Mission Impossible (1966) s01e06 Episode Script

Odds on Evil

I'm looking for an early talkie called Lydia's Indiscretion.
Wasn't Norma Leslie in it? No.
You're thinking of Norma Lester.
Come on in the back room.
This is one of the old models.
Yes, you'll have to use these to get the sound.
Good evening, Mr Briggs.
This is Prince Iben Kostas, absolute ruler of a tiny principality, whose sole income derives from its famous gambling casino.
It's Kostas' intention to declare war on the oil-rich nation that borders his.
He's accumulated $1,500,000 to purchase arms from a man named Borgman.
The munitions ship is already on its way.
Mr Briggs, your mission, should you decide to accept it, would be to prevent the delivery of those arms and make sure that Kostas cannot buy any more.
As always, should you or any of your IM Force be caught or killed, the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions.
This material will decompose in five seconds.
Is this the type of wheel we're up against? - Yes.
- This sensor monitors the wheel.
It calculates the speed of the ball and the speed of the wheel, feeds that data into the computer, and projects the winning number.
In time to get a bet down.
Shall we try it, Willy? It weighs over 90 pounds.
Have to move naturally.
- No problem.
- Put the coat on, let's see how it looks.
Well, he looks like he has a few extra muscles, if that's possible.
To keep down the size and the weight, I had to use a minimum power source, so Willy will have to stay pretty close to the table.
This watch face has a little window which normally gives the date, but in this case, it will give the winning number.
Seventeen wins.
Quite a coincidence.
That's beautiful, Barney.
With that and certain other devices, I think we can take Kostas for the $1,500,000, but the moment he realises he's been had, he's going to seal the country up tighter than a drum.
He won't let anybody out until he gets his money back.
You gotta win it before you get it out.
It's the most beautiful moneybag I've ever seen.
Your bets, please, ladies and gentlemen? Thirty-six red.
Make your bets, please, ladies and gentlemen.
Are ladies permitted to play this game? Ladies are permitted to play any game they wish in this casino.
Gentlemen, may we resume later this evening? I admire your choice of games, madam.
It's baccarat, isn't it? I've never played it.
I just thought the most interesting people were at this table.
If it were not true before, it certainly is now.
I've been told that in this country, baccarat is called "The Game of the Prince.
" Perhaps I'd better learn to play.
I'd be delighted to instruct you.
You'll find me a very willing pupil.
It is really a very simple game.
You see, one of us buys the bank and places a bet.
One or more of the other players equals that amount.
Now, since I am the banker I will deal.
First the bet, and yours and mine and yours and mine.
If either has an eight or a nine, that is the end of the game.
If not, then one card may be drawn.
Whichever one has closest to nine wins the game.
Understand? Please.
Well, I have a ten and a king.
That's zero.
A ten or a picture is zero, so you have to draw.
I have a nine and a four.
That makes thirteen or three because only the last digit counts.
You win.
I think you're a dangerous woman.
All women are dangerous, Your Highness.
I think I'm beginning to like you more and more.
- What is it? - I'm Oliver Borgman, Highness.
Oh, Mr Borgman.
Well, you are ahead of schedule.
- My congratulations.
- Thank you, Highness.
I hope you'll forgive me, my dear, if we continue these delightful lessons another time.
Well, I hope it's at the very least a terribly important affair of state.
Take my word for it, it is.
Perhaps a little later we can have a drink together? Well, if you really must go.
Until later, then.
Come, Borgman.
I must be losing my touch.
He left me for Borgman.
They left the casino together.
What if Kostas turns the money over to Borgman now? He won't.
Not until the ship's tied up and the guns are unloaded.
I'm on my way.
How long before you can tie up and start the unloading? Very shortly, Your Highness, very shortly.
- Good.
- There is one matter.
I hate to bring up so indelicate a subject as money, but this sort of transaction must, of course, be C.
- That was our agreement.
- In American dollars.
$1,500,000, American.
Not yet.
When the guns are on the pier.
Then you will be paid.
Of course, of course.
Karl! He's unarmed.
Who are you? What do you want? Who I am doesn't matter.
I'm here to do a little business.
May I? What kind of business? Every paper handler from New York to Hong Kong has just been waiting for Kostas to sell that dough to a wholesaler.
I'm interested in two, maybe $300,000 worth of this stuff, if the discount is right.
Discount? Are you trying to tell me Kostas' money's counterfeit? Come on now.
Let's not play games, all right? - Get out.
- I'm here to make a buy.
Get out! Counterfeit money? Get word to the ship to stay where they are.
That means we'll miss the tide.
We won't be able to unload the guns until morning.
If that money is counterfeit, we may never get to unload them.
Well, get going! That's Barney.
- Well, did he buy it? - Yeah.
Any chance he'll tell Kostas what to do with his money and walk away from the whole deal? No.
He'll find a way to get another look at that money before he does that.
We've only bought ourselves some time.
Where's the bar? Thank you.
To beauty, my dear.
It is the one temptation I can never resist.
So I've heard, Your Highness.
Your exploits with women are legend.
It is because I have never met a beautiful woman that I did not want to know better.
Your husband must love you very much to give you such a magnificent stone.
My husband? Poor Carlos can't even afford to buy his own drinks.
I'm sure that's why he married me.
Why did you marry him? I had to be married to get my inheritance.
But I knew I could marry Carlos and still do exactly as I please.
Scotch and soda, please.
Speak of the devil.
Good evening.
May I join you? Not now, darling.
We're telling secrets.
Why don't you go back to the bar? Well, I don't know anyone at the bar.
Then go upstairs and take a nap.
Mommy'll be up to tuck you in later.
The bank wins.
Make your bets, please, ladies and gentlemen.
Two black.
Whoever marked these did a good job.
Maybe they aren't marked.
They're marked, all right.
I just haven't found out how yet.
Excuse me.
There's a matter of some delicacy I would like to discuss with you.
Can't it wait till morning? No, I don't think it can wait until morning.
Thank you.
I'll be right over.
As I told you over the phone, Your Highness, something has come up.
Stop beating around the bush, Borgman.
You're keeping me from a beautiful young lady.
My apologies, Highness, but the ship has been delayed.
Delayed! Why? It's the captain.
He refuses to enter the harbour until he's been paid.
Why don't you pay him, then? I had hoped to pay him after I had received my money from you.
I have I'm not interested in your troubles, Borgman.
How much money do you want? $10,000.
- $10,000.
- Thank you, Highness.
Thank you.
When will you deliver the guns? At dawn.
The ship must wait for the tide.
Very well.
- Did you find the marks yet? - Not yet.
- We don't have much time.
- I know.
I know.
Willy's ready.
Okay, Willy.
I'll meet you down at the roulette table.
- Great.
- Wait a minute.
Wait a minute! There it is.
Optical readers.
They can only be read by someone wearing special glasses.
Kostas doesn't wear any glasses.
No, but you can bet he wears contact lenses.
Let's see.
Let's see, 3.
0 astigmats, russet.
These'll be close enough to his so that I can read the marks, too.
I should be ready in about half an hour.
Well, I'd better go downstairs, then.
Right, and don't forget, when you start winning big, they'll try and stop you.
So win as much as you can, as fast as you can.
- I understand.
Wish us luck.
- I wish us skill.
- It's genuine.
- Are you sure? Absolutely.
No question about it.
Then what was the other man talking about? Who knows? The money's good.
That's all that matters.
Bring the ship in on the tide.
I've arranged a late supper for the two of us, in my villa.
I'm starving.
Thank you.
Make your bets, please, ladies and gentlemen.
$1,000 on 32, $1,000 red, $1,000 second column.
Two black.
This is heavy.
What do you have in it? Everything.
Shall we go? Ten black, first column.
Thirty-six red.
Would you like me to have him barred from playing? No, I think it would be fun to watch him lose his allowance.
Make your bets, please, ladies and gentlemen.
Ten black, first column.
Thirty-two red.
This is my loving wife.
Haven't you lost enough yet, Carlos? I've got a rich wife.
Make your bets, please, ladies and gentlemen.
$1,000 on 17, $1,000 on black, $1,000 second column.
Seventeen black.
Well, I win.
How much do I win? $38,000, sir.
What's the limit? $2,000, sir.
Why don't you quit now, Carlos? Take your money and go to bed.
Not until I break your friend, there.
Make your bets, please, ladies and gentlemen.
$2,000 on 29 black, second column, third twelve.
Twenty-nine black.
If this keeps up, I'll be as wealthy as you are.
- Excuse me.
- Oh, that's all right.
Excuse me, sir.
May we speak with you for a moment? Not now, I'm busy.
I'm sorry, sir.
I must insist.
Not now.
Let's not have a fuss, mister.
Just keep moving.
Hey, what goes on down there? The croupier thought this man was crowding you.
We like our big players to be comfortable.
He doesn't bother me at all.
Let him stay.
Come over.
As you wish, sir.
Make your bets, please, ladies and gentlemen.
$2,000 on 29 black, second column.
Twenty-nine black.
You win again, sir.
Drinks for my friends here.
Stick around, fellow.
You may be bringing me my luck.
Make your bets, please, ladies and gentlemen.
Fourteen red, second column.
Fourteen red.
You win, sir.
You know, with what he's had to drink, I don't think he knows what he's doing, yet he's winning a fortune.
I think that's very funny.
I don't find that amusing.
Six of clubs.
King of clubs.
Queen of spades.
Five of diamonds.
Well, that's the end of the stack.
Eight winning hands.
Pass me the card index, would you? I still don't know what this thing is for.
Name a card.
- All right.
Three spot.
- Three spot? Our insurance policy.
Well, I'm off.
Win a million, as they say.
Make that a million and a half, huh? Oh, this is getting boring.
It's incredible.
He must have won nearly $100,000.
Closer to $200,000.
Make your bets, please, ladies and gentlemen.
Thirty-five black, second column, third twelve.
Thirty-five black.
I'm sorry, sir.
You have broken the bank.
This table is closed for the evening.
That's all right.
There are other good games, other banks to be broken.
Take my winnings to the baccarat table there.
Yes, sir.
- Thank you, friend, for bringing me luck.
- Anytime.
I've never seen anybody win that much money.
Let us see how he does at "The Game of the Prince.
" How much is the bank? $30,000, monsieur.
Hold it.
Do you mind if we shuffle the cards just for luck? Why not? You may deal, monsieur.
- Eight.
- The bank wins.
The bank is $60,000.
Banco suivi.
The bank wins again.
The bank is $120,000.
I'll take $100,000 of that.
Would anyone care to cover the remaining of $20,000? Very well, Your Highness.
I'm hoping to bring your husband luck.
That does it.
We're going.
- I want to stay here.
- You're coming with me.
Not a very gracious loser, is he? Well, he's lost a great deal of money.
Most of it mine.
Easy come, easy go.
Well, good night.
I hope you're not leaving.
It is seldom one meets a player who enjoys truly big stakes.
I thought we might continue the game.
What kind of limit did you have in mind? I leave that entirely up to you.
- The bank is $250,000.
- Banco.
The bank wins.
Cut it right.
The bank is $500,000.
- Eight.
The bank wins.
- I know! $1 million, monsieur.
Thank you, Your Highness.
I don't think I'll push my luck.
Surely, you will give me a chance to recoup.
Well, frankly, all I've won so far are plaques.
- Give me a cheque and pen.
- I'm afraid, Your Highness, I'd rather play for cash.
Tax reasons.
I'm sure you understand.
But I'm sure that you also understand that there is no casino in the world that has that much cash on hand.
I'm not playing against a casino.
I'm playing against you.
Of course, if Your Highness would rather not continue No, no, wait! Very well.
It shall be as you wish.
Wait! Excellency! $1,500,000.
If you please, Your Highness.
The bank is $1,500,000.
My friend, shuffle, please.
Surely, for such stakes you do not mind.
Ready to deal, monsieur.
The condemned man lights a last cigarette.
Do you draw? Six.
Just a moment, Your Highness.
I believe I win.
That's impossible.
That is impossible.
Your Highness, in baccarat, nothing is impossible.
Well, I'll cash these in in the morning.
Good night, gentlemen.
He's not to leave the hotel with that money.
Watch him.
- How much? - Every dime he had.
How much time do you think you'll need? - About three minutes.
- I'll be there.
It's getting light.
Shall we see if our friends are still in the hall? Why not? - Meredith.
What is it? - I must see you now.
So, what can I do for you? Look, I have very little time.
Oh, suddenly you have no time for me.
Why are you shutting me out now that I need you? You need me? I had a terrible, terrible row with my husband.
I told him I wanted to stay here.
He got very angry.
- I've never seen him like this.
- Well, well, he'll get over it.
He's not in a position where he can get angry, is he? But I don't care about him.
I care about you.
I thought you felt the same way.
Listen, I'm afraid that I don't understand what you mean.
What is this? You know what I mean.
You're quite a gambler, Your Highness.
But this time, you lose.
I'll get an ambulance.
I can't afford this incident, especially not now.
I don't want to have to explain to the American Consulate.
Listen, put them in my car without being seen.
Use the service entrance in the back.
The border patrol will let my car go through.
Once you are on the other side of the border You will have an accident.
You understand? We found these cards were added to the stack from which you were dealing.
- Where is he? - He went directly to his suite.
I have two men in the hall outside of his room.
Come with me.
You fool, you let him get away! We've got room for only one and we choose her.
What's new? His Highness was pretty upset at losing all that money.
He'll feel worse tomorrow when he finds out no one will play in a crooked casino.
He'll just have to learn that money won't buy happiness.
- Sometimes, it won't even buy guns.
- Go.