Miss Scarlet and The Duke (2020) s01e06 Episode Script

The Case of Henry Scarlet

It's Miss Scarlet, she's disappeared.
I'm sorry to say he is passed.
I've seen him before.
These are as perfect
forgeries as I've ever seen.
It's very likely that these men were
responsible for your father's murder.
He kept saying… He's coming
for me, he's coming for me.
It's some Jamaican
goes by the name of Moses.
I will not drink this.
Do not harm her, I beg you.
You will go to hell for this.
Explain yourself, man.
I don't know what
happened, sir, I'm sorry.
You're sorry that our chief witness is dead
or you're sorry that it was your fault?
Uh, one minute I was
guarding his hospital room,
having a cuppa and…
You had a cup of tea
while you were on duty.
The next I woke up on the floor,
a broken cup and
saucer beside me
and a scalded leg.
I don't give a damn
about your leg.
Nathaniel Caine is dead.
Yes, sir.
Who gave you this…
Uh, a nurse, uh, Mary,
uh, she was the one
who bathed my leg.
If you mention your leg one more time
I'll knock your bloody block off.
Go on.
I think he's telling
the truth, Duke.
There were traces of
laudanum in the tea.
– Find this Mary and question her.
– We already have,
she's just some nurse
with a ripe arse.
She made Honeychurch the tea
and left it on the side,
anyone passing
could've spiked it.
– It's a busy ward.
– We have one lead to go on,
the Jamaican.
Find him.
You're not to let
anyone in or out
and on no account are you
to eat or drink anything.
Anything at all,
do you understand?
And do not let Miss
Scarlet distract you,
she may seem like
a helpless woman
but mark my words she will
run rings around you.
Yes, sir.
Nathaniel Caine was found
murdered this morning,
someone got to him
at the hospital.
But of course you
already know this.
I might've overheard the
guards talking outside.
Overheard from inside here?
From when I took
them out some tea.
You went outside
and took them tea?
And… cake.
I specifically said that you
were not to leave the house.
Don't you understand the
danger that you're in?
And you're right,
William you're right.
I'm sorry.
Now come and sit down
you must be exhausted.
Do not pretend that you care.
Still angry with ya.
I know you are but come
and sit down anyway.
How's your hand?
Now tell me more about the case.
Well this,
this is the largest forgery operation
that Scotland Yard has ever seen.
We think the bills
of exchange found
in that cell were somewhere
in the region of £70,000.
We've put warnings out to
every major bank in London
but the forgers were
one step ahead.
They'd already cashed in the
remaining bills of exchange
and escaped with a
great deal of gold.
But the sheer size of
their withdrawals means
that we were able to identify
which banks they had accounts in.
The bank managers can give descriptions
of the men that's something.
And the fact that gold is heavy,
especially in such an amount
you can't easily transport
it in a simple suitcase.
So they will hide it somewhere
and wait to make their escape.
And there's still no
information as to
who this gang are,
no name has come up?
Not, as yet no.
Look I must get back.
But before I leave
I need you swear that
you'll stay inside.
These are dangerous men, Eliza.
I swear it.
This um,
this Moses character, have
you seen him recently?
Not for some time,
what of him?
There's a gentleman
to see Miss Scarlet
but the officers
won't let him in.
This is, this is
most inconvenient,
I, I'm in urgent need
to see Miss Scarlet.
Mr Parker.
Ah, how, how nice to see
you, Inspector Wellington!
Yes, quite now
if you're here to
see Miss Scarlet
– then I'm afraid that she's…
– Mr Parker!
I'm so sorry but you
cannot come in.
Inspector Wellington's
orders I'm afraid.
But that is most vexing
indeed, Miss Scarlet,
since I must speak to you on a
rather urgent personal matter.
Although of course uh, I will
respect the orders of such
a high ranking police officer.
And respect him we must.
We both know this is nothing more
than a, than a harmless social call
but we must defer to Inspector
Wellington's diligence in such matters.
Let Mr Parker through but
no one else, understand.
Thank you.
Have a lovely day, Inspector Wellington.
Scotland Yard, Arthur.
An urgent personal matter,
that was an inspired
cover story, Rupert.
That was no cover story.
I am in a terrible,
terrible funk.
And Herr Hildergard's
niece is the cause of it.
Oh. And I'm sorry to hear that.
Now, you have the message.
I have known,
I have known Frauline Hildegard
for no more than three days
and yet she has already
proposed to me.
As bold as brass.
Apparently, apparently the girl
is already in love with me,
– how can that be?
– Rupert, the message.
No I, I planned to court
the young Frauline for the
remainder of her stay
and, and then when she returned
home to her little German village
I intended to propose a long distance
engagement for one, maybe two years.
And now my plan's scuppered.
Well um,
perhaps she does not want to
return to village life in Germany.
Yes, of course.
Perhaps she desires a life of
financial security in London.
This could be a marriage of
convenience for her too.
A marriage of convenience
for both of us.
Now, do you um, do you
have my reply from Moses?
It's just when, when I first
met Frauline Hildegard there…
…was barely a peep from her
and this morning her, her
English seemed a great
deal better than… she'd
first let on and,
and when I told her I needed to think
of her proposal she stamps her foot.
Do I really want a wife that
much willing determination?
Uh, then tell her no.
– No?
– Yes, no. And firmly.
Yes you're right.
A firm no. No that,
that is the safest
course of action.
Good. Now, to my matter.
I need your help, Rupert.
So you will distract the guards…
…with some sort of fainting fit
and while they are
focused on helping you,
I will exit by the back door
and sneak around the side.
It's the fainting fit it…
Apart from the fact I'm a man…
Men faint too.
But does it not appear
a little dramatic?
Well what do you suggest?
What, what if I were
to pretend to choke?
Excellent! So just hold their
attention for long enough,
two minutes should do it,
now we must hurry. I want
to head out by the kitchen
while Ivy's upstairs.
Eliza… Good luck.
How strange.
What is it?
The policemen,
they've already gone.
You must leave at once.
It's not safe here.
Our Jamaican friend's
well prepared.
– Duke.
– Yeah.
Moses late is he?
Found your note in his room.
What were you doing in his room?
I told you to stay
home where it's safe.
Yes, and then you dismissed the
guards, what sense is that?
– I dismissed no guards.
– Well they were not there when
I walked freely out of my house.
Heads will roll for this.
– And you saw no one instruct them?
– No.
And why the interest in Moses?
It would appear that Moses is part of the
criminal gang that killed your father.
We found these forged bills
of exchange in his room.
Why were the officers
dismissed, sir?
Guarding Miss Scarlet's
house is simply excessive.
This criminal gang
whoever they are
will be hell bent
on fleeing London.
You said yourself the Jamaican
has gone underground.
The notion that they
would waste time
trying assassinate the daughter
of some drunk detective,
well quite frankly
it's ludicrous.
I do not want to
take that risk, sir.
You've taken a shine to
this woman, have you not?
My concern is purely
professional, sir.
Well I'm inclined to disagree.
I think your judgment
has been clouded.
Well with all due respect I think it is
your judgment that's in question here.
I beg your pardon?
You do not like me that is clear but
do not make Miss Scarlet's safety
a casualty of that dislike.
You'd do well to remember
who you're talking to.
Now get out there
and do your job.
Or I'll get someone
to do it for you.
Do you understand? Wellington.
Yes, sir.
Is this really necessary?
Not if I could trust you
to say in my office.
Then I promise to
remain in there.
Eliza, there is a criminal gang on
the loose who would like you dead.
So until I get the
lay of the land
then this is the
safest place for you.
We need to discuss Moses.
I don't believe that he's
a part of this, William.
How can he be?
How can a well-seasoned criminal
be involved in a forgery gang?
You don't know him like I do.
Oh, so you know him well?
– Yes.
– Good.
Then what do you know
of his associates?
Did he speak of
anyone in particular?
No. No one.
And I would put my life upon it
that he's not a part of this.
Well I have evidence
to the contrary.
– I'll kill ya!
– Eat something.
At least let me help you
with the investigation.
Somewhere… in this little lot is
an answer to who this gang are.
So far all we have is this Moses
character but as yet no other links.
Frank, go through the telegrams
from the regional forces.
Cross reference their lists of
every high level forger with this.
These are the descriptions
given by the bank managers
of the men who cleared out
their accounts this morning.
Bloody hell is this it?
Smartly dressed, expensive
cologne, average height.
Yeah, so far that's all
we've got to go on.
You two, Caine had
a spell in Newgate
April 1877 to May 1880,
go through all the prison records
of inmates during that time
see if any of them were
high level forgers.
Could be he was recruited by the gang
while they were doing time together.
We're gonna need more men.
Any file that does not have further
interest goes on this pile,
Detective Jenkins.
Any file that does have further
interest goes on this pile
and any pile that is a question mark
you give to Inspector Wellington
who can make a judgment.
Follow the system lads.
It's like having my
bloody Mrs here.
Frank, get back to work.
You too, Miss Scarlet.
The shortlist of seven
criminal gangs is short indeed
and their links to Caine are
tenuous to say the least.
– But they are still links.
– And none leading back to Moses.
First thing we will
question the bank managers
and show them the mug
shots of our seven.
– You need to rest.
– No more than you.
Why must everything lead
to combat with you?
You have that effect on me.
Well I hope you will
not fight me on this.
I wish you to stay at my house.
– I beg your pardon.
– For reasons of security.
I will take the armchair,
you can take my room.
I'm not staying the night at your
house, think of my reputation.
Since when did you care
about your reputation?
You will stay at mine. I will
not budge on this William.
Very well.
I'll let the desk sergeant know where
your address is in case I'm needed.
And the word of the
lord said to Jonah
at the great city
and cry against her
– for their wickedness has come up upon
– Come on, keep it moving.
Beg your pardon Ma'am.
May god be with you.
– Get a move on, come on.
– And the word of the lord
is thy
Come along.
Everything is back in order.
Would your men
like refreshments?
No. And this time you're not to
go out there and disturb them.
I'm impressed you persuaded
Stirling to put the guards back.
Well I can be very persuasive.
You paid for those guards
out of your own pocket.
Do not deny it, William.
I don't know what
you're talking about
but I do know that I am hungry.
Good. Because dinner is served.
Is it that we dine
in the kitchen?
I'm sorry I… I
should've thought.
I rarely eat in the dining room.
I tend to join Ivy
downstairs these days.
No, it's, it's not that.
It um, might taste
better than it looks?
I'm an eternal optimist Eliza,
but we have to be realistic.
It's not my fault.
You were the one who insisted
Ivy stay at Rupert's.
How selfish of me to
think of Ivy's safety.
I didn't mean it like that
I'm merely frustrated, I,
I keep meaning to
learn how to cook
but there's always something
infinitely more interesting to do.
Look, do you have any eggs?
– Yes.
– Good.
Boiled will do nicely.
You don't know how
to boil an egg?
Lord, Eliza.
And it's as simple as that.
How much longer?
Almost done.
You bought a new watch.
Yes, my older was no
longer fit for purpose.
I'm sorry about that.
All the years I knew Henry I don't
think I've ever been in this kitchen.
If my father could see us now he might
mistake us for an old married couple.
I can assure you Eliza
if we were married
then I would not be
cooking my own eggs.
Then it's a good job
we're not married then.
Isn't it just.
I think it's um,
been three minutes.
You are in serious trouble.
Story of my life.
What were those bills of
exchange doing in your room?
Your inspector put them there.
I take it he is asleep.
Maybe I should take the
opportunity and slit his throat.
You would not do such a thing.
You don't know me,
you don't know who I have been
and what I have done.
I know enough.
You're no ruthless murderer.
But you are an opportunist so…
I must ask, did you have anything to do
with those men that killed my father?
If I say no will you believe me?
Yes, I will.
I did not.
Why would Inspector Wellington
place those bills in your room,
he wants to find this gang,
he wouldn't put me at risk wasting
time chasing the wrong man.
Believe me, Miss Scarlet,
I have been the wrong
man many times.
I've known Inspector
Wellington for a long time.
He wouldn't do such a thing,
I trust him, Moses.
That might make you
change your mind.
That is Nathaniel Caine's
brother's address.
But Caine's prison records
show he had no family.
Then someone has
doctored those records.
Benjamin Caine is
living and breathing.
But for how much
longer I don't know.
He's been threatened
to keep his mouth shut
or else.
By who? What, the forgers?
By Scotland Yard.
I hope you slept well.
Yes, thank you, and you?
As well as can be expected.
Trust me Eliza
do not eat that egg.
If you do you will end
up extremely unwell,
how long did you boil them for?
William I, I have something
to tell you and when you hear it
you will be extremely
angry with me
so I will just say it quickly.
I met Moses here last night.
He swears he is innocent
of all of this.
He believes that contrary to Nathaniel
Caine's prison records he does have a brother
a Benjamin Caine.
He reported Nathaniel missing
but someone warned him off.
It was an officer
at Scotland Yard.
Mr Caine.
I don't want no trouble.
Then you'd better let me in.
I told the Jamaican
what he wanted to hear.
No copper threatened me.
I'm a reasonable man, Mr Caine.
So, I'm gonna give you one
chance to tell the truth
and if I feel that
you're lying to me,
I will be very upset.
Now, I can assure you, you
do not want to see me upset.
So, do we understand each other?
– Yeah.
– Pardon?
Yes, Inspector Wellington.
Then let's start again.
Was the Jamaican
telling the truth?
Nathaniel didn't come home,
it had only been a few days but
he'd never been gone so long
so I went to Scotland Yard
and reported him missing.
After a week I heard nothing so I went
back and I demanded to speak to someone.
I was put in a room and,
and then this copper came in.
And what did he say?
That I had no brother
and when I told him I did
he walloped me across the room,
told me to go home and
keep my gob shut.
That if I didn't I'd end up
in the bottom of the Thames.
Who was this officer?
Um, he said his
name was Stirling.
Oi, oi, why are they
ringing the alarm?
Ah some stupid sod
dropped their fag,
caused a small fire in
one of the offices.
They're just putting it out now.
Where was this fire?
These are files of all the missing
persons from the last six months,
the fire was in
the archive room.
How convenient,
do you think it was Stirling?
I don't know what
the hell to think.
One thing is clear, Moses was
not involved, he was set up
Eliza, please. I have more
pressing things on my mind.
If Stirling is linked
to the forgers
then he would not have risked
going into those banks himself.
No, he would not.
We have our shortlist of gangs we should press
on and show the bank managers the mugshots.
But not here.
Do any of these men look
like the forgers who
come into your bank?
Yes he was one of the men.
He was with him.
Cartwright brothers.
Tell us exactly
what they told you.
They said they were businessmen
investing in the railways.
They opened opened an
account couple of months ago.
They were always polite,
well-dressed gentlemen.
And what about yesterday morning when
they cleared out their accounts?
They told me they had done several big
deals with various railway companies
and had been given bills
of exchange as payment.
They cashed these in and
took the money in gold.
Large amount, seems several cases.
They said they were going to Newcastle?
Yes, Newcastle. To set
up a new company there.
And there was nothing
else about them,
nothing unusual or odd?
There was one thing,
they were well dressed
but there was always
a slightly odd
smell about them.
They wore cologne,
too much of everything,
but it could not
disguise the odour.
You may speak freely.
It was excrement.
Subtle but there.
And uh, and they had
tried to disguise it?
Their cologne was excessive.
My uncle worked in a tannery.
He wore too much cologne to disguise the
smell of what they used to soften the leather.
Dog shite.
Forgive me, Miss Scarlet.
That will be all for now.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Shall I call in the next one?
No, he seemed quite certain it
was the Cartwright brothers
and time is not on our side.
So what's next?
We need a map.
So the banks are…
Here, here and here.
As you say, William,
gold is heavy
so they'd need a convenient
place to hide out and
stash it until they could
make their move to run.
Tanneries have many hiding places
but they're full of workers.
Not the old Bermondsey tannery,
it still stinks to high heaven…
…but hasn't been used for years.
What in god's name?
I told you to make sure she
stayed in the carriage.
I tried sir but she
is very determined.
The only way I could make her
stay was to manhandle her.
Then that is precisely
what you should've done.
Last time I crossed her
she gave me a black eye.
I am here you know,
you can address me directly.
Get back to the carriage now.
I am tired of waiting
for you in carriages.
Duke! In here!
Get her back to the carriage
and stand up to her, man.
– Frank?
– In here.
God almighty.
What happened?
Well the chief takes police
corruption very seriously.
A full investigation will
be launched into Stirling.
This office and home are
being searched as we speak.
And what of them?
We found a train
ticket on Stirling
first class to Liverpool
and we think he
arranged to meet them
but they double crossed them,
took his share of the gold.
It makes no sense.
Stirling was from a wealthy family why
would he involve himself in such a thing?
He was wealthy but
he wanted more.
I got a telegram from the
Cunard office in Liverpool.
Two men matching the description
of the Cartwright brothers
boarded the RMS Umbria this
morning bound for New York.
Telegram New York, give them
the details of the case.
Will they be arrested?
That is the hope but
our friends in the New York police
department are not always cooperative.
So my father's killers
could walk free.
We don't know that it
was either of them.
It could've been Stirling.
Eliza I want justice for
Henry as much as you do.
By god I would string up whoever
murdered him with my own bare hands.
But right now we can do no more.
Let me take you home,
we can collect Ivy from
Mr Parker's on the way.
If Stirling was working with
someone in the department,
then you will be the
last thing on their minds.
You're a true friend, William.
I'm eternally grateful.
I don't know how to thank you.
Have dinner with me.
I would like that.
But first we must find Moses.
Oh how you love to tease me.
Stirling clearly set Moses up
knowing your dislike of him,
– he deserves an apology.
– I'm not apologizing to that man.
That man?
We both owe Moses a great debt.
You are prone to
exaggerate, Eliza.
His help with the case was for
his own gain, nothing more.
The man is a criminal.
He risked his freedom
coming to see me.
Well perhaps you should
take him to dinner then.
That would cause quite a stir
amongst the other diners.
I'll get my own cab.
What happened to your eternal gratitude,
it's not even been a full minute?
As you say, William, I'm
prone to exaggerate.
Excuse me.
The lads are devastated over the
demise of our esteemed super.
To Frederick Alloysius Stirling.
May the stuck up ass rest in peace.
– Yeah! Yeah!
– To Striling!
We did well today me old mate.
We deserve to get very drunk.
If you say so.
There's only one woman
that makes you this miserable.
Lovers tiff?
Hmm, I don't wanna
talk about it.
You wanna hear the secret
to a happy marriage?
Not really, Frank.
Me and my Mrs go out
dancing every week.
She goes Tuesdays
and I go Thursdays.
Pity my old woman didn't
find me as funny as you do.
Maybe she wouldn't have left me.
She's left you?
Last week.
That's what she used to call me.
There's someone here to see you.
Inspector Wellington?
Ah, I must speak with
you urgently Eliza.
Thank you.
Now, Frauline Hildegard
is on her way over
and she is most, most vexed.
She's angry with you?
No. No, she is angry with you.
Well you were the one who instructed
me to decline her proposal, you…
It was more of a suggestion
than an instruction.
A firm no Rupert is what
you said. A firm no.
Oh Rupert please do not tell me
you put the blame on me again?
When you moved out
from your mother's.
See, mother dislikes you a lot
more than Frauline Hildegard.
Move along.
– Is your Mrs not coming back?
– Nah!
And good riddance.
Do this Frank, do that Frank,
do this that and the
bloody other Frank.
You're a better impressionist
that you are a copper.
Uh, I can do anyone.
Say that again and I'll knock
you through that bloody wall.
– That was you!
– It's very good,
very good.
You have another
visitor, Miss Scarlet.
You will not take my fiancé.
Frauline Hildegard I do not know
how things are done in Germany
but we do not burst into
people's homes unannounced here.
Do not be superior with me.
It is difficult not to when you are
shouting at me in my drawing room.
He is mine!
– You have your policeman!
– I beg your pardon.
Look at the innocence.
I came here first thing
to speak with you.
I knocked and no one answered,
but I saw him creep
up your stairs
waiting for you no doubt.
You saw Detective Inspector
Wellington creep up my stairs.
No, not the handsome
one, the other one.
What other one?
My name is
Superintendent Stirling.
Right, right have you
got a spare blanket?
Well it was until some
ghastly villains did me in.
No blankets, Frank,
I'll just have to make
do with a coat for now.
What have you done, Frank?
Did you kill Henry?
And that would've
been the end of it.
But you didn't keep his
daughter in line, did ya.
Like only a bloody woman would.
Don't blame her for
what you've done.
And what's that?
Got rich.
Cartwright brothers,
they aren't on the way
to New York, are they?
They're at the bottom
of the Thames.
just got too complicated after
you found Caine.
You threatened his brother
pretending to be Stirling.
And now I've gotta
get rid of you too.
I really am sorry me, old mate.
You stay there.
What the hell are
you doing here?
May I?
For god's sake, Eliza, what
the hell are you doing here?
you got the better of me once,
that won't happen again.
I come unarmed.
– What?
– What?
I don't own a gun.
Yes, that is something I
should no doubt rectify
– given the business I am in.
– Have you lost your mind?
I need no weapon.
I intend to reason with
Detective Jenkins.
Oh, lord.
You do know
that after I kill him…
Look at me!
I'm gonna kill you too.
Yes, I have gathered that
– but would you at least hear me out?
– No!
I've had my fill of your gob.
I know where you've hidden
the gold you stole.
Course you do.
Right now PC Honeychurch has a group
of men heading over to retrieve it.
Where is it then?
First I would like you to release
William and then I will tell you.
That makes no sense.
It really doesn't, Eliza.
Very well I don't
know where it is.
It was merely a delay tactic.
For what?
That's what I like
most about you, Moses.
Your punctuality.
Frank used you to distract me
allowing him time to take care
of the Cartwright brothers
and set Stirling up.
I'm glad to have
been of service.
I better go.
Thank you.
Inspector Wellington will
give you a ride home, Moses.
That'd be most kind.
I don't want a ride
home from you.
Well, that's a relief.
Can I be candid, inspector?
Be my guest.
I like you even less
than you like me.
But for her sake…
Let me be clear.
I'll be keeping my eye on you
and if I get a sniff that
you've caused her any trouble…
I understand.
Then I shall bid you goodnight.
I think you dropped your wallet.
You discovered the truth and
justice will be served.
You need to be
satisfied with that.
I will never be satisfied '
cause it will not
bring you back.
But you did your job
and you did it well.
Now word will spread that
you were involved in
this high profile case
and your reputation will grow.
I didn't do it for that.
I know.
What have I always
said about tears?
Only stupid people cry.
Hopeless people
and you are not
without hope Lizzie,
far from it. My clever girl.
Now, dry your eyes or
there'll be no supper.
You always said that
and there always was.
And blow that nose,
you do not want him to see
you in such a muddle.
So, I've been thinking…
Oh, dear.
That never bodes well.
I apologized to
Moses as you wished
which means we can now
go out to dinner.
You didn't apologise,
you thanked him.
Same thing.
Why the rush?
Because if we wait we will no doubt have a
disagreement about something irrelevant
and we will have
to postpone again.
So where are you taking me?
Gilberts, we can walk from here.
But you cannot just turn up at
Gilberts you need a reservation.
Then it's a good job
I already have one.
And you assumed I'd say yes?
As I said I am an
eternal optimist.
You are a rogue.
Let's play a game and see if we can
reach Gilberts without an argument.
It's not me who
argues, it's you.
You're right the fault
is always entirely mine.
I like this game,
we should play it
more often, William.
Yes, Eliza,
whatever you say.
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