Mission Impossible (1966) s05e10 Episode Script


Good morning, Mr.
For the past ten years, the all-white government of African East Victoria has held Dr.
Frederick Koldah prisoner.
Now Koldah, black leader of a movement for the establishment of a biracial democracy, a symbol of freedom for all Africa, is seriously ill.
Koldah has been transferred to a hospital in the capitol where, according to our best information, he is receiving little or no treatment and is under intensive interrogation.
Your mission, Jim, should you choose to accept it, is to go to Africa and rescue Koldah so that he can establish a government-in-exile around which his people can rally.
As always, should you or any member of your IM Force be caught or killed, the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions.
This tape will self-destruct in five seconds.
Good luck, Jim.
We're to perform some tests on Koldah.
They should have let that black die in the labor camp instead of transferring him here.
Ten years in one of their stinking camps.
I'm surprised the old man's still alive.
He'll be all right for the trip.
Thank you.
Oh, uh, phone Dr.
Vanessi and tell him I'm going to interrogate Koldah.
Right away, Inspector.
Stop them! Stop! Stop or I'll shoot! Stop! Stop or I'll shoot! Where is he? I don't know.
He must have been hit.
We've got to get Koldah out we'll have to come back for him.
Please don't let the police find me.
He's doing fine.
Jim, what are we gonna do about Barney? First we get Koldah out of the country.
Nothing yet on the wounded man.
But we're certain he never left the area.
- What about Koldah? - Nothing.
Close the border, Follet.
Koldah must not get out of the country.
Why are white men going to so much trouble to rescue a black man? Because there are many whites who are not in sympathy with our system, Follet.
They choose to turn their backs on the obvious that mixing the races can only breed disorder and violence.
You see, to these people, Koldah is a symbol.
They'll organize a government-in-exile about him, and with it, they'll pressure us or destroy us.
I'm not leaving Barney.
Aside from their politics, I've sort of become attached to this part of Africa, too, Jim.
That makes it unanimous.
We're gonna have to move fast.
You get Koldah out Barney's in trouble; - we have to go back for him.
- Jim, if you want out, we all go now while the radar's still out.
The radar'll be out for another ten hours, at least.
Ten hours is cutting it thin.
Then we'll cut it thin.
Okay, good luck, then.
See you back here at 6:00 p.
You're very kind and trusting.
I'm very grateful.
Where I was, was for white only.
Is there someone here with you? Well, there's somebody at the door.
I thought I told you never to lock this door, huh? Hey, you-you know about the white man the police are looking for, hmm? And in this quarter of the city.
Guess he doesn't know about our rules.
He's with a group that's trying to get Koldah out of the country.
That's right Koldah.
The great Dr.
Who's never really done anything for anyone.
You know what he means to me, hmm? Meat.
Meat that I can sell to Inspector Banko.
There's a reward a big one, hmm? Look, you've got to lend me some money, Gabby, hmm? If I spread enough around, I can pick up some information.
Thank you.
Nothing from the borders on Koldah.
All right.
Then let's find the wounded man.
Perhaps he can tell us where Koldah is.
Cordon off this area.
We'll find him.
A white man in there isn't going to get too much help.
Our black people really aren't as politically naive as you'd like to think they are.
They'll help him all right because they know he's trying to get Koldah out.
A house to house search.
We'll concentrate here.
Considering all the possibilities, this is the maximum area that he could have covered.
One thing Barney's got going for him.
They'll be looking for a white man.
That's what we're going to give them a white man on the run.
Police radio announced that he had a bullet wound in the right leg.
So we're going to draw the police out of this area and give ourselves a chance to search it.
Jim, Barney knew to come here if something went wrong.
Yes, and you'll be right here to meet him, Dana.
Paris, they're looking for Barney in the black quarter.
So you will surface here, on the other side of town.
You're our decoy, so make sure you're seen.
Don't worry, Jim.
I'll give them plenty to look at.
Hey, you had better get off of the street and stay off! Sterile gauze and tape.
Anything else? Yeah.
I'd like some, uh, sulfa powder and some morphine.
Morphine? I can't dispense morphine without a prescription.
You have a prescription? Well, I have this.
Right away.
You're some girl, you know.
You saved my life.
That's right twice.
Can you get a car? I have some friends that I have to meet at a certain place.
And I've got to get there.
Is there a friend you can borrow a car from? A bicycle anything? There has to be somebody you can trust.
Think! Think! Hurry it up! The fugitive, the one you're looking for he's here! Stand still.
You best go.
The lady inside has already called the police.
Shut up! I'm sorry.
I shouldn't get you involved in this.
No, no.
Now look, I can't afford to be held back by you.
Now go home.
I'm sorry.
I'm very grateful to you.
Don't worry.
I'll be all right.
It'll be very dangerous if you're caught with me.
You're some girl.
I had to give him the drugs.
He would have killed me.
Yes, yes, all right.
How bad was his wound, would you say? He was in a great deal of pain.
An American? Oh, yes, no doubt about that.
Follet, pull your search parties out of the black quarter.
Concentrate them here, using this chemist as a hub.
Right, sir.
Calling car 11.
Proceed to market area.
Shopkeeper reports armed assailant and accomplice fleeing on foot.
I've never had a prettier doctor.
Don't be nervous.
I'm not.
Getting the bullet out won't hurt half as much as you think.
My leg is numb already honest.
It's not because I'm brave.
I just know from experience.
After you finish I have a surprise for you.
Okay doctor.
Oh I'm sorry, you're, you're not Mrs Wrong address.
Don't quit now.
You've saved my life twice.
Make it three times.
Lucky number three.
This area will be sealed off to all traffic.
You are ordered to return to your homes and advised not to be on the streets without authorization.
This order will remain in effect until the fugitive is apprehended.
Your government wants you to know that we are depending upon your cooperation and there will be a reward for any information leading to the arrest of the fugitive.
Search that area! On the double! Halt! At ease! Sergeant? Sir? You're in charge of the remaining contingent? Yes, sir.
How many men all together? Just these six, sir.
Very well.
They're to remain in this area.
Obviously the fugitive had help in this quarter.
We want to find out from whom.
You will resume the house to house search for any indication of where he may have been sheltered.
You will report directly to me.
Very good, sir.
Now do you have a map? I want to see what places you already searched.
From the very beginning, you were on my side.
No questions, no excuses.
You were just there.
Why? Why did you help me? It has, it has something to do with this room, doesn't it? I mean, how many houses are equipped with a secret room like this? It's not curiosity.
I'm very interested because I care about you very much.
That's right.
All right, now, I'm not sure you're ready for this, but I'll try.
I think you're wonderful.
That's not all.
It's a beautiful name.
You shouldn't let them call you Gabby.
Very well, Lieutenant, you will work with the sergeant.
Yes, sir.
- Ja.
- Ja.
Your father? "Felled by the bullets from the gun of sharpshooter Sergeant Banko " Is this the Sergeant Banko that's now Chief Inspector of the secret police? " while escaping from the camp.
" Did your father ever work with Dr.
Koldah? What about your family? Maryana your not being able to hear and to speak Were you born that way? Did it have something to do with what happened to your father? There's someone at the door.
You know we're looking for a fugitive.
Have you seen him? Is there anything you can tell me about the man? Oh.
Do you read lips? Have you anything to declare before I search the premises? The man is dangerous.
If you should see or hear anything of him, please contact my men at once.
Stay where you are.
All I want is some food.
Of course.
Over there.
Stay where you are.
Don't make a move either of you.
The police.
These four friends of mine.
If there was trouble, we were to meet at a place on the outskirts of town.
Do you understand? Thompkins Warehouse.
And you're quite sure he injured his arm? Well, it sounded that way to me, Inspector.
He was holding it sort of limp when he left.
Description's the same.
But now he has another injury.
Which would make him that much easier to catch, Follet.
You did the right thing.
If the police had seen you going into the warehouse, they would have wondered what you were doing there.
It was too risky an idea in the first place, you're not going back there again.
I said no.
When I get of here, I'm taking you with me.
Maryana your not being able to hear or to speak can be psychosomatic.
What I mean is, maybe it's just in your mind.
You understand? We have doctors at home who might be able to help you.
No, I don't have a girlfriend.
Someone could love you, too, Maryana.
So much and so very easily.
Anything from Barney, Dana? No, but something else.
There was a black girl walking towards the warehouse.
She was scared off by a policeman.
Black girl.
Anything unusual about her? Hair, clothes, anything? Well, she had a beautiful face and something else, Jim.
I think she was deaf.
Deaf? She didn't react to the police car siren or to them screeching to a stop behind her.
Her only reaction was when she saw the policeman.
And she ran? Yeah, she was terrified.
She didn't want to have anything to do with them.
I think maybe I know who she is.
Get in, Dana.
We got less than a hour.
Afraid I'm fresh out of cash, cousin.
You just been sitting around here all day not doing much of anything, hmm? Yeah.
If you were to find that man, you wouldn't keep the reward all for yourself, would you? Oh, no.
You'd split it, wouldn't you? Inspector Banko, please.
Yes? I've got your white man.
My sweet little cousin has been hiding him out.
Yes, Inspector.
I'll be waiting for you at the front Let's go! Hold it! Hold it! What is this? The man you're looking for is here.
She's got him hidden.
- Where is he? - I don't know.
She's got him hidden somewhere.
Now, just hold it! Hold it! - I'll take charge.
- Tell us where he is! It's my reward.
I got it coming.
Oh! Where's Barney? We've got to move fast.
We're his friends.
Hey, Barney, you all right? Yes, Jim.
Thanks to her.
She's coming with us.
Come on.
Hey, your your men they hit me.
Why? He was here.
Why? Why did they do it? Yes, Paris? I'm at the dam.
I think I cracked a couple of ribs.
I can't make it to the rendezvous point.
Can you still handle a pickup? Try me.
All right.
Find someplace, and get as high as you can.
There's a tower, Jim.
Looks like there's an elevator to the top.
That's where I'll be.
Be on the lookout for a police car.
A police car has been stolen by persons masquerading as police officers.
Identify the patrol cars in your section and confirm the identity of the occupants.
Report any discrepancy.
Let's move! Calling car number one.
Car number 12 in pursuit.
Speeding down west side to Highway 14.
Unidentified group in police car.
Car number 12, remain with the suspect vehicle.
All units in the vicinity of the fourth area to proceed to Highway 14.
Stolen police car is apparently heading for the border.
- Let's go! - Right.
Car number 12, what's your position? Just crossed intersection 80.
Suspects' vehicle continuing on Highway 14.
There it is, Jim.
Swing around behind that hill and stop.
Car number 12? Come in, car number 12.
Inspector, a fugitive has been spotted in the dam area.
All units report to the dam area.
All units report to the dam area.
Let's go.
There's too much crosswind.
We'll have to circle, and pick him up on the other side.
Pull up! Hi.