Miss Sherlock (2018) s01e03 Episode Script

Lily of the Valley

Do you know the meaning of "adamas"?
It's Greek.
I see you have a medical license.
Why are you interested in working here?
I want to try work
outside of the medical field.
I hope you would consider me.
"Buy Lao cilantro"
What a pain!
I'm back What's this awful smell?
I'm creating a new blend of essential oils.
This is cilantro. I asked for Lao cilantro.
Isn't Lao cilantro just
cilantro's full name?
I already used the oils
from regular cilantro.
So this is worthless.
Hurry up and exchange it!
What do you mean by uses?
Essential oils have various applications.
Cilantro removes odors.
Lao cilantro is a sedative.
Ylang ylang is an aphrodisiac.
Its main element is benzyl acetate,
an aphrodisiac.
It attracts male bees
and it's used in Chanel No. Five.
Male bees
You have a client. May she come in?
My horse riding friend's daughter.
Mrs. Hatano, you ride?
I just started.
It burns 500 calories an hour.
Even though the horse
is the one exercising.
Come on in.
How's your job hunt?
I'm going to work part-time
at a library for now.
I can't freeload here forever.
Sure you can.
Sherlock loves having you here.
No, I don't.
My name is Reiko Haitani.
I worked as
a pharmaceutical research scientist.
I didn't have any complaints.
But a recruiter approached me
with a new job offer.
The company? -Morthon Pharmaceuticals.
Wow! So well-known. Did you accept?
She asked me to wait a month.
And said I'd get a signing bonus.
The next day,
one million yen was put in my account.
I gave her my resume and research papers.
But you haven't heard back.
I tried emailing and calling.
I already quit my job
Was she really a recruiter?
I was worried,
but I found her in a magazine.
"Recruiter Arisa Shiina."
My paper has already been published
in a journal.
I also gave her my
unpublished research data.
That's what I'm worried about.
It's strange.
Did your old employer want you out?
Or is a rival company
trying to block a new product?
Why don't you go ask her yourself?
This was taken in her apartment.
The key is Zojoji Temple,
close to Tokyo Tower.
You can see a 12-story building from above.
Follow a line from Tokyo Tower
toward the temple.
And look for an apartment
over 13 stories high.
That'll be where she lives.
Sorry to stop by unannounced.
I'm Reiko Haitani.
Yes, that's my older sister.
You don't look alike at all. You're
Where's your sister?
I'm not sure.
She travels all over.
She never tells me where.
Ms. Haitani wants your sister
to return her papers.
Can you reach her?
I'll try calling, but she may not pick up.
Why not?
She gets irritated talking to me.
You can search her room if you'd like.
This way.
Here it is.
What a beautiful room. I'm envious.
My sister pays the rent.
I couldn't afford a place like this myself.
This plate is so pretty.
It looks expensive.
I accidentally broke one
while cleaning once.
She punished me
by keeping me awake for four days.
Four whole days? That's torture.
You don't get along with your sister?
We were close as kids.
But things happened.
Now she's like another person.
Excuse me.
Hold on a second.
It's my sister.
Where are you?
New York.
Do you have any idea what time it is?
Oh, sorry. Someone's here to see you.
She wants her research papers back
Ms. Haitani! I'm sorry!
I've been meaning to call.
So, the job
I'll finish up the
contract after I get back.
Actually, I've changed my mind.
I've done some serious thinking
over the last month.
It's not the right fit.
I want to work on my terms.
I see.
I'm certainly sorry to hear that.
Give Ms. Haitani her papers.
They're in the cabinet.
Is this it?
Yes, these are mine.
Thank you so much.
I feel much better about everything now.
We're glad we could help. What is it?
Did you write that number?
No, it wasn't me.
21-digit numbers
are given to individual accounts.
Why is someone else's number here?
Maybe it's a serial number.
You called that woman?
This case is too
complicated for us to solve.
But we haven't even started to investigate.
What if we investigate first
and miss the truth?
What? But investigating is our job!
Shibata, fill them in.
Morthon's chief researcher,
Dr. Hiroshi Watanuki.
Famous for his psychopharmacology work.
Went missing three days ago.
The same company that wanted Ms. Haitani.
How is he?
He doesn't know his own name.
Has no idea who he is.
I want to hear what you think about this.
His neocortex is damaged.
Frontal lobe destroyed.
Hands and feet were bound.
Burns on his head.
He was tortured using electric shocks.
Dr. Sanada has been assisting Dr. Watanuki.
Was Dr. Watanuki
involved in any trouble recently?
Not that I know of.
His research area?
He was interested in
tranquilizer side effects.
Is that all?
What do you mean?
Dr. Watanuki was tortured for information.
So he made a new drug
or had a top-secret project
I'm just an assistant.
I don't know all the details.
Excuse me.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Why is this a different color
from the others?
Only research fellows have yellow straps.
Research fellows have greater
security clearance.
How difficult is it to become
a research fellow?
You must be published
in a reputable journal.
How many people have this?
Seven No, six people.
Why'd you correct yourself?
One of them quit recently.
Why are you asking?
Reiko Haitani.
That's right. -What? What's going on?
Is this her?
Please excuse me.
See you.
Isn't she the recruiter?
Arisa Shiina wanted access to the labs.
She used Reiko's
published research and resume.
And gained entry to
Morthon Pharmaceuticals.
But why?
She wanted something behind this door.
This is our newest staff member.
I'm Wato Tachibana.
I'll be working part-time.
Welcome to the team.
The boss mentioned
you have a medical license.
That's right,
but I want to try various jobs.
Have you worked here long?
I'm actually a writer. Kind of.
So this is a side job?
This place is a treasure trove to me.
Being surrounded by books inspires me.
I see.
Ah, that goes here.
I'll go to the storeroom.
Why is she here?
Don't read there!
Why are you here?
I started working here today!
A book by Dr. Watanuki?
Published four years ago.
Only one interesting section.
Drugs that erase fear?
He dreamt of making a drug
to erase bad memories.
You think that's relevant to the case?
I bet this is what
Arisa Shiina was looking for.
We need to go check.
Pick up after yourself!
May I? -Oh, excuse me. Of course.
Huh? What do you want?
You've heard of a drug
that erases fear, right?
As you know,
Dr. Watanuki proposed it
four years ago.
Let's hear the details.
Promise not to reveal what I tell you.
I don't want to tarnish
Dr. Watanuki's good name.
Dr. Watanuki was determined
to develop that drug.
In order to erase victims'
memories of abuse or war.
However, he realized
the drug was too strong.
It could be destructive in the wrong hands.
It sounds great.
But we can see it another way.
As a cold-blooded lethal weapon.
A murder weapon?
Did he finish developing it?
as part of a top-secret government project.
I don't know anything else about it.
It's your brother.
I called him.
Let me get straight to the point. Drop it.
The data for the drug
was stolen a month ago.
Then why was Dr. Watanuki tortured?
The data is password protected,
multiple layers.
And Dr. Watanuki knew what it was.
It's unknown how much
of the password was revealed.
There's a trap installed in the password.
A trap? -If the wrong password's entered,
the data is erased at the final stage.
I hope whoever
stole the data activates the trap.
The public security
office is working on it.
You'll be in the way.
I'll decide for myself.
I knew you'd say that.
Arisa Shiina used a false identity
to gain access.
Her goal was to steal
the fear-erasing drug data.
She succeeded but
Didn't know the password
and tortured Dr. Watanuki.
The number from before. Was it
The password.
Arisa Shiina wrote it.
She now knows the password.
Congratulations on finding a new job.
It involves a lot of labor.
My arms are killing me.
Starting a new job comes with anxiety.
But it's nice to meet different people.
There's even a writer
who's been helping me out.
Oh? A writer?
He's interesting to talk to.
He's a nice person.
Is that a present from the writer?
No way!
I got this from someone when I left Syria.
It's said they're called
"bonfim bracelets."
Bonfim is Portuguese for What was it?
"Happy ending."
"Happy ending."
I like it.
When the bracelet falls off,
your wish comes true.
I could tug it
It has to happen naturally!
My wish, huh?
I'd like a love potion
that works instantly.
That sounds great!
Be sure to give me some!
Of course!
Ms. Shiina. You have a visitor.
Any word from your sister?
No, she hasn't contacted me since. Why?
She's committed a crime.
The author of this book was tortured.
Probably by your sister.
I thought something like this
would happen one day.
In elementary school,
our parents got a divorce.
I lived with our mother
and Arisa with our father.
My mother and I were poor,
but we led normal lives.
But Arisa
She suffered horrible
abuse from our father.
When she was a senior,
he came home drunk one day.
He fell on an umbrella
and the tip pierced his eye.
It went all the way to
his brain and he died.
always believed Arisa did it.
My father was allergic to alcohol.
I think she mixed the alcohol
with something else.
But he wasn't the only one she hated.
She hates society for
failing to protect her.
Your sister may be
planning an even deadlier crime.
Let me know as soon as she gets back.
I will.
Attracts male bees
Caesar cipher? Polybius square?
Japanese iroha poem?
Arisa's back in Japan.
I have to go to work.
The bottle you took
alleviates athlete's foot.
Athlete's foot?
The aphrodisiac is in this adhesive patch.
Want it?
Could you help with these? Over there.
Ms. Tachibana?
Do you want to have lunch with me today?
Yes, that'd be great.
See you then.
This patch is amazing!
I saw this and realized she was back. Look.
Adamas is Greek
for unconquerable or indestructible.
She's angry about something.
No, it's a hint.
Adamas has another meaning.
Adamas means diamond.
Diamond means carbon 12.
Carbon 12?
A reference to an element's atomic weight.
Divide the 21-digit number by 12.
You get a list of 4 digit numbers.
They represent atomic weights.
Lithium, oxygen
Fluorine, vanadium, and aluminum.
Lily of the Valley.
This is the password.
It's a metaphor for the drug.
The flower symbolizes happiness.
Did your sister leave a suitcase?
That tissue box has been moved.
Last time, it was in your sister's bedroom.
What is that?
A listening device.
Hemingway is known for
his hard-boiled style.
But his mum would often
dress him as a girl.
So he did things to show his manliness.
Like boxing and spying.
He had quite a life.
He certainly did.
Let's go. It's an emergency.
How did you find me?
Arisa used me to determine
the rest of the password.
You cracked it?
and she bugged the room.
The data?
Maybe she got it. Help me find her.
Oh, this guy? Don't bother with him.
Want to know why?
Stop it.
Breton striped shirt, LL Bean boots,
and a Rolex.
Same style as Hemingway. A narcissist.
Has a fountain pen,
but no calluses from writing.
He clearly pretends to be like Hemingway.
Reads women's magazines to chat up women.
Wears a fragrance popular with women.
He's just looking for easy prey.
Targeted you because you're a doctor
Enough already.
Now I know why you have no friends.
Stop messing around with me. I'm not going.
Suit yourself.
I need to go deal with the new books.
See you.
She'll pay the bill.
What's this?
I need the next password.
The countdown started.
OK. I'll email you the frequency soon.
Have you decided your location?
Arisa emailed me.
She wants to eat dinner together.
Tell me where.
Come in.
Did you open the file?
You knew Reika Haitani hired me.
You wrote on the envelope and window.
All to get me to crack the password.
You cracked it,
but it just goes to the next stage.
Do it.
Of course I won't.
You can't say no.
I may show mercy, but my sister won't.
I get it now.
It wasn't you. It was all your sister.
Getting me to solve the password,
and the torture.
Killing your father with an umbrella.
Hi, Yuma.
You work here.
That's great. I brought
some books to donate.
I need help carrying them.
In my car.
This car.
They're in the back seat.
Got it!
The back seat?
Maybe they fell under the seat.
I'll take a look.
Thank you.
I'm ignoring you.
I don't see any here.
My sister's a monster.
She can't feel others' pain.
She's cold-blooded, sadistic.
She loves to see people suffer.
Nobody can get rid of her deep hatred.
Not even me.
What's going on?
Sherlock, sorry
She's modified it to go up to 1,000 volts.
It's extremely painful.
Literally fries the brains.
Get her to work.
Do it. We're running out of time.
No! Don't crack it!
If you're wrong, she gets shocked.
It should be linked to lily of the valley.
Other names?
Kimikageso, ladder-to-heaven,
convallaria majalis. All wrong.
Why that name?
Returns happiness, like the drug.
Return of happiness. The arrival of spring.
Spring? May 1st!
You know it?
May 1st is Lily-of-the-Valley
Day in Europe.
That's it!
I can't think. I need to eat.
Hurry! There's no time!
Lily of the valley is also highly toxic!
The drug is also dangerous.
The name of the poison?
Its chemical formula is C29 H42 O10.
Molecular weight: 550.64.
CAS number: 508-75-8.
No! Convallatoxin is
A cardiac glycoside. That's it! -What?
Cardiac glycosides
can become poison or medicine.
If you switch calcium
ions with sodium ions.
Two sides, like the drug.
Calcium ion is it!
If you're wrong, I'll up the shock
to 200 volts.
What the hell are you doing? Solve it!
Why are you doing this?
What will you do with the data?
I want to save the children.
The victims of parental abuse.
I want to erase their fear.
Then they can stand up to their parents
and society.
It's none of your business.
Not every victim ends up
hating things like you do.
Some enjoy life to the fullest
due to their pasts.
No one's going to thank you.
You need the drug, not the children.
Shut up!
Next time, her brains fry.
Do it! I want to see
what 1,000 volts looks like.
But it would be a shame
not to crack the password.
He knew the danger but
made the drug anyway.
It was his dream. He considered it to be
Sacred Legend! Lily
of the valley legends?
The flower grew in St.
Leonard's Forest? No.
The Virgin Mary's tears!
Her tears became the flower.
Nothing is more sacred!
Tellurium and argon.
Atomic numbers 52 and 18. Go!
Yuma, can you see? We did it!
Yes Send the data!
Got it.
What's happening?
I must have been wrong.
I remember hearing something.
There's a trap at the end.
Enter the wrong password
and the data gets erased.
How unfortunate!
I wanted to show off,
so I've been broadcasting.
Got her!
Are you okay?
Are you okay? Wake up!
Hang in there!
I heard everything.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
No problem. I knew you'd be here in time.
If you sleep like that,
your back will hurt.
Are you upset you couldn't crack it?
You'll never know the password.
Of course I cracked it.
You entered the wrong password on purpose?
The first password was lily of the valley.
The problem was how to open up the lily.
Another name for it is Flower-of-May.
"March winds and April showers"
"bring May flowers."
You need winds and showers.
W and S, respectively.
Take their atomic numbers
The final password is 7416.
What? My brains were about to be fried!
Also, how were the police able to find me?
They tracked your GPS signal.
The patch?
It's a GPS.
They knew exactly where to find you.
You can't be serious.
I hope you're feeling better.
What's up?
We searched Yuma Shiina's
workplace and house
and found this on her desk.
What's that?
There's more.
All filled with writing, just like that.
Any ideas?
"Stella Maris"?
Stella Maris is Latin for Star-of-the-Sea.
Which refers to the Virgin Mary
in Catholicism.
She guides people,
just like the North Star does.
"Stella Maris"
The North Star is one star
in the Little Dipper.
Akiko Mizuno's phone
had a Little Dipper design.
That's no coincidence.
Maybe Stella Maris
is the name of a secret society?
And Akiko Mizuno and Yuma Shiina
both belonged?
So the Little Dipper is
the society's symbol?
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