Miss Devil: HR's Devil Mako Tsubaki (2018) s01e09 Episode Script

Episode 9

Sixteen years ago, "The tragedy 16 years ago" Hotel Axe was wrapped in flames.
"Mako Tsubaki" The manager tried to rebuild it, "Hiroshi Saito" but he couldn't, because he didn't get the insurance money.
Who did this? "Cancellation of Safe Deposit Box" However the hotel wasn't responsible, "It's over for you" so the only possibility "Yuji Agata" is that Kyoa Home conspired with the investigation company to plant the evidence.
"Who falsified the results?" One day, the manager said he'd "Where is the missing Mr.
Kito?" talk to the insurance company, but he went missing after he left home.
Back then, the Managing Director "Chairman, Kanji Kitamura" was Mr.
Kitamura, the Chairman now.
The people in charge were Mr.
Osawa, who was head of the Claims Department at the time, and Ms.
Ito, "Chihiro lto" who was just a new employee.
Osawa "Chairman breaks with eldest son" will you step down? Your father probably knows about this.
"Dad and Mr.
Osawa's secret" Dad, you know Mr.
Osawa, right? Osawa and I were members of the mountaineering club at a university.
This put him in agony.
Not only that, but your family is in danger too.
"A danger approaches Hiroshi and his family!" Who are you? Give me back the photo.
He is Yuji Agata, the owner of the investigation company that planted the evidence.
When you don't need them "The cornered monster wreaks havoc" you mercilessly abandon them.
Kitamura, you Say no more! You are "A sad bond" Ito's father, aren't you? "All characters and other entities in this drama are fictitious" Go home now.
What? But Go home.
What about you, Miss Tsubaki? I have to talk to this man.
Do not forget what I just told you.
Also, avoid saying anything unnecessary.
Somehow, I have a bad feeling about this but I have to obey Miss Tsubaki's orders.
Yes? Do you mind if I go home now? Sure Perhaps you'd better go now.
You must be tired.
Excuse me.
Osawa, how did you find this out? Well, I can imagine, though.
I am very sorry.
As you say as the company's eldest son I can't say I'm considerate of my parent.
However I swear, I'm not being rebellious.
It's because for a long time I've been questioning the form of our family.
No, I have been thinking that it isn't right in my heart.
I see.
I can say for sure that I will not back off.
Kitamura why don't you think about your future here? My future? My future here has been decided.
"Miss Devil" "Episode 9" I am Miss Maiko Kito.
Mako Tsubaki.
Yes, sir.
- Found it? - Still haven't confirmed.
I'll check with the superior.
"Kyoa Home lnsurance" In the end, I couldn't shake off the bad feeling.
Good morning.
Oh? What's the matter, Hiroshi? "Shuhei Okitsu" You're gloomy already? Worried about something? Talk to me.
No, I'm not Good morning.
Good morning! Good morning.
Miss Tsubaki! Why did he dash? Last night, after that I talked to him and left.
I see "After that"? "Him"? Your hand is injured? Injured? You keep asking questions.
I fell when I walked home last night.
I see Never mind me, will you go to the secretary section now? You're still in training.
Could the two of you be dating? It's impossible.
About your trip to New York, "Mizuki Motohashi" the flight is cancelled, so I booked an earlier one.
I see.
Thank you.
What's the matter? Nothing.
Excuse me.
You seem pretty happy.
What? Well, you've been humming.
Oh, gosh! No, it's a bad habit I've had since I was a child.
I hum when I don't want to think about something.
Thank you.
Kitamura, you are Ito's father, aren't you? Ms.
Ito! Sorry, did I get something wrong? No, you didn't, it's Sorry to disturb you.
"MPD Detective, Kenji lchinose" I'm MPD's lchinose.
"MPD Detective, Tomoko Miyata" I'm Miyata.
Please have a seat.
Excuse me.
Excuse me, did something happen? Do you know this man? Is this Mr.
Agata? Yes, he is Mr.
Yuji Agata.
I heard that you had worked with him before, Ms.
By the way, when did you last see him? I think it was a pretty long time ago.
It was over 15 years ago.
He was killed.
What? And someone saw Mr.
Agata somewhere near here last evening.
Kyoa Home used to outsource investigation jobs to him, so we thought his death might be related to this.
Detectives from the MPD would like to "Secretary, Ryo Shibasaki" talk to people who knew Mr.
Agata, like the Managing Director, Executive Director and the Chairman.
Please be sure not to let it get in the way of your work.
Tell me if anything concerns you.
Yes, Ms.
The man Give me back the photo.
He was killed? Saito? What's the matter? Nothing.
It's fine.
It's an irregular case during your training, but do your best.
I will.
He is Yuji Agata who owned the investigation company that planted the evidence.
So, Mr.
Osawa I haven't seen Agata for a pretty long time.
I see.
You were the head of the Claims Department before, right? Did you work with Mr.
Agata? I'm impressed.
Your work is quick.
The amount of money involved in the insurance industry is extraordinary.
Because of that it gives your work partner mixed feelings and they get caught up in negative emotions.
I don't deny it.
But that doesn't mean we would murder someone.
That's true.
We shouldn't jump to conclusions.
Come in.
Excuse me.
I've brought you some tea.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
- I'll ask another question.
- Go ahead.
Is anyone who knows Mr.
Agata injured today? Are you saying that the murderer got injured when they killed Agata? Who knows? I don't know that much.
I fell when I walked home last night.
But Agata worked with our company "Yuriko Hanamura" a very long time ago.
What's the point of interviewing us now? You never know.
"Yoji Kunimoto" The murderer might be surprisingly close to us.
Where is Miss Tsubaki? "Kanna Tabe" She's in her office.
She told us not to go in today no matter what.
No matter what? What on earth is she doing? I'm not going to see Miss Tsubaki or ask her anything.
I'm sure that asking her won't change anything.
But - Oh my God! - What's the matter? How can I help you, Hiroshi Saito? Nothing special.
Go to work at once, then! Okay, I will! When was it? I last saw Agata Five years No, 10 years ago? Fifteen years ago? Sorry, when you get old, this The idea of time gets lost.
But I haven't seen him lately.
That's strange.
We found Agata's diary on 8th May, it says "Meeting with Chairman Kitamura".
It's been a long time, Mr.
Indeed, it has been a long time.
What was that about? Come on if you know that, you should've told me.
You're so nasty.
- I'm sorry.
- It's okay.
I just remembered, 8th May, right? I wanted to know how he had been doing, so I asked him to come and meet me.
We talked happily about the past.
The past? What did you talk about? Just something in the past.
Why? Do the two of you suspect me? You are an interesting person.
You are very interesting too.
So, do the police think that someone in our company killed him? We're detectives, do you think we'll answer that? No, I don't.
You are really interesting.
Well, I'm flattered.
Thank you.
"Hidetomi Sekiuchi" They talked to our department head.
What about you? "Mafuyu Todo" Three colleagues went to talk to the detectives.
Somehow it makes me restless.
You look pretty tired, Saito.
Well Hello, Yoko? You just finished work? I'll go there now.
You really look tired.
Is your training so harsh? Actually, Todo If anytime soon, I get really panicked or get confused What? Can I talk to you? Okay.
I don't really understand but okay.
Thank you.
You helped me last time.
But you don't look okay.
"Kyoa Home lnsurance" - Shiba - Yes? You can go home now.
- Yes, Mr.
- Okay.
Ito came here just now.
Did she say anything? Detectives of the MPD are coming to our office tomorrow too so she'd like to inform you.
Yeah? Thank you.
- Excuse me.
- Okay.
See you.
"Saito" See you! Take care.
"Hiroshi's sister, Akane Saito" I will, no need to say it every day.
I should say good morning.
"Hiroshi's father, Osamu Saito" - Have some tea.
- Thank you, Mrs.
"Hiroshi's mother, Satoko Saito" Oh, you are welcome.
Someone called Yuji Agata was killed in Tokyo.
Agata? Do you know that he was killed? No, I just knew.
Do you know Mr.
Agata? - No - You don't? That's strange.
It seems that he sent you an email.
He sent me an email? It says, "Do not get any more involved.
" "Do not get any more involved.
" That email We think it was a threat.
What was it about? I have no idea.
I've never seen Agata before, after all.
I see.
You two have never met, but Mr.
Agata sent you an email.
This isn't totally impossible.
Speaking of which, someone sent Mr.
Agata some threatening letters.
Threatening? "I know everything you have done" "It is over for you" Perhaps someone has something on him.
Do you know anything about this? Frankly, I have no idea at all.
By the way your son started working at Kyoa Home in the spring, right? Nice that he's working at a first-rated company like that.
Yeah It probably is just a coincidence but we will investigate various things.
Which department did police officer ask about? I don't know.
I see.
Before you left yesterday, you exchanged information with your friends, so I thought you knew.
Miss Tsubaki, is your hand okay? Why do you care? No, I The injury isn't serious.
Where are you going? The Chairman's office.
Maybe "Who are you?" I'll find out Miss Tsubaki's secret! I'll kick you.
Don't kick me.
Osawa will use it on his trip to New York.
Please file it.
New York? Okay.
Hello, Secretary Section.
Okay, I'll tell him.
Saito, the detectives asked for you.
What? Why would you like to talk to me? Don't be nervous.
We just want to ask you something.
Okay It seems that the victim, Agata, had been sending your father emails.
My father? A danger is approaching.
Your father, and probably your family will be involved.
Your father told us that he had never met Mr.
Agata what about you? No.
I've never met him either.
Two days ago, just after 7:00 p.
, where were you and what were you doing? Please tell us.
At that time Give me back the photo.
I was with Miss Tsubaki at the lab.
But if I'm honest, they might suspect Miss Tsubaki.
What should I do? After 7:00 p.
, I'd finished work and was shopping in Shinjuku.
Really? No, I, I was at an internet cafe.
At Shibuya, I think? You think? At Shibuya, yes.
- Mr.
- Yes? You know what Crimes of Perjury are, right? Perjury? Miss Tsubaki the other day what I'd been hiding was found out.
What you had been hiding? I wanted to bring it to the grave.
It was the biggest secret in my life.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Sorry? If you feel sorry for me then don't hide anything from me.
I don't think your theory is right.
Did you come to the company to seek revenge? Because Kyoa Home Insurance made the lives of your father and your family miserable? What if I say yes? If you did then blame everything on me.
Not anyone else.
Blame only me, the Chairman of Kyoa Home Insurance.
Please take revenge on me.
I have never wished to seek revenge.
Why, then, did you come to our company? To look for him.
I think it's the main reason.
You mean your father? I can't hide anything from you.
Perhaps we can meet like this only a few more times.
I can't keep doing this.
I see.
So you told the police everything? You told them Agata came to our lab and I knocked him out? I am sorry! I wasn't going to say it at first but he said Crimes of Perjury and Be quiet! First of all, Crimes of Perjury is about what you say in a sworn statement in court.
What? It is? I'm not going to blame you.
You only told them what happened.
It's a citizen's duty.
But the police are probably keeping an eye on you too.
What? Of course, the police know that not only me, but you were here with the dead Agata too.
What should I do? I knew they would be quick.
He told us that a few hours before Mr.
Agata was killed, you two were with him.
What is your relationship to Mr.
Agata? To put it simply, he was my ex-boyfriend.
He is my current one.
I was with him, my current boyfriend, at the lab, then my ex-boyfriend, Agata, came.
He wanted to reconcile.
It often happens.
I told him I wasn't interested he got worked up and attacked us.
It's a bit, well, very unreasonable.
But you knocked out Mr.
I hit him by chance when I swung my arm.
I'd never fought with anyone, so I was startled.
He came to take back the photo you took from him, right? Yes.
What photo was it? The photo that proved it was the hotel's fault was found to have been photo shopped.
Agata and I were in a relationship I think you can imagine.
My ex-boyfriend had the photo and it was distressing.
This boy is innocent, please don't ask anymore.
Saito, you can go back to work.
Excuse me.
Miss Tsubaki, would you stay and talk for a while longer? Sure, I'm glad to.
Could Miss Tsubaki have just protected me? You have been sighing since just now.
Want one? No, thank you.
Are you worried about Miss Tsubaki? Yeah "Child-rearing" Don't worry, she is tough.
Yes, maybe she is, but But Maybe, surprisingly, she murdered Agata.
Surprisingly? Considering her personality, it's reasonable.
But I don't think she did.
The man was hit by a blunt weapon, right? She would've done it by kicking him.
A high kick! Well said! "Be quiet kick"! Stop saying insensitive things! I know Miss Tsubaki didn't kill him.
I'm sure! We made him angry.
You guys are too inconsiderate.
You made him snap.
He's young.
I was once young too.
In other words, you three were in a love triangle? Is that what you mean? Yes.
After you had a fight at the lab you said goodbye and left separately.
That's right.
Okay, will you give us the security camera videos from that day? We will check them.
"Incoming call: Osamu Saito" Are you okay? Is everything all right? The detectives went to see you too, right? About the guy, Agata.
They talked to you too? Dad, I don't really know what is going on but just be careful.
Someone was murdered, after all.
I will.
You too.
"Chairman's Office" - Shiba.
- Yes? If the detectives are still in the building bring them something to eat.
You can have a small talk too.
Yes, Mr.
What's the matter? Sorry for the sudden intrusion.
No, it's fine - Shiba, go there now.
- Sorry.
Excuse me.
I am sorry.
I can only apologise.
So, it is true? Well, I'm not going to take out my grudge on you.
It was a long time ago and you must have your reasons.
It's just, I I'd seen the hardship my mother had gone through so if I have to say how I feel - I do hate - Of course.
- No, but really I won't blame you, Mr.
I do respect you wholeheartedly.
I just I mean, I just Mr.
Kitamura, I don't know what I'm talking about now.
I think I shouldn't have come.
I'm sorry.
It's fine Where is Mr.
Osawa today? He went to Onogasaki.
"Onogasaki" Miss Mizuki Motohashi.
I have some very bad news for you.
What's the matter? Miss Tsubaki, everything you told us was a lie.
We checked the security cameras.
On the night of the murder, you certainly left this building with Mr.
Please come to the station with us.
Hello? What? Miss Tsubaki! You didn't do it, right? You're innocent, aren't you Miss Tsubaki? "Shibaura Police Station" Miss Tsubaki? Yes, she went with the police.
I couldn't sleep at all last night.
At first, I thought Miss Tsubaki couldn't have done it but looking at the situation, it can only be her.
I have such mixed feelings.
Will you tell us properly what happened? I have been talking to you properly.
I said everything as it was.
Did you? Hey, morning.
Hiroshi, why are you pouting? Because you guys are acting like nothing happened at a time like this.
You don't worry about Miss Tsubaki It's exactly because it's a time like this.
What? Miss Tsubaki will come back soon.
We should welcome her like we always do.
So, you all think that Miss Tsubaki didn't do it? Why? You think she did it? No, I don't.
Well, of course she didn't.
But yesterday We were just joking! What she does is awful, she oppresses us indifferently, says nasty things and looks at people like this! You keep badmouthing her.
But She did all that out of love.
- Clich├ęd! - Cheesy! Why not? Well, she has done many horrible things, but out of love.
I don't want her to be gone from here.
Where can I find a department that lets me do this? She never complains when I hack computers, it's rare.
I can peek at all the employees' financial information.
Long live Miss Tsubaki! It isn't for your hobbies! You only do what is necessary in your job.
We do know.
Guys Watch it.
It's dangerous.
What should I do with you? If you keep wasting our time, we'll take action.
What are you going to do? We'll get an official warrant and search your home.
Are you fine with that? What's the matter? Mr.
Osawa's secretary, Mizuki Motohashi turned herself in.
Good afternoon.
I didn't tell you to come for me.
I know I came here voluntarily.
Is everything okay? It seems that the secretary, Miss Motohashi, got into trouble.
How is Mr.
Osawa? Well, he's all right.
But I think he will go on a trip to New York today.
New York Today Yes.
Miss Tsubaki! "Kyoa Home lnsurance" Mr.
I am very sorry! What's the matter, Shiba? I I was the one who told Mr.
Osawa that.
When you told me to check out Ms.
Ito when she first joined Kyoa I thought there was more, so I probed deeper than I should've.
Before I knew it Mr.
Osawa approached me and asked me to provide information about you.
I was tempted by the reward and I I know it isn't forgivable even if I apologise but please let me make amends.
I'll do anything! Mr.
Kitamura? Mr.
Kitamura? Mr.
Kitamura! Mr.
Kitamura! Mr.
Kitamura! Hello? Ms.
Ito, Mr.
Kitamura is What? What did you say? It was me.
I did it.
It was me who sent Agata the threatening letters.
What's the matter? It was you, wasn't it? What? In case you've forgotten, try to remember it.
Sixteen years ago in the case of Hotel Axe's fire Kyoa Home planted some evidence.
Therefore the huge sum of insurance money wasn't paid.
My name is Maiko Kito Hotel Axe's manager's Don't go in! Daughter.
When I invited you to work here, I had no idea at all.
It never occurred to me that you were Manager Kito's daughter.
Your life changed dramatically because of me.
So you admit that you did it? It was you who instructed them to plant the evidence.
Yes, it was me.
It's a superior's duty to protect her subordinate.
"Judgement day" You cannot punish me.
People have suffered! "Will the devil's prayer be heard?" Kyoa Home has to be regenerated! Dad, where are you?