Miss Sherlock (2018) s01e01 Episode Script

The First Case

"How have you been? I
heard you participated"
"in a medical volunteer abroad program."
"You told me about your dream about being"
"in a medical volunteer abroad program"
"when you near graduation, I think."
Your attention, please.
We will reach Tokyo in ten minutes.
Please fasten your seatbelts.
Stow your tray tables and belongings.
Put your seats in the upright position.
The weather in Tokyo is sunny,
and the temperature is 17 degree Celsius.
Thanks for coming! It's great to see you!
Welcome back! You look well.
You do, too!
I'm glad you've arrived home safely.
It's a relief.
Thank you so much for your letters!
They really helped me.
I didn't write anything special.
I'm serious!
They kept me going.
I always have them with me.
Dr. Mizuno?
Dr. Mizuno!
Excuse me.
Dr. Mizuno!
Dr. Mizuno Excuse me.
Dr. Mizuno!
Dr. Mizuno!
I need a plastic bag! Hurry!
Dr. Mizuno!
Dr. Mizuno!
Dr. Mizuno!
Looks like the work of the devil.
The victim is Takayuki Mizuno, 49.
A surgeon.
This lady worked at the
same hospital as him.
She returned from Syria today.
You must be in shock.
Shibata, take photos of the body.
To send to that weirdo again?
The sooner the better.
Ah, wait a second!
I'm Inspector Reimon
from the Metropolitan Police.
Please tell me
-Inspector Reimon.
The victim's wife has arrived
at the police station.
I see.
Please come with me.
I'm so sorry.
If Dr. Mizuno hadn't come to meet me
I'm so sorry.
Mrs. Mizuno, please come with me.
Sherlock! What are you doing?
We need the autopsy done now.
Can't let a rookie forensic scientist
mess it up.
We'd miss the evidence.
Did you look at the crime scene photos?
All useless shots.
A tourist would have done better.
Mind your manners.
The victim's wife is here.
You're the wife.
And you're the doctor.
Just back from volunteering in Syria today.
I need you to confirm
the victim's identity.
I have some questions for you
about your husband.
Can't that wait?
We can't afford to waste time.
Figure anything out?
A liquid bomb exploded inside his body.
A liquid bomb?
It's known as Devil's Foot.
Highly explosive.
Even a tiny amount can be deadly.
This IC chip was used
to detonate it remotely.
How could it have been planted in his body?
When did you last see your husband?
This morning.
He left early.
Did you notice anything unusual?
No, nothing.
You're in the medical field, too?
I'm a pharmacist.
Any children?
Can't have kids? Or don't want any?
How often do you have sex?
Do you ever look for sex elsewhere?
Are you OK? You should lie down.
Do you have a blanket?
Tell me when she's ready.
Raise your feet.
Wait, please!
Akiko just lost her husband.
Working for the police doesn't
excuse such rudeness!
How could you ask her things like that?
Like what?
About not having kids
What's wrong with that?
Besides, I'm not a police officer.
Sherlock is a consulting detective.
A specialist in criminal psychology.
She helps us solve difficult cases
as a freelancer.
With my authority.
How did you know?
That I'm a doctor?
There's thread for
suturing on your suitcase.
And Syria?
Your watch is six hours behind.
A hospital in Syria
was bombed three days ago.
The volunteer medical team just returned.
You were working with them, weren't you?
I can smell gunpowder on you.
A combination of RDX and aluminum.
You're surprised, right?
Just from seeing a sore on my fingers
and a right thumb thicker than my left
She could tell that my hobby is bowling.
If you remember anything, get in touch.
You can help us find the murderer.
"Inspector Reimon"
I'm Wato Tachibana.
Ah, looking for Sherlock?
Come on in.
Here for advice?
Um, yes.
People come to see her all the time.
The police gave me the address.
Are you her mother?
Ah, excuse me
I rent this room to Sherlock.
I owe a lot to her parents,
so I'm helping her out.
Is Sherlock her real name?
Of course not.
She has a real name.
Then why is she called Sherlock?
She adopted the name
after something happened.
Now everyone uses it.
You should ask her about it yourself.
This way.
Watch your step.
-Thank you.
Excuse me.
Is she out?
She can't hear a thing
when she's lost in thought.
I'm opening the door!
Sherlock, you have a visitor.
What's with your clothes?
Been wearing them ever since college?
I like them.
All you care about is comfort.
No fashion sense.
Sherlock! Manners, please.
Here. Wear this.
Don't tell me what to wear!
I can't think when my aesthetic sense
is disturbed.
Is this
a bloodstain inside?
That? I used it to wrap a dismembered body.
A dismembered body?
Forget about how I look.
I want you to tell me more
about Dr. Mizuno's death.
Look at this.
He sent me 19 letters.
They saved me when I was
in an unfamiliar place.
Why did he have to die like that?
I want to
You're not listening!
What are you looking at?
A tablet with a microchip
for health management.
It sends biological data to a smartphone.
Wow! Amazing.
That would really help
with diet management.
It could calculate
calorie intake and so on.
They've found another body!
Same cause of death.
Make yourself at home.
May I go with you?
Are you after the truth? Or just curious?
I want the truth.
OK. Maybe I'll ask your
opinion as a doctor.
No entry!
Hold it! Stop!
Hey! You can't go there!
-It's fine.
She has permission.
She's a doctor. No harm in having her look.
Excuse me.
The victim is Ryuichi Kurimoto. Age 26.
His stomach exploded. Same as Mizuno.
Shibata, fill them in.
No apparent link to Mizuno.
According to witnesses,
he was mumbling about the devil.
Personal belongings?
-A wallet
with a driver's license.
And a cellphone.
Don't touch those without gloves!
He was a former drug addict.
How do you know?
-You get a tag
after each month of rehabilitation.
Nice work.
Stop that!
Any cuts in his mouth?
You studied forensic medicine
in school, right?
Nothing out of the ordinary.
The victims didn't know
they were swallowing bombs.
I smell something.
Of decay?
-No, it's sweet
The stuff used to create mist on stage.
It's that smell.
Was Kurimoto a stage actor?
Give me your black light.
What's that?
A club re-entry stamp.
Sales representative!
I don't need a water purifier.
No time for jokes.
I can't stand this place.
You brought a friend. How unusual.
She's not my friend.
Ryuichi Kurimoto. Know him?
What's it to you?
Do you know him?
"Curiosity killed the cat," right?
Don't go sniffing around.
You'll end up like the cat.
Why exactly is this place
called "the medicine box"?
You're one persistent saleswoman.
Kurimoto was murdered. Tell me about him.
He was a junkie.
Had to try all the new drugs.
He was here last night, right?
-What time?
Around one.
-Was he with anyone?
He came alone, but
he met up with another guy.
A DJ called Kuuya.
What's he like?
That guy's a loser.
Not just a user. A pusher, too.
A pusher?
He sells drugs.
His customers are wealthy
doctors and so on.
What did you learn?
Kuuya sold Kurimoto
the tablet bomb as a drug.
Kurimoto took it, and it killed him.
So Kuuya is the murderer?
But why kill Dr. Mizuno?
A stressed-out doctor
will sometimes use drugs.
Are you saying Dr. Mizuno was a drug user?
I need to consider every possibility.
That's crazy!
Dr. Mizuno would never use drugs.
Are you suffering from chest pain?
You keep touching your chest.
Is something wrong?
It's nothing to worry about.
I'm OK.
My husband used to talk about you.
About your compassion
toward those around you.
He said he was sure
you'd make a great doctor.
I've decided not to be a doctor.
At first, I planned to work
in Tokyo for a bit.
And then work at my father's hospital
in Sapporo.
However, the 2011 earthquake
changed all that.
I wanted to make a difference.
So I joined a volunteer medical team.
In the end, there was nothing I could do.
Patients needed me.
But I panicked
and couldn't provide proper care.
People stared at me.
I knew I couldn't be a doctor.
That must have been difficult.
Let me know if I can do anything to help.
I'm sorry. What am I doing?
You're the one who's suffering.
And I'm just talking about myself.
I'm sorry.
What are you going to do?
I don't know.
My parents didn't want me
to join the medical team.
I can't go home now.
Ah, somebody dropped this.
You dropped your hair tie.
Here, let me help you.
Tie this.
And then through here.
All finished.
Thank you.
-You're welcome.
Oh, excuse me.
"Come right away."
Hello. I'm
My older brother.
He has wide connections as he works
for the Cabinet Intelligence Office.
Quirky and smart,
so his colleagues can't stand him.
Look who's talking.
Here we have a jobless, homeless, has-been.
Such a pleasant introduction!
Let's go. You only have twenty minutes.
Poldhu is a promising startup.
There's plans for
a UK-style hospital cloud service.
Let me do the talking.
No jumping the gun, OK?
Sorry to keep you waiting.
This way, please.
Thank you for your help the other day.
Your work for Japan's aging population
I read about your digital tablet online.
Did you get enough support
through crowdfunding?
A lot of people have committed funds.
What do you offer supporters?
Top supporters can get
four samples of the product.
Do you have a list of top donors?
That's rather abrupt
Show me the list.
May I ask why?
Your product was tampered with
and might've been used as a weapon.
You can't be serious.
Science is often exploited
for unsavory purposes.
Sarin gas was
first developed as a pesticide, right?
Thank you for waiting.
Here you are.
"Top Donor List"
"Kuuya Kirisaki".
Kuuya, the DJ?
He received four samples.
He's the murderer after all.
First Dr. Mizuno.
Then Kurimoto. Two tablets left!
We need to stop him!
"Kuuya Kirisaki"
What are you doing?
Mind your own business.
-I got new information
related to our investigation.
I'm listening.
A woman called.
Her boyfriend was
hallucinating and ran off.
His name is Kuuya Kirisaki. Age 29.
What is it?
I have to go to his place now!
Rina Nishikawa? You called the police?
Sherlock, shoes!
Your shoes!
Kuuya was in rehab.
Is that true?
Yes, until recently.
-In Shinagawa.
Really? Contact them.
Ask about anything unusual lately.
Understood. Shibata, make the call.
Was he acting strangely?
What do you mean?
Checking his messages a lot?
He checked the tablet,
went pale, and ran out.
"Six-year-old killed by junkie"
Ten years ago, Yohei Makishima
abused drugs and killed a little girl.
He'd just been released
from the same rehab center.
How's that related to our investigation?
they got a complaint six months ago.
A complaint?
Hey, your shoes! Shoes! Wear your
Officers, head now to Kita-Shinagawa.
How are the killings
and the rehab center connected?
If the man who killed the girl
is back in rehab
Makishima is the next target? But why?
I'll announce today's theme.
Our theme today is "desire".
You can say whatever comes to mind.
"Broadmoor Day-care Center"
I was an alcoholic.
Drinking day after day.
I had to drink
or I'd become violent.
My son was always crying.
Every single day was the same.
Yohei Makishima Die!
It hurts!
Just die!
Let go!
Let go!
The devil will kill me!
Please let go!
He's not the killer?
He unknowingly took the bomb pill.
He's acting on orders.
He has a bomb inside!
Now you tell us!
I'll be killed!
The devil will kill me!
We need an ambulance and bomb disposal.
"Letter of Protest"
"Addicts claim they would repent"
"but continue to make the same mistakes."
"In rehab, addicts just
comfort each other."
That's terrible.
Rehab programs do great work.
The Mizunos don't have children, right?
That's right.
Dr. Mizuno wanted one,
but said Akiko didn't.
It's funny. She's great with kids.
I saw her fix a girl's hair like a pro.
Remote control. Drug Addict.
19 letters.
That's it.
Makishima killed a little girl.
Look up her parents.
Come in.
I wasn't expecting you.
Did you catch the killer?
The killer is you.
What are you talking about?
Ten years ago, a six-year-old
was murdered near here.
The killer was a drug addict.
"Six-year-old killed by junkie"
His name was Yohei Makishima.
He'd been released
from rehab two months prior.
The little girl's name was Airi Omura.
You were a single mother.
And she was your daughter.
Airi! Run away!
Airi! Airi!
What are you doing?
I'm looking at the toys.
Do you like them?
Stay with me! Airi!
You quit your job, moved to Tokyo,
and got married.
But that all changed one day
after you read about Makishima's release.
I'm looking for a job. Know anything?
Kuuya, how's the DJ job?
You decided to make another addict
to kill Makishima,
wanting to bring peace
to your late daughter.
You gave funds in Kuuya's name
to get the tablets.
And then you modified them into bombs.
But Dr. Mizuno discovered
the huge flow of money.
What's this all about?
What are you using it for?
Akiko What's going on?
Answer me!
You were trapped.
The next morning, you gave him a pill.
Told him he'd feel better.
And you set off the bomb.
Dr. Mizuno
He really loved you, Akiko.
Kurimoto didn't cooperate. You killed him.
But Kuuya became your weapon.
Let me go!
The devil will kill me!
Anything you'd like to add?
Where's your proof?
A complaint sent to the rehab center!
See these special stamps?
Twenty of them form a single image.
The letters, please!
Dr. Mizuno used nineteen stamps
to write to her.
And you used the very last one!
Your fingerprints will be on the stamp.
The police confirmed that
you invested in Poldhu.
He was vermin.
Had to be killed.
So you used the devil's foot?
You're the devil here!
And you're playing God with lives?
So who was going to kill him?
All the talk about rehabilitation.
But what about the victims?
I can't get Airi back!
Are you OK? Do you need some water?
It's not pain. It's a pendant.
She's always touching
it above her clothing.
What's that?
-Mourning jewelry.
It contains her daughter's hair.
It's an old European custom.
Mourners wear them as amulets.
She had such beautiful hair.
She loved having me style it for her.
I was good at it, too.
So sweet.
So adorable.
She meant everything to me.
But then
I'm sure Airi loved seeing you happy.
She wouldn't want to see you
carrying hatred and vengeance.
You're right.
I'm tired of living like this.
Stop her!
Tell me! Who's behind this?
Tell me!
Who's behind this?
Tell me! Hey!
No arrest, but thanks to you,
no more murders!
It's not over.
She couldn't do it alone.
There's someone else.
I'll see what I can do.
I'm sorry she got you involved
in all of this.
It's fine.
What are you going to do? No home. No job.
I'll think about it
when I get back to my hotel.
Are you OK?
Why do they call you "Sherlock"?
Tell me.
I want to know.
I have an idea.
Why don't you move in with her?
What are you saying?
I'd feel better knowing
you're living with a friend.
We're not friends.
Fire at a hotel. We have to go.
OK. Which hotel?
Hotel New Kamata.
Hotel New Kamata?
That's where I'm staying.
Nothing left. Nobody's allowed in.
Nothing left
Well, that settles it.
By the way, what's your name?
Wato Tachibana.
Wato means "peaceful city."
Miss Wato, please take care of Sherlock.
Suit yourself.
But I'll make sure you regret this.
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