Mission Impossible (1966) s05e19 Episode Script

The Cataflaque

Good morning, Mr.
Miguel Fuego, Premier of San Pascal, and his nephew, Ramone Fuego, who will one day succeed him to power, have secretly signed a nuclear arms treaty with a hostile power, calling for the installation of nuclear missiles in San Pascal, aimed at the eastern United States.
Such an act would trigger another Cuban crisis.
Only public exposure of the treaty before the missiles are installed will avert a confrontation that could lead to war.
Your mission, Jim, should you choose to accept it, is to get that treaty.
As always, should you or any of your IM Force be caught or killed, the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions.
This tape will self-destruct in five seconds.
Good luck, Jim.
Strange to grow older and have a father who never changes.
Time has stood still for my brother.
It always does for legends.
I cannot think of him as a legend.
I loved him as any boy loves his father.
When he was killed, I thought the world had ended.
Rest in peace.
Detail, halt.
Guards on duty, ten-hut! Change the guard.
Guards on duty, parade, rest! Detail, forward march.
How did it go? Well, we've done the preliminaries, but it'll be rough.
They change the guards every hour.
It'll take at least 55 minutes to do the job.
Any hang-ups, and there may be three bodies in that tomb instead of one.
When was the bastion sealed off? when they built the new prison, Paris.
Dana, what's your approach to Ramone? Fast and physical.
Ramone's never loved anyone, except maybe his father.
Will Our Lady of Sorrows be ready on time, Jim? Ready now, Doug.
Now, the basic problem is that we don't know where the treaty is.
Wherever it is, we do know that the hiding place can only be opened by the palm prints of one of two people: Ramone's or his uncle's.
So without Ramone, there's no treaty.
Don't turn around.
Who are you? Alfredo Sanchez.
What do you want? If it's money Keep your hands on the wheel.
I don't want money.
I want your help, to get my father's release from Madrena Prison.
He's been there for over 20 years.
Why should I help you? Because my father's so-called crime was trying to prevent your father's murder.
My father was not murdered.
He was shot by the government troops during the revolution.
Are you sure? Are you sure that he wasn't killed by his own comrades? Perhaps by your uncle? What are you talking about? Your uncle.
Would he be premier now if Victorio Fuego were alive, huh? Now you listen to me.
I was with my father the night he set out to warn Victorio of what he suspected, but we were captured by your uncle's troops.
Put down the gun.
Nothing will happen to you.
You're sick.
You need help.
Only to free my father, and if you tell me I'm sick - one more time - All right, I'm sorry.
Now, what happened to you after, uh, - my uncle's troops captured you? - I escaped.
And for 20 years, I thought my father was dead.
What makes you so sure he isn't? About a month ago, I met a man who had been a guard at Madrena Prison, and he saw my father in the bastion.
Very well.
I'll have Colonel Rodriguez make an official inquiry.
No, not Rodriguez.
I called him with my story, and his men came after me with a warrant charging me with murder.
I jumped out a second story window, and I've been running ever since.
Major Volta, Señor Fuego.
Are you all right? Yes, Major, I'm all right.
Who was he? His name is Alfredo Sanchez, an escaped murderer.
Did he say anything to you? No, nothing.
However, if you catch him, I wish to be informed.
We shall keep you informed.
Okay, start clearing away.
The first consignment of missiles will be delivered this week.
I wonder if my father would have approved.
Do you have doubts? I have no doubts things would be different if he were alive.
Do you have doubts, Colonel? Why waste time on speculation, Ramone? I like to speculate.
I do it all the time.
Only this afternoon, I was speculating on the need for providing the people with a new symbol of freedom.
I thought perhaps the destruction of the bastion.
The bastion? Why the bastion? It has not been used for 60 years.
Is that true? Ramone I mean, it strikes me that it might be a useful place for certain prisoners.
Brandy, uncle? Yes.
Perhaps you are right.
Ramone, you are wasting your talents in the Propaganda Ministry.
Yes, and perhaps like my father lying there on the catafalque, I, too, lend the regime a certain legitimacy and am therefore necessary.
Come, come, Ramone.
I must go.
The cabinet meeting tomorrow night at 8:00.
I'll be there.
Oh, uh, Colonel.
This Sanchez case.
Have you caught him yet? Sanchez? The murderer.
Perhaps I have the name wrong.
Hey, stop that! I'll move my car forward.
That was very kind of you, Señor Fuego.
You know my name? Yes, I have watched you on television.
I have listened to your speeches.
I have even read your biography.
I am very flattered.
You should be.
Reading bores me.
It's too passive.
I'm at a slight disadvantage, Miss, uh Roxanne.
Roxanne Phillipe.
What do you mean? You seem to know everything about me, and as yet I know nothing about you.
That can be changed very easily, Señor Fuego.
My club is not far from here.
Drinks? Dinner, polite conversation.
Ramone, I only learned one thing from all my years at school.
The shortest distance between two points is a straight line.
I'll follow you to your place.
How long do you intend to stay in the Capital? As long as you want me here.
Most women aren't so direct.
Most women don't know what they want.
And you do? Yes.
Haven't you heard? Make love not war.
Who are you? What is the meaning of this? Paul! You know this man? She should.
I'm her husband.
This is the last time, Roxanne.
Paul! Paul He's dead.
I am Ramone Fuego.
This man tried to kill us.
I was forced to shoot him.
You are under arrest.
Didn't you hear what I said? I am Ramone Fuego! You will come with us.
Let go of me! Colonel Rodriguez Where am I?! Open this door! Madrena.
Oh, no.
There has been a terrible mistake.
I demand to see someone in charge.
Back! Are you out of your mind? I am Ramone Fuego! We know who you are, señor.
Major Volta.
Why have I been brought here? You're under arrest for the murder of Paul Phillipe.
I shot in self-defense.
I demand to be released immediately.
I'm afraid that's not possible.
But this is insane.
I am not guilty of this crime! Your guilt or your innocence will be decided at your trial.
And when will that be? When you sign this.
This is a full confession.
I will not sign it! Then you will remain here until you do so.
Wait, Major I can prove my innocence.
The woman.
Roxanne Phillipe.
She saw everything that happened.
Señora Is this the woman? Yes.
Well, tell him, Roxanne.
Tell him I shot in self-defense.
I would like to help you very much.
But we both know how you killed Paul in cold blood.
You're lying! I only met this woman today.
Why would I want to kill her husband? We've been seeing each other for several months.
That's just how he was at the hotel.
I wanted to end our affair.
He couldn't accept the fact that I was going back to my husband.
And then when Paul came into the room, he just pulled out his gun and started firing at him.
Oh, Ramone, I told you I wasn't worth loving.
You should have believed me.
It's a frame, huh? There's nothing I can do? Nothing.
Tell me, Major tell me who signed the order for my arrest? Rodriguez? Your uncle.
You're lying! See his signature for yourself, señor.
Now sign the confession.
You'll get life.
Where? Here in the bastion? Which hasn't been used.
Why am I being removed? You committed a crime.
That's not true, Major.
It has something to do with that Sanchez and what he told me about my father.
I'll send someone tonight to pick up the confession.
I suggest you sign it, señor.
Close it up.
Where is he? He was due at 8:00.
We are checking, Premier.
Ramone is always punctual.
He was not himself today.
Perhaps, uh, he's not feeling well.
Colonel Rodriguez speaking.
Very well.
Uh, start checking all the places that he frequents.
He has not been home.
None of his friends have seen him, and there is no sign of his car.
This is not like him.
Doug, knock it off.
No, you're dead.
Go away! Go away! - Go away! - Come here.
Who are you? Let me go, you're dead! Let me go! Dead? You simple old fool.
You think I am Victorio Fuego.
I am Ramone, his son.
Now, who are you? Oh oh, yes.
I had heard that Victorio had a son.
You are Martine Sanchez.
How do you know my name? Alfredo told me.
Alfredo? Your son.
Little Alfredo.
Your son said you knew something about my father.
Victorio Fuego.
Oh I knew something once.
That's why they put me here.
But I forgot.
You knew how he was killed.
No, he wasn't killed.
- No.
- What are you saying? I don't know.
I knew once, but I forgot.
I wrote it down.
I put it in a diary, and I hid it.
Yes, someday they're going to find that diary, and then the truth will be known.
Where did you hide it? They wanted me to tell them where I hid it.
They questioned me for years.
But I had forgotten.
Is there any way out of here? Is there a way out of here? Oh yeah.
You see? Yes? He did? Very good.
They found Ramone's car at the Hotel Cristobal.
He went there with a woman named Roxanne Phillipe.
Is she being held? No, she checked out of the hotel shortly after her husband was shot by Ramone.
What? But-but where is he? What has happened to him? The secret police arrested him.
That is to say, someone posing as the secret police.
Working together, perhaps, in a few years, we could escape.
I haven't got a few years.
You're going to learn patience here.
Someone's coming quick, close up the tunnel! For my confession.
Close that.
All right, give me this.
What are you doing? Get in there! I'm coming with you.
Alert the guard! The prisoner has escaped! Shh.
Get back.
What are you doing? - No, no! - Get back in there.
Will you please, please take me with you? - Please.
- Back! No, don't leave me here.
No, please! Don't leave me here.
Wow, just like you had him figured, Jim.
That man is as cold as they come.
Alert the guard.
He'll be there any minute.
The guard will change in two minutes.
Detail, halt.
Guards on duty.
Ten-hut! Change the guard.
We're ready.
Move out.
Wait! Hold it.
We'll be safe here for a while at least.
As you can see, we have all the creature comforts.
This a paradise compared to the bastion.
We're very lucky.
More lucky than your father.
Then you saw him? Yes.
And he's alive? No.
But you just said He helped me to escape.
He was a very old man, very weak.
I did all I could.
I'm sorry.
For 20 years, I thought he was dead, and now to come so close.
Did he say anything? Did he remember me? No.
His memory was gone.
Then he didn't tell you anything? Nothing that I could believe in.
He said my father wasn't dead.
The imprisonment it must have driven him insane, huh? My father's body lies in public display.
He was such a simple man.
I have so few memories of him, you know.
I can remember sneaking into his studio to watch him work.
Studio? He was an artist? What? A painter? Oh.
Yes, in a way.
He was a sculptor.
He worked in wax.
He wanted to open a museum.
I remember he had already completed several figures.
Caesar, Napoleon.
And my father.
I think I know where your father hid his diary.
Drop your rifles! Get over there! Turn around! So my father was hired by Fuego and Rodriguez to work on a wax likeness of your father weeks before his death.
But he outsmarted them, and arranged to have a record of their crimes in the one place they'd never look.
Why didn't they simply kill your father? "While both men want Victorio Fuego removed, "they cannot agree on how it should be done.
"Fuego cannot bring himself to kill his own brother, "so he has decided to imprison him.
"Without Fuego's knowledge, "Rodriguez has arranged an alternative which will guarantee that he will never reappear.
" What was it? The writing is faded.
"Rodriguez has arranged "to destroy Victorio's intellect medically, "turn him into a vegetable, "then transfer him "to Our Lady of Sorrows Sanitarium.
The patient's name will be Salazar.
" Our Lady of Sorrows.
I know that place.
It's not far from here.
They found Victorio's corpse in the attic.
The bastion has been broken into.
Tunnels were dug.
First arrest, then escape.
They are making him believe he's a fugitive.
Why? I want the capital searched, house by house.
May I help you? We are here to see Señor Salazar.
I'm sorry, Señor Salazar cannot receive visitors.
Nevertheless, you will take us to him.
This way.
Victorio? Victorio?! Are you Victorio Fuego? Why don't you speak to me? Look at me.
Don't you recognize me? I'm Ramone, your son.
What have they done to you? Answer me.
Are you Victorio Fuego? Are you Victorio Fuego?! He is my father.
This was his ring.
He gave it to me as a child.
They will pay for this.
They will pay for this.
Atención, citizens! Anyone knowing the whereabouts of Propaganda Minister, Ramone Fuego, is commanded to report to representatives of the Security Police at once.
I repeat, if you have any knowledge of Ramone Fuego's actions within the last What are we going to do? Do you hear them out there? They're hunting for you, and when they find you, they find me.
All you talk about is revenge.
We have to find a way out.
Do you have some friends who could help you? My friends wouldn't touch me now.
You must have some money.
We could buy our way out.
They're probably waiting for me to get it right now.
Oh, there has to be a way.
Think! Think! Maybe we could blackmail them.
Blackmail? How? You must know some secrets, some things they don't want anybody to know.
Yes, there are secrets.
And I will destroy them.
And make them pay for what they did to my father.
Where are we going? Fuego's office.
We can't go there.
We'd be arrested for sure.
I know a way into his office which is not guarded.
All right.
Wait! We'll need some money.
My uncle keeps it here.
Ramone! Keep back.
Ramone, this has all been a hoax.
Now, put the gun down so we may talk.
And I suppose the bastion has been a hoax.
And my father and Sanchez.
Your father? There is no one named Sanchez.
Sanchez, tell them what we've seen this afternoon.
Sanchez? The treaty.