Miss Devil: HR's Devil Mako Tsubaki (2018) s01e10 Episode Script

Episode 10

Did you come to the company seeking revenge? "The fire at the hotel 16 years ago" Because Kyoa Home Insurance made your father's life miserable.
"Changed the HR Devil's fate" The manager tried to rebuild it, but it wasn't possible because "Mako Tsubaki" he didn't get the insurance money.
The only possibility is Kyoa Home conspired with the investigation company "It is over for you" and falsified evidence.
"Yuji Agata" A man called Yuji Agata was killed.
"The man" Agata? "That held the key was killed" He got some threatening letters.
Kitamura, you "Kanji Kitamura" Say no more! You are Ito's father, aren't you? "Chihiro lto" I had been seeing how much hardship my mother had gone through "The sad bond between father" so I do hate "and daughter.
" Of course.
I am very sorry! I told "Secretary, Ryo Shibasaki" Mr.
Osawa that.
Kitamura - Ms.
Ito, Mr.
Kitamura is - What? "The secretary turned herself in" Mr.
Osawa's secretary, "What is the truth?" Mizuki Motohashi turned herself in.
I was the one "And Hiroshi's mother too" that sent Agata threatening letters.
How was Mr.
Osawa? "Hiroshi Saito" He went to New York today.
My name is Maiko Kito the daughter of Hotel Axe's manager.
Your life changed dramatically because of me.
So you admit that you did it? It was you who instructed them to falsify the evidence.
Yes, it was me.
Indeed the truth wasn't written on Agata's investigation report.
We didn't have to pay the insurance money.
I couldn't resist the temptation.
Did you come to Kyoa Home to find that out? But I'm afraid that no matter what I say here won't become evidence.
First of all, it's been 16 years nobody can punish me now.
That's not the point! Sorry for being rude but I have to say this.
Maybe it won't be evidence or you won't be punished, but it isn't the point.
Some people are in agony because of what you did.
So this It's enough, Hiroshi Saito.
As you said, Hotel Axe's case is something of the past but what about Agata's murder? You sent the threatening letters? "Hiroshi's mother, Satoko Saito" "Hiroshi's father, Osamu Saito" Did you kill Agata? No, I didn't.
The only thing I did was send him threatening letters.
I did not kill him! Please believe me.
Did your secretary, Miss Motohashi, really kill him? Well, who knows? I have to go now.
I've got a flight to catch.
Let's make a deal.
A deal? I have the photo of Hotel Axe's case that you falsified as evidence.
You were the person in charge it is enough material to give you punishment.
I think it's a good idea to run to America without a criminal record.
What do you want? My father's whereabouts.
My father went missing after the fire.
You two must have been involved.
Is that what you've been looking for? I do not expect to hear his voice again.
It's Onogasaki.
I wasn't told about this until recently too.
Sixteen years ago Your father pressed Agata for an answer and Agata killed him.
Then, it seems that Agata buried him at the hotel's ruin in front of Onogasaki's stone monument.
Can I trust you? Miss Tsubaki! "Operation in progress" "Onogasaki" "Repose of Souls" Is he really here? Dad Where are you? Dad Dad.
Where are you? We didn't find Miss Tsubaki's father.
When I saw how upset the devilish Miss Tsubaki was.
Frankly, I was perplexed.
"Miss Devil" "Final Episode" ls Miss Tsubaki okay? "Kyoa Home lnsurance" What? Kyoa Home's employee? What's your opinion on the Managing Director's secretary being arrested? Rumour has it that Mr.
Osawa has fled overseas.
Sorry, I don't know anything! - Excuse me - Sorry It's really bad! There are many reporters at the entrance.
Is our company in such deep trouble? "Shuhei Okitsu" Mr.
Okitsu? "Yuriko Hanamura" It's no use.
He's now an empty shell.
Why? Excuse me.
What's happened? This! This happened! I bought lots of Kyoa Home's shares! But it keeps falling! So you have lost your spirit.
Maybe I should've invested in virtual currency.
"Yoji Kunimoto" Why not? That's how life goes.
Yes, que sera sera.
Shut up You laugh because it doesn't concern you! "Que sera sera"? This is stupid! "Kanna Tabe" Yeah, everything is a pity.
Guys, where is Miss Tsubaki? She is here already.
Well Please cheer up.
You must be upset that you didn't find your father.
But maybe you didn't find him because he's alive and you might find him later Be quiet! Please forget about that.
- But - Please forget it.
Has Miss Tsubaki given up on finding her father? "Kyoumei Hospital" I made you worry.
Sorry, Shiba.
Please don't be.
Kitamura It's fine I understand.
I am really sorry.
Ryo Shibasaki.
I am counting on you.
Ito has been here the whole time but she was called back for an urgent matter.
Yeah? Wait a second! Aren't you rushing things a bit? Why do you say so? Mr.
Sokabe, I know very well that you think highly of Kyoa Home but Mr.
Yokoyama I think we should take our time and think more carefully.
"Deputy Managing Director, Yuichiro Yokoyama" But look at our situation.
Our company will go bankrupt soon.
And we'll finance you to avoid the worst case scenario.
"Good Man Capital CEO Makito Sokabe" We, Good Man Capital, still think that Kyoa Home's established name is attractive.
Of course, we'll join the management team, but we will take Kyoa Home's unsaid wishes into account as much as we can.
Of course, the positions of all the executives will stay the same.
We appreciate it very much.
We're in this situation, after all.
But Mr.
Yokoyama I think we should listen to Mr.
Osawa's opinion too.
I heard that you couldn't get hold of Mr.
Good lord! What is he doing at a time like this? He ran away, after all.
All right.
Anyway, give me a list of employees who wish to resign now.
Sorry for making you come.
It's okay.
What's the matter? What do you think about Good Man Capital's CEO Sokabe? The vulture sniffed out the smell of blood very quickly.
What? The current Kyoa Home is an injured buffalo, so to speak.
The Managing Director's secretary is arrested and the press makes a fuss.
CFD's case and accounting fraud were brought up again so employees start to resign.
So, Mr.
Sokabe is the vulture? Mr.
Yokoyama is a harmless yes-man, so leading him by the nose is very easy.
So, in other words He virtually takes over the company.
I think that's the case.
At this rate, Kyoa Home will be devoured by the vulture.
I'm sorry.
I'll leave now.
Thank you.
Shibasaki, is it Mr.
Kitamura? No, I'm not here for that.
It might be presumptuous of me to do so but if you have misunderstood Mr.
Kitamura in any way I hope you'd let me correct it as much as I can.
Misunderstood him? About what? About the lady that Mr.
Kitamura loved in the past.
Could you actually mean Cheers "Hidetomi Sekiuchi" I wonder what will happen to the company.
"Mafuyu Todo" A senior resigned.
We were closed.
Somehow it's gloomy.
"Former employee, Yoichi Nagumo" Don't be so down, guys! You should have hope and be energetic now! It's easy to say that, but I know.
I saw it on TV and it looks serious.
Why did it happen so soon after I started working? How are you, Nagumo? You're helping at your cousin's restaurant, right? Yeah.
Honestly, I think I'm cut out for it and I'm having fun! When the customers smile and say the food is delicious, I feel it directly.
It makes me feel like I'm actually working.
I see.
I want to make udon noodles in my next life too.
Don't say crazy stuff like that.
Is it? You can't say that easily.
But I really love the job! The other day, an old lady Nagumo looks radiant after we haven't met for a while.
He is dazzling when we see him now.
"Kyoa Home Insurance's Shares Falls Rapidly" Yes? Excuse me.
I'm glad you look better than I expected.
Dear me Ms.
Dear me.
Thanks for coming.
I misunderstood you, didn't I? I thought my mother and I were abandoned by you.
My mother told me nothing.
I just assumed that myself.
I thought my father dumped my mother because she was his lover.
You might become a department head and it was a critical time so my mother left to prevent a scandal, right? Chihiro.
Yes? Your mother was a very very wonderful lady.
She was humble and sensible.
I didn't know what happened but I said I hated you.
I'm very sorry.
Don't say that.
Don't worry about it.
I'm so glad that I know the truth now.
- You are? - Yes! I see "Shibaura Police Station" "Secretary, Mizuki Motohashi" Would you tell me the truth? The truth? What happened between you and Agata that night? Agata had been lusting after me.
He called me to the storage site that night and suddenly assaulted me.
I was beside myself, so I took a block That's strange.
What is? Agata was a regular customer of many hostess clubs and his favourites at all the clubs were tall, plump women.
They all grow the same short haircut which is the direct opposite of you.
It doesn't matter! I'm joking.
You take it pretty seriously.
Ito, it's this one.
Thank you.
"Light Weekly" We have a situation.
"Onogasaki, Hotel Axe burnt down" The dishonesty 16 years ago "Evidence falsified?" is written in "lnsurance money wasn't paid" so much detail in the article.
"The truth is revealed" If what is written is true Kyoa Home will be worth almost nothing.
As a result, we have to withdraw from the deal.
Your dream of being the Managing Director under the new system will disappear.
No! But fortunately, the article is only an assumption so you can talk your way out of it.
But who leaked the information? Who knows? Please keep an eye out and don't let this happen again.
I know you can do it.
Excuse me, are you Good Man Capital's CEO Mr.
Sokabe? Yes, I am.
You are Kyoa Home's HR staff.
My name is Tsubaki.
Oh, it's you? You're more gorgeous than rumoured.
Thank you.
Sokabe, you're a little different from what I imagined.
What is different? I just thought you would be a bit more wild.
I heard you are a vulture that eats all kinds of dead meat.
How funny.
I think we'll meet again.
See you.
I am very sorry.
I read this.
You are the daughter of the Hotel Axe's manager? As an employee of this company and as someone deeply involved in this case I sincerely apologise to you.
Ito, I appreciate your sincerity.
However, one can look back to the past anytime how you handle it now is what matters.
You're right.
If what's said about this case is true, I think the company should admit it and tell the public.
But I don't think Mr.
Sokabe and Mr.
Yokoyama would do it at all.
But just in case if you reveal Hotel Axe's case it'll be the end of the series of commotions.
Kyoa will go bankrupt in the worst case.
Many employees will lose their livelihood.
You don't know what you should do.
Hello? Hiroshi? Can you come home this weekend? Why? I read the magazine.
There is something I have to tell you.
I'll come home now.
The sooner the better.
"Kyoumei Hospital" My father was not in Onogasaki.
It was you, wasn't it? You leaked Hotel Axe's information to the magazine.
I finally got it.
I finally know what you're trying to do.
Osawa and I were close friends.
At the mountaineering club.
He had saved my life and I had saved his.
And at that time I saw him cry for the first time.
At that time? When he told me about Hotel Axe.
He couldn't keep his sense of guilt in his heart only so he confessed his crime to me alone.
However, gradually The weight of his secret crushed me ever since you got hired at Kyoa Home.
There was obviously something wrong.
He would zone out alone "Hiroshi's sister, Akane Saito" and he had nightmares.
But I was too scared to ask him directly.
Then, at that time he got a call from Mr.
I eavesdropped.
I don't want to make my son worry needlessly.
I cannot let him find out! Besides us, only the investigator Agata knows about this, right? I thought the man, Agata, was making my husband suffer.
So I did some digging myself.
And "I know everything you have done" Before I knew it, I couldn't control myself.
We went to the police together and told them everything.
I see Sorry for hiding it from you.
Forgive them, Hiroshi.
No, forgiving them or not isn't the point They did this out of love.
Yes? I mean, dad loves you, so he didn't tell you mum loves dad, so she sent the man the letters.
That's what it is, right? Somehow You've grown up.
Yeah, I grew five centimetres taller.
No, that isn't what I mean.
Hiroshi, I am taller than you.
Why do you say that? It's my sore spot.
You're joking! "Kyoa Home lnsurance" "Was the evidence that proved the hotel was at fault falsified?" "The manager's family was sacrificed.
They lost everything" "lnsurance money was not paid" Maybe our lab will be closed soon.
What? Why? Just think about it.
There are two possibilities.
One, Kyoa Home will go bankrupt, so our lab will be closed too.
Two, Good Man Capital will meddle in the management, they will cut down costs thoroughly and close our lab right away.
But if Kyoa Home can survive independently Impossible.
It won't happen.
I see Does it make you so sad? Well, of course.
After all, I enjoy working with you guys.
I want to stay at the lab forever if possible.
Are you an idiot? You are still young, just go and work furiously at another department.
You won't be successful if you stay here.
But if you can be sad about this it proves you had made some effort here.
If you hadn't, you wouldn't be affected by this.
Okitsu Mr.
"I said something cool" Okitsu.
- No, I didn't think - You didn't think so? Yes, I did! He did I'm sorry, but I'll interrupt your chat and borrow Mr.
Saito for a bit.
What's the matter? We'll go say goodbye.
Goodbye? Frankly, I can't decide what to do now.
I think the company will survive at this rate, but it will be a pack of lies.
That's what I think.
But I think revealing everything to the public will be something I do out of selfishness.
That's what is going on - Yes.
- Yes? Excuse me.
- Dear me, Miss Tsubaki.
- Hello.
How are you feeling? I'm feeling much better now, thanks for asking.
I can't believe myself.
I forgot to bring you something.
It's fine, don't worry about it.
Speaking of which would you let me tell you about my father? You seemed to have wanted to know.
Please tell me.
My father was passionate about his work.
At the same time he loved his family, especially me, his only daughter.
I loved my father very much.
He would make me apple pie every time when he had a day off.
His hands were skilful and often played cat's cradle with me.
About whether my father's life was happy or not He lost Hotel Axe but he couldn't rebuild it.
But still without a doubt, my father was happy.
That's what I think.
My father did his job with love and joy.
Hotel Axe was a workplace that gave him love and joy.
Being able to come across a place like that is a very rare and a very happy thing.
Looking only at his loss and judging he was miserable is very rude to him.
Miss Tsubaki thank you.
But Can Kyoa Home become the happy workplace like you said? Mr.
Kitamura I love my current job and I love Kyoa Home.
Even in my next life if I can do the same job again, I would be very happy.
I love the company very much that's why I will do a good job and I want it to be a good company.
That's how I feel.
Sorry, my subordinate spoke like a grade school student.
What? Have a good day and take care.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
Thank you.
No matter what you are going to do I will be on your side until the end.
Ito decided to say everything.
In Hotel Axe's fire 16 years ago Kyoa Home falsified the evidence.
She will say everything.
It's almost time.
Let's go.
Ito, thank you.
For mustering your courage to do this for everyone.
I do this for myself too.
I see.
Yes, I do.
Very soon, Kyoa Home's executive will hold a press conference.
Falsification of evidence in the hotel's fire caused a stir, how much will be talked about? Everyone has gathered here to find out the truth.
Can Kyoa Home guard the reputation it has established for many years? If the article in the magazine is true, - though 16 years have passed, - Has it started? - It'll still be held responsible.
- Not yet.
In that case, has it been fair when carrying out investigations so far? Has it rejected other claims unfairly Ms.
What are you going to do? Are you trying to ruin Kyoa Home? If you hold the press conference, you'll be the one who will be pressed for answers.
But still, I have to do it.
Let's go, Ms.
Please come with me.
- Let go! - Stop struggling! Saito! Your bodyguard is pretty unreliable.
Please! Let go of me! Will you not use violence? He is my subordinate.
Miss Tsubaki! Miss Tsubaki You It's a superior's duty to protect her subordinate.
I won't let you go! Let go! We, Kyoa Home, have to be regenerated into a company everyone is proud of! - Don't make me laugh! - Ow A company is nothing more than a box to earn money! I doubt it.
What? I feel sorry for you if you can only think so.
Ito there you go.
Thank you.
You've helped me many times.
Sorry to have kept you waiting for so long.
I am Kyoa Home's Ito.
I would like to begin the press conference now.
As reported in the magazine, in Hotel Axe's fire 16 years ago Excuse me.
Osawa! Don't worry, it's for the best.
I am Kyoa Home's Managing Director, Osawa.
Osawa The falsification of evidence in Hotel Axe's case was done by me.
I made all the decisions.
Please allow me, the person in charge to level with you about the whole truth.
What is this, Mr.
Osawa? I flew to New York, to America's biggest insurance company, Highest Insurance and formed a comprehensive business tie-up with them.
That being said the expected return isn't much but we can keep Kyoa's system as a company to the required minimum.
Though it is small the new Kyoa Home has inherited Mr.
Kitamura's DNA and only you can lead it.
I had to make it happen, so I didn't have time.
I left without talking to you properly.
I am really sorry.
I affected your life.
Well I do not hate you.
You falsified evidence to protect your company because you were consumed by the monster, that is, your job.
Miss Motohashi is its sacrifice too.
On that day Agata called me out after he met you.
He said he was threatened and he would reveal everything.
Five hundred million.
It's dangerous money for me.
Agata, you If you can't pay me that I will tell the police everything.
Motohashi! Why are you Agata! Agata Motohashi sensed danger and followed me secretly.
We buried Agata's body together.
She did it for me.
She respected you too much as her boss that's why the tragedy happened.
She was consumed by an ugly monster too.
Osawa admitted the crime he committed and left Kyoa Home, his lifetime devotion.
Then, Kyoa Home reduced in scale "Kyoa Home lnsurance" and regenerated into a company with a tenth of its original staff.
Some people will leave and some will stay.
We are getting ready to move to our new office.
Time flies when we're busy.
We'll say goodbye so soon? What will you do, Ms.
Hanamura? Me? I'll be a housewife.
My darling's band will make its debut! They won't be popular.
Be quiet! I'll go to FBl's hacking department.
They recruited me the other day.
Seriously? Well done! And you, Mr.
Kunimoto? I'll run a tacos stall with my young wife and go round the country! I see.
You will all walk your own paths.
- What about you, Mr.
Okitsu? - Me? I'll stay, like you.
What? You will? I've thought about another path but in the end, I don't hate it here.
I said something cool again! - Not really.
- What? - Cliched.
- Cheesy.
Cheesy? - Awful.
- Awful? Everyone who will leave or stay has started to think "Yoko Hori" about the way they should work, and their future life.
- Shiba.
- Yes.
I count on you to help our new Managing Director, Ms.
Chihiro Ito.
I will, Mr.
I look forward to working with you.
Of course, I cannot run the company as well as Mr.
Kitamura but I am going to do my best in my own way.
- Good luck.
- Thanks.
That reminds me.
Miss Tsubaki has sent both of you a gift.
- Miss Tsubaki? - Yes.
May I open it? Yes, please.
It's an apple pie.
There is a card.
"Happy Father's Day" Oh, it's Father's Day? I'll make you some tea.
Thank you.
Happy Happy Father's Day.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Are you getting sentimental? Well It's the last day I come to this building, so Miss Tsubaki, you will resign too? Mr.
Osawa recruited me now he has left so there is no place for me to stay.
What are you going to do? I'll keep looking for my father.
What? Why are you surprised? I thought you had given up.
You told me to forget about it.
Why do you always jump to conclusions? I act on my own will, no matter what I said to you, it's irrelevant.
Think more objectively Okay! I'm sorry.
You'll quit your job to look for him? Impossible.
I make the search for my father my job.
They all make up my life.
It won't be complete if any of them is missing.
You should find your own life too.
My own life Can I find it? You're simple-minded, too credulous, too emotional, weak-willed, can't read between the lines, and strongly opinionated.
I am sorry So you'll be fine.
What? Miss Tsubaki.
Thank you so, so much! Thief! Catch the man! Out of my way! Out of my way! Miss Devil smiled at me at the end.
"End of Season"