Mission Impossible (1966) s05e09 Episode Script

The Amateur

You stay out of my place! Understand? You come back, you get worse! He owed for drinks.
Two florins, please.
Uh, would you autograph it? If you like.
Thank you.
That should be Max.
I've got it.
Is there a chance you were followed? I don't know! Get in the car! He's dead, Barney.
Let's go! What do you mean, Zucker, it disappeared into thin air? Just an expression, sir.
What you mean is, it slipped through our patrols! Yes, sir.
I want every exit out of this country sealed off.
Yes, sir.
Surveillance teams in every community, down to the village level.
Double surveillance here, Dornberg Airport.
Until further notice, I want this country closed, locked, shut down tight! Colonel Eckert.
I see.
No, I'll handle it myself.
Word from Nordhaus.
Max Wittstock had a contact there.
Who? The parish priest, Father Bernard.
The priest? There is reason to suspect he is a key figure in the entire Western espionage apparat.
Get up to Nordhaus.
Detain the priest.
Search the church and the rectory for anything incriminating.
And, Zucker, everyone and anyone who contacts that priest is suspect.
Do you understand? Yes, sir.
I want to know everything Max Wittstock did in the last few months everywhere he went, every contact he made.
I want to know how he ever got so close to that weapon.
He had top security clearance.
His loyalty was beyond question.
Loyalty to whom? Oh! Herr Shilling.
Where are you going? Shopping for film.
I ran out.
I'm sorry.
Where can you get film now? At an all-night drug store.
I'll be right back.
I promise.
Your tips for the night remember, the house gets half.
Of course, Herr Shilling.
It is only fair.
I'll be right back.
Barney has dismantled the rocket laser.
Five basic sections.
Doug and I will travel together.
So will Paris and Barney.
In the annual, nonstop cross-country bike race.
We all need a cover.
Dana, since you already have one, you're going to be on your own with the guidance control unit.
The rocket laser is a prototype.
Each of the five sections is integral.
Without one, the others are useless.
Meaning if only one of us gets out, it's a draw.
That's right.
We don't have the weapon, but they don't either.
That's a comfort in case you're caught.
I'll try to remember that.
Dana Pink Orchid.
Their most popular brand.
You better get back to the cafe, Dana.
Eckert will be checking all of Max's moves.
If you disappear tonight, you'll be a prime suspect.
What about Father Bernard? He put us into contact with Max.
Won't the police connect the two? Yes, they will.
Not only that, Father Bernard has a list of all the Western operatives in this area, so we've got to get him and the list out of the country.
Now, Doug and I'll handle that.
We'll all rendezvous at Dornberg tomorrow.
Oh! Herr Shilling, I just got back.
I'll be right out.
And you will have a drink with me, Jenny, dear? Herr Shilling, all those people out there are Oh, no, no, no.
Who is the boss here? I insist.
Then it would be an honor.
Zerna '68.
Well, only a week here, and we hardly know each other.
Well, you've been busy, and so have I.
We haven't had much time.
Tell me, Jenny, what did you do before? Is something wrong? No, no.
I'm just curious about you, that's all.
Well, the agency supplied all my references.
They said something about a cafe in Dornberg.
But before that? Oh.
Well, I'm a farm girl.
I grew up in Raufsteittle.
Ah! A country girl.
You must get lonely here in town.
But you have made friends? Like among the customers? Special friends? Herr Shilling, is something bothering you? Has my work been unsatisfactory? Your work But you have been unsatisfactory.
You have dealt with me as an employer when I would like to be your friend.
Well, I appreciate that.
Oh, there are some people looking for a table.
I'll be back in a moment.
What are you up to with that girl? Clara, don't be jealous.
What would I want with another woman when I have you? I love you, too, Eric.
Ha! Gentlemen, table for two? Are you Eric Shilling? Yes, I'm Eric Shilling.
Colonel Eckert.
Colonel Eckert.
Well, welcome, welcome.
I'm sorry I didn't recognize you when you came in.
Sit down, gentlemen.
Make yourself comfortable.
Wine for the colonel.
Not that the '64.
No wine.
Beer for the colonel.
Know him? Well, we have, uh, many patrons.
They come and go.
Perhaps Herr Shilling would prefer to continue this at headquarters.
Let me see that again.
Ah, yes, I seem to recall him now.
He's dead.
Oh, I'm sorry.
He was an enemy of the state.
In that case, I withdraw my condolence.
How often did he come here? Once, twice a week.
Whom did he see here? No one always sat alone.
He was a very shy man.
Not too shy to steal a prototype of our most valuable new weapon.
Well, you can never tell about people, can you? No, you never can.
Herr Shilling, if you withhold information from us, you'll be punished.
Lf, on the other hand, you help us, you'll be rewarded.
A medal, perhaps? Official recognition? I was thinking of something more substantial.
If Wittstock had the slightest conversation with anyone, it could be significant.
What would appear to be a chance meeting, an ordinary conversation, could be of the utmost importance.
Well? Well, I'm sorry, Colonel.
I don't remember anybody.
We'll look around.
Oh, please do.
Make yourself at home.
Whose picture did they show you? Some customer.
What difference does it make? What's going on, Eric? - You're in trouble, I know it.
- Nothing.
Jenny has she got something to do with it? With what? Clara, leave me alone.
Sorry, my dear.
W- what did they want? Oh, they always come here.
Try to make trouble, try to take my license away.
But they have nothing on me.
I let them look around.
What difference does it make? They've got nothing on me.
on Shilling.
And a tap on his telephone.
You suspect him? Until we recover that weapon, I suspect everybody who was in the same room with Max Wittstock.
Can I help you? What is your name? Jenny Obermann.
Do you know this man? Is something wrong? I asked you a simple question.
Do you know this man? Know him? No but he is a customer.
I took his picture tonight.
There was no picture found on his body, Colonel.
His body? What happened? A number of very unpleasant things, Fraulein.
Did this man talk to anyone here? Not that I know of.
But he talked to you.
Well, yes, but only to ask me to take his picture.
Strange that he should have wanted his picture taken tonight of all nights.
Very well, Fraulein.
Thank you.
Good night.
Can I help you? We're looking for Father Bernard.
Sit down.
You despicable little tramp.
Stay away from Eric.
Clara, please, I don't "Clara, please.
" Don't you think I know that something is going on between you two? No.
We've been together for ten years, and if you try to take him away from me What is this nonsense? There are customers out there.
Get back to work, both of you.
Of course.
Herr Shilling, I'm sorry.
You leave her alone.
She's trouble, Eric.
Ah, Clara, you don't understand.
This is what I have been waiting for.
My great opportunity.
What are you talking about? You won't give me any peace, will you? All right, sit down.
I will tell you.
Secrecy, Clara.
Our lives may depend on it.
So, you're going to play spy.
Oh, Eric, it's too much.
Don't laugh at me.
But it's funny.
And this is funny? Huh? Huh? Her handwriting.
She gave it to Max Wittstock, the man the police were asking me about.
He was killed tonight stealing a secret weapon.
Eric, you should tell Colonel Eckert.
Oh, Clara, Clara, Clara, you you don't appreciate me.
That's not some creaky old sausage machine in there.
I got it all figured out.
Now, the way things stand, Eckert would tell me to get lost and cash in on the reward himself.
If I so much as open my mouth to complain, off to jail.
That's the way it works.
How would you know the way things work? Up here a Geiger counter, onto something really hot.
You just string along with me, but keep your mouth shut.
But you don't even know what they're looking for.
Something really valuable.
That's all I need to know.
Now get to work.
Eric, don't outsmart yourself.
This is no game for amateurs.
We could get hurt.
Nobody's going to get hurt except maybe Jenny.
Well, what have you found? So far nothing.
A very professional team, no other tire tracks in here.
I would say they carried the weapon to another truck outside.
Perhaps or they may have dismantled the weapon.
They may be trying to take it out of the country in pieces.
It's possible.
Especially since, as you say, they are professionals.
Alert all the field units.
It may not be a truck we want.
The parts we're looking for could be taken out of the country in a suitcase.
Let us begin again, Father Wilhelm.
When was the last time you were in touch with Father Bernard? When we were together at the cathedral in Dornberg.
How long ago was that? It was five years no, six years ago.
Superb priest, so learned and yet so humble.
And you, Brother? How well do you know the priest? I'm looking forward to meeting him for the first time.
Zucker here.
Yes, Rauch.
Very interesting.
I'll call you back.
Father Bernard is in there.
Father Bernard? He had a stroke last night.
The doctor doesn't know what's keeping him alive.
Brother George here is a member of a medical order.
Yes, I'm a physician.
Save him if you can.
I have no objection.
In fact, I'd very much like to talk to him.
Watch my hand, Father.
That's good, Father.
Well, Father? Isn't there something you should do for a dying man? Let us pray.
As I enter here with a sense of my own unworthiness, enter with me.
May the blessings of God and unmixed joy accompany my visit.
Don't mind us, Father.
We, like you, have our little duties to perform.
Aha! Strengthen me with Your divine power.
Bless what I am about to do.
Unworthy though I may be, may my entry be blessed by You, who are holy.
You who are merciful.
You who abide with the Father and the Holy Spirit for ever and ever.
By the power given to me by the Apostolic See, I grant you a plenary indulgence, the remission of all your sins, and I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit.
You may go.
I'll call the Monsignor.
He'll see that the proper sacrament is performed.
It's the list of agents.
Ah, Jenny.
I'm glad I caught you.
Oh, what can I do for you, Herr Schilling? You could make me a happy man if you wanted to.
Oh, Herr Schilling, you suggested before that we get to know each other better.
I am in favor of that.
But there is lots of time.
Is there? Tomorrow night, we can finish that glass of wine.
What's wrong with right now? Oh, well, it's very late, Herr Schilling.
Tell me.
You find me unattractive? Oh, no! Oh no.
You're a very mature and-and and worldly man.
I'm surprised you're even interested in me at all.
Well, there are several reasons, Jenny.
I am not the man I appear to be.
You would be surprised.
Herr Schilling Eric.
We'll go out tomorrow night.
I'll plan on it.
Not tomorrow night.
Tomorrow afternoon when we are fresh.
Call me here.
I'll be here alone.
I'll look forward to it.
- Promise? - Promise.
Ah, Jenny.
We shall have marvelous adventures together.
Watch out for that.
Make sure it's not pointed at you when you squeeze the trigger.
I sent you home! Who said you're not the man you appear to be? You sure are.
To me, strictly amateur in all departments.
Did somebody tell you that spies were supposed to make mad, passionate love? Ah, it's part of the plan.
What plan? You see this? What is it? What Max Wittstock died for.
What Jenny and whoever employs her came here for.
What Eckert wants.
And I got it! Me, Eric Schilling.
I didn't think it was possible.
What are you going to do with it? Sell it to Jenny's people, whoever they are.
Should be worth a fortune.
What about Colonel Eckert? Don't be a fool.
What could I get from Eckert? Eric, listen to me.
You can't double-cross someone like Eckert.
Once in a lifetime, a break like this falls into somebody's lap.
Do you think I'm going to accept some lousy police handout? Eric, stay in your own backyard.
Penny ante chiseling, spiking drinks and rolling drunks.
Shut up! Eric, you're a little boy in a man's game.
They'll tear you to pieces.
You underestimate me.
Continually underestimate me.
I love you.
I don't want to see you get killed.
That's why I'm going to Eckert.
Let go of me, Eric.
Let go! Colonel Eckert.
No, Rauch, don't interfere with Schilling.
Just maintain surveillance.
You all right? Yeah, I'm all right.
You'd better get going.
I'll find a way to get there.
Are you sure you can make it? I'm sure I can make it.
Go ahead.
Get going.
I had a blowout.
Well, I'm on my way to Dornberg.
Let me give you a lift.
Oh, no, no, I I couldn't do that.
Oh, why not? You're out of the race anyway.
I'll help you with your bicycle.
Good luck.
I'll see you in Dornberg.
It was Eric Shilling, I know it was.
How can you be so sure, Dana? The way he talked to me before I left.
I thought he was making a pass at me, but he was just telling me to get in touch with him so we could negotiate.
Look, Jim, let me go back.
Please? I can handle it.
Flight 35 from London is due to arrive on time.
I've made all the arrangements.
There isn't time for anyone to get to Ransdorf and back.
So what do we do? We pack as planned, Barney.
We have to be on the flight.
Does that mean you're settling for a draw, Jim? No.
Then what do we do about the guidance unit? You say there isn't time for a round-trip to Ransdorf.
No, but there is time for Eric Shilling to make a one-way trip here.
Hello? Jenny? Oh, how did you know it was me? Oh, I just knew.
I miss you.
I'll bet you do.
I'd like to see you this afternoon.
Sounds great to me.
In Dornberg.
Huh? It's a long trip.
Can you make it worth my while? Like what? I was thinking of kisses.
Eric, that's an awful lot.
I'm a very romantic man.
You wouldn't want me to fall in love with somebody else, would you? You win, Eric.
I'm looking forward to seeing you.
Of course.
You'll have to rush.
Be at the Dornberg Airport in two hours.
My brother will meet you in the Terminal Building.
Stand at ticket window three.
How will I know him? He'll know you.
You'll give him a gift for me.
But first, he will give me a gift from you.
Eric, you think of everything, don't you? Everything.
I have a computer for a mind, Jenny.
Alert Dornberg.
Tell them we're taking over airport security functions for the day.
We'll take them all.
You're to continue operating in as nearly a normal a fashion as possible.
But, Colonel, with soldiers on the flight line, and men at every boarding ramp, how can I? Herr Danzig, just run your airport.
Yes, Colonel.
You're not to take him until I give you the order.
Yes, Colonel.
Why don't you arrest him? Because there are others.
We don't know how many others, but we want them all.
Can I help you, sir? Uh, no, um, I'm just waiting for somebody.
Jenny's brother? You? I have something for you, Eric.
Follow him.
Good afternoon.
Uh, a box of your best cigars.
Flight 35 from London landing at Gate Seven.
Departure for Rome in 15 minutes.
Danzig here.
Hold on, please, for the Deputy Foreign Minister.
Hello, Herr Danzig? At your service.
Herr Danzig, a delicate international situation has come up and I would like your cooperation.
Yes, of course.
I understand.
I assure you there will be no problem.
Ah, thank you.
Keep the change.
Eric Shilling? Uh, Colonel Eckert, I didn't Museum piece.
Search him.
For protection, I-I sometimes carry large sums of money.
Like now.
I was coming to Dornberg to buy liquor for the club.
You do try, don't you? Ah, you're making a mistake, Colonel.
"Counterfeit"? They made a fool of you.
No sign of him.
Rauch, if he gets away, I'll have your head.
He cannot get away, Colonel.
Everything is covered.
You better make sure of that.
Now, Shilling talk.
Of course, Colonel.
I was going to get in touch with you when I had all the information.
I was just trying to do my duty as a good citizen.
The truth, Shilling, fast.
Can we make a deal, Colonel? Huh? We'll see.
That's the story, Colonel.
The truth.
It was all her idea.
Clara is one of those ambitious women.
You know the type, very shrewd.
She thought this was her chance to make a fortune.
I don't know where you'll find her.
We know where.
Bring him along.
McFarland of the English Television Network? Yes, that's quite correct.
Your visas have been revoked.
What? The Deputy Foreign Minister requests that you reboard immediately.
I don't understand.
We've had these visas for weeks.
- Here.
- Those are my orders.
This is outrageous! After all the trouble we've been through to put this broadcast together.
You should have instructed your company not to insult our government.
You are not permitted into the country.
You will please reboard your aircraft.
Is there some difficulty here, Danzig? The entry visas of this group have been revoked.
They don't seem to understand.
They are to reboard their plane immediately.
Perhaps they would prefer to continue this argument at headquarters.
Very well.
We'll leave.
Colonel? What is it? Our deal, you forgot about our deal.
What did you have in mind? My life.
What's that worth? Amateur.
But, Colonel Colonel! Colonel We're searching the hangers.
It's taking too long, Rauch.
I want them now.
Don't worry, Colonel.
We'll get them all.
They can't possibly get out of the airport.