Miss Scarlet and The Duke (2020) s01e03 Episode Script

Deeds Not Words

A lady detective. What reason
would you want to be such a thing?
The cut across the throat takes
a left to right formation.
Inspector, this is most irregular.
In all my years
I have never allowed
a lady into this room!
I decided to take on more staff.
A debt collector.
— Mr Moses isn’t it?
— It’s just Moses.
I know of your little hobby,
paying street boys for
tip offs of crime scenes.
You might find your focus
sharper, your workload lighter –
if you tone down your drinking,
gambling and womanising.
Forgive me,
lost track of time.
I have been working a most
complex investigation.
Investigating how much whiskey
you can drink in one night?
Do you speak like this to all your clients?
Only the ones who are two hours late.
I have not yet been to bed
and er my mind is not as it should be.
I have been discourteous
and I apologize.
You are forgiven.
Now, what is this urgent business
you wish to discuss with me?
Scotland Yard wishes to engage your
services in an official capacity.
Fully paid.
Beginning this very day.
I hoped it would be that.
The patronage of Scotland Yard will be good
for business indeed. Thank you William.
I believe you are the best man for the job.
I imagine that you have
heard that joke before.
No, no. Not at all.
Now, what is it er you wish me to do?
There are various er
political groups in London
who seek to seek to cause
disruption and civil disobedience.
I wish you to
infiltrate one such group
and report back to me
on their activities.
They’re er…
what’s the name…
There is a erm…
I had erm…
Yes! There we are.
what crime have they committed?
There’s talk that they are
becoming increasingly radical.
But no actual crime?
being hired by Scotland Yard
is a chance for you to
cement your reputation.
Do not pass this up.
Have I missed something?
Your wedding.
Oh… No it’s erm…
its er for a case I’m working.
It’s a false identity.
My name is Mrs Alice
Morgan from Richmond.
My husband is a solicitor.
We have no children as
yet, but er two spaniels.
Or perhaps they
should be Pekinese?
What does this say?
It says women should have the same
rights as men and be allowed to vote.
Have we not got
enough to worry about?
I’m happy to let the men deal with it.
without the vote we have
no voice in parliament.
No say in the laws of the land.
Society is unbalanced enough as it is.
For example,
if you were born a boy,
your parents may have taught you to read.
But if you support them,
why are you spying on them?
Well, in truth, I’m conflicted.
I believe in their struggle.
Also in the rule of law.
I’m consoling myself that
if they commit no crime
Scotland Yard will have
no cause for action.
Oh yes. The police never lock
up anyone who’s innocent.
And I don’t like cauliflower.
And you’ll eat what I
cook for you young lady.
Come in! We do not bite.
Oh my apologies. It’s my first time.
I’m a little nervous.
Flora Mountford.
I am treasurer of the committee.
Alice Morgan. Mrs.
My husband’s a solicitor from Edinburgh.
We’ve been married for three years.
We have no children but
two Yorkshire terriers.
Ladies, your attention please.
Thank you.
Would you please
give a warm welcome
to our chairwoman Margaret Fairfax.
we are the privileged few,
who can take time in our day to
attend meetings such as this.
But most women do
not have that luxury.
Overworked, underpaid
and forced to endure
factory conditions
that would make the
hardest among us weep.
For years, groups such as this
have lobbied and
petitioned the men in power
and what has changed?
Nothing at all.
And our meagre number within this
hall is further proof of that.
The time for talk is over.
The time for action is now.
On Friday an act comes
before parliament
concerning the property
rights of married women.
I do not know what they will decide.
But we cannot sit idly
by and let a room full
of men discuss our future.
We must go to the doors of parliament.
We must confront them and
make our voices heard.
There are three carriages
blocking the road.
— I need them moved.
— Constable,
we are in a lane with
barely any traffic.
I fail to see the problem.
I won’t ask you again madam,
— please move them. .
— No.
Have you northing better to
do with your time Constable?
Like arresting criminals for instance?
One more word of insolence
and I will have no choice but
to take you down to the station.
Aren’t you…
Er PC Honeychurch isn’t it?
You kindly returned my lost dog
a few weeks ago. Mrs Morgan.
Might we speak outside?
I’m a private detective
working for Inspector Wellington.
You’re a private detective?
— You?
— Yes.
You’re a private detective?!
Is this going to take much longer?
Because I have work to do.
Oh what work is that exactly?
Inspector Wellington has put
me on an undercover case.
We’ve met before. In his office.
You clearly recognise me.
I thought you were one of Duke’s tarts.
I beg your pardon?!
Look, I dunno what you’re playing at
but I’m going back inside.
You’re interfering with
a police operation.
Mm, course I am.
Excuse me…
Touching an officer of
the law is an offence.
Mind you, I’m sure you’ve
touched a few in your time.
Come along.
Before you start yelling
and thumping the desk,
will you at least listen
to what I have to say?
Well, I’m gonna say it anyway.
That Constable of yours was
vulgar and disrespectful.
I asked you to go to a meeting
— and tell me what was said.
— Which I did.
I did not ask you to assault an officer of
the law and get yourself arrested again!
You need to reprimand PC Honeychurch.
So you wish me to be
chivalrous when it suits
but treat you as an equal when it does not?
Are you a woman or a detective?
Why should there be a distinction?
I would not ask you if you
were a man or an inspector.
That is completely different.
Enlighten me as to why?
Well, there is a level of self control
that is vital when doing this job.
Self control?
You have rouge on your collar
and you reek of whiskey.
You would do well to remember
who you’re talking to.
How can I forget William?
You remind me so often.
I’ve seen that look many times before.
As the look of having battled
with a man or a spoilt child.
Are they not one and the same?
I presume they are charging you.
When is your case to be heard?
I was only given a caution.
No charges will be brought.
That is surprising,
but most impressive.
What on earth did
you say to them?
I really must be going. Excuse me.
We have a committee meeting on Tuesday.
You must come along.
That’s very kind of you,
but I cannot return to your group.
You saw the other members.
Middle aged, set in their ways.
The movement needs fresh blood.
A new generation.
There are certain aspects of
my life that are complicated.
Is it your husband?
You’re worried what he will say?
It’s not that.
Well there is always a man somewhere
telling us what we can and cannot do.
I’m right about that, am I not?
A few years ago I wanted
to go to university,
but my father forbade it.
So I begged, borrowed,
stole the fees and went anyway.
I achieved a first class
degree in chemistry.
Though of course with no
official qualifications,
since women are not allowed to graduate.
Things can change Alice.
But only if we make them.
I’m not who you think I am.
No one is.
All that matters is that
we are on the same side.
Tuesday evening.
You’ll be most welcome.
Good evening.
Mrs Morgan,
I was unaware you were invited.
Er Margaret asked me to attend.
Another thing she omitted to tell us.
Along with where she actually is.
don’t know I take it?
No, no I don’t.
Not again!
Margaret Fairfax.
Is she here?
No, she is not. May I know who’s asking?
My name is Detective
Inspector Wellington and…
For god’s sake Eliza,
what are you doing?!
He was found on her doorstep.
There are witnesses that saw
her shoot him and then run off.
Who is he?
All I have at this point is one fact.
Margaret Fairfax is wanted for murder.
The question is, where the hell is she?
He has no identification at all?
No, no jewellery,
nothing in his pockets?
Please do not ignore me William.
You know how I hate it.
You were the last
person to see Margaret,
so what I need from you,
all I need from you.
is a detailed witness statement.
A statement that you assured me
you would sit quietly and write.
From his clothes and general appearance
I would say he’s a professional man.
His hands are certainly
not those of a labourer.
You assured me you would sit in
silence and write your statement.
There are stains on the cuffs of his shirt.
Some chemical I think.
Perhaps he was a pharmacist?
This was a mistake.
I should never have brought you here.
I was shaken and upset by this violent
crime. I feel safer in your presence.
You were trying to shoehorn
yourself into my investigation
and it won’t work.
I thought I made it clear that
it was inappropriate for ladies,
even those who purport
to be private detectives,
to be on these premises.
Oh for goodness sake! I have been here
before and lived to tell the tale.
This is no place for a lady.
Both of you, quiet,
I’m trying to concentrate.
If she’s to stay then you
need to sign a consent form.
Get out!
This is not fitting…
Not fitting at all.
I meant you too.
William, I have met Margaret
Fairfax, you have not.
I know I can be of some
help in this investigation.
You hired me in an official capacity.
You must believe in my skills.
Why not put them to use?
I hired you because you’re a woman
and I could not go to that group myself.
And to be frank there was nothing official
about it. I assumed you needed the work.
It was the act of a friend.
I was trying to help.
Oh well, in that case, you can forget
about any help from me in the future.
Thank the lord!
You don’t have the faintest idea
who this man is or why he is dead,
and yet you cast aside
my help so easily.
There’s no doubt in my mind
that this was Margaret
Fairfax’s lover.
It was a crime of passion.
Course you would think that,
that’s the easiest option.
Meaning what exactly?
Well, that you were happy to take
the path of least resistance.
That you increasingly rest on your laurels.
That is why you resent my opinions because
they stir you from a self-imposed slumber.
Mr Potts!
Good day Miss Scarlet!
Herr Hildegard.
Do you have a few moments?
When you say a few…
I’ve just read this weeks
Illustrated Police News.
There is one particular case
that has perplexed me so.
Forgive me, I’m rather busy at the moment.
But er perhaps another time.
A parrot was found
poisoned at a murder scene.
Why would that be?
I have not read the latest
edition, but when
I do we shall most
definitely discuss it.
I do have one theory…
As I said, Herr Hildegard,
I’m rather busy, but er how
about we talk again on Wednesday?
It is Wednesday Miss Scarlet.
Marvellous, see you then!
Save your breath.
I know what you’re going to say.
What is that exactly?
That I was rude to Herr Hildegard.
I’ll apologise. He’ll understand.
Yes, he will.
But William on the other hand may not.
You need him as an ally Lizzy.
Have I not shown myself capable? Why must
I continually have to prove myself to him?
Oh, why must you, a female detective, have
to prove yourself? That is your question?
Uh, it’s not fair!
Spoken like a woman.
Do not be cross!
It is you putting these words in my mouth.
hen a man loses his temper
he is seen as strong and forthright.
But a woman, no,
she is seen as emotional. Hysterical.
Incapable of rational thought.
Now give men reason, give them logic.
Give them cold, hard facts.
That will truly confuse them.
Off you go now sir.
And watch your wallet
on your way home.
These streets are full of thieves.
I believe the phrase
is daylight robbery.
You going to report me?
If you don’t help me.
That’s blackmail.
That’s business.
What you want?
I’m working a murder case for
Scotland Yard and I need your help.
If you’re working for Scotland Yard,
why you don’t ask them to help you?
Lets just say it’s not
that straightforward.
Never is with you lady.
I do not come to anger you William.
Merely to show you something.
For the past two years, Margaret has been
pawning her possessions to make ends meet.
I spent the night searching her house,
which was sparse to say the least.
As did I.
So erm, so I tracked down
the local pawn brokers.
In the middle of the night?
Well, with the help of an associate
of mine. He knows where they drink.
I’ve been able to piece
together a picture of her life
from the possessions
they bought from her.
Fairfax is not her real name.
She was born Margaret
Her parents are dead,
but she has a brother.
Seems they had some
sort of falling out.
I have his name, address and the
gentleman’s club he belongs to, Brownlee.
He takes lunch there most days.
I know you’d have got
this information yourself.
Yes, I would.
— Perhaps even today.
— Almost certainly.
But I have it now.
And trust me when I say this is
not some kind of one-upmanship.
I did this to show you how
much I want your respect.
Yes chief?
Get a message to the Brownlee Club.
See if a Terence Davidson-Merritt is there.
Terence Davidson-Merritt’s
a criminal barrister.
We’ll have to have our wits
about us when we speak to him.
Eliza, I don’t want to go over old ground,
but he’s at a gentleman’s
club, you won’t be allowed in.
Surely there are no
doors closed when one’s
accompanied by the finest
inspector at Scotland Yard?
What if I do as you say and
force them to let you in?
There’ll be so much commotion and objection
that the place will fall into chaos.
The first rule of questioning
is to maintain calm.
Now, I need Davidson-Merritt compliant
and I cannot do that if there’s
a circus about the place.
You’re right.
Can I have that in writing?
I’ll call on you later to
update you on my progress.
Oh and er…
well done.
Mr Davidson-Merritt.
Detective Inspector Wellington.
May I have a moment
of your time sir?
Well that depends on the reason.
I wish to discuss your
sister, Margaret.
Then the answer is no, good day.
It is, I’m afraid, most urgent.
I have not seen
Margaret for years.
I know nothing of
her whereabouts
and I’ve no inclination to discuss
anything remotely concerned with her.
Good day.
— I told you…
— I know what you told me sir.
Now, let me tell you something.
We can either do this here,
or if you would prefer I can call
in the two uniformed police officers
that I have asked to wait outside.
They will take you from this place
kicking and screaming if necessary,
down to Scotland Yard,
where we can discuss the matter there.
That would be most welcome.
Margaret brought shame
on our family for years.
She gave too much time
and too much money,
our money, to that damn group.
The Suffrage Society?
It’s not just suffrage
she campaigned for.
She funded legal actions against this club.
Trying to get women to join.
if not thousands of pounds wasted.
Drove my father into an early
grave, I am sure.
That is when I cut
off her allowance.
You know anything of her personal life?
Did she have a lover?
Huh, god knows.
Well it’s possible I suppose,
though she spent most
of her time campaigning.
My sister was a fanatic.
When she was 17,
she told my father she was on her way here.
To the club.
She declared she would force her way in
and make her fury known
about the exclusion of women.
My father forbade it but
she was utterly determined.
When he tried to stop
her, she went for him.
Kicking, biting, scratching.
Took three of us to subdue her.
The woman is unhinged.
Capable of anything.
Even murder?
Good afternoon Mrs Morgan.
A spy working for Scotland Yard.
I’m reluctantly impressed.
Inspector Wellington is
on his way here right now.
No, he’s not.
He’s drinking brandy with my brother.
Then coming here straight after.
We’re working this case together.
That’s why he sent you off
like a good little girl?
Women are not allowed
in the Brownlee Club.
You honestly believe a Detective Inspector
couldn’t gain you access if he wished?
That dead man outside your house.
Who was he?
Just another in a long line of men
who’ve tried to beat me into submission.
Well you cannot run forever.
You must give yourself up.
I intend to.
But not yet.
That is why I’ve come to you.
I truly commend what
you have achieved.
You must know you
can only get so far.
You’ll never get the
respect you deserve
until all women have a voice.
I will hang for killing that bully.
I accept that.
But let my arrest further the cause.
Let its news infiltrate
every gentleman’s club
where they sup their
brandy and plan their laws
to keep us in bondage.
The newspaper will lap up my story
and no man in this country will have
any choice but to read the words
that I will cry out
from Parliament Square.
You, you still mean to attend the protest?
Margaret, none of your group will go.
Not now.
But I will.
when the men of Westminster Palace
vote the act down, I will be there
and as they file out, heading to their
clubs, brothels and gambling dens,
they will hear our rallying cry.
Votes for women.
Come with me Eliza.
Be part of history.
I cannot. I’m sorry
Then give me one last chance
to make a difference
before I am arrested.
Tell no one of my plan.
Well, there’s certainly no love lost
between… Davidson-Merritt and Margaret
and the feeling is entirely mutual.
That’s why she changed her name to Fairfax.
Eliza, am I boring you?
Sorry, what?
I’m only here because
Davidson-Merritt was
your lead.
I thought you’d be more grateful.
What’s the matter with you this morning?
Which in your case always means something.
Just… Go on.
What else did you find out?
That Margaret’s aggression
was evident from an early age.
Generations of men in her family
belonged to the Brownlee Club
and she railed against the fact
that women weren’t allowed in.
Her brother seems to
think that she’s unhinged.
Being a passionate advocate for women’s
rights does not make one unhinged.
We still have no
identification on our dead man,
but all the signs say it
was a crime of passion.
I am certain that he was her lover.
Any clues as to whether the
man was aggressive in nature?
What clues would we have?
We know nothing of him.
Eliza, is there something
that you’re not telling me?
Of course not.
Then I need your help interviewing
the ladies of the committee.
They’ll be more open to a woman.
Uh, William, I’m not sure I wish
to continue working on this case.
There are, there are complications.
Well, I cannot force you to continue.
Thank you.
But you will not get your fee.
I hired you to do a job and
you have not completed it.
I went to the meeting as requested.
Inspector Wellington
there’s a messenger here for you.
Do your job Eliza.
Question those women
and you’ll get your fee.
There is a man at the kitchen door,
but he’s not a messenger.
Then why say he was?
Who is it?
He wishes to see Miss Scarlet.
He’s the kind of man this house
has never seen the likes of before.
But I thought it better
if he saw you instead.
I need to see Miss Scarlet.
What for?
She owe me money.
What for?
Some services I did for her.
Those being?
I’d like to speak to her directly.
She’s busy.
Then I will come back
when she is less busy.
No, you will not.
You are the Inspector.
She’s mentioned you.
Well, she’s never mentioned you.
How much does she owe you?
This is what she owes you.
And this is to never
contact her again.
I don’t think she would like you deciding
who she sees and who she does not.
I do not care what you think.
Being a female detective
is struggle enough without
someone like you
ruining her
reputation completely.
Someone like me?
Theft, extortion, fraud.
Your criminal record
is impressively varied.
Well, I am
flattered that you have
taken such an interest in me.
I would recommend that you leave, now.
And do not come back.
I wish it to be documented that…
…myself and my ladies
resent being pulled into
this ghastly situation.
I understand.
But if we could just get back to the
question of Margaret’s whereabouts.
I have not seen nor heard from Margaret.
But her behaviour is quite unacceptable.
We believe in change through rule of law,
not through anarchy or violence.
— Of course.
— Of course?
So you are in agreement?
Yet your conduct
appears to the contrary,
Mrs Morgan.
Or is that Miss Scarlet?
It’s all very confusing and underhand.
Did Margaret er ever mention any
other property she might own.
No, she did not.
— And did she ever mention…
— And even if she had,
I would only inform a police officer.
A real police officer.
Do you know of any romantic relationship
that Margaret might have been engaged in?
I refer you to my previous statement.
Mrs Mountford to you.
Do you have a problem with
your sinuses PC Honeychurch?
If so I could ask Inspector Wellington
to investigate an alternative
situation for you.
I hear the air in Cornwall
is a great deal cleaner
than this great city of ours.
And if I feel your responses are
hindering this investigation,
I will have no hesitation
but to request your
detainment overnight,
in one of the cells.
You wish to dragoon me?
If I knew what that meant
I might be able to answer.
I assume it’s an old fashioned
term used for intimidate.
No one knew where she might be.
But there was a disagreement between
Margaret and Flora Mountford.
They clashed over which charity should
benefit from the groups donations.
I’ve been making enquiries
into missing persons,
but as yet we still have
nothing on our victim.
William, I have fulfilled
my side of the bargain.
I would like to be paid and
taken off this case now.
Intelligent militants.
Dangerous combination indeed.
A militant? I would argue pragmatist.
15 years those women have petitioned
parliament and with no effect.
Eliza, do not be duped
into thinking that this
woman has anything but her
own interests at heart.
She comes from a wealthy family.
That tells me that they didn’t
give her either enough attention
— or enough discipline.
— How do you know
that she was not at the mercy of constant
discipline from the men in her life?
Because I’ve seen spoilt wealthy
women a great deal in my job.
All of whom would have benefitted
from a firmer hand from their father.
My father never raised his hand to me.
Point proved I think.
Anyway, back to Margaret.
According to her brother she
was always somewhat erratic.
Apparently she was expelled
from Chancery College.
The charities I mentioned that
she and Flora clashed over.
One of them was the women’s
faculty of that same university.
Margaret insisted they
give them money.
Why give money to a
place that expelled you?
Yes, I remember Margaret.
More of a cautionary tale than a student.
How so?
Well, not wishing to
offend present company.
She proved a point that some of
us believe about the fairer sex.
That their presence in an
institution such as ours brings
more trouble than it is worth.
What happened?
She was asked to leave
mid way through her first year.
Immoral conduct
I believe we called it.
Might you be more specific sir?
With her professor.
I’m sure you can fill in the gaps.
I see.
And who was this professor?
Dr Gill.
He’s the head of our chemistry faculty.
So Margaret was dismissed but the tutor
involve carried on his employment?
Do you have any other questions?
Yes. Can we see Dr Gill?
Top row, far right.
No, I mean speak with him.
He has not been in
attendance for a few days.
It’s him.
It’s our dead man.
— This way.
— Thank you.
What exactly are we looking for
We’ll know it when we see it.
This is gonna take some time!
You may need to bring some of your men…
What on earth?!
Is that cement?
It’s Kieselguhr.
It’s used for chemical filtration.
Why all this in here? Why not in one
of the laboratories in the college?
Angina tablets?
Well there must be 30 bottles.
Look at the main ingredient.
You don’t think he was…
Making a bomb.
Where the hell is it?
I know exactly where it is.
I want every available
officer to Parliament Square.
Every inch needs to be searched.
Before you begin an angry tirade,
please let me explain myself.
You have let me down Eliza.
Is that all you’re gonna say?
You’re not gonna yell at me?
I’d prefer that.
Let go of my arm.
You’re making me nervous
William, you’re not yourself.
There’s nothing left to say.
Well, I had to follow my conscience.
I was wrong,
I preferred it when you were calm.
Do you not think that I face
moral dilemma in my position?
You have the gall to call me
lazy and yet you know nothing
of the grizzly scenes
that I face day after day.
Yes, yes they grind you down.
But by god, I know the difference
between what is right and what is wrong.
You have been in this business for five
minutes and yet can you say the same?
I know, I know this is no defence, but…
things that
Margaret said it was like
she could see into my heart.
And because of that I trusted her.
And what about me?
Have I not shown myself
worthy of your trust?
Do I mean nothing to you?
Of course you do.
You know you mean a great deal.
Yet you trusted a liar over me.
You are many things Eliza but I did not
think you gullible of such manipulation.
You’re right William.
I am gullible.
When I return, I do not want you here.
In fact, I never want to see you again!
She knew I’d tell you William.
She knew.
Clean the hearths, build the fires,
polish the brass.
Then report to the kitchen where you
will work for the remainder of your day.
You are forbidden from the members area.
When the gentlemen begin to arrive,
anything that needs addressing
in these areas,
a male staff member will attend to it.
Yes Mr Bartlet.
And do not fraternize with my male staff.
They have much work to do
and do not need distracting.
Of course Mr Bartlet.
Start in there.
Yes sir.
Hello Margaret.
I knew you would have
to tell him of my plan,
since you seek his approval so.
I seek no one’s approval. Myself and
Inspector Wellington are equals in this.
Yet you were not allowed
to be present at my arrest
since it was in a
gentleman’s club.
Right, lets get this over with shall we?
You wanted parliament shut down
so that all the MPs called to London for
the vote would take refuge in their clubs.
Then when your explosive went off,
the Brownlee would be full of the men
that you despise more than anyone.
Dr Gill was an exceptional scientist.
It’s a shame the fruits of
his labour were not seen.
He never hurt you did he?
I believe you gave yourself
those bruises to fool me.
Ah he was the kindest, sweetest man.
Extremely useful too.
But even though I paid him very
well, it all became too real for him.
He got cold feet.
Threatened to inform the police.
He was no longer of any use to me.
Margaret, you have sunk low indeed if you
judge a life by how useful they are to you.
Says the woman who betrays
the only cause that matters.
I have betrayed no one.
I have stayed true to my conscience.
Oh you keep telling yourself that.
And that your little detective business is
blazing a trail for other women to follow.
Yet you work for men.
You do whatever they ask
and you take their money in the
hope that they use you again.
You may as well be working in a brothel.
Right, that’s enough.
Is that really necessary?
I do not need pity from a woman like you!
At least I have tried to make a difference.
But you –
everything you are,
everything you do is for yourself.
No one else.
She knows nothing of you.
Besides her view of the world
is not connected with reality.
You cannot make people agree
with you by killing them.
I mean, we’re not the French.
It’s bad enough with the
Irish and the socialists.
The last thing we need is women
getting ideas in their heads.
Your report shows real
initiative Wellington.
I must say I’m pleasantly surprised.
Recently I felt you unwilling
to put the shoulder to
the wheel as it were.
With respect sir, I am dealing with a
great number of cases on a daily basis…
You think I’m wrong in
my assessment of you?
No sir.
because there are several new posts
opening up in the next month or so.
The new Irish Division is
looking for a Chief Inspector.
Keep up the good work and
perhaps we shall talk again.
Thank you sir.
Oh and do thank the rest of your
department for their work on this.
Was there anyone in particular you
wish to commend for their efforts?
— Oh! You made me jump!
— Sorry.
What on earth are you doing down here?
Dry your hands and come upstairs.
Whatever for?
There’s something I want to show you.
These letters are called vowels:
A, E, I, O, U.
Write them out.
— Lizzy…
— Come on…
You can do it.
I won’t remember.
Course you will.
You remember far better than I,
even things from my own childhood.
Well that’s because you were so naughty.
Come on.
That’s it.
A, E, I, O, U.
That ghostly figure is no random woman.
— You know her?
— Dead photographer
straight out of a Penny Dreadful.
Bloody nonsense!
Oh dear god, it’s her!
She’s punishing us from beyond the grave.
I am attempting to improve my position,
but there’s a couple of
ex army officers above me.
You’re facing prejudice in your
chosen career. What must that be like?
Who is Miss Scarlet?
A very dull, uninteresting woman.
I’m a private detective working a case
and will pay you handsomely
to look the other way.
You’re a what?
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