Miss Scarlet and The Duke (2020) s01e05 Episode Script

Cell 99

This is doctor Edwards.
He found Mr Scarlet collapsed in the street.
He’s had a cardiac arrest.
I am sorry to say he has passed.
I need to see miss Scarlet.
She owes me money.
This is for you never contact her again.
I am attempting to improve my position
but there’s a cabal of ex-army officers above me.
You’re facing prejudice in your chosen
career? What must that be like?!
Assault and battery… 318 incidents,
fraud and forgery 612,
street robbery 905.
Burglary and theft 506.
Criminal damage…
Good god man is there much more of this?
You asked for a detailed report, sir.
You don’t have to take
everything I say so literally.
Show some initiative.
This must’ve taken you hours.
Days, sir.
Recorded crime has increased
marginally over the last year
but our rates of detection have improved.
Particularly in the areas of murder
and organized crime.
You see.
That’s all you had to say.
Oh, and there’s drinks later at
The Brownlee for division heads,
it’d be useful to have that
information so you’ll come along?
I’m sure, sir that a man of your
considerable ability doesn’t need me to…
That’s an order Wellington.
I assume you still wish to be promoted.
Yes, sir.
Then you will be at The Brownlee
with your little facts and figures.
Formal dress obviously.
No kilts.
- Gonna try it on for me?
- Get out, Frank.
I do so love a gentleman in formal wear.
I’m not in the mood. Get out.
Could give you some pointers.
On what, how to dress like a vagrant?
Now you’ve hurt my feelings.
Calm yourself, woman.
For god’s sake, Eliza, not today.
It’s not her, it’s…
Inspector Wellington,
I must speak with you right away.
I’m going out of my mind with worry.
- About what?
- It’s Miss Scarlet,
she’s disappeared.
I spent yesterday at my
mother’s place in Hackney.
I stay over there sometimes to help with her leg.
Gout. Terrible it is.
They say it’s only the rich what get it
but she hasn’t got two pennies to rub together.
Yes, yes that is all very sad,
but what’s happened to Eliza?
I got back to the house this morning
just after eight.
I called out for her but there was no reply.
So I went into her room
and the bed hadn’t been slept in.
Well I’m sure she had risen
early and made the bed herself.
I’ve known that girl since she was five years old
and not once has she ever
made her bed or tidied her room.
She can barely even cook.
I fail to see the mystery, she’ll be at work.
I went to her office,
it was locked up.
I asked around and no one has seen her,
she’s in trouble, inspector,
I’m certain of it.
I’m sure there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation.
She’s never done anything like this before.
She always lets me know where
she is going or when she’ll be back.
I’m telling you she’s in trouble, inspector.
If anything happened to that girl…
Oh, god.
When did you last see her?
Yesterday morning.
She was leaving the house for a meeting.
A meeting with who?
Now I must say inspector
I have, I have never seen you look so smart.
Ah, he looks…
Uh, what, what, what is the word?
What, what does that mean?
Dashing. Handsome.
Once again forgive the
intrusion but I wish to talk…
Sorry uh, where, where are my manners,
I do, I do not believe you have been introduced
to Miss Hildegard
who is Herr Hildegard’s radiant niece.
Pleased to meet you, madam.
Now, gentlemen, I wonder if I…
Inspector Wellington is a,
what, what is the German word for detective?
It is the same. Detective.
Isn’t that funny?
- You will take a drink inspector you…
- No,
I cannot stay long.
I’m here on behalf of Miss Scarlet
or rather her maid.
- I am…
- Miss Scarlet and I we’re…
How, how do I say that I am
the sole investor in Miss
Scarlet’s detective agency
providing both financial support
and on occasion uh, advice on the
more complex cases, how…?
I, heh…
I understand that you had a meeting
with Miss Scarlet yesterday morning.
Uh, yeah…
Yes and no we, we were supposed
to meet uh, but when I arrived
she was in a most agitated state.
A ball of nerves energy would
be the best way to describe it.
"Bal nevros"? Yes?
She had made some kind of discovery,
did not elaborate
and whatever it was it was, well clearly pressing
as she requested to postpone
our meeting till later in the week.
I saw her as she was leaving.
She seemed in a tremendous hurry
and was indeed most agitated.
I helped her to find a cab.
A cab to where?
Do not talk to me about that woman.
She was giving me nothing but trouble.
What time did she come here?
I’ve told her until I’m blue in the
face that she is not welcome
but still she persists.
Do you know who was
here when she turned up?
The city coroner.
How do you think that makes me look?
Mr Potts, time is against me
and I’m struggling to control my temper
so before I do something that we both regret
just tell me when you last saw Miss Scarlet.
Yesterday morning, quarter past 11 give or take.
She came waltzing in here at 100
miles an hour firing out questions.
Well I had to insist she leave,
since as I say the city coroner was here.
What questions was she asking?
You do realise that she
threatened me, inspector?
Not gonna tell you what she said, but it’s not
something a Christian should say let alone a woman.
What questions?
She wanted to know all about small pox.
How long the virus lingers outside the body,
what precautions can be
taken to avoid transmission.
I said although there are entire
essays been written on the subject
it was not a conversation to
be had on a street corner.
But she insisted she had to know right away.
She said it was a matter of life and death.
Although who knows with that woman.
I wouldn’t trust a single word
that came out of her mouth.
You are conflicted as to what to do?
Why did you always do that?
Do what?
Give me orders
but pose them like a question.
Because I learnt very quickly that you
needed to come to your own conclusion.
The conclusion that you always wanted to hear.
Oh, great minds and all that.
Your daughter is causing me a headache.
You have my sympathy William,
she caused me many headaches.
You both did.
God, I miss you, Henry.
Not as much as I miss you, my dearest boy.
You will do your duty to me.
And you will find her.
Yes, sir.
Woolwich prison.
Help me.
Oh, for god’s sake, Eliza.
Where are you?
I’m in cell 98.
What you doing in there?
I’m locked in.
Just, just get me out!
- William!
- Yes, I’m coming!
Oh, thank god.
I’ve been stuck here for hours.
The door slammed shut behind me.
What you doing in there?
I, I’ll tell you in a moment just,
look for my, my bag there are tools
inside you can you to pick the lock.
Why are you dressed like that?
Would you like to talk about that now?
Or would you like me to get you out of there?
Uh, look for the tension wrench you can use it…
Yes! I know how to pick a lock.
How did you find me?
You leave a trail of chaos wherever
you go Eliza it wasn’t hard.
What are you doing here?
I found my father’s old case book.
This place was mentioned several
times including in his last entry.
You remember he was missing
for two days before he died.
Well, I assumed
he was drinking or gambling but
now I believe he came here.
Yeah I read some of his case book in your office.
Long list of gambling debts
in taverns that provide credit.
Woolwich Prison,
the words cell 99 underlined twice.
Cell 99.
I’ve looked around and the
cell numbers only go up to 98.
There must be another wing.
When you’ve freed me we must go and look.
I cared for Henry too
and I mourn him every day.
But he was erratic towards the end.
I hadn’t seen him sober for
months and neither had you.
I came in here to look around
to see if there are any
clues to cell 99 that I was missing.
One minute the door was open
the next it slammed shut.
I can't say it certain,
but I think I had visitors.
You think?
Would it surprise you to learn
that walls of the prison are rather thick?
The place is deserted, there’s nothing here.
Oh, I thought you knew how to pick a lock.
Would it surprise you to learn that prison
doors are designed not to be picked?
Oh here, here, give it to me.
Give it!
For God sake!
Does all mire and filth and grime in this place?
Why are you dressed like that anyway?
Well I’m, I’m due at
The Brownlee club in three minutes.
Thanks to you I’ll be late and Stirling will have
even less respect for me than he does already.
I’m sorry.
That is probably for the best.
I hate being around Stirling and his crew
and his whole ex-army brigadiers
from the same schools.
And trying the whole
manner with brandi and cigar, but
You've got what you want, remember it.
None of them can't ever the same.
You've nothing to prove.
Stop being kind it's confusing.
Lord knows what he’d make of you.
Superintendent Fredrick Aloysius Stirling.
Well, I’m sure I’ll meet him soon enough.
Won’t I?
I mean…
You have told him we’ve worked together?
Look it’s one thing him reading about
you in the paper, it’s quite another thing…
You still haven’t told him!
Look I have a career to protect.
As do I.
Yes, for now but it’s likely that before
long you will find someone suitable
and nature will take its course.
Nature will take its course?
Yes, that the whole things are.
I will be working for the rest
of my life, whereas you
- No.
- What?
Get married, have children
and put all of this behind me?
How dare, how dare you William!
What how dare I put my plans on hold
to follow you on a wild goose chase?
How dare I come and rescue you?
I would hardly call this a rescue.
Go on, go to your stupid club
I don’t need your help anyway.
We can’t work together,
who does she think she is?
Oh come on. Come on!
Damn it.
Who are you?
I said who are you?
I’m the man with the knife.
Good to meet ya,
I’m the man with a gun.
Put it down and get on the floor.
William! I know you’re still here.
Do not expect me to apologise you
would try the patience of a saint.
Enough is enough!
Ha! Finally.
You were right, there is someone else here,
we have to go.
Your arm.
- Let me see.
- We don’t have time.
If you bleed to death I’ll be here on my own, come on.
There’s a lot of blood.
Your hand, it’s very swollen.
- Can you move your fingers?
- I think there’s a bone broken.
- How did you open the door?
- Persistence,
you should try it some time.
We need to stem the bleeding.
Take off your jacket.
No, this cost me a week’s wages.
- Fine.
- Eliza.
- Then I will cut it off.
- Eliza.
Where is he, the man who attacked you?
He’s hurt too, I don’t know how badly.
He ran off but I didn’t see where.
Damn it!
What’s that?
My watch, it broke in the fight.
Was it expensive?
I don’t know, it was a gift.
Hurry up.
Who’s it from,
a rich widow? A young heiress?
Oh no, no, I’ve got it an actress.
No, it was your father actually.
Really? What was the occasion?
It was the day I was made detective.
had been pushing me for years,
encouraging me to apply.
Quashing every objection I raised.
You remember how he would wait
for you to finish a long list of reasons
before destroying them with a single sentence?
It was most infuriating.
Wasn’t it just.
The day I received the news I returned home
and he was on the doorstep with this.
On the back he engraved
“tempus fugit”.
Time flies.
Yeah, he knew I had a
tendency for procrastination.
Well, not today I hope.
Come on.
You owe me a dress jacket.
And a watch.
I didn’t break the watch.
No, but I’m only here because of you
so it’s your fault.
Are you hurt?
No. You?
That was unforgiveable, I apologise.
I’m alright.
Did you see where it fell?
I don’t suppose you have another gun do you?
No, do you?
I’m not going out there unarmed.
William, be careful.
I am being careful.
I would dispute that.
Must you disagree with everything that I say?
I’m sure that gate was open
when we came up here.
You didn’t close it did you?
Go, go! In here!
We can't just waiting.
I know.
Stop moving.
I think he’s passed out.
- I have had an idea.
- So do I.
I’ll listen to yours if you listen to mine.
Very well, go ahead.
We employ a pincer move.
Each approaching from opposite directions.
If he wakes and sees one of us,
the other causes a distraction.
And when he turns to take aim the person
not in the firing line rushes from behind,
now your idea.
You stay here, I go punch him in the face.
With respect William that is ha…
See? My plan worked.
I think you’ll find that was a
combination of both plans.
He’s not drunk…
He’s had a cardiac arrest.
I’m sorry to say he is passed.
I’ve seen him before.
He was the doctor who brought my father home.
Sure it was him?
I’m certain.
Cell 99.
The door on the upper landing’s locked too.
When I get this open I’m gonna find that cell.
No. You’re gonna come with me,
we’ll get reinforcements and come back.
And then I’ll be put back in my box
and might never find out what
my father was doing here.
You are coming with me even if I have to
carry you out of here kicking and screaming.
You can try.
Oh! We don’t even know if any
of these are the right one!
There might be another way out.
It’s a prisonб Elizaб they’re not
designed with multiple exits
and these damn things are coming loose.
Here, here.
Let me.
At the very least
I hope you now believe me that father
was investigating something of substance.
I admit it’s a distinct possibility.
And more than likely
he was murdered.
I promise you one thing.
Whoever did this to Henry, they will pay.
Our man’s awake.
Who are you?
Untie me and I’ll tell you.
You locked that gate.
Where’s the key?
Untie me and I’ll tell you.
You’re bleeding badly, you’ll be dead
within the hour if we don’t get help.
Oh, help’s coming alright.
But not for you.
Right after I shot you I sent word.
Won’t be long now.
That’s why you should let me
go before things get nasty.
He’s bluffing,
try the keys again.
There may be a spare copy.
If they send who I think they’ll send
the things he’ll do to her…
Doesn’t bear thinking about.
Shut your mouth or I’ll shut it for you.
This key fits.
But it’s not moving.
What was that?
He’s here.
You were right by the way Miss,
there is another way out of here
and another way in.
There’s two of ‘em now.
He’s got a filthy temper.
Very violent.
It’s not his fault mind,
he had a horrible childhood.
By the time he was six he was the size of a man.
His mother sold him to a travelling freak show.
Cried out for her morning and night.
Got so bad he was putting off the punters
so the owner, terrible drunkard
cut the poor boy’s tongue out.
Call him off or I put a bullet in him.
You’ll have to find one first.
I shot the rest of ‘em.
You’re a big bloke, handy with your fists…
the one that isn’t broke.
I’d say you’ll last a good ten seconds
before he snaps your spine.
Kill ‘em both,
start with the tart.
- Now!
- I’ve never run from a fight before.
This is no time for bravado! William!
Had you not have been there I would’ve
stood my ground and fought that creature.
I don’t think this is the right way.
And I think my right hand’s probably broken.
William, I don’t think any less of you,
you are one of the bravest men I know.
One of?
- Does this look familiar to you?
- It all looks familiar.
- Place is a damn maze.
- You never came here, when it was open?
Do you know how many
prisoners there are in London?
Well actually yes,
I’ve been reading rather vigorously on the subject.
This place was closed two years ago.
Because of a small pox outbreak, yes I know.
We’re perfectly safe.
Small pox…
…can’t linger that long
outside the body, yes, I know.
- But did you also know…
- Yes I know,
whatever it is, yes I know. Now can we just
concentrate on trying to find a way out of here?
Of course. Oh but just to say
that the small pox virus can be reactivated
on a hot day if the temperature reaches 78 degrees Fahrenheit,
- but I’m sure you already knew that.
- Yes.
Yes, obviously.
It’s rather warm in here isn’t it?
Just another dead end. I told you
we should’ve taken that staircase.
What are they for?
Oh, fumigation.
When they cleared the prison they put down
poison to stop the rats from spreading.
I’m beginning to see the logic.
Abandoned building makes a perfect hideout
but what are they hiding?
When you come back with
reinforcements I’m coming with you.
- No, you’re not.
- I’m coming with you.
I’m gonna find cell 99 and discover
what they hell is going on here.
You sure it’s safe to be here?
Do you really want to know or are
you just changing the subject?
It’s safe, unless you’re a rat.
Poor things, I can’t abide cruelty to animals.
Your father was the same.
Do you remember when he shot that dog,
he was in pieces for days
hating himself having to do it.
What are you talking about?
Let’s try that staircase,
I’m certain that’s the way out.
See? Here we are.
You seem fairly certain it
was father who shot that dog.
Well, memory can play tricks.
Am I right in thinking you play
cards with your friends for money,
because you should know you have
the most glaringly obvious tell.
You sniff whenever you’re about to lie.
Your family dog, the one that got run
over by the carriage didn’t die instantly.
- Henry had to put it out of its misery.
- What?
I’m sorry, I, I know how fond you were of it.
I remember comforting you at the time.
For the 100th time it was just a kiss.
One that I seem to remember you enjoyed.
Oh, I, I cannot have this conversation again.
Finally we agree on something.
And I am coming back here.
Help! Help!
Help me please!
Give me a hand, sir.
I’m in here.
What the hell is this?
Help me
He’s in here.
Give me the key.
Please, don’t hurt me.
I’m Eliza Scarlet,
this is detective inspector Wellington.
Oh, thank god. Thank god.
I didn’t know if you were them,
I heard you come in.
Then I heard the lady’s voice.
What you doing here?
They made me,
I didn’t want to, but they made me.
These are bills of exchange.
They forced me to make ‘em.
They said that if I tried to escape
that thing Garm would rip me limb from limb.
How long have you been here?
I don’t know.
Three months I think.
Can’t say for sure.
What’s your name?
If you want our help we need to know who you are.
Nathaniel Caine.
These are as perfect forgeries as I’ve ever seen.
I take it that’s your profession.
I’ve done me time.
I told ‘em that.
I said I wasn’t interested and I, I
wasn’t going back inside for no one.
I had no choice.
Who are they?
You have to promise me
that I won’t go back inside.
You have my word.
We gotta go, they’ll kill us all.
The Woolwich force are on Greenhill Place,
if we get to the main road then
there might be someone on patrol.
I’m not going back to prison.
The gun’s empty, Nathaniel.
Nathaniel stop!
I’m a police detective.
Shoot me and you will have all of
Scotland Yard hunting you
day and night.
You’ll also have a bullet in your chest.
I may not hit you with the first shot.
But I will keep pulling this
trigger until one of us is dead.
Thank you.
Go and get help.
- I’m not leaving you.
- He may not have long.
Keep applying pressure to the wound.
I’ll be back soon.
I can,
I can see him in you.
He had a kind face just like yours.
Your father.
You knew him?
Thank you.
No sign of the gunman
or those thugs who attacked us.
My men are searching the other wings
but it’s more than likely
they’ve made their escape.
And Nathaniel,
- how is he?
- On his way to hospital.
The bullet missed any major arteries
so there’s every chance he’ll live.
Good, I must speak to him as soon as possible.
He knew my father.
I have to find out why.
How much is here do you think?
Tens of thousands of pounds.
I haven’t seen a forgery on a scale like this before.
And to keep a man hostage
for that length of time these
are serious people, Eliza.
Which is why we should waste
no time in tracking them down.
Why are you staring at me at that way, William?
I don't want to argue anymore.
We need to state some deductions
based on the balance and a probabilities
Stop being so reasonable, make your point.
It’s very likely that these men were
responsible for your father’s murder.
They took the trouble to make
it look like a natural death
and to bring his body back home.
The home where you still live.
I’m not afraid.
I know.
I will keep you informed of every
aspect of the investigation…
I will even seek your council but
you need to leave this to me now.
Henry would never forgive me
if anything happened to you.
This is not a matter for discussion.
You will have police protection
until the threat is over.
We found something.
It’s not something a lady should see.
She can cope.
One bullet apiece.
That must’ve been the shots we heard.
Was he the one that shot the forger?
No, that was someone else, I’m sure of it.
So who were they then?
And why kill them?
For punishment.
For what?
For not killing us.
I must apologise for my appearance, sir,
and for missing the drinks.
I spent last night at a crime scene.
So I hear.
- Quite the haul so I believe.
- Yes, sir.
We estimate the forgeries
to be in the region of £68,000.
Good god.
Hmm, and there’s most likely far more.
The man we found at the scene, Nathaniel
Caine, had been there for months.
Now, a criminal gang such as this will
act quickly once they know we’re onto ‘em
so we’ll need to work around the clock.
Very good.
You remember Henry Scarlet, sir?
The drunk.
The former detective inspector, sir.
I believe that his death may be
linked to this same criminal gang,
as such I have ordered
protection for his daughter Eliza.
That damn woman,
running around London making a fool of herself.
Does she really need our protection?
She does.
Very well.
That’ll be all.
There is one more thing, sir…
Eliza Scarlet was the reason that we
made this discovery in the first place.
She has in fact helped me on several
occasions in the solving of other crimes.
I’ll find them.
I’ll find them then they’ll hang.
I hid that casebook for a reason.
I knew if something happened to me
you’d come looking for answers.
What would you have me do,
let them get away with it?
Let William and his men do their jobs, Lizzie.
What if they…
What if they miss something, some
vital clue however small?
You’ve done enough
but now you’re being
reckless, you’re risking your life.
You’ve shown how capable you are,
you don’t need to die to prove the point.
I’m not proving anything to anyone.
- Lizzie.
- Stop calling me that,
I’m a grown woman!
How was Stirling?
Oh you know,
the usual,
I don’t think I’ll be getting
promoted any time soon.
- Any news on Caine?
- He’ll live.
Surgeon removed the bullet
and some threads of clothing.
No sign of infection so far.
I don't know if he'll want to talking
He will talk. Believe me.
We’ll go to the hospital in the morning.
In the meantime…
…we need to find his prison records.
Was there anything else?
The doctors told me that Nathaniel was
talking when they brought him round,
delirious stuff mostly but
he seemed quite clear on
one thing. He kept saying…
He’s coming for me, he’s coming for me.
Could it be that creature, the giant?
No, it’s some Jamaican
goes by the name of Moses.
You’re late.
There’s two armed police out the front.
I had to lie low,
then I shimmy over a wall
and come round the back.
Are you sure they didn’t see you?
Get me everything you can on this man.
His name’s Nathaniel Caine.
What do you want?
Do not harm her,
I beg you.
We have one lead to go on,
the Jamaican. Find him.
This, this Moses character have
you seen him recently?
And why the interest in Moses?
We found this in his room.
Is this really necessary?
- I wish you to stay at my house.
- I’m not staying the night at your house,
- think of my reputation.
- Since when did you care about your reputation?
You’ve taken a shine to this woman?
My concern is purely professional, sir.
The policemen, they’ve already gone.
You must leave at once.
It’s not safe here.
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