Mission Impossible (1966) s05e17 Episode Script

The Field

Mines 7 A, C, and F detonated.
That completes the minefield test sequence.
Everything is in order.
Very well.
Reactivate the mines.
and counting They're almost ready on the mainland, General.
Ten seconds and counting.
Seven seconds six five four three two one zero.
We have a good burn.
We are at two kilometers.
We are at five kilometers.
We are at an altitude of ten kilometers.
A perfect launch.
Yes, sir.
Control of the shot has now been transferred to this installation.
The satellite should be in orbit in exactly ten minutes.
The world is in for quite a surprise.
Good morning, Mr.
This satellite, launched this morning by a hostile power, contains several thermonuclear bombs, each large enough to destroy any capital city in the world.
Controls for the weapon, which is designed for international blackmail, are situated on this fortified island in the Adriatic.
The installation is protected by a sophisticated minefield designed by an American defector, Arthur Norris, and considered to be impenetrable.
Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to destroy the satellite.
As always, should you or any member of your IM Force be caught or killed, the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions.
This tape will self-destruct in five seconds.
Good luck, Jim.
This is probably the most sophisticated land mine ever built.
There are over a thousand of these protecting the installation.
The way that Norris has designed the setup, there's no way to disarm them except through the console in the command room.
Arthur Norris was a top military engineer.
Why did he defect? You've been researching it, Paris.
That's right.
I'm an expert on the life and loves of Arthur Norris.
Aside from hating our system, he was pretty unstable.
Got himself into a lot of trouble with gambling and women.
So when the enemy offered him a lot of money to design the minefield and supervise the installation, he grabbed it.
They picked a real winner.
He's been a lot of help to them.
Jim, aren't there any weapons capable of knocking that satellite down? Nothing that's operational, Dana.
That's why it's up to us to do it.
Now, the satellite is controlled automatically by computer, from this globe-like building here, completely separate from the command post, which is here.
Now Barney will destroy the satellite by replacing one of their key programming units with one of ours.
But in order to do that he has to cross this minefield to get in, then cross it again to get out.
That's why substituting Paris for Arthur Norris is the key to our whole operation.
Where do we make the substitution, Jim? In Norris' apartment, in the capital.
Barney will be dropped by a submarine at twilight.
While he's headed for the installation, you and Paris will take Norris out.
And you'll be getting the minefield plans out of Norris' office at headquarters.
Right, Dana.
This is the X ray equipment, Jim.
- Mm-hmm.
- It's all checked out.
Good, Barney, fine.
What about a mask, Paris? I considered that, Doug, but Norris' body type is just too different from mine.
Beside that, until a few months ago, that island was a deserted army base.
Norris worked on the installation and was out of there before the operational personnel arrived.
None of them ever met Norris, so once I replace him, there shouldn't be any trouble.
A perfect launch.
All systems operational.
Next transmission in ten hours.
Nothing there, Paris.
That worries me.
We have no way of knowing where he is.
Maybe with her.
You run across that one in your research? Yeah, sure did.
That's Kathrine Berat.
He's been having a romance with her the last three months.
Well, one thing I can say for him: He sure knows how to pick his women.
Darling, what's bothering you tonight? I don't know.
Somehow, I get the feeling that I've told you too much.
Is that what's bothering you? Mm-hmm.
Arthur, I love you.
I couldn't do anything to hurt you.
To us.
To us.
Arthur, you've confided in me.
Don't regret it.
Trust me.
Good night, Kathrine.
Good night.
Put the phone down.
Arthur, please.
Put it down! He'll be all right he never knew what hit him.
His "K" clearance.
Your "K" clearance, Paris.
Good, Jim.
If Barney's on schedule, the island will be screaming for me any minute.
Sector 21.
Three of the mines have detonated.
Get me the bunker.
Sector 21.
What is happening up there? I do not know, Captain.
I will send up a flare.
Give me a flare gun.
Strom here.
We can see nothing from here, sir.
Check out sector 21 immediately.
Yes, sir.
Come on.
Check out the rest of the perimeter.
The fence is still intact.
There's no sign of anyone having been on the minefield.
If I may suggest, sir, I think we should shut down the field until we can find the malfunction.
Absolutely not! But, General, this is an emergency, and the only man to handle the situation is the man who designed the field Arthur Norris.
Very well, get me headquarters at the capital.
Yes, sir.
Strom here, get me headquarters.
Yes? Very well.
I'm to report to the helipad immediately for transportation to the island.
Good luck.
How is he? Fine.
Sleeping like a baby.
I'm Arthur Norris.
Your "K" clearance.
You will not leave the command post.
You will wear this identification at all times while you are on the base.
Is that clear? Very clear, Lieutenant.
Very well, they're waiting.
It is Kathrine Berat.
She was an excellent agent.
One of our best.
How was she killed? One bullet: Chest.
Did they recover the bullet? Nine millimeter.
We're not able to trace ownership.
Was she supposed to see Norris tonight? Yes, and then she was to report to me.
Her purse was missing.
It could have been robbery.
Or an attempt to make it look like robbery.
We'd better talk to Arthur Norris.
Frankly, General, I'm puzzled.
Strange that your own minefield should puzzle you.
The system requires maintenance, General.
It's a very complex I'm in charge of all routine maintenance, Mr.
I can assure you the minefield has been serviced with the greatest care.
Yes, of course.
I'm afraid I'll have to shut down the minefield to pinpoint the problem.
That is impossible.
In that case, maybe you better have Captain Strom handle the situation, because I can't work in a live minefield.
Perhaps, uh, there is some compromise.
The sector where the trouble occurred would the General permit the deactivation of sector 21? It would be a big help, General.
Very well, do what you must.
Strom, stand by.
I'll be in my office.
Yes, sir.
You must forgive the general.
I'm afraid he resents your being an American.
I'm not.
I see.
Let's get started.
I want to run some tests on the computer controls.
How serious is it? I don't know yet.
Jim, after Barney changes the programming of the computer, how long before the satellite is kicked out of orbit? It's due at 4:00 a.
Reentry will take place near here somewhere over the South Adriatic.
Then we might be able to see it.
If we're on schedule.
What about the bombs? They'll burn up on reentry along with the satellite.
There won't be any explosion.
No one, Inspector.
The bed's not been slept in.
Put me through to Arthur Norris' commanding officer it's General Bloch, First Military District.
Well, Mr.
Norris, are you having any success? Not yet, General.
Hello? Yes, this is General Bloch.
Inspector Koder.
We've met.
Oh, yes, Inspector.
You conducted Arthur Norris' clearance investigation.
I found it expedient to involve an agent of ours with him.
Her name was Kathrine Berat, and she was found shot to death tonight in an alley near her apartment.
But that's impossible.
He's performing a vital service here.
General, he killed a security agent.
Don't you see? He could be tampering with the minefield, sabotaging it, or he could be planning to blow up the entire installation.
Yes, of course, I understand.
Right away.
Arthur Norris, you are under arrest.
What? But, General.
Captain Strom, place this man under arrest.
Guards! Strom, reactivate sector 21.
Oh, very well, sir.
General, deactivate those mines, or you're liable to blow up this whole island.
He is to be taken back to the mainland immediately under guard.
Will you please tell me what this is all about? Mr.
Norris, I think you know what this is all about.
You're not only a traitor, you are - a murderer! - A murderer?! Take him out! Well, who am I supposed to have murdered? Take him out! Well, Inspector, there is certainly no indication that Kathrine Berat was here last night.
But we do know Norris was here because he responded to the telephone call from headquarters this morning.
I will stay with my original thesis that he shot Kathrine in her apartment, carried her body out, and then took her purse to make it look like robbery was the motive.
It would help if we had the murder weapon.
We will find it.
By the time we get through with him, he will be glad to tell us everything.
I have never met him.
Do you think he will break? I interviewed him shortly after his defection.
A weak man, selfish.
He will break.
Never mind that now.
Norris will be arriving at headquarters in 45 minutes.
We'll send a team back after we have questioned him.
Come on.
Yes, sir.
You heard it.
Jim, if that Inspector Koder knows Norris, Paris will be finished as soon as he sees him.
Uh, make sure they're gone, will you, Dana? Yeah.
What about Barney, Jim? Well, if Paris is being flown back here, the chances are that Barney is trapped somewhere in the installation.
Either trapped or dead.
There isn't much time.
If Paris and Barney aren't safe by the time that satellite goes at 4:00 a.
, we may not be able to help them.
Doug? Doug, can you bring him around and make him think he's had a heart attack? Yeah, Jim.
I have something in my bag, and we can do it without any permanent damage.
They're gone.
Lieutenant, you tell General Marin this whole place is liable to blow up if I'm not allowed to finish my work.
All right, bring him along.
What what's happened to me? Arthur Norris, I want a full confession from you.
What's wrong? Why did you kill Kathrine Berat? I didn't kill her.
Inspector! Doctor, you stay out of this.
You've got to let me help this man.
You a doctor? You a doctor? - Doctor! - What is it? What is it? What's wrong with me? You had a heart attack.
This man is dying.
Doctor, you will not touch this man until he tells me what I wish to know.
You did kill Kathrine Berat.
No! Confess you killed Kathrine Berat.
Yes, I killed her.
Why? I I I found out she was Ow Doctor, help me.
Talk! I loved her.
I told I told her too much, that I was going to Asia to work for more money, and then I began began to suspect that she was a plant, the Secret Police.
So you shot her.
What did you do with the gun? - I'm sorry - Doctor, stay out! I asked you: What did you do with the gun? Good evening, Mr.
I'm Detective Lieutenant Rab.
Lieutenant, would you please tell me what I'm doing here? Uh, sit down, please.
Take off his handcuffs.
Lieutenant, I don't understand.
You take me off of a vital job, and I don't even know who it is I'm supposed to have killed.
Kathrine Berat.
Kathrine Berat? But I love her.
Yes, you loved her until you shot her.
Koder here.
Arthur Norris is waiting.
Good, I'm looking forward to seeing him again.
What happened? Inspector Koder he fell down the stairs.
You better get an ambulance.
Any further difficulties? Not so far, General.
Check the perimeter again.
We can't be too careful.
Yes, sir.
Why did you kill Kathrine Berat? I tell you, I loved Kathrine Berat.
But you knew she worked for the police.
No, I didn't.
She was a singer.
That's all I knew or cared about.
Did you see her last night? - Yes, I saw her.
- Where? We had a drink.
Where? In her apartment.
You had a drink in her apartment.
She made some slip telling you who she was, and that frightened you, because you must have compromised yourself to her, so you shot her.
When I left her, she was perfectly all right.
She said she was tired and she wanted to go to sleep.
What time was that? I'm not sure.
What were you doing between the time you left her and the time you got home? I was taking a walk.
I like to take long walks.
Lies, all of it lies.
Oh, these ridiculous accusations.
I defected to this country because I wanted some justice.
Don't throw that up.
You get no special privileges here for being a traitor.
I asked for justice! Now, what proof do you have? Well, you had the motive.
You had the opportunity.
I said proof.
Proof Well we have a witness.
Bring her in.
I see you know this young man.
Yes, we know each other.
Arthur Sit down, please.
Now, Miss Zadar, please repeat what you told Inspector Koder and myself.
I'm sorry, Arthur.
No matter what happens, I care for you.
I love you.
Believe me.
If you love me, don't lie about me.
Miss Zadar, tell us what you saw tonight.
Outside Kathrine Berat's apartment Arthur with her body.
He carried it out of the apartment and put it in his car.
I followed him.
And then he drove it to an alleyway a- a few blocks away and and threw it there.
Then he took her purse and he drove away.
As you know better than anyone else, Mr.
Norris, her story matches the facts exactly.
I'm sorry, Arthur.
You've got to believe me.
All the time we spent together.
All the promises we made each other.
Promises? What were you doing outside Kathrine's apartment? I was going to find you.
I told the inspector that that I was going to tell you that we were through.
That I was going away.
And to tell me that you were going away, you followed me to her apartment? Yes, I was afraid I wouldn't see you.
Was that the only reason? Yes.
Well, what other reason could there be? I wasn't jealous of her.
Your life is your own.
Those things that I I say you were jealous.
I say that you carried out the threat that you made yesterday afternoon on the phone.
Oh, no, I never meant that.
You said you were going to kill her, and you did.
No! You say you love me, but because you couldn't have me, you killed her, and you were ready to see me executed for it! Inspector, stop him! Inspector, I am valuable to the state.
This woman is a jealous murderess.
- Arthur! - A murderess.
A jealous murderess! - Arthur, stop it! - Now confess it! - Confess it! - Stop it! - I didn't mean to do this! - Confess it! L- I saw you come out of her apartment.
But not with her body.
Not with her body.
Arthur Arthur, please.
Please help me.
Now, what happened? I didn't want to hurt her.
She-she came out, and I followed her.
I just wanted to talk to her, Arthur.
But you killed her, didn't you? You killed Kathrine.
Yes, I killed her.
The gun where's the gun? Number 14, Victory Square.
In-in the cellar, with the purse.
Arthur, please, no.
Arthur! Arthur! Guard.
Please, Arthur - Arthur, I love you! - Guard, take her out.
Arthur, please, I love you.
Please, Arthur, Arthur, please.
Please, Arthur, I love you.
Norris, you have my apologies.
You must understand that I'm I understand only that you've made a terrible mistake, and as a result, you've endangered your country's most important military installation.
The minefield protecting the Satellite Control Center might blow up at any moment.
Isn't there anything we can do? I don't know.
Possibly, if I get through to the base by phone, there may still be time.
I'll get you through.
Strom here.
Uh-huh, uh-huh.
One one moment, please.
General, it's Detective Lieutenant Rab.
They've exonerated Norris, and now he wants to speak with you.
It's urgent about the minefield.
General Marin here.
Uh, Mr.
Norris, I am Yes, yes, yes, that's not important now.
Have there been any further explosions? Anything irregular in the minefield? Good.
What's important now is that you must save the base.
I've had a chance to think about the problem.
You must shut down sector 21 immediately.
I'll arrange transportation to the base.
Yes, immediately.
Very well.
Shut off sector 21.
Did you talk to the base? Yes, no further explosions, and they're shutting down sector 21.
That means Barney should be able to make it.
It's 4:00 a.