Miss Sherlock (2018) s01e06 Episode Script

Stella Maris

Madam, a package has arrived.
Madam, a package has arrived.
For Master Yuichi.
Thank you, Ichihara.
Yuichi, you have a package.
What are you doing?
Looking at a knife.
I see that. Why?
It's interesting.
Stop, stop! You'll get hurt.
I'm confiscating this.
Give it back.
You won't use it.
I don't trust you!
Knives are for cutting.
That's not the point!
Phone call. Answer it!
A bizarre case?
This was sent to
Representative Takayama's son.
No info on the sender
The son, Yuichi, has no ideas either.
Why was it sealed up?
It slows the decay,
allowing it to be mailed.
This is head forensic scientist
Dr. Mukaiyama.
Something's inside the ear. Look.
What is it?
A hearing aid.
I didn't know they made them so tiny.
Young women and people
with glasses use them.
Was the victim a woman with hearing loss?
The ear and the hearing aid don't match.
What do you mean?
Based on size, it was made for a woman.
But the ear is definitely a man's.
So there's a man out there
with a missing ear?
If he's still alive.
Excuse me
I can't hear
Take a 3D scan and measure
the size of the canal.
I'll analyze the DNA.
Got it.
Quickly, quickly.
Excuse me.
Excuse me. Would you move?
Please move so I can work
Oh, sorry.
This house is amazing.
What's Koichi Takayama's reputation?
You don't know?
He was Head of the National Police Agency.
Rumor says he could become prime minister.
You have so much uncommon knowledge.
But you don't know basic things.
The brain is like a closet.
Capacity is limited.
No need to fill mine
with politicians' names.
Please be polite.
Don't worry.
Oh! Um
Excuse me. This way, please.
Stop it!
Kento? Why are you here?
Rep. Takayama is
a friend of the prime minister's.
Allow me to introduce Mrs. Takayama.
And her son, Yuichi,
whose name was on the package.
He's a junior at Tojo University.
Thank you for coming.
I'm Shizuka Takayama.
Please have a seat.
Yuichi, say hello.
I see you like Porsches more than studying.
Sunglasses, wallet, phone case.
All Porsche.
She picking a fight?
You've done nothing wrong.
Dead right.
I'm just stating facts.
You're here to solve the case, right?
Stop making trouble.
Hey. That ear.
Know who sent it?
Not yet. You have no ideas?
Do you know anyone hearing impaired?
Can't you just examine the label
or fingerprints?
Hurry up and catch the sender.
Some weirdos are here.
Your wallet!
Do you have enough money?
Thank you for coming.
Wow, what a stereotypical spoiled brat.
You should know something about him.
He's caused a lot of trouble.
He killed and dissected a cat.
And he tried to run over
a classmate he didn't like.
But his father covered everything up.
He can do that?
He headed the National Police Agency.
He still has a lot of clout there.
What about the victims?
Nothing they could do.
That's awful!
This case may be
related to something Yuichi did.
By the way, any news on Arisa Shiina?
She's taking her sister's death very hard.
With her sister gone, she's the only clue.
She was her sister's puppet, nothing more.
So we might be able to get her to talk.
And Stella Maris?
We're looking,
but nothing's turned up so far.
I'll leave the prodigal son up to you two.
Don't get sidetracked.
Get out?
What would happen
with a prime minister like him?
Nothing would change.
There's no such thing as justice or evil.
A prime minister wouldn't change anything.
Have you always been like this?
Always? Define always.
Since childhood!
Didn't friends find it weird?
I had no friends.
What's with the shirts?
Why so many of the same shirt?
I like them.
Come in.
Could you give me a hand?
Wow! So many! I got them from a friend.
But I can't eat them all by myself.
How about a sweet potato party?
That'd do it.
What a nice idea.
Invite your photographer friend!
I haven't properly thanked him yet.
I'll ask him.
And your other friends, too OK.
You too, Sherlock.
Is Wato your only friend?
She's not my friend.
Got it.
They found a body with a missing ear.
Take these, please.
Yuzo Kawasaki, age 45.
He's from our division.
A detective?
He just loved his work.
Why Detective Kawasaki
Don't touch him with your bare hands.
You're too emotional.
Inspector, you need to remove him
from the case.
Who are you to give orders!
Shut up!
Sherlock, go easy on him.
Kawasaki taught him the ropes.
He cared so deeply about victims.
He'd even go visit their graves.
Help the families with their grief.
Hurry up and tell me about "this" case.
Time of death,
two days ago, between 10.00pm and midnight.
Cause of death, blood
loss from a stab wound.
We haven't found the murder weapon yet.
It seems well done.
A clean wound. No sign of hesitation.
So it's not the first time
the perpetrator's done it?
The ear and Detective Kawasaki
have matching DNA.
And the hearing aid?
It was made by Tone Susan.
That model was released five years ago.
It doesn't fit Detective Kawasaki's ear.
And he wasn't hard of hearing.
Then why his ear?
Any connection between
Takayama's son and Kawasaki?
Nothing so far.
Thank you very much.
Have you been to the bakery by the station?
It's very good.
See you tomorrow.
See you.
It's great to be here!
This is Dr. Irikawa, my counselor.
Please don't tell Sherlock.
Why not?
She guesses people's jobs right away.
I'll say Dr. Irikawa's a photographer, too.
I want to trick her!
Come on in.
Thank you.
You're her counselor, right?
Your outfit's not too flashy, not too drab.
Only accessory is a watch.
Your perfume is a scent
hardly anyone dislikes.
You're trying not to
assert your personality.
All common among
psychiatrists and counselors.
Amazing deductive reasoning.
Here you are.
You must have studied hard
to become a counselor.
People think psychology is very difficult.
But it's all around us.
For example
Signs saying "One per person"
or "10 servings a day".
Or "Today only".
Don't you feel more drawn to the item?
I do!
Me too.
Not me. Why buy what you don't want?
What makes us want to buy?
In psychology,
we call it the principle of scarcity.
We value what is rare, so we want it more.
I see.
Stupid reason to value something!
What about psychological tests?
I've seen them on TV. Are they reliable?
Well then
Suppose there's a large apple tree.
Some apples have fallen on the ground.
How many fell?
I don't know.
Where's the tree? What species? The season?
Skip Sherlock! What does this tell us?
The number of times you've fallen in love.
Mrs. Hatano, 30 times!
Oh dear!
How embarrassing.
I know one.
What? Tell us!
Santa gives a boy a soccer ball.
But the boy isn't happy. Why not?
He already has a ball.
He doesn't like soccer.
That's what I thought, too. How about you?
Maybe the boy has no legs.
What does this test tell us?
If you're a psychopath.
Why did you think that?
It's all that came to mind.
Wato made these.
This has sugar, this has lemon.
Eat as much as you'd like.
Excuse me.
I see. On my way.
Did something happen?
A finger arrived.
Enjoy the food.
You're leaving?
You want to go, too!
Not at all! She's exhausting.
Upsetting people wherever she goes.
She was awful to a detective
who'd lost his mentor.
So insensitive.
Go on.
If I'm not with her, she'll start trouble.
I'll be back soon.
She's become a great partner for Sherlock.
What's a psychopath?
Was it addressed to Yuichi again?
The false nail. It doesn't match.
And I've seen this mole before.
Where's your boss? From before.
We haven't heard from her since yesterday.
Find her!
They're OK.
Excuse us.
Dr. Mukaiyama.
There's no decoration on her other fingers.
Someone added it intentionally.
Similar to Detective Kawasaki's ear.
It was a design popular five years ago.
Five years ago
The hearing aid is also five years old.
A connection?
The hearing aid and nail are messages.
"You've got a message, Reimon"
It's Shibata.
He found the hearing aid's owner.
I can?
Yuri Takai, 23 years old.
She was a nail artist.
The customer list says
it's her hearing aid.
She had a hearing disability
and died five years ago.
Five years again.
September 9, 2013.
Yuri Takai was walking home from work.
She got hit by a car.
The driver took her body to a forest.
And abandoned it.
It was found two days later.
Detective Kawasaki handled the case.
Detective Kawasaki?
Dr. Mukaiyama was the forensic scientist?
Good job.
Fingerprints were on the body.
And glass was found at the scene.
But there were no suspects.
Someone covered up the suspect's identity.
Did you figure something out?
This is it.
Sherlock! Hey!
Excuse me, is something wrong?
It's fine. We're police.
Do you know when Mr. Takai left?
I haven't seen him for a while.
Maybe six months?
Did it!
Do you have any idea where he went?
No but
HINATA for bereaved families might know.
An association for bereaved family members?
Mr. Takai did a lot with them.
He often held meetings here.
I see.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you so very much!
You picked a lock, we have to arrest you.
Are you listening?
We have no choice.
We're taking a halfday off, starting now.
If we're offduty, it's not our problem.
Even so, we can't just ignore a crime
I'll take full responsibility.
Looks like he hasn't been back.
No, he's been here recently.
I smell something.
It just smells musty to me.
It's incense.
Shibata, we're off duty.
Got it
He came to burn incense for them.
What is this?
Detective Kawasaki.
Sherlock, look!
He must have used that
to seal the ear and finger.
He's a chef. Knows how to handle knives.
I'll call headquarters.
But why Detective Kawasaki
and Dr. Mukaiyama?
They were just part of the investigation.
That's exactly why.
Because they investigated.
What do you mean?
Detective Kawasaki was made
to destroy evidence.
Dr. Mukaiyama also got involved
in the coverup.
Yuri Takai's father found out
and took revenge.
Wait a minute.
Detective Kawasaki would never
destroy evidence.
No one is 100 percent free from sin.
Take a closer look.
Looks like something else was here.
He has one more target.
HINATA! Association for Bereaved Families!
This explains our group.
Please, take a seat.
When did Mr. Takai join the association?
Five years ago.
Right after his daughter was killed.
At first he was in a state of shock.
As time went by,
he immersed himself in activities.
HINATA! Association for Bereaved Families!
Come to our orientation!
Please do join us.
It's at 1.30pm, right over there.
It's free.
Thank you!
He helped the victims' families
and the drivers.
I see.
When did you lose contact?
About six months ago.
I went to his house,
but I couldn't find him.
You haven't seen him since?
I actually bumped into him
two weeks ago right here.
You met him?
Yes, but
he seemed like a completely
different person.
A different person?
Put this in the car, please.
Mr. Takai? It's you!
It's great to see you.
It's me!
From the bereaved families association.
I'm on my way to give a talk.
Still doing that?
Of course.
It's worthless. Nothing will change.
There's only one thing
victims' families can do.
Find the killers and take revenge.
That's it.
I couldn't believe he was the same man.
He used to say that
hate wouldn't solve anything.
Have you seen this man before?
About six months ago?
What was he doing?
He was on his knees. Bowing to Mr. Takai.
But I don't know why.
You call yourself a human?
I'm extremely sorry.
Apologies fix nothing!
I know.
How can you live with yourself?
Why did Mr. Takai send Yuichi
the ear and finger?
Did Yuichi kill his daughter?
Yuichi was only 17 five years ago.
He wouldn't have had a driver's license.
I guess even he wouldn't drive
without a license.
What's it like to have
such a famous father?
Their names are even alike.
"Ko"ichi and "Yu"ichi.
He must be under a lot of pressure.
How stupid to overlook something so basic.
You have your uses.
The inspector can be useful, too.
It's all coming together.
Who are you?
Remember a hitandrun five years ago?
It's connected to the packages sent
to your son.
You were the driver, weren't you?
Excuse me.
How dare you! I'll call the police.
Get out!
You pulled strings to cover things up.
You threatened Detective Kawasaki
and Dr. Mukaiyama.
Detective Kawasaki was
stricken with remorse.
He told everything to the victim's father.
Takai sought revenge and killed them both.
And he sent you the ear and finger.
The hearing aid and nail were a message.
The packages were addressed
to my son, not me.
Takai sent them to you.
But he wrote using a ruler.
He accidentally put
Yuichi instead of Koichi.
The characters for "Ko" and "Yu"
are almost the same.
The correct name is written
on the second package.
"Ko/Yu Takayama"
But no one bothered to check the name.
The killer's prints were
found on the victim.
No one can protect you this time!
Your prints will match those in the file.
You have such a clean image!
Why don't you just confess?
Sir, I'll call the police.
I'll admit to everything.
I can't take it any longer.
Every time I get in a car,
I remember her face.
The car I drove is in the garage.
Where's the car?
Iida, I'll leave them to you.
Yes, sir.
What'll happen when he returns?
He'll kill us.
How can you be so calm?
I'm thinking of a plan.
A plan? He'll be back soon!
Who's first, then?
I like your face.
But, I'll start with the insolent one.
I love that expression.
I get to twist it with fear.
Careful, careful!
Too deep and you'll die.
I don't want to be killed.
That's it. Show me your fear.
Not by someone so unimaginative.
I want someone who's more creative.
You're no good!
Now listen. To kill somebody, you
stab the liver!
I thought you were going to do it.
How'd you break free?
I used your knife. It
was still in my pocket!
I'm confiscating that.
See? I'm useful sometimes.
Next you'll say
I should've remembered sooner.
My apologies! Let's get Takayama.
What happened? Yuichi!
Yuichi! Help!
How does it feel?
To lose your beloved son?
Yoshiyuki Takai.
Tell me.
What happened to you?
From rehabilitating killers to this?
Forgiving the wicked brings nobody peace.
Victims can't rest
until the wicked are punished.
Takayama confessed to the hitandrun.
But Mr. Takai
Could we have saved him?
He's better off dead.
He'd lost his purpose in life.
There's no point in living like that.
You're wrong.
As long as you're alive,
you can find a new purpose.
The way I did, not so long ago.
I'm coming in.
Good evening.
Good evening. I only have twenty minutes.
What is it?
Arisa Shiina is talking.
What did you hear?
What did your sister say?
She said Stella Maris
would show her the way.
That organization was behind it all?
It may not be an organization.
So you think it's a person?
Stella Maris is the North Star, right?
Sailors used it to navigate.
When they were lost, it guided them.
Perhaps Stella Maris
was a guiding star for Yuma.
A guide
What is it?
Dr. James, it's been a long time.
Sherlock! It's you.
Well, well, long time no see!
Who is he? A Cambridge professor.
Lovely to hear from you.
Thank you.
Dr. James, I phoned you to ask you a favor.
What is it? I hope I can be of help.
Do you happen to remember
the thesis on leading crime?
Leading crime
I believe it was the thesis
which was written by one of our students.
I'd like to see it. Now.
Right now? Would you mind waiting a while?
Leading crime
What a pity. It's blocked.
Unable to view.
Allow me some time.
I'll take a look and call you later.
Thank you. I'm waiting.
What's this thesis about?
A theory about manipulating crime.
There was a US rail accident in the 1800s.
One of the workers suffered a head injury.
He became a killer after that.
All due to damage
to his orbitofrontal cortex.
A student applied it to psychology.
You stimulate the brain through dialogue.
And a lawabiding citizen
turns into a criminal.
It caused quite the stir.
Is the author Stella Maris?
Huh? Your shoes! Shoes!
I need a coat!
Take Take care.
Good evening.
There's a connection to
Stella Maris in here.
Devil's Foot and Akiko
Mizuno, Yuma Shiina
Did someone rearrange these?
Nobody's touched them.
The thumbtacks have been rearranged.
The North Star
Give me that yarn. The red yarn.
The Little Dipper?
Stella Maris changed Takai's personality.
It's Dr. James.
"Theory on Crime Manipulation".
Written by
Akira Moriwaki.
This person is Stella Maris.
There's something written on the back.
Show me.
Take everything down!
What is this?
A message from Akira Moriwaki.
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