Of course you didn't.
Glad to hear that.
Well, all parents love their own children.
That's the only thing I wanted to tell her.
That's true.
Well, if there is love is it better to be strict to one's children? Really? Yes, your husband is hiding something serious from your family.
"Osamu Saito" Hiroshi? Thank you.
Your mum and Akane are taking the bullet train.
Yeah? Good lord! I was scared to death when she ran away.
Well, dad Dad You know Mr.
Osawa, don't you? No, I don't I saw the Managing Director's visitors' list and found your name on it.
If you know so much, then I have to tell you honestly.
Osawa and I were our university's mountaineering club members.
Maybe I can call him a close friend.
Is that so? Hiroshi, Kyoa Home hired you for your ability I didn't pull any strings.
Trust me.
If I said Osawa was my friend, you might suspect I did something I shouldn't, so I couldn't say it.
Will you believe me? Thank you for considering my feelings.
Have you gotten anything out of your training? Mr.
Osawa and my father are friends.
But I think there is something more.
What is it? I don't know but I think I don't have to probe any further now.
Why? I think he'll tell me when the time comes.
I want to respect your thoughts.
However, we can't afford to take our time.
A danger is approaching.
Danger? Your father, and probably your family will be involved.
What danger is it? Sixteen years ago, a hotel at the cliff of Onogasaki Hotel Axe was on fire and it was enveloped in flames.
Hotel Axe? The manager tried to rebuild it, but it was impossible because he did not get the insurance money.
When the fire occurred, there was furniture piled up at the emergency exit.
It was the hotel's gross negligence.
However, the manager wasn't convinced.
He was sure the hotel didn't do that.
So the only possibility was Kyoa Home planted evidence to avoid compensation pay-out.
The Managing Director at that time was Mr.
The people in charge were Mr.
Osawa, who was the head of the Claims Department and Ms.
Ito, who was still a new employee.
Yes? There is something I'd like you to swear to me.
- Swear? - Yeah.
Well, when you manage a company doing only morally right things won't work.
I know that perfectly well too.
When I was the Managing Director I had done many things that were almost against the law.
But I can say that I had never done anything that was actually a crime.
Not even once.
Can you swear that you had never committed a crime? The manager investigated the matter himself and reached a conclusion.
Kyoa Home and the investigation company conspired together and planted the evidence.
This is the only possibility.
One day, the manager said he would go talk to the insurance company and left home then he just disappeared.
Who did he talk to? And the manager had a daughter.
Soon, the daughter made up her mind to look for the truth behind the non-payment and find out who in the company planted the evidence.
And the daughter joined the company to seek revenge? Your father probably knows about this and is in anguish about it.
Not only that, your family will be in danger too.
Who are you? Give me back the photo.
He is Yuji Agata his investigation company planted the evidence.
There is no need to swear.
I can say whatever you wish to hear.
It isn't like you to ask.
Have you grown too old? Excuse me.
Why don't you resign from your post? Ms.
Chihiro Ito was right.
Somehow you feel No, not just somehow.
You surely feel dangerous to me.
I sent it for analysis.
The result shows that the photo used as evidence of the hotel's negligence was photo-shopped.
You kept the photo as your trump card just in case.
Without that I I In other words you want me to step down? You'll do it for Kyoa Home, which you lovingly raised.
Is that so? It's not only for the sake of the company.
I swear, that's not the only reason.
I knew you were like this.
Like what? You mercilessly abandon people no longer useful to you.
In the past following your advice, when I was in a relationship with Ito, she had told me many times how much she hated her father who abandoned her.
You did, right? Mr.
Osawa, why do you say it now? Don't you think it's sad? She has never seen her father, but her hatred for him was indescribably strong.
Kitamura, you Say no more.
Now you should know.
The danger is clearly approaching.
You are Ito's father, aren't you? Mr.
Kitamura is your father.
He says his employees are his family notwithstanding him having abandoned his real daughter.
How contemptible! "All characters and other entities in this drama are fictitious.
" "Suspect, Miss Devil" Come with us to the police station.
Miss Tsubaki didn't kill him.
Murder? We won't meet again soon.
"A mistake in the past" I shouldn't have come.
"Hidden behind a murder" I wanted to take it to the grave.