Miss Scarlet and The Duke (2020) s02e01 Episode Script

Pandora's Box

Lord Billingdon
Miss Scarlet
I apologize for disturbing your evening.
However, I wanted to inform
you that I found them.
You found them.
My babies.
I am most impressed.
I must admit I wasn't entirely
convinced you had it in you.
Well, as promised when you engaged
me I offer a highly professional service.
I shall fetch my man.
He will take you home.
Lord Billingdon
The matter of my fee
I shall send payment
to your office on Friday.
May I ask why not now?
Because it is not convenient.
Our contract clearly states
payment in full on delivery.
I have daughters your age.
If they spoke to me
in that kind of fashion.
They would be
reprimanded at once.
You will be paid at a time
agreeable for me, young lady.
Now I bid you goodnight.
In heavens name.
You would not dare.
Good morning.
What is that smell?
Never mind that.
I've been stuck here
all night, William.
Where have you been?
- At home..
..asleep where you should have been..
..but apparently you chose
to disturb the peace instead.
but it has been three weeks
since the last arrest,
so I suppose this
is progress of sorts.
Lucky for you the
cells were all full.
Oh, yes, I'm feeling
extremely lucky.
What is that smell?
I've had little experience of allotments,
but after searching through at least 50
for those damn pigeons,
I'm now quite the expert.
You'd be surprised the
variety of manure used,
most of which ended up on my dress.
Well, those pigeons
would have certainly ruined
such expensive velvet curtains.
You'll have to pay a fine.
It's so unjust.
I've been in this business long
enough to know that I'm good at it it.
Yet why do I still struggle to
attract more illustrious cases?
You asking me or blaming me?
Just so I'm clear before I answer.
I'm simply pointing out that trying
to build a successful agency
would not be as hard if I were a man.
Being a man has its
disadvantages, too.
Oh, really, such as?
I promise by the time we dine tomorrow,
I would have thought of
at least half a dozen.
Four dinners in as many weeks.
People will begin to gossip.
Let them.
We're just two old friends
enjoying an evening out.
I should get on. I have an
important meeting to prepare for.
How's the new Superintendent?
Yes, and I'm determined to be
in accord with him
a damn site more than I was
with the last, God rest his soul.
Don't be too effusive with him, William.
It doesn't suit your face.
Are you saying that I'm ill
tempered much of the time?
I'm simply saying that your natural
disposition is not one of enthusiasm.
You are measured.
How does that sound?
Like you're trying to placate me.
I've told you he's very busy man
so I suggest you calm down and stop
making a spectacle of yourself.
Sir, this lady's insisting
on talking with you,
but I tried to tell her you have
other matters to attend to.
You're Inspector Wellington?
You're the one who's cast my sister
aside like some dirt on your shoe.
Please calm yourself Madam.
You've done nothing to find her
yet you close the case.
If this is regarding an investigation,
you need to speak
with the desk Sergeant.
You were in charge of her case,
and yet you found nothing.
How can that be?
Get her out of here, Charlie.
Christ, Inspector Wellington.
Do you remember the kids?
Right now I'm more
concerned about him.
Who is it?
The new Superintendent.
Good morning, Sir.
I just wanted to come by
and introduce myself. I'm Inspect
I know exactly who you are.
I wanted to apologise for the
scene that you've just witnessed, Sir
and to assure you that it's
not regular occurrence.
No need to apologise.
Take a seat, laddie.
The general public, have no idea
the volume of cases we have
to attend to week in and week out.
There's always going to be someone
unsatisfied with our service.
Yes, Sir.
You know it's good to hear that one of
my own men is from the old hometown.
You're from Glasgow, Sir?
- Dragged up in the tenements. You?
It's a long time ago.
My predecessor..
I hear you two
didn't see eye to eye.
Let's just say that he was
from a different world to us.
Stuck up prig, aye?
Aye, it's slow job to
pull your way up
unless you've been born with a
silver spoon in your giggy.
Yet here you are Sir.
Here I am.
Now, I was fortunate.
I'd good governors
that championed me.
So I'd like to do the
same for my own men,
which is why I brought a couple
with me here to the Met,
and I expect you to
show them the ropes,
Wellington take them under your wing.
Absolutely Sir.
Game for another?
There's always time for another Sir.
Miss Scarlet!
Miss Scarlet!
Goodness, you walk fast.
I'm sorry.
Have we met.
It's Hattie, Hattie Parker.
Rupert's cousin.
Oh, of course Rupert mentioned you
were staying with his mother,
although that was a while ago.
I haven't received a letter
in some weeks.
That is why I'm here.
Rupert has written to you
but mistakenly
used my aunts address.
I hid it quickly before she saw.
I do adore my cousin
but he is absent minded
at the best of times.
Well he's a newly married man and
that's no doubt keeping him busy.
I gather it's the night-time
amusements and the violin.
They keep him busiest.
How is your aunt?
- On the warpath.
Oh dear, what's up with her now.
I didn't make Rupert go to Germany.
I certainly had no hand
in this marriage of his.
That is what I told her.
But Harriet she said,
what do you know about anything?
You are stupid, stupid girl without
one ounce of common sense.
Rupert mentioned your father died.
I'm so sorry.
I know what it is to lose
someone so dear.
It was just Papa and I for so long.
But now he has gone.
I am to be my aunt's companion.
Well, it was very nice
to meet you Miss Parker,
but I really should get to work.
Oh yes, your investigation agency.
I've heard all about it.
What you are doing is quite
marvellous, Miss Scarlett.
Perhaps you'd like to come to tea..
- Today?
Maybe not today..
- Tomorrow?
How about Wednesday, 4 o'clock?
Thank you, Miss Scarlett.
Until Wednesday..
Can you please stop
breaking into my office?
I like to keep you on your toes.
It's good for business.
Speaking of business.
Did you get it?
He tried to hold back
some of your fees.
And I can't have this
ruined evening suit.
What a lot of fuss over
a few pigeon droppings.
But I reasoned with him.
Well, you were clearly
very persuasive.
If that's what you want to call it.
How's your lad in Scotland Yard?
I think it's your inspector bailed you out.
He's not my inspector.
Don't get too comfortable.
This is no lodging house.
I may have a case for you.
Make yourself at home.
So what is this case?
There is a landlord
in Whitechapel.
He has a guest
at his boarding house.
They were looking for the services
of a private detective.
What's their name?
Miss Alice Lee.
I'm sorry you saw
me in that state.
Such was my rage.
I have no recollection
You were even there.
All I saw was him.
That man..
Who has the gall to close my sister's
case without a by-your-leave.
Miss Lee.
I know this is no excuse,
but Inspector Wellington
has a great many cases to deal with.
In fact he most likely had little
to do with this investigation,
but rather his men carried it out.
Inspector Wellington
signed the case closed.
He's the one to answer for it.
So tell me about your sister.
Georgina is the sweetest girl.
Our parents are both dead
so all we have is each other.
I was so worried when she said she
wanted to come to London to work.
I tried to stop her.
I didn't think she could cope
in the city or prove me wrong.
She got a job in a
shop - Wentworths.
Well, that's not just a shop.
Wentworth's is the best
department store in the West End.
Three months ago.
Her letters stopped.
I became so worried that I travelled down
from Yorkshire to see her.
I went straight to the store
but was told.
She no longer worked there.
One day she just didn't turn up.
They assumed she got another job.
So you went to the police.
I filled out a missing persons form.
And then last week I got a letter
to say the case was closed.
They found nothing.
Will you help me?
My heart goes out to poor Miss Lee,
but offering my services
will not go down well with William.
No matter the rights
of the wrongs of the case.
You'd humiliate him in front
of his new superintendent.
Dilemma, indeed.
If you wish to have some kind of future
with Inspector Wellington,
you need to start considering
what cases you take..
..ones that don't undermine his reputation.
Who says I wish to
have a future with him?
Or evenings out since
I had no idea you
were keeping count.
We're just old friends, Ivy.
Then have some loyalty,
find this woman, someone else
to take her case - and keep still.
Fine, you're right.
I will find Miss Lee
an alternative investigator.
I know that looks easy.
Innocent as a lamb..
but there's always
the devilment of a 'but'.
First, I will gather
the basic information.
That way if there is anything
that William has overlooked,
I may tell him before
someone reopens the case.
It's the act of a friend, Ivy.
How selfless of you.
On occasion I have the need to run, so
I'd like my hemline little higher, please.
Over my dead body. You
are not showing your ankles.
Good morning Miss.
Yes Madam.
How can I help?
Why, I was hoping you might
have a spare moment to talk.
About what?
Georgina Lee.
I'm working for her sister.
I'm a private detective.
You're what?
Do you have a few moments?
Welcome to Wentworth, Madam.
The Pandora's box
of the West End.
I trust Miss Yates is serving you
to your satisfaction.
She's no customer, Mr Salisbury.
She's a private detective
asking questions about Georgina.
This is a department store, Madam.
If you're not intending to buy anything,
I would like you to leave.
It will not take long, it's it's mainly
a few questions that I seek
It looks like I'll have
to see you out myself then.
This way please
Mr Salisbury.
What on Earth is going on here?
I apologise, Mrs Wentworth,
I was attempting to ask
this lady to leave.
If she is a lady.
Apparently she's a private detective.
She's a what?
Thank you.
I apologize for our Mr Salisbury.
He can be a little enthusiastic.
I do not wish to cause
any trouble.
It's merely a few questions I seek
on behalf of Miss Lee.
Ohh, that poor woman must be out
of her mind with worry.
Georgina was such a sweet girl.
Customers loved her.
Her absence is a loss to the store.
And you do not have any idea
where she might have gone?
Well, yes, we assumed she
found a position elsewhere
and this is what you told the police.
Well the police didn't come to
speak to me or to my husband.
And I'm glad of it.
What with my wife's
current condition
and I must say we weren't aware there
was even an investigation
until speaking with you.
What, the police didn't come to the store.
They didn't speak to you
or the other shop girls?
No one did.
I know you've been under the
command of Superintendent Munro
and I have no doubt he
has the highest standards.
but different forces
have different procedures,
so I want you to listen carefully.
Sir, I'm just not entirely sure
of the logistics of this operation.
Well, if you just let
me finish Detective..
Fitzroy, Sir.
Uniform will enter..
Oliver Fitzroy, Sir.
As I was saying, we will go in
through the front
and to the best of our knowledge,
this gang hasn't used firearms before.
However, we should
be prepared for anything.
When you say anything, Sir
Oi! pretty boy, shut your goblet.
Let the skipper speak.
What the 'ell's going
on with your hair?
I want this to run like clockwork
so no one moves till I say.
We still have the element of
surprise, so let's keep it that way.
Get to it,
Detective Fitzroy.
Word, please
You're new so..
Not that new actually Sir.
I was posted at Essex before
..so I'm going to give you
the benefit of the doubt.
Interrupt me again and you'll
be cleaning out the latrines in the cells.
Is that clear?
Yes, Sir.
Sorry Sir, permission
to speak, Sir
Permission denied.
Get to it.
Miss Scarlet.
Miss Yates?
I can tell you some things
about Georgina but not here.
So you think Georgina's run away?
I don't think.
I know.
And it's the same reason
she ran away from her village.
Get away from that sister.
She was terrified of her.
But it was my understanding
that Georgina left Yorkshire
to find a job in London.
Well, her sister would
say that wouldn't she?
and Georgina had a different story.
Her sister was suffocating.
Treated like a baby.
She even sewed Georgina's name in all of her
clothes like she was some little schoolgirl
and if she stepped out of line
Why run away from London
when her sister's in Yorkshire?
Because she told Georgina she
was moving down to be nearer.
She wanted to control
the poor little mare.
So where's she gone?
I told her to tell no one.
Not even me.
She needed a new
start away from that one
breathing down her neck.
I'm telling you
that Miss Lee is no lady.
Not like us.
Oi, you! Get your hands up.
Where you going?
Do something useful detective.
Check upstairs.
Make sure this is the lot of them.
That's it.
Nice and easy does it.
Where is the stash?
Well, it's here somewhere.
I'll find it myself.
Cell waiting for you.
All clear upstairs, Sir.
You search down here.
I'll take upstairs.
Go on, go on..
Your revolver.
Use it!
Are you always this useless detective?
I don't know what to say Sir.
I told you to do a thorough check.
I did, at least I believed I did.
Well, this gentleman is
evidence to the contrary.
I've looked into your case and spoken
with some of those who knew Georgina
at Wentworth, in particular
and Miss Jane Yates.
She has a different
version of events.
This was forwarded from
my home address in Yorkshire.
I received it this morning.
Dear Mother, I'm sorry
I have caused you worry.
Please know that all is well
and I will be in touch soon
With fondest love, Georgina.
But I thought you said your
mother and father were dead.
The telegram is a lie.
Georgina did not send it.
There's something I should tell you.
Something I have never told
a living soul apart from Georgina.
She's my daughter.
I was young and I had
her out of wedlock.
To save the disgrace on my family,
we were brought up as sisters.
Georgina never called me mother.
Only ever Alice.
So whoever sent this
knew your secret.
Must have been
someone close to her.
Someone she trusted to confide in.
Miss Yates
It's Miss Scarlett.
You sure you're all right?
Just a little shocked.
It's not every day one is shot at.
What are you doing here?
Working a case.
The Georgina Lee case.
Her sister came into Scotland Yard.
The lady that was upset.
You reopened one of my cases.
You must understand that you
sought out Miss Lee's business
after learning how dissatisfied
she was with my service.
Of course not.
I secured the case
through Moses.
Moses, ah
I didn't intend to become embroiled.
It just happened.
Things have a tendency
to just happen to you, Eliza.
It's about time you took some credit
for your decisions.
If you had any respect
for me or my position,
then you would not have reopened it.
Well, it's a good job I did
because you most
certainly missed something.
Do you have any idea
how many cases I have to deal with?
I don't have the luxury
of working one case at a time as you do.
Well, more's the pity because the
investigation into Georgina Lee was poor
indeed, William.
What is it?
He was in the street
at the time of the murder.
I thought he might know something
and you thought you would bring him here
to the crime scene for God's sake.
Calm yourself,
William take him in for questioning and
start using your common sense, detective.
Never call me that
again in front of my men.
Now you wish to speak to me.
I apologize if you feel that we
did not give your sister's case
the attention that it deserved.
That is an understatement.
We've hundreds if not thousands
of missing persons reports every year.
We endeavour to do our best.
We are doing everything to find Georgina
Only because Miss Scarlett
has shone a light on your incompetence.
Perhaps we might be
better concentrating on
how we proceed from here?
The lady who was murdered..
Jane Yates.
Tell me about Georgina's
relationship with her.
I know she worked with my sister.
I also know she's a liar.
She said Georgina was scared of me.
She told Miss Scarlet as much.
That's just please focus on something
other than Miss Scarlet
and her investigation.
At least she's done
an investigation.
What the hell is going on here?
Who does this
revolver belong to?
I can only apologise, Sir.
I was guiding him into the cell
to sober him up.
When he pulled the gun
from my holster and..
Beyond my comprehension,
how a man like you
has got to the rank of detective.
Do I have permission
to enlighten you, Sir?
It was rhetorical question.
Oh, forgive me.
I'm equally at a loss as to
why a man like yourself
would want to do this job.
I don't wish to be personal,
but you look more like
a poet than a police officer.
Please do not think you offend me
with your observation, Sir.
I take that as a compliment.
You see, Lord Byron
is a hero of mine
and I like to think that maybe one day
I'll have some poetry of
my own published.
Detective Fitzroy..
The simple fact is that you do
not belong here.
You are a danger to yourself
and to the rest of my men,
so I have no alternative
but to dismiss you.
With immediate effect.
I understand, Sir.
That means you need
to leave Detective.
Yes, of course, Sir.
For heaven's sake.
You don't like me
to wait in your office.
Now you don't like me
to wait outside.
I could have killed you Moses.
You couldn't open
an envelope with that thing.
What have you got for me?
So Miss Yates was making a lot more money
than a mere shopgirl.
Guarding their bank account.
That's how she was able to afford rent
on such an expensive apartment.
How did you find these things out?
I'm a man of many talents.
You're a man with a talent
for avoiding questions.
Miss Yates was making regular
payments to another account.
Know this man?
Welcome to Wentworths, Madam.
The Pandora's box
of the West End.
I'm quite sure a lady as elegant as yourself
knows exactly what she's looking for.
However, if you are in
need of any assistance,
please do not
- Mr Salisbury..
Who on earth are you?
You didn't say that last night.
Clementine. Nice to meet you.
Would Madam excuse me for one moment?
I don't know who you are ..
- Got a message for you..
What message?
Where is she?
You think it is funny
sending that woman?
Well, you made it abundantly clear
that I wasn't welcome in the stores,
so I thought it wise to send an associate.
If she is an associate, tells me everything
about the type of outfit you're running.
I'm more interested in the outfit
that you're running, Mr Salisbury.
I know that Jane Yates
was depositing money
into your account each month.
The fact that you're here
with me now suggests
that this isn't something
you wish to share with anyone.
I arrange liaisons between the girls
and rich customers for a fee.
Sometimes it is more
than just shopping.
The girls oblige with
That's how they
supplement their wages.
Could any of these customers
who wanted Jane Yates dead
- a married client, perhaps -
God only knows.
She had a lot of men.
One of the most popular girls.
She was a good earner.
And what if..
Who were her regular customers?
She did not have any.
He would not share her
with anyone else.
He is powerful,
Perhaps I've said too much.
Let me be clear, Mr. Salisbury.
If you don't tell me,
I will share what information I have
with Inspector Wellington
and Scotland Yard.
You will lose your job,
your reputation,
and if anyone's unfortunate
enough to be
Mrs Salisbury, your wife
It was Mr. Wentworth.
Tell me Wentworth's daily movements.
Every day at noon he goes
to Levine's tea house.
He likes the waitresses in there.
These are Georgina Lee's clothes.
How do you know?
They have her name
sewn into them.
If someone had
murdered Georgina Lee
Let's not jump to conclusions.
the most obvious motive would be
to silence her over their affair.
Maybe she threatened to
kill his pregnant wife.
Maybe Jane Yates found out.
The extra money she was
earning might not
have just been from
her services on the side.
Maybe she was blackmailing the wife
and he got rid of her, too.
And this is you not jumping
to conclusions, is it?
Well one of us has to, William.
because the other seems stuck
in some kind of sulk.
I'm a grown man.
I don't sulk.
I said I was sorry
for reopening the case.
Don't do that.
You'd rewrite history and then you
convince me that it's so.
All right, fine.
I didn't apologise.
I do now.
I'm sorry, William.
I should have spoken to you first.
And if you had and I had
asked you not to take it,
would it have made
any difference?
Here you go, Sir.
Thank you.
The telegram to Miss Lee was sent
from the county of Buckinghamshire,
Beaconsfield. Wentworth
has a country residence there.
Wentworth's wife's gone into labour.
Said it's his house in the country.
Is Mr. Wentworth home?
Inspector Wellington, Scotland Yard.
I'd like to speak with him
now please.
No one's allowed upstairs.
I had given up hope
of ever becoming a mother.
Until one night I happened
across Georgina.
The store was closed
and I found her crying.
She revealed to me her
affair with my husband.
And the pregnancy, she told me
of the secret of her family,
how her mother had been
raised as her sister.
She did not want to bring
any more disgrace upon them.
So you agreed to raise
the baby to your own.
And pass yourself off
as expecting.
Georgina was very sick
during the pregnancy.
She feared she might not
survive the birth.
She wrote to her friend, Miss Yates,
to let her know where she was.
And if she were to die.
She wanted her mother
to know what she had done.
But Miss Yates used this
information to blackmail us.
Humiliation of everyone knowing
that my wife's pregnancy was false.
I'd be a laughing stock.
My reputation would be destroyed.
Perhaps you should have thought of that
before getting a young woman pregnant.
I assume Miss Yates' demands
became untenable.
So you dealt with her.
It was me.
I went to speak to Miss Yates
and I took the revolver
just to scare her.
But when I arrived, she said
that I was an unnatural woman
and that I was defective for being
unable to carry my own child.
she jeered at me
and the next thing I know,
I pulled the trigger.
We have
much to discuss.
We still have our dinner
reservation this evening.
Perhaps then.
Superintendent wants to see me.
I'll see you later.
Inspector Wellington.
Miss Scarlet.
You requested to see me, Sir.
Come in, Inspector Wellington.
There seems to be a misunderstanding
with Detective Fitzroy.
There's no misunderstanding, Sir.
The man is not equipped
to be a constable.
Never mind detective.
- Leave us.
Yes, Sir.
Detective Fitzroy is the son
of the police commissioner
and on his father's instructions
Fitzroy has been elevated
through the ranks.
Even though he has not had
the sufficient experience
needed to warrant these promotions.
Well, surely this cannot be
allowed to continue, Sir.
I'll show you this mail, laddie.
I myself have been stuck with him
for the last six months,
but when you come from a powerful
family, such as the Commissioner's.
All justice goes out the
window, I'm afraid.
Are you saying that I can't dismiss
one of my own men, Sir?
I am saying you're more than capable
of dealing with him, inspector.
It's just a little arrangement.
These things have to
be done from time to time
to keep things well oiled
and running smoothly. Understood?
Understood, Sir
No more traipsing through
allotments, please.
Can't afford to keep making
you new dresses.
Lizzie are you listening to me?
You look beautiful.
I only wish you were
here to see you.
Don't do that.
You know I don't like it
when you get upset.
I just hate to see you alone.
That's all.
I'm not alone.
I have you.
That can't be Willie.
He's not due for hours.
Is it Wednesday already?
I probably shouldn't.
My aunt says 'Harriet'
'No wonder no one wishes
to marry you.'
'You have the appetite of a man'
'which is most unseemly.'
She's so funny.
My aunt means well and requesting me
to come to London and be her companion
was an offer of kindness.
It's an offer that benefits her too.
I do not blame you
for your low opinion
of my aunt, Miss Scarlet.
My cousin has told me of your history,
which is why I have come up
with the most marvelous idea.
My aunt is on the Committee
for the Ladies Cultural Society
and they are always looking
for new speakers and I thought
how about Miss Scarlet
and her detective adventures?
Why on earth would I want to do that?
I had hoped we would become friends.
I do not have
many friends in London.
Any at all really.
So it would be easier
if my aunt approved of you.
Miss Parker
- Hattie
I have no need nor deSire
for your aunt's approval.
You are so lucky.
You have such freedom.
How did you come to that conclusion?
First, you are a woman
and according to my cousin,
more often than not
struggling with finance
and your business,
not to mention
not being taken seriously, of course.
You're merely proving
my point, I think.
you know who you are.
and what you want.
Many may not approve, but
you simply do not care.
I call that freedom indeed.
It's Inspector Wellington.
Before we go out to dine,
I need to tell you something.
Please, sit down.
William, in answer to your question,
Would I have taken the case
had you asked me not to?
The simple truth is..
Denying me would have
made me want it all the more.
My freedom to make
my own decisions
and to choose the work
I wish to take is everything to me.
Please let me finish.
You mean a great deal,
but I would not be dictated to.
I will have no master.
So if we are to have
some kind of future.
I thought it important
to be clear
where I stand before
we go out to dine.
Eliza, I've cancelled
our dinner reservation.
It's pointless was to deny the truth that
if we were anything more than friends,
my position would be untenable.
The fact is I am undermined
already with the added humiliation.
It's, er..
It's better for both of us
to leave things
as they are for now.
Goodnight, Eliza.
Goodnight, William.
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