Mission Impossible (1966) s01e05 Episode Script

Old Man Out (2)

Good evening, Mr Briggs.
This is Anton Cardinal Vossek who is being held for interrogation on the top floor of this building, Seravno Prison, which is located immediately adjacent to the city main park.
Seravno Prison is considered the most impregnable in Eastern Europe.
No escape has ever been made from it.
Mr Briggs, your mission, should you decide to accept it, would be to rescue Cardinal Vossek.
- Crystal! - Yes, Dan.
Better spend more time rehearsing your trapeze act.
Why? I've done it eight a week for two years.
Not without a net.
I'm terribly sorry.
Please forgive me.
I'm terribly sorry.
- That's quite all right.
- I'm very clumsy.
Excuse me.
I've been robbed! Hey! That's him! That's him! You're under arrest.
- Signor Alberti, can you hear me? - I hear.
Can you picture what I have in my hand? I see a field, soldiers, a daring exploit.
You're holding a medal.
Through there.
What's that? Who are you? A friend, Your Eminence.
Come with me and I'll prove to you I can get you out of this place.
It'll work.
How? How do we get down? How do we cross that fence? Past the sentry? To say nothing of getting out of the country? - You'll see, tomorrow.
- Tomorrow? I'm sorry, but I can't take you out now.
The guard watches, the bed checks and exactly how long it would take to get up here had to be timed, timed to the split second.
Timed with what? Hear that? That Calliope? That music is my watch.
I came to tell you we are contacting a lawyer this afternoon.
Thank you.
See if you can post bond and get me out of here.
- How is the food? - Terrible.
But I don't seem very hungry.
I also have a bit of Trouble sleeping.
Signorina, lawyer, choice, beaten, not hungry.
Vossek is weak, but willing.
He has the patrols timed and no trouble with the locks.
- What time will he be ready for me? - 7:30.
- Post bond.
- This evening.
Captain, I want you to intensify Vossek's interrogation.
Cardinal Vossek is an old man.
He is very weak.
He might easily die.
That doesn't really matter.
I received orders to execute him in 48 hours.
Well, darling, aren't you going to introduce me to your friend? - Oh, he's not your type, angel.
- Oh? You mean he likes washed-out blondes? Go take a bath, gypsy.
Come, come with me.
Show me how strong you are, yeah? Hang on to your billfold, neighbour! Go away and stay away! Come on.
And now, will you try this one, signor? I believe it is a handbag.
And now, signor, can you tell me please what are the exact initials on it? "B," "R," "T.
" So this is where you work, neighbour.
Well! You know, I just won my bet.
- What bet? With who? - With myself.
That you'd come by to see me before you left.
Oh, you have a very low opinion of yourself, neighbour.
How's your blonde friend? Now, that's flattering to a girl.
All right, bring her back! I thought there for a minute you people were leaving.
Oh, you mean you thought I came to say goodbye? That's right.
I'm not leaving yet.
I'll be around for a while, neighbour.
Be right back.
- What's the trouble? - I don't know.
Rollin called it off.
- What's happening? You're leaving? - No, I changed my mind.
Why? It's my fault, Colonel.
Women, sir.
We were going to Radesk.
She has some stupid idea that I have a lady acquaintance there, and she refuses I don't believe a word of this.
I think you're all thieves.
Performers, yes, but petty thieves as well.
I intend to keep my eye on you from now on.
Remember that.
That's trouble.
We can't have him watching us, even for the wrong reason.
- Do we take him out? - Yes.
- What happened? - That's a good question.
Let him through! He's all wrapped up in his work.
Forget it.
If you say so.
I'm sorry.
Do you mind if I worry about him? I said I was sorry.
You worry about Rollin, right? I worry about earthquakes.
Thank you for coming.
- How are you getting along? - Not too good.
I have nightmares.
Very bad ones.
They told me it might take a long time before my case comes to trial.
I talked to a lawyer.
He will post bond, but I will have to borrow the money.
Of course, there will be interest.
- How much do you think? - It could be very high.
All right.
Vossek has been moved to solitary confinement.
Rollin can't get to him.
- Why'd they move him? - I don't know.
My guess is they plan to execute him soon.
Dan, do you have any idea how to get to Vossek right away? Yes.
I have a use for our friend, the Colonel.
And Crystal, I want everyone, and I mean everyone, looking at you every second of the time from your third music cue till 7:15.
- Can you do it? - Yes, but why? I told Rollin to break out by himself.
You have come to obtain absolution, Captain? To get a confession, then? No.
Nothing like that.
I have come to tell you I mean I thought you would want to know.
There have been orders issued To kill me.
It is not a surprise.
I just thought you should know.
So that I could make my peace with God? Please, Your Eminence.
I will have no trouble.
I am sorry.
It's a long action scene, Crystal.
Can you sustain it? I'll milk it for all it's worth.
Besides, Barney and I have something figured out to give me a second act.
Barney, can you strike in time? I'll really be pushed if the mind-reading act is cancelled.
I know.
Do it somehow.
Everyone clear on the rest of the changes in the routine? Dan, have you ever been up on a high wire? No.
Most people are high shy.
How do you know you're not? I'll find out.
If I am, don't wait for me.
How long are your nails? - Long enough.
- Thanks a lot.
Still here, Captain? Your Eminence, please tell me one little thing.
Something unimportant.
One name, one fact, anything that I can tell them they will believe, that they can check, that will take time and then they will postpone your execution for at least a few days.
- No.
- Listen to me! I'm trying to help.
Don't you understand? They have ordered me to step up your interrogation, more beatings.
Understand? I want to help you! That is not quite true.
I am tired or I should have understood.
What it is you want, is to be forgiven.
Yes, Your Eminence.
You are by me.
But by yourself? Button your collar, Corporal.
Get out of the way, you imbecile.
This man is an escaped prisoner! It's impossible! No one has ever escaped from this prison.
Is this man your prisoner or isn't he? Yes, Colonel.
But the log sheets show I don't care what the log sheets show! I want this man put in maximum security! You! Open up! - We will take care of this - I will take care of this man.
Yes, Colonel, but excuse me, without the authorisation There can be only one explanation for this escape.
Inside help.
Can it be that you yourself are involved? No, sir.
I assure you.
Open it! Sir.
Your pistol, Colonel.
Weapons are not permitted inside.
Of course.
All right.
Take them to S block.
Commandant's quarters.
- Put this man in.
- What? Are you deaf, Corporal? I said put this man in a cell.
I don't understand, sir.
I've had no orders from the Commandant.
I'm not taking a man out.
I want this man in.
- I don't know, sir.
- I will take the responsibility! Sir, I'd better check with the duty officer.
- I still have nothing to say.
- It's all right, Anton, he's a friend.
Isn't this man's work? Not in Europe.
Yes? Corporal, since when do you answer the phone in that fashion? This is not the Corporal.
This is Colonel Scutari.
And I'm the Commandant, Colonel.
You've no authority to give orders in this institution.
In view of the fact that the security of this institution has been breached, I am well within my authority.
We will deal further with this matter in your office.
You will present yourself there at once.
You know, I hate to admit it, Barney, but I'm tired.
I'll sure be glad to get home.
What, and quit show business? No time to stop! - Leaving? So soon? - We open Thursday in Trieste.
- Did you check the coupling? - No.
Get me Division Headquarters.
Anyone in Clearance.
Well, then, get him at home.
Come with me! Sir, I have to ask what you are doing here! Use your head, Sergeant! I'm trying to stop an escape.
Open it! Hey, big strong fellow, come do some work, huh? - What's wrong? - Something's loose.
Loose? Remember me, neighbour? Oh, yes.
Cigarette? I'm not allowed to smoke on post.
- Did you see my act today? - Yes.
Does that happen often? I hope not.
Look at this.
Hey, hey.
What is this? I am the chauffeur? - Go do some work, huh? - I'm talking to my neighbour.
Do you ever get to Rome? Look, I've had enough from you! Scutari, Colonel Jovann Scutari of the First Artillery.
I see.
Thank you.
I had the impression he was Military Intelligence.
Still, he has Class 1 clearance.
I don't know.
Send someone to find him.
Now, Anton, it's a long way down.
So keep your eyes closed and hang on real tight, all right? Good.
Let's go.
Get her off of me! Get her off! Get her off of me! Get her off! Get off of me! All right, stop it! Behave! Stop it! - What's this all about? - I'll kill her! - She started it! - You did! - Liar! - Gypsy tramp! Shut up! Both of you.
Now, what's this all about? I was talking to this one and that one jumped her.
- You're bleeding! - You noticed.
- You'll live.
- Yes.
But how am I going to explain? Post 7.
Private Tosk.
- Why haven't you reported in? - I was busy, sir.
A couple of crazy women got into a fight, but everything's under control now.
- Did you see a colonel? - A colonel? No, sir.
I saw no officer.
Yes, sir.
I'm sure.
Sir, Vossek is gone and also the man who was put into the cell next to him.
- How? - I don't know, sir.
The guard in S block was knocked out.
- That That Colonel Scutari.
- I never found him.
Well, search! They must still be inside the prison.
They must! No one has ever broken out.
No, sir.
What's going on here? This clown wants to shoot an apple off my head.
Pass William Tell and his friends through.
Border 12! Hello? This is Colonel Kavrik, Commandant at What's that? What's that music? Stop those circus people.
Do you hear me? Stop them! What's that? I said stop those circus people.
Stop them! Get out and stop them! Stop them!