Miss Night and Day (2024) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

Hey, kid.
-You'll get the highest score on the exam.
But when it comes to getting a job
Come here for a second.
It can't be done
with just grit or perseverance.
Isn't it time you realized that by now?
Who are you?
You could say I'm like a miracle worker
that makes the impossible possible.
I don't believe in luck or miracles.
The world might deceive you,
but a miraculous business card
could change your life.
I pray to the heavens.
Please let our Mi-jin pass
her civil service exam.
She's been studying her tail off
for eight straight years,
and she's failed each time!
There's no misfortune
as disastrous as this.
If she fails again this time,
she's going to keep studying for it
all the way until she's forty
since she's so stubborn!
Please help our family
this one time. I beg of you.
My goodness! Oh, no!
That wretched stray cat!
My gosh! Oh, no! What am I going to do?
I swear
-Next, Jeong Min-su.
And Lee Mi-jin.
-Lee Mi-jin?
-Come in.
Lee Mi-jin?
Please go ahead.
I see you're both named Lee Mi-jin.
Lee Mi-jin One, in her twenties.
Lee Mi-jin Two, in her thirties.
Let's do it this way.
I'm also in my twenties though.
If you're 28, you're in your thirties.
Most apply in their twenties.
Those in their thirties
or forties will be tough.
I'm armed with maturity
and unlimited energy!
I ranked the highest
on personality and physical tests.
I'm the best in terms
of my strong will and effort as well!
Just a moment.
-Lee Mi-jin One.
-Just sit.
My strength is that I'm bright
like a puppy.
I know I can do well!
-I can do it!
-I can do it!
What am I going to tell my mom this time?
I'm home.
-Come here.
Why didn't you tell me?
Are you upset?
Of course, I am!
All right, dear. That's enough.
This calls for a celebration.
I called the environmental department.
You should've told us
that you got the job!
Why didn't you say anything?
-I got the job? Me?
I see you're both named Lee Mi-jin.
Lee Mi-jin One, in her twenties.
Lee Mi-jin Two, in her thirties.
Let's proceed this way.
Mom, it's not what you think
I know I'm saying this in hindsight,
but during that whole time
while you were locked in your room
studying for civil service exams,
it felt like rocks in my mind
weighing me down,
and I couldn't comfortably eat anything
for even a day. Did you know?
What's the point of telling her that now?
Because she got the job!
Imagine if she'd failed again!
Do you really think I could say
what I just said to her?
Goodness, it's such a relief. I mean it.
Isn't it?
I was embarrassed
to show my face around town.
Anyway, great job. Okay?
My baby.
At least you finally got a job.
I can die in peace now.
I'm so happy!
Hi, dear!
It's me.
You're the one who told me
to call you first
when my daughter got a job.
Yeah! She got the job.
What? Seven years.
After failing interviews for seven years,
she made it in her eighth year!
Don't say all of that!
What? Right.
Are you okay?
Thank you.
I think you hit your forehead
I thought about it a lot
before coming here.
Things like this should be settled easily
so everything can be done at once.
This really isn't a scam, right?
What do you take me for?
Look into my eyes.
Do I look like a fraud
who'll bleed someone dry?
Jeez, why are you dressed
like a court lady? I feel uncomfortable.
I had a gig as an extra.
There was a lady who was a no-show.
I didn't have time to change.
But if it were that easy
to get a government job,
the eight years I spent studying
would feel like a waste.
I don't give this chance to just anyone.
Just one spot opened up
and I barely got it
after begging for it.
To be honest, I had no idea there was
a recommendation system in place.
Give me the documents first.
I brought all of the documents
you asked me to prepare.
These days, everyone's hired
through nepotism.
That's why our poor
and innocent job seekers
keep failing their interviews
after all their hard work.
But your fees seem rather high.
Couldn't you give me a small discount?
A big discount is great,
but a small one's okay too.
Are you trying to haggle
like we're at a marketplace?
Come on.
Just spend your life job seeking
until you're old and tired then.
I'll pay it.
It's expensive. Don't touch.
Be ready. I hit the jackpot today.
I'll buy you something good.
Tell me what you want to eat.
Goodness, I am so sorry.
Excuse me, but may I use
your phone to make a call?
I have to meet someone,
but I lost my phone.
I'd really appreciate it.
Make it quick then.
Okay, thank you.
Hey, it's me.
Yeah, it's not my number.
Some idiot stole my phone.
No, it's fine.
Track this phone's location and details.
Here you go. Thank you.
Some idiot must've stolen your phone.
I know. The world's full of crooks.
The world's a terrible place these days.
You have to be careful.
Did you make the deposit?
My limit's only five million won.
Can I send you the rest tomorrow?
I can't do business with you
if you keep this up.
I might not be able to continue.
I'll go and get it
from the bank right now.
That's a burner phone.
I tracked its location just in case.
Go quickly.
Thank you for earlier. Here you go.
You didn't have to.
Thank you.
That's hot!
Wait, it's not hot.
Damn it.
-My wallet can't get wet.
-Give it here.
-Damn it!
-Use these napkins.
Yeah, can you run a background check?
The name's "Choi Geun-ju."
Resident registration number is 891017.
-And 112
-Are you insane?
Damn it!
What's going on?
Can't you tell? He's a scammer.
Hey! You bastard!
Hey, you jerk!
Who the hell are you?
Damn, he was on me like a leech!
He was so tall though.
Hey, you scammer!
There you are, you fraud! Hey!
Give back my money! Hey!
-I'm sorry!
-Hey, wait
Stop right there!
Stop, you jerk!
Are you okay?
It's dangerous, so don't follow.
What in the world?
Mr. Gye?
Let go of me!
You could find a decent job if you want,
but you leech off others instead?
Who are you? Are you a cop?
I'm the cop, punk!
Who is this punk?
He scams job seekers.
I caught him at the scene,
you can take him in now.
Wow, you caught him within ten minutes?
Get up, punk.
Hey! You bastard!
-Give me my money!
-What is this?
-Give it!
-What are you doing?
Give me back my money!
That's enough. You can't do this.
-My money!
-You can't do this!
You rotten punk.
You had nothing better to do
than steal pennies?
Don't hit me!
I can't go home like this.
That money was from my mom's shop.
I'll escort her to the station.
She could get emotional again
while riding with the perpetrator.
He's the type who'd say
both parties were at fault.
Okay. We have to question the victim.
-Please do it as quickly as you can.
Excuse me, ma'am?
I was looking for you.
Thank you for earlier.
Put these on first.
No, it's fine. I'm okay.
The witness interview takes a long time.
The station's floor is cold. Put them on.
Thank you.
Also, we'll take my car.
No, I can take the bus.
Your bag and things are in my car.
Put those shoes on first.
-Put your seatbelt on.
-Are you okay?
-Yes, I'm fine.
-I'm sorry.
-No, that's okay.
Why is this man so friendly?
Is he trying to scam me too?
Thank you for the ride.
I don't normally meddle
in other people's business, but
I guess I felt a sense of responsibility.
What responsibility?
I'm just saying
there's no need to thank me.
But how did you meet that fraud?
It's kind of embarrassing to say.
I'm sorry,
but this is all I have right now.
-It's fine.
-Thank you for everything.
It's fine
It's really okay
She seems so normal.
How did she fall victim to that fraud?
Wow, you're pretty brave.
You came up with a scam
at civil service exams?
If you want to dig a well,
you have to go somewhere
with thirsty people
to increase your chances of success,
and that's just how it works.
-You punk.
-Sir, that's illegal.
You should shove his face into that bowl.
This is a police station, you punk.
But when do you think
I can get my money back?
Well, it was deposited
into a voice phishing account.
You can't get it right away.
I need that money now.
Did you bring emergency funds
to give to the scammer?
-That bastard
-Give me my money!
-What are you doing?
-Now, now.
-Why are you eating?
Calm down, okay?
But he
He said if I paid the fee,
I'd get the job.
-I could get a loan for civil servants.
And he said I could
get my money back right away.
I gave him my bankbook too.
I gave him my bankbook.
-You gave him your bankbook?
-Good grief, ma'am!
-My gosh!
I'm not that old!
Sir, I'll look into his fake accounts too.
All right.
Did I do something wrong again?
If this ends up being connected
to a phishing case,
the victim can become
the perpetrator in a heartbeat!
But I'm the victim.
I know that!
What is this?
Put your seatbelt on.
She was born in 1996?
There are so many companies in the world.
But how come there's no place
to work for me?
-Is this Lee Mi-jin?
This is
Seoul District Prosecutors' Office.
Your personal information has been leaked.
Check the balance of your bank account
Excuse me. I'm in no position
to take a call like this right now.
Then, if you send
your public key certificate
I only have 1,500 won
in my account, so it's fine.
Don't be like that.
Before the funds are withdrawn
You don't seem to get it
since I'm saying it nicely.
I'm in no mood for this kind of call,
you damn fraud!
You think I'm stupid?
-Do I look stupid to you?
-Do you know who I am?
Who are you?
I'm Jang Chen!
You can't even earn a living, you wretch!
-Speak for yourself!
-What did you say?
-Is he out of his mind?
Is it you again? The prosecutor?
-How did you know?
-I warned you.
I said I'm in no mood for it today.
I understand you're upset
because of the scammer.
-But why the rude words
-You understand?
If you understand,
then how did you get my number?
It seems your personal information
accidentally fell into my hands.
Hey, you crazy psycho!
You're worse than a rabid dog!
I can't believe what you're saying.
Who do you think you are
to call me back like this?
Are you insane? You said you were
Jang Chen earlier, right?
If you're Jang Chen,
I'm my neighborhood's Jang Yi-soo!
If you call me one more time,
I'm going to rip your lips off
and hang them off the moon!
So you better brace yourself
if you're going to call me again!
You bastard!
The next stop is Saeyeoul Apartments.
-I'm sorry.
-The next stop is Saeyeoul Elementary.
My stomach suddenly hurts.
The person you are trying to call
is unavailable
What do I do?
I'm a mess.
Daeho-ri in Seohan City
It's a very strange place.
Twenty years ago,
a lot of women went missing.
There was a witness connected
to the disappearances, but they died.
Things settled down after that.
But it's hard to investigate
when an adult goes missing.
Where do you think
all of those missing people went?
It's a cat.
Why aren't you running away?
It's really not running away.
Are you hungry?
I got this from my gig today.
I think you can drink this.
Here, drink it.
You don't have anywhere to go either?
Same here.
What's even sadder is
no one's looking for me.
Why aren't you drinking?
You look just like this cat I know.
Instead of a broke job seeker like me,
make sure you find a rich owner
who gets paid well
and feeds you nice organic food.
Got it?
Here, drink this.
I can't pet you
since I have milk in my hand.
Fine dust is in full swing
in the central region, including Seoul.
The government has issued
a fine dust warning across the nation.
I'm home.
Hey. Welcome home, Mi-jin!
It will decrease.
But instead of better air quality
Why are you dressed like that?
Why are you wearing that?
I told you I had a gig.
A maiden ghost yesterday
and a middle-aged court lady today.
It's not like you get paid
that much though.
Is that why you were too busy
to answer your phone today?
Did you call?
My phone's out of battery.
I almost forgot. Mi-jin.
Did you make the payment
for the goods the other day?
Did you pay the wrong person?
I made the payment.
Jeez. But why did say they didn't get it?
-Why the fuss?
-This happened in the city today.
An absurd incident
occurred today in Seohan City,
where a job fraud victim
had their personal information leaked
and was framed for voice phishing.
Here's a video we received.
My goodness.
Dad, where's the remote? Where is it?
-You scared me.
-The remote.
What is it?
But I was watching the news.
-What's wrong with you?
It's just that
Your Majesty.
Your Majesty,
I ask for your understanding.
What are you doing?
Go and take a shower!
I bought some hanger steak
just for you tonight.
-You're a butcher's daughter.
But you always complained
you never had any Hanwoo to eat.
You begged
for premium grade Hanwoo every day.
You're the one who said
you couldn't even waste pork on me either.
That was a long time ago.
A jobless bum can't compare
to a respectable office worker.
Forget it. I don't need it.
Someone like me should starve.
What? Are you on a diet?
I just want to go to bed early tonight.
What's wrong with you?
Leave her be.
She finally got a job
after seven years of studying.
She must be exhausted.
She looks so lethargic.
Should I make some ox knee soup for her?
I'll eat dinner later.
What's this?
Who told you to buy me shoes?
Why do you keep doing things
out of character?
I bought you those.
I didn't ask you to buy me shoes, Dad.
You barely have any pocket money.
Who said I needed them?
What's the matter with that girl?
Come on out, you brat!
You're proud of barely being able
to get a job after seven years?
Stop being so arrogant!
Why are you tossing those out?
You could get money for those
from a used bookstore!
That foolish girl!
"Mi" means "small,"
and "jin" means "progress."
If you improve little by little,
you'll become someone big one day.
It's the meaning behind the humble name
my parents gave me.
I often wanted to quit when I couldn't see
the light at the end of the tunnel.
But I didn't stop or look back.
I kept going without rest.
What I can confidently say to the person
reading this right now is
Number 27, please come in.
Yes, sir.
Even though I experienced failure
much more than success in my life,
I'll never get tired and stop.
And I'll make progress little by little
today and tomorrow.
I worked so hard in life.
There was never a day
when I didn't work hard.
I worked so hard
and didn't rest for a single day.
what do I have to show for it?
Why am I the only one
who ended up like this?
You've got to be kidding me.
Sure, it might as well rain.
This is ridiculous!
If you're willing to grant this,
why didn't you just grant me a job?
There it is.
Mr. Kim!
Mr. Kim Soju!
It's our fourth time meeting.
Now, let's drink!
All right, let's drink!
Hey. You.
Aren't you the cat I met earlier?
Do you like me?
Or do I look pathetic to you too?
Thanks for staying by my side.
Thanks. Hey. Damn.
What? You just said you liked me.
Jeez, you scared me! Hey!
Don't go in there! Hey!
I wish
I could just disappear like this
without anyone knowing.
I wish I could be someone else.
What's wrong with my body?
Did I catch a cold from the rain?
It doesn't feel like the flu.
My body aches so much.
You must've had
a lot of stress while raising kids.
A lot of stress!
I feel so nauseous.
When did I come in last night?
-Honey, another cucumber.
I feel really weird.
Gosh. Your body is tensing up
now that you have to go to work.
-Can you scratch my back?
-Just take a shower.
-Jeez. Here?
-No, next to it.
-A little lower.
Right there.
But I do feel really weird, Dad.
It feels heavy, and I'm aching all over.
-Is it the hangover?
-That's good.
-That's good.
-Did you have hairtail?
That feels so good.
It feels so nice.
What are you doing?
What do you think?
-What in the world?
-What's with you?
-What is this?
-What's going on between you two?
What are you saying?
I don't know this lady!
Who are you? Why are you in our house?
-Who are you?
What's wrong with you two?
-What's wrong with you?
Where's Mi-jin?
-You really don't know her?
-I told you I don't!
-Who is this lady?
-What's with you?
I said I'm feeling awful.
Mom, where's the medicine?
What is with you two?
-Call the cops!
Where did I have it wrapped up?
-Leave while I'm being nice.
-Get out.
-Seriously! Stop it!
-Lee Mi-jin!
Who are you, lady?
Why are you being like this?
I'm right here!
-This is the police.
Hello! This is 44 Daeho-ri!
Yes, that's it.
A strange person has broken into our home!
Yes, it's some old lady.
She's a total stranger!
Why are you doing this?
Is it because of yesterday?
I'll tell you everything!
-Please come quickly!
What's with you two?
-Just go!
-Just go!
Get out right now!
What's with you? Snap out of it!
-Get out!
-Please come now!
Why are you doing this?
Please leave, lady!
Get out, lady!
-Get out!
They've gone insane!
What's with them?
Move out of the way!
Sir, are you okay?
-Do I look okay?
-I'm sorry!
Watch where you're going!
Damn it!
Hey, lady! Get it together, will you?
I know I don't have makeup on,
but I'm not old enough to be called that.
What's this?
What is this?
What's wrong with my face?
What's going on?
You better call your insurance!
-Come fix this!
-What is this belly?
Hey! You!
Where are you going?
It's the cops!
Officer, there's been an accident!
Over here! Someone call my insurance!
Ma'am, hold on!
Don't move, ma'am!
-Just wait.
-Mom, calm down.
-Stop calling me that!
-It's me, Mi-jin!
-I'm not your mom!
-Over here!
Over here!
-What is it?
I'm their daughter.
No, she's not! She's not our daughter!
She keeps calling me "Mom," but I'm not!
This is insane!
I'm your daughter!
I got this belly overnight!
Our daughter doesn't have a potbelly!
Who are you?
Excuse me, ma'am. What is your name?
I'm Lee Mi-jin.
-My gosh.
-And your resident registration number?
It's 960316
What? Born in 1996?
Seriously, why are you doing this?
She totally planned this.
You look normal on the outside,
but you broke into our house.
And you're posing as my daughter!
-My gosh!
-I'm not a stranger! I'm Mi-jin!
I said I'm Mi-jin!
This is ridiculous!
Take a seat.
-Take a seat.
Your birthday is June 13
and blood type is B.
And you have a wart on your butt.
Dad, you gave me your emergency funds!
This is crazy!
Did you tell her?
What's wrong with you? It wasn't me!
Then, how does she know
about the wart on my butt?
Seriously, who are you?
Do you have something against our family?
I'm really Mi-jin!
I really am Mi-jin!
Sit down! Just sit!
Why would you go
into someone else's house?
Sir, how old do I look to you?
Seriously, I was born in 1996.
My goodness!
That's right!
My ID!
Here. Look at this. We're the same, right?
-If you look
-That's Mi-jin's wallet!
-Hey! Her wallet!
She stole her clothes too!
She totally planned this!
Come here right now.
-Come here!
-Where's Mi-jin?
-Calm down.
I feel like I'm insane.
When I woke up,
I looked old like this.
I see.
Is this a dream? It's not, right?
Are there hidden cameras?
She must be crazy!
I really was born in 1996!
I'm going to lose my mind!
I was born in 1996!
This is insane!
How did this happen?
I don't think she's in her right mind.
She doesn't have a guardian,
and she doesn't know her own name.
Is it dementia?
This makes no damn sense.
This is my face?
This is crazy.
I think I'm crazy.
What do I do?
Excuse me?
-Did you really age overnight?
-Yes, sir.
Instead of being here like this,
shouldn't you go to a lab somewhere?
Or tell your story to that show,
Unanswered Questions?
Wait a second.
-I know one of the producers.
-No, it's fine.
Just wait. It's okay.
-No, later
-It's okay.
A lab?
By the way,
I keep looking at her,
and she does look familiar.
It's like I've seen her before.
-I think she's unwell.
We'll take care of this.
-We'll reprimand her too.
I feel bad for her.
By the way, can't you scan
her fingerprints and find out who she is?
Actually, we're going to scan them
and find her place of residence
What? Where did she go?
Where is she?
-Hey! Where'd the lady go?
-Where is she?
My goodness!
She got away! What do we do?
Lady, don't come near me again! Move!
Move! Damn it!
-I'm sorry, sir. I'm sorry.
-Damn it!
-Seriously, are you insane?
-I'm sorry.
-Ma'am, where are you going?
-Twice in one day!
Damn it!
Where are you going?
-Please stop!
Excuse me!
A lady came in here, right?
Damn it. I'm exhausted.
How was that lady so fast?
Stop playing and come out.
What are you doing?
You thought hiding your head
would make you invisible?
What are you, an ostrich? Come out.
Why are you doing this?
-Come on, lady!
-Let go!
I said I'm not a strange person!
My gosh! I'm sorry!
I'm so sorry! Are you okay?
I'm sure she came in here.
What's suddenly up with him?
I'm back.
I'm back now.
I'm back!
I look younger, right?
Do I look like an old lady?
Do I look like I'm in my twenties?
Mom! Dad!
Where have you been?
It was total chaos today.
Some weird lady
broke into our house this morning.
It was no joke.
That madwoman had even stolen your wallet.
Your mom's preparing to increase
security here in a large way.
What kind of security?
Where did you get these clubs?
I borrowed them from next door.
We didn't have any suitable weapons.
We need to be prepared in advance.
-Pick one.
-No, I'm fine.
They look scary.
Here. You take this.
After today,
something worse could happen.
We need to be prepared.
How dare she sneak into our home?
-She called me her mom!
-She called me her dad!
That was me.
She clearly looked much older than me.
It was ridiculous.
I said that was me.
But where have you been all day?
Were you with Ga-yeong?
What's with her?
Wow. What's going on?
Why did I suddenly get old?
And how did I come back?
Was it just for a moment?
But why just my appearance?
Even if I was a little achy
because of a hangover,
but I still had
the same stamina and energy.
Damn it.
Is it a disease that ages the face?
What do I do?
What did I do wrong?
Why did I suddenly get old?
I was old when I woke up.
Was it because of the sun?
I can't die yet.
I still have so much to do.
I have to go on dates,
get a job so I can give
my parents pocket money,
and take time off
to travel overseas with Ga-yeong.
We said we'd go to famous restaurants.
It's morning!
What's happening to me?
What is this?
Mi-jin! Hey, what's going on?
Don't come in!
I said don't come!
What's the matter, Mi-jin?
-Should I come in?
It's nothing.
It's nothing. Don't come in.
What's wrong with your voice?
I caught a cold.
My voice is hoarse.
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm okay.
Am I wearing underwear?
The veterinary clinic!
Hello. Do you remember me?
May I see the cat I left here last night?
Okay. Here you go.
The cat fell in a well.
Can you take a look?
The cat was moved
after treatment but disappeared.
This has never happened before.
I'm very sorry.
Where did it go?
Yeah, I need to find that cat first.
We demand a not-guilty verdict!
-Ko! Not guilty!
-Ko! Not guilty!
-Not guilty!
We demand a not-guilty verdict!
Not guilty!
Despite substantial evidence
against the defendant,
he has denied the crime itself
and has claimed temporary insanity
in an attempt to avoid punishment.
Your Honor,
he is a prominent figure
with large influence on society.
We request that he receives
a more severe punishment.
That is all.
Breaking news.
King Land member, Ko Won,
had claimed innocence
Hey, coming soon!
Will he finally appear?
Who's all the fuss about?
You don't know Prosecutor Gye Ji-ung?
It's Gye Ji-ung!
I'm sorry.
He seems like a normal lawyer.
He may seem that way,
but he changes when he's in work mode,
like Jekyll and Hyde.
To cover a story,
you should mind your manners first.
Your cheap and prying methods
are why you're called trash journalists.
The Prosecutors' Office was criticized
for being lenient by asking for a fine.
Wouldn't you say that it's warranted?
Pretending to be close, smart, or tough
Well, you reap what you sow.
So I came to take responsibility.
-He hates that.
-Dirty prosecutors made a mess.
A proper prosecutor like me
will clean it up.
The problem is
he knows he's good.
I'll respond with my skills.
My high conviction rate shows you that.
He's so annoying.
Were there any other questions?
If not, please move.
Then, why was he put
in charge of that big case?
He has a bad personality,
but he's the best.
Who is this jerk?
It's a good thing Mr. Gye
doesn't work at our district office.
Just think of this as Heaven on earth.
Welcome to paradise!
Damn it.
Was I really this skinny?
Damn it.
I'm just borrowing them.
The scarf too.
She's something else.
Get up already!
Get up!
You sleep during the day
and go out at night!
No wonder you can't sleep!
-Open up.
-I can't.
-Open the door!
-No way.
You really want to do this?
Just you wait.
That brat.
What do you take me for?
You think I can't open this?
Just you wait, you brat.
Your room is a mess!
You're still asleep in bed.
That's why you're getting fat!
-You brat!
-That hurts!
Come on out!
Why are you so strong?
Come out of there! What's with you?
Are you kidding?
At least get some exercise!
Look at the size of your butt!
It's fine.
I can fix this.
I'll change back.
I can do it.
Your face suddenly aged?
All of a sudden, I got severely old.
We all have a point
when we suddenly age a few years.
It's not just that.
I change when the sun rises and sets.
I become someone else.
It sounds like menopause to me.
I'm in my twenties.
You have a daughter in her twenties.
Wait, you're in your twenties?
-I'm in my twenties!
Hey, can we help this lady
I mean, patient in her twenties
with an appointment?
I am in my twenties.
Look at how my skin's changed.
It changes every morning.
Okay, I'll put you down for it.
Excuse me?
Will the facial acupuncture
make me younger?
Of course, ma'am.
How can I help you, ma'am?
My daughter's waiting.
Like this.
I won't ask for more or less.
I just want it like this.
Because of your age,
it's hard to look exactly like that.
I told you we're the same age.
Seriously, what am I going to do?
I'm in my twenties.
I was born in 1996.
But I change into this when I wake up.
I change into this in the morning.
To someone born in 1996?
No, the other way around.
-That's the same thing.
-You're possessed.
-I am?
Let's find a way.
Show me.
Show me the way.
Show me.
Why can't I see it?
Show me.
The spirits are angry. I can't see.
Show me.
Here. Show me the way.
My goodness!
Jeez, you scared me!
-Who are you?
-The person born in 1996.
Don't be ridiculous.
Where did the lady go?
-She was
-I'm her.
Get out. Who are you?
I don't want to know. Go!
Go away!
-Go away! Go!
Go away!
What did I do wrong?
Why do I have to be
an old lady like this? Why?
Is someone listening?
It was my fault?
Are you blaming me?
So it is my fault.
I'm the one to blame.
What in the world?
My goodness!
My gosh!
I almost died.
What is this?
My leg!
I have a cramp!
What's with her?
I feel like seaweed on a beach.
Have you wasted your time doing nothing?
Does your future seem
too bleak to start anew?
As long as you have passion,
anyone can do it.
All ages, genders,
and educational backgrounds are welcome.
Take the challenge now!
We are waiting for you!
Yeah, I can't let it end like this.
I can't give up
without ever getting a job.
Never having a proper job
before turning 30
is a disservice to my weary twenties!
Ms. Lim Sun?
-Mr. Ko Deok-hun.
-Ms. Kang I-deok.
-Ms. Baek Hwa-ja.
Please come in.
-Ms. Lim Sun.
-Yes, sir?
You're very young.
Excuse me?
You're our youngest applicant.
I see.
How much wood would a woodchuck chuck
if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
Your pronunciation is great.
These are all my natural teeth.
I can speak very clearly as well.
How much wood could
-Thank you.
You're very flexible.
I can do other things too.
Sorry, you can't come out.
Please go back to
On the banner behind me,
next to where it says
"Seohan City Hall Senior Internship,"
"Program" is spelled incorrectly.
It's spelled with an "R,"
not an "L." Right?
Wow, that's incredible.
Your English is great too.
You even found that small typo.
-You must have good vision too.
-Yes, I have naturally perfect vision.
Do you know any other languages?
Learning a second language
is the first step to globalization!
Your transfer notice to Seohan.
Everyone tries so hard to come to Seoul,
even using their connections.
So why do you want to go down to Seohan?
Directing you
to Seohan District Prosecutors' Office.
It's up.
It's there.
"Lim Sun."
I got it.
I got the job.
I did it!
I really did it.
Not me, but Lim Sun did it.
I got the job!
My gosh. That hurt.
I really got it.
I got the job!
I did it!
I got the job!
I did it!
My friend, Mi-jin, finally has a job.
Who knew I'd live to see the day?
You haven't started cleaning yet?
What's he doing here?
I better not get involved with him at all.
This is so chaotic.
Please come again.
I don't know if this is a miracle or not,
but it seems related to that cat somehow.
The culprit is still at the scene.
Ms. Lee Mi-jin!
Subtitle translation by: Sue Mounce
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