Miss Sherlock (2018) s01e04 Episode Script

The Wakasugi Family

Are you all right?
Here's your order, the irodori set.
Please let me know
if you'd like any more rice.
Excuse me.
Long time no see!
Aren't you a doctor?
I quit.
Anyway, you seem to be doing well.
You too. You got remarried, right?
What's the matter?
Ms. Tachibana!
Where do I start?
Close your mouth
and breathe in through your nose.
2, 3, 4
Hold your breath and count to seven.
2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.
I need air!
And now,
breathe out for a count of eight.
2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.
Now, let's summarize.
You visited former celebrity
Anna Minato's home.
An incident occurred.
That's right! Exactly!
I'm mad just thinking about it!
Listen! Just listen!
I am.
Anna was talking about
her actor exboyfriend.
She showed us the diamond ring he gave her.
Wow! It's beautiful!
Isn't it gorgeous?
Can we take pictures?
Sure, sure!
Get me, too!
How do I look?
PIN number 1126 1126.
Oh, sorry!
No problem.
That's so many!
Oops, sorry.
You know what, I just installed a Jacuzzi.
Want to take a look?
Really? Let's go!
This way, this way.
The jets feel amazing after yoga.
What a huge pumpkin!
What's going on?
Such a gorgeous red!
This is so strange.
What refrigerator does she have?
Oh, just a regular one.
It's not worth all these photos!
Where are you?
I'm coming!
Let's get a picture of the entrance.
After that, we had tea again. And then
It's gone. My ring is gone!
My ring is missing!
It was just here.
Did someone steal it?
One of you was late following me earlier.
It wasn't me!
I said it wasn't me!
This is outrageous.
Give me your phone. 1126, right?
How did you know?
Keep talking.
Isn't it terrible she
accused me of stealing?
This is the dumbest case I've had.
The culprit is Anna Minato.
You saw an imitation diamond.
She was planning
to collect the insurance money.
A fake?
The real diamond is probably hidden.
But she might sell that, too.
Why? She seems to have plenty of money!
She has a stock book and shareholder gifts.
That company's shares crashed last month.
Anna must have suffered a big loss.
Wait, so where's the imitation diamond
she showed us?
She probably hid it in the sofa.
The photo shows her glancing at it.
You're right!
You're the best, Sherlock.
I want a more interesting case to solve.
I need your help.
I've got an impossible case! Please!
I'm Ryota Wakasugi.
This is Sherlock.
You can't just Sorry,
she's a bit unusual.
This way.
What's that voice?
In there?
Source of our wisdom and life.
Great Luhu, Great Luhu.
May all be as you desire.
Great Luhu, Great Luhu.
What's with the exorcism?
Ignoring the curse
angered the evil spirits.
Angry evil spirits?
Who are they?
My childhood buddy.
And her friend.
We're not friends.
She's a consulting detective.
I want her to look into Sakura's incident.
I see. Do what you want.
I got remarried about a year ago.
We live with my motherinlaw.
Me, my wife Sakura, and my son Daiki.
Sakura and I had a baby, Wakana.
So there's five of us.
Three days ago, something bizarre happened.
My wife bit Wakana's
arm and drank her blood.
Fortunately, the baby was all right.
My wife has been bedridden ever since.
I have no idea why she bit the baby.
My motherinlaw
has blamed supernatural events.
She thinks my wife
is possessed by a cursed bat.
And that she's turned into a vampire.
A vampire?
Our ancestors killed
all of the bats in the barn.
She says their vengeful spirits
have cursed my wife.
Please find out
why Sakura drank Wakana's blood.
What if she's actually been cursed?
This is absurd.
Mad bats, curses, vampires.
Unscientific nonsense.
Only the vampire bat
species feeds on blood.
They're not found in Japan.
Your ancestor probably killed house bats.
Their spirits could only
make her hang upside down.
Making her drink blood? Ridiculous.
Then why did she drink Wakana's blood?
There must be another reason.
Had Sakura been acting strangely before?
Not that I noticed.
This way please, Madam Luhu.
Madam Luhu?
That's my son, Daiki.
Daiki, come say hello.
I'm sorry.
He's been like that
since the baby was born.
Excuse me.
Don't open that.
No photos, either.
Excuse her. She has no manners.
Why did you bite your own child?
I'm sorry.
I don't remember anything about it.
Why don't you examine the vampire?
That's rude!
Don't touch her!
Don't touch me, either!
What's wrong?
Go away!
Daiki! I'm so sorry.
What? Hey!
I can't see Wakana, can I?
You'll see her soon.
For now, please rest.
She was born with a heart condition.
I want to be with her as much as possible.
How's Daiki doing?
I saw him playing earlier.
He seemed a bit down.
Is that so?
Are you leaving already, Sherlock?
What? Excuse me.
What? You're leaving?
He told me to leave.
Who did?
I'm sorry
Sorry, Daiki. She's weird. Sherlock, wait!
Daiki! Hey!
He's a brat. Good riddance.
So, you're bad with kids?
No, I just don't like them.
They're incapable of logical thinking.
Of course. Because they're kids.
Look, there he goes.
Where's he going?
See? He's a good kid.
Probably praying for his mom's recovery.
Or he's stealing coins.
Find out which temple sells this incense.
It's from Sakura's room.
Maybe she regularly visits a grave.
You expect me
to find the temple based on that?
You want to solve the case, don't you?
I'll send you the photo.
Thank you for waiting.
Excuse me, do you sell this incense here?
Yes, we do.
Really? Do you know this woman?
I've seen her praying at a grave
several times.
Whose grave?
It belongs to someone
who died in a car accident.
A car accident
The grave belongs to Misuzu Kariya.
She was an actress in
a small theater group.
She died in a car accident four years ago.
She was Sakura's high school classmate.
They were both on the archery team.
None of the current teachers know anything.
You visited the school?
It's near the temple.
I'm useful, aren't I?
You should have checked out
the theater group, too.
So rude. Find out where they rehearse.
You want to solve the case, don't you?
OK, I get it.
She was with us for about five years.
Could you tell us about the accident?
It happened while she was driving
with a friend.
It was her friend's fault, but Misuzu died.
Was that friend Sakura Wakasugi?
Yes, that's her name.
Sorry I'm late.
This lady
want to know about Misuzu.
I have nothing to say.
What do you mean?
You were going to get married.
You were engaged?
A long time ago. Excuse me.
Good morning!
Good morning!
Are you new?
Yes. Hello.
Where shall we start?
He works parttime at a gardening store.
How did you know?
This was on his shoe.
It's commonly used in gardening.
I don't want this.
A theater like this can't pay people much.
They need to take on other work to get by.
"A theater like this"?
It's time for rehearsal, so excuse me!
Thank you and my apologies.
Get started!
Why do you always have to annoy people?
Just stating the facts.
Hello? Again?
We'll be right over. See you.
Let's go. It happened again.
I'm sorry
Everything OK?
There's koi!
Look later.
She seemed to be possessed again.
I don't understand
She drank blood again?
Sakura, what are you doing?
Come here!
Come on, Sakura!
Let go!
Snap out of it! Ryota! Ryota!
Let go!
Come! Ryota!
Sakura, what is it?
No! Let go!
Calm down!
Calm down!
Stop it!
Is it the bat's curse after all?
What is it?
Scientific evidence that it's not a curse.
A syringe?
Why was a syringe in Sakura's pocket?
Was she trying to
inject Wakana with something?
Be quiet. I can't concentrate.
I'm a nuisance, right? So I'll go out.
"Toru Moriya's Photo Exhibition"
Thanks for waiting.
It's for an exhibition
by a war photographer.
You may find it interesting.
That's my favorite photo.
What a lovely smile.
Almost makes you forget
she's in a war zone.
Were you in Iraq?
Yes. Do you know about it?
I was in Syria as a volunteer doctor.
Oh I see.
Even now, I'm still not sure.
Did I make a difference?
Could I have saved more people?
Could I have done more?
If you have time,
would you like to talk about it?
Every time I return, I see Dr. Irikawa.
Hence the fliers in the waiting room.
Do you plan on going to a war zone again?
I want to take
as many pictures of them as I can.
Their anger and sorrow.
The unexpected smiles that light up
their faces.
They're so resilient.
Every single one of them
has lost a loved one.
Yet, they take that grief
and look to the future.
That's much harder than
wallowing in sorrow.
Are you all right?
Do you get flashbacks?
When you're suddenly overcome
by memories of war?
Do you?
All the time.
I hear bombs, the sound of machine guns
And people screaming and crying.
I make myself sound special.
But I always end up scared
and run back to Japan.
It's hot!
Are you OK?
There are traces of poison.
It's curare.
A natural poison
used by South American tribes.
Hunted prey is paralyzed
and ends up suffocating.
Why would someone put that in a syringe?
Eliminate the impossible.
And you're left with the unlikely truth.
So she wasn't sucking Wakana's blood?
Someone injected the baby with poison.
Your wife was attempting to suck it out.
Why did she have the syringe?
She went to the baby's room to look for it.
Sakura, what are you doing?
What are you doing, Sakura?
Sakura, snap out of it!
Let go!
Let go!
The first time I saw the room,
there was no syringe in the cardigan.
She got it the second time
she visited the room.
We didn't discover it earlier
because she hid it.
Why did she hide it?
To protect the real culprit.
The real culprit?
I did it.
I used the syringe on Wakana.
It wasn't you.
The culprit is there.
That's impossible.
Even if you do hate children,
that's terrible.
Daiki, what's going on?
What's wrong?
Someone told you to do it, right?
How did you get the syringe?
Olfam gave it to me.
Daiki, don't lie! Why did you inject her?
Were you trying to make Wakana better?
Daiki, did you want her to be able to play?
What makes you think that?
Daiki had a girl's toy.
I bet he got it for Wakana.
That's what it was, right?
How do you contact Olfam?
I write to him.
I write a letter and
leave it at the shrine.
Then he writes me a reply.
When did you first meet Olfam?
A month ago.
There was a hero show at the big store.
After that, I got a letter from Olfam.
He said he wanted to talk to me.
And you began writing to each other?
I want to write to Olfam.
Write the letter for me.
You did this, you know.
Don't talk like that.
The bad guy used you.
Your sister almost died!
You did this.
So you have to make it better.
Write this down.
"Please give me more medicine."
"I'll make sure she gets it this time."
Go on.
Kaito Yuuki.
I want to talk to you
about Wakana Wakasugi.
Let me go! I haven't done anything.
Why would you run
if you haven't done anything?
What's going on here?
Why would a stranger try to kill Wakana?
I believe you know the reason why.
He was your best friend
Misuzu Kariya's fiance.
He blames you for the accident
that killed her.
A month ago,
he happened to see you and your family.
At the Olfam hero show.
You mean
He was dressed as Olfam.
He was wearing a mask,
but he could still see you.
Happily married,
on a fun outing with your family.
Go shake his hand, Daiki.
Pretty cool, Daiki!
How great!
Let's take a picture.
Ready? Say cheese!
I checked. You did act
as Olfam on that day.
But you suddenly took ill and left early.
How great!
Olfam was so cool.
You followed the family home.
And you decided
to take your revenge on the baby.
So she'd experience
the pain of losing a loved one.
Daiki took Olfam's syringe
and injected the baby.
But it contained poison, not medicine.
A type an employee
at a gardening store could get.
What are you doing?
Sakura, what's going on?
Are you all right?
You killed Misuzu!
You forgot her.
And moved on. I can't forgive you!
Sakura never forgot Misuzu.
She did forget.
How could she get married otherwise?
She visits Misuzu's grave every month.
That's just to make herself feel better.
Then she goes back to her happy marriage!
But you weren't broken either!
You kept going with a grieving heart.
She's gone,
but you're still with the theater group.
Even though she's no longer there.
You know how hard that is.
Got it.
Let's go.
Your mother protected you.
She didn't want you to be the bad guy.
Olfam asked me to give you a letter.
What does it say?
"Hi, Daiki."
"Your mom loves you very much."
"She even lied to protect you."
"Now it's your turn to protect her. Bye!"
OK, Mom! Now I'm going to protect you!
Thank you!
I'm protecting you. So I'll do the hugging!
Thank you.
Thank you.
So do you like kids now?
See you.
"Anna Minato invited friends to her home."
"And claimed a diamond
ring had been stolen"
"It turned out that she was lying."
"It was awful."
Is that you?
You could tell?
I don't think I look like that!
Maybe it's the lighting
Right, Wato? What do you think?
Gone again.
"A real diamond sparkles differently so"
When did you arrive?
I took over the Shiina sisters' case,
so here I am.
I'll be leaving in twenty minutes.
They remain mostly silent
during questioning.
The psychiatrist can't make any progress.
Tell me about the organization
that gave you orders.
It's called Stella Maris, isn't it?
What's the link between
you and Akiko Mizuno?
It was as if her mind was somewhere else.
It'll be some time before she recovers.
What about her sister Arisa?
She just says she was following
her sister's orders.
Is that
It's a thank you gift for solving a case.
It's Kanbey's Terrine au Chocolat!
Perfect timing.
Is it famous? One costs 16,000 yen.
16,000 yen?
Kanbey's Terrine au Chocolat calls for
green tea.
We're out. I'll make some Earl Grey.
It has to be green tea.
I said we're out.
I want Asamiya tea. Go get some.
We need green tea.
Asamiya tea.
Green tea.
Asamiya tea.
Green tea.
You're just like old friends.
We're not friends.
We're going to eat it.
Look at that expensive sheen!
Here you are.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Asamiya tea.
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