Miss Scarlet and The Duke (2020) s01e02 Episode Script

The Woman in Red

Being a detective is
a job for a man Eliza.
And yet you do it everyday
You appear rather ruffled
Miss Scarlet,
are you quite well?
I’m no thief!
I’m a private detective.
— Father?
— He’s had a cardiac arrest.
I’m sorry to say he has passed.
Word will soon spread
that my father has died
and any day now
all our accounts will be called in.
This isn’t about ambition Ivy;
this is about money.
Now that your father has passed,
I hope that I can be of service to you
at this difficult time.
Who are you?
I'm a friend of your father’s,
we’re playing hide and seek.
But father is not here
and you know this
since you saw him leave
for work this very morning.
I saw you watching
our house.
Why are you here alone?
I have a cold.
My mother’s gone to buy
me some honey.
She’s back.
Can I have some of your money?
So I can buy myself a new dolly.
Now I must go.
If you do not give me
some of the money,
I shall scream,
mother will come and
you’ll be sent straight to prison.
All of it.
Absolutely not.
Your father had hired me
to do a job
and thinks he can get away with
not paying me because I’m a woman.
It’s unfortunate but I’ve had no choice
but to take the law into my own hands.
Give me the rest of the money
or I will scream.
Miss Scarlet,
how delightful to see you
and welcome to my new abode.
And what an abode it is
Mr. Parker.
Mm, please let me introduce you
to my dear friend,
Doctor Moorhouse.
When Rupert told me of your meeting,
I insisted I had to come.
I’ve been beside myself
with excitement
to finally meet his lady detective.
Well, I, um
I had hoped to update you
on our financial situation Mr. Parker.
Right take a seat.
Miss Scarlet has insisted
that we meet once a month
so I may be appraised of
how our detective agency is doing.
Then she is exactly
how you described Rupert,
— as bright as a button.
— Yes.
I will bet that your little
investment is doing splendidly.
Well, Mr. Parker, um
I’m afraid to say there’s
I will be unable to pay
the first repayment on your loan.
But be assured this is just
the teething problems
of a new business.
Miss Scarlet,
now I know
we are business partners but
are we not now friends also?
And as a friend
I can assure you
there is no rush to make
the repayment.
Thank you, Mr. Parker.
Right, we must celebrate.
Being a detective must be
such fun.
How I wish I had
a little hobby just like it.
Tell me Miss Scarlet, what happens
when you catch your villain?
Do you hit the scoundrel
with your purse?
And, um
How did your mother react to
the news of your leaving home?
she tried to persuade me otherwise,
I did as you suggested
I stuck to my guns.
Well, I hope you did not tell her
that I had encouraged
this declaration of independence?
Oh but he did,
and she was furious.
Do not worry,
now that mother knows
we are not to be married,
there’s no reason for her
to call on you anymore.
To the future.
Miss Scarlet!
Mrs. Parker,
how lovely to see you.
I do hope you will stay for tea?
This is no social call.
This must be a mistake.
My father would never make
such an oversight.
I have heard your father
had many distractions
since the death of your mother.
The lease renewal
on this house
was no doubt
the last thing on his mind.
But I do not have the money.
Then I will have to find
new residents.
You cannot do this.
I have lived in this house
all my life.
I own the freehold
of seven houses in this street,
the very bricks and mortar.
I cannot give you
pecial treatment.
Why no notice? You must’ve known
of this for some time.
I assumed, mistakenly,
that you were soon to become
my daughter-in-law
and as such would be moving in
with myself and Rupert.
So this is about me declining
your son’s offer of marriage?
It was not done out of spite.
But encouraging him
to move out was.
He was perfectly content
before you filled his head
with outrageous ideas.
Mrs. Parker, please
You have until the end of the week.
If you cannot pay the renewal by then
I will have no choice
but to evict you.
Good day Miss Scarlet.
That woman.
I’ll do whatever it takes
to keep this house.
This is our home
for all three of us.
Kitty’s gone,
got another position.
Well I know I haven’t paid
her for two weeks
But there are bound to be
issues in these early days,
my agency has only been
open four weeks.
I suppose
you will leave me too.
There’s only one thing for it,
what’s the best dress I own?
The burgundy one, I think.
Are we brought so low
that you have to sell your clothes?
I’m not selling it Ivy,
but I do need it pressed.
Oh William?
To what do I owe
this unexpected delight?
Oh I was just passing and thought
I’d take tea with an old friend.
How thoughtful,
but I am six men down
so I’m afraid I cannot.
I have not frequented the pie shop
on the Charing Cross Road,
nor shall I if that’s the source
of your men’s illness.
It’s far from ideal.
With your staffing so diminished,
you must be extremely busy.
I have five murders,
three missing persons and
the blackmail of a high
court judge to deal with.
So yes, you could say that.
An idea has just popped
into my head.
I’ve not thought this through
I doubt that very much.
I could offer my assistance,
for a small fee of course.
It’s tempting but unless you carry
the badge of the Metropolitan Police
then I’m afraid I’m unable
to accept that offer.
It’s of no consequence.
I’m extremely busy
with my own clients.
because I’ve heard
how busy you are.
Two cases since
you opened your agency,
three if you count
the mysterious scratching
from Mad Mr. Mead’s attic,
rats wasn’t it?
Have you been spying on me?
No, not me personally no.
I need back up Duke,
we got an arson attack
at the Mackintosh factory in Hackney.
— Take Davey with you.
— He’s on the Shoreditch murder.
There must be someone else?
Well there ain’t.
Excuse me one moment.
Come on.
I have an urgent message
for Inspector Wellington.
Oh leave it on his desk,
I will see that he reads it
as soon as he returns.
Don’t go up there,
it’s dangerous.
I’ve sent for the police.
Wait! Stop!
Where are you going?
What have you done?
Let my husband go!
Get him down the station.
I did not kill him!
Of course you didn’t son.
How dare you hurt him!
Let him go!
How dare you read
a police telegram?
But surely curiosity is an essential
attribute in our line of work.
This is my line of work,
not yours.
If I’m to make a name for myself,
I need as much experience
of crime scenes as possible.
It may have escaped your notice
but I’m having a particularly bad day
so I suggest that you take
my advice and leave,
And here’s some advice for you
Eliza, I’m warning you,
one more word
and you will find yourself in court.
You might find your focus sharper,
your workload lighter
if you toned down your drinking,
gambling and womanizing.
You are charged with
obstructing police business,
a fine will be issued
for 40 shillings.
But I do not have 40 shillings.
Then a month in prison it is.
I will pay the fine
for Miss Scarlet.
I begged the inspector
to listen to me
but it’s clear he thinks
my husband
a murderer,
which is why I came to find you.
I heard mention
you were a private detective.
Inspector Wellington singing
my praises no doubt?
I want you to find
the real murderer.
My husband is innocent.
He is
a gentle and kind man
I pray that
he can cope in prison.
Edward bought me this coat
when we first married,
he said he always wanted
to see me in a crowd.
It’s too exuberant for my taste,
I only wear it now
to be close to him.
Mrs. Butler, your husband
was found with a knife in his hand
covered in the blood
of a murdered man.
So whatever the outcome, I must be
sure that I will receive my fee.
Money is not an issue,
you will be paid,
whatever the outcome.
Tell me
Tell me about the dead man,
every detail
no matter how small.
His name was Sebastian Ridley,
he owned a saloon
in Mayfair.
Edward did his accounts,
it’s how the two were acquainted.
I had little time for Mr. Ridley,
he was a loud, brash man.
Hello Miss Scarlet
Mr. Moses isn’t it?
It’s just Moses.
I’ve spent many hours
thinking of you Miss Scarlet.
Nice things, I hope.
When the governor
at The Black Cat found
found his head of security handcuffed
to a radiator, by a woman no less,
it didn’t go down too well,
— lost me my job.
— I do not come to make trouble.
I’m working
the Ridley murder case
on behalf of the accused’s wife.
Perhaps you could help me
with my enquiries?
I must warn you
I am armed.
Mr. Ridley was a cautious man.
I do not want to die Mr. Moses.
Like I said
It’s just Moses.
I’m not going to kill you
Miss Scarlet.
I’m going to hire you.
You want me to find
a snuff box?
It was my father’s,
he was taken from Jamaica
in the slave ships to London,
his owner gave him the box
as a parting gift with the abolition.
Apparently, he was a fair man,
for a slaver.
But when I was a boy, I saw
those scars on my father’s back
I saw how he must’ve suffered.
He was the bravest man
I ever knew.
The box is all I have left of him.
I asked Mr Ridley
to keep it in his safe,
when I heard of his death,
I wanted my box back
but no one had a key.
Then, late last night,
someone come,
cleared out everything.
Did you see who it was?
It was the accountant’s wife.
Tabitha Butler cleared the safe?
I was here late,
fixing up a broken table
when she let herself in.
Her husband,
being Mr. Ridley’s accountant,
had a key to the bar
and the safe.
It doesn’t make any sense.
She never seen me,
the place was shut up and
dark when she slipped in here
and in her hand was
a green carpet bag,
empty when she arrived,
full when she left.
If it was dark,
how could you tell
the carpet bag was green?
Come to think of it,
why were you fixing
a table in the dark.
I wasn’t fixing a table.
I was trying to break into
the safe when I hear footsteps.
I hid in the shadows and watched
Mrs. Butler empty the contents
into her bag
including my father’s snuff box.
I might’ve stopped her if I wasn’t
already in trouble with the law.
That box is the only thing
I have left of my father
and you will get it back for me.
But it would unethical
to investigate my own client
Unless of course
you too will pay me a fee?
The fee is that I let you live.
I’ll just fetch my mistress.
So you’re a private detective?
I am.
Miss Scarlet
I apologize for having
to receive you in the hall but
as you can appreciate,
I cannot entertain
in that room ever again.
Here is the money I owe you.
But this is not the advance
that we discussed.
This is no advance,
this is money to sever
our contract.
This is no advance,
this is money to sever
our contract.
I sent a note to your office
last night ending our agreement.
But I’ve not been in my office
since yesterday evening
when we shook on
that agreement.
Well I no longer need
your services.
Now if you’ll excuse me,
I’m extremely late for church.
Please show Miss Scarlet out.
But what about your husband
Mrs. Butler?
Only yesterday you wore this coat
to show your love for him.
Why the sudden change of heart?
He can be damned to hell
as far as I’m concerned.
This whole business has left
me feeling rather wheezy,
may I trouble you
for a glass of water?
Fetch Miss Scarlet a glass of water
before she goes on her way.
Just a small glass will suffice.
I think we both know
it’s not water you want.
Make it worth my while and
you can snoop as much as you like.
Clear out the cells Frank,
get rid of the drunks,
the whores and the insane.
I’m a senior detective Duke,
I ain’t clearing out no cells.
I have spent my morning
doing house to house
calls in the Holburn slums,
I have spent my morning
doing house to house
calls in the Holburn slums,
I haven’t done that
since I was a constable.
I had an apple core thrown
at my head and
a parcel of feces waiting for me
on the seat of my carriage.
I assume that it was dog
but who knows?
The point is Frank that I am enjoying
this week as little as you are
so clear out the damn cells eh?
Good lad.
No eating on duty.
That’s a bloody disgrace!
Oh for God’s sake.
what are you doing here?
The deeply religious
Mrs. Tabitha Butler
was having an affair
with Sebastian Ridley,
I found love letters
from her to him.
So her husband did have
a motive,
it was a crime of passion
and she would’ve known this.
And explains why
Mrs. Butler dismissed me
but not why she hired me
in the first place.
Oh, she’s dismissed you?
And what of her change of heart?
One moment she protests
her husband’s innocent,
then she damns him to hell,
it makes no sense.
My prime suspect has
pleaded guilty,
end of story.
Since when?
Since this morning,
which means
I have one less case in
what is proving to be
an extremely vexing week.
So Mr. and Mrs. Butler suddenly
change from innocent to guilty?
Something’s amiss here.
Tabitha Butler’s not a woman
to be trusted,
she’s a liar and a thief.
I found the contents
of Mr. Ridley’s safe at her house.
Don’t tell me that you broke
into Mrs. Butler’s house.
Do you want to end up
in court again?
Oh yes, thank you for that,
you’ll have me spend
a month in prison?
Magistrate Wilkes is
an old friend,
I merely wished to put
the wind up you,
I didn’t expect
Mrs. Butler to bail you.
Exactly my point,
she bails me out,
hires me to prove
her husband is innocent
and then dismisses me.
You see?
Something is amiss.
The case is closed.
In fact,
I am on my way to the morgue
right now
to complete the paperwork to release
Mr. Ridley’s body for burial.
Just another lowly task
that I’m forced to cover.
You’re going to see
the body of Mr. Ridley?
And no you may not come.
And if you could also
sign here, here
and here.
How many bloody signatures
do you need?
Everything must now be
in triplicate.
And out of respect for the dead,
if you could kindly refrain
from swearing Inspector?
I’m a god fearing man.
Just take me to the body,
Of course,
but I will need
one more signature
Of course I am used to being
with one of your detectives,
it’s most unusual that we have
the honor of an inspector,
even more unusual
that he should bring his wife.
My wife?
I have requested
that she wait for you outside,
women are not allowed
in a mortuary you see.
It would not be proper.
My wife?
I specifically requested that you wait
outside for your husband madam!
She’s not my wife.
I found something
most interesting William.
The cut across the throat
takes a left to right formation.
this is most irregular,
in all my years I have
never allowed a lady into this room!
This suggests the perpetrator
was right handed,
but the accused, Edward Butler,
picked up the knife with his left hand
when woken by his wife’s screaming.
I do not have time
for your musings.
My only task here is to identify
that this is Sebastian Ridley.
Which it is.
My work is done.
Then you will need to sign
here, here and here.
There are no fragments of cotton
from the collar in the neck wound.
The perpetrator has taken time to pull
down the collar and cut knife to skin,
this was no frenzied attack.
Inspector, I really must insist
that you remove your wife!
She’s not my bloody wife!
And if you could please
refrain from swearing!
There are often anomalies
in knife wounds,
you would know this
if you were a police officer.
But you’re not.
Good day.
Well it seems like you have
no business being here madam.
— I just need five more minutes.
— Quite impossible.
Maybe this would help.
You are charged with attempting
to bribe an official of the crown
at the city’s morgue.
A fine will issue for 60 shillings.
60? It was 40 before.
70 for insolence.
Thank you for speaking
to Magistrate Wilkes,
I will not put you
in that situation again.
I doubt that very much.
Eliza, I would like to find a way
that we can coexist
without causing each other
constant agitation.
So would I.
Father would not want us
to be at odds.
Then we are agreed.
You will drop the case
of Sebastian Ridley
and inconvenience me
with it no longer.
— Here!
— What?
That’s not what we agreed.
That’s not what we agreed!
I know that look,
it is one of confusion,
puzzlement, discombobulation,
it is the same look
you reserved for your schoolwork.
Actually I’m,
I’m remembering something
you once told me.
Oh I told you many things,
most of which quite useless I fear.
You said that a, a tattoo found
on an unidentified body was a
a prize indeed.
How macabre,
it certainly sounds like me.
You said that it, it gave
insight to a person’s past,
perhaps a badge of belonging,
like to the navy or a
quiet rebellion hidden on
one’s body for one’s eyes only.
How is it you remember
my musings in such detail,
yet you can never recite
one word of your Latin homework?
I knew I had seen
that rose before
Your friend, Doctor Moorhouse,
also wore one in his lapel
when we met.
Do you hit the scoundrel
with your purse?
Mr. Ridley had the dark blue rose
tattooed onto his arm.
It means something,
does it not?
I swear that whatever you
tell me
will remain between us.
They’re called the Midnight Rose
and they send a message
that you are
a like minded fellow.
A like minded fellow?
That is, a man whose tastes
do not lie with
I take a great risk
confiding in you Eliza.
men like me, we are damned
by the church and by, by the law.
You know as
I am not a religious man,
thanks to Mr. Darwin,
eternity in Satan’s fire,
it does not concern me.
and the disgrace that would bring
to my mother
I can’t.
Well if anyone finds out
it will not be through me.
Thank you.
But Sebastian Ridley was having
an affair with a woman.
I can assure you;
Mr. Ridley had a huge appetite
for many things but
women were not one of them.
You knew him?
Each Wednesday
he ran a special night
at his saloon,
as our safe haven.
A less secure meeting place
could land a man
10 years hard labor.
We were all very grateful
to him and
so saddened by his loss.
It makes no sense Eliza,
the man who he loved most,
his dearest Teddy would be
the one to murder him.
It’s a shock indeed.
Oh, uh
Edward Butler, his,
his accountant.
We all knew him as Edward
at the saloon, only
it was Sebastian
who nicknamed him Teddy.
He too was a regular
on those nights.
T was for Teddy,
not Tabitha.
Sebastian and Edward
were lovers?
I do not believe that Edward Butler
killed Sebastian Ridley.
Is there someone you know
who might wish him ill?
Maybe someone in that circle?
No one I can think of.
You might want to have a word
with the doorman at the saloon
who worked
those particular nights,
for the life of me
I cannot remember his name,
only he was Jamaican.
It’s alright Albert,
it’s not the coppers
Do you belong to the Jamaican?
I think we might’ve killed him,
sorry about that.
You could stay,
keep us company if you like?
I think I will leave you
gentlemen to carry on
with whatever it is you’re doing.
All this booze is no good
to a dead governor now is it?
I, I suppose not.
Don’t touch me.
You’ve got two choices pretty,
keep your mouth shut or Albert
here will cut your tongue out.
Ah, get your hands off me.
You’re a real gentleman
now Albert!
What have you given Albert?
No, no, no! Wow!
No, no.
That was a warning shot.
Now get out
and take your friend with you
or the next bullet will be
in your head.
Where are those scum?
I dealt with them.
You dealt with them?
It wasn’t that hard.
Then why are your hands
I don’t wish to discuss those men.
You can deal with them
in your own time.
No, don’t worry.
I will.
I’m more interested in this
and in the quantity that’s illegal.
Are you involved in
drugs smuggling?
More to the point, does it involve
Mr. Ridley’s death?
The opium isn’t mine
and neither is the snuff box.
Nor was my father a slave,
just some drunk
who never left Jamaica
and died falling into a pond.
So the box belongs
to Sebastian Ridley
and now that he’s dead
you saw an opportunity to steal it?
This place will soon be sold off,
I have no job,
no home, nothing.
Do not expect sympathy from me sir.
I am faced with
similar problems of my own.
I know that you worked the door
on Ridley’s special nights.
Tell me what you know
of him and Edward Butler.
Kept myself to myself.
Those men here today
thought they’d killed you.
If they’d seen you wake
they’d have finished you off.
Is this your way of telling me
I owe you my life?
I know who supplied the opium
He was a regular on those nights.
A doctor.
Do you remember his name?
Well, uh
I’ll give you some privacy.
I admit, I was Sebastian’s doctor.
I am the doctor to many
at the bar.
And I know the restrictions on
supplying opium grow tighter but
I made an exception in this case.
In this case?
Sebastian was dying.
He had a tumor to the stomach,
only months to live.
I see.
He begged me for pain relief
but the opium ceased
having effect.
The end was near
for dear Sebastian.
Who else knew about this?
He wanted it a secret between us,
which is why I was so shocked
that the wife of his accountant knew.
Tabitha Butler?
But it was my belief that
she disliked him.
Are you certain she knew?
The evening Sebastian died
I went to see Mrs. Butler;
I was concerned
that if the opium was found
it might be traced back to me.
I arrived to find her sobbing
in the very room of his murder.
When I expressed my sorrow
over what had happened,
her response was
surprising indeed.
How so?
She said she hoped Sebastian suffered
to the last with his tumor
and her husband would soon
join him in hell.
Her fury was such that
her hands were shaking,
she could barely hold the letter.
She was reading a letter?
Mrs. Butler left my office at 5:00
that same day protesting
her husband’s innocence.
You saw her one short hour later
and suddenly she despises him.
Whatever was in that letter
changed her mind.
Did you see the contents?
Only the name on the envelope,
bloodied and screwed up
on the floor,
it was addressed to Teddy.
That was the name only
Sebastian used for Edward.
You’re not allowed in here.
How many times Eliza?
Mr. Potts is at the Coroner’s Office
attending to an urgent message.
— How do you know?
— I sent it.
Edward Butler did not murder
Sebastian Ridley.
In just under one hour Mr. Butler,
my prime suspect,
and guilty by his own admission,
will be leaving his prison cell
to walk the few yards
to his public execution.
The case is closed.
You may wish to prepare yourself
for what I’m about to tell you.
Edward Butler and Sebastian Ridley
were lovers.
I thought
you’d be more shocked,
horrified even.
If you saw the things
that I see on a daily basis
nothing would shock you.
Sebastian Ridley was ill,
he was dying,
it was he who killed himself,
the cuts on his throat
are consistent with this.
He wrote Edward Butler
a suicide letter.
Mrs. Butler has concealed it,
she is going to let her unfaithful
husband be sent to the gallows
for a murder he did not do.
I know you are stretched
but if an innocent man is hanged
for a crime he did not commit
it will be on you and
your reputation.
She’s on her way to Euston,
catching the 4:00 train
to Liverpool,
she’s leaving for America sir.
Then why are her things
still here?
I am to pack the rest of
her possessions and then follow on.
This is the receipt for
Mrs. Butler’s train ticket sir.
You should be the one to bring
Tabitha Butler in William.
It benefits me too
that we protect your reputation.
— Euston Station Arthur.
— Yes sir!
Your husband gave you
that coat.
So that he’d see you
in a crowd.
And here you are.
When I saw it gone I knew
there could only be one reason
why you’d ever wear it again.
I understand you want revenge
but we both know
your husband is innocent.
Sebastian Ridley killed himself.
There was a suicide letter,
wasn’t there?
Where is it Mrs. Butler?
He betrayed me.
What he did with that man
was an abomination.
But is it still right to let
an innocent man die?
Mrs. Butler!
Give me that letter, please.
Stop the execution!
I have evidence of
Edward Butler’s innocence!
When Sebastian told me
he was ill, he
wanted us to go away,
live out his final months
He was terrified of dying alone.
But I refused.
I could not live with the shame
of Tabitha knowing the truth.
Next morning I returned home
to find Sebastian in my drawing room,
he placed his suicide note
on my mantelpiece
and stood with a knife
to his throat,
he said I betrayed him,
that I would be with him
at the end, like it or not.
You tried to stop him but
he knocked you unconscious?
In my cell that night
I thought about his letter,
how it was knocked
to the ground when we fought,
how Tabitha would
soon discover it in
its hiding place
and how ironic it was that the one
thing that would absolve me of murder
would also condemn me
to a life as an outcast.
So you pleaded guilty?
I wanted to die.
But you’re a free man now.
I am grateful for
what you did for me Miss Scarlet,
but I will never be free.
My marriage,
my life, my reputation,
all destroyed.
If I gave you a compliment do you
promise not to make me suffer for it?
You have my word.
That was good work.
Your father would’ve been proud.
Thank you,
that means a great deal.
Has Mrs. Butler really
committed a crime?
She didn’t break into
Mr. Ridley’s safe for the money,
she merely wanted
to burn the love letters
to stop news of the affair.
It’s still theft.
Not to mention obstruction
of justice
for concealing that letter.
You knew that
Mrs. Butler wasn’t on that train.
So much for protecting
my reputation.
There’s no one in this city
more respected than you William.
Me on the other hand,
I must build my reputation,
I needed this more than you did.
Try telling that to my superiors.
You can handle them;
you can handle everyone.
I cannot handle you.
Now I must round up
my entire team of two
and brief them
on my man in the canal.
In the meantime,
please do try to stay out
of trouble Eliza.
For my sake?
Of course William.
Of course.
— What are you doing here?
— So my
My mother’s here to see you
and I am to wait for you here.
I found him loitering
outside the door
so I invited him in
for a cup of tea.
Can you go and tell Mrs. Parker
that I’ll be with her in a moment?
Of course.
She’s come about the lease.
I did try to persuade her
otherwise but
as you know
she’s difficult to reason with.
I hadn’t noticed.
I don’t blame you
for wishing to
upset her in some way,
since she herself, she’s,
well she’s showing you
little kindness.
I don’t think there’s anything
I could say
that would upset your mother.
Is there not?
It’s just
sometimes Eliza, we may say things
in the heat of the moment
No, no Rupert.
No there is not.
There is nothing
I could or would say.
I’ve given you my word.
You are a dear friend,
indeed Eliza.
I do not want to keep
your mother any longer
than is necessary
for all our sakes.
Who knows? She might be feeling
in a charitable mood
and wish to give me more time.
Absolutely not!
Full payment of the lease
renewal today
or eviction I’m afraid.
As you wish.
I think you will find it all there.
You paid her,
the full amount?
And here is something for you.
Your back pay and a little extra.
I decided to take on more staff.
A debt collector if you will.
Your go Ethel.
Good afternoon miss.
May I speak
with your father please?
Before you start yelling
and thumping the desk,
will you at least listen
to what I have to say?
Flora Montford,
I am treasurer of the committee.
Alice Morgan. Mrs.
Being a female is struggle enough
without someone like you ruining
her reputation completely.
Someone like me?
Things can change Alice,
but only if we make them.
I’m not who you think I am.
No one is.
Are you a woman or a detective?
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