Miss Scarlet and The Duke (2020) s01e01 Episode Script


- Did you call the police?
- No, only you, like you said.
Keep watch.
I’m no thief!
- I’m a private detective!
- Yeah,
and I’m a high court judge!
You stole my eye!
I came upon it whilst examining
what I thought was a crime scene.
Can we not discuss this in
a more civilized manner?
Argh! I’m gonna make you
wish you’d never been born.
I will gladly return your eye.
I wanted dead, not drunk.
Next time check for a pulse first.
Ah, Mrs Parker. Mr Parker.
I was not expecting your delightful company.
We came to see your father
but found neither he nor you at home.
Is it something I could help with?
It is a question Rupert wishes to ask your father.
In private.
My father’s working.
You appear rather ruffled
Miss Scarlet. Are you quite well?
Uh, very, thank you Mrs Parker.
It’s um, due to nothing more
than a brisk morning walk.
The streets of London are not what they once were.
If a lady must walk she should be in the
company of a gentleman to protect her.
More tea?
Er I, I would not want to put you
to any more trouble Miss Scarlet.
Speak up Rupert! And enunciate!
- I would not want…
- I will take more tea.
Rupert will not.
Very well.
Thank you.
The city has changed since I was a girl.
The crime, the filth,
a general miasma of loose morality.
And those contraptions…
Is, is it bicycles mother?
I see young ladies riding those
things, brazen as you like.
Oh I agree.
A lady should always act like a lady.
Milk and sugar?
Well, thank you for your visit.
It has been most enjoyable.
We will call again on Tuesday.
Please ensure your father is present.
Rupert is extremely keen to speak with him
and then of course to you.
I will do what I can Mrs Parker,
but my my father is a very busy man.
Chasing criminals is no job for a gentleman.
It should be left to the police.
Ivy, could you see Mrs Parker
and her son out please?
Of course.
Come along Rupert!
Thank you for your time.
Why do you do these things?
Please, please…
do not tell father.
Ivy, if I can show him my skill and ability…
He will never allow you to
work with him. Now, stay still.
You took your time girl!
And where’s the pork?!
That miser Mr Meekins refused to sell any to me.
Said our account is overdue.
Said no more deliveries ‘til we settle it.
Shouted at me in front of the whole store.
That cannot be right.
The coalman and the baker need paying too.
Guten Morgen Fräulein Scarlet!
Good morning Herr Hildegard.
Have you erm… have you seen my father?
Not for a few days.
But then I have been rushed off my feet.
People have been dropping like flies
this week.
Sad, of course, but very good for business.
I… I am so sorry for your loss.
Please, follow me.
Duke, Miss Scarlet’s here.
Tell her I’m in a meeting.
She said you’d say that.
Which is why she insisted on
waiting outside your door.
I think she heard this exchange.
She did hear this exchange.
To what do I owe this pleasure?
It’s my father. He didn’t come home last night.
Henry is a grown man and
I’m sure working one of his cases. So
if you’ll excuse me
I must get back to ensuring the streets of
London are safe for ladies such as yourself.
Wherever Henry is,
he is perfectly capable of looking after himself.
Let’s not forget that he’s a
highly trained police officer.
A retired police officer
who is meant to be running his own
business, not drinking away the profits.
Ah, so this is more about money
rather than daughterly love.
My household is reliant on my father.
But we both know that’s
something that you’re working on.
I know of your little hobby,
paying street boys for
tip offs of crime scenes.
Being a detective is a job for a man Eliza.
And yet you do it every day William.
Hmm, well nice as this is, I have
many cases to attend to, so…
Yes, I can see how busy you are.
You still have soap on your neck.
An arson attack on the
city’s largest opium den.
Six schoolgirls smuggled to
the continent for brothel fodder
and a dead man floating in Regents
Park’s canal with his throat slit
ear to ear.
I’ve seen neater cuts from
a one armed butcher.
A lady should not see such things.
And with his pocket watch still on his person
it’s clearly not the work of a common thief.
I would say it’s a crime of
passion by a scorned woman.
Since the rash on the souls of his
feet suggest latter stage of syphilis.
His mistress perhaps.
But more likely his wife.
Of course, I’m sure you’ve
already considered this.
Of course I have.
Good day William.
Bring in the wife for questioning.
Mr Scarlet is in the drawing room.
What’s happened?
Oh Lizzy,
this is Dr Edwards.
He found Mr Scarlet collapsed in the street
- and brought him home.
- Thank you Doctor.
My father’s been drinking excessively of late.
Fetch some strong coffee.
He’s not drunk.
He’s had a cardiac arrest.
I am sorry to say he has passed.
Though I walk through the valley
of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil,
for you are with me.
Your rod and your staff -
they comfort me.
And mercy shall follow me
all the days of my life
and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord
Eliza… your father wasn’t just my
mentor, he was my dear friend.
And over the years we talked sometimes
about him losing your mother.
He hoped that time would give him
some distance from her memory, but
I think that the opposite was true.
The older he got the more he missed her.
What I’m, what I’m trying to say is it
might help you to think of them as reunited.
I miss her as much as he did
and now he’s left me completely alone.
There is a man here asking for your father.
I didn’t know what to say.
Send him in.
This way please sir.
Good afternoon Mr…
Alfred Winters.
I believe you wished to see my, my father.
I’m afraid to say that…
Do not tell me he is not here either?
I waited a full hour outside of his office
but he didn't turn up for our appointment.
Well, it is no matter.
I am sure there are many
private detectives in this city
who would like to take my money.
Good day Miss Scarlet.
My father is working
an extremely high profile case.
Government business.
But I’m, I’m sure he would want me to take
the details of your case to pass onto him.
I’m not at ease discussing my business
with a lady.
I, I do understand, but let
me assure you I will
simply pass the
information onto my father.
I have discovered I am in poor health.
I am not sure how much longer I have left.
As such
I wish to be reunited with my niece,
Clara Simms.
Her parents are deceased
so I raised Clara alone.
I did not approve of her marriage choice.
The man was a scoundrel.
So they eloped
and I have not seen her since.
The last I heard,
she was working in that cesspit that is Soho.
I dread to think
how she is making ends meet.
You must feel extremely distressed.
How I feel is irrelevant.
A man would not ask such a question.
Tell Mr Scarlett I am staying
at the Cavendish Hotel
and that I expect to see him tomorrow
morning at 10 to discuss this further.
Good day.
as you can see Lizzie, our
friend here is already waking up.
However, if we had added two more drops of
Chloroform what would have been the outcome?
Difficulty breathing,
paralysis and possibly death.
Good. And if a criminal wished
to be more surreptitious in their
poisoning, what might they choose?
A tincture of laudanum,
which if taken in a large enough dose
could render the victim unconscious.
And if death is the aim?
Arsenic, which is undetectable.
Unless one uses Marsh test,
developed my James Marsh in 1836.
I think we should give our friend a name.
How about…
Miss Dawkins?
After my teacher?
All god’s creatures deserve a name my girl.
And you can’t deny the similarities.
Hello! There we go…
Oh papa Miss Dawkins has escaped.
Get it! Get it!
Dinner is ready, Miss.
I don’t want any dinner.
But I do want you to fetch me a cab.
But the sun is going down.
You cannot go out alone.
What’ll people think?
Let them think what they like.
I’ve set the table in the dining room
but would you rather eat with us?
- What’s going on?
- Miss Scarlet is going out.
- Alone.
- I said go and get me a cab, Kitty.
You can’t go out alone! It will be dark soon.
- It’s dangerous. .
- Kitty…
Kitty, do not move.
Oh, you’re going to find that gentleman’s niece.
You should not be doing this.
And you should not be listening at doors.
I shall get my own cab.
this is not the time to fulfil your ambition.
Word will soon spread
that my father has died
and any day now all our
accounts will be called in.
If I don’t take this case someone else will.
This isn’t about ambition, Ivy.
This is about money.
Trust me.
I know what I’m doing.
Hello, miss.
Are you sure he will help?
Padre knows everyone, miss.
Behold, the day of the Lord cometh,
cruel both with wrath and fierce anger,
to lay the land desolate
where he shall destroy the sinner!
Padre, this is the lady I was telling you about.
And Babylon,
the glory of kingdoms,
shall be as when God overthrew
Sodom and Gomorrah…
She needs to find this lady,
Clara Simms.
When I am in need I turn to Moses.
So you do not know her?
Trust in Moses.
And god overthrew
Sodom and… You little git!
Get your hands off me!
Excuse me.
- My mistake.
- Don’t I know you?
I don’t think so.
I never forget a face.
in that case…
Do you recognise this woman?
No idea.
Ask Moses. He’ll know.
You’re on five minutes ladies!
Yeah, alright!
Get a move on or you’ll
feel my boot up your arse!
You don’t have to shout.
Go away!
Mr Moses isn’t it?
Who’s asking?
I’m Miss Scarlet.
I’m looking for a chorus girl. Clara Simms?
I’m a private detective hired to find her.
It’s my job to protect the girls from
punters who step out of line.
It is not my job to have some silly
tart playing private detective.
Am I to understand that you do not wish to
earn money in return for
some basic information?
Money first.
- What?..
- Now get out!
Surely we can come to an
arrangement that will benefit us both?
You’re not my type girl.
You’re too skinny.
I was not suggesting anything untoward.
Then again,
how about I show you what us
skinny girls can do Mr Moses.
It’s just Moses.
And you’re still not getting your money back.
Yes I am.
- Gimme back my purse!
- Come here and get it!
Turpentine really is a painter’s best friend.
Not only is it an excellent paint thinner,
it’s simply marvellous at
cleaning brushes too.
It’s also highly flammable.
You would not dare.
When it’s lit it produces
smoke of such thick black soot
that it will suffocate the
airways within moments.
It’s a grisly painful death.
Make no mistake.
Now, are you going to give
me back my purse or not?
Thank you.
You know when I am free of these cuffs
I will hunt you down and I will kill you!
A man that drinks as much as you
is too lazy to hunt anything down.
I think I like you.
Now tell me where Clara Simms is
or I will burn this place to
the ground with you in it.
You drunken fool!
You could have killed me!
May I speak with you?
Mrs Simms?
I’m here on behalf of your
uncle, Alfred Winters.
Your uncle’s ill.
He’s quite ill.
I don’t know how much time he has left.
A lady detective.
What reason would you want to be such a thing?
When you’ve had as many people as I
telling you what you can and cannot be,
that’s reason enough.
will you let me reunite you with your uncle?
- Pharaohs!
- Do not move!
And let it be understood that under the 1869
- What’s going on?
- Contagious Disease Act
- Let go!
- all prostitutes
- Get your hands off me.
- will be examined
- for venereal disease.
- Let go of me!
- Get off me! No!
- During examination anyone found to be infected
with such diseases can be imprisoned
Get off me! Don’t touch me!
for up to uh, one year.
Get your hands off me!
I am not a prostitute!
Please, please,
you’re making a mistake.
I… please…
I am the favoured whore of Detective
Inspector Wellington of Scotland Yard.
And if you lay one finger on me,
you will be in his cells
by the end of the night.
I had no idea that one chaste kiss when we were
children put you in position of my “favoured whore”.
I had to think of something.
And spreading rumours that I am a
whoremonger was just the ticket?
They didn’t need much convincing.
Your reputation precedes you.
Do you wish to speak of reputation? Because
yours is, I believe, hanging by a thread.
I could sit here and tell you repeatedly
to stay out of this business,
but I fear that it would fall on deaf ears.
You are the most stubborn
woman that I have ever met.
And you have met a few have you not?
I would love to sit here and reminisce
but it’s two o’clock in the morning.
And I have some “whoring” to do.
Stop it William.
Come along.
And that was no “chaste kiss”
and we were not children.
You took advantage of my
situation then, as you do now.
I was nineteen Eliza. You were sixteen
and sobbing into my arms over your
dead poodle. What was a boy to think?
Skip was a Jack Russell.
And you were instructed by
my father to look after me.
- I did look after you.
- You kissed me.
- I seem to remember you liked it.
- And I seem to remember that I slapped your face.
That’s not the way out.
My fathers just died and this is how you treat me.
It is for Henry that I do this.
Miss Scarlet?
Oh good morning Mr Winters.
I was not expecting you.
I know I said my father would be here, but
let me assure you at this very moment
he is tying up his high level case
just so he can give yours his full attention.
I was not expecting you because
I know that your father is dead.
It was in the obituaries this morning.
You have lied to me Miss Scarlet.
And the only reason I am
not informing the police
is that I assume your father’s death
has affected your health.
Now, if you’ll excuse me,
I’m already late for my
appointment with Gill and Son.
You’ve given your case to Gill and Son?
They will take your money on a daily rate and not even
look at your case for at least a week. They are crooks.
As opposed to what?
A woman who tells me her father is
alive when he’s six feet under ground?
Your niece has different coloured eyes.
A detail you omitted to tell me.
You have found Clara?
If you will agree to my seeing this case through,
I will have you reunited with her as soon as I can.
Oh where is she?
I am afraid I cannot divulge that at this time.
What kind of woman keeps
an uncle from his niece?
A businesswoman Mr Winters.
And if you wish to see your niece you
will pay me fifty percent of the fee now
and fifty percent when reunited with her.
And on the subject of my fee…
it’s gone up.
That policeman won’t forget you in a hurry.
That was a well-placed kick.
I have been mistaken
for a whore once before.
And determined never to
go throw that humiliation again.
And you, miss Scarlet?
After what happened last night, surely
we aware enough acquainted with christian names.
I wish to see my uncle.
But you cannot see him looking like that.
My uncle was right about my husband.
Joseph was just a travelling actor
looking for a wife with a fat dowry.
When your uncle disowned you,
he did not receive it?
Which is when he showed his true colors.
Womanising, drinking,
a disappointment.
It was not all his fault.
Joseph’s life had been coloured by tragedy.
He was on the Princess Alice.
Never did the Thames see such a crash.
He watched his first wife drown
amongst those poor 600 souls.
It was his heartbreak that drew
me to him in the first place.
And here is your uncle now.
Mr Winters, thank you for your
prompt response to my message.
My dear Clara.
He is not my uncle.
He’s my husband.
I am sorry to say
that your uncle died last month.
I was notified just last week.
It’s just a shame you were
not with me to hear the news.
He’s left a fine estate
and I will move in and look after it.
That is my inheritance Joseph.
Unfortunately you will be somewhat
incapacitated my love.
A wife who runs away to become a whore…
“Moral insanity”
is the official term
according to my doctor’s certificate.
Nothing that spell in the asylum cannot cure.
Let go of me.
Let go of me!
I hope the money was worth it!
I swear I did not know.
I promise I will get you out Clara.
Get off me!
It is cruel to make promises you cannot keep.
I’m the only one who can decide
when she comes out again.
You cannot do this.
I’m her husband
so I think you’ll find I can.
Excellent work Miss Scarlet.
I’m running out of schools
to send you to Lizzie.
It was Arabella Herbert that started it.
That is not what your teacher said.
Miss Dawkins is a witch.
Of course she would blame me,
Arabella’s her pet!
What happened exactly?
One of the girls asked me what
I wanted to be when I grew up
and I told them – a police officer.
That’s when Arabella said…
She said I would be nothing
except a motherless pig.
This is my fault.
I have filled your head with fanciful ideas
and it is time for me to stop.
You’re old enough now to understand
that women do not have the
same freedom as men.
- It’s just the way the world is.
- Then I will change it!
You’re not a child anymore.
You’re a young lady and your mother
would want me to raise you as such.
- But father…
- Enough!
This talk of police work has to stop.
It will do you no good.
Do you understand Lizzie?
No tears or there will be no supper.
You always say that and there always is.
Fetch me a cab!
That poor woman is in the
bowels of hell in that place.
You have to help me get her out William.
I know I have been a fool
but out of the respect for your
friendship with my father
please find it in your heart
not to be angry with me.
Anger doesn’t begin to describe what I’m feeling.
You put yourself in grave danger.
Simms is a well-seasoned criminal!
He has a prison record as long as your arm!
Then arrest him!
A man with his background should have
no right to put their wife in the asylum.
Do you know so little of the world?
He is now a wealthy landowner
with his wife committed he has
full control of her inheritance.
No court in the land would touch him.
Maybe I could see his file. There
might be something. Anything…
This mess is a result of
your dabbling in men’s affairs!
Now you must stop this nonsense.
You’re right William.
I am a silly woman.
My father would be so disappointed in me.
No, no, he…
he would not be disappointed,
merely worried. As I am.
I’m sorry for involving you in my stupidity.
I’m feeling a little faint.
Maybe you could get me some salts.
Of course.
Eliza, open this door!
Eliza, open this door!
How did you get in here?
One of the maids owed me a favour.
we’ll see what the hotel manager
has to say about that.
Oh, he was the one who
told her to give me the key.
In exchange for me not telling his
wife that they’re having an affair.
I’ve a train to catch,
so if you’ll excuse me.
You lied to Clara.
Your first wife Beatrice Simms
was on the Princess Alice
when it sunk, but you were not.
You were in prison.
And according to your status
on your prison record,
still married when you left two months later.
The record wasn’t amended to a widower.
You said yourself my first
wife died in the crash.
I said she was on the steamer.
But she did not die.
My father kept cuttings of
any incidents on the Thames.
Many of his cases were
regarding missing persons
and here is the list of survivors.
Among them
one Beatrice Simms.
You are a bigamist Mr Simms.
Your marriage to Clara was not legally binding.
You have no marital rights
over her or her inheritance.
And to whom have you shared this fairy tale?
I assume no one
since no one is going to take
a woman detective seriously.
On the contrary. I have a
close working relationship
with Detective Inspector
Wellington of Scotland Yard.
In fact he and his officers are
waiting downstairs in reception.
There are no police wagons.
They didn’t want to alarm the hotel guests.
Their wagons are round the back.
I think you’re lying.
It’s interesting that you’ve chosen
strangulation as your means to kill me,
since that it requires a great deal of strength
and strength is something that is leaving
your body as every second ticks by.
What are you talking about?
The maid that owed me a favour.
Not only did she give me your key,
she kindly allowed me to make your coffee.
It’s surprising how little Laudanum it takes
to knock a man of your size unconscious.
- You are lying.
- No, I’m not.
Not about that part anyway.
The next time you steal police property
or indeed poison someone
I shall have no choice but to arrest you.
A little laudanum never hurt anyone.
He was unconscious for over an hour Eliza.
And it’s a god job too
since you took so long to arrive.
I have work to do.
Thank you William.
I’m sorry to be so late for dinner.
I was taking my client to the train station.
A young lady speaking of “clients”.
It’s not right.
Clara Simms returns to her home an
independent, wealthy young woman.
Are you not the smallest bit proud of me?
I am always proud of you.
Now, you have a visitor.
A Mr Parker.
And the sooner your mother’s wedding
ring is on that finger the better.
Now go and put that poor man out of
his misery and accept his proposal.
There’s nothing poor about Rupert
Parker. His family own half the street.
Mr Parker, what a delightful surprise.
Miss Scarlet.
Now that your father has passed
I hope I can be of service to you
at this difficult time.
That’s very kind.
I’ve come to ask you for…
I have come to ask for your forgiveness.
I cannot marry you
and I know you would be disappointed
and for that I am sorry,
but it is my mother who
wishes us to be married, not I.
Not I.
a proposal from a man such as yourself was in…
was indeed tempting.
That is what mother said.
See I,
I knew all the other ladies I was forced
to propose to would say no, but you –
mother was convinced you would
say yes, due to your situation.
My “situation”?
The burden of your financial insecurities.
I see.
No, Miss Scarlet, no, please do not,
do not be offended.
It is not you in particular.
In fact you, you are by far the most…
agreeable of all those I proposed…
The simple fact is,
I have still so much to see of the world.
I, I’ve still so much to do
and as yet I have seen
and I have done very little.
I am, I am not ready to be married. I,
I am not ready to be married!
Then that makes two of us Mr Parker.
Mother will be so angry.
She thinks it wrong that I remain unmarried.
Well then tell her that it
was I that turned you down.
You’d do that for me?
That is…
most kind.
I only wish I was there to see her face.
Yes. Ah!
If there is anything I can ever help you with.
Anything at all… please do not hesitate to ask.
As you know Miss Scarlet I’m…
I’m a very wealthy man.
Undeterred as ever I see.
I’m only surprised you haven’t
changed the name to your own.
Miss above the door?
That would be a sure way
to never have any clients.
I do hope you’re not overstretching yourself.
On the contrary,
the fee I earned from Joseph Simms
allowed me to pay my father’s debts.
And this?
A new desk, new drapes –
that must have cost a bit.
Well let’s just say it’s a loan
from a keen investor.
Well, I should get back to work.
I have a desk covered in cases
that urgently need my attention.
I was meaning to ask,
your man with the slit throat?
Any developments?
It was the wife.
So I was right?
I… I admit that I did miss the signs of syphilis.
But that was only because I had not
given the case my full attention yet.
Of course, of course.
But maybe I could help with
other cases in the future?
Good day Eliza.
Good day William.
So you’re really going to do this?
Do you disapprove Papa?
Well, what difference does it make?
You never listened to me anyway.
Looks a bit different in here.
I like it.
But that needs straightening.
Anything else?
Not for the moment, but I’m
sure I’ll think of something.
My clever girl.
What will I do without you Papa?
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