Mission Impossible (1966) s02e12 Episode Script

The Council (2)

Good morning, Mr.
The man you're looking at is Frank Wayne, number-one man in the vast criminal empire that is corrupting our nation's economy.
Recently, Wayne launched a system whereby the syndicate's annual income, now over $ 10 billion, is being deposited in Swiss banks, causing an intolerable drain on U.
Gold reserves.
Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to get the syndicate's records and see that they are turned over to the proper authorities.
And put an end to Frank Wayne and his organisation.
As always, if you or any of your IM Force should be caught or killed, the secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions.
This recording will self-destruct in five seconds.
Good luck, Jim.
It feels all right.
- It fooled me.
- From 50 feet away, it'll look perfect.
Any problems, doctor? Well, I've been studying these photographs, and I think I can manage it without any trouble at all.
Did you figure a way to fix Rollin's gun to jam? Sure.
All he has to do is depress the safety.
Did you plant the news story and the picture? All the morning papers will announce the appointment of Mr.
Carl Daly as the Senate Committee's new chief investigator.
And they'll carry your picture, Mr.
Crime committee's new boy.
He's getting a big splash in the papers.
All this publicity could make him ambitious.
- I don't like it.
- Vito, you surprise me.
Every election year, some politician decides to investigate crime.
Marshal here has a subpoena to serve on you.
You're served, Mr.
Let's go.
Get hold of Cheever.
Is it really silicone? Yes, but remember, turn it off.
It's only a prop.
- You get all the fun.
- On the contrary.
I only get to make up.
You get to remove all my makeup in front of three men who will kill you if they see what you're doing.
How long are you gonna keep this up, Daly? As long as it takes, Frank, just as long as it takes.
Think it over, Frank.
You might as well talk to me.
Not a chance.
Here you are.
Well, what do you think? Frank Wayne to a T.
Now, just take it real slow.
We're gonna open that door.
If I didn't know for sure, I'd think you were Wayne.
Let's see what they think.
These three rooms are closed off by the police.
Lookit, friend, I'm trying to make an honest Get him in here.
Wayne! Let's get Wayne to Dr.
I'm not going, and they're not putting me anywhere.
Well, you shot and killed a U.
Marshal, and that cop is a witness.
Don't make it rough on yourself, Frank.
You're out of it.
You're getting on that boat tonight, Frank.
There's no other way.
But there is, Vito.
There's one other way.
Yeah? - What's that? - I'll show you.
You and Al can decide then whether I take that boat or not.
Cora? It's Frank Wayne.
Yeah, fine.
Clear out your place and get ready to do a job.
For me.
A half hour.
Come on.
Get his coat off.
How much time do you need? He'll be ready when you want him, Jim.
How long will that shot keep him under? Until he gets the antidote.
That should bring him around in 15 to 20 seconds.
All right, thanks, doc.
We'll see you later.
Willy, you better get over to Daly's apartment.
We'll get started on the car.
It'll take a few minutes for the procaine to take effect.
Start by taking off your moustache.
Frank, you sure she knows what she's doing? Al, do you remember Tony Bianco? Sure.
No one's seen him three, four years.
I hear he's dead.
He's in California.
Lives in a big place in Brent-Air.
He runs a savings and loan.
Well, on Friday nights, he plays gin with the police chief.
Since Cora did his face, you wouldn't know him if you saw him.
Well, a few hours from now, you won't know Frank Wayne either.
Not you, not Vito, not anybody.
Okay, honey, let's get started.
You know, it's a little hard to talk.
Getting numb? Feel anything? No.
- Good.
Here? - No.
Well, first, I think we ought to fatten you up a little.
What's that thing do? It injects a silicone solution under the skin.
I'm gonna fill up his face some.
We'll get rid of the cleft.
Frank you look five, ten years younger.
Yeah? Yeah.
Now what? We're gonna take out the grey, thin your eyebrows, and add a little more hair.
You'll like it.
You gonna change his face or you gonna give him a beauty treatment? Both.
There's nothing wrong with that, is there, Vito? I'll hinge it and spring-load the hinges so it'll move at a touch.
It'll be faster that way.
- Feel anything? - No.
If you do, let me know.
I'll give you another shot of procaine.
I don't want her around to tell anybody about Frank's new face.
Understand? Not bad.
Distinguished looking.
One final touch.
From now on, you have blue eyes.
- Contact lenses? - That's right.
Open your eyes wide.
Right one first.
Left eye.
- How do they feel? - Fine.
You wanna take a look? It's fantastic.
You were right, Frank.
I wouldn't know you.
I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't been here the whole time.
You're gonna have a little discomfort in your face and scalp for a couple of days, but I've got something that's gonna help you.
This is a portable ultraviolet lamp.
You plug it in here.
Use it ten minutes, four or five times a day.
Don't forget the goggles.
You did a good job, Cora.
All right, let's get out of here.
Thanks, Cora.
- All right, Johnny, let's go.
- Be right with you, Frank.
Vito gave me a little something to do first.
Frank No, Johnny.
Frank, don't be stupid.
Why take chances? Get rid of her.
Relax, Vito.
Cora's done this sort of thing before.
She's not gonna say anything, are you, honey? Of course not.
I knew you wouldn't.
You're gonna keep your mouth shut, aren't you? I promise, Frank.
I promise.
That's a nice girl.
Because if you don't, if you say anything to anybody about my new face, you're gonna wish I let Johnny kill you.
Anything you say, Frank.
Anything you say.
You understand? Pay her.
Five thousand.
I can't go to the house.
I'll stay at the office until I can find a place.
- Frank, wait a minute.
- What now, Vito? Office is not safe either.
Probably swarming with cops.
Maybe, but they'll be looking for Frank Wayne, not me.
Not with this face.
Well, that should do it.
About time for me to start looking for Mr.
Does it hurt much, Frank, now that the stuff's worn off? Hurt? No, it just feels funny, like it was someone else's face.
Johnny, get me a hot towel.
What are you so happy about? Frank, I got a surprise for you.
Well, where is he? I thought you said Frank would be here.
He is here.
There, behind the desk, like always.
Vito, what are you trying to pull? That's not Frank.
He doesn't even look anything like him.
Ginny, I'm telling you, it's Frank.
Look close.
He had his face done, but it's him.
We were there, the three of us.
We saw it with our own eyes.
It's gone, the thing in his chin.
It's all filled up with some junk.
- Frank? - Well, what do you think, huh? And look at this.
How about that, huh? I don't believe it.
You better believe it.
Hey, come on, it's me.
Don't go back to the house.
Check into the Brandon.
- Get a suite.
I'll be by late tonight.
- But Come on, we've got some work to do.
Get out of here.
See you about 11, huh? And wear that black thing, huh? Go on.
Go on, go on.
If she didn't know you, nobody will.
That's why you brought her here, huh? To find out? I don't like surprises, Frank.
If Ginny could have recognised you, so could the cops.
- Where's Wayne? - The last time we saw him, - he was with you, Daly.
- One of my men was killed when Wayne made his getaway this morning.
Well, what do you want us to do, send flowers? No, you just tell Wayne and whoever helped him that they're dead.
No trial, no friendly judges, no juries to intimidate, nothing.
Nobody but me that they're gonna have to answer to.
Would you believe it, a cop talking about taking the law into his own hands? I think our good friend Senator Townsend should know what kind of men he's got working on his committees.
I don't know who you are, but if you're sitting behind this desk, you've taken over for Wayne.
So I'm gonna tell you just what I told him.
You're through, all of you.
I'm gonna put you out of business and I don't care how.
Who writes your speeches? Johnny! That's enough.
What'd you stop him for? We got a court order says he's trespassing.
We could kill him.
That's not very smart.
What are we gonna do with you, huh? What are we gonna do to make you understand? You wanna make a name for yourself? Go investigate the commies, investigate Congress, investigate anything you want, but leave us alone! I'm gonna get you.
Every last one of you guys.
He's crazy.
Get him out of here, Johnny.
All right, chief, move.
I've had it.
Daly goes.
Frank, if we kill Daly, we get even more heat.
I say we dump him, they'll know we're not gonna be pushed around.
That we mean business.
It's them or us.
It won't work, Frank.
The Senate can appoint investigators faster than we can knock them off.
We only have to knock off one, Daly.
- They'll get the idea.
- No, Frank.
Al and I say no.
Daly's dead.
No one can push Frank Wayne around like that and tell about it.
And I'm telling you, Frank, we say no.
This is something that affects the entire organization.
It's not a decision you can make on your own.
You wanna take it up in front of the board? Okay.
But until then, don't touch Daly.
All right, Vito, you've had your say, now get out of here.
Sure, Frank.
I need some rest.
You've been through a lot the last 24 hours.
Frank, if you want us, we'll be in the other office.
Johnny, I want Daly out of the way.
Tailpipe him.
Whatever you say, Frank.
Frank, open up.
Frank, are you there? Yeah, Yeah, what is it? Well, open up.
It's important.
- Frank.
- Just a minute.
Now, what's so important that I can't get some rest? They just finished the 7th race at Del Monte.
Ortega won.
The little rat double-crossed us.
- Yeah.
How much we lose? - Over 90,000.
Mo's on the phone right now.
He wants to know what you want done with Ortega.
What's the matter with you, Vito? You know what to do.
All right, Frank.
Just checking.
Let's go.
What do you think? It's placed perfectly.
Stupid! You know better than to hit a cop without the approval of the board.
I follow orders.
Mine were to tailpipe Daly.
You got a beef, talk to Frank.
He's right, Vito.
He's just following orders.
Frank's orders.
First the marshal, now this.
Every cop in the country will be out trying to even the score.
Unless we even it for them.
Frank has gotta go.
It's the only way to get the heat off of us.
- Do it.
- You know I can't do that.
Not without a council.
I'd be signing my own death warrant.
We heard about Daly, Frank.
- So? - So you made a mistake.
A big one.
One you're never gonna recover from.
Put that away, Vito.
You know what'll happen to you if you dump me without giving me a council.
Al and I are all the council you need.
Since when can the accuser serve as a council? You wanna bring me up on charges, get a council.
Otherwise put that gun away and get out of here.
Set it up.
An hour from now.
Well, he's all yours.
Thank you, doctor.
I moved us into big business.
I built this organization into an empire, bigger than Metropolitan Steel and United Motors combined.
The organization is not on trial here.
You are.
I say the organization is on trial.
It's the old way or the new.
And that's what we're gonna decide here and now.
You're right, Frank.
That's what we're going to decide.
This is your new way? "Senate vows war on mobsters.
" Al and I told you that killing Daly could mean war, and it will be.
We won't be able to brush our teeth without having a cop with us.
Al and I told you leave Daly alone.
No one's gonna tell me what to do.
No more.
From now on, we do things my way.
Do you understand? My way.
What if we don't agree with your way, Frank? This is a council, Frank.
Put that away.
I'm telling you to put that away.
The council's over.
No one's gonna pass judgement on Frank Wayne.
No one.
Johnny, you work for me.
Wrong, Frank.
I work for the organization.
The council will make its decision now, Frank.
Are the elevators synchronized? It's all set.
It'll disconnect at the first floor on the way down.
I've slowed down both cars.
Operator, this is an emergency.
Get me the police.
The council has come to a decision, Frank.
Jack Vito, Al I don't know what got into me, you know? Maybe it was messing around with my face, you know? No, Jack.
You know the rules, Frank.
Leave it alone.
Goodbye, Frank.
He's all yours.
- Johnny? - Sorry, Frank.
Let's get out of here.