Miss Sherlock (2018) s01e05 Episode Script

The Missing Bride

There was the sound of a huge explosion.
And, suddenly,
children were screaming and wailing
Did you experience
something like this in real life?
An area close to the clinic
was hit by a bomb
In an instant, the whole area
You're suffering from PTSD.
It's an anxiety disorder.
It's caused by exposure
to traumatic events.
Symptoms include flashbacks.
Positive thinkers may think they're OK.
But they develop PTSD
more easily than others.
Will I continue to have flashbacks?
It's impossible to
totally erase such memories.
they'll gradually
fade with time. I promise.
Look here!
Mr. Saeki, please come to the waiting room.
The bride
What are you looking at?
I'm wondering which one I should go to.
Matchmaking parties!
Even for seniors.
"For widows mourning
their beloved husbands."
An illusion.
All women
who've lost their husbands are lonely.
That's just an assumption.
Some women hated caring for their husbands.
They're finally free
to lead their own lives again.
Maybe there are some people like that.
But aren't there
many happily married couples?
They love each other,
share their joys and sorrows.
Some participants may have killed
their husbands.
What're you making?
Toner. For Mrs. Hatano.
Her toner is magical.
It revitalizes the skin.
Huh? Anyone seen my phone?
The bride vanished?
The missing bride is model Risa Mashima.
She disappeared
right before the wedding reception.
Someone ran away with her?
Like in the movies.
No, no sign of anyone
coming to take her away.
The groom is famous jewelry designer
Kazuma Saeki.
Made his name
at the international Mazarin Awards.
He has clients all over the world.
I've seen him on TV.
Why are you working a missing persons case?
Eleven years ago,
I got married to my wife here.
Huh? -This place is full of memories
for me and my wife. I can't let a case
that occurred here go unsolved.
Plus, the case would be ours
if she remains missing.
OK! Gather every single photo
taken at the wedding.
Already on it.
Wow, you're learning.
Consulting detectives
can't handle this work.
All hail the great detective!
Shibata, let's go.
I'll leave you to it.
Beautiful wedding location, isn't it?
It is.
How nice I want to
wear a dress like this
one day.
I don't understand why.
Having an audience
makes divorce difficult later.
Do you have to be so bleak?
Sorry to keep you waiting.
You're the consulting detectives?
I was expecting you.
I'm Tachikawa, the manager.
She's the wedding planner.
I'm Mako Yokokawa.
This is the room.
Sorry about her.
-It's all right.
The bride
fainted during the flower petal shower
I took her back to the bridal suite.
She asked for some orange juice.
I'm so sorry!
-It's fine.
I'll clean it up.
I got the vacuum
and began cleaning the floor.
I noticed some orange juice on her dress.
It got on your dress.
I'll get some stain remover.
Thank you.
I went to get the stain remover.
When I returned
She'd disappeared.
-That's right.
I was in the lobby,
but I didn't see her leave.
Any chance she left through here?
I don't think so.
It was locked from the inside.
How did she get out then?
Did you notice
anything unusual about the couple?
Yes, two days before the wedding.
A woman barged in while we were
making arrangements.
-You bitch!
Kazuma is my fiance!
Explain this! -What are you doing?
Do you know her?
-No, I don't.
Don't know me?
Ma'am, please step outside.
-Ma'am, this way, please!
What relationship did she have
with Kazuma Saeki?
-I don't know.
Ah, Nanami Kanzaki.
She worked at a bar I used to frequent.
A bar?
-Put it back.
Please put it back.
Let's talk over there.
What was your relationship with her?
She's a stalker.
Stop, please.
She's a stalker.
-A stalker?
She would follow me every day.
If she saw me with another girl,
I'd get threats.
Where's the bar located?
It's no longer in business.
It's no longer in business.
I designed this wedding ring for Risa.
It reminds me of her every time I see it.
Please find her for me.
I'm counting on you.
Stop that!
I'm sorry about her.
I wonder where on earth
Risa disappeared to.
He seems to be truly in love with her.
Or so he says.
-Bleak again!
I have plans. See you later.
You had a flashback?
My photos might have triggered it.
It's not your fault.
I haven't experienced any since then.
I'm fine.
I bet you've been to places
other than combat zones.
-What left
the strongest impression on you?
There's so many
The Thai festival Loy
Krathong comes to mind.
Launching paper lanterns into the sky?
You've heard of it?
I've also been!
Eight years ago. So, 2010?
Really? I was also there in 2010.
You're kidding.
We were in Thailand
at the same annual festival.
And now, eight years
later, we meet in Tokyo.
What a coincidence!
Maybe it was meant to be.
We were drawn together after eight years
Like the poles of a magnet.
Was that too pretentious?
I'm sorry. I drank too much.
I don't feel so good.
Here you are.
-Are you OK?
Sorry my place is such a mess.
I'm the sorry one.
I'd better be going.
I'm sorry.
Sherlock, what do you think of this photo?
You're here? What is it?
How's this picture?
Composition? Quality? Paper? Subject?
Me! Me! How do I look?
Not bad!
The photographer is no good.
Do you know anyone?
I'm back.
Look at this! This picture.
Very nice. You look very pretty.
Really? -You've such a charming smile.
Something's wrong.
Only the wedding dress?
This was in one of the pockets.
"I know the truth. Call me. 090-9818-9015"
It's Nanami Kanzaki's phone number.
Isn't she the stalker?
Give it back. Give it to me.
You can't just take evidence away.
I'm not evidence!
Damn heavy!
Nanami Kanzaki?
Did you write this?
We know this phone number is yours.
Yes, that's true, but I didn't write it.
Smells like she's been drinking.
Four days ago, you went
to confront Kazuma Saeki.
Said he was going to marry me.
Then married someone else! I was so mad!
Where were you during the wedding?
I had a terrible
stomachache after I saw him.
I was diagnosed with acute gastroenteritis.
Agh! I hate his guts!
What's in the suitcase?
Hydrogen water.
-Hydr why?
I don't really get it.
That is from our store.
Show me the security video footage.
That's against the rules.
-Sorry about her.
Next! Hey, take over.
I'm not supposed to do this.
Go back.
Too much.
I think it's him.
-A man?
Not Nanami?
This lists a razor, shaving cream,
and trunks.
Wedding photos?
This guy?
It's him?
Why did you do that?
Have a nice day.
You're not with your friend.
That useless idiot's not my friend!
Nanami Kanzaki was hospitalized
during the wedding.
The receipt was his.
He spotted us and ran away.
He looks familiar.
Just like the suspect in a case
from two years ago.
Where's he now?
-Supposedly dead.
He killed his girlfriend
and fled to the mountains.
The mountains?
Shibata, hurry up.
-My apologies.
The victim was Miku Nishino, 26 years old.
She was stabbed in the back
and bled to death.
It was first thought
to be a robbery gone wrong.
But that wasn't the case.
Natsuo Koda's name came up as a suspect.
A 28-year-old alpine photographer.
He was seeing Miku Nishino at the time.
A knife covered in her blood
was found in his room.
An arrest was attempted, but he fled.
It's believed he was
killed in an avalanche.
Any proof he was in the mountains?
Camera footage from a mountain hut.
But his body was never found.
With the suspect missing,
it's an unsolved case.
He's alive.
Stop that.
Sorry, sir! Stop. Don't touch that!
I suddenly started
having trouble breathing.
I see.
Are you OK now?
What happened?
Talking helps.
It helps you to clean out
what's inside of you.
It can help you feel better.
Both mentally and physically.
You can say anything here.
Things you can't tell
your family or friends.
But only if you want to.
I'm afraid
people might feel sorry
or treat me differently.
I can't bring myself to tell the truth.
I'm scared of people
knowing what I'm really like.
In psychology, we have a name for that.
It's a persona.
The face an individual shows others.
We all have several personas.
Revealing your true character
You're not the only one who fears that.
That's not what I mean.
I was wounded
in a bomb blast.
You're no different.
My impression of you hasn't changed a bit.
It's all right.
You are you.
No matter what.
Don't worry.
I'm back.
Why was Natsuo Koda at the wedding?
He's a murder suspect. He took a huge risk.
He must have had a good reason.
Do you think Risa left with him?
People would notice a suspicious guy
like him.
What about the dress?
Why was it on the bridge?
To buy some time.
Nanami's number was used
to confuse the police.
Who would do that?
You used this vacuum?
It can suck up broken glass and water.
But there was no broken glass.
You helped Risa Mashima disappear.
You said she spilled juice on her dress.
But there were no stains
on the dress we found. And why is that?
Because you're lying.
Risa asked you for help,
so you planned everything.
Risa changed into clothes you prepared.
Compressed her wedding dress.
And hid it in the vacuum.
She left the room disguised as you.
You waited
before telling the groom and guests.
I'm sorry!
Why did you do that?
Risa's former boyfriend showed up.
Former boyfriend?
This man?
Yes, him!
She thought he died in the mountains.
But he showed up to take her away.
Please help me!
If we cancel now
She said she'd give anything
to be with that man.
My heart went out to her.
I just had to help.
I'm so sorry!
Where is she now?
I have no idea where she went.
Thank you.
I thought he dated
Miku Nishino, the murder victim.
But he's actually Risa's boyfriend?
He's not her boyfriend.
Risa lied to get the
wedding planner's help.
They're up to something.
What do you mean?
Two years ago, nothing made sense
The police said that
Natsuo killed my daughter.
But I didn't believe it.
He would never do such a thing.
Why do you say that?
Only days before,
Miku brought him to see me.
I have something to ask you.
Please marry me!
Huh? Me?
Hey, hey
You want to marry her?
I messed up! I don't need you.
Oh no! That's not what I mean
They were so in love.
It was real.
Natsuo would never think of harming her.
I just couldn't believe it.
Do you know this woman?
That's Risa. An old
friend of my daughter's.
Miku wanted to make some jewelry for Risa.
She always talked about it.
Your daughter was a jewelry designer?
Yes. She wasn't famous.
But she worked very hard.
She'd sketch long into the night.
Would you mind showing me her designs?
I'm afraid they're all gone.
I searched, but I couldn't
find a single one.
Now we know the connection
between Risa and Miku.
But where has Risa disappeared to?
Look at this.
It's Koda's receipt.
But a woman's handwriting. Whose?
Well, not Nanami's.
Risa signed this marriage certificate.
Look closely.
I don't get it.
Risa Mashima wrote the note.
This means Risa and Koda met.
They planned everything before the wedding.
But why?
Eliminate the impossible,
and you're left with the unlikely truth.
Homemade bento? Wow.
Marriage is nice.
You should settle down, too.
The tray, too? -Yeah. She's great.
Why did Sherlock ask us to follow Saeki?
She has her reasons.
What's in your soup?
Tofu and fried bean curd.
Sounds good. Oh, over there!
Sherlock, he's on the move.
Those eggs look nice.
-Try it.
-Just one.
Thank you.
That's where you hid them.
This text
"I have Miku's sketchbooks.
What's going on?
You killed Miku.
After Koda went missing,
you planted the knife.
What are you saying?
Why would I kill Miku?
Isn't the evidence in those bags?
Allow me.
You went to the trouble of a fake marriage.
Just to obtain proof that he did it.
Fake marriage?
Here's the design
that won the Jewelry Awards.
But this isn't your sketchbook.
It's Miku's.
Miku often showed me her designs.
I noticed immediately.
The same goes for
all your other designs, too.
Everything was actually Miku's work.
It's so cute.
-You think so?
-I'm glad.
Miku went to your school.
You saw her talent.
Give them back. They're mine.
You design while I produce.
A collaboration. You'll be paid well.
Give them back!
You killed Miku and stole her sketchbooks.
You then planted the knife in Koda's room.
The police were waiting
at my apartment in Tokyo.
Risa was the only one
who believed I was innocent.
You would never kill Miku.
The award-winning design gave it away.
I knew that you were
the one who killed her.
But I didn't have proof.
That's why Risa got close to you.
To find out the truth behind Miku's murder.
I searched every inch of your apartment.
But I couldn't find the sketchbooks.
That left the office and his parents' home.
But someone was always around.
So you decided to search
on the day of the wedding?
I managed to get the keys.
And gave one to Koda.
Ms. Mashima, are you all right?
Why don't you rest a bit?
Come with me. Watch your step.
He went to the office.
Risa snuck out to search
Saeki's parents' home.
But there was no sign of them.
You were getting desperate.
You would soon contact Saeki directly.
After we analyze this blood,
we'll know for sure.
If I were Miku, I would be happy.
I showed off her designs.
She was talented,
but she couldn't promote herself.
You bastard! I'll
I bet Miku appreciates what I've done.
For the sake of her designs.
That's enough.
I knew it.
This was also Miku's design.
How could you give this to me?
Inspector, she attacked me.
Did something happen?
This case has put me off marriage.
Did you find someone?
A good photographer!
I asked you to find someone.
The matchmaking company needs my photo.
You know someone.
A good photographer.
I guess so.
Let me check these.
You should get some taken, too.
-Yes! He won't mind! Right?
Of course not.
I'll go make some tea then.
I thought I'd never see you again.
Me too.
Will you take my picture?
Make me look good, please.
Got it.
Please take a seat.
Get ready.
I'm so relieved.
-About what?
You were worried, too!
Wato was so depressed.
What do you mean?
Such good friends.
-She's not my friend!
Why can't you just admit it!
You look happy.
Not really
How long have you been there?
Cucumber toner!
Sherlock made too much.
It's good for scars, too.
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