Miss Sherlock (2018) s01e02 Episode Script

Sachiko's Mustache

You all right there?
Tell me! Who's behind this?
Tell me! Who's behind this?
How's this?
Looks good!
It's perfect.
It was so nice of you to help.
You actually made most of it
I'm glad I could help.
Thank you.
Oh, my friend is coming later today
to see Sherlock.
Would you tell her?
Thanks again!
Here comes breakfast!
Just make me a coffee.
It's thanks for letting me stay here.
Not needed.
I cooked the rice in a pot.
And even went to the fish market.
I went to all the trouble
and you said "not needed?
Read this.
-What is it?
Rules for living here.
"Don't make breakfast unless I ask you to."
"Make coffee with water"
"heated to 82 degree Celsius."
There are too many rules!
You're free to leave.
Sherlock, my friend arrived early.
Is it OK?
Oops. Sorry I forgot.
Someone's coming.
You're still eating?
It's two portions, you know.
Excuse me.
What an unusual room.
You must be Sherlock. Correct.
I wasn't expecting you to be so cute.
Her personality sucks.
-Have a seat.
Are you familiar with Saneatsu Kishida?
An early 1900s Western-style painter.
A later painting of his.
It was a silver anniversary gift
from my husband 20 years ago.
Mr. Maibara was an antiques dealer.
He found it while cleaning out
a client's warehouse.
What a wonderful anniversary gift!
Far from it.
It was the first and final present
he ever gave me.
Because it was so unlike him,
he died soon after.
Still, I've treasured it
for the last 20 years.
I've turned down all requests to borrow it.
Then the director of
Gables Museum of Arts came and begged me
to loan it for a special exhibition.
You agreed for the first time?
But then
two days ago
A man went right before closing time.
Somebody, help!
Whoa! Are you OK?
Call an ambulance!
Stay with me!
Did he die?
He's at the hospital, unconscious.
Who is he?
I don't even know his name.
No driver's license, wallet, or cell phone.
Why did he deface the painting?
The police have no idea,
but you might be able to find out.
One thing's for sure.
He was just following orders
from the real culprit.
Picasso, Delacroix, Mark Rothko.
Their works had also been vandalized.
Usually by frustrated would-be artists,
hoping to gain notoriety in the art world.
But our guy didn't have
any form of identification.
He wanted to remain anonymous.
So, the true culprit is still out there.
I see.
Mrs. Maibara, please accept my apologies.
You'll be compensated
-Just stop.
The real issue is the lack of security.
If you had more guards,
this wouldn't have happened.
What else can I say?
This way.
Follow me.
Your thoughts?
Impressive mustache.
Notice anything strange recently?
I don't know if it's strange.
A man came to see me three days ago.
He wanted to buy the painting.
Gallery Gelder. Keisuke Yanagisawa.
I'll pay any price you name.
Please consider my offer.
He'd pay the asking price?
I turned him down, of course.
This painting belongs with me.
It was defaced the next day.
May I come in?
This is Mr. Kuwabata, the art restorer.
It means a lot to me. Please restore it.
I assure you he'll do an excellent job.
I'll do my absolute best. Let's go.
His condition remains unchanged.
I wonder why he did it.
Did he target "Sachiko"
or was it just bad luck?
No personal belongings. Any accessories?
Accessories? Not that I'm aware of.
It was faint,
but 5-3 was on the back of his hand.
I didn't notice a thing.
Of course not. You look but don't observe.
It's probably not relevant.
5-3 is the painting's location.
"Room Five"
"Number Three - Kishida"
He wrote a memo to be sure.
He was ordered to deface "Sachiko"
and not any other paintings.
So it was targeted.
Let's meet the gallery owner.
He might know something.
Sorry, I have to go to counseling.
The medical corps
recommends it to volunteers.
What a waste of time.
That can't fix your problems.
You've been eating mine.
You have a lot. Eat your own!
How many did you even order?
No! I wanted that! Don't
Here you are.
Here you are.
I heard about that.
So the owner was drowning in debt.
I don't know the details.
Something about the drop
in the art market's value.
Everyone was talking about it.
The owner committed suicide over his debt.
Let's head back for now.
Got it.
Thank you.
Why are you here?
-That's my line.
What happened?
The owner was found dead last night.
Keisuke Yanagisawa?
How do you know?
The body was found there.
I'll send you photos.
Shibata, fill her in.
A man witnessed the body
falling to the ground.
That was last night at 10.32pm.
The witness stayed until police arrived.
He didn't see anyone leave.
They searched the area,
parking lot to roof.
Nothing suspicious.
Hey, are you even listening?
The door was locked. Keys were on the desk.
The window was open.
Traces of sleeping pills
were in his system.
A staff member said
Yanagisawa had a huge debt.
Couldn't sleep without pills due to nerves.
He committed suicide
by jumping out the window.
This isn't a case for
our homicide division.
Let's go back to the station.
The keys to the room.
How can you be sure?
Anyone can tell.
The other key is for his BMW.
The room's door has a PR cylinder lock.
This key fits a U9.
Similar, but different. Try it.
Wrong key.
Someone left a dummy key in the room
locked the room
with the real one from outside.
Yanagisawa may have been forced
to take the pills.
Watch out!
Yanagisawa's office is right below us.
A straight fall down to where he landed.
He could have been pushed over from here.
Find something?
Why go to the trouble of
taking him up to the roof?
Plus, there was no one
up on the roof at the time.
Inspector, I need to ask you a favor.
Have you heard about the defaced painting?
The culprit's in the hospital.
He had a pierced ear.
There was no earring.
It might've been left at the accident site.
I want you to find it.
Ridiculous! Why should he
I'm certain the two cases are connected.
I see. Shibata, go check out the scene.
-I'll call in for support.
What will you do?
I'm going for a physical.
-A physical?
Health is important for work.
Be sure to go for a checkup, too.
Yes, sir.
-Anything else?
Find out what Yanagisawa
was working on recently.
Right. Shibata, I'll leave that to you.
Are you sleeping well?
I had trouble sleeping after returning.
I'd wake up in the night, but I'm OK now.
That's normal.
Many people suffer from insomnia,
especially after
returning from conflict zones.
You're probably finding it easier
to relax now.
Actually, my everyday life
is pretty stressful.
We all suffer from stress.
For example,
when I see the age spots on my face.
Concealer isn't enough anymore.
I can't see a thing!
Is sharing your problems embarrassing?
As if you're revealing
your innermost thoughts?
That's right.
Your thoughts are safe with me.
Any topic is fine.
For example, what you did yesterday.
Or what's on your mind.
Don't take counseling too seriously.
Feel free to say whatever you want.
He's dead? -Murder disguised as suicide.
He had no interest in the art world
or artwork.
He just resold art
for the highest prices possible.
He'd do anything to get what he wanted. So?
He made a lot of enemies.
Obvious, right?
Takakura Resort Development.
Locals were complaining about it.
The president hired Yanagisawa
to buy "Sachiko" from Mrs. Maibara.
I heard about Yanagisawa from the police.
Suicide. I can't believe it.
Why did you want to buy "Sachiko"?
What do you mean?
For an investment?
I don't play the money game with art.
It's all about whether the art
speaks to me or not.
When I saw it for the first time,
I started shaking.
That's why you hired Yanagisawa?
Yes. He immediately found out
Mrs. Maibara was the owner.
But she refused to sell it.
You're well informed.
There was nothing I could do.
I'm surprised.
As a prominent art collector,
why give up so easily?
Art should be owned by someone
who appreciates it.
Mrs. Maibara loves the painting
more than I do.
How charming! You must love it very much.
It's from the 18th century.
Made over 300 years ago.
300 years ago?
How much was it?
I'll leave that to your imagination.
Where were you the night Yanagisawa died?
I was attending my company's
anniversary party.
The 200 employees present
will vouch for me.
I see.
I'm reading a biography
about Saneatsu Kishida.
I know why Mr. Maibara
gave "Sachiko" to his wife.
It was Saneatsu's last work before he died.
He couldn't sell his
paintings and was poor.
But his wife, Sachiko, still supported him.
She inspired the painting.
Nice story, isn't it?
You're here?
Saneatsu poured love for his wife
into the painting.
Mr. Maibara must have known that,
hence he gave his wife the painting!
Naive. I knew it when I met you.
Maybe he had an affair
and gave it out of guilt.
Or he was telling his wife
to be more devoted.
You're so cynical.
Haven't you ever been in love?
Emotions get in the way
of logical thinking.
How about you?
Pretty much.
Speak. -You rarely check messages.
You hardly ever make an effort to dress up.
You wear little or no makeup.
This means
Stop! Don't look!
Stop it! Don't!
Looks like you're becoming friends.
Far from it.
-Not one bit.
Mrs. Maibara sent this. Want to try it?
Here you are.
Investigation going well?
-Pretty much.
Mrs. Maibara hardly ever goes out
after her husband passed away.
Her legs give her trouble
so she spends all day watching TV.
I wish she had more of a social life.
Well, excuse me.
Good night!
-Good night!
I knew it.
This is the key. Manila copal.
What's that?
-Fossilized plant resin.
Only one other use beside holding
dinosaur DNA.
There's no trace of it left.
It was coated with varnish.
That helped stop the ink.
These paintings are yours?
Yes, all my works.
This place is my studio.
Prepping for a show?
How did you know?
They're from different times,
but signed together.
That means only one thing -
a one-man exhibition.
The plan fell through.
You like to work in pastel colors.
Seems they're popular right now.
So you follow trends you don't like.
I have to sell my paintings.
I have no choice.
The museum director says
you contacted him first.
I regularly contact museums
Manila copal.
It can be melted and used as varnish.
-I have some, too.
Got it recently.
On the roof of Yanagisawa's
office building.
Very well spotted.
Do you know Yanagisawa?
Of course. Everyone did.
Ever visit him?
Several times on business.
Where were you the night he died?
I was here all night.
I went to the store once.
The surveillance camera there can prove it.
I'll find the damn thing.
Get out of here!
Sorry for yelling. Just play over there.
Here. Take this with you.
Sorry I yelled. Don't tell your moms, OK?
It was a waste of time.
Both Takakura and Kuwabata have alibis.
Their alibis mean nothing
in Yanagisawa's case.
He was killed using a timing device.
Whoever did it
visited his office before he fell.
The killer spikes a drink
and gets him to drink it.
And then
He drags Yanagisawa up to the roof.
And puts him on the ledge.
The sleeping pills wear
off and he wakes up.
He's in a daze
and falls as he tries to stand up.
That happened at 10.32pm.
He landed face down,
but there's white paint on his back.
Because he was lying on his back
on the ledge.
I see!
What's that?
It's one of our original designs.
Do you know the man who
bought this earring?
It's custom-made,
so I'm sure there's a photo.
Sorry about that.
His name's Kijima.
What does he do?
No steady work. Just odd jobs.
Anything related to art?
He did a stint transporting artwork.
About a year ago,
for an art gallery in Ginza.
An art gallery in Ginza! It's connected!
Kijima had worked freelance
for Yanagisawa before.
This time, Yanagisawa paid him
to draw the mustache on the painting.
Then, Kuwabata saw a job opportunity
and called the museum.
Freelancer Kijima.
Gallery owner Yanagisawa.
Art restorer Kuwabata.
The three were in it together.
But why was Yanagisawa killed?
To know why,
we must solve the Stradivarius mystery.
An Antonio Stradivari book
was on Yanagisawa's desk.
He was a famous Italian
instrument producer.
He made world-renowned cellos and violins.
So Yanagisawa dealt in instruments, too?
Trading instruments is limited to
a few specialists.
He liked classical music?
I don't think so judging from his room.
Put it here, please.
Not another delivery!
You're going to eat all this?
Of course not.
I couldn't decide so I ordered everything.
Not delivery.
Long time no see! How are you?
A friend of yours?
-She's not my friend.
Definitely not!
He was in the area, so
How do you know each other?
A Matisse was stolen
from a museum four years ago.
Sherlock asked me
to examine the display painting.
If you hadn't discovered the fake,
nobody would know?
Fakes are quite common.
One man in London made
over 2,000 fake paintings.
But only 30 have been discovered.
A good forger is highly skilled.
The man arrested was actually
an art restorer.
A restorer?
I may have just solved the case.
Hello? Yes.
Yes. No problem.
It's just like the original.
I'm so grateful. You've
done a splendid job.
I'm glad it came off.
Send my regards to Mrs. Maibara.
Wait a second!
That painting isn't an original Saneatsu.
It's a fake that he forged.
You forged it so you could return the fake.
And you planned to sell
the restored original to Takakura.
You were offered a good price.
I've examined it. I'm sure you're mistaken.
We asked an appraiser to come with us.
All right. Please remove the wrapper.
Feel free to examine it.
Excuse me.
The painting is real.
It's an original Saneatsu Kishida.
I've appraised
three of his paintings in the past.
Nice restoration.
How could it be
This is enough trouble for one day.
I'm sorry, please repack the painting.
Let me take a look.
I see. I should have spotted this sooner.
Please return it to Mrs. Maibara.
I messed up. Sorry.
I feel so ashamed.
What did you notice?
-The size.
"Sachiko" and the dancer are the same size.
What's the connection?
It's how it all started.
I don't get it.
Eliminate the impossible,
and you're left with the unlikely truth.
Well, hello. What brings you two here?
Your late husband dealt in antiques?
Please show us his ledgers.
I'm fine.
Mr. Maibara bought "Sachiko"
20 years ago.
We need to see earlier records.
Sothestie's Auction
Ah, there you are!
Sorry to keep you waiting.
At long last.
What are you doing?
First things first.
You promise you'll support me as an artist?
I'm a man of my word.
Not irresponsible like Yanagisawa.
I believe you.
Well then
That package! Give it to me.
How dare you barge in like this!
If you refuse, I'll
have to force the issue.
It wasn't the painting you switched.
It was the frame.
This is what you really wanted.
Mrs. Maibara's husband
bought this 20 years ago.
It was made
in Italy back in the 18th century.
And it was crafted by
Antonio Stradivari.
Stradivari's violins
are worth an absolute fortune.
I wonder how much a frame would fetch?
I have no interest in the price of a frame.
Give it back.
Indeed. You just wanted the dancer
in her original frame.
The frame was made especially
for her picture.
But over the years, they got separated.
They passed through many hands.
The frame ended up with Mrs. Maibara.
The painting ended up with you.
I was stunned when I saw this frame
at the museum.
I never thought I'd see it in Tokyo.
But because she wouldn't sell,
you switched frames.
Yanagisawa used your skills
to get the frame for Takakura.
Why did you decide
to go along with his scheme?
An art dealer
is what a struggling artist needs.
A one-man exhibition. Irresistible.
I'd always dreamed of
holding my own exhibition.
He found out, and he led me on.
But it was all lies.
He never intended to put on
an exhibition for me.
His attitude changed when I confronted him.
I don't recall saying anything about that.
Are you kidding me?
Who do you think you're talking to?
Listen. If you had any talent,
you'd be famous by now.
But you? You're a nobody!
Even if I put on a show for you,
no one would come!
He can't be serious.
Shut up.
Shut up.
Shut up.
And so you killed him.
I punished him.
I'll let you in on a secret.
Takakura won't support you either.
Of course not.
Nothing wrong in wanting
to be a successful artist, but
you need to be a better judge of character.
So it was a murder. I'm glad I didn't rush.
Not a bad call, I guess.
Delighted to help.
Would you return this to Mrs. Maibara?
The Stradivari
looks like any other frame to me.
Art value is shaped by
the values of the viewer.
You like it, it's treasure.
If not, it's trash.
Oh, where's Wato?
I see.
Mrs. Maibara called.
She was very appreciative.
Happy to get her painting back.
But she's loaned it out again!
Again? How come?
She says she now sees that
art should be shared.
And the painting deserves
to be given that chance.
I hope it won't be vandalized again.
There's no chance of that.
It's carefully guarded.
Too close.
You can see how much
she loves the painting.
Don't you think so?
Just dropping by for a
chat as you suggested.
I'm so glad you came.
Talk about whatever you like.
Anything I like?
OK. The mystery of Sachiko's mustache.
A mustache? What's that about?
An intriguing mystery
that occurred just recently.
About a mustache.
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