Miss Sherlock (2018) s01e07 Episode Script

Stolen Virus

Any luck?
It's all gone.
I used every possible connection.
But all data on Moriwaki has been erased.
It's as if he never existed.
It's unbelievable.
Good morning.
Smells good, doesn't it?
Smells peaceful.
Well then
I'll wake you up with coffee every day.
Ah, just remembered.
I want to show you something.
Here it is.
Is this
My first photography book.
I was so impressed by your photos
when I saw them.
I'm sure people will love this.
Thank you.
I want you to have this.
Wait, no. I'm going to buy it. At least 10!
They were just printed.
Won't be in stores until next week.
Next week? This is so special.
Thank you.
Can I look inside?
Why'd you hesitate?
Go ahead.
Who's Minister Kirishima?
The Minister of National Policy.
He has strong connections
in the Middle East.
The Middle East?
I bet that's more interesting
than Akira Moriwaki.
We're not here to discuss the Middle East.
And we're not here for your amusement.
I've brought her.
I'm Kirishima.
Sorry for calling you so suddenly.
Please have a seat.
Let's get to the point, Mr. Ota.
I'm from Teinichi Chemical. Look at this.
It's a pathogenic virus.
A sample was stolen last night.
The human body
has immune cells and antibodies.
But they're powerless against this virus.
Symptoms appear within 24 hours.
This patient is terminal.
Organs stop functioning,
resulting in death.
A million people could
be infected in a week.
There'd be a tenfold increase in two weeks.
Ebola is nothing compared to this.
Why does a private institute
have a killer virus?
A byproduct of developing
bioterrorism protection.
You know who stole it, don't you?
Akihiko Tezuka, one of our researchers.
His girlfriend, Mitsuki Kurata.
Occupation unknown.
They lived together
and planned to get married.
But recently she went missing.
Is there a link?
The Public Security Bureau
hasn't found anything.
Is there a vaccine?
It works if injected
within 24 hours of infection.
How much do you have?
Enough for 18 people.
18 people?
Perfect. Enough for them, at least!
We just started making the vaccine.
And can only produce 100 doses a week.
So, if the virus were released now
The world would end.
Minister Kirishima.
Tezuka has been found dead.
You always go when she calls.
I'm starting to dislike Miss Sherlock.
Miss Sherlock? Just Sherlock is fine.
Here's your coffee.
I'm heading out now.
Call me later.
See you.
Ah, my phone!
What's wrong?
Why the serious face?
Don't worry. We'll find the virus.
I have a boyfriend,
so I can't let the world end.
Who cares if this corrupt world ends?
Always so bleak!
Excuse us.
Heard what we're facing?
It's a crisis. No sign of the virus yet.
Does the killer have it?
Highly likely.
Blood loss from gunshot wound.
Clouded cornea, rigor mortis setting in.
He's been dead for at least 10 hours.
The Public Security Bureau is taking over.
Send the lab results to us.
Are you kidding me?
Division One is under our command now.
Get rid of the spectators.
I want to look at Tezuka's residence.
Tezuka lived here with his girlfriend.
I don't see many of her possessions.
Did she actually live here?
You're right.
Tell me if Inspector Kikuchi calls.
Yes, sir.
Update me.
The autopsy results and bullet analysis
are coming.
Backup support?
Commissioner Takahashi!
What is it?
Look at this!
"I have the virus. Want proof?"
"Go to Ota Ward's old arcade."
What is this?
The sender?
It's been routed through overseas servers.
It'll take time to trace.
When did it arrive?
Four or five minutes ago.
Head to the arcade!
Yes, sir!
Sherlock, let's go!
Mitsuki Kurata?
Are you all right?
It's probably the virus!
Call the medical squad!
Yes, sir!
Can you hear me? The
medics are on their way.
Things have never looked
this bad for Tokyo!
Tell us anything you remember!
Did you see the culprit's face?
It's her!
She did this!
She's the one
she killed Tezuka!
And she did this to me.
She injected me with the virus!
Calm down. The culprit was a woman?
Someone who looked like her?
I'm not wrong!
She did this!
Take her in.
Grab her.
Tell us everything.
How could you think it was her?
We have to look into the victim's claims.
Please wait. Let's talk at the station.
Excuse me.
Sherlock, stop.
You know what'll happen
if you shoot an officer.
You'll never see the light of day again.
You don't realize what's at stake.
If you make a mistake,
Tokyo will be destroyed.
13 million lives depend on your decision!
Are you willing to take that risk?
I'm going to find the virus.
Suspect at large.
Emergency deployment protocol!
"Hold a press conference today at 6.00pm."
"Teinichi Chemical and Kirishima"
"must apologize for their crime."
"If they don't, the virus"
"will be released at 7.00pm."
This was posted on the police website.
What crime is it talking about?
Who knows?
If I may
This is the gun that
was used to kill Tezuka.
It was found where Mitsuki Kurata
was held captive.
Your friend's fingerprints are on it.
There must be a mistake.
Where is she?
I don't know.
If this message is real,
we only have 10 hours left.
Whatever you can think of, tell me.
There must be a mistake.
Sherlock is easy to misunderstand.
But she would never harm anyone.
We have a search warrant.
Do you know who Sherlock is?
I'll arrest you for obstruction of justice.
Have any of you even spoken to Sherlock?
We're just doing our job.
Not even seeing her as a real individual!
What kind of investigation is this!
Excuse us.
I thought you'd come earlier.
Can't do as I please, thanks to some liar.
Poor you.
It did give me time to
think things through.
You met Akihiko Tezuka
and promised to marry him.
You faked your own kidnapping.
And impersonated the kidnapper.
He had to exchange the virus
for his fiancee's life.
Tezuka had no choice
but to steal the virus.
He went to the appointed location.
Are you all right
You killed him and stole the virus.
Then you injected yourself with the virus.
And messaged the police to find you.
You knew you'd get the
vaccine within 24 hours.
Where's the rest of the virus supply?
Two years ago, in the Middle East
a villager came down
with a strange disease.
Soon the whole village was infected.
Within days, they were all dead.
The deaths were attributed to a new virus.
One developed by Teinichi Chemical.
Teinichi went through a French corporation.
And sold the virus to terrorist groups.
The village was used
to see how lethal it was.
Teinichi is still
doing business with terrorists.
Kirishima knows all
this and is ignoring it.
He's getting huge kickbacks.
They just have to confess
at the press conference.
If not, the virus will
be released in Tokyo.
But why do you have to destroy Tokyo?
Well, hear this!
We're fighting for justice.
You may be a detective or whatever.
But we're not going
to let you get in our way.
Hurry up and get arrested!
So that's why you're framing me.
Good luck with that.
Your lie will be exposed.
You think?
Well, then. What if I do this?
I die for justice.
Stop! Somebody, help me!
Sherlock pushed Mitsuki
Kurata off the roof.
There were witnesses.
That woman has always reveled in tragedy.
Each time, I'd have the same thought.
No human would rejoice at a dead body.
Only a hyena.
How does it feel having a fugitive
for a sister?
Is this the time for jokes?
What happened with Mitsuki Kurata?
She framed me.
Do you have proof?
I have to prove my innocence
and find the virus?
Have the police find proof!
There are security cameras all over.
One will show her causing her own death.
Hey, calm down.
We're running out of time.
Hey, take this.
It's untraceable.
Not bad for a fugitive's brother, right?
Dr. Irikawa, you'll probably laugh.
But I've always thought of myself as good.
I've never ordered anyone to buy cilantro.
Never attached a tracker
without permission.
I went to Syria
because I wanted to help save lives.
But, now
I'm only thinking of myself
and those dear to me.
Dr. Irikawa, you have to leave.
A terrible thing is about to happen.
There will be
an unbelievable number of victims.
I want to protect those precious to me.
It's OK to feel that way.
What will you do to
protect your loved ones?
What can you do?
Goodbye, sir.
What is it?
What I want to ask you something.
Two years ago, you made a killer virus.
And sold it to a terrorist organization.
I know nothing.
WWe sold it to a French company!
I had no idea it would
be used for terrorism!
Hold that press conference with Kirishima.
He won't ever apologize.
We've been getting threats for six months.
But we hushed things up.
Threats? From Mitsuki Kurata?
Then who?
It was Moriya.
Toru Moriya. A war photographer.
Our destination has changed!
The virus will be released at 7.00pm.
Tokyo will be totally destroyed.
Where's Sherlock?
Being chased by the police.
They say they have all
the proof they need
Do you think Sherlock did it?
She would never kill anybody!
It's Sherlock.
"I'm waiting."
We picked a place to meet in an emergency.
I'll go with you.
Thank you!
Wato Tachibana is on the move. Will pursue.
You followed me?
Tanaka, stay with her.
Are you all right?
Help! There's a bomb!
It's a bomb!
Get out! Call the bomb squad!
You're kidding!
Find her!
Find Sherlock!
Yes, sir!
Commissioner! It's Sherlock!
It's Sherlock!
Get her!
Yes, sir!
I called Dr. Irikawa.
She's worried about you.
Commissioner! I found this.
No trace of the virus.
What is going on?
Your friend ran off with the virus.
And she killed Mitsuki Kurata.
If we don't stop her, more people will die.
Once again, please, will you cooperate?
Thank you.
Lost faith in Sherlock?
Hold the press conference.
How many times do I have to tell you?
I have no idea about
any crime two years ago.
There's no evidence. Nothing to say.
It's a life or death situation.
The crime's beside the point.
Address the culprit to buy us more time.
You're asking me to
commit political suicide!
Do something, or that
virus will kill Tokyo!
Me do something?
I told you to find the virus!
My sister is close to cracking the case.
Let's get this straight.
I didn't ask you to solve anything.
I told you to find the virus!
Lives are at stake. Time's running out.
Get out of here!
What is it?
Sorry, Sherlock.
There won't be a press conference.
Politicians! What do you expect?
Where are you? Toru Moriya's apartment.
Who's Toru Moriya?
A war photographer. He has the virus.
Find him.
He must have picked a place
to release the virus.
There's a clue somewhere.
Find it.
I'm looking!
What's going on?
Tokyo Station!
The North Star.
Stella Maris.
By the time you see this
I may already be dead.
What the!
This is it for you.
Anything else?
A potential sighting in Toshima Ward.
Send more people to Bunkyo and
Let's split up and get to work. Take care.
It was you all along.
I should have realized sooner.
You copied my fingerprints at my apartment.
And planted the vials.
Wato showed you the church.
Is this for what Mitsuki Kurata
called justice?
I met her covering a conflict zone.
I told her what Teinichi Chemical did.
She said she'd help me get them.
Hundreds of people were killed.
The village was burned down.
The survivors had no homes.
Those guys never showed any remorse.
They tried to cover it up.
Someone had to punish them.
You agree, right?
What you're doing is wrong.
What about the children in this city?
You'll repeat that tragedy in Tokyo!
Where's the virus?
Where is it?
It's in me.
I have the power now.
I injected myself.
I'll spread it myself!
To change this hideous world.
I have someone who believes in me.
Akira Moriwaki?
I'll make that person happy.
Don't move!
Stop, Moriya!
He's infected!
They killed the infected person.
Crisis over.
Good work!
Ah, thank you.
I'll make sure you and
Teinichi are punished.
Violence won't solve this.
I'll leave you in the hands of justice.
What about "these" hands?
This is personal.
My sister was forced to kill.
To save
the 13 million lives
in Tokyo you abandoned.
"By the time you see this"
"I may already be dead."
"After meeting you,
I saw who I really was."
"And I could finally be true to myself."
"I will fight for my beliefs."
"I'm ready to do what it takes."
"One more thing."
"A final request."
"Please take care of Wato."
"I'm sure"
"everyone at the Dock will welcome her."
"I'm truly grateful."
"Thank you, Doctor."
So that's it!
Akira Moriwaki
is Mariko Irikawa.
Let's go.
To a new world.
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