Miss Scarlet and The Duke (2020) s01e04 Episode Script

Memento Mori

Scotland Yard wishes to engage your services.
I hoped it will be that!
There are various political groups in London
who seek to cause disruption.
There’s talk that they are
becoming increasingly radical.
The woman is unhinged.
– Capable anything.
– Even murder?
Do you think he is making a bomb
You work for men.
You do whatever they ask.
Was there anyone in particular you
wish to commend for their efforts?
Mr Parker’s here!
As requested,
the morning edition of The London Post.
This is actually the first newspaper
I have bought myself,
we usually have them hand delivered on a tray.
I had a chat with the seller,
very colourful character, very earthy.
Aren’t they just?
This publicity will be so good for business.
They may even mention you, Rupert;
– Miss Scarlet’s business partner.
– Really?
Oh that would be most
pleasing indeed although I
I don’t think my mother would be at all
pleased to hear of my new investment.
Ah! Here we are.
Read it to us!
“The campaign for women’s suffrage
took a dramatic turn when
a bomb plot was foiled
by Detective Inspector
Wellington of Scotland Yard”
”dogged determination
countless lives saved
the man is a credit to the police service.”
– Well, what does is say about you?
– Yes, what?
Well, there’s no mention of me or my part in
the investigation. Only Inspector Wellington
and his “brilliant and tenacious mind”.
Does it mention me?
As well as The London Post
there are also art
Very good.
Yes. As I was saying, sir,
as well as The London Post
there are also articles in The Telegraph
and The Morning Chronicle.
So I believe.
Wonderful publicity, Wellington.
Thank you sir.
So good in fact that I’ve had a telegram
from the editor of The Illustrated Police News.
They wish to write an article about you.
About me, sir?
It’s an utter rag of course,
full of wild gossip and cheap sensation,
but apparently the Home Secretary
reads the damn thing.
Anyway, they’re sending one of
their “journalists” over this morning.
You might wish to mention me at some point.
Yes, sir.
My steady hand at the wheel guiding
the ship through choppy waters,
inspiring all those who serve under me.
Use your own words obviously.
Obviously, sir.
Do that Wellington
and the promotion we discussed will be yours.
Who let you in?
Alfred, the desk sergeant.
I thought his name was Albert.
It seems you’re good at forgetting
names. Mine in particular.
The article
No mention of me at all!
No wonder you were so coy in telling me about
it, I stupidly mistook your slyness for modesty.
– Eliza, it’s
– I need that publicity!
For every ten clients that come
to see me, nine do an about turn
when they see that it’s not Henry Scarlet
behind the desk but his daughter.
Eliza, I am a Detective Inspector
with Scotland Yard.
It’s one thing my men knowing about our
arrangement but it’s quite another for it
to be plastered across a newspaper.
If a situation occurs where
we work together again,
I will try my utmost
to ensure that you receive
the credit that you deserve.
Very well.
I will try to give you the benefit of the doubt.
Duke, there’s a Mr. Bunce in reception
I’ll tell him to wait.
Good, then that’s settled.
It is far from settled.
Send the journalist in.
Guten morgen, Fräulein Scarlet!
Good morning, Herr Hildegard.
Fräulein Scarlet, may I introduce my niece Tilly.
She has come to stay with me from Hamburg.
Delighted to meet you Fräulein Hildegard.
During her stay
I’m sure she would welcome some time
with a more mature lady such as yourself.
Someone who can impart advice
about the latest fashions
and indeed, society gossip.
I know how you ladies like to talk.
I’m a little busy working to be aware
of any gossip, Herr Hildegard.
Quite so. And I have told Tilly all
about you and your detective agency!
I have never seen her so excited.
Which presses me to venture
are you busy at this moment?
I’m afraid to say that I am, but
– perhaps another time?
– That is a shame
since I have a case for you.
That said,
I am never too busy for you Herr Hildegard.
Now what do you know
about Death Photography?
There are those who wish to have one final
image of their loved ones before they are buried.
There is a mark on his cheek.
Yes, Mr Henderson.
A friend of mine, James
Henderson, provides this service.
It’s a fascinating business you have here.
There are those who find
it somewhat macabre,
but I believe we provide an
invaluable service to the bereaved.
Herr Hildegard speaks very highly of you.
He is most kind.
So how may I be of service?
I have been receiving some
disturbing correspondence.
I informed the Police but they
have as yet done nothing.
They are a constant disappointment, are they not?
They arrive in plain envelopes
with no address or postmark.
Hand delivered?
At different times on different days.
Each one contains a photograph I’ve
taken of their deceased loved one,
but they’ve all been manipulated
from the original, see?
After the first two arrived
I believed someone was
gaining access to my studio
so I burnt every negative in my archive,
but still they keep coming.
And there is no message with them?
Isn’t this message enough?
Whoever is doing this is clearly trying to terrify me.
That ghostly figure is no random woman.
You know her?
Her name was Catherine.
She was my wife.
She died last year.
And in here we have our records room –
every arrest and conviction going back to 1829.
There’s actually a warrant in there
signed by Robert Peel himself.
Robert Peel, ooh,
absolutely fascinating.
You know, it truly is an honour
to have been invited into the inner
sanctum of such an esteemed detective.
Ah, I must say: I’m surprised
you’ve even heard of me.
Ho ho, you are too modest, sir.
Your reputation precedes you.
Well, that is for others to say.
Which they do.
You are the talk of London, Inspector
– It’s just there.
– And I can honestly say
with my hand on my heart,
I wept tears of joy on hearing
about your latest exploits –
the scuppering of the bomb plot, ho ho!
And not just of joy, of gratitude too.
Well, that is
And relief.
Tears of joy, gratitude and relief.
Excuse me,
I am as emotional as I am loquacious.
I shall conclude by saying again
it is an honour to be in your presence
and I know our readers
will be absolutely fascinated
to learn more about the courage of the man
who keeps us safe in our beds at night.
Yes, whilst we’re umm
whilst we’re on that.
You would do me a great service
if in the course of your writing
you were to mention the head of our division,
Superintendent Stirling.
His leadership and guidance really is
an inspiration to all those below him.
Is it?
It is.
I understand completely, Inspector.
We all have masters to serve.
And on that topic,
might I suggest a little quid pro quo.
Our newspaper editor –
no stranger to vanity himself –
is very keen to attract the
largest possible readership.
As such we tend to favour
the more sensational stories.
I’m sure we can find something.
Let’s um Let’s see what came in overnight.
Ah, here we are.
Arson in Tower Hamlets brothel.
Promising, very promising.
Any fatalities?
Dead body floating in the Thames.
Ooh, a male? Female?
A middle aged man.
Oh for a world where
men like we could be held in the public’s affection.
Ah, I say “we”, you are of
course younger than myself
but you take the point I’m making.
It is the death of the young and the beautiful
that persuades people to part with their pennies.
of course.
Then you will understand
that if the article is to be published,
I shall need a, a novel
or intriguing case.
If the article is to be published?
purely semantics, Inspector.
are my very best magnifying glasses.
Top quality. Baumann and Schuster.
They make the best lenses in Germany.
You are most kind, Herr Hildegard.
My father used to have an extensive collection
but they seem to have gone awry.
Goodness only knows where he put them.
Your father was a great many things
but organised was not one of them.
These are the photographs
sent to Herr Henderson?
Yes. One of two have slight marks on them.
I need to examine them more closely.
Do you know Mr. Henderson well?
Our paths often cross through work.
I have known him ten years or so.
He cannot think of anyone who
might wish to distress him.
– Can you?
– No.
He’s a good man. A kind man.
There on the corner.
And here on the outside of the envelope.
It looks like dried blood.
A further threat perhaps?
Well then why make it so hard to see?
Did James tell you how Catherine died?
She was a troubled soul.
Took her own life
and it was poor James that found her.
Whoever is doing this to him is most cruel.
Miss Scarlet?
My name is Amelia Evans.
– We met at Mr. Henderson’s studio.
– Of course.
Take a seat.
I know who’s doing this.
You know?
I help James with his photography
but I was hired by his wife Catherine
to be Governess to their daughter.
Poor Catherine had been struggling
for some time with her health.
She was prone to dark moods.
Things became so bad that
I know how she died.
Her poor man was broken,
and I started to help with his work as well
as my duties as Governess to Violet.
I didn’t mean for us to become so close.
People can make such judgements.
– That is why he wishes to keep it quiet.
– Keep what quiet?
We are engaged.
He proposed three weeks ago.
The very next day the
first photograph arrived.
She’s punishing us.
She is sending these images
from beyond the grave.
Surely you you don’t believe that?
Catherine warned me she would return
and punish me if I went near her husband.
This is the revenge of her tortured soul
and I will prove it to you!
Before she passed into spirit
And left this mortal realm,
your mother gave you
something to remember her by.
It was
a painting?
Yes! That’s right!
A beautiful landscape of a river.
A city
London? No, wait
Thank you.
Not London, Paris.
The Seine at sunset.
Miss Scarlet is still not convinced, mother.
Let’s just say I enjoyed the spectacle.
That is what you believe you witnessed?
Well, the world would be a very dull place
if we all just shared the same beliefs.
Mother has the gift.
She’s had it since childhood.
Tell her what you know of Catherine.
She’s a restless soul.
Angry, betrayed,
vengeful towards my daughter.
And you think she is sending these
photographs from beyond the grave?
I do not think it.
I know it.
Catherine has told me herself from spirit.
Miss Evans, would you mind if I
spoke to your mother alone?
You’re causing your daughter great distress.
Surely you can see that?
I’m only telling her the truth.
You’re telling her fairy tales,
cruel ones at that!
You’re a lot like him.
Your father.
– He was a sceptic too.
– You knew him?
Not in life,
but I see him now.
He follows you.
I don’t know what your motives
are for spouting such nonsense.
I will tell her.
Your father says that when you
were a girl you had a pet frog.
He once used it to demonstrate
the effects of chloroform.
How do you know that?
You named the frog after your teacher.
Mrs. Dawkins, wasn’t it?
As you can see there’s a
single bullet wound to the chest.
The entry point here.
The exit wound is larger
because the bullet expands
as it travels through the body and
I see that you’re not taking
any notes Mr Bunce?
Oh! Oh, that is because you are so
fascinating to listen to, Inspector,
and also because
this crime does appear a little commonplace.
Our readers crave intrigue and mystery
as I believe I have already stated
several times!
Well, we have yet to do interviews
with known associates,
checks for previous convictions.
Perhaps that will throw up some intrigue.
And mystery?
And mystery.
We just got a message from the Yard.
It was his business partner that shot him.
Some row over an unpaid loan.
Well, let’s not be too
hasty, Detective Jenkins.
There may be more to this than meets the eye.
Three witnesses saw him do it and
when he got arrested he said
“I’m glad I killed him.”
Excuse me, may I enquire as to what
line of business they were engaged in?
A circus perhaps?
Grave robbery? Opium dealing?
No! They were chartered accountants.
Thank you.
There’s a burglary in Clerkenwell
that sounded promising.
Well, let’s hope so!
Inspector Wellington,
as you know I’m a man who
takes no pleasure from conflict.
Indeed I run from it with all the
strength I get from the good Lord.
But there are times when
a foot must be put down
and I regret to inform you
that my foot, indeed both my foot feet,
have been thrust firmly into the ground.
What the hell are you talking about, man?
Oh she, she vexes me so I can
hardly string two words together.
You must speak to her, Inspector,
she will not listen to reason!
– Who?
– Miss Scarlet!
She’s causing a commotion
outside trying to gain access.
Who is Miss Scarlet?
– Oh, that female det
– It’s my cousin.
A very dull, really quite plain,
uninteresting woman.
One moment, please.
– But I haven’t even told you what I
– No.
I need the criminal background on a suspect.
I believe she’s practicing some kind of fraud.
– Is that all you’re going to say to me?
– Yes.
I’m busy.
William, you’ve already let me down once.
Please do not do it again.
What are you doing?
Go with him, he’ll help you out.
No, no, no, no, no. He likes me even less
than I like him. I’ll wait for you to finish.
I do not want you loitering here!
Why not?
Wait here.
There are no records of Edith Evans
having any criminal convictions.
You’re sure this is everything
on fraudsters and spiritualists
Or she may have used a different
name, that’s common in fraud.
You don’t say.
This woman is connected to a crime reported here
a few weeks ago. I’d like to see the case file
That ain’t going to happen.
I’m confused.
I thought Inspector Wellington
told you to help me?
He said show you the
convictions for petty fraud,
which I have.
So now it’s time for you to leave.
Frank, Frank, Frank, Frank, Frank,
Frank, Frank.
A man of your intelligence can
make his own decisions.
It’s one of your great strengths.
I’m taking Violet to the park.
Say goodbye to your papa and to Miss Scarlet.
Goodbye Papa. Goodbye Miss Scarlet.
She’s so good with Violet.
I don’t know what I would have
I should have told you we were engaged.
I’m a private man
and there are those who would question
the haste with which I proposed.
Do you really believe her
mother is involved in this?
Well, she’s either a fraud or
communing with the dead.
And then which I find most likely.
But even if she wanted to manipulate
the photographs, she would like to skill.
You said you burned the negatives but before you did,
who else would have come into contact with them?
Only Amelia.
You cannot possibly think
Amelia has been beside herself.
She’s been suffering night terrors.
This whole business has been tearing her apart!
I have to go away on business tonight
and she hates to be alone in the house.
Is there any way you could
I’m a private investigator
Mr. Henderson, not a nursemaid.
I fear she is losing her mind
and I cannot lose her as I lost Catherine!
Thank you again for staying Miss Scarlet.
I do hope I haven’t inconvenienced you.
Not at all. My pleasure.
Night times are difficult for me,
given the things that have happened in this house.
That is why James is so
keen for us to move away.
Where are you moving to?
That’s where he’s gone to
see about new premises.
He believes we need a fresh start.
And you?
Thank you Ruth.
You do not have to get married, you know.
I wish to be married to James more than
anything and have children of my own.
What woman would not?
You do not want to have your own family?
One day, perhaps.
That will be all, thank you.
You may go home now.
I have not been entirely
truthful with you, Miss Scarlet.
James and I
we were together
whilst Catherine was alive
and she knew.
That is why she swore to me that
she would have her revenge.
We have brought this punishment on ourselves.
Whoever is punishing you, it’s not a ghost.
Perhaps you will change your mind
since this is Catherine’s bedroom,
the same room where she took her own life.
What happened with that journalist?
He left.
Told me to, to contact him when
I got an intriguing case.
Smarmy little git.
I wouldn’t have to jump through
these hoops for some
Fleet Street hack if Stirling respected me.
He wanted me to singing praises and talking
how well our department is.
Sounds like him.
I would get the promotional ready
if he saw the right sort of chap.
You know, for being in the army.
For being part of the same school.
Way of the world innit.
Snobby sods looking down their noses.
She’s no better, your Miss Scarlet.
Why do you put up with her anyway?
You hoping to get something out of it?
Nah. That is not how I see Eliza.
Forgive me of course.
You’d never take advantage of a woman.
Ah, she’s annoying as hell!
But I still would, know what I mean?
You say that again and I’ll knock
you through that bloody wall.
I’ve known Eliza since we were young.
Her father couldn’t have done more for me
if I was his own flesh and blood.
I hope you were courteous to her when
you were helping her with her case.
Course I was.
And it’s not her case.
It came into us first, it got
filed under “waste of time”.
Ghouls, death photographers
and messages from beyond the grave.
It’s straight out of a penny
dreadful. Bloody nonsense.
Miss Evans.
It’s alright.
– It’s just a dream.
– I’m sorry.
I didn’t mean to wake you.
I wasn’t asleep.
Is there anything you’d like?
Some warm milk perhaps?
Homemade gone home.
Than I'll make it.
You’re very kind but no, thank you.
We could have a brandy,
for “medicinal purposes”.
Believe me, I've tried.
Just makes things worse.
I will be fine now.
Well, if you need anything,
you know where I am.
Thank you.
Oh dear god
What is it?
It’s her.
Are you sure it was you who left
the window open last night?
Yes. I always sleep with it open.
It was raining heavily
so if someone came through
there’d be footprints or hand marks,
but I can find nothing.
Because no one came through the window.
It was Catherine! She’s punishing us!
The front door was locked last night?
I locked it myself.
And apart from you and Mr. Henderson,
who else has a key?
Ruth, our maid.
Please step out the way, sir,
please, sir.
Good morning, sir.
I wonder if you could help me,
a friend of mine came in
here a few moments ago,
a lady with a wicker basket?
She was sending a message to a mutual friend
who we are to dine with this evening,
but I believe gave the wrong information
of the restaurant where we are to meet.
I wonder if I might look at that
message in order to check.
Messages treated with strictest confidence.
II do understand of course,
but she is a dear friend and is on
occasion somewhat scatter-brained –
you know how us ladies can be!
Perhaps there’s someone else
I can speak to? Your superior?
I’m in charge today.
I’m a private detective working a case
and will pay you handsomely
to look the other way.
You’re a what?
What are you doing here?
I’m looking into the Henderson case again
and my enquiries brought me here.
Scotland Yard is now interested in this case?
Stirling has requested
that all open cases be resolved
by the end of the month,
some inventory from the Home Office.
So we should pool the information that we
have in order to bring the matter to a close.
Very well.
What information do you have?
Well, there’s a, a photographer
by the name of Henderson
and he has He has
been receiving photographs.
You don’t actually have
any information, do you?
I’ve only just looked at the file
and have not got up to speed.
Did you follow me here?
Do you want my help or not?
Why would I want your help?
Because you have that
irritated look on your face,
the one you usually reserve for me.
You will bring me that message now
or I will break every bone in your body
and then arrest you for assaulting a police officer!
Are you
are you crying?
Just go and fetch it and no harm will come to you.
Yes, Inspector.
He’s little more than a child.
You told me to frighten him!
I’m so sorry, sir,
I can’t find the contents of the
message, it’s already been sent,
but I know who it went to
and will gladly be of service.
I’m not going to hit you!
Do you know this person?
Did you change or manipulate these images?
No! Of course not! I wouldn’t even know how!
Perhaps you stole the negatives
before they were destroyed!
Perhaps you had them copied
by someone who did know how.
I don’t understand –
why are you asking me this?
– What do you want?
– I thought you were psychic?
This is just one file from many that I found upstairs.
Name of deceased, date and cause of death,
family members.
She has records on hundreds of people.
It looks like there are funeral
homes, death photographers
and several mortuaries that gives her tip-offs.
This one’s from a Ruth McCarthy.
The photographer’s maid.
It’s a list of Henderson’s recent clients
along with information about the deceased,
some from Henderson’s appointment book,
some just overheard conversation.
I can explain.
Please do.
“May 3rd –
Mr. Henderson takes dinner with
German undertaker
Herr Hildegard.
Herr H talks for some considerable time”
Sounds like him.
“Herr H mentions female detective
and tells stories of her father.”
You had a pet frog?
Look, I admit it – I do collect information
but I did not send those postcards.
Why would I want to punish my own daughter?
Because you don’t want her to be
with a man you feel is unsuitable.
He’s twenty years unsuitable.
And yes I did encourage Amelia’s belief
that those photographs
were from Catherine’s ghost.
I hoped it might part them.
But that’s all.
Well, if you didn’t send the
photographs, then who did?
I don’t know.
I swear!
She was most convincing.
Well, she lies for a living.
Let’s see what she says after a night in a cell.
We’ll bring in the maid and a few others
on the list, see what they have to say.
In the meantime I’ll update the
Hendersons on these latest developments.
Do you believe in ghosts?
Of course not.
No, nor do I.
sometimes I feel my father’s presence.
And on occasion I even speak with him.
Do you now think me quite peculiar?
Eliza, I’ve always thought you quite peculiar.
Duke, message from the Yard.
– Yeah?
– That journalist wants to see you.
He wants to get a sketch of the spiritualist,
see if he can get it in the
early edition or some thing.
I’ll be there shortly.
It’s uh, publicity for the division.
It’s all very standard.
Well, would you like me call a carriage?
He’s just writing about various
cases that I’ve been working on.
Including this one by the sounds of it.
Well, the Henderson case has
has piqued his interest.
You know what journalists are
like, they love sensation.
Were you going to tell him about me?
Yeah it’s
That’s a complex situation, Eliza.
Seems fairly simple to me William.
Once again you wish to take
all the credit for yourself.
I am attempting to improve my position
but there are obstacles in my path.
There’s a cabal of ex-army officers above me.
Oh! You’re facing prejudice in your chosen career?
What must that be like?!
Why can you not see?
Why will you not listen to me?
I’m sorry to disturb you.
I wanted to let you know that Scotland
Yard have arrested Edith Evans
on suspicion of sending the photographs.
When was this?
A few hours ago.
She’s being held in custody along with your maid.
But itit cannot be her.
Well, you’ll have to take that
up with the Police I’m afraid.
It seems they have once again
taken an interest in your case.
That’s not what I meant.
Just before you arrived we found this on the doorstep.
– When exactly?
– Not ten minutes ago.
I’m leaving.
I have a cousin in Southwark,
she will put me up for a while.
Can we at least talk first?
I cannot be wed to a man who
does not believe or trust me!
Do you know what he said to me?
He wondered if I was behind this because
for some reason I didn’t want to marry him!
I now see where his suspicion has come from.
It’s my job to consider all possibilities.
I wish to be married,
to have children, to live a normal life.
If you do not that is your concern,
but do not try to twist the minds of others!
Mr Henderson?
Place him there gentlemen and we shall begin.
Prop him up and I shall take the photograph.
Hmm, his skin is pale.
Some more rouge I think.
Do you want to play?
Perhaps later.
Where are the photographs, Violet?
Where do you keep them?
She told me not to say.
Catherine knew about you and Amelia.
Before she died she planned one last act of revenge.
She told Violet about a game she wanted to play,
a game that would take place as soon
as Papa and Amelia were to be wed.
She made the poor girl deliver these letters
to you without knowing what was in them.
Where is she now?
Please don’t be angry with her, James.
My sweet girl.
It’s alright.
to which he said
“it’s a complex situation”
to which I replied “it seems
fairly simple to me William,
you wish to take all the credit for yourself!”
Yeah, I, I bumped into Herr Hildegard today
and I, I met his niece,
a rather dull sort of girl.
And even if William and I were not friends,
he still gave his word. It’s still a betrayal
and uh
– Are you listening to me?
– Oh, sorry.
A short attention span is the
curse of being an only child.
Blame it on my mother for doting on me so.
How is Mrs. Parker?
Well, she
She is again urging me to be wed
to continue the Parker family name.
If only I could find a wife
who would complement the
more complex aspects of my life.
umm, both of our lives, they are unconventional –
perhaps we might come to some arrangement?
Rupert, there’s no doubt in my mind that we
would make each other extremely unhappy.
See, I am not asking you to
partake in any kind of intimacy.
I can assure you I can think of nothing worse.
Stop it.
Sorry to bother you, sir, I wonder if I
It’s about that article, sir,
the one for the Illustrated Police News.
No problems I trust?
No, sir, quite the opposite.
They are going to press tonight and
the serialization will begin in the morning.
I have also told them to include mention of you
and the wider efficiency of the department.
Ah. That’s very good of you.
There’s really no need.
I look forward to reading it.
Well done Wellington, excellent work.
Was there something else?
Yes, sir.
You mentioned that you would make a decision
about my promotion to Chief Inspector.
Did we not speak about it earlier?
No, sir. If we had I would remember it.
I’m afraid I gave the job to Hudson.
Better luck next time, eh?
Chin up and all that!
With all due respect, sir,
Hudson has only been with
the division for three months.
He’s been in the army for five years,
the Queen’s Own Hussars no less.
Yes, well, it’s hardly the same
And his father and I were in the Crimea together.
You’ve never seen anyone so calm under fire.
His whole family have ice in their veins.
You should meet the mother, terrifying woman.
Ah! Good day Fräulein Scarlet.
Herr Hildegard, Fräulein Hildegard.
Where are you off to on this fine morning?
Your friend is taking us for a stroll in the park.
My friend?
He came last night to introduce himself.
He is so charming. And amusing.
And handsome.
Impeccable gentleman.
Ah, here he is.
Good morning Mr. Parker.
Good morning Herr Hildegard.
Miss Scarlet.
Mr. Parker.
What a delightful surprise.
Guten morgen Fräulein.
II thought you were out.
How did you get in here?
Henry was always losing his
keys so he gave me his space.
In fact this is his second spare –
he lost the first.
What do you want?
I left you a note
and a present of sorts.
I owe you an apology
and I didn’t want to have an argument.
Also some things are better written down,
you have a tendency to infuriate me in person
and it makes me lose my train of thought.
And this is your apology?
This is.
Death and the Maiden –
female detective cracks case of ghostly terror.
I got there just as the press was about to roll.
I don’t know what to say.
I I can’t vouch for the quality of the writing
but your part in solving the case is mentioned in full,
as is the address of your premises.
Thank you.
Well, I should I should go.
Uh, shall I leave your spare key?
No. Keep it.
Just in case.
Inspector Wellington It's miss Scarlet
She's disappeared.
You will do your duty to me.
– And you will find her.
– Yes, sir.
– Who are you?
– I'm a man with the knife.
Good to meet you.
I'm a man with a gun.
How dare you, William?!
How dare I came and rescue you?!
I would hardly call this a rescue!
What's that?
He's here
The thing he'll do to her
Afraid even thinking about
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