Miss Scarlet and The Duke (2020) s02e04 Episode Script

Angel of Inferno

I'm simply making the point
that I do not care for the man.
I'm well aware of that, but
perhaps you've misjudged him.
I assure you he is every bit
the prig I have described.
We're all entitled
to our opinions.
If you insist on this dalliance
with Mr Potts the least you can do
is convince him to allow
me access to the mortuary.
Firstly, we are merely friends.
Secondly, if we were more
than that - which we are not -
I couldn't possibly ask
Barnabas to change his rules.
I've shopping to do.
But the market's that way.
I'm going to Petsfords in Hanwell Street
Buying a new hat?
Ah, let me guess.
This is something to do
with a certain Barnabas..
I don't have time for this.
Are you seeing him today?
- Goodbye, Lizzie.
Yes, what is it?
I have that information
on the lady detective, sir.
Miss Scarlet!
Mr Doyle.
Assistant to Dr. Flint.
My employer had hoped that
you might grant us a meeting.
Dr Flint would like to hire
you on a rather sensitive issue.
But are you up to
the job, young lady?
I can assure you I have
had many satisfied clients.
By the looks of you, one puff of wind
would see you blow over.
We received this
anonymous letter.
It advised that a bottle of
our elixir had been poisoned
and placed on the shelf
of one of our market stalls.
We had it tested and indeed
it does contain a toxin derived from a
plant known as the 'angel of inferno'.
£1000 to be left at
St. Pancras Station.
If it not forthcoming the
money demanded will increase
and a second
poisoning will occur.
This is dated several days ago
and the deadline has passed.
Why didn't you engage me sooner?
We wished to keep it
from public knowledge.
As such, you will have to sign
a confidentiality agreement.
Well, I'll have to
read it thoroughly first.
Will you work this
case or not, young lady?
My name is Miss Scarlet.
If I'm to be your client I shall call
you whatever I damn well please!
I'm sorry.
I'm extremely busy with
other things at the moment
so in regards to your
I'll of course find time to take it.
Where do I sign?
(sings) I am the very model
of a modern Major-General,
I've information vegetable,
animal, and mineral,
I know the kings of England,
and I quote the fights historical
From Marathon to
Waterloo, in order categorical
I'm very good at integral
and differential calculus
I know the scientific names
of beings animalculous
In short, in matters
vegetable, animal, and mineral
I am the very model
of a modern Major
Hello, father
I though it impossible that you
could disappoint me any further
but clearly I was wrong.
I'm only glad your mother
isn't alive to see this.
You're supposed to
be a police detective!
You're a filing clerk!
What have I taught you?
Where is Inspector Wellington?
- I am here, Sir.
You were meant to teach
my son to be a detective.
Now I find him filing
here like some junior clerk!
I can explain, Sir.
Your son is an extremely
proficient police officer
However, he has been in
the force for barely half a year
and entering at detective level
means he still has a great deal to learn.
Did my son request
this position?
No, Sir.
I took the decision to put
him on administration duties
since I felt it imperative that
he acquire the knowledge
from the ground up.
Well, listen carefully,
Inspector Wellington
because I am going to tell you
exactly what is going to happen here.
Fitzroy will be reinstated as a
police detective with immediate effect.
The.. uh.. feeble insubstantial
character that has blighted him since birth
will be knocked out of him
and he will be turned into a man
that his family can finally be proud of.
The Police Commissioner's
words, Sir. Not mine.
He's insisting that Fitzroy make
inspector by the end of the year.
The Police Commissioner gets
what the Police Commissioner wants.
But I'm serious, Sir..
My job is to ensure the effective
running this constabulary.
Half my time is..
financial planning!
For the last few months I've
been petitioning the Commissioner
to push the Home Office
to review our budgets.
This city has grown with 8 extra
miles of new residential streets
to patrol in Tottenham alone.
Surely, favouring his son is
an entirely separate matter, Sir.
You've a lot to learn if
you think that is the case.
Look, Fitzroy is a thoroughly
decent young man
but he's no detective, let
alone inspector material.
The streets are getting
more violent year on year
and if he's placed
back in action
he will not only put
his own life at risk
but my men, too.
Take a seat..
You and I have
been at odds recently.
in this instance, there is nothing
you have said that I do not concur with.
But, be that as it may..
I'm afraid we have
no choice in the matter
Which is why I've made a decision.
- Sir?
Fitzroy will be taken from your command
and placed under detective Phelps.
Phelps hates the lad, Sir.
Well, if that's the case he
can give up or die trying.
And if that happens I'm sure
his family will receive a medal
which I'm sure will go down well with his father.
Listen to me, laddie..
You've got a good
future ahead of you.
Fitzroy will only
blacken your reputation.
Is that what you want?
Of course not, Sir.
Then he will transfer to detective
Phelps with immediate effect.
And that is an order.
Yes, Sir.
Good afternoon, Mr Potts.
Miss Scarlet.
I was in need of your advice.
I've a question about the poisonous
properties of a particular plant.
Miss Scarlet, my break is over
and I must return to my duties.
I cannot loiter here on the
street discussing botany with you.
I quite understand, Mr Potts,
so perhaps I should come inside.
The British Library is a mere ten
minutes stroll from this very spot.
I'm sure you'll find the answers to all
manner of questions within its hallowed walls.
Now, if you'll excuse me..
Ivy was asking after
you this morning.
Was she?
- Yes.
I, of course, gave a very agreeable account
of you and will happily continue to do so.
What are you saying, exactly?
You scratch my back..
and I'll scratch yours.
Ladies should not say
such unseemly things.
It is not Christian..
You help me and I will
continue to sing your praises.
That is blackmail!
- That is business..
So, do we have a deal?
There's a man.. he seems
to be watching you.
I'll be back, Mr Potts.
Save us!
Dear God.. This is your
father's handiwork, I assume.
I'd like to convey how much I'm looking
forward to coming back to the field.
I think there's been some mistake.
I've been told to report
to detective Phelps.
There's no mistake.
But.. detective
Phelps loathes me.
He thinks I'm just
some spoiled toff
born with a silver
spoon in my mouth.
Detective Phelps..
is a very good officer.
He's a thug!
Detective Phelps is your
superior and you will show respect.
Is that understood?
Yes, Sir.
Now, if there's nothing else..
I just..
I don't understand why I can't
stay under your command.
Are you somehow suggesting
that I'd give you an easier time of it?
Of course not, Sir.
- Good.
Now get back to work
Yes, Sir.
Why are you following me?
How I've longed to
meet the lady detective.
It's Patrick Nash, proprietor.
Then I'll ask you, sir.
Why are you following me?
When I first heard
about you, Miss Scarlet
I assumed being a detective
was a mere hobby.
You might find the odd rich lady's
missing poodle, but you'd soon tire of it.
In fact, my men were so amused
by the idea of a female detective
they took bets on
how long you'd last.
But weeks went by
then months
and you're still in the game
and somehow you
became.. less amusing.
What do you want?
You are determined,
ambitious, hungry..
The holy trinity.
In short, I want you to
come and work for me.
Shall we step into my office?
Talk terms?
I've heard of your
agency, Mr Nash.
The means by which you
and your men investigate.
I hear blackmail is
your favourite tool.
Surely, you know better
than to listen to rumours.
Thank you for your
offer, but no, thank you.
But please call off your dogs.
It's a shame, since
we are kindred spirits.
As an Irishman, I know
what it is to face prejudice.
I can assure you we
have nothing in common.
That's not strictly true.
You took Flint's case, for one.
There is a reason why you were
brought on to this case so late in the day.
Dr Flint came to see me first,
but I was too expensive, of course.
So he went to see Dillon's son.
They were also too
costly for the old miser.
So he went around the city..
to no avail..
until he found someone
with the lowest fees in London.
You're selling yourself short.
What I charge is no
business of yours.
It is when I have
to undercut you.
I'll be sending one of my men to let
Dr Flint know I've changed my mind.
He can have my
services.. for free.
Unless of course, you
wish to reconsider my offer.
In that case..
may the best man win.
I look forward to
it, Miss Scarlet.
I do love a challenge.
The Royal Botanical Society is always
happy to welcome new members, Miss Belfry.
That is music to my
ears, Mr Humphries.
I'm only an amateur enthusiast,
but I think I can be close to nature.
Oh, my. What a lovely shrub.
That is no shrub, Miss Belfry..
that is a fern.
Osmunda Regalis to be precise.
How I do love to be
corrected, Mr Humphries.
In fact.. perhaps you might give me
your expert advice on another plant.
The 'angel of inferno'.
Its poisonous properties and exotic
location have quite captured my imagination.
As you have captured
mine, my dear.
I'm pleased. Correct
me if I'm wrong..
Did I read that it not only grows
on the volcanic slopes of Guatamala
but also here, at the Society?
Indeed, we do have the plant.
However, due to its
toxic capabilities, it is kept
in a section for members only
and at present
you are not a member.
I could add your
name to our waiting list.
Our very long waiting list..
or perhaps, as curator, I may be
able to move your name to the top.
That's so kind, Mr Humphries.
But might I have a little peep
at your membership list first?
As an unmarried lady, it's imperative
I associate with only the right sort.
Of course. I have
the list in my office.
However, I am overdue for my next
appointment, so perhaps you could..
come back tomorrow?
How I do love roses.
Oh! Oh, my goodness!
I seem to have
pricked my finger.
Oh, my dear Miss Belfry..
I'm feeling a little faint, Mr Humphries.
Might I attend to my injury
in the privacy of your office?
Mt appointment can wait.
I do not need your help, Mr Humphries.
Nor would I be free to give it to you
at this precise moment, Miss Belfry.
You see, the police are here and
require my assistance on an urgent matter.
Membership list, Mr Humphries..
Of course, Inspector Bates.
Inspector Bates, you say..
I'm well acquainted with
the officers at Scotland Yard
but I've not heard
mention of you before.
You're well acquainted
with Scotland Yard?
In what capacity, madam?
You don't look like
a law-breaker to me.
How exactly are you
acquainted, Miss Belfry?
My uncle works
for the Home Office.
Well, we may have met.
What's his name?
Mr.. Fenchurch.
Ay, yes. Mr Fenchurch.
Met him on a
number of occasions.
It's such a shame that one's
reputation can be lost forever.
I'd wager many of his colleagues have
frequented that particular east end brothel.
It's unfortunate
that he was caught.
I don't wish to be
rude, Mr Humphries..
but this is a
confidential matter.
Absolutely, Inspector.
If you don't mind, Miss Belfry.
I hope you've had a
better day than I have.
I doubt it.
The cause, since you ask..
I didn't.
is him.
Nash and Sons - if
the man has any sons.
He's a liar and a crook.
His means of
investigation are debatable
but that's not the
Met's problem.
The police use him.
Gets results.
No questions asked.
Well, he's undercutting
me with a client..
a client who is himself
a very unpleasant man.
So if you're here for some
pleasant company, William
you've come to the wrong place
I've had a horrible day.
Every man I've had to deal
with has been detestable.
Well, I'm glad I dropped by.
I'm glad you did, too.
The fact is this Nash has ten times my
resources and I need your help, William.
Eliza, my world doesn't revolve
around you. have my own problems.
I'm trying to hunt
down a blackmailer
and if I don't another bottle
of this will be poisoned.
And even worse,
Nash will win the case.
Nash winning a case is worse
than a member of the public dying?
Don't twist my words.
- I didn't.
Eliza, this is serious. Have
the police been informed?
It's highly confidential.
Not when there's a
threat to life it isn't.
But I've signed a
confidentiality agreement.
Do you think that I want
or need more cases?
But as an officer of the law..
when there is a danger to the general
public, then the police must investigate.
I need time to
write up my notes.
I'll bring you what I have
by the end of the day.
I know that look..
What look?
The look that is covering
a multitude of calculations
that are currently
racing through your head.
I've no idea what you
are talking about, William.
Of course you don't.
End of the day, Eliza..
You should have a proper
hot dinner at home this evening.
Eating supper at your
desk - it's not right.
I don't know what
your father'd say..
Actually, I do know
what your father'd say..
'Don't bother, Ivy, she
doesn't listen anyway'.
What exactly are
you looking for?
Whoever this poisoner is..
they had access to
the Botanical Society.
The only place
other than Guatamala
that grows this
'angel of inferno'.
I tried to establish who
the member are, but..
as yet, I've only found a few
and of those I can find absolutely
no connection with Dr Flint.
Shouldn't you be on your
way to Scotland Yard, by now?
I though you had to share your
findings with Inspector Wellington.
But I have until
the end of the day.
I'm determined to
find some leads, first
If Scotland Yard crack this
case, I want to get some credit.
Moreover, I definitely
don't want Nash to win.
Can't you get Moses to help you?
I would if I knew where he was.
Where does he disappear to?
Better not to ask.
I saw Mr Potts earlier.
He said he liked your new hat.
Did he?
So you did see him today?
I love this stuff.
Used it for years.
It really is a cure for everything.
Coughs and colds and 'better at getting
out stubborn stains than any soap can'.
I can assure you,
Dr Flint is no doctor.
Nor is this elixir anything
other than flavoured water.
It's all a con.
Excuse me, but I remember a certain
young lady used to love it as a girl.
But then it had a different name -
'Flint and Doyle's Magic Medicine'.
In fact, sometimes I
think you had a sore throat
just so I would
give you a spoonful.
Did you just say
'Flint and Doyle'?
Breathe in..
and breathe out.
I don't like the
sound of that at all.
There is a crackle
on your chest, Cedric.
What have I told you
about going out without a..
I've told him many
times, Doctor Stanhope
that he should
get a new carriage.
Would you two stop fussing
over me like I was a child.
Miss Scarlet?
Please, forgive the
unexpected visit
but I was hoping to have a
private word with Mr Doyle.
Whatever you have to say to
Mr Doyle, you can say it to me.
Your unwillingness
to share your findings
suggests you have
made no inroads.
No matter,
since now I have an additional
agency working for me.
Yes, I'm aware of
that. Nash and Sons.
Not that he has any sons..
They are confident that they will
have the blackmailer in custody
by this time tomorrow.
Come along now, please, Cedric.
I have to return to my practice and
I can drop you at home on the way.
You wished to speak to me?
The remedy you manufacture..
At one time it had a
slightly different name..
'Flint and Doyle's
Magic Medicine'?
My father met Dr Flint
when he went to India,
looking for ingredients
for a health remedy.
They became partners and
my father moved over here.
Nobody would have bought a
product called 'Flint and Mahajinn', so..
my father changed
his name to Doyle.
I know all too
well that dilemma.
It's still my father's name
that hangs outside my office.
They built the
business together
and then when my father died..
Dr Flint took his
name off the product.
Surely, such an action would
have caused some resentment?
Dr Flint has been a
good employer to me
and if I am under suspicion,
then you're mistaken.
I have to consider all
possibilities, Mr Doyle.
If you will excuse
me, I have work to do.
I do apologise.
My purse! She's
stolen my purse. Thief!
What are you talking about?
She's taken my purse!
I've done no such thing.
I saw her take it and
put it in her pocket.
Don't be ridiculous.
There! She has it, you see.
- Come along with me, madame.
It wasn't me who took it.
Inspector Wellington.
How nice to see you
Hello, Ivy.
I'm looking for Eliza.
She's not at her office
Ah, well she's not
here either, I'm afraid.
Would you like to leave a message?
She was meant to deliver
some information to me
but it seems to have
slipped her mind.
Do you mind if I
come in and wait?
I was just about to have dinner.
Oh, well. That'll
be most welcome.
She never had any intention
of bringing me that
file - none whatsoever.
She's no thought for anything
other than her own gain.
Well, that's a little unfair,
Inspector Wellington.
Yes, Eliza has her faults
but she's just trying
to make her way in life.
More beans, Mr Potts?
Thank you, Miss Woods.
Thank you.
You should agree
with me Mr Potts.
She's caused you
many a headache.
You always say how
impossible she can be.
Those were not words
of mine, exact words.
No, your exact words were 'impossible,
untrustworthy and unchristian'.
Miss Scarlet can be
somewhat single-minded
but I think what Miss Woods is
saying does also have some truth.
Miss Scarlet is a woman
trying to run a business
in a world usually
the preserve of a man.
Come on, admit it..
you loathe her.
I've never suggested
anything so strongly as 'loathe'.
If anything, I
admire her fortitude.
You've changed your tune.
I remember you saying..
Miss Woods, this really
is a delicious dinner.
The beans are crisp and fresh
and the dumplings
so plump and moist.
It's a pleasure to
cook for a gentleman.
She'd better have a damn good
explanation when I catch up with her.
Am I free to go?
I had no idea you were
down here all night.
I could have kept you company.
I'll be sure to mention that to Inspector
Wellington when I thank him for bailing me.
It wasn't him that bailed you.
My dear Miss Scarlet.
What a pleasure it is to be once
again in your convivial company.
Likewise, Mr Sinclair.
Are you the reason for my bail?
Indeed I am.
And I'm quite certain that a
woman with such an enquiring mind
must have many
questions as to why
Basil Sinclair would
do such a thing.
But.. allow me explain, my dear.
The simple fact is that whenever
you have featured in my publication
it has sold exponentially.
And as chief correspondent
of the Illustrated Police News
it would be remiss
of me not to pursue
the further adventures
of the Lady Detective.
You want to write
a story about me?
My dear Miss Scarlet, if you
wish to call your latest investigation
a mere story, that
is your prerogative.
I myself would rather
'an intoxicating blend of
blackmail, poison, and witchcraft'.
My investigation
is highly confidential
but I can confirm that
there's no witchcraft involved.
As a steward of the people
it would be cruel of me
to deprive them of my
tale of this great city of ours.
Do I make myself quite clear?
I will write this article with
or without your co-operation
and either you
will be my heroine
or Mr Nash will be my hero.
The choice, as they say..
is yours.
This is blackmail.
This is business.
Wot the 'ell?
Wagon's outside.
I'll be out in a minute.
Strike a light. If this takes
much longer I'll shoot you meself..
That bloke Cooper
will 'ave scarpered!
That is right!
Are you doing a raid
on the Cooper mob?
That's the plan - if
this moron will 'urry up!
Detective Fitzroy
is to come with me.
A case has just come
up and I need his help.
The governor said that he..
I'm your governor
and I'm telling you
Fitzroy is with me.
Yes, Duke.
Thank you, Sir.
He doesn't know
what he's talking about.
Come along.
I assume this visit is
confirmation of your desire
to become a member, Miss Belfry.
Although I am rather
concerned regarding this.. erm..
wayward uncle of
yours in the Home Office.
Due to the scandal
my family have cut ties.
In that case, I would be honoured
to brief you on every detail.
you might remember my mention
of a rather long waiting list, so..
perhaps dinner.. to discuss
moving your name to the top.
Oh, that would
have been delightful.
However, I find myself
somewhat under the weather.
My over-enthusiasm
for the roses yesterday..
my little prick has
become infected.
My dear Miss Belfry..
Just some foul-smelling pus..
It's extremely frustrating
because it also prevented me
from attending your lecture last night.
It was more of a book launch.
The Woolwich Trust was selling
their new publication to raise funds.
It's a very good cause.
Medicine for the poor.
The book has a chapter
on your 'angel of inferno'.
Apparently, the toxin derived from
the leaves has a luminous quality.
The plant that
glows in the dark..
How extraordinary!
May I buy a copy of the book?
Oh. That nice police inspector
who you met in my office
He attended the launch.
He bought the last copy.
Did he, err..
find what he was looking
for in your membership list?
I've no idea.
Confidential case, apparently
but he did say he was
close to making an arrest.
This book.. what is it called?
Here is a copy of the advertisement
from last night's launch.
You'll find the book
in any good bookshop.
'Kill or Cure - the Poisonous
Properties of Plants'.
Now.. to the other matter.
Let me just find my diary..
Shall we say.. Monday,
which should give your
infection time to heal.
Here we are..
So, erm..
Miss Belfry..
Before you start, I have been..
Firstly, I need
a huff, not a puff.
Secondly, I have no
inclination to be lied to again
I want that case file, now.
And I would have
given it to you last night
had I not been arrested on some
trumped-up charge made by Nash.
I spent the night in the cells.
And yet, I have been
released for hours
and I could have brought it to you
but I'm a professional, William
and I wanted one last
crack at finding a lead.
Idiot that I am, what's he doing?
Hasn't she done a good job..
Not that you'd ever
actually say it to me.
I've said that to
you many times.
Not nearly enough!
Here, have the damned papers.
Another dead end anyway,
which I'm sure will amuse you.
This is you being
professional, is it?
I apologise. I've had
a very trying few days.
But I meant what I said.
I delayed handing in the case because
I do want you to think well of my skills.
Come on.
Where am I going?
At least give me credit to
know that this little outburst
has one objective only.
To induce guilt so
that I would consent
to you working the case with me.
That is unfounded,
unfair, absolutely not true.
Just stop talking
and bring the file
For the last year Dr Flint
has been looking for land
to build an additional factory.
He found some cheap
waste land in the East End but
it had already been
earmarked by a charity.
They were going to build
a hospital for the poor.
But Flint outbid them and bought the land instead.
This is good work
indeed, detective.
This charity wouldn't be called
the Woolwich Trust, by any chance?
The very one.
Get a list of members
of this Woolwich Trust.
Yes, Sir.
So, Mr Doyle attends a fund-raiser
for the Woolwich Trust's book
which means he must
support their cause..
'Medicine for the Poor'.
And this same Woolwich Trust
was the benevolent association
that planned to
build a hospital.
Until Flint stole the land.
Mr Doyle was also
personally betrayed by Flint
when his father's name
was taken off their remedy.
He should have been a partner
but instead he's just a lowly assistant.
Sounds like we've got our man.
Mr Doyle..
He's still breathing just.
What are you doing?
He's been poisoned.
No doubt I shall be next!
I received this..
It's an envelope.
It's in typeface.
It's from the blackmailer.
I could have told you that.
What does it say?
I haven't opened it
because I do not
care what it says.
Whoever is doing this
has taken the only thing I care about.
He is the closest
thing I have to a son.
Cedric, Nicolas is
a strong young man.
He will receive
the best care here.
Dr Stanhope..
how is Mr Doyle?
Extremely poorly.
There never was a kinder
soul than Nicolas Doyle.
Fool to himself.
You speak of the blackmail?
You believe Dr Flint should
pay the money demanded?
To stop this madness, yes.
£2000 is nothing to him and
my belief is he could be next.
Dr Stanhope
Excuse me.
I must confer with
the doctors here.
Fitzroy's made a list of all the
members of the Woolwich Trust.
I don't need to
see the list, William.
I know who the blackmailer is.
The curator at the
Royal Botanical Society?
Mr Humphries.
He had access to the poisonous
plant, the angel of inferno.
And the poison is -
luminous - you said.
And this second blackmailer
that you mentioned?
But this is still sealed.
Oh, well, I thought it would
enhance your story, Mr Sinclair.
A lady detective, so
sure of the blackmailer
she had no need to
open the second letter
Bravo, Miss Scarlet
I do believe you have missed your calling.
You are a natural when it
comes to art of.. spinning a story.
Almost as good as myself.
High praise indeed, coming from
the chief correspondent himself.
I, er..
Just as I thought.
You see, Mr Sinclair.
The letter X has a
distinctive, faulty mark in both.
Just like the first
blackmail letter.
Which means they were all
typed on the same typewriter.
The curator's typewriter..
So this.. Humphries..
had access to the poison
and to the typewriter that
wrote both of the blackmail letters
and he was also a member
of the Woolwich Trust.
They had procured cheap land
to build a hospital for the poor
but Dr Flint outbid them.
He bought the land for himself
to build a new factory, instead.
His extorsion was
an act of revenge.
No witchcraft, though..
No, I'm afraid not.
the luminous quality of the poison
has a touch of black magic, does it not?
I'm meeting Inspector
Wellington in precisely one hour
at the Botanical Society, when
Mr Humphries will be arrested.
I assume you'd like to attend?
So you see, Dr Flint
my evidence points quite
firmly to Mr Humphries here.
I want that scoundrel locked up!
I am no blackmailer.
Ah, Miss Scarlet, I was just
explaining to my client, Dr Flint
how I deduced that Mr
Humphries was the culprit.
You make sure you put our
contact detail on your piece, Sinclair.
Like we should pass up
an opportunity for promotion.
You were under the
pay of Nash all along.
Mr Nash is one of our
most generous advertisers.
We must repay our
patrons where we can.
And sharing my evidence
was just the ticket.
We're eternally
grateful, Miss Scarlet.
Without my bail you'd
still be in a police cell.
You were the reason I
was there in the first place!
Why do you keep
calling her 'Miss Scarlet'?
This is Miss Belfry..
the lady who wished
to join the Society..
Just as I am no police
inspector, Mr Humphries
this is no lady.
She is a private detective
Impressive, is she not?
Well, I'd love to stay and chat
but I'm afraid
I really must get on.
Take him down to Scotland Yard.
please, there's been
a terrible mistake..
Dr Flint!
I knew Mr Sinclair was
double-crossing me.
That's why I lied to
him to mislead Nash.
Mr Humphries is
not your blackmailer.
But the typewriter..
That particular make the first edition
has a common fault with its letter X.
If Humphries is
not the blackmailer..
the who is?
Edward, how could
you do this to me?
We were going
to build a hospital.
A place where the poor could
finally be nursed and looked after.
We'd spent years fund-raising
to buy that piece of land.
Somewhere we
could finally afford.
Then you come along..
and take it from us
because it was cheap.
Shame on you!
That you are, Cedric.
The money Dr Stanhope demanded
was to be funneled back into the charity.
It was recompense for what they'd
paid out in planning permission
and architects over the years.
It also gave ways of finding
another site for the hospital.
How did you know it was him?
He knew the increased amount
the blackmailer was demanding
without having
even seen the letter.
It was sealed until I
opened it in my office.
And contrary to
what I told Mr Sinclair
Mr Humphries is not a
member of the Woolwich Trust
but Dr Stanhope is.
He's their chairman.
He's also on the board
of the Botanical Society
and he had access
to the poisonous plant.
About Nicolas..
Dr Stanhope administered
a mild dose of the poison.
His intention was to render
Mr Doyle unconscious.
Not to kill him.
I have reinstated your
father's name on our product
and you will be my partner?
Yes, he's right.
I want our company to buy
that land and to donate it
so the hospital for the
poor can still be built.
We shall donate it
in your father's name.
My friend. My dear, dear friend.
I will never trust that
toad Sinclair again.
Why you trusted him in the
first place is a mystery to me.
I heard what you did for young Fitzroy
pulling him from that
raid on the Cooper gang.
He cannot speak
highly enough of you.
They're not just a gang.
They're among the most
brutal criminals in the city.
He's very lucky not
to have been out there.
Please don't giver me
that indulgent smile.
It's not indulgence,
it's affection.
Of course it is.
William.. do not presume
to be able to read my mind.
If I could then I'm quite sure that
we would never speak again.
Give my best to Mr Potts.
I'm not going to the
mortuary. I don't know.
From what I see, I believe
he'll be a frequent visitor.
Ivy seems quite taken with him.
Miss Scarlet..
Detective Fitzroy.
If you can drag your eyes
from Miss Scarlet for a moment
a fraud case has just
come in, detective.
Yes, Sir.
Jewellers on Montgomery Street.
Eden Bloom. Get me what you can find.
Yes, Sir.
I hear you plucked young Fitzroy from
Detective Phelps to assist you instead.
Yes, Sir. He has encyclopaedic
knowledge of poisons I needed in this case.
Encyclopaedic, you say?
Well, get to it, detective.
Yes, Sir.
You disobeyed another
direct order, Inspector.
I apologise, Sir, but I..
I was born on the streets
of Glasgow, just like you
and I'm as savvy as
the day I was born.
Do not assume my comfortable
position here is turning me otherwise.
Ah! Good day, Commissioner.
I've a whisky with your
name on it waiting on my desk.
I hope it's a large one.
Large and strong..
just how I like my women.
Miss Scarlet..
I wish to congratulate you in
person on your magnificent win.
Thank you.
How nice to have the opportunity to wish
you commiserations in person, Mr Nash.
I believe this evening's edition
of the Illustrated Police News
will be leaving the
printers on its way
to be devoured by its readership..
only later to discover
that the genius, Mr Nash
accused the wrong man.
No matter.
They will issue an
apology to Mr Humphries
in the next edition.
Oh, I think you'll find that a
man such as Mr Humphries
will want a little
more than that.
A law suit, perhaps.
Ha, ha..
What a woman you are.
I'm afraid I'm even more eager
to have you work for me than ever
Well, my answer is still no.
Then what can I do to
make you change your mind?
There's always something.
Even you, Miss Scarlet,
will have your price.
I suppose I could try blackmail.
However, perhaps I'd rather
you come to me willingly..
not coerced.
I can play as dirty as you, sir.
So believe me when I say
you do not want me as an enemy.
No, I want you as my employee.
So take some
time about my offer.
Until then..
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