Miss Scarlet and The Duke (2020) s02e03 Episode Script

A Pauper's Grave

You lose everything, my girl.
So you've said - four times.
I definitely had
it on yesterday.
Your gloves, your keys, that
handkerchief I embroidered for you
Five times.
Miss Scarlet?
- Yes.
I'm Miss Scarlet.
May I inquire if you've lost something?
Some jewellery perhaps?
Yes, my mother's wedding ring.
Have you found it?
Does your ring
have an inscription?
From my father to my mother
'For my beloved, Livinia Scarlet'
Then it is yours.
I told you so many times to get
it resized, but does she listen?
It was found last night in the
city mortuary by a Mr Potts.
Is she the one that calls you
an unChristian woman
the morals of an alley cat.
Yes, that's the one.
You're under arrest.
What? Why?
For breaking and
entering the city mortuary.
Find Inspector Wellington.
Duke, the door.
It's your house, you get it.
Sorry to bother you,
but I wondered if Inspector
Wellington was there.
You've got a visitor.
Inspector Wellington!
I need your help.
It's Eliza.
She's been arrested.
Tell her it's my day off.
Who is this Eliza?
She's not my wife.
Ready inspector?
Miss Scarlet really
does need your help.
There's clearly been a
misunderstanding Detective Phelps.
Not that I wish to tell you
how to do your job.
You being an extremely
experienced, well regarded officer,
I'm simply perplexed
as to what has happened.
Well, let me enlighten
you, Miss Scarlet.
Last night someone smashed the window
of the city mortuary and broke in.
They then gained
access to the clerical office
inside and stole some
highly confidential files.
Well, if that is true
then it's both deplorable
and a disgrace.
Words shared by the
clerk of the mortuary, Mr Potts,
although in his case he used to
describe you rather than the situation.
I know that man's opinion of me.
'An unscrupulous woman'
'who is as trustworthy
as a bag of snakes'.
The fact is, I'm no thief.
So glad you brought up facts,
Miss Scarlet,
because the fact remains
that your ring
was found at the crime scene.
Well, I have no
idea how it got there.
Women aren't even allowed
in the mortuary - quite right too.
It's no place for a lady.
Morning to you.
I'll take you from here
Detective Phelps.
Thank God for that.
I'm sorry to have dragged
you into this, William.
On my day off.
Oh. Were you doing
something nice?
I have no idea how my mother's ring
found its way to the crime scene.
It's a puzzle indeed.
Do you think I was
born yesterday?
I'm warning you, Eliza.
The next words out of your
mouth better be the truth
or I'll take you down
to the cells myself.
All right. I did go to
the mortuary yesterday.
I have numerous outstanding
cases which I could progress with
if Mr Potts would share some
basic information with me.
But he refuses to treat me
like a fellow professional.
So I have no choice but to
break in like a common criminal
and check the files myself.
I must have dropped my
mother's ring whilst there,
hence this misunderstanding.
So let me get this straight..
Last night you broke
into the city mortuary
and stole files
from Potts' office.
Where exactly is the
I never stole anything.
I looked at the files
and put them back.
And it wasn't last night, it
was yesterday afternoon
when Mr Potts was out for lunch.
And I didn't break in.
Why would I want to have a key?
You duplicated a key
for the city mortuary?
What choice do I have?
Someone else broke into the
mortuary last night and it wasn't me.
I wouldn't lie to you, William.
That's a blatant line in itself.
Miss Scarlet.
- Detective Fitzroy.
New haircut?
Very smart.
Sir, I have a message for you.
I thought I told you I wasn't
here. I'm on my day off.
Yes Sir, but the Superintendent
has asked for you.
He says it's urgent.
Do not move.
You do believe me, don't you?
This is an extremely serious
offence that you're accused of.
It's going to be damn hard
to prove it wasn't you.
Come in!
Ah, Wellington.
This is Mr Thackeray.
Good morning, sir.
I hope it is a good
morning, Inspector..
it's been a bloody awful night,
that's for sure.
Mr Thackery is the chief coroner.
The break in at city mortuary?
Break ins.
Plural. We've just had word that
the mortuaries in Kentish Town
and Swiss Cottage were
broken into last night.
Confidential files
stolen from each.
I believe you have the
perpetrator in custody.
We do indeed, Edmond.
That woman has a history
of breaking the law.
My man in the city has had to deal
with her time and time again,
but this time she's gone too far.
The lady detective..
What nonsense.
So Miss Scarlet has had some
minor grievances with the clerk
who runs the city mortuary service.
There was evidence found
at one of the crime scenes
that places are there.
surely you are working under the assumption
that whoever did one break in
must have done the other two.
Yes, that would be
the assumption, sir.
I want that woman charged
without delay.
It's all on hand.
Take Miss Scarlet directly to
Holloway. She can be kept there whilst
further investigations
are undertaken.
Further Investgation?
What need is there of that?
You've got all the
evidence you need. Fergus.
Charge her.
- But Sir..
That's an order, Inspector.
Yes, Sir.
Sorry, hello.
Where is she?
I wish I knew so I could give
her a piece of my mind.
She does nothing but worry
the life out of me.
Not only is she now a fugitive,
but she's also made a complete
fool out of me again.
I'm as frantic to find
her as you are.
God knows where she is.
God knows what danger she's in.
Well, not as much danger as
she'll be when I get my hands on her.
Please do not talk
like that Inspector,
but it's not gentlemanly.
Do you have any idea
how much trouble she's in?
Then you must help her.
How can I when I don't
know where she is?
There was one person who might know
her whereabouts
and I have my men hunting
him down as we speak.
If Moses so much as sneezes,
we will be down on
him like a ton of bricks.
What makes you think
Moses knows anything?
Those two are thick as thieves?
If you see her or you hear from her,
then you send for me Ivy, immediately.
Are you sure you
weren't followed?
Why do people
always ask me that?
I'm worried about my girl.
Are you certain this
is the right thing to do?
Just stick to the plan.
I don't think I can do it.
You just lied to the Detective Inspector.
You can do this.
Gone where?
I don't know sir.
So a prime suspect who was in
your custody has done a runner.
You're unable to locate
her, a woman.
She's a private detective, Sir.
She has contacts..
- Are you not one of them?
I can assure you that
I've had no hand in this, sir.
I can also assure
you that Eliza Scarlet
is not the perpetrator. We're
barking up the wrong tree.
Now it seems to
me we have a conflict
of interest here,
so I'm going to recommend
you'll move to another case,
With all due respect, Sir,
that would be a mistake.
The chief coroner's a man
of connection and influence.
so I'm gonna make my
life extremely difficult.
Give me one more day, sir.
Now, I have not long been in
this job laddie and I can assure you
you do not want to
be the reason I lose it.
You have your day.
Find her!
Yes, Sir.
What a privilege it
is to have such a visit.
Not since Prince Albert himself
graced us to open
our new autopsy wing
have I been so honoured.
And the honour is
all mine, Mr. Potts.
I am merely here at the request
of my husband, Mr Thackery.
'Cecilia', he said. 'You
must pay Mr Potter a visit'
'and see is he quite well after
such a distressing episode'.
The notion of the chief coroner
giving an employee as lowly as myself
any thought is.. That's comfort
indeed, Mrs Thackery.
But this business, with the break-in
has left me feeling somewhat violated.
To think someone
came into this, my.
private sanctuary
without authorization.
I say someone, but I know exactly
who it was and so do the police.
Yes, my husband
told me all about it.
Some young woman, was it not?
I hear she's a private investigator.
What a curious job for a lady.
There's nothing of the
lady about that woman.
What exactly was it she stole?
I thought you said your husband
told you all about it, Mrs Thackery?
He did indeed, but..
I have quite forgotten. Ah,
you know how us ladies are..
It's hard to retain too much
information at any one time.
I do not believe you.
It is abundantly clear to me
that a lady such as yourself
possesses great brains
as well as beauty.
You're kind, Mr. Potts.
But it is nevertheless true that
the details have quite faded me.
Would you mind if we did
not discuss that woman?
I have to be mindful
of my blood pressure
and she has a habit of
causing me great vexation.
Goodness, I'd quite forgotten
the reason for my visit.
My husband and I would like
to invite you for dinner.
This evening.
At the chief coroner's house?
And I will endeavour to keep
my questions to a minimum.
I'd hate to cause undue vexation.
I Mrs Thackery, nonsense
What is it you wish to know?
Confidential files were stolen
from all three mortuaries.
They contained lists of unidentified
bodies who died 25 years ago
in the August of 1857.
Anything else taken?
We should let Eliza know.
Not yet.
She must lie low until I've found out more.
Where exactly is this safe
house she's holed up in?
I hope it's respectable.
It's not exactly
Claridges, but it will do.
Oh my God.
Miss Scarlet,
welcome to my castle.
I hope you've
made yourself home.
Yes, yes.
Moses has shown
me all the amenities.
Thank you for allowing
me to shelter here.
I have allegations made against me
that are completely false.
Aren't they always?
So what are these false allegations?
It's a break in at the city mortuary
and for your information
the claims are false.
On Bow Lane?
My sister Clementine
works that steet?
Your sister's called
Clementine too.
All my sisters are. Made it easy for
our mother to remember who's who..
If something happened
on my sister's patch
she'd know about it,
'orrible though she is.
I could pay her a visit though.
See if she knows anything.
I'd be most grateful.
How grateful?
I take great risk
in going to see her.
Last week she punched
a dog in the face.
This Moses is the key.
If anyone can lead us
to her, it's him.
Sir, I've got the information
that you asked for.
Get to it.
Did I say something wrong, Sir?
Shut the door first, Roy.
Now, I do not believe that
Miss Scarlet is guilty in this
but my orders are to find her,
not to go looking for
alternative perpetrators.
So this line of inquiry is to
remain strictly between us.
You have a problem
with that detective.
No, Sir.
do not have a problem with that.
And what have you got for me?
The files stolen from
each of the three mortuaries
contain a list of unidentified bodies
from August 1857.
Yes, yes, tell me something
I don't know.
Then I searched for a link,
male female, similar ages,
cause of death,
but unfortunately those details only exist
in records at the cemeteries themselves,
but I managed to find maps
of each cemetery
and where the
graves are located.
I've marked them with an X.
How many cemeteries are there?
14 Sir, with one pauper grave in each.
Shall I come with you, Sir?
No, I need to do this quietly.
Go back to your duties.
Yes, Sir.
Clementine, where have you been?
You been gone for hours?
Did you see your sister?
What did she say?
Does she know anything
about the break-in?
Saw her.. very nice.. well..
yeah, it wasn't very good since the
wrestling match with our grandmother.
She saw the real thief?
You should be ashamed of yourself.
I'm calling the police!
I'm a police officer, madam.
Are you all right?
Just a little shaken, my
husband's the vicar here.
He's away on business.
I'm all alone.
Poor soul.
Those grave robbers,
they have no morals.
Do you know who's buried here?
No one knows.
Pauper grave.
I was in my parlour
in the Vicarage.
I like to carry out my
correspondence there.
So, what alerted
you to the robbers?
I was writing to
my sister Agatha,
I heard a noise outside.
We weren't expecting
any burials today.
My husband's away on church business,
staying with the Archbishop
himself in Canterbury
So you heard a noise outside?
I went out to see what it
was and instantly I knew.
Body snatchers. It's a lucrative trade
selling corpses to the medical profession.
They supply bodies
for anatomy classes.
Yes, I am aware of the practice.
I shouted at them to stop.
They was so shocked that
someone was at the Vicarage.
They must have assumed it empty.
Then they saw you, a man..
Had you not
been there inspector..
I try to think what
might have happened.
You got a good look at them?
One had dark hair
and the other was..
Average build, the pair.
Any scars, tattoos
distinguishing features?
None that I saw but
they were very grubby.
Dirt all over their faces, their hands.
I'm sorry.
Haven't been much help.
No, you've been most helpful.
See Mrs Ellis home.
There's been a sighting: the Jamaican.
Do you want me to bring him in?
No. He's mine.
And a pound of
potatoes, please Jim.
Jim right?
Right you are, young lady.
Mrs Thackery.
How nice to see you again.
Mr. Potts..
What a small world?
Not really. Mother is
just around the corner.
Had to pay her visit to impart
my most wonderful news.
The honour of dining with yourself
and the chief coroner this evening.
I said mother, I might just
purchase a new tie for the occasion.
This one's so special.
Mother which so
love to have joined us.
Well, bring her along if you like.
Mrs Thackery, you
misunderstand me..
Mother is dead.
It is her grave which I visit.
I felt compelled to share the news of
this great honor bestowed upon me.
Well, I really should be going.
Dinner will not prepare itself.
I am more than
a little confused.
It's most unusual that lady, such
as yourself, does her own shopping.
Indeed, however, I wanted to ensure
that all the ingredients for tonight's
dinner were of the highest quality.
I don't know what to say.
Until this evening, then.
Until this evening.
What a delightful lady.
It is a treat to be in her
company. A treat indeed.
Yeah, Ivy is one in a million.
I've just had the loveliest dream.
Moses took me to Gilberts, and
my God did he look handsome.
What did your sister
Clementine say?
Which one - there's five of us?
The one that witnessed the
break-in in the city mortuary.
Oh. Uh.. she said it
was raining that night
so she took shelter under
the arches near the mortuary.
That's when she saw him him.
- Him?
A man.
Yes, I've gathered that
but what did he look like?
Blackest of hair,
bluest of eyes..
a crooked smile that
make the devil whimper.
Did she recognise him?
It's something I suppose.
Man, black hair, blue eyes.
You said you were
sheltering from the rain.
It wasn't raining that night.
In fact, it hasn't rained for
weeks and if it was dark,
how did she see
he had blue eyes?
She's got good eyesight.
You said she had
only one working eye.
You didn't go and see
your sister, did you?
You drank my money.
She's terrifying
When I was a girl she stole my
pet mouse and baked it in a pot.
I want my money back now.
I'd love to stay and chat
but I've got to get to work.
Where is she?
Grave robots drink here.
I said where is she?
Let me go in, ask around,
see about those two who
were running from you.
How do you know about that?
You've been following me.
You're going forget it, they
will smell police a mile away.
And why would you want to help me?
We both know she's innocent
and those body snatchers
will lead to the real team.
So I will help you help her.
For a fee, of course.
I don't work with criminals.
Shame Miss Scarlet
doesn't follow my example.
Good luck.
You're gonna need it.
There you go.
Mr Potts..
- Do not bother Miss Woods.
It's your real name, is it not?
Miss Ivy Woods.
Yes it is.
And I'm so sorry
to have deceived you.
What was for a good reason.
That's never a good reason
to deceive, Miss Woods.
It comes as no surprise to me
that the lady who runs
the house with that woman
should herself be
unchristian in her ways.
I can assure you I don't
make a habit of lying.
I love that girl and I do
anything to help her.
I should never have believed
that the chief coroner
would even consider inviting
someone like me for dinner.
He'd think I'd know my
place in the world by now.
And you haven't learned Barnabas..
I really am very sorry Mr Potts.
I've never done anything like this before.
Take heart, Miss Woods.
Because you had me fooled.
Good day.
Mr Potts, did you spend
money on a new tie?
Come on, cough up.
I think I'll take a lady
out with my winnings.
How about?
Your mum.
Who's there?
I'm looking for a
man about a job.
The kind that can make
you serious money.
Is business good?
Booming, mate. Be even better
if I weren't stuck with this ingrate.
Get on with you.
Take them to the cells.
Keep them separate.
I'll question this one first.
I've done nothing!
Shut your mouth!
I do not like to be manhandled.
Best part of my day, arresting you.
We need it to look real.
This was your idea.
I got to your team.
Now it's your turn.
Well, I'd like to say it was a pleasure
doing business with you,
but you know I'd be lying.
More where that came from, if
you tell me where Miss Scarlet is.
I'll be watching you.
I'd expect nothing less, Inspector.
Why is this Miss Scarlet
not in prison as we speak?
How has she evaded the
entire Metropolitan Police force?
It's not ideal, but trust me.
You had this woman here
and she slipped
through your fingers.
Well, I've had enough
of this nonsense, Fergus.
I'm taking this up
with your superiors.
- Out of my way.
Sir, we have a
development in the case.
You have the woman
back in custody?
No Sir, I have something better.
So just to confirm, this is not the
woman who hired you to rob the grave
at Highgate Cemetery?
She was much older.
And this older woman is the same
as who you believe broke into
the three burgled mortuaries.
How do you know this?
Because these nicked files
that you keep banging on about
she had them. Paid us to
dig up every name on there.
When I say name the
graves didn't have any.
All of them pauper graves.
And what was she looking for?
Not a bleeding cclue.
But whatever it was
all she found were bags of bones.
So, what happened?
Tell me about this woman.
Name, age, appearance.
I don't know her name.
Only that they call her
Bloody Mary.
Been inside for years.
Newgate, I think.
And as for what she looked like,
well, you should know - you met her.
When me and Watts
did a runner at Highgate
We thought she was done for but the silly
tart couldn't run away in a dress, could she?
And the only person I
met was the vicar's wife,
a Mrs Ellis.
That was no vicar's wife mate.
That was Bloody Mary.
Just so I'm clear, crystal clear,
you had the perpetrator in that very room
and you let her go.
Sir, I can only apolo..
This is very disappointing laddie..
Clearly I should have stuck
with first instinct. I will not
make that mistake again.
Another officer will take
over the investigation.
Sir, that..
What happened here?
Went to see my sister.
What, she did that?
I gave as good as I got. Actually
I think she came off worse.
Now, I have some information.
My sister did say the thief. It was
a woman, fair hair, black dress.
Old, very old, at least 50.
Did she recognise her?
Not a clue. Unlike the
constable from Scotland Yard
who drinks at my local.
How he loves the chat
when he's had a few.
Reckon I'd make a good
lady detective myself.
Tell me everything you know.
I was just coming to get you.
She's a wily one, that Clementine.
Remind me to
employ her more often.
Where are you going?
To solve the case.
But you have not
been working the case.
I have and I have news.
You're in the clear.
Come on Moses.
We've work to do.
What did the vicar say?
What I expected.
He has no wife.
Where's the information I requested?
Since you are officially off
the investigation,
I thought it safer to memorise it
just in case I was stopped
coming out of the yard.
Don't get carried away, man.
But you are off the case, Sir?
I don't wish to talk about it.
It's all anyone can talk about.
Good for them.
If you would kindly impart the information
that has been so carefully
concealed in that brain of yours
and hurry up about it.
This bloody Mary's real name
is Mary Dawson.
She was part of a gang of diamond
smugglers back in the 50s.
She served 25 years at Newgate,
was released last week.
What dis it, Sir?
Who sends flowers
to a pauper grave?
Yes, that particular grave receives
flowers each and every month.
Write down the address
of the sender for me.
Certainly, Inspector.
Sorry Sir.
Have you ever been
taken off a case before?
I thought I made it clear that
I do not wish to talk about it.
You did Sir. Sorry, Sir.
For what it's worth, Sir, the
officer Munro replaced you with is..
Sorry Sir, you do not
wish to talk about it.
Thank you detective.
Who is it?
Carmichael, Sir.
Carmichael? Couldn't investigate
a booze up in a brewery, that one.
As requested, Sir.
Address of the account holder.
Thank you.
It's a curious thing, but you're not
the first person who has inquired
about that particular account today.
Who else has inquired about it?
A lady. Blond hair
determined to mean.
I don't know where to begin.
I can explain.
Don't bother.
See to it that Miss Scarlet
stays in the carriage.
Yes, Sir.
Hello Miss Scarlet.
Do not converse with her
or let her out of your sight.
I'll deal with you later.
I thought you'd been
replaced on the investigation.
And I thought sending flowers
to a grave listed in the stolen files
might have been something
that you would have mentioned.
No, it's merely a coincidence
that my connection
with that grave
should have dovetailed
with this investigation.
I've been in the force a
long time, Mr. Thackery
and in my experience,
a coincidence never holds up
to much scrutiny.
Well, in this case,
you're wrong.
It is a simple explanation,
However it's not something
I'm comfortable to speak of,
nor should I have to explain myself to you.
Well, if you prefer, you can explain
yourself to Detective Carmichael,
who I believe Superintendent Munro
has now assigned to this case.
And I can assure you he
will not be as discrete as I am.
The fact is.
I had a humble upbringing.
There's more than humble.
I was born in the workhouse.
It's something I
don't like to talk about.
And rarely reveal, particularly
being a man of such status,
but from a young age I was.
utterly determined to make
something of myself,
and as you can see.
I was successful.
There were many people
who helped me along the way.
Not least of all, my wife.
And for that I'm forever grateful.
So in short.
My fate could have been
somewhat different.
And as a Christian man, and
in my position as chief coroner
whenever I happen upon a
pauper grave, I like to send flowers.
It is a small kindness
and it helps me remember.
There, but for the grace of God,
Go I.
Well, I appreciate your candor, Sir,
but I'm afraid there's still some questions
that I need to ask regarding the case.
What, why?
Surely we're done here?
We're done when
I say we're done.
Mr Thackery.
How did you know I was here?
Inspector Wellington specifically ordered
me not to converse with you, Miss Scarlet.
Very well.
Although I'm surprised that a gentleman
with impeccable manners,
such as yourself, would be so rude,
I'm only following orders.
Please forgive me,
I do hold you in the highest regard.
I don't wish to get you
into trouble Detective.
But answering one simple question,
can you really do any harm?
The florist advised that you'd been asking
who sent the flowers to the pauper grave?
But I didn't speak to the florist.
Moses got that information to me.
Well then, who was the
blond lady the florist spoke of?
No, I do not know this Mary
Dawson or Bloody Mary,
or whatever the
devil she's called.
I'm as anxious as you
to get this criminal into custody
and find out what the hell is going on.
And I've answered all
your questions inspector.
My wife and the maid will be
back from my errands soon.
I'd like you gone before they return.
You seem extremely keen
to get rid of me, Mr. Thackery.
Well, a reputation can be undone
by such a visit.
I do not want to be
the topic of idle gossip.
I thought you were alone.
No, that'll just be the maid.
The maid who's running
errands with your wife.
No, do not open
that door. Please!
Nice to see you
again, Inspector.
Put the revolver down Mary.
I was about to say
the same to you.
And if you don't,
I will shoot Mrs
Thackery in the head.
No, Mary, please,
please do not do this.
Shut up.
I'll deal with you later.
i said
put it down.
Kick it towards me.
But on second thoughts, I think
I'm gonna kill her anyway.
I would recommend
that you do not.
You know that using a policeman's
weapon is an offence.
Would you have preferred if I
had dispatched Detective Fitzroy?
My real name is Alfie Frampton?
Mary Dawson was my fiancee.
We're small time crooks
but we managed to pull
off a diamond heist.
When can I see my wife?
She knows nothing of any of this.
Get on with it.
I took the diamonds and ran.
But Mary tracked me down.
She's like a..
It's a mad woman.
She was attacking me.
She was..
desperate to get hold of them.
So I swallowed them.
You swallowed the diamonds?
And there were times
she gave me this.
The police turned up after
a tip-off and arrested Mary.
But I managed to escape.
And with her inside.
I saw a way out.
To leave her behind.
To leave my past behind.
So I faked my own death.
You used the corpse from
the pauper's grave in Highgate.
That's why you sent
flowers to it each month.
Whoever he was
gave me a new life.
Frampton took the body
to one of their hideouts,
changed clothes with the man,
and then gave him
a cut down his cheek,
just like Dawson
had done to him.
I'm pretty sure he always told you
that he got that scar from the Crimea, Sir.
I'm not the only one
who believed him.
He told everyone that.
I wasn't questioning your judgment, Sir.
From her prison cell,
Mary Dawson read about the body
in the papers and assumed it was
that of her fiance.
and then when she served her time,
she went about tracking
down his grave.
Detective Phelps come
and take a seat.
Dawson believed that she
would find the diamonds
that Frampton had swallowed
in one of those graves.
But what she didn't know was that
he'd sold them to reinvent himself.
He put himself through medical school,
he changed his whole life.
Whiskey, detective Phelps.
Thank you Sir.
What of your
friend, Miss Scarlet?
Thackery wanted to pin this
on her at the earliest opportunity
in the hope that the trail
would end there and then.
If Dawson did find him, then
he would cut a deal with him.
Well, I think I'm fully briefed.
That will be all,
Inspector Wellington.
Sir, I know that I disobeyed orders
by continuing with the case.
That will be all Inspector.
Yes, Sir.
Well, detective Phelps.
I've heard nothing but
good reports about you.
Tell me more about yourself.
We're always on the look
out for a good loyal man.
Yes, Sir.
Thank you, Sir.
How childish men are.
Still, he'll get over it.
No, he won't.
Loyalty is everything
to men like Munro,
and I disobeyed an order.
Oh, so this is my fault?
Actually, yes.
I was the one who
saved Mrs Thackey's life
and most probably yours, too.
So I hear you and Moses
made quite the partnership.
First of many.
I'm just teasing you, William.
But I don't - you
know - I don't like him.
Now, I should get back to work.
It's probably a good idea,
trying to get back into the
superintendent's good books.
Eliza, will you at least pretend
that you say that for my sake,
rather than your own benefit?
William, you really do have a
low opinion of me sometimes.
Only sometimes?
So any plans for this evening?
Well, I did have
till Ivy buggered them up.
Oh yes, Betsy wasn't it?
Sorry about that.
Miss Scarlet.
Inspector Wellington.
I'll leave you to it.
Mr Potts, before you say anything,
please let me apologise.
I'm not here to see
you Miss Scarlet.
Mr Potts, you received my message
and I would be delighted
to take you up on your offer
of that homemade steamed
pudding, Miss Woods.
Prince Albert's favorite,
and I've added some extra raisins.
Come on in.
You can go on another adventure
with Eliza in a Victorian London.
Miss Scarlet and the Duke continues new and
exclusive to alibi on Tuesday night at 9:00.
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