Mission Impossible (1966) s05e18 Episode Script


What's this haul for, Tolan? Grenades and automatic rifles.
Yeah, everything for the revolution.
Nothing for the revolutionists, huh? You've been doing all right, Sheels.
Come on, Finley, move it.
Will you hurry.
Finley, Hey He's dead.
Let's get the money.
Come on, let's get the money! Good morning, Mr.
This man, Gregory Tolan, is leader of an underground cell specializing in robberies designed to finance an American revolution.
Tolan works for a man we know only as Jonathon Brace, who masterminds cells like Tolan's all over the country, and whose eventual aim is the forcible overthrow of the United States government.
Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to apprehend and destroy Jonathon Brace.
This tape will self-destruct in five seconds.
Good luck, Jim.
Our informants in the Caribbean area tell us that Brace's next job for Tolan is a big one Drake's Armored Transport Company and two special operatives are being flown in to help.
William Cabot, ex-con.
He's their demolitions expert.
Monica Anderson.
Now, Monica's an ex-employee of Drake's who's got her old job back.
Now Dana and I will be taking the places of these two.
As soon as we find out what Tolan's plan is, we'll make sure that it's successful, then we'll follow the money to Jonathon Brace.
Jim, how do we protect innocent people from being hurt? Tolan's guns will be loaded with real bullets.
They're two things in our favor, Paris.
One, the likelihood that the job will be pulled on a Sunday there's a large cash delivery that day for distribution to stores and businesses on Monday morning.
Sunday means light traffic in that area.
Yeah, that's right.
Our other insurance is Drake's itself.
While we haven't told the police, because we want as few people as possible to know, we do have Drake's full cooperation.
Why haven't the police moved in on Tolan? Because everything we have on him is through our intelligence.
There's no real case against him not yet.
Two men Tolan's got with him, Klinger and Sheels, they're trigger-happy hoods, not revolutionaries.
Money, Dana.
They're in it for money.
Where do we make contact, Jim? Tolan's usual rendezvous is a a warehouse on the outskirts of town.
That's where we'll wait.
Are you certain Tolan doesn't know Cabot and Monica? Yeah, positive, Willie.
The only man who knows Cabot and Monica is this man Juan Delgado who's flying them in.
Now, he usually heads right back after a delivery, and you have to make certain that he does, because he's the one man who can blow our whole operation.
In there.
Take the elevator to the second floor and wait.
Tolan will contact you.
Have a good flight back.
Do your jobs well.
Who are you? Get your hands up and do what you're told.
May I? Right.
What are you, cops? We're American citizens.
You've got no right.
Cienfuegos? La gallina.
The coins, please.
Greg Tolan.
Bill Cabot.
So you're Monica.
You're prettier than I expected.
So what? Hey, I'm not complaining.
Uh, how is everything down there? They've had their revolution.
All business, aren't you? All business.
We'll meet tonight.
Barney, he's on his way.
I'll arrange for radar tracking until he crosses the coast.
This is Klinger.
Lee Sheels, Bill Cabot, this is Monica.
Please sit down.
I handle a few neighborhood accounts.
This place is good enough for a cover.
We're all here; what's the job? Drake's Armored Transport.
You can't look at the place without setting off an alarm.
I know that.
But we've got some things going for us.
I used to work there.
I have my old job back.
I've been precisely trained to handle the alarm system.
What's your thing? Explosives.
Our last guy blew himself up.
I won't.
What do you do? You're looking at it.
My friend here and I keep us out of trouble.
Tolan, let's get something straight.
I understand Brace likes things clean.
So do I.
Any messy killing, I'm out now.
No killings, right? I'll try to remember.
How and when? We'll find that out right now.
Calling "Lightning.
" Calling "Lightning.
" This is Tolan.
Come in, please.
The others are present? Yes, sir.
Every Sunday at 1:40 p.
An armored truck delivers $1,300,000 to the Drake's counting house, where it is prepared for distribution on Monday morning to stores and business throughout the community as working capital.
Yes, sir.
Brace, you mentioned a detail plan, though.
The plan has been placed behind your cabinet where the tax books are.
I like that.
Where did you meet Mr.
Brace? After our abortive revolt in Honduras, he put up a lot of money to save my neck from a firing squad.
He knows what he's doing.
A million three.
Sheels and I want a bigger cut than we've been getting.
You'll get what Mr.
Brace decides to give you, hear? You're the one with the big cause.
This is just another job to us.
I used to do this for dough the same as you guys.
Now I do it to knock over the system.
Brace gives the orders, I follow them, so do you or out.
You come on pretty strong.
Don't try me.
Let's get to work now! There's the signal.
The truck arrived.
Thank you.
It's up to Monica now.
Couldn't you use counterfeit? We'd never fool these people with it.
What about the alarm system? Every alarm indicated in their plan the outside door, the elevator, the door to this room have all been shut off.
Helping in a robbery of Drake's it's like negating my whole life.
This is one robbery that has to succeed, Mr.
Hendricks, or we don't get to Tolan's boss.
How are you planning to follow him? With a signal device on his car.
Hendricks, we'll be as worried about all that money as you are.
All set, Willie.
She's done it.
The alarms are off.
Open the door! Now! Miss Anderson, what are you doing? Klinger, let's get the money.
You move in the next five minutes, and I'll kill you.
Come on, come on, come on! Hurry, hurry, hurry up.
Get in, get in! Get in! What happened? Klinger tried to kill Hendricks and me.
Jim deflected the shot, and it broke a window.
You better get ahold of Brace.
What good will Brace do us now? We're on our own.
Get off the main street, Sheels.
Pull in somewhere! I'll check it out.
I'll go with you.
Nobody upstairs.
Nobody down here.
Their name's Miller.
Morning paper's been read.
They could just be out for a walk.
Hear those sirens? We don't have a choice.
We stay.
Bring the money inside.
Sheels, put the car in the garage.
I want to talk to you.
Get out.
You wait here.
What happened back there, lady? What are you talking about? You said the alarms were fixed! Well, who thought Klinger would blow out the window? Excuse me.
Get going.
Monica I'm sorry.
No one said it would be easy.
Where were you trained? Fuentavos.
They did a good job.
Come on.
They've settled down.
Any signal to Brace? Nothing yet, but I'll stay with it.
We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you.
Why don't you dry up.
Some training they gave you.
What was it in how to be chickenheart? You cut that cut it, Klinger! We have enough problems without fighting among ourselves.
- How long do we stay here? - I don't know yet.
You better get on the radio and call Brace.
Brace told me to contact him at 4:00.
Things have changed.
What is there to lose? Tell Mr.
Brace what the chicken did.
Brace'll never come in here for the money.
We'll have to give Tolan a way out.
Maybe the radio'll pay off.
Calling Lightning, this is Tolan.
Come in, Lightning.
Yeah, I'm getting a little tired of our Mr.
We take all the risks and he gets most of the haul.
Sheels, he's taken good care of us so far.
He won't let us down now.
Calling Lightning.
This is Tolan.
Come in, please.
Come in.
Come in, Lightning.
Calling Lightning.
This is Tolan.
Calling Lightning.
This is Tolan here.
Tolan here.
Come in, Lightning.
Come in, please.
I told you.
what he says.
Listen, the squares who own this joint could come busting in any minute.
Are you sure your Mr.
Brace can get us out? Don't worry about it.
He'll come through.
Yeah, we better come up with another plan.
I think I'll go out and find another set of wheels.
Yeah, that sounds good.
Listen, while you're at it, try and get a line see where the cops are.
You're not going anywhere.
Get out of my way.
Chickenheart gets stopped by the civilians, Chickenheart will talk.
Greg, make him give me back my gun! Cabot you better give him back the gun.
Your ulcer kicking up? Mm-hmm? Hmm? It's no good anymore! Relax, Dave.
All right.
But next time, you be a little more careful who you point it at, huh? Easy, man.
Go get a drink.
Go ahead, Larry.
Dana all right? So far.
They won't be moving for awhile.
They're using 3320 kilocycles, Barney.
But you didn't miss anything.
Brace won't be broadcasting until 4:00.
Okay, we'll switch frequencies.
I'll take the portable unit and get as close to the house - as I can.
- Right.
We've got to get Tolan out of that house so he can lead us to Brace.
That means clearing a path for him.
Willie, see if you can find me a hot car.
That'll give Tolan a way out.
Where are we, Paris? Mr.
And Mrs.
George and Grace.
Respectable, upper middle class.
Right now they're out at a dog show but the neighbors expect them back any minute.
George Miller? Yeah.
Your home has been taken over by fugitives.
Would you follow me, please? Of course.
All set, Jim.
It's been bugged.
Thanks, Willie.
If Tolan doesn't buy this, I've given Paris an alternate plan.
Did you get it? Couple of blocks away.
I think we can make it.
So let's get out of here, Brace must be waiting.
- Wait a minute.
- What's to wait for? Let's go! - What do you mean? Hold it! - Huh? Let's think this thing out.
Why? What's the matter? What do you mean, what's the matter? The cops have probably got this area covered like a blanket.
Now, if somebody reports a stolen car, and we're as bad off as if we were on our own.
Look, I went out and got the car Cabot, I'm changing my mind! Oh, Greg, it's a way out.
- I think we should take it.
- No! It's too dangerous.
Suppose Sheels and I take our cuts and go.
Nobody goes! Suppose you get picked up, Klinger.
I wonder how long it would take before you led them right back here.
I spent five years in Folsom once because I thought a stolen car would get me around a roadblock, but it didn't.
What do we do? We wait for Mr.
Brace to come to us.
Okay, Willie.
We're almost ready.
It didn't work, Grace.
We'll have to go in.
I think he's hungry.
He just won another ribbon.
Well, we'II, uh, we'll feed him, first thing.
Oh, oh, then you are going through with it.
We have no choice.
Do you mind? Oh, well Do you, uh do you think these people are likely to damage, damage my home? They kill, Mr.
They commit arson.
They blow up things.
They're liable to do almost anything.
But we'll try to make sure they don't.
Oh, thank you.
Thank you and your wife for being so cooperative.
May I have your car keys, please.
Oh, yes.
I'll take them.
Oh, yeah.
Just in case, will you take those? Oh.
Thank you.
Pardon me.
Well you're a fine-looking dog, Ghengis.
Shall we? Oh, by all means.
Oh, um can he walk? Huh? Oh, yeah.
Oh, uh don't forget to brush him.
Who are you people? Who are you, lady? We are the Millers! And we just happen to own this house.
You're not the Millers.
What do you mean, we're not the Millers? Hold it! That's my brother and sister-in-law with Ghengis' father.
Why am I answering your questions? - You're here unlaw - Stop talking! Give the wallet.
Give me your wallet.
Come on! All right.
Just don't do anything and you won't get into trouble.
What's wrong with your dog? He's all right.
He's just hungry.
There's some food in the kitchen by the cooler.
I'll do it.
Come on.
Answer it.
No mistakes, all right, George? Hello.
Yes, Frank.
Yes, it's me.
Just got a little cold, that's all.
Uh, you'd better not come by, Frank.
Let me give you a rain check.
Lorna and I aren't feeling too well.
All right.
I don't like this.
Take the phone off the hook.
What do you people want with us? What are you going to do? They can identify us.
Yeah, tie them up.
Tolan, I got an idea.
Hmm? We can use them.
How? We keep her hostage, we send him to Brace with the money if he double-crosses us, she gets it.
Sounds good.
You can tell Brace he's got to get us out of here.
I like it as long as my cut stays with me.
Nobody's after your share of the money.
All we want is a way out of here.
You know, Cabot, basically, it's a good idea.
I better put it to Brace first.
Hey I want to talk to you.
I like the way you handled yourself.
Thank you.
What I mean is, um I'm committed.
You know that, but takes all kinds to start a revolution.
Klinger and Sheels in there; Cabot All kinds.
But what I like about you is I think I can trust you.
From here on, I, uh I want to be working more closely with you.
That all right? Mm-hmm.
I, uh I think you better go inside.
You know how Klinger is about his money.
He's paranoid.
We don't want him to think there was anything between us.
It's almost 4:00.
Calling Lightning.
Tolan here.
Come in, please.
Come in, Mr.
This is Lightning.
Brace, we've taken refuge at 365 Allendale, the home of a George and Grace Miller.
I know precisely where you are.
Sir, we have the money.
We have the Millers hostage.
And we have their car and also another car procured by Cabot.
Now the idea has been suggested that we hold the wife and use the husband as go-between.
Now, he will go to your location with the money, sir.
Absolutely not.
Intermediaries are dangerous gambles.
You, Mr.
Tolan and Monica will be the first to evacuate.
You will take the money.
You will take the identification of the Millers and use their car.
Proceed to contingency point three.
Cabot, Klinger and Sheels will wait until 6:00 p.
, and they're to use the other car to make their escape.
By then, it will be perfectly safe.
Yes, sir.
Uh, Mr.
Brace, what about the hostages? They are to be held until the house is vacated, and then they are to be destroyed.
That is all.
All ready.
Let's go.
I want my percentage now.
I figured that.
I'm getting tired of those two in there.
Let's finish them off.
Hold it right there.
Don't move.
Don't turn around.
Barney ought to have help out there by now.
Klinger, he's a lousy cop.
Get the money, please.
I think we're okay now.
That bother you back there? What? About Brace having the hostages killed? You do what you have to do.
I'd like to meet Mr.
Thank you, Grace.
You get Tolan's No luck, Jim.
There's a high-powered transformer in the area.
That might have done it.
Either that, or they're using some kind of sophisticated jamming device.
What are we doing here? You'll see.
That's the Miller car.
They must be inside.
Do you think Brace is in there with them? Either that, or he's on his way.
Jim Is this where Brace is hiding? You're really curious about Brace, aren't you? Well, yeah, aren't you? I mean, it's getting pretty hairy, this disembodied voice deciding who lives and who dies.
Look, the man decided we live.
That should be good enough for you.
Monica, would you like to go back to the Caribbean for a while? Just you and me, till we cool off? Well, wouldn't that be up to Brace? Yeah.
Hey, Tolan and Monica up here.
Come on up.
Brace? Will you take it easy with Brace? Intermediaries are dangerous gambles He must have taped it while we were in the other room.
Tolan and Monica will be the first to evacuate.
A dummy.
He was never broadcasting at all.
That's why I couldn't get a fix on the RDF.
He used tapes in a disguised voice.
So Tolan is Brace.
What an out that is.
Anything unpopular he blamed on Brace, who doesn't even exist.
Paris, you and Willie stay here and cover the exits.
Barney, let's go.
Greg, how did it go? Well enough, compadre.
We have to leave right away.
She's going with us.
Who is she? It's Monica.
Surely you can't forget her.
She is not Monica.
What are you saying, Delgado? She is not Monica.
If she told you that, she is lying.
She's a spy.
I brought Monica from the Caribbean.
I know her.
This girl's an imposter.
Why? I liked you, whoever you are.
I really liked you.
Oh, honey, Brace had plans for you.
Now you'll never know who he is.
Hold it! Get your hands up.
I wasn't going to kill you.
I really wasn't going to kill you.
Who was going to do it? Brace?