Mission Impossible (1966) s02e11 Episode Script

The Council (1)

Good morning, Mr.
The man you're looking at is Frank Wayne, head of the syndicate, number-one man in the vast criminal empire that is corrupting our nation's economy.
Wayne has not been content with merely running the rackets and controlling vice and gambling, but has taken over dozens of other heretofore honest businesses.
Recently, Wayne launched a system whereby the syndicate's annual income, now over $ 10 billion, is being deposited in Swiss banks, causing an intolerable drain on U.
Gold reserves.
Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to get the syndicate's records, which are kept at Wayne's country estate, and see that they are turned over to the proper authorities.
And put an end to Frank Wayne and his organisation.
As always, if you or any of your IM Force should be caught or killed, the secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions.
This recording will self-destruct in five seconds.
Good luck, Jim.
It feels all right.
- It fooled me.
- From 50 feet away, it'll look perfect.
So much for that.
Any problems, doctor? Well, I've been studying these photographs, and I think I can manage it without any trouble at all.
Cinnamon been a good pupil? Oh, yes, she's learned the procedures very quickly.
Thank you, doctor.
I had a good teacher.
- Willy? - I rented the apartment in your name.
There's a manhole right in front.
You able to locate the safe in Wayne's office? Yeah, Jim, it's right here.
Right behind this bookcase.
Any combination? No luck.
The manufacturer delivered it blank.
They had their own safe men set the tumblers.
All right, we'll just have to go with the lamp.
Is it set up? It's portable, everything's built into it, and the lamp still works.
Did you figure a way to fix Rollin's gun to jam? Sure.
All he has to do is depress the safety.
What about Jimmy Bibo? They'll take him out to Wayne's place in the morning.
Once he loses his case, he digs his own grave.
Do you think he'll talk to us? Yes, I think so.
He doesn't know enough about the inner workings of the syndicate to help us, but he does know Wayne, he grew up with him.
Did you plant the news story and the picture? All the morning papers will announce the appointment of Mr.
Carl Daly as the Senate Committee's new chief investigator.
And they'll carry your picture, Mr.
Al, you know anything about this guy Daly? - Crime committee's new boy.
- Yeah.
I never heard of him.
He's getting a big splash in the papers.
All this publicity could make him ambitious.
- I don't like it.
- Vito, you surprise me.
Every election year, some politician decides to investigate crime.
I know, Frank.
I know.
I still don't like it.
- This time, it's the U.
- This time is no different.
Al? What's happened on our bank charter? I talked to Vollner last night.
The charter's approved.
Should be recorded this week.
That's good.
Now we'll do our banking in Switzerland.
In our own bank.
Oh, Vito.
We got business this morning, right? Jimmy Bibo, he asked for a council.
Ginny, why don't you go upstairs for a while? Oh, all right, Frank.
- Where is he? - He's out back with Remo.
All right, everybody, just relax.
Carl Daly, Senate Investigating Committee.
I've got a warrant, it's legal.
Get the lawyer over here fast.
What can I do for you, Daly? Trying to see if you have anything to hide.
This man is a United States marshal.
We're gonna have a look around.
I don't like you messing up my house, Daly.
Just trying to do a job.
That's right.
Don't let him do anything foolish.
Is it really silicone? Yes, but remember, turn it off.
It's only a prop.
- You get all the fun.
- On the contrary.
I only get to make up.
You get to remove all my makeup in front of three men who will kill you if they see what you're doing.
They'll kill us both.
So they would.
- Open it.
- Open it yourself.
I'm gonna search every inch of this place including that safe.
- Now open it.
- Don't touch it, Frank.
I have a cease and desist order here signed by Judge Pender.
If you'll read it, you'll see that it specifically orders you out of this house as of now.
I've got a warrant, counsellor.
I'm aware of that, so was the judge.
He seemed to feel your action here was high-handed and unnecessary, warrant or not.
I'm not surprised, not when it's Judge Pender.
- The judge is a reasonable man.
- Yeah, bought and paid for.
I've had you, Daly.
Now get out.
Tearing up that order doesn't invalidate it, you know.
As of now, Daly, you are trespassing.
And trespassers can be shot.
I know that much law.
Let's get out of here.
I don't like you, Daly.
I want you to remember that.
Frank Wayne doesn't like you.
Now get out of here.
And if you ever, ever show your face on this property again, I'll have you shot.
I'll be back.
John, get this mess cleaned up.
Vito's right, Frank.
If he got one warrant, he can get another.
And the next time, you might have to open that safe.
All right, all right.
We'll move everything to the office.
I think that's a wise decision, Frank.
We'll take it with us when we go in later.
- I'm going back into town, Frank.
- You did a good job, Cheever.
That's what I'm paid for.
What did that order cost us? Five thousand.
It's cheap at twice the price.
Pender must be scared.
- I think he is.
- Good, keep him that way.
- Al.
- Yeah.
Get Bibo in here.
All right, Johnny Right away, boss.
There's no sign of anybody yet.
They'll probably be another 20 minutes or so.
You all set, doctor? Ready as I can be.
Keep an eye on the house, Willy.
We want to see him before he sees us.
Hi, Vito.
You wanted a council, Jimmy, you got one.
Thanks, Frank.
Don't thank me, Jimmy.
You know the rules.
It's your right.
Any decision here will be made by Vito, Al and me.
Do you accept that, Jimmy? Yeah, sure.
Listen, anything you say.
As long as you've known me what? Don't tell me how long I've known you.
Just tell me what happened to over a quarter of a million dollars.
Frank, I swear to you, I don't know anything about any missing money, honest.
Jimmy Twice a month, you make a trip to Zurich, right? Yeah.
Your job is to handle money.
- Yeah.
- Cash.
Usually a hundred thousand each trip, right? Yeah, just Well, just about a hundred grand.
You've been doing that for nearly a year now.
I don't hear you, Jimmy.
Yeah, well Yeah, just about a year, Frank, a year.
Anybody else carry money for us, Jimmy? Well, no.
Now, you know we keep records.
Those records show that you handled just over two million four.
Do you know how much got into that bank in Zurich, Jimmy? Two million four.
Just over two million one.
That's not good, Jimmy.
Hey, tell me.
Who hands you the money that you carry for each trip? Well, Vito.
Vito hands me the money.
Do you think Vito's been skimming some off before he passes it to you? No, come on now, Frank.
Vito wouldn't do a thing like that.
You know that.
Then it has to be you, Jimmy.
But Frank, what about those guys in Switzerland? The guys at the bank there in Switzerland, they could I've thought about that.
Al here he went over there.
He checked the deposits against the receipts.
You signed.
They matched.
Frank, you gotta believe me.
I deposited every buck you ever gave me.
Now, tell us how it really was, Jimmy.
The truth, Jimmy.
I took it, I took it.
Frank, I got in a bind.
I got in a bind with this dame.
I don't care why you needed it.
You stole from us, Jimmy.
Frank, please.
Organisation like ours has to have rules.
And you know those rules.
Three things we never do: Disobey orders, talk, or steal.
I agree.
You wanted a council, Jimmy.
You got one.
It's over.
And it's final.
Please, Frank, I don't Frank, I don't wanna die, please.
No! No, Frank, listen to me! Frank! Frank, I used to deliver ice to your mother.
No, Frank, listen to me! Frankie! - They're coming.
- All right.
We'll get as close as we can without letting them see us.
Pick it up and start digging.
Johnny, please.
Johnny, please listen to me, will? Johnny, listen to me, please.
Johnny, I don't wanna die.
Don't kill me, will you, John? I don't wanna die.
Start digging, Jimmy.
That's enough.
I said, that's enough.
John Johnny, please listen to me, will you? I'm begging you, Johnny.
I don't wanna die.
Please, John.
Don't kill me, Johnny, please How long have we got? We better get to him in two and a half minutes, at most.
We've gotta get him out of there alive.
Without him, Rollin is helpless.
If we don't get to him fast, we'll just dig up a corpse.
Throw these as far as you can in the direction of the house.
Let's go.
Get the aerator down.
Get the resuscitator working.
I'm not getting a heart tone.
I'm getting a heartbeat.
I don't care if you did save my life.
- I'm not gonna do it.
I won't do it.
- Oh, you'll do it, Jimmy.
You'll do it or we'll take you back to those woods and put you back in that hole, only this time, there won't be anybody around to dig you out.
Look, it won't work.
It won't work.
If I told you everything I know about Frank, it won't work.
He doesn't look like the guy.
Jimmy, just tell us what you know.
All right? Let's start with this.
How does he hold his cigarette? Like this? Like this? All right, Jimmy, let's go.
I'm trying to help you, but there's something about the way Frank held his cigarette.
- He's not doing it.
- You tell me what I'm doing wrong.
He's a southpaw.
Yeah, but if he's sore at you or putting you down, you know, he uses it like a gun, like that: - You mean like that: - Like that: All right.
Now, where did he keep his pack of cigarettes? - In his pocket.
- In here? Yeah.
All right, now, you tell me if I'm doing it right.
No, he never takes the pack out of his pocket, never.
He just kind of flips it.
Flips it, huh? Like Yeah, but don't make it too big.
He never makes it too big.
Nice and easy.
That's it.
The other way.
Brush the eyebrow the other way.
Not bad.
Not bad at all.
You, tell us everything you know about his girlfriend.
Gin? You run into Gin and you've had it.
Well, I mean a dame can tell.
- Just tell us what you know, Jimmy.
- I know plenty.
Frank, he's always bragging about what a great lover he is.
Get him ready.
I'll pick up Wayne.
That's everything, Frank.
All right, Johnny.
Well, feel better now, Vito? Well, Frank, it can't hurt to be a little careful.
Sometimes I think you're both getting soft.
What's that supposed to mean? Maybe it means that we didn't build this organisation by being careful.
- Now, look here, Frank - Forget it.
Just don't let this Daly get you on edge for no reason.
Come on, we'll get some lunch.
What do you want, Daly? Marshal here has a subpoena to serve on you.
Well, you know my attorney.
Send it to him.
You're served, Mr.
Let's go.
The only place I'm going is to lunch.
Now, get smart, Daly, and forget it.
You're going before a committee of the U.
Senate, and we're here to guarantee that appearance.
Now, come on.
Spread it, mister.
- I got a permit for it right here.
- Sure you have.
Guys like you always do.
- Get hold of Cheever.
- Right away, Frank.
He'll have a writ before this cop can take you downtown.
- Everything quiet? - Yes, sir.
All right, what is this, Daly? - This is no police station.
- Just shut up and get in there.
- You're crazy, Daly.
- What's the matter, Frank? That's Jimmy Bibo.
He's a friend of yours, isn't he? He was last seen going into your estate.
Aren't you glad to see him? So he's a friend of mine.
So what? So you'll tell me what happened to him.
I'm gonna tell you nothing.
That's where you're wrong, Frank.
You're gonna talk to me.
You're not getting out of here until you do, I don't care how long it takes.
Now, sit down.
Think it over, Frank.
You might as well talk to me.
I've got you on a murder rap anyway.
Not a chance.
We dug him up on your property.
Yeah? You better check that.
I got a feeling you'll find I don't own a property, wherever it was you found him.
Yeah, we'll check that.
But you stay here.
Maybe you'd like to pass the time telling me about the money you ship to Switzerland.
You're boring me, Daly.
Am I still boring you, Frank? You're not gonna get away with this, Daly.
You can't keep me locked in this lousy hotel room.
- I've got a right to see my attorney.
- Don't you talk to me about rights.
They're for decent people, not jerks like you.
I'm gonna fight you with your own methods.
I'm gonna work you over and sweat you until you tell me everything I wanna know.
Who ordered Larry Pappas killed? I don't know what you're talking about.
Do you wanna tell me about Jimmy Bibo now? All right, how about Skeeter Devlin? Why did he turn that race wire over to you? Or is he dead too, Frank? Is he? I never heard of Skeeter Devlin.
How long are you gonna keep this up, Daly? We've been here all day and half the night now.
As long as it takes, Frank, just as long as it takes.
Let me have some of that.
You get nothing till you start talking.
It's getting there.
I don't care if it takes a week.
Stay there until you know something.
- And? - Nothing.
Not a word.
No sign of him anywhere.
This is crazy.
He's gotta be somewhere.
They're probably moving him from precinct to precinct.
- It's an old trick.
- What are you talking about? They picked Frank up at noon yesterday.
It's already 8:00 in the morning.
You telling me that they rode him around all night? Besides, we have somebody in every precinct.
We pay off over $300,000 a year in this town.
And all of a sudden you tell me that we can't even find Frank Wayne? Not some stumblebum, you hear, but Frank Wayne.
I don't understand it either, Vito.
I've tried everything.
Either they don't know or for some reason they're not talking.
I don't want excuses, counsellor.
I want him found, and I want him out.
Well, what do you think? Frank Wayne to a T.
Let's hope they think so.
How'd you get that last shipment of junk out of Beirut past U.
Customs? That have anything to do with that last get-together of yours at Palm Beach? Come on, I want some answers, and I want them now.
Go to - Let me at him.
- Take it easy, Carl.
Why don't you take a break, maybe get something to eat? Yeah, maybe you're right.
- You want anything? - No, thanks, Carl.
Here you are.
Get in that chair and don't move.
Al? It's me, Frank.
Now, shut up and listen.
I'm at the Bedford Hotel, room 426.
Get somebody over here.
You'll never make it, Wayne.
There's a harness cop outside that door, and Daly will be back any minute.
You're forgetting one thing.
I've got you.
Now, either I get out of here or you're a dead man.
- Hey, pops, come here.
- Wha? - What do you want? - Just take it easy now.
Where do you change those clothes? Well, there's a service room down at the end of the hall.
- Show me.
- What for? Show me.
Come on, Fumbles, give me those keys.
All right, now, get up.
Now, just take it real slow.
We're gonna open that door.
If I didn't know for sure, I'd think you were Wayne.
Let's see what they think.
- I got a leak in room 429.
- You can't go in there now.
- I have to, officer.
- Just fix it later.
These three rooms are closed off by the police.
Lookit, friend, I'm trying to make an honest Get him in here.
Wayne! Let's get out of here.
Let's get Wayne to Dr.
Forget it, Al.
Daly's not gonna get away with this.
Besides, I've got a score to settle with him.
I have to tell you, Frank, as your attorney, there's nothing I can do.
From now on, they figure all they have to do is pick up the organisation's top man, work him over a little and he'll run.
Well, it doesn't work that way.
And it's not going to.
There's a freighter leaving Pier 26 at 11 tonight.
You're gonna be on it.
If you stay, Frank, they'll put you away.
I'm not going, and they're not putting me anywhere.
Well, you shot and killed a U.
Marshal, and that cop is a witness.
We talked it over, Frank.
You can't stay.
Frank, we're only thinking what's best for you.
You two have gone crazy.
I'm going nowhere.
Don't make it rough on yourself, Frank.
You're out of it one way or another tonight.