Miss Night and Day (2024) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

He left a body part here
for everyone to see.
Since the ground isn't dry yet,
it's been less than 30 minutes.
The killer was surprised
or flustered by something.
Or they're hiding.
The culprit could still be at the scene.
Damn it.
I wonder what's in here.
He made me work so hard for this.
Detective Kwon!
Stop all vehicles headed toward Daeho-ri!
It's the culprit!
I'm sorry.
Ms. Lee Mi-jin!
Are you okay?
Did you see that car's license plate?
It was a silver SUV.
Did you run here? Why were you running?
At this late hour,
how can you just send a text and leave?
You're the one
who vanished without a text.
Forget it.
It's late, so let's go together.
Don't tell me.
Because it's dangerous?
I even know every tree
in this neighborhood.
I found your documents.
They flew out
when the car suddenly stopped.
Still, your papers are okay.
They're a bit crumpled though.
Judging by the skid marks,
the driver was going over at least 60 kmh.
There's a high chance it was the culprit.
Was that car from this neighborhood?
Every other family has a silver SUV here.
Was anything suspicious?
I don't know. It happened so fast.
Still, try to think.
Even something small will help.
There was a strange smell.
What smell?
A smell I've never smelled before.
The smell of blood or a corpse.
By any chance, was it fishy or bad?
It wasn't like that.
It was more unique than unpleasant.
Was it an air freshener?
Where is she?
She's coming!
Go on in. If anything happens,
make sure to call me.
Jeez, you scared me.
What are you doing this late?
What about you? Why were you out so late?
Fine, I'll be home earlier next time.
That's not what I meant.
I'm not complaining about you being late.
What matters is who you were with.
I'm going inside.
Mi-jin, who were you with
and what were you doing?
Why are you being like this too, Dad?
Come on.
-I'm going in.
My back!
Good grief.
What a long day.
I'm so tired.
-Were those documents important?
Who was that though?
Ms. Lee Mi-jin!
-Ms. Lim!
This came in for you from security.
What a relief!
I lost it. Buying just one
would've been a waste.
-I couldn't
-Prepare for work.
Yes, ma'am.
But how did they know it was mine?
It's so new and clean!
Maybe I'm just happy to see it.
Hello, Detective Kwon.
It seems I missed your call.
Why did you call so early?
There was something missing
from the file you sent me.
That case? Kang Gyeong-hui's file?
It was gone. It's missing.
It's missing?
It had been ripped out
when I first saw it.
We'll have to ask the detective
who had the case back then.
-Are they still there?
-No, he retired.
Who did they say
was in charge of that case?
I understand.
An unheard of sulfuric acid attack
occurred today at the prosecutors' office.
-My gosh.
The assailant left
malicious comments about Ko Won.
My goodness!
-Holy cow!
-Is this real?
-Who is that lady?
-She looks familiar.
That's the cleaning lady!
I don't believe it!
The Brave Intern Award.
"In recognition of your contributions
to local public safety,
including protecting lives
from a sulfuric acid attack,
we hereby commend you."
"From Seohan District Prosecutors' Office
Chief Lee Un-je."
That's incredible!
You're amazing.
You were so brave.
I only did what I had to.
Thank you so much.
She saved someone's life.
Doesn't she deserve another prize?
Of course, we have plans for that.
Yes, we're considering what it should be.
Since we're here for this happy occasion,
I have some more good news to share.
We have a new intern
who will take over for Ko Na-heun.
Mr. Baek Cheol-gyu,
come out and say hello.
It's nice to meet you.
My name is Baek Cheol-gyu.
But Ko Na-heun left just recently.
You already hired someone?
Already? He's been absent
without notice for a week.
He's caused so much trouble.
What's he saying?
Mr. Baek is the director
of Hwadong Medical Center.
Sir, I had no idea.
I'm flattered, but that was ages ago.
You don't have to say "sir."
-A round of applause, please.
What's with you now? What is it?
What's the problem?
How interesting.
Why would a hospital director
want to come here to work?
What's wrong with our work?
I made billions in profit back in my day.
And I had dozens of employees.
Still, I see what he means.
People with nothing
had to fight to get this job.
But he has everything,
so it's strange he'd come here.
What? I don't mind.
We're a bunch of nobodies
as public works interns,
but he's increased our prestige.
To put it bluntly,
did he increase our prestige?
It was Ms. Lim
who increased it by saving a life.
Take a look at this.
"Protecting lives
from a sulfuric acid attack."
It was nothing.
Yeah, it was nothing.
I used to move around quick
at her age too.
True. If I was just ten years younger,
then I'd also
I see you in a new light now, Ms. Lim.
With those kind of guts,
you could've been a cop.
Why have you let
such skills go to waste until now?
I heard the guy you saved
happened to be a huge star
even among celebrities.
Do you think
we might benefit from this too?
Gosh, I didn't do it
expecting anything in return.
Why not? Maybe a little something, right?
Just leave it by the door, please!
Excuse me!
You can just leave it by the door and go!
Just leave it by the door.
I'm sorry, but can you open the door?
There's a lot of stuff.
I'm Ko Won's manager.
What is he talking about?
What is all of this?
There's still more.
These are gifts from Ko Won to thank you.
The car's outside.
What are you talking about?
This is ridiculous.
Is that
Is the Ko Won you mean
that Ko Won?
-Yes, that's right.
-But why would he give me this?
Not you, but your mother.
-I don't have a mom.
Isn't this where Lim Sun lives?
Lim Sun?
I didn't get a chance to thank him.
So it was new.
What's up?
Hey, I can explain everything.
The thing is
What happened was
Just wait, okay?
Damn it!
I don't know this lady!
Get out. Who are you, lady?
-I'm their daughter.
-No, she's not!
She's not our daughter!
This is insane!
I'm your daughter!
-Is that you, Mi-jin?
-Yeah, it's me.
Open the door. There's so much.
-What is this?
-I'll tell you the whole story.
Why did you bring this in?
Just put it back outside.
I told you on the phone earlier.
I've changed a lot.
My gosh! What in the world?
Get out!
I'm Mi-jin!
Hey! Damn.
Hey, you of all people have to believe me.
I know all the guys
who've dumped you so far.
Baek Seo-woo, Choi Jin-yeong,
Lee Yeong-min, Nam Jeong-woo.
Yu Jun-gyeong!
How did you know that?
-Also, lady
I dumped Baek Seo-woo and Lee Yeong-min.
Either way, I know your passcode too.
I'm Lee Mi-jin.
I think I've been possessed.
This is my bag.
-That's Mi-jin's bag.
-Yeah, it's my bag.
How is it your bag, lady?
These are my mom's clothes. Remember?
Those are her mom's.
Yeah, my mom's clothes.
-Your mom?
-My birthday's March 16, 1996.
Your birthday's October 3rd.
Your dad's Do Pyeon-gang!
You know I'm right!
-You're right.
How did you know that?
Because I'm Mi-jin!
-So you're
-I'm Mi-jin.
-My friend, Mi-jin?
Then, where is she now?
Were you even listening this whole time?
I become like this when the sun rises,
and I turn back to normal at sundown.
This is driving me crazy.
What are you talking about?
This lady's crazy.
Where did you go, Mi-jin?
Damn it.
You believe me now?
So is this like what they call
organ trafficking or something?
-Is this voice phishing?
Where's Mi-jin?
-I said I'm Mi-jin!
-Poor Mi-jin!
Who are you calling?
-Your phone
-Wait. Don't touch me!
Jeez, lady! Don't touch me!
Lady, are you for real?
Hey! Why are you so strong?
-What is this?
-This is insane!
I don't know why I keep changing either!
Since when were your arms this strong?
Is this a hidden camera prank?
Come out, Mi-jin.
-I'm right here.
-Lee Mi-jin
I said I'm Mi-jin.
How are you Mi-jin, lady?
You want me to hit you
and mess up your fillers?
Jeez, that hurts.
No one knows about this.
Of course not! Just the two of us went.
It was a two-for-one deal.
I got laser treatment. You got fillers.
I didn't want to go,
but you said it was cheap.
You coaxed me into it for the ad deal!
Take a look. Down here.
I still have the burn mark. Do you see it?
I have the emotional scars
because of you too.
Damn it! Don't!
Stop it!
I said stop it!
You're Mi-jin, but
How could you be her?
-Take a look.
-This makes no sense!
What is this? This is ridiculous!
What are you talking about?
All this talking
is just wasting by breath.
Hey, the sun's setting.
-Come take a look.
-Don't touch me, lady!
-What will you do to me?
Okay! Just wait!
When the sun sets,
I'm going to change. Just wait.
Take a look! Watch!
-It's setting.
-Do I have to wait for this?
You can record it.
-Save it to your phone.
I need evidence anyway.
Don't be surprised.
Change, my foot.
Holy crap!
-Are you okay?
I knew it'd scare her. I knew it.
Holy cow!
Is that you, Mi-jin?
Yeah, it's me!
I said it's me! Can't you tell it's me?
Don't I look different now?
I'm telling you it's me.
So that stray cat did this to you?
I think so.
And you took
your aunt's name for the alter ego
Lim Sun.
And the lady who did this to Ko Won
It was Lim Sun. It was me.
How many times do I have to tell you?
I said I think I ended up like this
because of that cat,
and all of that was me, Lim Sun.
No. If you were me, would you say,
"I see. My friend Mi-jin
just aged overnight like this."
"But only during the day."
You'd believe that?
Fine! Don't believe it then!
-I don't!
So did you upload the video
about the missing cat or not?
So that's why you asked me
to put that ad on my channel.
I get it now!
It's why you only came at night
and why you used my address as yours.
What if your parents find out?
They absolutely can't find out.
If they find out I was scammed,
I'll die.
Your mom would execute you.
So just help me out
until I get better, okay?
Okay. So we have to find that cat.
-Is that it?
Okay, then.
I'll visit animal shelters tomorrow.
Thank you so much. I knew you'd help me.
Thank you so much.
Hey. Before I help you, handle that first.
I mean, seriously
I know he's showering me with money
But isn't this too much?
I don't know about this.
He earns billions a year
in royalties alone.
He can do anything he wants.
Wow, I'm so jealous.
This is Seohan District
Prosecutors' Office.
This is more like a fan club meeting.
-He's not even that impressive.
King Land's annual profit last year
was 100 billion won.
Of course, Ko Won
earned the most among them!
His show had the highest ratings
even with his bad acting.
All of his songs would top
the music charts.
The channel he created out of boredom
had a million subscribers on launch.
Before the incident, he had either shot
or signed up for 15 commercials!
Of course, he wasted it all.
"Is it a crime to have someone else
get me sleeping pills?"
To put it bluntly,
he enlisted since he was guilty.
He fell during their comeback concert
and had a herniated disc.
Because of his back injury,
he was assigned to public service instead.
I need water.
This is what's next.
Yes, I understand.
And because of that,
you have it easy here. I'm so jealous.
Nothing ever works out for me.
But everything works out for you.
He's so cute!
I need to talk to you outside.
Hey, I'm going out for a bit.
What did you just
Make sure to keep your breaks
as short as you can.
-Be back quickly.
-You knew what I meant?
Older folks usually like
hot coffee though.
I always get iced coffee.
Me too.
Why did you want to talk?
You can tell me anything.
I'll listen to whatever you have to say.
I want to return
what you sent me yesterday.
I put everything in the car.
You didn't like the gifts?
They were too much
to just be called gifts.
Just take this then.
This was the most excessive one!
Who gives a car as thanks?
I'll just take this drink.
I heard you ride your bike around.
What's wrong with that?
I ride it on purpose for my health.
You could fall and break a bone
while riding around.
Look, thank you for being considerate,
but I'll take care of my own health.
-How about a scooter then?
-I said it's fine!
I was thinking of you
If you need to do something for me
to make you feel better,
then just buy me coffee from time to time.
That would be more than enough.
Then, I'll get you a coffee shop
For crying out loud!
What about a coffee machine?
-I'm leaving.
Wait! Where are you going? Why?
Where are you going? All right.
No, wait. Okay, I got it.
Just take a seat for a moment.
Then, I'll get you an iced coffee
every morning. Deal?
Maybe not every morning
-I'm going.
Daily coffee. Deal.
Daily coffee. Deal?
Okay, deal.
Daily coffee.
Thanks to the huge crime you committed,
you'll be more famous than Ko Won.
Ko Won's arrival
was announced that morning,
but how did you know
and prepare in advance, Mr. Ji Dong-kwon?
Did someone give you a tip
about his schedule?
How dare he go around
with his head held high?
Who does he think he is?
You're not cooperating at all.
Let's try again.
Did Ko Won ever harass you,
Mr. Ji Dong-kwon?
I know everything.
I know what he's thinking.
What is he thinking?
He shamelessly smiles,
but he's terrified on the inside.
At his autograph signing event,
I saw him curse at me.
You mean last year
when you were indicted for hate comments?
That's when that bastard cursed at me!
Judging from the video,
you were at least 20 meters away from him.
Your eyesight must be sharper
than an eagle's.
You're all on the same team.
This is why I go mad.
Because of all of you,
I can't help but take drugs.
Bring them to me.
My drugs!
Bring me my drugs!
Well, doing that
will only hurt your hands.
Let's make it a tidy confession.
You held a grudge against Ko Won,
who sued you for hate comments,
and with all those reporters there,
you planned to get revenge, right?
Just a moment.
I love you all!
Take a look at this.
It's that bitch's fault.
It's all because of her.
That damn old lady ruined everything!
Hey, you punk! Ji Dong-kwon! Settle down!
I'll kill that bitch!
I'm going to kill her! Let go!
-Are you okay?
They say the drugs he was on
are new ones popular at clubs.
It's a modified drug patch.
I bet they'll even make
topical drugs soon.
I guess you and Ko Won
were destined to be linked.
You're entwined again.
You met in court and reunited
at the prosecutors' office
with him as the victim.
Destiny, my foot.
Don't use that word so carelessly.
Didn't you say
Ji Dong-kwon lives in Seohan City?
Yes, the report says Seoul,
but he lives in Seohan City.
We found sulfuric acid at his house.
He moves to Seohan City,
and the person who sued him
just happens to be assigned to Seohan?
That kind of destiny rivals your own.
You didn't drive?
I was tired,
so I took some sleeping pills.
-Just being safe.
-You should've summoned him then.
Why come all the way
to the detention center?
To ease nerves.
Whose nerves?
Get in the car.
-Did you bring the document?
"Hang in there. You got this."
If you say that
How could I even comfort you?
My life's hard too.
I'm in no position to comfort anyone.
They're vitamins.
You know too many vitamins
can make you sick too, right?
Don't overdo it.
You know too many vitamins
can make you sick too, right?
Don't overdo it.
-You must've had some work to do outside.
You weren't in your office this morning.
No, I wasn't.
Do you have something to say?
I just wanted to thank you.
For what?
It's my favorite flavor.
I see. Thank you.
That's so funny!
You're too kind.
I'm not smart, so I know nothing.
You didn't head home?
It's still office hours.
Could you send this data
as files to the investigator?
I'll do it tomorrow.
Send it today for the report, okay?
The work day's almost over.
It needs to be handed over
to prosecute or do anything.
But it's just so much work.
You work four to five hours a day at best.
But that's too much?
Then, you want me to sit at my desk
for eight hours without breaks?
If you're not going to work
eight hours a day, why are you even here?
Because I get paid.
Right, so you work as much
as you're paid and do it properly.
-Isn't that normal?
I won't get paid more for working hard.
There's no need
to work until exhaustion. Right?
I see. So that's the type
of person you are.
What's that mean?
-Excuse me?
-Lacks common sense.
-What did you say?
I'll correct that.
Totally thoughtless.
I won't do it!
I'm going to kill him!
That bastard!
Excuse me? I'm sorry but
I'm so annoyed right now!
Don't talk to me!
Excuse me? Are you okay?
I said don't talk to me!
I told you to stop talking to me!
Hey, lady!
There's no tissue paper. Damn it.
That's why I was going to put it in.
Are you mocking me?
This is ridiculous.
Do your job properly!
Wow, that crazy
You're lucky
you didn't run into me at night!
Crazy bastard.
He thinks he's so important.
He's like a damn virus.
So annoying!
You're crying
I've been too upset.
"What about my makeup?"
When you have a meltdown
Does he think I can't get another job?
Whatever! I'm a Do Ga-yeong fan!
Nice and thinly. First, take the base
-This is good.
To lose someone
when we're understaffed as it is?
Process her resignation
and send another office assistant.
Look here, Gye.
Is it that hard to stay under the radar?
Is it?
Is it due to hard feelings with Ko Won
and having his acid case now?
Why would there be
any hard feelings when it's work?
Even if there were, why
Are you trying to get even
because you were angered?
Is that what you do, sir?
Do you involve personal feelings into work
to get revenge, get even, or retaliate?
You little punk.
You just insulted me.
How could I possibly do that?
So just talk to her
You can teach what they don't know.
And time solves inexperience.
But being ignorant can't be fixed.
Anyway, this was my fault. I apologize.
I assume you took my request so I'll go.
Wait. I'm not done yet!
You kept repeating yourself,
so I thought you were.
I'm really going now.
Damn it!
Kang's always been so selfish.
I knew it when he gushed
with praise for Gye.
We're low on staff. Who do I assign?
She saved someone's life.
-Doesn't she deserve another prize?
-Of course, we have plans for that.
Yes, we're considering what it should be.
Damn, it's cold!
Hey, there's no dismembered corpse!
Pull out!
Let's pull out!
Pull out! Pack it up!
Get the equipment!
Pull out!
Let's go home.
Did you find anything else?
Not yet. Not sure
if that's a good thing or not.
The victim
could still be alive.
If she's still alive
The limb hasn't shown
discoloration or rigor mortis,
so it was cut while she was still alive.
Man, this guy's an absolute lunatic.
It was a living person.
why would he have been so cruel?
Good question.
I think there was a similar case before.
In the files that I gave you,
wasn't there a victim
who was dismembered while still alive?
Is the autopsy report out yet?
It'll be out next week.
Also, about the silver SUV
you mentioned from that night
Yes, did you find it?
We checked all traffic cameras
on roads leading out of town,
but from the night
of the accident to morning,
there weren't any silver SUVs
that left during that time.
This path is the only one here,
which means they went into town.
By any chance,
can you see if any of these cars
look familiar to you?
I sent this by text to you too.
Even if it's silver,
there are many different shades.
Light and dark gray.
They're all different.
I'd be grateful
if you could pick the most similar.
-I'll check.
Take care.
Detective Kwon!
-Come here!
The person you are trying to call
Why won't she unblock me?
Four, three, eight.
Damn it!
Six, four, three, eight.
Mr. Gye.
At this point, it seems
you're blocking me on purpose.
Right, I forgot.
I'm sorry.
I've been so busy lately
that I forgot to unblock you.
You called me.
What brings you here?
Let's go somewhere and talk.
My goodness.
Let's go out.
-Let's take the car.
It's late. Where are you going?
Come in and talk. Come in.
-No, it's fine.
It's not fine with me.
Come inside.
-We're not strangers, are we?
-We are!
Be quiet. Come on.
Make yourself at home. Relax.
-But I can't relax
-I'll help you.
I don't think you can.
-Ms. Lee?
-Dad, do something about Mom.
Damn it.
Take a seat. Sit down.
What are you doing?
Hurry and sit. Sit down.
-Open up.
-I can eat it.
Come on now. Open up.
Should we talk outside?
Why go outside? Go in and talk.
-In where?
-Where do you think? Your room.
-My room?
Why would we?
-What's with you?
-Come on.
It's important. Right?
Go inside and quietly talk.
It's okay. Go inside.
It's only one question.
-Honey, the fork.
It won't take long though.
Go inside. It's quiet.
Make yourself comfortable.
Just relax.
But I can't
Pretend we're not here.
Mom, please
This is
This is really good for dieting.
I can do arm workouts.
I can work biceps and triceps
and do squats with it.
Well, people who often fail go on diets.
So what did you want to ask me?
I can't hear a word they're saying.
I know.
The room's soundproofed well.
He didn't come just to talk, right?
-Then, what else?
-Come on.
A young man and woman
wouldn't talk with just their words.
By any chance, are any of these
the silver SUV from that day?
It was a light gray SUV.
But it was dark and at night,
so I'm not sure.
Light gray.
That would narrow it down to 20 cars.
You have to check each one?
They'll analyze the tracks.
Identifying the tire model will help.
What was that smell though?
It was so unique.
If I could just remember that,
I think it would help.
Take care.
Drive safely.
A prosecutor?
Of all public servants,
did you snag the best? A prime cut?
If he's a prime cut,
what am I? Frozen pork?
Hardly. You're chopped liver.
Thanks for hitting me
with that hard truth.
It sure hurts.
Pork belly's fine.
Chopped liver, too.
You snagged the cream
of the crop.
At the tail end of your twenties,
you've hit the jackpot.
A prosecutor?
A prosecutor!
Come on in. Prosecutor.
Okay? Prosecutor.
-A prosecutor's here!
I don't know why
she's like that either, so don't ask.
A prosecutor came to our house! How nice!
This is so embarrassing.
I'm so embarrassed.
All right, a prosecutor!
Bye, Mom.
Mi-jin. Wait, come here.
What is it?
Here. Drink this before you go.
-Mom, I have no time.
-Drink it!
By the way,
how did you meet that prosecutor?
Drink it! It's good for you.
Don't spit it out. Hurry.
-Good girl.
-I'm late.
-I'll be back.
Tell me how you met him.
There's no reason for it
unless you got in trouble!
That brat!
That was close.
Let me introduce myself.
I'm Seo Mal-tae.
He's a former detective.
When Detective Seo was on the scene,
even the meanest punks
would be scared to death.
That's how great he was.
I'm honored to work with you.
Thank you.
If you're curious
or have questions about anything,
you can ask me.
I'm the youngest one here.
You are quite young
for a senior public intern.
That's a great smile too.
It wasn't that big,
but I did have a business
with 30 employees.
I'm sure you can tell,
but everyone here
was successful in their primes.
Of course, the same goes for me as well.
I promise to work hard
and not cause any inconvenience.
Ms. Lim.
-The deputy chief's looking for you.
Did you do something wrong?
No, not that I can think of.
-Can you take this?
-Yeah, go on.
She shouldn't have meddled so much.
Mr. Gye!
I'll work really hard.
I promise I'll do my best.
Okay, sure. Keep it up.
You were
so considerate to me.
Thank you so much.
I'll take care of your office from now on.
Where did you get the candy?
I got them on my way here.
You hate sweets.
That's interesting.
I've seen a lot of people
tell you to shove it,
but none of them ever gave you candy.
You've cleaned the office so well lately.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
You work so hard.
Have a nice day.
Pink looks so good on you.
They're new clothes I bought.
I see.
I see you're going somewhere nice.
Well, yes.
Take care.
You haven't started cleaning yet?
She said she's here to work.
I see. Let's skip cleaning today.
We're a bit busy.
Well, the thing is
The new office assistant
-Wait, what was it?
-Office aide.
Yeah, that's her.
As of today, I'll be here to help you.
I'm your new office aide, Lim Sun.
Office aide?
Did that position exist?
To be more precise
An office clerk.
Why did you assign me an office clerk?
Your office assistant quit.
We're understaffed.
But our intern with abundant experience,
a strong will,
and overflowing enthusiasm is
-An old lady.
-Yes, that lady
No! Don't say that!
Ms. Lim is the perfect fit.
Why is this so slow?
Please put this off.
Put it off?
You think you can go back and forth
on personnel appointments
however you feel like it?
Open your own practice
if you want to pick employees.
A civil servant
can't be biased about staff.
Still, how could you hire an old lady?
She's not an old lady!
I'll do my best to support you.
You're really a civil servant?
No, not yet.
Since it's come to this,
the best is to have her quit on her own.
Organize these into documents before noon.
A lot of chocolate chips.
Don't forget it
No way!
I've seen that bag somewhere before.
You can trust me.
I want to see.
If I do my best,
I want to see how well I can do.
-I was born in 1996!
Subtitle translation by: Sue Mounce
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